Samsung Galaxy S II

OK, it might not be right now but you can at least take comfort in knowing your order is placed for one of the most anticipated Android devices out there these days.  If you head on over to the Virgin Mobile website, you'll find the Samsung Galaxy S II available for $170 or $599 outright. We've reached out to some retail locations as well to inquire -- many of which stated they have stock available for pick up.  In the meantime, you can check out our Samsung Galaxy S II review.

Source: Virgin Mobile Canada

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Yay awesome for them...... Now what about Sprint stateside?? Oh wait, is it the Infuse now?? Shit I hope not!!

jessofcanada says:

I really want this phone but I'm going to force myself to wait until Ice Cream Sandwich comes out.

Boooooooo! We want Sprint! We want Sprint! We want Sprint!

Entrical says:

I want it for AT&T!!!!

grayfox99 says:

If you want it for AT&T then go buy it.....the current galaxy S2 works for AT&T in the states perfectly.

Entrical says:

Yeah, but my upgrade is in a month. Dont want to spend $500+ when i can get something on renewal.

eric6052 says:

Can't wait say I blame you. The Galaxy S2 is an awesome looking device but $600 instead of $200 is hard to argue with.

Whoa! 169 canadian? that's pretty inexpensive

You do know the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US Dollar right?

zhecht says:

You do realize that the difference is tiny, right? $169 CAD comes out to $178 USD.

themuffinman says:

More than likely that will be on a 3 YEAR contract not to mention the difference in currency which isn't that different anyway. I think 1 Canadian dollar is about the same as 1.06 US. In any case, you will have to be their bitch for 3 years to get it at that price.

Not on SuperTab. 10% of my monthly bill will pay toward the SuperTab. Should I choose to leave in 2 years, I only have the remaining of the SuperTab to be paid off. No contract, no obligation.

hansonator says:

What does that amount to? If after two years you cancel a three year contract from Bell you only have to pay of the remainder of the contract. $20/month up to $400 max for cancelling early. One year early would set you back $240.

For our American friends, should you decide to come up and grab one off contract, though FYI Bell won't be selling them off contract right away and it's unknown till when, it will cost you at least $665 USD and that is if you buy it in Alberta, all other provinces have much higher sales tax.

Full cost of the phone is $599.99
I paid 169.99 upfront on the SuperTab WITHOUT contract, which leave me with $430 on the tab.

My phone plan will be around $65 per month.

Of that $65, $6.50 will be going toward the tab per month.

Over 2 years, I would have contribute $156.00 so I will have $270 left. Of course, this is assuming that I'll keep the phone for 2 years. Chance are I might upgrade to Galaxy SIII or something equivalent in between already. If I plan to keep it longer, then the 3 years contract will worth it. Knowing myself, I will not :)

bubbernino says:

canadian dollar or not, three-year contract or not...this is a great deal!

DenDen2012 says:

Yea the 669CAD price is steep, but I am trying to get out of my contract with Rogers and go month to month so I will have more leverage in my negotiations when my needs will change over time.

The Robelus cartel is making a killing on your 3 year renewals, they are just amortizing the cost over 3 years, like trying to pay off a mortgage over 25 years. The bites are smaller, but you end up paying way more for the phone than an outright purchase.

I am never going to mortgage myself to a phone company ever again.

wdfalco says:

Me too