Nexus One CDMA at FCC

Don't want to get anybody's hopes up yet, but a CDMA version of the Nexus One has made its way through the Federal Communications Commission. Does that mean we're going to get the Nexus One on Sprint as well as Verizon? Not necessarily. It just means the hardware (Read our Nexus One review) has been tested and approved. [FCC via CellPhoneSignal]


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CDMA version of the Nexus One goes through the FCC


I have been waiting for the Supersonic as well for Sprint. Although, I have been thinking about and I'm not sure which phone to get next. The N1 gets the latest version of Android once it comes out. If you have a device from another company (HTC or Motorola), who knows when you will get the update? I also don't live in an area where Sprint has rolled out 4G, so I wouldn't receive the benefits of the fast data.

The Supersonic is certainly appealing, but I'm not convinced that it negates the market for the N1, or for that matter, the Desire or the Legend. The Nexus looks more pocketable, and the SS' 4G support is moot since I live in Los Angeles. At this rate it doesn't look like LA will see 4G in 2010.

i heard end of march relase date rumor so does this mean we can hopefully expect it by then? How long after products pass through fcc usually does it take for them to be released?

Let me see...

Which should I get? Droid? Nexus One? Incredible? I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

i'd get the nexus or incredible. I'm going to get the nexus 1 since u can now port htc sense to it plus since the n1 is directly from google you'll always get software updates first. That's just my opinion though and incredible looks awesome too.

finally some news. geez talk about being left in the dark. now all we need is a release date and im there. cash in hand google waiting on you.

the nexus one passed FCC for t-mobile on december 14 and was released Jan. 5th. Also rumors of march 23rd release date which makes sense with "spring 2010". Thats also when CTIA starts so that seems very possible.

Yes - In some cases it's taken 1 month between FCC approval and sale of some phones. But let's not forget about the "AT&T 3G" version of the Nexus One that got FCC approval back on.. Feb 1st (ish). By that logic we should see this phone out on the market next week... but we won't.

Wish we did because Verizon is too expensive!