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Update: CyanogenMod on its Google+ account reminds us all that of its official position on the Galaxy S4 -- which is to say it doesn't have one yet. CM also reminds us all that individual developers' do not speak for CM as a whole. (Which is why the quotes in the following piece are from Team Hacksung and not CyanogenMod.) CM adds that it intends to wait for retail release of the Galaxy S4 before commenting on support, as it does for all new devices.

Original story: With the Samsung Galaxy S4 presumably coming soon, many are excited about the possibility of running a more stock Android-based experience, like CyanogenMod, on the hardware. It looks like that's going to be a slower transition than many were hoping, as the current Samsung CM maintainers have said that they have no plans to support the device.

The relationship between Samsung and the people trying to hack CM onto Samsung phones has been pretty tumultuous as of late. On one side, Samsung has to try to protect their IP. Some of the decisions they have made to help do this just aren't very developer-friendly, and some even violate the GPL (an open source license that covers everything in the Linux kernel used in Android). On the other side, you have a group of people that have to have a little access to this IP so they can build a working firmware for the device. They need everything covered under the GPL, and even a little friendly advice from the manufacturers is what it takes sometimes to get everything working just right. With the two sides unable to get together, frustration has set in and the developers have spoken. XpLoDWilD, speaking for Team Hacksung states:

Nobody at Team Hacksung (the team behind Galaxy S2, Note, S3, Note2, G Tabs... official CM ports) plans to buy it, neither develop for it. There are two variants which will be a pain to maintain, [and] the bugs we have on the S3 will probably be there on S4, too (camera), and we all know Samsung ability to release sources while staying in line with mainline. Yes Qualcomm releases sources, but Exynos sources we had were far from [working on] actual Galaxy products. I'm pretty sure the same will happen for this one.

That's a uniform "no" from us. 

The other developers are saying basically the sameCodeworkxEntropy512, and kernel developer Gokhan Moral have said they refuse to develop for the Galaxy S4. Read through the break for some discussion of what this might mean for users like us.

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What does this mean to me?

Maybe a lot, maybe nothing. In the grand scheme of things, Samsung will still sell a shitload of Galaxy S4 phones. Nine out of every ten people buying one will have no clue what CyanogenMod even is, and will never care enough to find out even if they heard mention of it. We all need to realize this every time we talk hacking. These people, along with plenty who know exactly what CM is, will happily use the stock Samsung firmware. There is nothing wrong with liking the stock Samsung firmware. Full stop. 

There will also be folks who want custom, AOSP-based firmware on their Galaxy S4. Some who want it bad enough to build it as best they can, and share with the community. But work will be slow, and there's always that chance that it may never happen. Plenty of folks love a challenge.

OK. I want AOSP for sure, what should I do?

A lot of people recommend a Sony Xperia device or an LG device. These companies are working hard with developers, but request that much of what they do stays under the radar and unpublicized. This is so we aren't disappointed if/when we find out our favorite device isn't fully (or partially) supported by CM. Sort of like today. I imagine a few of the developers are quiet in respect to Sony and LG, or they would encourage the same thing. 

Of course, the only way to be certain to get AOSP-style support is to buy an AOSP device from Google Play. We understand that not every carrier is supported, and that makes things a bit problematic, but there are just no other devices almost guaranteed to be included in CM.

We're not going to blame you if you pass on a device because you want CM support. Likewise, we fully understand why someone would not care and get the Galaxy S4, and love the way it runs with the stock Samsung firmware or a customized version of it. This is what choice is. We just want to make sure you know what's going on with the whole mess.


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CM developers passing on Samsung Galaxy S4 - should you?


Look what happened?

The Exynos-based GS2 and GS3 are still stuck on nightlies without any M or stable builds because of too many bugs, and it's going to stay that way unless Samsung updates their reference source at Insignal.

This is a big problem. Not only that I won't buy this device, but I won't even recommend it to anyone I know. Nexus 4, HTC One, Note 2 and Xperia Z are the only options in my mind.

Yeah but how many people are going plunk down that kind of money for a developer version?

A vast majority of people are going to buy the subsibized ONE.

But the thing is, nobody is going to pay $600+ to run AOSP on their HTC One. The same thing happened with the S3, but it kind of worked out. I really hope they don't pass on it, and that Samsung revises its decision.

HTCDev unlock works just fine. It was only the EVO 3D that was a nightmare to get unlocked correctly. HTC EVO LTE of mine unlock was cake. S-OFF was not required to flash kernal, bootloader or ROM. Though there was a very simple "Panda S-OFF" utility that took 10 seconds to run and would give you S-OFF


Enjoy your bloat. At least your cameras will work in daylight, sort of.

And... you can swap storage for those big data intensive projects you're working on during an electromagnetic pulse shutdown of the cloud while in Death Valley swapping batteries.

The devs will be all over it.


Now STFU Biatches!

BAM... screech!!

Hey tanks for thinking of us, we are good.

Love the features, and the bloat can always be taken off (cleanrom).

I would say your argument is invalid but it is just you.

Can be removed and you're bricked. Well, FUBAR at the least Of course YOU know pizzadude because you say so.

Best advice, Samsung - stick with stock. Either like the uninstallable Touchwiz proprietary feature bloat or evaluate other oem's..

The HTC One Superphone is a clean machine and the purchase choice of over 60% of 10,000 individuals who voted in the AC poll.

Right, Mr. Samsung Master, how could I have been so foolish. Nothing can be stripped out of the all powerful and all knowing Touch wiz.

Scottsrom. Com is all a lie. He doesn't already have anything gone from the rom at all. He hasn't been doing is since the Fascinate. I have been bricked at every turn.

Know what you are talking about before the fingers start moving.


why waste your time over a self loathing stock happy moron who thinks removing bloat bricks (i literally almost fell from my chair xD)

I really hope Samsung gets their head out of their asses and address the problem!

It would only be a problem if the device was a failure. But just like the S3, the S4 will be a raging success. I love the way everyone here thinks that because they choose to root/hack their phones that the average eveyrday users is also modding their devices. Samsung will be just fine, and so will you.

I'm rooted "stock" on my S3 and am perfectly happy with it just the way it is. I have tried just about every rom out there and I still seem to go back to stock. So to solve my issue, I keep it stock. It works. It does what I need. I'm happy.

I stand corrected piizzadude. My bad - misunderstanding. I (we) appreciate your clarification. Plus the late edit to the original article.

Yet all we're discussing is only relevant to less than 1% of smartphone users who just happened to dominate ad nauseum the earlier GS4 unveiling forum.

Due to your cogent citations, you got my respect (in these forums) piizzadude.

At least perhaps millions of free (subsidized) GS3's may replace tiny broken screen iPhones the kids and their parents are tired of.

Surprised to notice a lot of college students in San Diego using Note II's. I guess they're really over those tiny iTunes phones with whatever one can use them.

The social media aspect of HTC's BlinkFeed and stand out design just might intrigue a lot of Sheeple who have some money and can think independently and don't want to carry and use a "tabone" on the side of their head.

I already have passed on it. Just ordered a note 2. I usually don't buy so far from release but I want the screen size. Hope the key lime pie rumor holds up.

All the way with Samsung's proprietary Touchwiz feature bloat. Your microclimate is important.

Don't care, I love my "bloatware" is what makes my Note 2 be the Note 2, if I wanted the vanilla Android experience with basic features, would get a cheap a** nexus 4, with a horrible camera, n no lte. I do like the stock android look, reason why I run nova launcher, and still keep the TW features. And make my nexus friends, JEALOUS, cuz they do get jealous.

Big whoop! Most of our apps are ports of ios apps anyway. Do you think it will run twitter better? How about Facebook? Do you think a game developer is going to pass up ios and the rest of the Android phones to make a game that will take advantage of the processing power that "some" S4 varients will have?

You are correct about the first part, that is what makes the Note 2 a sweet device, but cheap ass? You do know the Nexus 4 built is far superior than the Note 2 right?

I really never get the bashing of other phones in the Android community. We're all here for the same reason. Bashing other phones just makes us sound like a bunch of little bikering brats.

I thought what makes the Note 2 be the Note 2 was the size and S Pen since, you know, almost all the other "bloatware" comes on the Galaxy S phones as well. If I bought a Note, it would be for its size, not TouchWiz.

So I'll stick with my cheap ass Nexus 4 with this awful camera and "only" 11-17Mbps HSPA+ on T-Mobile and you enjoy paying twice the price for a slower (processor) phone that's always behind an update.

Are you retarded? The Nexus 4 is probably the best Android phone available right now. The HSPA+ is more than fast enough, I regularly get speedtest results in the 14+Mbps range. Not to mention I only pay $30 a month, off contract. You probably have some cheap piece of shit plastic samsung.

I don't see why anyone in their right mind pays $299 + $100 x 24 per month for a Note II when it is possible to buy it unlocked and used with much cheaper plans. Then we have the Nexus 4 obviously and it is certainly superior to a carrier bloated Note II with the above mentioned pricing.

An unlocked Note II the way Samsung intended it is a nice device though.

Some of us live in areas where we don't have a choice of carriers. Where I live, it's Verizon or bust.

Aww, how cute, someone's jelly about how the Nexus 4 has a better processor, build quality, and software than their Note 2.

Noone is getting jealous over your Note 2, its all in your head! Nice screen size but you do realize it has the worst screen of any flagship phone. Samsung NEUTERED the screen giving it only 267 ppi. Galaxy S3 306 ppi, iphone 5 326 ppi, Nexus 4 320 ppi, HTC ONE 440 ppi, GS4 440 ppi. My original Droid from 2009 had 265 ppi.

Do we care about Samsung sales? Nope. We don't earn any money doing it. We're just having headaches and loosing time.

Yup. People seem to fail to realize that CM is a volunteer project.

Will we receive anything extra by supporting a popular device? No. This shit isn't our day job.

Will it cost us anything to support a popular device? Yes, our time, and that's an EXTREMELY valuable resource. Again, remember, it's not our day job.

Qualcomm variants will probably be well supported by Steve himself, but the Exynos variants won't be.

They already have the highest selling android device, and if they are anything like the rest of us, paying $550 to get ahold of the next one probably isn't worth it to them.

I'm skipping the next samsung for several reasons, of which this is one. CM is great, but not superb on samsung devices like it is on other devices like sony's and of course nexus devices.

And people said HTC was terrible at supporting devs and that Samsung was alot better... I don't see this happening to HTC flagships!!

CM10 works fine on HTC One S and the One X. Just that I had some screen flickering issues with custom roms on my One S. So I'm back to stock.

Lol this is said almost everytime but as usual when Samsung sell a sh**load of devices they all change there mine.

Yeah, because the amount of units sold of one device totally affects the decisions of the unpaid developed community.

i agree but even if samsung sells a sh*tload like you suggest doesnt mean all those units will stay out there..we all know units shipped doesnt include the figure of how many phones have been returned.

Can someone tell me the relative hackability of "HTC One" and "Sony Xperia Z" please? Which one is better in this regard?

Both are developer friendly devices as compared to the s4 which is closed source everything..
qcomm is way way better for developer support

HTC is notorious for being VERY developer unfriendly... Can't flash kernels or radios from recovery apparently (might the One be different? Possibly), massive delays in release for even the GPL source code they are legally required to provide. Fortunately they do use Qualcomm chipsets, so that helps.

Xperia Z is a great device - Sony are more supportive of the third-party firmware development community than any other manufacturer.

I'll address this from the EVO 4G LTE point of view, and as far as I know this *should* apply to the rest of the One series as well.
With S-Off, you CAN flash kernels from recovery, and firmware via the bootloader. There are some work-arounds to flash kernels for S-On. Worst-case scenario adds an extra step to flash the kernel separately. Best-case scenario is when the ROM installer incorporates that extra step into the install routine.
CM10.1 is very well-developed and smooth(at least for the EVO), the only trade-off being camera quality versus Sense.

S-OFF isn't needed for the general flasher. I think S-OFF with my EVO only gave it the ability to flash firmware. Everything else was available via the normal HTCDEV unlock. But yeah basic ADB commands are so fast and easy anyways, though I only needed it with the EVO3d

Considering I put a stable release of CM10 for a USCellular Galaxy S3 on before I sold it to get my Nexus 4 and everytime I tried to access Google Search it crashed, it may be best they do not try to support the GS4.

Heck they have not even released a stable build since November for any of the GS3 variants.

I'm not one that wants to deal with nightly releases. If you are going to release a stable build, a nightly is irrelevant other than hoping to dial in battery efficiency.

Just my $0.02.

Whereas we can do a tremendous support on the Xperia T for example. Same developers, same ROM, different device.

We are NOT releasing a stable CM build for the GS3 on purpose, because the camera STILL has issues (among other things), and there is NO way we can fix it without Camera module source code. It's not our fault, we do this in our free time, and it's not enough to rewrite a full camera module. And Samsung doesn't help us at all.

As for your Google Search crash, it's probably more an user issue than an issue on our ROM, since you are the only one in the world to have this problem.

And finally, remember that stable builds are snapshot of nightlies.

What could I possibly have done wrong during flashing that caused the issue of tapping the Google Search bar and then it crashing though?

It just seemed odd to me that that would happen. I found this issue before even spending the time installing apps and changing settings.

I love all that you guys do for the community and fully understand you all get a lot of heat for things beyond your control.

I love installing the Nightlies on my N4. Something about having a fresh version of software every day just feels like being on the cutting edge.

Meh, on my s3 I have a TW based ROM, and I choose what bloat is installed anyway. And the look and feel is close to AOSP thanks to Jellybean domination theme

Unfortunately I've bought S2 last year. I thought, when it is in the top of the device usage list on Cyanogenmod site, that it will be awesome and get new versions for the years to come.
Little did I know, that all the progress is done by awesome abilities of Team Hacksung's developers. They have built the ROMs without practically anything from Samsung. Samsung lied and lied about releasing sources. When they finally released something, it was unusable and actually the same shiz, which was already sitting in their repos for about a year. And actually unrelated to actual S2.
If Codeworxs, Entropy and others wouldn't do it for us, we would be left with that hidious TouchWiz crap from Samsung.
Never ever.
Don't get me wrong, I love my S2, it is an awesome phone - especially if I think about how old it is. But I wouldn't buy anything from such company as Samsung is ever again.

I am done with Samsung devices. They don't care about the little guy, all they want is profit. Hell they didnt even mention Google or Android in the horrible broadway display when unveiling the device.

Me and my team, Team Asylum on XDA are saying goodbye to Samsung.

Sony or Nexus device.

to be honest, after seeing that Broadway performance I'm kind of glad they didn't mention Google or Android.. lol

Google and android made samsung what they are today.They forget them i don't buy their phones.I will go with HTC one.

It's the customers who purchase Samsung products that made Samsung who they are today. Google has made tons of money because of Samsung and advertising dollars. Samsung sold 213 million smartphones in 2012 with 40% market share the closest android manufacturer to Samsung as far as market share is Hauwei at 6%.Bottom line here Samsung owes nobody anything if you want to CMMOD you're device then go buy a Nexus that should be easy they don't sell anyway. Otherwise Samsung reserves that right to protect it's product which will out sell Htc and it's One device with it's eyes closed.

Right....... the Samsung Instinct was already putting them on top long before Android ever popped up. And I'm pretty sure those Nexus devices are selling just fine. And Samsung will absolutely outsell the HTC One. That doesn't mean it's better. It means that Samsung has turned into Apple. Just look at that horrible production they put on last week. Corona sells lots of beer. Lots and lots of beer. And if you put a lime in it to kill the taste of piss, it's not bad. That doesn't mean it's the best beer. It ain't.

What people fail to realize is sales does not dictate quality. Just because a shit ton of people buy something does not mean it is a quality product. Most people don't do much research or have much knowledge about products other than what they see on TV. That's why Apple and Samsung outsell HTC! The One not to mention several other HTC phones have been far superior IMO!

"It's the customers who purchase Samsung products that made Samsung who they are today" Wrong. The customers had no hand in the development/coding of Samsung's new "features", let alone even the ideas for them. The customers had no say in what the phones should look like, what the internals should be, what apps should/should not be included, what "features" should/should not be included, etc.

"Samsung sold 213 million smartphones in 2012" Wrong again. So horribly wrong. Samsung SHIPPED that many devices. There's a huge difference between SHIPPED and SOLD. The WSJ article you are taking these "facts" from even stated so. Idiot.

"go buy a Nexus that should be easy they don't sell anyway." You're obviously forgetting the months and months that the Nexus 4 was made available and a day later would sold out. If they "didn't sell", they wouldn't have ever been sold out. -_-

You can play the numbers game as much as you want. Bottom line is that Samsung makes the best selling Android devices out there and people seem to like them. The Nexus 4 is a fine device but it has nowhere near the same marketshare the SIII or Note II has.

While HTC may have better quality devices, they didn't sell and it's their fault for not marketing them properly. Hopefully HTC will finally get their act together and the ONE will be a successful device. But make no mistake the S4 will sell, maybe not a well as the SIII, but it will still be a very successful product.

As for rooting, I stopped rooting my device a while back. While some enjoy it, I got bored of it and most people (non tech community) could care less. I know that may offend some of you but it's the truth. Also as much as I hate to say this, Samsung, HTC and every other OEM have the option to support the developer community or not. IMO it helps supporting them but they are not required to.

Meh. As long as there is no issues with obtaining root then I'm fine. I only run stock builds with root anymore. Less buggy while still having control to delete what I don't want and get WiFi tether.

The developer scene and people who run custom roms are the people who suggest to family and friends which phones are best to buy. If I couldn't tinker with my phone due to a manufacture decision I wouldn't recommend that brand to family. Just sayin...

I really couldn't care less about running an AOSP ROM on my S3. I like many of the extra features Samsung provides. Those extra features are a big part of the reason people buy Samsung phones. I can still root and remove the bloat I don't want, and there are a number of TW based ROMs available if I want to customize, theme, etc.

Sure, we could all drive a base model Toyota Corolla. Many people happen to like the extra features that come on a Lexus.

Sounds like a lot of whining to me.

Yea? Well if he's the only one supporting it then the normal delay in getting ROMs out of a couple months will probably turn into a year at that rate. He won't be able to do that on his own. Sucks for the GS4.

Back when he was the only developer for CM and was supporting just a few devices all on his own there were a lot less delays in getting ROMs built and finished.

As the CM project has grown, supporting more and more devices and bringing more and more developers onboard the pace of development has slowed dramatically, now this is understandable and their attention to detail is the reason why my mom, wife and other non techie people in my family are all on stable builds of CM.

IMO these developers (the ones saying now) are just trying to be dramatic to call attention to the crappy support that Samsung provides for their Exynos devices.

That's not necessarily true. Steve is basically a powerhouse. As far as fixing/improving code, he gets things done.

If I were planning to buy an S4, I would personally take some comfort in Steve's decision to support it himself.

I had considered a Note 2 or Galaxy S4 as my next device for a while, however, after playing with a Nexus 4 at T-Mobile recently, I feel more certain than ever that the Nexus family is still where I belong. Despite having mid-range hardware at the time they were released, the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are the most smooth and enjoyable experiences I've ever had with a smartphone. They are the only phones I've willingly stuck with, and not wanted to jump to something else right away. Now that Google has changed up the Nexus program a bit, I don't even have to "compromise" on internal specs--even the 16GB storage is fine with me. Samsung had always been my favorite manufacturer (they probably still are), but an LG phone will be a nice little change for me.

Thats ok, I have more or less given up on CM anyways. It is nice for older phones that will never see updates but if I wanted a stock AOSP phone I would get a nexus or I would use Nova Launcher. Honestly, Samsung has done a wonderful job improving on an already amazing OS, I dont see why any1 would want to throw that away when you can simply disable what you dont want and install a replacement app.

Rooting is good, and even installing a new enhanced Samsung based ROM is valuable... but I will never install AOSP on top of a non-nexus again (the experience never feels worth it).

Because the UI is bloated, ugly and sluggish? Samsung's UI looks like they hired Crayola to design it for them. AOSP is beautiful and modern.

Stock Sammie might be ok, but to have the wireless provider jam a bunch of crap that can not be uninstalled on to the phone is BS. Not mention that whole CIQ deal.

I'm fine with the stock ROM. I just want developers to develop it far enough to obtain root and be able to correct whatever BS Verizon changes. Which I believe will happen.


We have heard this before a few times but somehow we still see many AOSP Roms on Samsung devices. It would be nice for the developers to get support.

This articles makes me wonder about this...

I used to be a big user of various ROMs, going back to my original Galaxy phone, and enjoyed it immensely. However, the primary reason for using ROMs was not the AOSP "experience". I simply wanted a phone that was faster and had better battery life. And back then, the only way to get that was to install a custom ROM. I'll have to admit, it was a huge time waster. It ate up a lot of time that I could have used doing other fun things. But since the phones have gotten better speeds and better battery life, I've dropped the chore of installing custom ROMs, testing, tweaking, etc. I just get a phone that I enjoy using and never spend a moment worrying about if I have the fastest, best, coolest, and so on. My time is worth a lot more than constantly worrying about a ROM. Sheesh, this thread reminds me of the guys over on the Corvette forum, who bash each other about whether or not that a Corvette looks better with or without the BSMs (Body Side Moldings). Like stated before, we're all in the same boat here. We like the phones and what they bring to us. To each his own. There is no right or wrong.

I couldn't of said it better myself. Different strokes for different folks. I just don't understand how serious some people can be over a damn phone. I thought we were all here to embrace what Android has done for the smartphone.

EDIT: I also wonder about that article from the verge...I thought Steve (cyanogen) was working hand in hand with Samsung. Makes you wonder if maybe there was some sort of conflict of interest.

I can not speak for all phones but I own a Galaxy SkyRocket and my battery life was horrible on stock firmware, running CM9 to CM10.1 my battery life has been fantastic. Something positive can be said for the wonderful things that we get from custom ROMs.

That was the main reasons I rooted my ATT GS3 and when I owned the EVO LTE (damn you sprint!). I was seeking better battery life. When I had 4.0.4 on the GS3 I got incredible battery life (14-20 hours on one charge). When I updated to 4.1.1 via Kies battery life went into the shitter (8-10 hours on one charge).

I ran some custom TW ROM's and they proved to provide better battery life. Right now I'm running PAC-man and it's holding up quite well. I would have just stuck with stock if the stock JB update didn't fudge up my battery life.

I agree 100% with Mr Vault's post. When I had my Fascinate I messing around with the phone. Loading custom roms etc to make it more usable or to get GB and then ICS. I am happy with my Verizon S3 and 4.1.2. Even without the Samsung Premium Suite it is a very nice phone. Maybe not the best at everything but very good at everything I care about. I have little desire at this point to spend hours a rooting, loading a custom ROM and customizing. With Nova Launcher and Llama I can customize the things I wish to mess with. I would root if needed to but so far I really don't.

I get that other people enjoy loading ROMs, hacking and customizing their phones. I really do appreciate what the CM team (And many others) have done with hacking Android phones.

I think the hacking market is so small Samsung just doesn't care if a fraction of 1% of people who might buy an S3 or S4 don't because CM is passing on it.

Couldn't of said it better myself. When I had a Dinc and a Galaxy Nexus I enjoyed flashing ROMs and kernals. Now I have a Note 2 and other than some apps I'd rather not have it runs great and battery life is awesome. I spend my time doing other things instead of wipe, flash, restore apps, repeat.

I'd like to see Jimbo and richardyarrel disappear into an abyss. FFS, I can't come on here and read some subjective commentary without these ravenous fanboi's spewing their filth upon the masses. BE GONE!

I will thank you, don't see it as a negative.

Enjoy your non-replaceable battery and no microSD card slot, let me know how that's working out for you when after a year and a few hundred charge/discharge cycles you have to carry around a charger everywhere because your battery can't get you through the day anymore.

In a year they will have a new Nexus for $299. At that time I can sell mine for probably $120 or more. Meanwhile you're probably locked into some 2 year contract with a crap phone. I don't need an SD card. Everything can be stored in the cloud. I have no reason to have movies or music on my device.

I am okay with CM not being supported on the S4... supposedly. As great as the CM roms they never seem to have camera support and this isnt just on Samsung phones I have noticed it on a bunch of phones (including nexii devices) and thats why I have never used them for very long since having a working camera is a must for me, and with a ton of other great roms out there without any features disabled I am sure Ill find one. The guys at CM do great work and dont want to take anything away from them, this is reason we all love android because of the options we have and the diversity to find something that fits exactly what we need unlike the fruit model of you get this like it or not thats what you get.

That's false. CM has basically always been 100% functional on Nexus devices, including camera. Nexus devices are what CM do best--since most of what's needed is already provided.
Maybe you saw an unofficial CM build on those Nexus phones without a working camera. CM doesn't release official stable builds for a device that is missing such a central feature, and the Nexus phones have always been officially supported. The Nexus One is the only time I can think of where the camera on a Nexus wasn't working at times, and I think that was after CM had dropped support.

I am not surprised about this. It was a lot of turbulence for the Note II when it was being introduced and the reason why CM finally came out for it was that different developers stepped onboard.

To me, the Galaxy S IV went off the radar immediately when the CPU fragmentation was announced - it was pretty obvious that the CM support would be shaky. Since CyanogenMod is a very nice ROM with great features paired with an incredible lightness (around 250 MB for the ROM and the GApps package compared to a stock based Samsung ROM of around 800 MB), it is very nice to have. Then we have the Paranoid Android that simply extract really unique functionality (per app DPI, per app layout etc).

From my point of view, the Nexus 4 or Xperia Z is great solutions for getting a decent device with CM or AOSP.

Don't get me wrong. I love the CM team and there work. But they are not the only custom rom makers out there. There will be other Rom's for the S4. And most likely quite a few.

The only thing i need is root dont care if CM is there or not will be plenty of Roms to use like on the Note 2

Eh, to each their own.... I greatly respect the CM team, have run their roms on my older devices, and respect their choice to support the devices they want. Will this particular stance make me not want a S4? No, not at all, and I doubt that it will affect all that many people either. We can argue all we want, but we all know Samsung will sell tens of millions of these.

I personally won't be getting an S4, (since getting my Note 2, I won't be getting anything other than a Note), but I will recommend it over the HTC One for anyone looking for a device (if the Note is too big). I just feel that out of the various manufacturers readily available here in the states on the greatest amount of carriers (HTC, Samsung & Motorola), Samsung finally seems to be getting it right consistently, ever since the S2. HTC seems to be trying to find themselves, and we're anxiously awaiting what Motorola comes up with once Google really starts calling shots...

So, until something else comes and blows me away in the "Phablet" realm, it'll be Samsung for me.

Meh, I support CM but I could live without it. Honestly, it's not like there aren't ways to get rid of bloat and use a new launcher.

If Samsung locked the bootloader then that's a whole different story.

Let me guess. (Without reading the comments)

I love Samsung, therefore I am violently opposed to all other options and to hell with CyanogenMod.


I hate Samsung, therefore I am violently opposed to all things Samsung and a hearty thanks to CyanogenMod for standing up to them.

Me I don't care. I love my Nexus4, but if circumstances had been different when I bought it, I might have bought a S3. And I support your choice as much as mine. The S4 will be one beast of a phone.

I say while this may be somewhat unpleasant, stick with Samsung. Why..... because they are running up on Apple like a Tsunami in the distance. I believe it is Samsung and Android that have turned the tables on this whole Apple gridlocked monopoly and I say thumbs up to that. HTC doesn't have the boots to take on Apple. Samsung does.

I wonder is AOKP or some of the others will do the same. They are kind of like the new Cyanogenmod now days. In the past(like gingerbread and earlier) cyanogenmod was always about cool new features. Now to get the newest features you need to run something else where CM spends a lot of time getting stuff stable first.

You people here at androidcentral are morons. Team Hacksung != Cyanogenmod. The S4 has a Qualcomm chipset, Hacksung supports exynos (samsung) chipsets. Who do you think supports the us variant S3's (also qualcomm chipset) ? NOT Team Hacksung. Cyanogen, noobnl, mkasick, and several others including myself. Quit getting your panties in a bundle and spreading idiocy just to get hits. This device should get support.

Ooooo, thanks for this clarification. I was bummed to think CM wouldn't be coming to the US S4. Hope you'll support it!

Your efforts are waaaay appreciated. CM is an awesome ROM, and all you developers have my thanks.

So the International customers who are buying Exynos are getting screwed, and that's supposed to make it A-OK. Right.

I've had 2 Samsung smartphones and 1 tablet. Their software is the sh1tiest and their hardware is not that good either (it's OK). But the software is crap! And they're acting like a bunch of b1tches!
I'm done buying Samsung! They're full of crap!


I'd pretty well decided on getting the S4 because of my perception that it'd have better developer support, and thus be more likely to get an "official" CM10 port. My HTC Thunderbolt never got an official CM release (although there are 2 or 3 kanged versions; I'm currently running TShed's).

This discussion may make me rethink my choice. The HTC One looks pretty sweet...if it got CM10.

I was really on the fence but this confirms it, if this is true I'm getting the HTC One. I love to flash ROMs and if there isn't any CM love, then I'll have to pass.

This doesn't sway my decision in the least. I couldn't care less about CM and their "God Complex"..... That's all.

I'm pretty sure there will be good ROMs based off of touchwiz...just need to learn how to use UOT kitchen for theming

Galaxy Next = HTC ONE.
Samsung are arrogant and closed.
They behave almost as badly as the apple corporation.
SGS4 was not only disappointing, but it lacks the primier quality a top phone should have.
For me, its either the next Nexus (motorola?) or HTC One.

Sucks for those that love CM. I couldn't care less about CM. I have owned a gazillion android phones, i think i installed CM only once it was on my Galaxy nexus before but i didn't like it much. But i feel bad for those that do.

This story is just wrong. Three cm team members have said they are supporting it and are working on it now. that includes Steve (cyanogen)

it would seem this story was generated by a teamhacksung member declining to work on the hardware. that has little or nothing to do with the cm team.

a retraction of this article is in order


A retraction is in order, it's not news if the team has already said it wasn't true. Ironically, the article link for this and the CM team saying it was false were side by side on my Google+ feed

Um, that's incorrect. Cyanogenmod has neither confirmed nor denied that they will not support the GS4. They have posted that while they currently do not support the GS4, they will indeed wait until the phone comes out on sale to see if they do or don't and their final verdict of where they will support it or not will be know after they try out the phone itself.

Below I'm attaching the post in reference as proof.

Please post a retraction since this is not journalism and it's just sensationalism which does not add to your credibility.

I seem to recall the reason Microsoft ended up developing and selling DOS and subsequently Windows was because the powers that be for relevant laws said that IBM could not control both the OS and hardware because people would be forced to use their OS on their PCs which they considered to be equivalent to a monopoly. Funny how this smells an awful lot like that same scenario today. With Samsung making ways to prevent users from choosing the software they want to run on their devices.