Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

A day after first outing the Galaxy Note 10.1 on the side of a building here in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung has officially announced its latest Android tablet. At first glance you'd be tempted to call the Galaxy Note 10.1 a Galaxy Tab with a stylus (sorry, Samsung, S Pen), and you'd be half right. The GNote 10.1 takes things a big further by throwing in a more traditional desktop experience. Apps can run in a windowed (sorry, Samung, multiscreened) manner, so you can browse the web or watch a video or -- well, whatever, really -- and take notes at the same time, all on a single screen.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress Samsung's loaded the Galaxy Note 10.1 with some useful apps, including Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas, plus the usual suite of Android and Samsung apps, as well as the note-taking apps that let you make full use of the included S Pen.

Spec-wise, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is running on a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, has an 800x1280 resolution and options for 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage space. It runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and is powered by a 7,000 mAh battery. Cellular options are available, too.

There's no real word on availability just yet. We've got the full presser after the break.

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Boost your Creativity and Productivity with GALAXY Note 10.1

A new device category, GALAXY Note 10.1 comes with an immersive 10.1’’ screen and S Pen versatility to unlock your creativity and productivity

Barcelona, February 27, 2012 – At Mobile World Congress, Samsung announced the launch of GALAXY Note 10.1, which expands the GALAXY Note experience in creativity, productivity, and learning.

With its large display, GALAXY Note 10.1 provides multi-screen functionality to maximize efficiency in learning, work and creative endeavors. Its multi-screen functionality enables you to do a true multi-tasking, by viewing Internet pages, videos or other applications side by side while writing or sketching your ideas.

GALAXY Note 10.1 features S Note, a unique and efficient tool that lets you combine notes or sketches together with web content, images and other digital media into your own personalized storyboards. It gives you a new way to create stories as S Note provides various ready-to-use templates such as meeting minutes, recipe, cards, diary, magazine and more. Also, hand-drawn geometric shapes can be perfectly digitized by using the Shape Match function, which helps users to create more organized idea sketches and storyboards.

Moreover, by using the S Note’s integrated knowledge search engines, users can quickly search, obtain information, and easily drag & drop the cropped images and content onto S Notes without having to switch between screens.

GALAXY Note 10.1 enables an extraordinary learning experience. Students can watch a lecture live-streamed on video while writing down comments on S Note; research a college essay on the web while taking notes; or even read a full e-textbook while annotating it. Similar to the Shape Match, Formula Match function helps to correct and digitize formulas hand-drawn with S Pen, making the device a more powerful education tool.

Users can fully enjoy PC-like premium photo editing and drawing experiences with Adobe® Photoshop® Touch and Adobe Ideas. Photoshop Touch lets users transform images with core Photoshop features and combine multiple photos into layered images, make popular edits, apply professional effects, and more. Adobe Ideas is an easy-to-master drawing tool that allows users to sketch ideas, choose amazing color themes and import images. Both are specially optimized for S pen and are exclusively pre-loaded on Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1.

“GALAXY Note 10.1 takes productivity on a Note to a whole new level. With a larger, fully utilizable screen and superior performance, it combines the intuitiveness of handwriting with all the versatility of digital content to let users be more productive across all of life’s demanding tasks—whether working, learning, or simply creating their own stories,” said JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “With GALAXY Note 10.1 we are demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to extend the mobile category and are working with key partners like Adobe to provide extraordinary experiences for users that enable them to be more productive, express themselves creatively and add a touch of fulfillment to their lives.”

Ensuring intuitive multitasking and web browsing, GALAXY Note 10.1 runs on AndroidTM 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and features a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and HSPA+ connectivity. Its real-time video streaming and Full HD video playback add to the device’s content versatility.

GALAXY Note 10.1’s innovative S Pen, the most advanced pen input solution on the market, is completely integrated into the device’s original applications. It provides enhanced pressure sensitivity, superior accuracy and control when editing or writing, providing an analog pen writing experience on a digital device.

The GALAXY Note 10.1 is exhibited at Samsung stand (Hall 8), Mobile World Congress 2012. For multimedia content and more detailed information, please visit


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Galaxy Note 10.1 gets official, brings 'multiscreen' format to tablets


Wow, this is promising. I was psyched to hear about OnSkreen's Cornerstone functionality that hopefully gets baked into CM9, but to see it get pushed out by a big OEM is also great news. I've been asking for this sort of thing for over a year since I got my NookColor. This is exciting stuff I hope will come natively to Android in Jellybean.

EDIT: Wait. Looking closer at the pics, these might not be much more than native Sammy widgets. The presser does mention 'browsing', but might that just mean they tweaked the AOSP browser? I suppose my enthusiasm will be diminished if this 'multi-screening' is limited to just a handful of apps instead of apps in general. boys in Spain need to get some hands-on time with this puppy and ask some questions!

Now that's stepping the tablet game up! Others take note and kick the competition into high gear so I can finally replace my laptop for good! Won't be long I tell you!

sounds great, but I'm still waiting for Samsung to bring out a Quad Core (Tegra3 or Exynos) tablet... what's taking so long??? I was hoping the Note 10.1 would be the one, but not yet... the wait continues... no reason to upgrade my Dual Core Xoom yet..

So if you hook up a blutooth keyboard can you alt+tab switch windows? Can you control+alt+(arrow) switch homescreens?

This is interesting. I really love my Galaxy Note, but this is flirting with being a laptop. Tablets have been seen as consumption devices while PCs are productivity tools. This, however, is looking like a competitor to PCs. Unfortunately the software isn't available to make this ready for prime time. I wonder if Android is going after the PC market?

Kind of disappointing. I was hoping for a quad core Samsung monster. I already have a dual core tablet I'm wanting to upgrade.
I don't care about the pen, just give me a Galaxy Tab with quad core

If it's any cancellation, Snapdragon's S4 Krait dual-core is already faster than Nvidia's quad-core. In some cases (like this one) more cores =/= faster performance

Finally, someone did the one thing that was missing in android, windowing. I didn't think I'd ever have a reason to buy a new tablet, but here it is.

I thought I'd finally found my tablet, until I realized that this has last-generation tech under the hood. It seems odd to me that adoption of the T3 is going so slowly.

If this actually works like promised and any app can run in windows, then it looks like Android is finally catching up to the productivity of PCs. Looking forward to see how and how well it actually works.