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Love it or hate it, Flipboard coming to Android is big news. We first took a look at it back at Earls Court in London during the Samsung Galaxy S III launch event. Initially at least, Flipboard is exclusive to the Galaxy S III, but as is often the way this didn't last very long at all. Unofficial versions were 'ported' from the Galaxy S III and hosted on the interwebs for all the world to download and use at their leisure. Word from Flipboard now though, is that the application will soon be available on all Android devices. 

The story goes that in concentrating on one device, with one screen size and resolution, Flipboard could ensure that their massively popular iOS offering wouldn't suck when it arrived on Android. That, and quite possibly the bazillion number of units Samsung were likely to -- and eventually will be -- shipping of the Galaxy S III. As far as a test bed goes, a device that ended up with 9 million pre-orders probably wasn't a bad choice. As it turns out, Flipboard is pretty close to having a beta version of the app ready for the rest of the Android world. 

The developers are planning to release it to a small amount of users initially under a strict beta tag, to help test it out, submit bug reports, and generally make sure that the app is as polished as it needs to be. Makes sense, after all, Flipboard is all about the visual, and a janky experience would be the quickest way to put users off. 

There is no mention of the magic date that Flipboard may start to make it into eager beta testers hands, but by all accounts it sounds like it's pretty close. Could it even appear before the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III perhaps? 

Update: Well, that was quick! Seems like the beta is now live with reports of invites heading out to users who had signed up. 

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Flipboard for Android to break free from the Galaxy S III officially


Precisely and Unofficial ports dont typically get updated in app there bud @RichardDivine lol.

They're updating the app and I on my HTC get the updates the app will tell me to download it

Yeah but on my Sensation is a bit buggy as i'm locked out of some feeds unless I have an optimum account. Weird it works on iPad though.

Yea I had it as well but again very buggy on my OG Evo. Plus there was a space concern the more I added articles to flipboard the more space it consumed on my phone. Cant wait to get my new Evo LTE still may not install it on that one either but we will see. So where or how do we sign up to be a beta tester.

I was going to say I use it on my Razr Maxx and it seems to work well for me...didn't realize it was still beta though.

I know that the SGS III was supposed to have Flipboard pre-installed. However, mine most certainly didn't come with Flipboard - and neither did anyone else's in Switzerland. So either they're restricting Flipboard to some geographical areas, or the app didn't make it into the final ROM build.

This is good news. Flipboard on my HTC Desire makes reading my favourite news a breeze, and like it or not, it's damned pretty to boot.

don't care much for this app. used both, currents and this, in my opinion currents is a much better app. it offers offline reading mode which is important for me along with some other options not available on flipboard. ended up replacing Flipboard with currents on my ipad as well...

"Could it even appear before the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III perhaps?"

Probably, keep in mind that all the Flipboard folks are doing is simply porting an app. Easy stuff.

Samsung on the other hand is INVENTING A NEW COLOR!!! Not sure if you've heard of it yet, it's called blue. It's pretty revolutionary from what I read.

Had it on My Nexus S since it was first liberated from the great and never had a problem

Have it on my Galaxy Nexus through the TouchWiz UX addon. Played around with it, got rid of it. Don't see a point of Flipboard. I'd rather get all my updates and stories through Tweak Deck. More convenient, more posts at once, more social integration. Maybe I should play with it some more, but so far...meh

Whoever is an offical beta tester, please submit a feature request if the following is not in the app:

1. Allow the user to set an option that will mark feeds (Google Reader, Facebook, Tweeter, etc) as read as you flip thru them feeds.
2. Allow the user to set an automatic time refresh option (every 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc).

I love Flipboard and the above are the only 2 features missing. When and if they are added to the app, I will stop using FeedR which I have been using since I got my first Android device (Sprint HTC Hero).

Have had the leaked APK on my GNote since it was released and really enjoy this app. Nice way to catch up on news in one place IMHO.

me to my note is running team perfections ics with s voice i love it!!! but i did notice flip board used 9.25 megs of data in 2 and a half hours thats ALOT!!!!

So is this actually an 'invite'? I just opened the leaked APK I've had installed for some time and was prompted to update the app. Is everyone running the leak being 'upgraded' to BETA?

Got my beta invite today and loaded it up. Have a Tab 10.1 though so it wasn't much use since it doesn't have a tablet layout. Scaled up fine though so I can see how it would look and work on a phone. Pretty polished which I think is it's main selling point. However, as far as accessing a number of articles at a glance I still don't know if it beats out Pulse even if it made it's way to a tablet.