Android Central's Best Android Phones June 2011

It's that time again. Android Central's Top 10 Android Phones Report ranks the popularity of the best Android Phones over the past 30 days as determined by our proprietary algorithm which compiles data from across the AC community and beyond (Lloyd invented the system and gave it his blessing).

Basically, it goes like this: We look at what phones you're visiting the site with, and searching for. And what phones you're searching for in our store. What phones you're talking about. What phone you have sitting next to you while you sleep. If your phone didn't make the cut this month, it's OK. We still love your phone. And we still love you. You just need to click on more stories try a little harder for next month, is all.

So check out the list below to learn more about what's popular in the Android Universe!

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Verizon ThunderBolt
by HTC
The ThunderBolt remains our top device for the month, even as it continues to wait for its Gingerbread update.
Sprint EVO 4G
by HTC
A recent price drop and solid hardware keep the EVO 4G high on the list for another month.
AT&T Inspire 4G
by HTC
Moves up a spot from the previous month, showing that a top-tier Android phone can do well on AT&T.
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Verizon Droid Incredible 2
by HTC
A minor increase over last year's model is proving enough to bump it up a few notches on this month's list.
Verizon Droid X
by Motorola
That the Droid X hasn't been supplanted by its successor yet shows just how many were sold over the past year.
Verizon Droid Incredible
by HTC
The original DInc is holding on -- but how much longer before it gets edged out?
Verizon Droid Charge
by Samsung
The second LTE phone on our list, the Droid Charge finds itself moving up two spots since last month.
Verizon Droid
by Motorola
The Android phone that really started it all is starting its slide toward obsolescence, dropping a spot on our list.
Sprint EVO 3D
by HTC
The first 3D phone in the United States makes its first showing on our list. We expect it to gain ground fast.
AT&T Infuse 4G
by Samsung
The biggest smartphone available -- it's 4.5 inches! -- anchors the bottom of this month's list.

Reader comments

Best Android Phones July 2011


That list is ridiculous. I can see the Thunderbolt being at #1, but after that I would say the T-Mobile HTC Sensation blows the rest of them away hands down. I happen to own both the Thunderbolt and the Sensation and know for a fact they are far and away better then most on that list. (The Inspire 4G) Come on will you let's be serious??????

It's not based on quality or functionality. It's based purely on scoring how many times each model of android phone has accessed the sites, and how many times they are mentioned or searched for in the sites. With that in mind, it makes sense.

Did they happen to think that maybe the reason some many Tbolt owners accessed a site was to try to find out when a fix would be available for their dysfunctional phone?

I've not had any problems with my Thunderbolt,nor has the 8 people I work with that have them also.I've seen the majority of apps are free or very cheap,the phone is fast but I am in 4G network area.

While I am glad you and some others had a good experience with your Tbolt, I doesn't negate the fact that thousands of others had nothing but problems up until a few days ago with constant rebooting. I was ready myself to get the Tbolt until I started reading reviews by owners reporting the reboot issue.

Great thought but I hate to burst YOUR BUBBLE...The thunderbolt is the WORST ANDROID DEVICE ON THE MARKET...BATTERY LIFE 3TO4 HRS TOPS USING LTE...People need to get past this SILLY NOTION that speed is all that matters cause THAT'S THE BIGGEST LIE I HAVE EVER HEARD..I would rather have battery life and THE EVO 3D BLOWS AWAY ALL THESE ANDROID DEVICES ON THIS LIST..The technology alone in both the Sensation and Evo 3D BLOWS THESE DEVICE OFF THE CHART...I recieve 16 to 22 hrs of battery life on my device EVERYDAY...and being a former evo 4g owner who use to carry 2 batteries everyday and a charger for over 1full year this IS A BLESSING TO ME. HTC totally understands exactly what Asynchronous dualcore processors do and how they perform and at 1.2 Ghz with 1gb of ram their is no device on the market that runs SMOOTHER THAN THE EVO 3D. THIS IS THE DEVICE THAT IS PUTTING THE HEAT ON APPLE HTC HAS BROUGHT THEIR TECHNOLOGY TO WHOLE NEW LEVEL AND WITH THE SENSATION AND EVO 3D PEOPLE BETTER STAND UP AND RECONIZE EXCELLENCE AND QUALITY...

I definitely agree, there are many on this list that should not belong and the Evo 3D does blow them all out of the water. I get to play with a lot of different devices and I can say that without giving it a second thought. I had the OG Evo and wasnt going to switch but I was eligible for an upgrade. Originally I got the Nexus S 4G and returned that after a few days, then I preordered the 3D and I could not be happier with my decision. Once the bootloader gets unlocked in August it is going to get even better.

"The biggest smartphone available --it's 4.5 inches! --anchors the bottom of this month's list"
What happened to the Dell Streak ? (5" is >> 4.5")

The Streak was technically a tablet or possibly a tablet/smartphone hybrid. It also didn't sell very well because it was launched with Android 1.6 and was very clunky. I'd love to see HTC make something with a 5 inch screen.

What , no Atrix? Even with an unlocked bootloader ! & 2.3.4 coming in the next days
Or DROID³ even though it have most advanced Hardware coupled with GingerBread (that's 2.3.4 of GingerBread love for y'all)

How is this list for July? The Droid X and Droid but the Droid 3 not making the list? Really? ...I held these opinions in much higher light before I read this post.

Well you obviously didn't read the post at all. At the beginning it explains that it isn't necessarily the best hardware, it's based on which phones visit the site, how much they are searched for, things like that. Basically which phones have the most users accessing and using the site.

Nice I'll settle for #4 especially since the forums seem to be dead regarding the DINC2. Oh not to mention that every phone ahead of it is 4G. :)

I read it wrong...most POPULAR phones, not really the BEST. Because I was wondering why my HTC Sensation didn't make the list. As soon as the boot loader is unlocked, that should change. Top 5, easily.

No T-mobile phones made the list lol

I was expecting the same with the Atrix , even with an unlocked bootloader & top of the line Hardware it didn't make it

Yea you are right , it should be Most Popular phones , not the best

No T-Mobile phones made the list last month either. Thats odd, considering the stable of Android phones on their network. The Sensation, G2X, and Nexus S comes to mind.

There is no true best phone anymore and I think its real stupid when people say this phone is better then that phone because there is always something better coming out. I own the T-BOLT and its one sweet phone but I know there are better devices out there I also know that people who own the Evo 3D will try to tell you its the best but I disagree I do think it is one of the best devices out but like it or not its still not running LTE and so I will not buy it. I think one thing that all of us can agree on is that ALL OF THESE PHONES are better vs the stupid over rated iphone.

How is the Inspire 4G better than the Samsung Infuse 4G.

From the Samsung Infuse 4G on this site.
"The wrap up - The Samsung Infuse 4G has quickly become the best AT&T has to offer."

Either way, I am waiting for the Samsung GALAXY S II (Attain on AT&T) to be released. Any news on that?

If the Attain gonna be like the Galaxy S II I9100, don't get your hopes up too much or you gonna be disappointed big time

Don't worry to much about this list. I access the site through my evo 3d 40% of the time the rest I am on an actual computer. So what I will do is access the site 100% of the time through my browser on my evo 3d so this way for August the evo 3d will be #1 which regardless of anything IT ALREADY IS THE BEST ANDROID DEVICE ON THE MARKET....

Verizon Droid...are you serious.....i can not believe out of all the smartphones that came out, this phone alone beats out the nexus s 4g and the sensation.....cant be serious! Sorry i meant only 2 Samsung! 2 Samsung phones!?!?!

Seriously people! Reading is fundamental, learn to read! It clearly states the most popular phones USED to view this site. So therefore, it's easy to see why the OG Droid is still on the list and not the Nexus 4G or the Sensation.

oooh by the look like there's only HTC's and Motorola's....oh okay and one LG what happen to Samsung!?!?!? Seriously?? wow

Is this an Android site? or should I call it Exclusive-US-Android site?

I could be looking at the most weird selection of top android phones? How can HTC have so many top android phones, even though Sensation is nowhere to be found? How about GS2?

Not hating on US, but makes absolutely zero sense to me to visit a site which says TB as the best android phone. This maybe best in US, but I couldn't care less about the best Android if it's limited to only US or Tanzania. Give me something which is available throughout the world. I have to drink a shitload of kool-aid to believe that TB is better than a GS2/Sensation.

This list is a joke. Thunderbolt has been nothing but major problems for most of its owners plus no GB and it's single core. In fact a lot of these phones are single core in a dual core world. The only phone currently available that I would remotely consider is the HTC Sensation since it has been virtually problem free, dual core, GB, fast and has a qHD display. And it's not even on the list. Sorry Sprint phones, you get no consideration from me since I live in a major city that you haven't seen fit to provide 4G yet.

Sounds like it's time for you to move my friend. Rather you want to except it or not the HTC EVO 3D is THE BEST ANDROID DEVICE ON THE MARKET. This is a dualcore world now no doubt if people decided to keep their singlecore device more power to them but what should be done is the creation of a dualcore ONLY LIST something that will reflect the fact that TECHNOLOGY has moved forward. I recieve 16 to 23 hrs of battery life everyday on my EVO 3D and I already know that HTC UNDERSTANDS exactly what Asynchronous dualcore processors are and what they do. To much care and hard work went into the EVO 3D anyone who owns one knows exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to the difference between the EVO 4G AND EVO 3D. If your not walking around some place in the US with an sprint branded device Either Evo 4g, Evo 3d. Evo shift 4g, or even an Nexus S4g then your not ABLE TO ENJOY THE UNLIMITED NETWORK WHICH MEANS YOUR NOT REALLY IN THE GAME THE WAY YOU SHOULD BE.

Not everyone cares about being in the "game" as you stated. I could care less if I had an unlimited data plan because I'm always in a place with wi-fi. I'm so glad that Sprint controls you're life, you should really go work for them now....

Somebody please get this guy a valium & teach him how to turn off caps lock. Son you got to calm down. It's a phone. It does a few other things but it's a phone first & foremost. The world will not stop & cease because your phone isn't on this list. If indeed your world does you really got to get out of the basement. Your missing stuff like flowers, sunshine, fresh air.... You know real life

Hard to be "in the game" when Sprint is the one with the lame network that's not in the game. But that's fine Verizon is along with AT&T and even TMO. Sorry but some lame 3D kiddie gamer phone is not at the top of my requirements.

I will agree that the Evo 3D is one of the best devies but there is no real true best device anymore the best device is the one the best for each person.

Who ever edited this post needs to re-think their job. The title should be "Most Popular Android Phones July 2011." Unless of course they just wanted to get traffic on the site by creating controversy. The list makes sense as far as popularity but not BEST android phones. Come on Android Central you are better than this!

6 of those phones were HTC. Number 11 was probably the Aria or Sensation. popularity be damned i have a feeling the carriers are going to intervene in this whole Apple vs HTC patent case. there is no way AT&T and VZW are going to let Apple get away with it.

Ok, I did read the whole post. I agree with the majority here. This lists sucks!

The title should be changed to MOST POPULAR Android phones... Not necessarily the best.


"Android Central's Top 10 Android Phones Report ranks the popularity of the best Android Phones over the past 30 days as determined by our proprietary algorithm which compiles data from across the AC community and beyond "

The key words that stand out here are "POPULARITY OF THE BEST ANDROID PHONES". To me, this means that you guys should ascertain which Android phones are the best, then rank them by popularity. The OG Droid should not even be on this list by this metric.

My point is that if this is the title and description that you guys want to stick with, then you need to fine tune your algorithm. Last month's list made no sense either! As much as the Nexus S 4G and the Sensation is talked about on this site, there is no reason why these phones shouldn't even be on the list.

See, this is the problem with kids these days. They look at the list, but don't READ how AC came up with the list and what the list represents.

My phone is #2.

That's probably because I refresh this site every 3 seconds in hopes that somebody has rooted the Gingerbread build.


well i want a new list... a LIST OF "richardyarrell's" POSTS !!!!

i have never laughed harder at a single poster on here in a LONG TIME...(capslock for effect)

1)work on your spelling and grammar

2)with your phone being on a horrible network, i can see how you get 222398434hrs of battery life, you can't use it.

3)READ THE WHOLE POST, this list is from access to the site or searched the site for.

i agree with the 4 on the nerdrage scale but i give a 7 on uninformed fanboy scale.

Hulk mad, many words can no read, my phone no in picture. Rage! Poll horrible.

If you can't read the whole article about how the phones were chosen then maybe you should read the many posts explaining, once again, how the phones were chosen. If can't read or comprehend any of that, your smartphone is smarter than you.

"My Phone has major issues with the latest update. I will use my Phone to search AC for an answer. There are 5-10 threads already created for the same issue, I will read them all. Wow! After reading through 1000s of posts everybody has come to the same conclusion, This Phone sucks! After weeks of checking the forums ON MY PHONE with no answers. I've decided to get rid of this piece of junk, I've owned it for a couple years now anyways. Their are a lot more phone with better hardware and software."

The following month:

"WOW! AC has rated my phone "BEST ANDROID PHONE" maybe I should keep my X10!"

* The events depicted in this commentary are fictitious. Any similarity to any device or person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Don't sell the ThunderBolt short everyone its still one of the best devices out on any network. Yes I know it does not have a dual core processor like the Evo 3D and thats why I think some people sell it short. In my opinion the t-bolt is better because it has LTE I also know that some people reading this may not agree and thats fine but all I'm saying is don't sell the T-bolt short of anything because its one sweet device. I also think that with all the new phones coming out its real stupid to say that there is a real true best phone out right now because there is NO real true best phones the best phone out is the one thats best for us the phone user.