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For many, the Nexus 7 will be their first experience with one of Google's own branded Android devices. If you're interested in hacks of any sort on your phone or tablet, there really is no other option than to go Nexus. As we like to point out, we're constantly amazed by the posts our forum members put up when it comes to hacks, rooting and loading custom ROMs. This one is no exception.

Forum moderator dmmarck has put together a fantastic guide to help you along the path of all things Nexus 7, with step-by-step tutorials for all of your hacking needs. From the basic bootloader unlock and root, to more advanced flashing of custom ROMs and mods, it's all covered here. The best part about having a guide like this is the continued discussion and support after the first post. Any questions or comments you have can go right there to be answered. The sky is the limit when it comes to hacking a Nexus device, but remember it's always nice to have a way to get back to stock when things get a little out of hand. Thankfully, there's another fantastic post in the forums to help you do just that.

So let's go hit the forums and hack the Nexus 7 -- and even learn a thing or two along the way.

[GUIDE] Release the Kraken! Rooting & Hacking Your Nexus 7


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How to hack your Nexus 7 the right way


Luckily when I got my replacement, first thing I did was unlock and root (mostly for otg and ps3 options, but I plan on doing more later) all of which I got directly from the forums with excellent comments when I ran into odd problems that made for easy fixes with great YouTube videos for all walkthroughs. Thank you to all my fellow forum members.

I was so scared to root my GN for the first time but now I'm a flash-o-holic lol! Love my GN and N7 =)

i unlocked and rooted my nexus 7 in about 10 minutes using the nexus 7 toolkit i found on XDA. compared to my droid x and my old galaxy tab, hacking the nexus was ridiculously easy. everything about this tablet just rocks!

i too am a flash-o-holic. i drink a hugely irresponsible amount of flashohol. it's tearing my family apart =(

im new at this hackin stuff,i just bought a nexus 7 this morning,why and what happens when we hack it? i know,you are laughing right,but i just dont understand it,please tell me what it does? thanks,love these forums :)