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With all that Sports Illustrated and CNN have done right with their Android tablet applications, The Economist ... well, it went a different direction. That's not to say it is completely devoid of merit -- the magazine's covers are nicely displayed, and stories are well categorized. But individual story pages lack any sort of design flare, and you likely won't enjoy reading stories at their full width in landscape mode. Let's just call it Version 1.0 and move on.


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The Economist takes the easy way out with its Android Honeycomb tablet app


Any discussion of cost? Where The Economist has gone wrong with previous digital versions is that it has been at least as expensive as the paper version without any added benefit (and in the case of the Kindle, it's actually less beneficial than a print subscription - no web access and no audio version, for example).

This appears to be similar to the iPad version which I think is a very good app. It’s not as flashy as some apps out there but it is clean and easy to use.

Not sure I would call The Economist particularly leftist…It may be liberal on many issues, but it also is supportive of less government interference and free markets. Feel free to disagree with its editorial opinion, but you have to admit it’s a very thoughtful publication with some of the best content available anywhere.