Nexus One Gingerbread update

The Nexus One's over-the-air update to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread (erm, not Android 2.4) is starting to push out. But if you can't wait (that'd be us), you can manually install the update. It's the same thing as the OTA update, just, not OTA. Here's how to install:

  1. Download the update from here. [link via XDA]
  2. Rename the file to Note that if you're using Windows, just rename it to "update" (no quotes, of course) because it's already a zipped file.
  3. Copy the file onto your microSD card.
  4. With your Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and press the power button.
  5. You'll be booted into a white screen with three Android robots on skateboards. Select "Bootloader."
  6. On the next screen, select "Recovery."
  7. Your phone will reboot, giving you a picture of the Android robot and an exclamation point inside a triangle.
  8. Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time. It could take a couple of tries.
  9. Now (using the trackball this time) choose "Apply" and let things run their course.

Easy peasy! Enjoy!

Update:  Seeing getprop/status 7 errors?  You'll need to update your version of Hboot.  If you're not familiar with fastboot and flashing, have a look here for the long (but easy) way.

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francob says:

If only I could figure out a way to update my Nexus without a working power button...

Broadwing says:

Different recovery perhaps? I know with Clockworkmod and ROM Manager you can do it without using the power button. (Start ROM Manager->'Reboot into Recovery'->update from sdcard) Of course, I can't remember if getting the alt recovery installed requires the power button...

francob says:

I know I have a custom ROM I just don't know which one. I bought this thing after it was rooted, and it included the trackball wake. Well I don't see that app but it wakes my phone so am guessing that's what it has. I can't find any ROM Manager either.

Being in a third world country I can't just mail in my phone for a new one either.. I guess I'm stuck.

decyphersmc says:

Knew it wouldn't be long before this was posted. Thanks guys, will have to give this a go tonight.

serpico says:

Gonna download and try it out now! Thanks!

UPDATE: Worked great! Feel like I have a new phone! Thanks androidcentral!

magliotti says:

I'm getting Installation Aborted. Why is that?

seanwalton08 says:

i've tried multiple times but it wont go. After Installing update..... it then gives a long error starting with assert failed: file_getprop and so on. Installation then gets aborted. Anyone else have this issue?

magliotti says:

I got the same thing...I'm wondering if setting it back to factory default would help.

vainkdgurl says:

This is the error I got the first time when the download went to the download file of my SD card rather than the root. make sure the path to the file is sd/ rather than sd/download/

assert failed: getprop("ro.bootloader") == "0.35.2017" II getprop("ro.bootloader") == "0.35.0017"
E:Error in /sdcard/
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.

Running Froyo on stock unrooted N1

googol says:

I am also getting the same error. I am running 2.2.2 FRG83G on unrooted N1

seanwalton08 says:

yup thats what im getting as well. I'm also running stock and unrooted. Help Please

SkunkApe says:

Went smoothly for me, T-mo, stock

magliotti says:

This is my error message. Can anyone help?

Assert failed: getprop(“ro.bootloader”)==”0.35.2017
E:error in /sdcard/
(status 7)
Installation Aborted

kaiguy#AC says:

Can't wait!!

JustJade says:

Love it thank you!!!

SoCal65 says:

Nexus One (Stock) T-Mobile

Update applied successfully! :)

Getprop bootloader errors: You have an old version of Hboot. Somewhere (the update from 2.2 to 2.2.1 I think) you should have got an updated Hboot, and you didn't.

Sorry to be such a n00b, and not wanting to sound rude, but how do I rectify this? I want Gingerbread...
OK H-Boot -0.33.0012

No need to be sorry -- we all were at one point :)

Yes, that's a PITA, but it will get you sorted, then you can apply this. No idea why you didn't get Hboot 0.35.0017 from the last OTA, but this will give it to you (I just used this method 2 hours ago after re-rooting to check a fake OTA link)

Thanks Jerry, whilst it was downloading I saw magliotti's reply so gave it a crack and it has worked, updating now. Thanks again guys.
A very happy UK N1 Gingerbread owner!

ss1271 says:

well, i've got a Hboot 0.35.0017, but still get stuck on the Status 7...

could you lend me a hand?

petey21 says:

installed with no issues for me at all

seanwalton08 says:

I just figured it out for mine. Now I got Gingerbread. I had to flash to FRG83G as I was still on FRG83D. That should fix everyone's issue. Hope this helps.

alacran says:

This worked for me! thanks, I had the error 7, I was stock N1 2.2.2, thanks again

magliotti says:

Everyone this is what fixed mine and I'm sure it will work for you guys as well.

First download:

Rename the file as update and install as if you normally would. This file is the hboot file so don't mistaken it with gingerbread. The update file with gingerbread is to be installed after this step. It worked like a charm.

googol says:

Thanks! Worked like a charm. I also had the problem with the old market. Removing the battery and rebooting fixed it.

Vangelis13 says:

Need help! Did the first download, worked ok. When trying the gingerbread file I get "E: signature verification failed. Instalation aborted". Frustrating.. Please help!!

Update: re-downloaded the gb file & tried a couple of times, it worked eventually. Thanks!!

bazz7777777 says:

great works ive waited so long for a stock black bar :), but ive got the old market place back, strange but not a problem

Finally! Broken power button so going to wait for OTA, though.

seanwalton08 says:

pull battery and check Market again should update the Market for you. Mine did the same.

Kim35 says:

I have the same problem, old market. I pulled the battery and it didnt update. Any clues?

heav0424 says:

Too impatient to wait for the OTA. Update worked perfectly on my stock T-mobile Nexus One. No errors, no problems. I love it! :)

jaeisber says:

anyone with an AT&T N1 able to update?

eahinrichsen says:

Yep! Just did it ten minutes ago. It went off without a hitch.

seanwalton08 says:

yup mine is at&t. Make sure you are on FRG83G right now and not FRG83D. You have to flash from FRG83G.

If you have FRG83D right now just search online for the download for FRG83G and flash that, then flash Gingerbread and you should be good.

clove#AC says:

Can you confirm you are seeing 3G on your at&t N1? With the Froyo ROMs there was a different image for at&t N1s to address the different 3G radio

icebike says:

I'd be interested in that answer as well, since the does contain a radio.img file.

Can an AT&T user confirm there is full 3G functionality after this upgrade?

seanwalton08 says:

Yes I can confirm 3G on my AT&T version N1. I actually have it on Rogers in Canada right now with 3G. Rogers uses the exact same as AT&T.

icebike says:

Great. Thanks for posting back.

eahinrichsen says:

Okay, so my Nexus One has Gingerbread. Now what am I supposed to whine and complain about?

We can always hate on the touchscreen digitizer some more :p

Mariodroid says:

Does the update enable the FM Radio?

thargic says:

worked like a charm on tmo stock nexus one... thanks

derfo says:

Found a fix. Update to FRG83G from here:

Then apply Gingerbread update

ss1271 says:

...always got stuck on the status 7 >:(

already on stock FRG83G, w/ root, Hboot 0.35.0017, stock recovery and I downloaded the update file from the link given above then put it on root folder of my SD card then renamed it as

but still got the error message like that:

Verifying current system...
assert failed: apply_patch_check("MTD:boot:2394112:33377a035edcb141d49f9a604bf4223f79140132:2372632:3e6d54f5a19aebc499214e264765ea801c6c621f")
E:Error in /sdcard/
(Status 7)
Installation failed

I've redownloaded the update file to ensure that there wasn't the possible of the corruption during download.

Is there anyone who met this problem?

Thanks for any help!

bangnbounce says:

Can yall help me with this error??
It says this....:

--Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
E:failed to read footer from /sdcard/
(Is a directory)
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

icebike says:

The on your sdcard is corrupt. Start over.

bangnbounce says:

Just out of curiousity, how does it become corrupt? Is it computer error or SD card error? I am re-downloading to computer, and re-transferring after that. To transfer I am just plugging my phone into my Macbook and turning on USB mode and dragging and dropping the file to my phone. This is correct, no?

bangnbounce says:

Ya I dunno what the deal is, I have re-done it like 6 times, am I putting it in the wrong part of the SD card or something?

icebike says:

Make sure it goes to the ROOT of your sd card and that there is no other one there. Some people have downloaded the zip directly to the phone by clicking the link above, and then using some android file manager to rename it.

The zip must be named exactly Nothing more, nothing less.
You do NOT want to allow your OS to open that zip or unzip it, just save that file directly to your computer.

Now, if you downloaded it once, CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE, because it probably won't download it again, it will just look in the cache and assume its all complete.

ppedulla says:

Google voice issue. I just updated my AT&T version N1 to Gingergread. Using the update provided. Everything works great with one exception. Google Voice is defunct. Says its installed, but I can't open it, can't uninstall it ... and the widgets just appear blank? Anyone else have this issue?

icebike says:

Rebuild your Icon.
Launch it from the app drawer to see that it works. If so, then delete and recreate your desktop Icon.

Also go into Settings / Call Settings / And re-select your voice mail service because mine was set to unknown.

Ok, I've tried this 5 times now and still not working. keep getting the same error message (stock N1 FRG83G):

--Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted

Anyone know what to do??

ss1271 says:

have u rooted on FRG83G? if u've got root on 83G, pls try to flash back to totally untouched, unrooted version of 83G
then flash the gingerbread
then use fastboot to flash the RA-passion recovery, flash root under this post #136

to get root.


if u keep been mentioned the Status 7 error, pls try to revert to an totally untouched, unrooted stock rom (FRG83G) then try to flash the gingerbread.

I solved my problem via this way, hope it could help to u.

ppedulla says:

Well it doesn't show in the app drawer. And it won't uninstall. Went back to call settings but notrace of GV.

xmi says:

Can somebody run some benchmarks to see which is the overall improvement? (quadrant maybe good)... I'm not sure whether to come back from Cyanogenmod RC1 or not :|. Thanks!!!

bennish says:

The article says it's 'like OTA but without the OTA', but it seems a bit more complex and scary than that.

Think I'll wait a bit... if I haven't got it by next week, I might look at this.

If it fails, is it no harm done? Or is it wiped info/corrupted install/brick?

vainkdgurl says:

mine failed first time because it wasnt in the right folder but I did a battery pull (phone was fine) and redid. Worked like a champ and is really much easier than it appears.

ragebunny says:

Man i've been trying all night to get gingerbread to mu nexus one (Its on Vodafone UK).

I kept getting the getprop/status 7 errors and i was fulling my hair out. i followed the steps for flashing froyo onto my N1 and got to to 2.2.1 this is where i got the getprop/status 7 errors.

So i released that there was another update for froyo (2.2.2) so i installed this (Because we still haven't got that in the UK) and now the gingerbread update has installed fine.

biggbrother2 says:

Lovin it!

BDHN1 says:

Is anyone else having problems with Launcher Pro? Now that I've installed the update, when I open the app tray and try to scroll through, it keeps jumping back upwards. And when I finally get it to move down, whatever icon I tap, it jumps back to the top and doesn't open what I tapped. No rikey.

I DO like the fact that my phone is faster. I think someone said this above, but who'd have thought this phone would be so great a year later.

iamlucid says:

I had that issue. A quick fix is to go into the advanced settings for LP and un-check "Use 3D Drawer."

Looks like we'll have to wait for an update or until Fede finishes his rebuild.

BDHN1 says:

Yea, whatever happened with that? I want to say that he announced it ages ago, but my memory could be wrong.

hfm says:

I just went through the pain of reverting to stock after futzing with CM6/7 and MIUI (1.2.19 was REALLY good..) for the last couple months.. had to do like 3 update.zips before I could finally get to the good stuff.. worked like a charm..

I have to admit its not as whizbang as I would have hoped after farting around with CM7 nightlies. It is nice to see the end of scroll glow was standard GB not CM7 or LP.. hah

fshnrob says:

Installed with no problems. I had the same problem with Launcher Pro and unchecking 3D app drawer does stop the scrolling issue. Thanks Android Central for the download and how to manually update.

add119 says:

Anyone here know google is playing favorite.. if they wasn't, they would tell manufacture to have a limit of update from example. If u buy droid 2 that came preloaded with 2.2 os it should get update to 3.0 at least. But google doesn't do that.. That why rooting is better then google and manufacture, the ppl rooting isn't lazy. CyanogenMod and Team Douche have done a great job updating phone to 2.3 os.

Even g1 is running 2.3 os.. a shame that manufacture care more about money then supportng their device. Google is doing the same mistake like nokia. Allowing open source to be to freedom, this why apple is better. At least. U can update for three years without rooting/jailbreaking the phone.

bennish says:

this worked FLAWLESSLY. Quickest and easiest update of my life.

Thanks guys!!

kuest37 says:

Super easy. Took like 10-15. Anyone else loving the black n orange theme!! Bay area GIANTS baby!!! Feels like I got a brand new phone

dsingle13 says:

Install was flawless and quick. Phone worked fine for 12 hours, then applications started freezing, so I turned the phone off and back on again only now it is stuck at the X boot screen. any advice?

vainkdgurl says:

Worked like a champ once I moved the file from the downloads folder on my SD (did from phone not PC).

Dumb question sicne I have never manually updated... can I delete the file from my card now?

Mariodroid says:

Yes. Your phone doesn't need it.

I suppose these updates files can become handy when you want to go back from a custom ROM to stock.

Kim35 says:

anyone else showing the old market? Ive tried pulling the battery out and rebooting it, and it still shows it. I need help please!!

vainkdgurl says:

I am even after battery pull. Just waiting to see if it refreshes on its own just like the market did when it updated.

Tib_mastiff says:

Go to Settings-Applications-All-Market, and clear cache and force close. Then go to Market Updater and clear cache and data, and force close as well.
Now open the market again from the home screen, and you should be able to see the new market once again. Thats what I did when i saw the old market. Hope it works for you too. Cheers

vainkdgurl says:

market updater shows 0.00, nothing to clear..its like the file is empty

Kim35 says:

well i tried what what you said but my market updater was e,pty,,nothing but 00's

keilflex says:

sigh.....tried everythign u guys are sayin and this is what im getting. E: failed to open / sdcard/ (no such file or directory) E: signature verification failed. installation aborted. everytime. so it seems to me obviously im not saving it correctly to the sd card. i have the right radio and 83g . but im using astro and i think thats my issue. i know its noob but any help? do i need to delete all other update zips i see maybe can there can be only one? i tried to dl this update and move it around the sd card through astro many times.

vainkdgurl says:

Im using astro as well, all I had to do was rename and move the file so it wasnt in the download file and it worked fine. Only issue is the old market and my market updater is empty. I can live with that for now.

mountainflip says:

Just installed it on my stock T-Mobile Nexus One. No issues at all.

My favorite feature so far: When you press the power button to turn off the screen, the screen turns off like an old school TV set.

keilflex says:

thx vaingurl that did it! here we go. thx tons... what happens when the ota comes out? anything? ive always waited for just ota,s till now. never rooted .we gonna see it or anything or is it just it. thx..

keilflex says:

got it whew. but have the market problem and the app drawer scrolling crazy problem. other than that its here.

keilflex says:

and my pics in gallery camera are gone...(

android59 says:

Update went without a hitch. N1 performance increase is noticeable. Using a class 10 SD card.

Originally there were two issues. Under settings / applications selecting Running would cause the app to crash and needed a force close. Power off / on did not resolve the problem. After an hour it appears to now be working.

The second issue as reported above is Google Voice is busted. I can see it under All Applications but everything in the Google App properties is greyed out except Clear data. Market shows it installed, but can't uninstall it.

Not sure if this is a change in how GV works with the N1 under Gingerbread and if this would work correctly if I waited for the OTA.

Any thoughts, workarounds is appreciated.

Kim35 says:

question, is there a way to delete the update from the sd card and wait for the OTA?

drjineshm says:

Just updated from stock 2.2.2 without a glitch. Was a bit worried reading all the issues people have been having. Everything works so far.

Worked fine on my unlocked and rooted n1 its like its brand new again

fezaro says:

The update is not working with me it's give me this message :

E: failed to verify whole-file signature
E: signature verification failed
Installation aborted

FYI my n1 not rooted and my build number is FRG83D

help me guys

decs55 says:

Good evening,

I would need your support because my Nexus One is not geeting the updates over the air (Ota). Currently I am using version 2.2, BUild no. Frf69c. I have already carried out the above mentioned procedure, but after the file verification the update is blocked and the phone cannot be updated. I also tried the code "check in" with different providers but nothing has happened.

Can you please help me in order to update my phone?