Galaxy S4 event

In just six days Samsung will take the wraps off its next major smartphone, the Galaxy S4. We've heard numerous rumors in recent days, but there remains a lot we don't know about this new Samsung flagship. That means there's plenty to discuss and plenty of speculation going on over in the Android Central Galaxy S4 forum. Here's a sampling of some of the top threads at the moment --

Don't forget to join us next Thursday for full coverage of Samsung's Galaxy S4 announcement in New York City.

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moises1204 says:

i can't wait!

Incitatus says:

I am looking forward to this event as well. I can honestly say that I was much more excited on the S3 release though. The S3 to me is still a wonderful phone. I have to admit, the S4 has to absolutely kick the crap out of it for me to buy it.

xderiwx says:

I agree. I'm going to bypass it and wait to see what the Note3 will be like, since the S3 is still so good. :)

Gearu says:

I'm worried that it will only be an equal to the other phones out there, same camera, same other specs, having an octo-core cpu be the only distinguishing feature will not save the day. I guess they'll try to cover up the average product effort with more software gimmicks like with the S3.
Not to say it won't sell like heated cakes.

popartist says:

I am going to this event - while I am firmly in the HTC ONE camp and getting that phone, it will be interesting to get some play time with the GS IV and compare the two.

garciaop says:

selling my note 2 as soon as the gsiV lands on sprint

March 13th... 3-14... 3.14... Pi... Pie... Key Lime Pie... Wonder if it's just a coincidence or if it was planned.