Incipio Feather case

You just shelled out some good money for your Samsung Galaxy s III (S3.) Make sure you protect your investment with a case. 


The Incipio Feather ultra thin snap-on case is certainly a case that warrants a good, close look. If you want a case that is not too big and offers some good protection to the body of the phone, this is a great option.

The Galaxy S3 is one of those phones that feels great in the hand; it is light, solid and shaped in such a way that you really don’t want to let go too often. The Incipio Feather case seems to have taken all that into consideration.

Incipio Feather case

Incipio takes more of a minimalist approach to the case concept with the Feather case. You barely know its there, but you do feel like it is protecting against scratches and dings.


The Incipio Feather case is a one piece design that snaps onto the Galaxy S3. It wraps all the way around the sides of the phone and then tapers towards the front and back of the Galaxy S3.

side look at case

If you look straight on from the top of the phone, you can still see all the aluminum near the headphone jack and microphone, but all the plastic body of the phone is covered by the case.

The case is just about flush with the face of the Galaxy S3, which means that if you lay the phone on its face, the screen will be touching the surface – the case does not protect against that.

Fortunately, the Incipio feather case also ships with the Incipio Vanity Kit, which contains a screen protector, applicator guard and cleaning cloth – a very nice touch.

icipio vanity kit

The Feather case was a black matte polycarbonate case with a soft feel.


The Incipio Feather case isn’t going to protect against a big drop onto concrete.  It will protect against bangs, dings and scratches.  I feel much better about putting the Galaxy S3 in my pocket when I have it in the Incipio Feather case.

The bundled screen protector is an added bonus and  gives  a bit of added protection to the Gorilla glass screen on the Galaxy S3.

Attention to Detail

The Incipio Feather case is very well made, feels good in the hand and has great detail work. The cutouts on the back to the camera, flash and speaker are terrific.  The cutouts for the Power button and Volume buttons are also very well done.

back of case

The wrap up

The Incipio Feather case for the Galaxy S3 is a great case. When the Galaxy S3 is in this case, it actually feels more like the HTC One X – and that is a good thing.  I find the Galaxy S3 to be slippery and a fingerprint magnet. When the Incipio Feather case is on the phone, those issues disappear.

The good

  • Thin styling
  • Doesn’t add much bulk at all
  • Feels great
  • Included screen protector is a nice touch

The bad

  • Doesn’t cover the entire phone
  • A little tricky to get off the phone

The verdict

I really like this case for a number of reasons. It covers the biggest flaws of the Galaxy S3 – the flimsy back cover and the fingerprint prone plastic feel with a solid polycarbonate case. It doesn’t make the phone feel any bigger which is also a great thing.

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Reader comments

Incipio Feather Case for Galaxy S3 review


I disagree. I have this same case for the HTC Inspire and I will never buy another case. It adds minimal bulk, looks/feels great, and protects the phone very well.

Do you own one of these cases? Obviously it isn't going to be able to do what something like an Otterbox or the bulkier cases. But for someone who wants a good minimalistic case that covers the phone well, this is the way to go. I have had it for over a year now, the phone has taken MANY drops, the case is still in great shape and when you take the phone out of it, it still looks brand new.

I've had this since day one... love it. It adds a nice tactile feel to the back which was very slippery and fingerprint prone before. I don't care that it doesn't offer the best protection. It prevents scratches on the back and sides and keeps the phone nice and small. I didn't even have a case on my last phone.

I have a feather for my iPhone (Getting an S3 soon) and I have dropped it a few times, cracked the case, but the iPhone is fine. Sure, I am very lucky the phone fell perfectly those times but still, any really, any drop in any case (ok, maybe not the Otterbox) could potentially kill the phone it it hit the ground at the perfect angle/speed.

The feather is, I think, the perfect balance between protection and functionality.

The case I used on my Desire was something similar to this only it came with a holster. Loved the minimal size it added.

I ended up going with an Otterbox Defender for my Galaxy S III this time, so I will have to see if I like the added bulk it gives the phone.

If you think this case doesn't offer a enough protection, then you're probably right, it doesn't off enough protection...*for you*. My S3 is the first phone I've ever put a case on, and I love this case. I'm very careful and particular with my phone but I still wanted a little something extra because the S3 seems a little on the fragile side, so it's perfect for me, plus it's helps with the naked phone being a little on the slick side. Only other draw back is that for what you get it's kind of spendy.

I am very happy with the Aduro Shell/Holster combo with kickstand. I don't use the holster. The shell is very lightweight, provides good grip for the phone and the kickstand is sturdy and holds phone in both orientations. Plus, it makes a good fingerholder. The case wraps around the sides and does provide a slight gap so if the phone is laid screen side down, the screen does not contact the surface.

I use the Ringke SLIM Lite case with my S3. Looks almost like this one, but there are three cutouts for the camera, flash, and speaker (on the back). The minimal bulk is wonderful, and there is just enough lip to keep your screen or camera lens from scraping on the table when you slide your phone. Very similar to this case.

These are about 3.00 on ebay.... Exact same thing without the brand stamp on them. I Incipio, case mate and others sell them for $15.

Don't get ripped of fellas

If I'm going to use a case at all, I use a Feather. There is one attached to my S2 right now, in fact.

Minimalism is where it's at. Best case on the market for any phone for which it is available, in my opinion.

im done with cases. ever since they scratched two of my previous phones. the shit that gets under needs to be cleaned or else the dust particles or whatnot leave micro scratches. i am not talking about this case since i have not used it. I am however talking about SGP ones, but I assume they are all alike. Full body screen protectors is the way to go, then again, that's only if you dont drop your phone. However i have my doubts how a drop will protect a phone with this kind of case.

Whether to use a case over your phone is strictly a matter of preference. However, I have used the Incipo feather lite case on my Note since day 1, and I enjoy it very much.

If you are a person who is hard on your phones then this would not work for you. But in my case I believe a lot of work goes into designing a sleek stylish device and I want to enjoy it. Having the Otterbox style cases cover up the design so much that I can't enjoy it.

I only need protection when I put the phone down on a surface against bumps and scratches. The Incipo accomplishes this very well.