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Latest round of pre-release rumors says no S Pen, but "contactless gestures" are likely

As it's prone to do in the weeks ahead of a major Samsung announcement, the Korean press is starting to report details of Samsung's next major smartphone, presumed to go by the name Galaxy S4. Citing "industry insiders," Korean newpaper DDaily is today claiming to have a few interesting bits of info about the upcoming Samsung flagship, for which it says Samsung is starting to ramp up component production.

First up, DDaily reports that the S4 won't stray too far form the design of the Galaxy S3. The "human-centric," "organic" look and feel will return in the new handset, along with the (somewhat controversial) three button-setup. Samsung experimented with a buttonless arrangement, it's alleged, but in the end decided to stick with the familiar home, back and menu layout.

The newspaper says reports of the S4 featuring a Wacom-based "S Pen" stylus like the Galaxy Note series are incorrect, but claims that the device will support "contactless" gestures. There's not much detail about what this might entail, but it's possible technology similar to that of the Sony Xperia Sola, which can detect fingers at a distance, might be used. Other reported hardware details include a 4.99-inch 1080p SuperAMOLED screen -- a long-rumored component, and probably a safe bet at this point.

On launch timing, DDaily says the Galaxy S4 should be publicly unveiled in mid-March, ahead of a late March or early April release. Again, that timing makes sense if Samsung wants to deny Android competitors like HTC and Sony the chance to gain too much traction in the weeks following Mobile World Congress. And it's not the first time we've heard rumors of an early April launch either.

As ever, take this stuff with a hefty pinch of salt, as we've yet to hear anything remotely official about the successor to the Galaxy S3. Nevertheless, based on the direction the rumor mill seems to be moving in, it's possible we might see Samsung's next big thing sooner rather than later.

Source: DDaily (Korean); via SamMobile


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Korean press reports Samsung Galaxy S4 to emerge in March with S3-style buttons and design language


Tons and tons of people bought the S3, so the S4 will have improved specs to sweep up anyone who didn't buy an S3. But I think the next big leap will be with the S5. It will need to be a big leap so they don't lose all the people that bought an S3 to the competition as their contracts expire, etc.

I totally agree with you. I am sure the S4 will be nice, but my S3 will hold me over until the S5.

What about the tons of people like myself that are still on a S2. The S3 wasn't enough for me. I want quad core.

That's a lot of bull pucky, the S7 will be such a bigger leap then the S5. Come to think of it the S10 with it's "brain wave interaction" technology will be an even bigger leap.

Just hold on your phones fella's and keep waiting for the technology merry-go-round to stop for the "next big thing" It will definitely stop on the S10. I guarantee they will never make a better phone, ever!


I really wish Samsung would finally adopt the menu-less button layout that other OEMs are starting to come around to so that Android developers are more inclined to update their apps. I don't care if they're capacitive, on-screen, off-screen, tactile...just get rid of the menu button already!

This can be a real deal breaker!

I mean, all phones now come with the recents button for better multitasking and samsung will leave this out??

2gb ram - 8 core cpu, and no multitasking button?

Isn't their version of the multitasking/recent apps button to just hold down their centre home button? Same effect as stock Androids recent app button, cept Samsungs also lets you open up task manager for extra options.

"All" phones now? Seems there's at least 40 Million phones out there that don't.

In any case, there's a number of options for quickly getting to the running apps list.


more than 40 miilion,lets not forget the note series and the gs2 and pretty much all samsung phones and from reading somewhere samsung has like 40%+ of the android maret so that is like 100s of million of devices.

That's exactly my thoughts. It's so crazy to me how people complain about what Samsung is doing, meanwhile they are absolutely trashing the sales of anyone else. I could understand someone giving HTC crap for how terrible they are doing at selling phones. Or maybe laughing at Sony or Motorola or someone else. But to trash on the business model, design, or marketing of Samsung devices is ridiculous at this point. Obviously they are doing fantastic with the direction they are headed. If people would put down their Thunderbolt and try a new Samsung device, they wouldn't nitpick about the exact things that make the device better than their current handheld.

i personally prefer the menu button as theres no consistency with the menu button on apps ie some have at the top or some have it at the bottom or sometimes you have to swipe to get to setting where as on my s3 its always in that one place and recent app is just a simple task of holding the home button for a be honest i use the menu button much more than the recent apps

I was planning to get S3 today. do you think the full price will drop after S4 comes out? should I wait?

I would at least wait till the phone is announced/released.

I know I purchased an S3 for $99 in Nov 2012. It was a Black Friday item for .06 2 weeks later. I doubt it will get that low or free anytime soon, but anything under $199 is a good price.

It's about $199 now with contract. my contract is ending so I am looking for new phone/carrier. need some change.
yeah, I think they are going to announce on March 15 and maybe release it in US in April (hopefully) or May/June. can't wait...

Yep. This time the "Gimmick" will be that they will sell 60 Million instead of 50 Million.

I am glad you do not work for me. Anyone who calls amazing business success a "gimmick" is clearly demonstrating their immense lack of common sense. Try to comprehend the dominance that Samsung enjoys currently, and then look up "gimmick" in the dictionary. A little education might serve you well.

If that is truly all the difference it kind of makes you wonder why they bother. I'm expecting wireless charging to be built in. Those dates are right at when I can upgrade so I should have a fun time shopping.

I'm out of contract now. Sounds like a winner. Have to see the M7/HTC One first though. A 4.7" screen is more appealing. If the S4 has pretty much the same dimensions as the S3, it might work for me.. We'll see.

pretty much all phones have the same spec, its going to come down to software and for me great camera and removable storage

I wouldn't say that too loud until it gets a little closer to release day. Hopefully the X Phone is as cool as it sounds because I want Motorola to blow my mind and push Samsung to be even better. But it's tough to be too confident in Moto considering the past. I love so much about their devices, I just feel like they've been holding something back. Maybe this is when they finally go all in.

Really, the only advantage that Samsung has on Moto right now is the camera and possibly the screen(and the screen is debatable).I am comparing the Maxx HD with the S3. Build quality,radios,call quality,battery life,speakerphone,and near-stock UI are all in Moto's favor.

Upgrade time is late April for me but I'm going to wait until Moto's new phone, the S4 is out, and whatever HTC has to offer; then I will just spend enough time playing with the phones in a store to annoy the the sales people so I can see which one I like the best.

I've got the wife interested in the S3 but as long as he gets a stylus (fake nails). She things the Note 2 is too big (but it at least has a place to keep the stylus).

You are correct, but the gap is just about nonexistent now. Jelly Bean is basically on par with IOS for smoothness, but speed goes to the iPhone 5. But, as I said, they are very close.