Samsung Galaxy Nexus desktop dock

What do you do if the official car dock for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus just isn't good enough for you? If you're like ItsDrew in our forums, you put the ol' noodle to good use and make things work. ItsDrew tells it pretty good, so here's his story:

I was really excited to see Google selling these accessories so I purchased two desktop docks and one vehicle dock. The desktop docks rock! The vehicle dock, however, was the worst dock experience I have ever had. It takes tremendous force using both hands to push the phone into the dock and twice the amount of force to get it out. Twice, my phone popped out so hard that it flew into my back seat. The Audio worked when I put it in the dock for the first time, but then never worked again after that. I sent it back to Google and didn't have to pay re-stock fee because the Audio was broken.

Now I simply use a Desktop dock in my truck, and it works perfectly.

Brilliant! Let it never be said that the folks in the Android Central forums aren't resourceful.

Anybody else have some accessory hackery they'd like to share?

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This Galaxy Nexus desktop dock is the perfect car dock


I agree that it does take some force to get it in and out (giggity), but it seems like it gets easier with time (I've had my dock for about a week now).

First big pot hole you have a flying missile. Hope there's Velcro under it. How's it do with sun? My nexus when it reached 120 it stops charging till it cools down. Which when using navigation watching streaming dl torrents it doesn't get cool some times I pop the rear cover out so it it cool better.

I have a Titan, just like him, only I just prop my Nexus up against the back of that tray. Might slide around a little bit, but I don't find myself needing a car dock. Saved 60 bucks, too.

Yeah it's perfect if your car dashboard is is exactly like that. Your best bet is to get a windshield mount like a gps comes with. Much safer and stable and you don't have to worry about it falling or trying to reach over and type into it while veering off the road.

I don't buy phone specific mounts & don't understand why anyone does, actually. I've got a universal car mount that I got from Best Buy (Rocketfish brand) for around $20 that snugly holds ANY size phone (possibly not the Galaxy Note, but I don't know for sure) with its case on, in landscape or portrait orientation.

When I get a new phone, I don't have to buy a new mount for it. When my wife puts her phone (different make/model) in it, it fits hers too. It seemed like a much smarter purchase to me.

I agree. I have the kensington universal mount and it's worked well with all my phones from my Hero to my Galaxy Nexus. The nice thing with this one is that you can mount it so close to your steering wheel that you can grasp your steering wheel and use your finger to do stuff on the touchscreen at the same time. This will practically eliminate any texting & driving tickets because the cop will think you're just holding the wheel.

I did the same thing, except I got the kind that clamps to the vent, rather than the windshield. The advantage with this kind is that in the summer it gets a blast of cold air from the car AC, keeping the phone nice and cool. During the winter I use the defroster to heat the car, not the vent, so the phone is just siting there normally.

The only disadvantages are that your positioning options are more limited, and it is slightly less stable (more prone to vibration "waggle") than the windshield mount. but otherwise it works great, and like the windshield mount, was only 20 bucks!

The only thing I'm missing is a way to enable the "Car Mode" on the phone like the car dock does. I pretty much HAVE to use it in portrait mode as landscape is unusable (for anything but videos or games) when not in car mode. And in ICS there isn't a software method to enable it. :(

I missed this feature from my old Droid X dock as well. What I did was go to and buy a few NFC tags and then their NFC tag writer app. I made a tag that turns bluetooth on, sets app volume to max, turns wifi off, and starts the car home app. Then I stuck that tag on the dock. Now, when I dock my phone, it goes into car mode as soon as I power it on.

Your missing the point about texting and driving. You become distracted and don't notice the vehicles in front of you slamming on their brakes, so you end up rear-ending the three cars that are stopped in front of you. Use voice enabled features.

Because Pogo, no unplugging and plugging in cables.. just pop it into the dock and go.

They pay for phone specific mounts so you don't have an extrataneous amount of cable-age going on. I have had universal mounts in the past, and in quality and easy of use, it just does not stack up. Yes it comes at a pretty penny, but if you can afford a $200-$300 device and monthly bill, you can hock up less than a hundred bucks for something you're going to get a gratuitous amount of use out of.

Because, like others said, you can just slap its in the dock without dealing with any wires. Had I spent a little more money I'd have the wires plugged into the rear of the card stereo

As far as keeping or cool on a hot day, just route the ac to the defroster and it cool off your phone if needed. ^o^

Yeah, but I definitely wouldn't recommend doing this on a real sunny day. You can overheat your phone if it lays in the sun. Think about it, it maybe charging in a dock and heating up from that, imagine radiation from the sun radiating onto your phone and heating it up.

Unless if you find a better place for the dock, this is kind of risky.

Won't the sun damage the phone on the long run?
I understand, people need the docks for GPS & other stuff, but to me it doesn't worth the risk .... especially with the weather temperature (our cold day is around 92°)

I believe your recent article about phone cradles for cars missed the mark on the very best solution.

Check the 'ProClip' website, I am sure you will agree - they have a 2 step process - first pick the car model and year and they will give you the correct custom brackets - and second pick the phone model and they will give you a choice of cradles that are a custom fit for the phone. For installation, snap the bracket onto the car and then attach the cradle on to the bracket. If you switch phones, just switch the custom cradle and leave the bracket in place. if you switch cars, just switch the bracket and keep the same custom cradle. There is no way to beat this custom fit for any and all phone/car combinations.

What do you think?