Gmail update

Just a quick heads up that there's an update to your Gmail app that brings you the same version that we've been enjoying on the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2. That means you've got swipe to archive/delete, zoom into HTML e-mails (be sure to turn it on in the settings) and other bad-assery. The full update's available for any device on Android 4.0 and above. Here's that changelog:

  • Auto-fit messages to screen and message zooming
  • Swipe messages to archive or delete
  • Attach photos and videos from within Gmail
  • Larger photo previews and gallery view for photo attachments
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

If you're on Android 2.2 (and above), you'll get new labels for third-party app developers, and other performance improvements.

Hit the Play Store app on your phone (or the link above) to get your update on.


Reader comments

Gmail 4.2 update now available for non-Nexus devices


Why isn't zooming enabled by default? Is it only on upgrades it's not by default? Would a fresh n7, n4, or n10 have it by default?

Don't know but I had to manually enable it on my Nexus 7 after the 4.2 Jelly Bean update and my Galaxy Nexus after the 4.2 app update.

Kind of dumb IMO. Why wouldn't you want your emails fit to the size of your display. You don't use your browser zoomed in without pinch to zoom. This is a feature that should have been present years ago.

It wasn't enabled by default on my Nexus 4. My first Android phone, I was disappointed by this, even though I heard about the feature it wasn't present. Enabled it now, much better!

Still stupid it's not on by default...

Its not on by default because it is linked with Auto-Fit messages. (For some unexplained reason).

Auto-fit causes people to post like this complaining about messages too small.

So they didn't make auto-fit the default to avoid the whining.
That's my guess any way.

So the next question is: Why does zooming have to be tied to Auto-fit?

Thanks but guess what still doesn't help. Text is still to small. Not my first rodeo. The old way was fine. Maybe if the next the update they bring back the font size it be OK.

This is the worst gmail ever. If you want to read your email zoom in. Just give me back my large font.

only issue I have with the new update is with saving pictures from attachments. they don't seem to work. said couldn't find image, but yet it was displayed at full on the screen. tried both the save, and save all option.. non of which have saved to my phone.

It works for me, but only for pictures from attachments. If the picture was embedded in HTML mail sometimes you can't save the picture if it was also a link to a web site.

I tap the image, select save, and found the pictures in the Gallery under an Album called All Downloads. On my phone, that directory equated to /storage/sdcard0/Download or /mnt/sdcard/Download.

(The /storage/sdcard0 seems to be a link name that appeared when my phone upgraded to JellyBean. Never saw that prior.)

This was my question as well, but playing around with it seems to suggest that, with the default settings:

1) Swiping from inbox sends to archive
2) Swiping from all-mail or spam deletes.
3) Swiping from any other folder simply removes that label from the email (takes it out of that folder.

If you delete more often than you archive, you can go to settings and change that option to always delete.

Google has always suggested you Archive rather than Delete. From Day One, this has been their preferred way to operate. It took years for them to put the delete button on the web-app.

Since their spam filtering so good, this actually makes sense for a lot of people.

Make sure Gmail is closed on your device,
Go to the play store, (via the web) and select install, then select your device.
It will push a new update to it even if it says its already up to date.

If Google turned this on auto-update for everyone immediately, it would literally kill the internet. It will come automatically, but you can force a re-install as I described above.

Awesome! I really like the upgrades to this. I was hoping they would roll these changes out; I have a VZW Galaxy Nexus so no 4.2 yet... so happy this pushed via an app update :)

So why doesn't text automatically reflow when I zoom?

Pretty annoying that I have to double-tap after zooming to see all the text. How really really silly. And annoying ...

Awesome. Now all Gmail needs is better attachment handling. It might actually be worse in this update. At least before it told you what action would be taken when tapping or gave you options. Please just make a long press give nice options like save or open.