Nexus 7 root

We're big fans of folks learning just what they are doing when it comes to hacking at their devices. One click root applications are fine and dandy, but when (not if) something goes wrong one day and you're forced to manually connect and attempt to fix your phone or tablet you would be glad you installed the right tools and learned a little bit beforehand. This all goes double for a Nexus device -- they are built for unlocking and hacking.

AC Super Moderator ragnarokx, who is also one of those folks who isn't afraid to dive in and see how things work, feels the same way. He's put together what we think is the ultimate manual unlocking and rooting tutorial for the Nexus 7 you'll find on the Internet. He gives you every file you need (without forcing you to download a bunch you don't), and walks through each and every step with an excellent video. 

It looks like a lot of folks will be getting their Nexus 7 tomorrow, so it's awesome that Casey has things ready for ya. You can check out the video after the break, and visit the Nexus 7 forums to read through. Be sure to thank ragnarokx while you're there!

Unlock, Root, & Clockwork for the Nexus 7 Tablet


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Nexus 7 bootloader unlocking and rooting -- the definitive video tutorial


THANKS!!!! for posting this. My N7 is arriving tomorrow and I wanted to do this but wasn't sure how.

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Looks pretty easy. What are the downsides? Are there still services and apps that wont work on rooted devices? Such as movies from Google play? How about google wallet? TIA

I've been the biggest Apple Fanboy for years but ever since these stupid ass hell patent battles I've backed the hell away from Apple for a little while

This guide came in extremely handy. Got my Nexus 7 today and thanks to the guide I had it unlocked and rooted in about 20 minutes! Thanks for the help.

I got my Nexus 7 today and I followed the steps in this guide, I unlocked the bootloader. I also rooted it. Thanks a bunch!

Hello. I am trying to root my nexus 7 using this method, but when I get to the part where I have to update the driver with Universal Naked Driver it won't find it in the C directory. I saved it there just like the video but I keep getting the same message saying "Please enter another location the location you specified does not exist or cannot be reached." I have no idea why it is doing this, but any help around this roadblock would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.