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The latest round of reports have Samsung’s Galaxy S3 successor coming to market this April, following an unveiling at a March “Unpacked” event in the United States.

Firstly, Korean news outlet Asian Economies reports via “telecommunications industry” sources that Samsung is planning to unveil the Galaxy S4 at an "Unpacked" event in the U.S. in late March. Specifically, Friday, March 22 was highlighted as a likely date for Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013, which is said to be the largest such event yet. If accurate, it’d be the first major Unpacked event in the U.S. since the original Galaxy S made its debut in 2010.

News of a possible Galaxy S4 unveiling this March, also fits with the second report we’re seeing today, which comes via Samsung fansite SamMobile. SamMobile’s sources have a pretty consistent track record in revealing details of pre-release Samsung handsets, and today the site claims that the Galaxy S4 is on track for launch sometime in April.

The S4, supposedly known internally by the codename “Altius,” is said to come in black and white color options initially. It’s reported that current shipping timetables call for the device to become available from week 15 of this year -- that's the week commencing April 15. Other information reported by SamMobile includes details of the phone’s battery -- allegedly a 2600mAh unit -- and apparent confirmation of earlier rumors of an optional wireless charging back. This accessory is to be sold separately within "a couple of weeks” of the S4’s launch, the site claims. (That’d be an improvement on the lag time of several months for official Galaxy phone accessories in years past.)

It’s worth taking reports of this nature with a pretty major pinch of salt until the official confirmation arrives. Nevertheless, the more reliable Galaxy S4 rumors seem to be crystallizing around a late Q1 or early Q2 launch window. A stateside unveiling would certainly make sense for Samsung, given the importance of the U.S. market. What’s more, an Unpacked event less than a month after Mobile World Congress would minimize the amount of breathing space given to Android rivals like HTC, which is expected to use MWC to unveil its major 2013 handsets. Keep it locked to Android Central in the months ahead -- it’s going to be a crazy year, and things are just getting started.

Source: Asian Economies via PhoneArena; SamMobile

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h0ruza#AC says:

Bring it on. hopefully it doesn't look like that (unimaginative looking) leak from a week or three ago.

You can almost guarantee the blistering performance, the over done UX & UI and the general increase in everything but this time around (even though I caved and used my free upgrade to get the SIII LTE) it would be nice to get a new look that is drop dead gorgeous.

Fingers crossed

I wouldn't mind seeing something like a GS2, but with an edge to edge display.
I like the shape of the GS2 more than the GS3. I know, but it's my opinion.

Also, I wish they would tone down all the colors in TW. I'd like to see it closer to stock colors.

dchawk81 says:

I like the look of the GS2 more than that of the GS3 but I like the feel of the GS3 more than that of the GS2.

Either way they need to rubberize the back cover. I've only had my GS3 for a month and it's literally fallen out of my hand three times and looks like I've had it 7 years.

Yeah, I would like that.

dapoktan says:

but then.. it'll snag everytime u put it in or take it out of your pocket.. bleg.. im more for the plastic or metallic backs..

Mobius360 says:

Never had this happen on my Galaxy S Epic

dchawk81 says:

I've never snagged my Epic. There's a bit of friction but that's better than dropping your phone every few minutes just because it's ridiculously slippery. I've never had as much trouble keeping hold of a phone as I have the Captivate with its metal back and GS3 with its smooth plastic back. Every other phone I've had looked good for years, yet those two looked like crap within weeks.

And no, I won't use a cover/sleeve. They defeat the entire purpose of a sleek phone and catch all kinds of lint - and the more protective they are, the harder it is to properly access functions.

hmmm says:

Yeah, a soft touch like feel would be great. The dark, shiny plastic gets scratched really easily.

dchawk81 says:

Not to mention chipped. My outer ring looks like garbage with chunks out of it. It looks like I abuse it when it merely slipped out of my cold hands.

AlexSongFF says:

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Happy New Year!

$5600? Yeah, in a year maybe...until the cops kick in your door and bust you for dealing drugs or whatever it is you're doing.

Go away, spammer, or we'll make fun of you even more.

briankurtz79 says:

Accessories need to be available from day1. If can do it Samsung can do it. It is ridiculous ridiculous make people wait months for an accessory to tech that'll be outdated soon after.

kstagg says:

Love my GS3, but used my free upgrade for it, So will not upgrade this time around. Wondering if wireless charger will work with GS3. Gotta imagine it would, right?

"Gotta imagine it would, right?"

Not necessarily. It'll be a brand new phone. Maybe they'll reuse some components, maybe not.

bearballz72 says:

Well the article says "optional charging pack" so it may work with the SIII. But who knows.

I guess if Samsung would of offered wireless charging on the SIII with some sort of accessory they would of released it months ago.

dratsablive says:

There was a press release from Samsung that said an optional wireless pack was coming for the S3. Still waiting.

Supposedly the Verizon model has two extra leads just for the wireless charging. Anyone know if this works on non-Verizon models?

sndplace says:

Is it just the Verizon Model? I'm waiting for one for my Sprint Note 2 to come. Not sure if it will work but bought it to see. I hope it works.

charlier180 says:

Yes, That announcement was made by Samsung at a Galaxy S3 press event over EIGHT MONTHS AGO (ie May of 2012). I too am still waiting for the Samsung version of wireless charging. Given their track record with the S3, how can Samsung expect to have any credibility when it comes to wireless charging announcements?

Then again, if the so-called Android press doesn't call Samsung on situations like this, how are things ever going to change?

bumpandrun says:

If the dimensions are any different them the back won't work for sure.

spielnicht says:

I'm guessing Samsung will continue to use AOMLED displays and linear oscillating vibrators in their phones, and that's enough for me to say never again. I've just switched over to the HTC One X+ and the quality of the build, screen, and the fact that I can feel the phone vibrate on my desk (or in my jacket pocket) is enough to win me over for good.

Plus, for someone coming from Nexus devices for the last 3 phones, I actually like Sense, it adds just enough to make up for stock Android's shortcomings.

bumpandrun says:

I so agree! Especially the screen. It blows the GSIII out of the water.

hmmm says:

Interesting. I just sold my EVO LTE for a GS3 and couldn't be happier. HTCs known LTE connection issues, horrible notification light and bloated Sense sealed the deal for me.

I do agree the screen is nicer if you like the natural colors of an LCD. I do not agree that pentile is an issue any more though after owning the GS3. The resolution is high enough to eliminate the sort of granular/pixelated look pentile screens used to produce like when I had my Nexus S. If Samsung switches all their phones to the type of screen that is used in the Note II I think the screens become a wash.

Developer support is much better on Samsung phones right now too if that's your thing.

Anyway, at least we all get to use the phones we want.

yankeesusa says:

The gs3 does have an ok screen compared to the one x+. Plus I like sense better than touchwiz. But the screen on the note 2 is better than the x+ in my opinion and I hope samsung continues making that better. I do miss sense but after my evo 3d debacle htc left a sour taste in my mouth and since they decided to go exclusive on the dna they definitely lost me. My next phone will be the note 3 if its not 6.3 like they said. Keep it the same size and its mine. If the gs4 is the same size as the note 2 then I will get the gs4.

vertebra says:

The screen on the Note 2 doesn't even compare to the one on the One X. It has a very low pixel density and the colors are all off thanks to it having a green and red subpixel on top of one another and a bigger blue next to them.

spock123 says:

Still depends on what you're watching.

If you're watching video content, SAmoled is superior to SLCD.

vertebra says:

Still depends especially if we are talking about the Note 2 if you want to sacrifice clarity and accurate color reproduction for deeper blacks.

CAN'T WAIT for another Samsung Unpacked Event. More Magic! LOL Last year was PURE entertainment. The Device is secondary.

An early unpacked event and early release of the Galaxy S4 is great for everyone. Unfortunately it won't launch with Android 5.0 Key lime pie i am sure that device will be special. Who knows i might add this to my growing Samsung list of devices just for GP. Otherwise I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 later this year that will be the best device of 2013.

JonJJon says:

I hope they don't release it then, the GS3 is so popular and successful it would be a shame not to give it it's full year as it were. I suppose that is samsung for you though

madlaw1071 says:

Agreed, the S3 is still being heavily promoted and selling well. I don't see them releasing the S4 in the US until at least June.

yankeesusa says:

I doubt they'll wait till june. They are going to strike while the iron is hot and with apple getting ready to announce the next iphone they are going to keep it going. They may announce the gs4 for april and then in june the note 3.

XChrisX says:

I agree, but the SIII was announced in May, so it's not too far of a stretch. I've had mine since June, and have an upgrade available on my account so I'm looking forward to this. Might hold out, and wait for the Note III in August though.

spock123 says:

Well, the SGS3 was released in May 2012 so it will be almost a full year..
I got mine in the first week of June, so I'll definitely give my SGS3 and Note2 a new sibling... :)

ReggieTee says:

As long as it's not another 5 inch phone. You have the Note line for that. Regardless, I may pass on the S4. SIII, still going strong.

Everything I have seen so far is pointing to a 4.99 inch screen.

hmmm says:

I agree to a point unless they can put the 5 inch screen into the same body as the GS3, which already has a 4.8" screen. If the size of the phone doesn't increase I don't mind the screen size increase.

sndplace says:

+1 I hope that Samsung doesn't Change the S4 to much. They need to stay the same and just update the S4. Keep the same chassis just update screen/same size and next gen processor. But I think I'll wait till what ever that folding phone/tablet will be. Till the my Note 2 will do.

DWR_31 says:

Just bought a GSIII in December so now I'm just waiting for the Sprint M7 (HTC).

TheWenger says:

I'm gonna wait until Google I/O to see if they do anything with that "X Phone" rumor before deciding what my next device will be. If the GS4 has physical/capacitive buttons, it'll be the Moto.

hmmm says:

All I know is the GS3 still runs as good as any phone you can get right now. There seems to be not as much bang for your buck when upgrading this past year as there has been in the past. Sure they have beefier processors or better GPUs but there isn't really any point. And 1080p screens seem to be the biggest thing but if you're sporting 720p already 1080p isn't really a selling point.

crausch says:

Does anyone think that it is called "Project J" because it will have a flexible screen? In the pictures I have seen of the flexible screens, one screen is bent over at the top. If you were to turn it upside down it would look like it has the same curved bend as the letter "J".

hmmm says:

I know... GS4 will run Samsung's Tizen OS and take the world by storm! You heard it here first.

dp3103 says:

I have a close friend that works for one of the major carriers, and he told me a month ago that the S4 will be released this April. I just wanted to put this out there since I had the information and have always appreciated all the info I gained from here!

EVO28312 says:

I had the last three evos and finally the lack of multitasking made me give that up and bought the S3. The S3 was great but cannot stand touchwiz.So of course I rooted and ran stock ROMs all day. Ended up selling my S3 and have been roln with the Nexus 4 since launch. I will never buy anything but stock android from now on. all the bloat from Sammy and yes laggy at times no matter how you spit it, it still does isn't fooling me this time. Sure it'll sell millions and I am looking forward to what's next for android as a platform but what I'm waiting on is what MOTOROLA will do with the X phone

svinyard says:

I have both the S3 and EvO LTE. The S3 has much much better developer support and better specs/performance. The EvO has much better build quality, a better camera and the screen really is better. Also the Samsung s3 gorilla glass is widely known to be BS. Mine has a ton of micro scratches everywhere after onl a ffew months where the EvO does not at all. Still, speed and OS are huge and Samsung has it. EvO browser performance was no where NEAR the s3 stock ics and even other browsers like boat and dolphin. That is what really sold me. Sense does suck. AOSP just does everything sense does for me and I am a business power user. Not to mention Sense was balls slow

misterfan says:

Samsung makes an Ultrabook called the Series 9 and it feels and looks out of this world beautiful. It's made of duralumin and feels incredibly solid yet razor thin. Whoever designed it at Samsung hit a home-run and I hope they go this premium rout with the Galaxy S4

Picture if you are curious what it looks like

bluevoodo says:

Another horrible phone designed by committee, it will be larger, have an bigger processor to play untold amounts of nintendo, sega, nintendo 64 and super nintendo ports, all on a super saturated screen with no sense of color calibration, a ridiculously high megapixel camera with a tacky and confusing interface.


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misterfan says:

I literally laughed out loud ! ! ! ! hah

Wookie Claws says:

Upgrade due in April, so we will see what's out and what's rumored to be out. I would love to keep on the Nexus path but I'm thinking VZW won't be getting another Nexus... we will see though.

The SIII is a great looking device and I'm seeing more and more of them in people's hands. I might have to look into an SIV when they come out. Other than battery life my GNEX works great for me and wonder how long it will last.


Yeah, I'm interested in the S4 as well. And other than battery life, my Gnex is working great as well. I'm hoping to stave off buying the S4 (for awhile) if I can get Ubuntu on the Gnex.

Magnus#AC says:

Here are the improvements Samsung desperately need
1. Very premium look and feel, light and very thin
2. At least a 3300mAh battery (if Motorola can do it, Samsung can
3. 1080P screen
4. Samsung's latest processor
5. 13 PM camera with much improved sensor
6. 64GB option on launch day
7. Improved software
8. Get rid of all cartoonish icons and make the UI theme look exceedingly polished.


"Here are the improvements Samsung desperately need"

Samsung is actually doing great with their products. Maybe you should pass that advice to HTC lol


"Here are the improvements Samsung desperately need"

Samsung is actually doing great with their products. Maybe you should pass that advice to HTC lol


I hate lag lol

Gearu says:

There was an 11 month gap between the S2 and S3 releases, if logic wins, same should apply again (or later), putting the S4 release at the beginning of July.
An earlier launch would show Samsung really are losing their mind (after flooding the market with various galaxy branded devices, destroying the meaning of it).