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Carbon (the Twitter client) has just received its first notable update since release in the Play Store, and it fixes a whole bucket of bugs. Notifications have been improved, fixing crashes and duplicate notifications. Several other crashes have been fixed related to avatar loading, deleting DMs, message long presses, account selection when tweeting and duplicate tweets. That's quite a few crashes being fixed for one update.

One other item that wasn't part of the changelog is "support" for the Nexus 7. We put support in quotes because although the app can now be downloaded on Nexus 7 devices, it's just the same phone UI as before. We reached out to the developer to ask why this was done and received this response pertaining to the Nexus 7 inclusion:

... it does [support the Nexus 7]. It's not a UI that we're designing exclusively for tablets, but the only reason it is now available on tablets is to avoid the 1-star reviews that it's been causing on Play Store. A full fledged tablet app with a UI designed from scratch for tablets is in the works.

The app will warn users at startup and informs users that the UI is not optimized for tablets yet.

We knew from before that the developer planned to release a separate tablet app that properly scales and takes advantage of larger screens in the near future. It's unfortunate that his hand has seemingly been forced into adding Nexus 7 support on the current version, which is obviously a suboptimal experience, just because of a barrage of 1-star reviews. 


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Carbon (Twitter) update fixes bugs and adds Nexus 7 "support"


I want this app to grow to it's fullest potential. This is so I can get T-Rex, I mean... TweetDark off my phone and get a current Twitter app. Twitter owns TweetDeck (and related products) now and I feel cheated with the lack of updates in it. I have the PC client too but rarely use it. I played with Carbon and found many things to like but too many dislikes to keep it. Auto vibrate on new tweets, 15 min internal refresh ONLY, not one but TWO splash screens in which the first one scared me and a host of other things. If this were listed with "alpha" or "beta" in it's title, I would probably understand.

Please Carbon Devs make love this app a lot more. Thank you!!

On the 15min refresh is a matter of the twitter API 1.1 is strick as **** and the API 1.0 will be shutdown in March so every client who wants to continue has to update to the new one.

Yes but Twitter gives them 15 refreshes per every 15 minute period. "Other" 3rd party apps have refresh rates as quick as 2min. and have always been on the new 1.1 API since day one. So i dont buy the fact that they can't make it any quicker than 15min.

I cant believe there are apps not comparable to a Nexus device? should be the a demand to be approved for Play store... just my 2 cents.

It's a good app. I use it alongside my main Twitter client (Plume). Visually it looks better than Plume but one major feature is missing before i can stick to just using Carbon.

- offline tweeting (very useful for when i am on the underground).

My carbon app does not pop up notifications of any new tweets. Dont know why. my tweetcaster app doea but carbon wont. I do have messages and mentions turned 'on' in settings. Any ideas?

I could download it earlier on my N7,but just got a "not supported when I tried to open it. Guess I can test it out now, no room for more twitter clients on my phone :-P

Just need a widget and the character count on DM's and I'm set. I uninstalled the official Twitter app and now running this alongside the Falcon Pro widget.

all the developer needed to do was avoid this was restrict people from being able to download the app onto tablets at all. It was stupid that I could go to the play store on my N7, download carbon, then when I try to run it have it tell me it isn't compatible. If he used existing play store tools to restrit it from being downloaded on tablets it wouldn't have been a problem.

I don't understand the hype about this app. Sure it's really smooth, but it looks awful. The interface aesthetics are all over the place. The wood background doesn't match the android design elements the developers used. The lines they use as a synced position indicator look like a bug in the app and aren't very intuitive. The most egregious design decision by dots and lines is their decision to use an android 1.x styled icon. Google went a way from angling the app icons over three years ago, before android even gained consumer traction.

These design decisions, in combination with the many app previews and random decision "not" support tablets at launch, make Carbon feel like one big troll job.

Edit: And it still uses a splash screen on loading. Why did they think this was a good idea?