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With tablets being all the rage these days, Bluetooth keyboards are rising in popularity. It's not that the on-screen keyboards are bad (well, some are), but having physicals key adds a whole level of familiarity, plus you don't have to try and balance a tablet on your lap or something.

The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0 tablets seems specifically targeted at the Android crowd, and it works really well.

Pairing is a cinch, using the connect button located on the back of the keyboard, and once you're paired up, you're good to go. Typing is a breeze on the keyboard and works without a hitch. Hit some keys, letters pop up on the screen. Everything Most of it works as it should.

The only problem with Logitech's Android-centric keyboard are the Android function keys. Logitech was wise enough to include search, home, menu, and back keys, but their intended functions are murky, at best.

I'm not sure if the unit I got is defective or if the keys just aren't mapped correctly, but while most of the keys did something, it was usually not what you wanted. Back acted like home, search acted like menu, so on and so forth. It was an irritating little niggle that was the only smudge on an otherwise great keyboard experience.

Another cool feature is the keyboard carrying case that protects the keys. For transport, it folds up and becomes a carrying case for the keyboard, but once you're ready to get typing, the case folds into a triangular stand (with a ridge!) to hold your tablet in position on a table or desk. It should also be noted that the Logitech keyboard doesn't come with rechargeable batteries and runs on four AAA's.

More pictures of the keyboard and stand can be found after the break.


Logitech bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0Logitech bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0

Logitech bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0Logitech bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0

Logitech bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0Logitech bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0

Logitech bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0

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Pass...Swype for the win!

MrJedi says:

Not everyone likes Swype. If I could uninstall it from my un-rooted phone I would.

turbofan says:

I cannot STAND swype. Don't like it at all. I prefer tapping it out, either on an on-screen keyboard or on my logitech bluetooth keyboard. Much better for me!

nalpakj says:

Swype is fine for smaller emails...I use it on my Incredible all the time. But it still doesn't compare to a real keyboard when you have to pound out a lengthy email. In fact I stick to the view that as good as some on screen keyboards are getting (and I actually like the stock keyboard on my Galaxy Tab 10.1) they will never compare to a physical keyboard. At least not until technology greatly advances and you can 'feel' the buttons on the screen...not only when you click them but when running your fingers over them.

icebike says:

Further, Swype is REALLY annoying on large screens.

Swiftkey really rules the tablet imho.

linux_paul says:

Don't need Swype, I have Swiftkey, but I would like the keyboard.

wojtachk says:

I have the keyboard. I bought it along with the Asus Transformer. They are a great combination. I haven't had any issues with the normal Android keys functioning, home is home and back is back ect. The feel is great. It is well spaced and doesn't have any flex. The case is great too. The cradle for the tablet extends so that if it is in your lap the angle of the tablet is greater and viewing is easier. If you're getting a tablet and want a physical keyboard, the Logitech is the way to go for sure.

wojtachk says:

Also I just realized that my keyboard layout looks totally different than the one shown in the video and pictures. There is no Windows button and home, back, menu and search all have their own dedicated buttons and work fine.

icebike says:

Yup, that windows key tripped my "something Fishy" detector too.

I would love this with my HP Slate 500, but I have no clue what that should do in an Android environment.

On a regular USB keyboard, The Windows "Menu Key" does launch the menu on apps that use a menu, but the windows key itself does nothing.

turbofan says:

Ditto -- dedicated buttons that work fine and no funky windows button.

Yo AC, whered you get dat keyboard?? Should try a new one!

turbofan says:

out of curiosity, what made you go this route instead of purchasing the keyboard dock? I have an Iconia tab with this logitech keyboard, but I tell ya what... After seeing a co-worker's transformer with dock, I got some tablet envy. That setup is SLICK. 20 hours of battery life too... bit more money but totally seems worth it.

Have the Motorola wireless keyboard for my XOOM. Sad to say I never use it.

aggiejon04 says:

very odd, i have a completely different layout as well... no windows keys like shown above. My function buttons appear to work normally, search opens search, etc. Overall I have found it to be a great buy, I don't tote it everywhere but when I need it, it certainly comes in handy.

I just bought this keyboard and am using it with me new zoom. The punctuation doesn't work at all. Can you please help?

kjhee43 says:

How does this compare to the built in keyboard of a Transformer?

awal1987 says:

I would love that for my galaxy tab 10.1. The newest version of Swype is great, but for some reason it seems to slow down and lag.

alicesfung says:

I would love to use this for my Acer A500. Bluetooth is so much better than a USB one.

KMachine says:

I love SwiftKey on my Galaxy Tab, but having a physical keyboard would be GREAT if I really needed to get work done. yes please!

Scorchx says:

Big fan of having a real keyboard to work on my homework with on my Thrive! Thanks for the oppertunity! =)

Mr.Gadget says:

Would be sweet!

theonlymikeg says:

i purchased my wife one and now i wish i would have bought two of these great keyboards

This would be an awesome companion to my Galaxy Tab...please hook a brotha up!!

K9kazoo says:

Looks and sounds hot!


thunder8671 says:

i would like to sink the bluetooth into the honeycomb goodness! please pick me!

quadcam#CB says:

I have a usb keyboard on my Acer, a bluetooth keyboard would be much easier to use when on the go.

trummonte says:

Sign me up! I was hoping to get one for Christmas...

sashy says:

Logitech for Accessories - any day, no question.

Ender68 says:

Almost bought this yesterday, glad I waited... ;-)

mike_103 says:

Would love to have one.

I would be happy to win this Logitech Keyboard. I just got a Halaxy Tab 10.1 and this would be a great asset. Good luck everyone.

PCPIMP says:

just got a Galaxy tab 10.1 LTE would love to have this :-) but i never win anything.... Just my luck :-)

bobr68#AC says:

Pick me! I need to type lots of stuff as a teacher and my students would thinks this is too cool

DevenBraden says:

Posting from my SGT 10.1 and would love to have a bluetooth keyboard to take to class and crank some notes out during Class!! Good luck to everybody!

tillort says:

Sweet stuff! I have just spend my last cent on my first tablet. This keyboard would be the icing on the cake!

rcuswalk says:

Looks like it would be a terrific keyboard. Thanks for the review!

cagmuer says:

My mother in law loves her bluetooth keyboard. This one looks great.

I would very much like a keyboard for my new Thrive

lhowe2005 says:

Worth posting to try to win a free Bluetooth keyboard...