7.85-inch display and Android 4.2.2 in this latest effort

HP has quietly released another mid-range Android tablet – that's actually on sale now – that like previous efforts fails somewhat to capture our imagination. The HP 8 has a 7.85-inch display at 1024x768, an Allwinner quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. There's also a microSD card slot, and a pair of cameras that are pretty forgettable at 2MP and 0.3MP respectively.

The specs don't ignite any excitement then, but as with the Slate 7 the HP 8 does at least have an affordable(ish) price tag attached to it. It's currently on sale for $169.99, but even at that it'd be a tough sell over the Nexus 7 or even Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The budget-oriented tablet space isn't short on options, and while the 8-inch size range still isn't the most populated, the HP 8 probably isn't the one to go for. It's an OK effort, but nothing much more than that it seems.

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HP slips out another mid-range Android tablet


Horrible, just ridiculously terrible. Why won't HP just put out a midrange tablet that has a legit price? I've seen better tablets for less and this HP offering is too close price wise to the nexus 7 so there is no chance for it, and the kindle is in the area as well on price... 0.3 megapixel front camera? Why even bother if you're going to do a shit ass job...

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Who is in charge of mobile product development at HP as they appear to have no idea of what savvy consumers actually want.

If HP branded their tablet products - "Tablets for the Stupid/Technology unaware!" I could understand.

I mean...don't they even bother looking at what the opposition is producing? Staggering.

A garbage is a garbage is a garbage.

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I'm confused, HP, what are you doing?
I liked your design but now I couldn't say that…
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Why the fuck is HP still using 4.2.2 on this?

That's what KitKat is for HP. To make your lower spec tablets run better. You can't be that stupid

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It's frustrating. We're trying to get the older versions down on usage so that newer versions go up - they are using 4.2.2 which is now over a year old. Google should charge manufacturers more if they are using an older OS version, perhaps then they wouldn't be stupid and put Kitkat on it. SMH.


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HP, just stop.

8" with that resolution? WTH?

I'd hate to be an engineer on that project. I'd get SO pissed with management and marketing.

I don't get what they're doing...they don't even advertise or anything...they just like make this stuff out of nowhere and then it's magically on sale and you never hear about it again...I just don't understand. Maybe it costs basically nothing to do this so they figure why not? Or maybe they're practicing...and going to surprise us all with some ultra cheap beast tablet...I dunno but it's very confusing.

Really? 4.2? That shouldn't even be allowed. I'd rather pay for a nexus 1st gen.

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LMAO at all the comments because they accurately mirror all of the disparaging sentiments I had when I saw this garbage. I was reading all of the comments more so in an attempt to find just one person who would inexplicably condone this foolishness..lol... HP is utterly clueless...

I'd like to humbly request for Derek Kessler to write all the HP-related articles, because I truly enjoy the snark and anger that comes out when he slams yet another sub-standard offering from that trainwreck of a company.

Viva la webOS!

12.472% of android users came from using web os devices, just out of necessity. Ok, I just made up that stat. And yes, I was a die-hard web os fan!

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HP's strategy in a nutshell: they're not designing a damn thing. Instead, they're probably buying whatever generic cheapies are being offered by some Chinese foundry in the right quantities to fill the shelves in all the big box stores they control (for now). I'm no HP fan (by an means), but they're clearly playing the commodity game with this tech and not putting out anything for the savvy or informed. These are Walmart toys for Walmart shoppers that end up in the sale flyer. Again - not an HP fan and this approach puts them on the level of Candle and Sanyo from back in the day, but the last time they dropped cash on trying to play the change-the-world innovation game for tech fanboys, people didn't buy it in droves (for various reasons - some their own fault). So now they're putting out tech for bottom feeders.

Not to be "that guy", but the damn thing looks like an iPad. Looks at the pictures of the rear from the source page. Buttons are all in the same place, and it even has the bar across the top like the 4G iPads.

Uhhhh what? 1 GB ram 16 GB storage? I didn't know it was 2012. This is running WebOS right? Shame, that is still my favorite OS...

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Well.. The MINORITY speaks..
Not the best specs FOR NERDS.. but we all know, the average consumer looking for something within a given budget or maybe for a pre-teen even an inexpensive travel tablet with a bunch of software thrown on it, this would fit the bill.. The average person does not care about 4.2.2 vs 4.4.2 they care about *169.99* vs say $400.00 for Samsung's latest & greatest.. try convincing your wife why you are blowing another $230.00 bucks when she picks them both up and says: "They are the same size to me! and the screens look about the same! You're not spending an extra $270.00 for the Samsung!!!"

As the article says the nexus 7 or the kindle are the competition. This won't even compete.

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I don't give a damn what the article says deegan... they don't have clue who is going to pick up this tablet and what they are going to compare it to.. stop KISSIN ASS & SUCKIN UP..

As usual, you NEVER have anything good to say. Why do you always have to pick a fight? Do you feel that tough behind your keyboard?

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Finally a comment based in reality and not another silly OMG Jellybean FAIL nonsense response that nobody really cares about.

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Still, the Nexus 7 2013 and Kindle Fire are way better buys, at this price point, regardless of OS version.

And, if someone wanted a cheaper tablet than this, they could always opt for the Tab 3 or Asus Memo Pad that are regularly on-sale for close to 100 dollars.

I can understand attacking people that are hell-bent on OS version. But, you're going to have a very difficult time trying to justify this tablet's existence and whether someone should seriously consider it, when there are infinitely better options available, some slightly more expensive and others much cheaper than this HP.

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+1 for the MINORITY. This will compete. Not on price or specs, but because the average (or let's be honest, below average) consumer isn't doing price/spec comparison that will include the nexus 7, kindle or anything else. The Walmart flyer mongers are doing shelf comparison between this rubbish and whatever is sitting beside it.

Last time I checked, Walmart carries the Kindle Fire and both versions of the Nexus 7, amongst other tablets that are competitive in this price range.

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I think he was referring to the type of person not the store, like when you happen to end up at Walmart after hours and you hear all the floor polishers humming around the store, and the smell of stale subway bread touches the tip of you're nose and as you make you're way to the electronics section to look at whatever, you have to dodge and weave the fast paced Walmart parole employees pushing those dollies filled sky high with boxes, you jump aside and take cover behind a $5 DVD bin with 100 copies of "the score" you dig and dig and dig and remember you have Netflix and say wtf to yourself as you move on, and then you've arrived! Finally alas' and the first thing you see is all the iPads neatly setup in a nice bright case all nice and shiny, you can't help to see if they added that SD card slot, you move on to the "tablet section" and you see a slanted kindle fire HD that has a booger on the screen and a Samsung tab 2 7" overpriced as f*ck... You look down...ah... If you want android tablets you have to kneel down to see what's in stock... You look for 10 minutes at the boxes trying to see if its the 16 or 32 gig WiFi or what as the boxes are all facing in such a way you only know what brand and model at best if you're lucky, and then you see it! Through the reflection of the glass, a large woman and small skinny man that have 3 teeth between the two of them, the woman is driving a motorized cart and breathes heavily when turning, and she's coming this way!!!! The woman says "make this quick I gotta get home to my stories" the skinny man says "well, bout 3 o them do us just as well for the kids n such what ya think ya 3 o them ipad kindles we got get!"..... (I think he was referring to those type of people)


Haha I absolutely love this reply! It's so true! The last part is hilarious!

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