Archos has made it no secret that it planned to release an Android-Powered Tablet Device in the past. And though we're not particularly sure the exact target market for this type of device, it sure sounds drool-worthy. Ultra-thin, plays high-def video on its high-resolution 5-inch touchscreen, DivX playback, full screen Adobe Flash, and so much more.

There isn't a firm release date on this puppy but the start of Q3 2009 can be expected. We're excited to see if Android can prove its versatility in porting to non-phone devices. If it is going to be a tablet device, then so be it.



Reader comments

Archos to Release Android-Powered Tablet Device in Q3 2009?


If this had a "phone mode" and built always on 3G, I could use Google Voice and use it as my new cellphone!

How do I use it as an eventual video phone if it doesn't have a webcam on the same side as the video screen? :/