Nexus 4 SIM card

This one's super basic, but we've had enough people ask, so here's how to install the SIM card on the Nexus 4.

With the phone's display facing you in your hand, look on the left-and side. (If you see "Nexus", you're looking at the back, and so the SIM card tray will be on the right.) Look just below the volume rocker, and you'll see a little pinhole next to the SIM card tray.

In your Nexus 4 box there's a little metal SIM card tray ejector tool thingy. Kinda looks like a circle with a little pin sticking out of it. Press is straight into that pinhole, and the SIM card tray will pop out.

There's only one right way to insert the SIM card into the tray. Look for the notched corner, and make sure it matches up with the notch in the tray. The slide the tray back into the phone. (The printed side of the card faces the same direction as the front of the phone; the gold contacts face the rear.

You'll need to reboot once you've got the SIM card installed. But after that, you're golden.

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Reader comments

The basics: How to install the Nexus 4 SIM card


I've been banging my head against the desk for 2 weeks trying to figure this out. Thanks! Now how do I turn this thing on?

Are you serious or taking the micky?

How on earth are they going to use the android os if they can't figure out how to insert a sim?

So instead of looking at the directions in the box, or the on line help pages which has specific directions on sim insertion, there are people that actually ask some random web site how to do this?

And there are ENOUGH of these people that, in order to get out from under a virtual tidal wave of email you take the time to write a blog post about it complete with video?


Thanks for the video,I received my nexus before I left for training and before I received the Sim card.

At least now I won't need the manual.

Yes, you will still have to read the manual. There will be a test.

I hope you didn't mean you were leaving for military training. People who won't read manuals scare me when they work with guns, tanks, ships, airplanes, bombs, etc. Just some irrational fear I have, I suppose. ;-)

After inserting the SIM card, can you just toggle Airplane Mode on and back off instead of rebooting? I don't have a Nexus 4, but it's worked on some other phones before.

A video tutorial for this?
And do I turn the phone one?
And yes, the trickyest part: Does that thing do phone calls?

I just want to point out that my N4 didn't come with a manual explaining how to install the SIM card. Besides the "Safety and Warranty" book, there we no papers with it. I had to search for how to install it. Nor have I ever had to personally install a sim card before. So, please don't go thinking this is just common knowledge to everyone.

I only have one reply for anyone that TRULY needed this posting:

"Two million sperm... and YOU were the fastest?" O_o

If this video helped you the question i have is "How the hell you own and got a nexus 4 ? before all those geeks still waiting for it"

I've have the simplest directions....
Find a gun
Put it to your phone
Pull the trigger

... Cause you don't need to own a phone like this if you don't know how to install the sim card...

For real? Can't we all just play nice? I worked for Bellsouth when the Digital Cellphone first came out, and people (especially elderly) would come in all the time because they didn't know how to turn it on, or thought it was dead because they didn't charge it. Although we would laugh at/with them, we didn't ridicule them - not everyone is tech savvy...

I put a new SIM card in my Nexus 4.the phone then asks me to input the SIM card number.I tried putting in the 15 digit number which is on the back of the SIM card but it didn't is a sim card which is activated.
Help, thanks

I'm going to be taking this phone over to T-mobile.. so I need to buy a SIM card. is it a mirco sim card or a regular sim card?