Incipio SILICRYLIC case

Protecting your Galaxy S3 should be a no brainer. Choosing what kind of case in which to put your new, shiny phone can be confusing. 


The Incipio SILICRYLIC case gets its name from providing two separate layers of protection for your Samsung Galaxy S III (S3.) The inner layer is made of silicone and the outer layer is a shell made of acrylic.

Incipio cases are knows for their style and use of quality components. Unlike the Incipio Feather case which I reviewed recently, the SILICRYLIC case is a case that is designed to really protect the Galaxy S3.

Incipio SILICRYLIC case 

Incipio an approach similar to Seidio and Case -Mate by providing two layers of protection on the SILICRYLIC case,


The Incipio SILICRYLIC case starts with a thin layer of silicone that slips on over the Galaxy S3. It was very easy to slip this on – it is actually rather loose fitting as far as these inner layers go.


The inner silicone layer has cutouts for the charging port, microphones and headphone jack.  There is also a large cutout on the back for the camera, flash and speaker.

The inner layer has an overlay for the Volume buttons and Power button, which still allows the user to press the buttons through the case. 


The outer layer of the Incipio SILICRYLIC case is made of a rubberized acrylic. It snaps onto the back of the device and is held in place by four prongs at each corner.  Once snapped into place, the Galaxy S3 is covered by the inner layer on the top and bottom and around the edges and by both layers on the back and sides.


The Incipio SILICRYLIC case is designed as a protective case. The combination of an inner layer and a harder, more protective outer layer works well. This case has a softer feel than the Casemate or Seidio two piece cases.  The Incipio SILICRYLIC also has a slimmer profile than most two piece cases.

It doesn’t seem that the reduction in thickness will adversely affect protection, but basic physics might argue that the bulkier cases will do a slightly better job if you were to drop your phone.

full coverage of device

I found this combination to be just about right – the protection is very good against banging or scratching the phone and it seems like this case would offer good protection if the phone were dropped.

One additional note worth mentioning is that Incipio included a screen protector with the case which is a very nice touch.

Attention to Detail

The Incipio SILICRYLIC case is well made and the cutouts and overlays are just where they need to be. The material feels good in the hand and the two cases snap together quite easily and make a near perfect seam.

ports and jacks

The headphone jack is cut out nicely and deeply so that it can accommodate all types of jacks – which is not the case for all cases for the Galaxy S3. The slim and tapered front seems to give case makers some grief when trying to design the opening for the headphone jack.

The wrap up

The Incipio SILICRYLIC case for the Galaxy S3 is a very good, protective case. The two piece design works well and is easy to get on and off the phone. The second, harder shell case snaps nicely into place and the soft feel makes this case easy to grip. 

The good

  • Case doesn’t add as much bulk as other two-piece designs
  • Case offers good protection
  • Case extends over the front of phone protecting the scree if you lay it on its face
  • included screen protector

The bad

  • More time consuming to get on and off than a one piece design
  • The button overlays protrude a bit making accidental pushing a possibility

The verdict

The Incipio SILICRYLIC case is a very good option if you are looking for a true “protective” case for your Galaxy S3. The two piece design works well and that available color combinations can offer some style to your phone.

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Reader comments

Incipio SILICRYLIC Case for Galaxy S3 review


I bought this case in white for my white SGS3. It's is great, its obviously more bulky than a hard shell, but considering I dropped my phone twice while at the store to get a hard shell, I decided to opt for a little more shock protection and have no regretted it. It still slides in and out of pocket with ease and has enough grip I can place it on a leather seat or poly tray in the car without it sliding around.

Can someone answer this noob's similar protective cases like this one prohibit the average phone from fitting into things like a car dock, or do most allow for cases to fit?

I bought this exact blue case for my white SIII and it gives it a cool look. I did not use the cheap screen cover but am holding out for the tempered glass screen protector.
It is a great phone case/protector.

People and there issue holding on to there expensive toys. Never ever met so many people that have issue holding things. I remember back in the day people seemed to have more the capablities to hold on to things. I wonder if having a smartphone also makes people have arthritis.

I drop my car keys, I pick them up. I drop my pen, I pick it up. I drop my old flip phone 5 years ago, I pick it up. I drop my unprotected Galaxy S3, I pick up the pieces. It's a little insurance against that cracked screen that almost every iPod and iPhone have it seems.

BTW: I have this case (the blue Verizon looks awesome on the blue phone), but I'm considering the Defender because I want a clip too - am I the only one that thinks this phone is to big to fit in pockets?

This is the case I have for my Galaxy S III. I bought it with the phone and it is one of the best cases I have ever used. Mine is the white outer shell with the Dark Grey silicone inner wrap. The phone stays protected. The only issue is in the event that you need to remove it. It can be a little bit of a pain to put it back on. Because the silicone can get bunched up under the corner of the outer shell. But it's a minor complaint. Just need more colors. But really good.

I actually really like this case. I wish I had it on my phone when I dropped it last week. I had a slimmer case on it then that doesn't fully cover the top and bottom, and I got a couple scratches on the bottom right corner. If I had this case on, probably would have been fine. I actually like the buttons on this Incipio case, it makes the volume 2 buttons instead of one rocker. The back and menu buttons are a little harder to access inmho, but something I'm sure you would get used to.

I have the white case for my white gs3. Only issue is that It gets supper dirty and stains. Had it in a very old pair of tan slacks and it is now an off white , tan color. Tried washing it with some isopropyl alcohol and still not the bright white it was. Also allows dirt underneath so constantly have to take it off clean the case and phone so it does not wear down on the phones paint job. Does protect my phone well but wish it was still the same color as my phone

The blue looks nice but this color doesn't show up on any web sites. Anyone know where I can find it?

T-Mobile and Verizon each sell different blue Incipio cases, Verizon's is darker blue with grey silicone. I beleive the T-Mobile is a lighter blue for both silicone and hard shell

Thanks. I've seen the blue/grey at Verizon. The picture in this article looks like dark blue for both silicone and hard shell.

I've seen this one at Verizon as well. Have you found the dark blue for both the silicone and the hard shell? Please keep me posted if you do. Thanks!

Is the case able to be used with a wet-application screen protector like the military shield, ghost armor or Zagg invisible shield?

What I mean is, will it cause the corners to rise, bubble up etc.

There are many cases available that ruin wet-application protectors. I personally have had my screen protector ruined by the Diztronic TPU case (Yes they provide their own screen protector, but it's those flimsy static-cling ones).

Everyone should use a wet-application screen protector with this phone, they offer the ultimate screen protection. Just be careful about wiping liquid up, because there is a moisture control indicator just behind the metal front speaker.

But back to the question? Can anyone please answer it, or provide any case that won't ruin it?

I bought this case and generally like it except one complaint. It tends to feel flimsy and loose near the bottom middle where no plastic clamps it down. I can see that getting stretched out over time. The only other concern is it obviously doesn't provide a great deal of protection so I went with the no brainer, the defender by otterbox.

I bought the T-Mobile blue version, used it for a couple of weeks and now I'm using the Otterbox Commuter Series. I, too, did not like the loose/filmsy feel of the silicone layer, which IMO is a design flaw. I'm also not particularly crazy about the color but that really is my own fault.

Personally, I think the Otterbox case is of much better quality material wise. Sure, the volume and power buttons can be a little stiff, AND it is a MUCH bigger pain to put on. I still prefer it over the Incipio.

Great case, I havent put another one on since combining this with a zagg shield HD. Only issue is that its really easy to hit the volume keys.

This is a great case. I just wish they would put a kickstand on the back like Seidio does with their Active case. I use it often.

I would like to know where I can get a dark blue Silicrylic case like the one in the first picture of this article. I cannot seem to find one anywhere on the Internet.
I was using a Seidio Feather case on my S3 but dropped it and scuffed the corner of the phone. I guess I need a full cover now!