T-Mobile 3G workaround

We're still waiting on a fix for the problem the Nexus One is having staying connected to 3G (and we don't really care who fixes it -- Google, HTC, T-Mobile or whomever). In the meantime, there's a workaround that will force your phone to only connect with 3G.

So join us after the break if that's the sort of thing you're looking for. (With a big tip of the hat to XDA Developers)

OK, big caveat here: This is going to force your phone to only connect over 3G. So unless you're in an area with good T-Mobile 3G coverage, mosey on past. Otherwise ...

Step 1

Head over to your phone dialer. And just like you see in the picture above, dial *#*#4636#*#* You might not actually see the final asterisk appear, because as soon as you hit it, your phone's going into testing mode.

Don't worry, this isn't anything as serious as rooting, and you're not going to brick your phone. Promise.

Step 2

Nexus One Testing Mode

OK, now you're in testing mode, and you should see four options. Tap on "Phone information"

Step 3

Nexus One Phone informationNexus One WCDMA only

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the "Phone information" screen. You should now see what looks like the picture on the left here. Under "Set preferred network type," Tap where it says "GSM only." (Yours may say something different -- I'm on AT&T here.)

Now, change it to "WCDMA only" like you see in the picture on the right. This will set the phone radio to only connect over 3G. Remember: If you're not in a T-Mobile 3G area (which is always the case if, like me, you're using AT&T), you will not be able to get a data connection at all.

By the same token, you can force it to EDGE-only by choosing "GSM only." And, yes, there are some CDMA options. The Nexus One, after all, is coming to Verizon.


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How to: Force Nexus One into 3G mode


It's not going to work in CDMA because the current Nexus One hardware doesn't support CDMA. That's a generic interface meant to work with all android devices including CDMA supported devices.

I wonder if the CDMA one released will be Qualcomm's hybrid chip that can do CDMA and GSM?

not to be a scroog but **** the nexus 1, only on t mobile i anit switching my phone comany for this phone, if google was smart it would make it for all companies, instead of just t mobile(at&t unlocked and no 3g), and verizon(coming soon). What about sprint, one the better companies out there. Plus their lowest rated plan is still better then t mobiles. Lets compare, t-mobile 500 t+t+w(talk,text,web) 79.99, unlimited t-mobile to t-mobile, free nioghts and weekends starting at 9pm to 6 am, CRAP. Now sprint, 450 t+t+w, unlimited any mobile to mobile, not just sprint mobile to mobile, nights and weekends starting at 7pm to 7 am, which would you choose. yeah sprint has bad customer service, but their working on it. I have the hero for sprint, it will be getting android 2.1 soon and its getting flash player as well, so like i said **** the nexus 1, yeah its a better phone in many ways but i wouldnt switch phone companies for it, once the hero is upgraded it will be one the better android phone again. So all you nexus 1 users and t-mobile, **** you and go sit on a broken glass

I wouldnt force it to CDMA that is the equivalent to EDGE. You want to set it to EDVO.

I noticed too that it says GSM enabled on the Moto Droid. I guess I can use this phone globally

Went into test mode & everthing is working fine. I thought phone was going to reset or something after applying the settings to "WCDMA Only", but it did not. I'm mostly in San Jose, CA, making me in range of T-Mobile most of the time. Thanks.

When I force my N1 into WCDMA only mode I often get no signal. The second I go into my basement or school when WCDMA is forced I can't even send texts.

Guys, this is talking about WCDMA, not CDMA. UMTS (the underlying technology for HSPA) is based off of a CDMA variant, known as WCDMA.

The device is not going to work with Sprint, Verizon or anyone else on CDMA...

I am using Windows 7 and Office 2007 but find hard to sync with Nexus One phone for transferring my email and contacts. Please help.


Winston Low

Btw this also works for the Verizon Droid. Just select "EvDo only" instead of "WCDMA only". The only problem I found with the Droid is that texting stops working.

ok, i did it this way:

1. menu, settings, wireless & networks
2. mobile networks, network mode
3. GSM/ WCDMA auto
4. reboot, done!!!

Dear guys
I tried this option but this does not get saved in my mobile samsung galaxy s i9000. Pl help me out and tell me how to save the change - wcdma only - in the option

My mobile +919968605109

Network - MTNL - DOLPHIN , Delhi, India