Samsung Galaxy S III

If you prefer to do your smartphone shopping at Best Buy, the retailer this morning let loose that it's now taking preorders (they call 'em "presales") for the Galaxy S III at stores nationwide. Best Buy's doing the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon versions of the GSIII, so you're on your own for T-Mobile and US Cellular. 

Oh, and if you've yet to read it, be sure to check out our World Famous Galaxy S III review!

Source: Best Buy; More: Galaxy S III forums


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cowboys2000 says:

What deals or specials are they running? :)

ReggieTee says:

Yeah, I called them an hour ago and was told to come in and get on the list. I have $50 off there so that's why i'm buying there.

briankurtz79 says:

Does the Verizon/sprint/att version have lte lte? what's the off contract price?

benthe1 says:

It's in the source link after the article...duh!

cssplat says:

I hope they run some sort of promo like the $50 gift card they did for the EVO LTE. My wife's due for upgrade and she's still on the original Epic 4G. I'd love to get me, um, I mean her this awesome phone!

303kush says:

You can still purchase t mobile products at best buy mobile but instead of getting the phone in store they send it to you through mail.

303kush says:

Do you guys on AC know anything? Or you just post bs?? Sure seems like it.

ansextra says:

I just called the Best Buy Mobile information number and they said they have nothing in their system about the Galaxy S3. I wanted to confirm their Verizon price as well as if I could use my $50 gift card. This was the 1-877-702-2211 number. Something seems to be wrong somewhere. Does anyone know if BB is an authorized Verizon reseller?

Tha Cap'n says:

Try your local store. That's what I had to do.

Mr. Wiggles says:

You have to go to a store, whether it's a regular BB store or a BB Mobile store. Can't do it over the phone or online. I just ordered mine today!

EVO28312 says:

Anyone know if sprints version will have a sim card and be world phone capable??? Also when are we gonna actually see a review on the American version of the s3

delldude405 says:

I just called my local best buy, they are doing this. If you put $50 down you get a. $50 gift card! SOLD!

delldude405 says:


glazedfaith says:

Is there any truth to the "Verizon Double Data" ending after today? Can you get the "Double Data" through Best Buy? If I preorder today, will I get today's promotions (double data)?

Tha Cap'n says:

Just called three different stores about the Sprint version and they told me that I could only pre-order the 16gb in either color. I tried around the Fresno/Visalia, CA area. Has anybody else gotten a different answer somewhere else? Kinda disappointed in best buy if that is the case.

b0btech says:

Ditto here in Sarasota FL!!! Game on Sunday!!!

flashpanda says:

If you guys are having trouble with best buy radioshack is taking preorders on the s3 for sprint att and verizon.

DAS says:

Be careful with any agreement you sign up for at The Shack.

I'll admit that I don't know this from personal experience, but it is my understanding that when you purchase a phone at Radio Shack you are required to sign a separate agreement, independent of the carrier agreement, with Radio Shack.

What this means is that if you have to return the phone and cancel the carrier contract, you are still under agreement with Radio Shack, and will be responsible for a separate ETF with the Shack.

I'm not saying don't do it, but just be careful!

dafoot2 says:

Is the best buy release date the same as sprints? Can't find any dates on bb announcement

flashpanda says:

The second agreement is the same an any authorized retailer. It is just for their files so they can prove you got it there.

focr6 says:

i preordered mine today, and they only have the 16 gig version, i dont care, have a class 10 32gigs sd on my ET. to preorder, you have to buy a $50 gift card. the printout i got from them said that i should be expecting it to arrive at the store on the 21st, Mmmm, cant wait!

torileahy says:

new galaxy should be coming out in a little over 4 months - what is the best price out there for this years version now?