Android Central's Best Android Phones June 2011

Android Central's Top 10 Android Phones Report ranks the popularity of the best Android Phones over the past 30 days as determined by our proprietary algorithm which compiles data from across the AC community and beyond (Lloyd invented the system and gave it his blessing).

So check out the list below to learn more about what's popular in the Android Universe!

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Verizon ThunderBolt
by HTC
"The hottest phone of 2011, thanks to its large screen and fast LTE data. But will its blemishes lead to its downfall?"
Sprint EVO 4G
by HTC
"The first 4G smartphone and first 4.3-inch device remains a hot seller, but a sequel looks to be hot on its heels."
Verizon Droid Incredible
by HTC
"One of the great phones of 2011 thanks to its speed and size. But its days may be numbered thanks to its follow-up."
AT&T Inspire 4G
by HTC
"One of the first great Android phones on AT&T, from a manufacturer known for great Android smartphones."
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Verizon Droid X
by Motorola
"Ushered in the era of the large, power -- but thin -- smartphone on Verizon. But it's already starting to see the sunset."
Verizon Droid Incredible 2
by HTC
"Looking to overtake its elder sibling with a larger screen, more memory and a faster processor."
Verizon Droid
by Motorola
"That this phone remains in our Top 10 list shows you just how popular it's been since its launch in late 2009."
Sprint EVO Shift 4G
by HTC
"It's fast with 4G data, and it throws in an excellent horizontal keyboard for those who can't stop typing."
Verizon Droid Charge
by Samsung
"It's big, fast, light and thin -- basically the best of all worlds, with Verizon's 4G LTE data thrown in to boot."
Sprint Epic 4G
by Samsung
"The second 4G smartphone of 2010 added a horizontal sliding keyboard to make a great phone even greater."
There are 114 comments

andrewvig says:

Good feeling of the evo still number two a year in.

Asterisk says:

WhereTF is Nexus one?

supercluver says:

and Nexus S?

onixblack says:

I can see the Nexus S on there but maybe not the Nexus One. I also question the OG Droid being up there... and not the Droid 2....

JonJJon says:

Perhaps HTC are sponsoring Android Central :P hence the main population of this list.

sykodiesel says:

No, this is mainly based on purchases, popularity, quality and user feedback.

cdf3 says:

Actually those are the two phones that made numerous people leave BlackBerry. Myself included

kmatheny says:

The OG Droid is still a better phone than the Droid 2, so I'll have to disagree on that statement, sir. The Droid 3 that is coming out is really what the Droid 2 should have been.

sykodiesel says:

Old specs..

evo4gMN says:

Thunderbolt #1?!?!? Really?!?! Hottest of 2011? The Evo 4g came out in 2010 and is a better phone!

madroix says:

How exactly is the EVO a better phone then the TB? It has an older processor, WiMax not LTE, inferior kickstand, same battery life, and all other specs are about identical.. How do you justify this statement? Don;t get me wrong the EVO is an amazing device but the TB is better on paper and in use. Still it is the only device that is better then the EVO though.

ndngq says:

Dont forget DLNA

madroix says:

Jesus. How could I forget that. I use it alot too!

sykodiesel says:

Its the brother to the EVO, with some upgraded specs.

mhussey says:

Read the headline again:Best Android Phones June 2011.

onixblack says:

Interesting how the EVO has been out for a year and its still number 2. Only second to gets better performing twin with LTE speeds

rizzay1 says:

All Verizon and Sprint and 1 at&t phone lol no tmobile though....

onixblack says:

Yeah I think the G-2 Deserves a spot on there. Its a great fast phone with a great design, and I don't even own one!!!

sykodiesel says:

Their phones arent as popular, but still great.

Wait a second: How exactly are you determining these? It looks like its more by popularity than by which device is actually better. Where is the Nexus S 4G? Where is the Sensation 4G? Where is the T-Mobile G2X? These are premium and highly recommended phones!

(P.S. I assume this is a compilation of US phones, because it'd be a crime to leave the Galaxy S2 off the list.)

sykodiesel says:

Samsung seems,to go out of their way to mess up a good User Interface.
It is the most undesired one out for android. this alone, keeps their
Products,on the short list. HTC and Motorola do it right. UI is great and hardware and feel are spectacular. Samsung products feel cheap and blobby. I enjoyed the galaxy for a quick moment, and moved on to greater things.

Dragod says:

I can say that I've been turned off of Samsung phones because of TouchWiz. I saw the (I think) Galaxy S 4G at a Walmart wireless location and I was impressed by the way the phone looked. The black slab really looked nice and the screen looked fantastic compared to my ancient Hero... Then I got to the homescreen and the app icons are just far too cartoony and oversaturated to me (SAMOLED+?). I also dislike the blue battery icon and all that.

The phone felt great and I was impressed by the performance, but that was the first time I really messed with TouchWiz and I was a bit turned off by it. Sure, I'd live with it if I wanted a phone badly enough, but I really do prefer stock (I drool at the Nexus S) and Sense.

Fumetsu says:

I respectfully disagree, Touchwiz is vastly superior to the trash that is Blur. I'd go into detail but this has been debated ad nauseum. At least Sammy's bootloader are unlocked so custom ROMS are an option on all of their phones.

you my friend must be mental.

i still don't understand how anyone ever could possibly like a Motorola device (besides maybe the RAZR). they are all complete garbage. ugly/cheap look and feel, the most invasive and disastrous UX, slow devices that get lapped by lower spec'd models, and nobody ever seems to notice how bad the displays are.
have you looked at an Atrix? it has a 'theoretically' nicer display than my HTC Vision but everything looks like it's being sent through a shit colored filter and you can see the pixel array from several feet away.

also having held a Galaxy S II (that will be launching on Bell Canada mid-july) in my hand i can tell you that it is hands down the best phone of the year in almost every way.

suavehouse says:

Pssst.......Read the article BEFORE judging the list......

Everybody has their own preference, based on their own experience or on what they've read. It's amazing to see how many people didn't pay attention to the first line of this story. The ratings have nothing to do with the best of's based solely on POPULARITY. In other words, it's based on ACTUAL SALES. We all have our druthers, but that had nothing to do with this rating. The TB may not even be in the top 10 in a few months, based on popularity. So, if you want different results, you'll just have to go out and buy more of your favorites...or convince a whole bunch of friends to do so.

Rolls Royce makes excellent vehicles. But, based on popularity (actual sales) they wouldn't be in the top 10 motor matter what month or year you choose. I'm just sayin'...

And isn't this rating just for the month of June 2011? "Oh yeah," he said sarcastically. It's amazing what we learn when we actually read what's actually written and not what read into it what we, pardon the expression, "think" it says. Come on people!

carnicious says:

I am surprised the Nexus S 4G was not included in this list. What gives?

chefkeyser says:

I have to jump in with the Nexus S 4g shouters. Hands down the best Android phone ever made. Price point maybe?

Jim says:

How about a list of the most anticipated phones (real, not fake) such as the S2?

onixblack says:

Also 6 of the 10 phones are made by HTC...awesome

dswatson83 says:

Apparently HTC is doing something right

The Incredible is "one of the great phones of 2011"?

Release date 4/29/10...

Go Android! says:

Obviously it means the Incredible is such a good phone that It's still one of the best in 2011.

I think Androidcentral is trolling us lol

Ricky Babalu says:

Each one of us will compile a list of "Top 10" and they will all be different!

sykodiesel says:

No, this is mainly based on purchases, popularity, quality and user feedback.

obi5683 says:

Have there not been enough phones released this year to list only phones from this year? This list should have only included phones I can buy new from the carriers in the US. That would kill off the OG Droid, the Droid X, and the HTC Incredible. I'm not sure what else would come off due to laziness (I don't feel like researching). If this were an overall list the SGSII should be at the top, followed by the HTC Sensation.

edit - put the Samsung Infuse 4G on there as well, not high on the list, maybe 10th

sykodiesel says:

You can buy all of these phones from the carriers. The Infuse
Is a horrible phone. Just horrible.

etnpnys says:

I'm not a huge fan of crazily skewed polls that don't show the method behind them.

Most popular by what? Dev interest? Consumer interest? Still currently owned? Most anticipated? Most stories written about them? Most activity in your forums?

judasmachine says:

Just wait until the Bionic, and the SGS2 hit. This list will look just a bit different within the next two or three months.

Perhaps title it, "The best (so far) of '11"

MrDroid55 says:

this is based on popularity and search terms and articles based one each phone, not how powerful or how good they are. Don't cry if your phone isn't there.

p.s. - my rooted thunderbolt is the shiznit

It's great to see someone who actually read (with understanding) the article. Fantastic!

jsmuli2 says:

Evo3D and Sensation are better than all of these, but this is an interesting list. Dinc baby!

sykodiesel says:

Not out yet. Havent been purchased. Etc. etc

jnaught says:

I've only been a droid owner for about 3 weeks (Charge - convert from Blackberry Bold), so I do not claim to be an expert on this subject; however, I have heard nothing but horrible things about the Thunderbolt's battery. If a phone can only remain charged for 3 or 4 hours, it doesnt belong in any top 10, unless it's a Top 10 Wastes of Money list. I love the Charge, its been awesome - glad to see it listed.

SUB-dawg says:

Go Thunderbolt!

Sent from my Thunderbolt with CM7

One of the numbers may be based on device IDs accessing the sites. Which would make this list make sense, since Verizon is such a huge carrier, AT&T has so few high end android phones, and Tmobile is so small.

uh yeah no. this article is titled wrong, it should be "best-selling/most popular android phones of all time", not "best android phones june 2011". just because a device is popular doesn't mean it's a good device.. at least specs-wise, or os version-wise

mhans311 says:

I'm pretty sure this is purely based on popularity (i.e. number of posts in the forums here at AC, sales of phones and of accessories, etc.) Yes there are much better phones out there, but these are the phones that the majority of people are using and talking about.

benpierce says:

I'd be very interested to see the algorithm data for this survey.

It sounds like from the description that "popularity" (based upon number of units sold) is driving these results, which means this doesn't really reflect what Android Central readers would compile as a "Top 10" list -- this list is just reflective of what people are buying -- and the average buyer, like cars, doesn't care so much about the specs, but about how the phone looks, feels and what the sales person convinces them to get.

Here's my "Top 10" right now (US units only - SGS2 would be top otherwise):

1) T-Mobile LG G2x
2) T-Mobile HTC Sensation
3) Sprint Samsung Nexus S 4G
4) Verizon Samsung Droid Charge
5) Verizon Droid Incredible 2
6) Verizon HTC Thunderbolt
7) Sprint HTC EVO 4G
8) AT&T HTC Inspire 4G
9) T-Mobile HTC Mytouch 4G
10) TIE - Sprint Samsung EPIC 4G & T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G


This isn't a bad list at all. Much better than AC's. Only correction I'd make is switch the EVO 4G and and Droid Incredible 2 around. Evo, though a year old, should still make the top 5 until its successor comes out. And yes, if I were on Verizon, I'd by the TBolt before I get the D-Inc 2. Once you go 4G you can't go back, LOL!

SUB-dawg says:

4, 5, and 6 should go like this in my opinion:

4: Thunderbolt
5: Charge
6: Inc 2

btw why would the inc 2 beat the TBolt?

dacp283 says:

First, it clearly states it's by popularity from within the forums not which is actually better. Second the nexus s was a fail based on the lack of expandable memory and lack of cutting edge tech. I mean it's a nexus where is the ushering in of the great and new? It's just another galaxy. Finally, AC this list is a disappointment. There honestly is no credibility to it that's inline with why a person would choose number one over number 10. It's basically worthless from a comparison standpoint.
I got the reason for the article but wish the time would have been spent comparing phones based on solid, useful info like specs and everyday usage rather than popularity.

s14tat says:

Damn being a Samsung fan reminds me of back in the days when I was a Sega fan. Great products that was underrated by most of the other fan boys who never even played sega games like on the genesis or the dreamcast. Well I'm proud to be a Samsung fan, to me you cannot beat their hardware.

sykodiesel says:

Pretty easy to beat on all levels.,samsung loves shooting themslves in the foot. BtW: I had all game systems. Good to be a fanboy of all.

Impulses says:

His analogy is spot on then, since Sega also loved shooting itself in the foot! And I say that despite owning every console they ever made... Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, and the Dreamcast; which was the last console I ever bought, mostly to play Crazy Taxi and Capcom fighting game imports. Owned a NES, SNES, N64 and PS1 too, probably had more SNES games than anything.

gmihalakos says:

Couldn't agree more. My rooted fascinate rocks. Keeping it until 4g is EVERYWHERE. And, if you don't care for TW, use a different launcher (lp).

dougxd45 says:

I think their algorithm is one of.......

"eenie meenie miney moe"...

Regardless though, all of our goog phones are awesome in the eyes of the Android gods! :-)

benpierce says:

It's that darn motoblur! It was a shame they had to put motoblur on such a powerful phone! I'm not a pure vanilla guy - I like HTC Sense 2.0 and 3.0, but motoblur rots!

Jim Ahrman says:

Man...perplexed.. when i got the atrix..thought i was getting a good, future proof phone.. but not even a honorable mention anywhere. Is the problem at&t or Motorola? Don't get my wrong..i'm happy as can be with my atrix... just wondering why..

kurioskurion says:

I would say it has more to do with Motoblur than anything. The Atrix is a pretty cool phone with good specs... but as you can see from this "flawed" top10, not much love for anything but HTC (justified or not).

It would definitely make a top ten list if the list was based on specs (although maybe it would lose a few points because at&t's "4g" network isn't even close to verizon or sprint 4g)

This list is based on total sales, so it is worthless as an indicator of exactly how good the phones are. The atrix would destroy many of the phones on this list in terms of cpu power and memory. just run Quadrant and see for yourself.

I am shocked! WTF?!!? NO HTC VISION Desire Z/G2 ?!
Samsung Droid Charge?!? really?!

jnaught says:

The Charge is on the list - or are you suggesting it shouldn't be?

Yes, i'm suggesting that phone shouldn't be on the list.
It is NO where as popular and SUPPORTED by the community and consumers. This list is rigged

jnaught says:

Wow - you seem really angry. That phone has been out for like a month.

sykodiesel says:

Hasnt been out long enough.

dannychaos says:

Thunderbolt FTW!!!! Ok, I'll be honest though, I'm not sure if it is the best out right now but among the ones you have chosen. Once you add these dual core phones i might put it around 5th best but first it needs to gain Gingerbread and loose the reboot issues. then it will truly be a flawless phone for its specs.

HondaCop says:

What?!?!?!?!? The Kyocera Echo is not on this list? THIS IS BS!

sykodiesel says:

Not a great seller. Bad specs. Clunky screens.

mhans311 says:

Lol...I think that was a joke.

HondaCop says:

LOL I see you got the hint ;-)

Charge is better than the TBOLT, in my opinion. No constant random reboots. TBOLT kinda sucks. Have both. Will laugh if the Charge gets gingerbread before the TBOLT.

Go Android! says:

Why are people being stupid? This is a popularity list. It's not the best spec'ed phone list.

And that's why I love the EVO, It's future proof :p.

jbbills says:

THUNDERBOLT!! no reboots here. well over a day on stock battery with LTE on at all times. I have no idea how you people only get four hours of battery life. Must sync everything under the sun every five minutes.. LMAO

I'm amazed people still haven't figured this one out. It's a simple coverage issue, and the manufacturers really can't do much about it. If you live in an area w/ LTE, but it's spotty, the constant switch and search drains the piss out of your battery. I would guess jbbills lives in a blanketed metro, live/work downtown proly.

It's the same shit with 2 or 3g... when you're out in the country, turn that shit off. Far enough out there, you gotta turn the whole thing off or it's a (rechargable)brick

Bendroid55 says:

Viva la Droid Incredible!

Boo, how do you have the thunder bolt at 1. Should. Be nexus

IceDree says:

the OG Droid is still in the list ! wow

Its a great phone & Im glad that people didn't forget about it when 1GHz CPUs came out

GO Droid (Or MileStone) !!!!!!!!!

Hey, folks. Thanks for all the great comments.

So here's the deal about this list: Some of you are going to love it. Some of you are going to hate it. That's the way these lists work. And we're OK with that.

As for how it's compiled: It's complicated, but the basic premise is that you are the ones determining where the phones end up. As in you're the ones clicking on stories. You're the ones searching in the the store. And you're the ones posting in the forums.

Does it look a little odd seeing phones that are a year old in a mid-2011 Top 10 list? Sure does. But there's no denying the staying power of any of them, and it shoes you just how many Droids, Droid Incredibles and EVO 4Gs are out there.

Also remember this: the list will change. New phones will come and replace older phones at some point. And we may tweak the way the list is determined. Your phone not make the list this month? Maybe it's time to head on into the forums, eh?

And above all else, remember this is all in good fun. We love your phone. Really, we do. And we love you. So take a deep breath. Relax. And hope you make it next month. :p

benpierce says:

Sooo, then you are saying that all of the posts and searches related to the darn reboots and other issues on the Thunderbolt propelled it to the top of the spot!?!? Okay, don't worry -- I'm just being SERIOUS :).

I'll accept that it's all in good fun and not be offended (not that I was from the start, I love the little bit of intellectual debate that something like this stirs) that more advanced phones were left off. We'll all just have to step up our efforts in posting and inquiring in order to see our phone on the list!


rlbrooks says:

Thanks for the clarity on your data collection. It is much appreciated. People will still find a way to argue against it though :P

orlanka says:

So based on how many people will probably respond to this list and click on the title of this list, this list will itself appear at about #8 the next time a list is published. I'm just sayin.....

benpierce says:

Nice! Touche!

Notus says:

Does Verizon and Sprint have their hands up your ass? Where is the G2, G2x, mytouch 4g, the HTC Sensation? Verizon Droid the OG Droid really two year old garbage? Really? WHAT #$@#$Q# @#@#$@#?????

kurioskurion says:

Love how your response came 2 minutes after AC explains how they came to their conclusion... I'm not a Sprint fan either, but kinda childish to be posting stuff about carriers up AC's ass... *rolls eyes*

Notus says:

Biased opinions and I'm childish? This list is total link bait and I'm childish. Dieter leaves and we start seeing crap like this and I'm childish. My response maybe sharp but this list is total garbage, even you have to agree with this. I'm fan and avid reader of all smart phone expert websites, but come on. KuriosKurion see reason.

monstermav1 says:

wheres htc sensation??

monstermav1 says:

wheres htc sensation??

Until something SIGNIFCANTLY better comes along for Sprint,
The Evo is IT.
The moto photon was interesting until revealed bootloader locked.
Still loving my Evo.
3D is a niche gimic

Joshyy-Rey says:

This makes me hate my Moto atrix even

Jim Ahrman says:

Don't you feel the looove :-D haha

deboss says:

Epic is waaaay under rated. It is as fast or faster than the Evo plus it has a keyboard. Screen is awesome. How is Evo better?

7590steve says:

I agree. How did the Epic go from the #1 phone of 2010 by pcWorld to number 10 in six months against mostly phones that it has more features then and outperforms, or at least performs up to par with. The logic behind that escapes me. Not saying there aren't a few great phones up there, but the Epic not even being in the top five? That's ridiculous.

skel4877 says:

ITS RIGGED, but it feels good to have something say that my EVO 4G is still 2nd you know, whether its false security or not!!!

yea i would agree that its a crime to leave off the samsung gs2 that thing is a beast. go buy it on amazon with your whole wallet and youll see what im talking about.

benpierce says:

Wow, I posted a comment about fixing the grammatical errors on the article and it gets deleted? Real mature AC! Way to listen to your readers!

MA2GA28 says:

Original DInc for the win! Over a year old, and still in the top 3. A great little package in a phone, and just wait til it gets Gingerbread!

C'mon,the Inspire 4G is the 4th highest rated phone of 2011 to date? I know AT&T people were desperate for Android but please......

cyko68 says:

Please take no offense, but I'm not sure who rated the phones but there is one MAJOR mistake.
I work for Sprint... actually, I RUN a Sprint Preferred store. As far as non Sprint devices, I only know what I read. But as far as Sprint devices, I know them better than most, with hands on and daily customer reviews of all our devices.
The Evo Shift... it's horrible. Not only should it not be above the Samsung Epic, it shouldn't be anywhere close to the list.
Besides the fact that the antenna is horrible (worst reception of ALL of Sprint's android devices)... the hardware can not keep up with the software... glitching, freezing up. I would recommend an LG Optimus over the Evo Shift all day.
To top that, the Sprint Nexus S isn't on that list... An amazing, PURE device, one of the most covetted phones out and the SHIFT gets a higher ranking?!
Take it for what its worth, but I work with these phones daily... the Shift isn't worth the paper the contract is written on.

pachi72 says:

Thanks for your honesty.

VCL says:

I have had almost every phone on that list. Absolutely ridiculous, The Sensation is better, much better then ALL of those. That list is complete bull. Some of those phones on that list shouldn't even make top 25 never mind top ten. Absolutely bull crap.

crxssi says:

Top 4 phones are ALL HTC.... That should tell you something.

Conor18 says:

Infuse and Atrix both dominate the Inspire...

keilflex says:

yeah that list blows. i would of rather seen that one ,then jerry, phil,cory n mickey pick there top ten. that would of been more accurate. im sure the og droid would not of been in there without a nexus one also.

What douche wrote this article?
I'm going to respond based on the title "Best Android Phones June 2011". Please, next time put more thought into your title, which should have read, "Based on site clicks..." or something, like it says later but people read headlines (as evidenced by all your negative feedback here) and skip to the meat.

tz3026 says:

Droid Incredible 2. Give me some of that sweet 3G. Very underrated phone. Glad to see it getting some love.

pheatton says:

Out of the top three I own two of them. Nice to see the HTC Inc still doing well.

pachi72 says:

Wait till the GS 2 comes out.....HTC and Moto will be out...

pachi72 says:

How come the Iphone 4 is not there? ***RUNS AND HIDES LAUGHING**** Just joking people..LMAO

Cyrilmak says:

Nice to see the DroidX still holding it's own. Funny how it's still got the same or better specs then a LOT of NEW phones that have come out or are coming out. Now time to get the DroidX 2 :)

Moto_Froyo2 says:

Jeez, good job T-Mobile! Smh

angel35 says:

# one is it. why cry

aliasfan says:

Well to me all polls are really silly still love my droid X