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Quad-core, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and 3G capabilities in Archos' latest 'Elements' line tablet

Archos has today introduced another tablet to their Elements series, the Archos 80 Xenon. This 8-inch tablet comes with 3G and WiFi, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 1.2GHz processor and a 1024x768 resolution IPS display. So, we're looking at a solid mid-range tablet, with Jelly Bean and full Google Play access as is now the norm for Archos tablets. 

Other specs to mention include 1GB of RAM, but just 4GB of on-board storage expandable by way of microSD card. It comes with a pair of cameras, though neither is much to shout about. The rear camera is just 2MP, with a front facing 'webcam.' 

The 80 Xenon is set to be available sometime in June, priced at $199.99. 

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Archos introduces the 80 Xenon tablet, arriving in June for $199


Shame customers have to trade a crappier screen just to get 3G.

Also a shame that the ads on this web page highjack the focus from the comment box when I'm typing. Man that is irritating... But nothing to do with your comment, obviously.

One other tablet with 3G HSPA+ to launch this month worth considering is the new Ramos X10 Pro Mini (3G edition) -- with one of the first sites it's available through is Tablet Sprint -- this new 7.85-inch Android tablet compares in size to the iPad mini and is priced competitively at $210 -- and offers a few key advantages over the new Acer Iconia B1 and Archos 80 Xenon, in that the Ramos X10 Pro Mini features 16GB Memory, as well as two high quality cameras - a 2 MegaPixel Webcam and 5 MegaPixel rear camera with autofocus. Spec wise the X10 Pro Mini features one of the newest Quad-core processors (MT8389 A7 1.2 GHZ / PowerVR SGX544 MP2 GPU) with 1GB DDR3, along with GPS built-in that works with the new Google Mapping Apps; and also offers Bluetooth, WiFi, MicroSD memory card storage, a 4200 mAh Battery with 6+ hours of active use, and HDMI to stream movies and media to an HDTV. Internet connection other than WiFi is the biggest advantage to 3G capable devices, and the built-in SIM slot with 3G HSPA+ provides internet and phone calls through any GSM carrier, including AT&T & T-Mobile in the U.S -- the online site Tablet Sprint also features a few other upcoming Android devices worth reviewing that become available in early June --

Agreed... this tablet may have an SD slot but that doesn't help for apps.

I don't like the fact that the Nexus doesn't have an SD slot but I'd still rather get the Nexus over this tablet for the same price. Nexus is a much better tablet and I have a 4G hotspot so I could care less about the 3G... but that's just my opinion.

Anyone thinking lawsuit from intel? Why do keep getting non-HD screens on tablets crammed down our throats and what the hell am I going to do with 4GB of storage which the OS will take up almost all of it.

Sometimes I wonder what Archos is thinking. After the N7, and it's success, pricing schemes like this simply won't work. It has cell data capabilities, great, except access (at least in the US) is very costly.

IKR.. I wish Google woulda given us some info on it.. My hopes were up that one was coming within a month or 2..

That looks exactly like a Samsung tablet! If they did the same thing but made it look like an Apple tablet they'd be getting sued already!

this is exactly the kind of high end, really-nice-but-really affordable tablet Archos needs to get their name back on the map.

But why in FSM's name couldn't they put a HSPA+ readio in this thing? "3G" in this case does NOT mean european 3G - aka the HSPA+ networks AT&T and T-Mobile call "4G", but US 3G - basic WCDMA!

they could have had at least a sleeper hit on their hands, but this is just stupid.

There is nothing high end about this tablet. The screen is "meh," the processor is "ok," 2MP camera is "meh", the storage space is non-existent, and, like you said, it doesnt have HSPA+ or LTE. This is definetly mid range.