Archos is releasing two tablets soon called the Archos 7 and Archos 8.

The Archos 7 home tablet which is a pretty basic 7-inch touchscreen with an ARM9 CPU meaning your not going to get the faster web browsing experience. But this device is extremely portable, runs on Android,can connect to Wifi, and has a usb port to connect to. This tablet comes in memory sizes of 2GB and 8GB for a suggest retail price of 149 and 179 euros. This is a pretty basic tablet that in which you are getting exactly what you pay for.

More about the Archos 8 and watch the video after the break


The Archos 8 is mainly for surfing the web and video playback, with an 8-inch touch screen. This Tablet also doubles as a picture frame (incase you couldn't tell by the design). This one comes with 4GB meomory.  [via umpcportal]

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Archos 7 and 8 are basic tablets that wont empty your pockets.


Guys, I think androidcentral needs to a learn a lesson from its sister site, crackberry. Whenever they post a video there's always a link directly below the video (I think it says for Mobile viewing) that takes you directly to the video on its hosted site (most commonly youtube).

This is an issue because my company firewall automatically blocks embedded videos, but if I actually click through to youtube itself I can see it.

If someone can post the link to the video on youtube (or whatever) it would be much appreciated.

edit -- Thanks. :)

why on earth do they not put the google apps on these, gmail, maps, ect.
it would be a far better device if they did