Android 4.2 is official! So is the LG Nexus 4! But what about all those current Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7s out there? They're going to get an update to Android 4.2, right? Most certainly. And we're willing to bet the Nexus S goes along for the ride as well.

One thing we don't quite know is when, but we can take a pretty good stab at it. The LG Nexus 4 goes on sale Nov. 13. Don't expect an over-the-air update to push before then, and chances are it'll be at least a few days after that, too. We'll also probably see the Android 4.2 code drop into the Android Open Source Project repositories before any OTA update takes place.

In other words, get your finger off that update button, folks. More than likely you've got a couple weeks of waiting ahead of you. (Though if Google wants to push the button early, you won't hear us complaining.)

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Ask AC: When will my current Nexus get Android 4.2?


Phil, I heard some guys at work saying it was rolling out to employee models, but mine hasn't received it, so no clue on that one in actuality, im on vacation this week so can't see it in person to verify till next week.

You forgot to mention that Sprint and Verizon Nexuses (Nexi?) will have to wait at least 6 months...

I don't know...the last update to Jelly Bean came a lot sooner than that for the Sprint NS4G. I think we only waited maybe two months for the 4.1 update.

I'll get it probably within a few days after the code is pushed to AOSP, that's about how long it takes Peter Alfonso to update Bugless Beast! :P I sure as heck am not waiting for Verizon ever again..

how about NEVER.
many many phones are STILL being released with stupid 4.0. they will be updated to... uhh 4.1?? in like 6months?
therefore, they probably will never see 4.2.
it's pretty damn sad how android's update system is just a tragedy. it's a total failure unless you get a Nexus.
even Samsung won't get 4.2 for probably another 3-4 months. maybe Moto will. but i'm betting 80% of CURRENT androids will never get 4.2.

"it's a total failure unless you get a Nexus."

This is exactly why I sold my evo 4g lte and bought a samsung galaxy nexus. I value getting regular updates over having the latest and greatest in hardware. However, I think Samsung and HTC are doing a pretty decent job updating their phones but they could never be as fast as a Nexus phone.

"When will my current Nexus get Android 4.2?"

your answer: "how about NEVER"

umm... this question wasn't about non nexus phones. which of course they won't get 4.2 for a long time if ever. you should expect that by now.


Quit crying about how your "Android-Based" phone is not anywhere near the latest release of Android.

Man-up and buy a real Android phone.

It'll most certainly get it before your T-Mobile SGSIII. It still hasn't even received Jelly Bean for crying out loud.

Oh God. Your here? I thought you got a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. Your back to talking trash? Go back the Evo where you will never get an update.

yeah which is to bad, i Have 6 galaxy tab 10.1 and i could really use the multi user feature, but they aren't ever going to get 4.2.

They will release to AOSP first. Then about a week later the GSM Gnex should get it. At least thats the way it worked for 4.1.2. Of course there were already several Rom's running it on XDA before my Gnex got it.

4.2 will come in time to existing Nexi Devices. How long it will take may ve a few days or weeks for newer devices n possibly a few months or so for older devices.Patience is needed sometimes.

Ugh just realized I'm still on 4.1.1. Guess Sprint will owe me 2 updates soon. I can see 4.1.2 being skipped but they should be about ready to roll that one out, I would think.

The main reason i bought a galaxy nexus compared go other Android devices was the presumption that it will be inline with the rest of the nexus in terms of timely update, however, as of present many nexuses are already running 4.10 yet mine is stucked with 4.04 and it only updated to said version when 4.10 was released... On the other hand, when apple updated to ios 6, my friends from middle east as well as those in asia got said version exactly on the same date.... HOW DISAPPOINTING!

Good point and why I'm rethinking my aversion to things Apple. Better apps (but not maps) and better updates. But I'm kind of mired (yes, mired) in Android right now - new SG3 and ASUS TF300.

I wonder if the proximity of 4.1 and 4.2 only being a tenth of a decimal point apart represents some of the changes required.
If so I'm thinking that it may not be as difficult to jump from 4.1 to 4.2 as it was from say 2.3 to 4.0.

Hoping my transformer tf300 will continue with the quick update history it has had. Wouldn't mind them fixing the i/o issues either.

I just got 4.1.2 last week. Maybe two weeks ago. I just purchased my wife a GSM gnex 2 weeks ago too. Is there a return policy? I knew the N4 was coming out but I didn't think it would be the same price. I got mine in march thinking the price on the new one would be 700.

Long story short I bought two GNex recently, which kind of sucks because if I waited I'd get double the hardware for the same price. I assumed the 349 drop was a clear out price for the in coming N4.

If bloggers and other press started referring to Nexus devices as Android devices and everything else as "Android Based" devices, I wonder if that would sting Google and the OEMs enough that they do something about timely updates.

If bloggers and other press started referring to Nexus devices as Android devices and everything else as "Android Based" devices, I wonder if that would sting Google and the OEMs enough that they do something about timely updates.

Wow, so now the Nexus (whatever its being called at the time) is the only real Android phone, get out of here with that bullshit.

This is a good idea and a good video... but I wish you'd use a higher FPS, it gives me a headache.