Nexus 7

At this point, it's no secret that retailers across various regions will be adding the Nexus 7 to  their tablet offerings but now Best Buy, Staples and Future Shop Canada have gone ahead and set up their pre-orders for the first Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet. Oddly, it seems retailers are opting to not offer the lower priced 8GB version and instead jumping to the higher priced 16GB version. Whether or not the 8GB version will make an appearance later isn't known but either way, the $259.99 asking price isn't all that bad no matter how you slice it for what you're putting yourself into.

Of course, Google Play ordering is still the better option here considering you can get an additional $25 in apps when ordering direct but when these devices it hit stores, it should help those waiting to get a hands-on before diving in help decide if it's everything they are expecting. Speaking of dates, Best Buy and Future Shops says they'll be arriving in the warehouse on August 10th (bit late?) while Staples says July 14th. We'll be keeping our eye on whom, exactly ends up with them first. In the meantime, have you read our Nexus 7 review yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Sources: Staples, Best Buy, Future Shop

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RaiderWill says:

Even though I just bought a Galaxy Note on Friday I may still pick one of these up at the $199.00 price point for the wife to play with.. My Note's 5.3" is quite big enough for me coming from a 4.3" screen... Just got the "OnlyOne" ICS Rom on it and it has Touchwiz 5.0! Great Rom! even has S-Voice ported over from the S3! and looks just like a bigger S3! Blue Lake and all!

rion_j says:

cool, but i think you meant 249.99

Nope. It clearly says "Canada" in the article title. Up here it's an additional 10 bucks.

Logical_guy says:

Bit of a typo?

Best Buy and Future Shop both say August 10th, not July 10th.

thugjedi says:

I was excited when i saw an actual release date but then I clicked the link and it says its coming out in August not July.

enigmaisdead says:

I totally got all psyched when I read this and then realized that the first two retailed were also their Canadian counterparts. I'm waiting for (and hoping that) Best Buy puts up a pre-order since 1) I want the RZ points and 2) I have $140 in certificates I can put towards it. I'd assume putting it up is a good sign for, but you know what they say about assuming...

mackevinnyc says:

I don't think I can wait for Best Buy to put it up. I have a gift certificate to Game Stop! Of course you get extra $25.00 ordering it from Google Play.

garfnodie says:

I had the same problem, the title makes it seem as if Future Shop is the only Canadian store. It should read some thing like, "The Canadian versions of Best Buy, and Staples, and the Canada only Future Shop."

Mr. West says:

I thought you get the $25 credit regardless of where it is purchased

dEcmir says:

THe retailers can't sell the 8g version because of the margins... They arent there to lose money.

SoreAintya says:

Why not, they sell the Kindle Fire don't they? Same price and we've all read the they're pretty much selling them at cost.

daveloft says:

Because the Kindle Fire has lower end specs and obviously enough margin to sell it in other retail stores.

We all know Google is breaking even with the Nexus 7 selling directly from their website, no way they are willing to loose money selling in retail. So retail only gets 16GB because it only costs Google another $10 - $15 to add more storage and that gives them the margin required to deal with the retailers.

There is no way retailers would turn down the 8GB version if it was available, the lower price of the base model gets peoples attention.

Gekko says:

i have a G-Nex - i don't need a small tablet which would be an unused superfluous, extraneous "toy" for me. i'll use the $250 savings and put it towards a nicer Windows 8 Ultrabook when they launch.

bigd6116 says:

i found this at staples

Pre-order your Nexus 7 by July 10th, 2012 to reserve one of these limited quantity tablets. Product will ship between July 12th and July 17th. Expected delivery: 1 - 3 business days, arriving no earlier than July 13th 2012. Your credit card will be charged at shipment

gregharkay says:

And under product details it says the following:

"Buy the new tablet from Google and get $25 credit to spend on Google Play, as well as some great free content, including your own copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon."

I guess that deal is not limited to the Play Store.

AngryCarbon says:

The $25 Google Play store credit is a little less awesome when you factor in the $20 in shipping.

As someone that is unsure 7" is going to be enough screen real estate, I'll swallow the $5 to hold the thing prior to purchase.

Hand_O_Death says:

I preordered mine at GameStop and they are also offering the $25 GP credit and the movie, it might just come when you activate the device.

Also, since these stores already sell the Kindle Fire, does anyone else think Amazon had them only get the $250 version so that most consumers will just see the two 7 inch tablets and then still may go with the Fire since it is $50 cheaper not knowing the difference?

Ironzey says:

This is great news. It seems like Google is finally serious about making the hardware selling side work. If they keep this up I'll continue to be a loyal customer.

ReggieTee says:

Going to cancel my Gamestop Preorder.

dreamer3kx says:


ReggieTee says:

I'm a Best Buy Silver Rewards member and want the reward points and the warranty. Also, in general, I really don't like buying anything at Gamestop anymore.

dreamer3kx says:

Yea why did I ask that, Gamestop, bah.

Jeff Kibuule says:

There's no margin for retailers on the 8GB model. If Googl wasn't making money by selling on the Play Store, no retailer would either. 8GB of extra flash storage doesn't actually cost $50, more like $2-5.

McPlot says:

Apple is charges $100 for 8gb memory. So no complaints from me about $50 for 8gb.