Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!



It's amazing to look back and see how much innovation has occurred in the mobile space in the last few years. These lawsuits are the result of the fierce competition and rapid advancements in this industry. Hopefully the innovation can continue and the lawsuits settle down a bit.

This patent-business is very troubling. Unless there are serious breaches of IP, let it go and let competition thrive.

I think its all bullshit. I believe that when someone inspires (like apple) to make a brilliant smartphones better (like Samsung, etc.), there is room for inspiration. Patents shouldn't be a reason why any mobile company is in court. They are fighting for all the wrong reasons. Competition is just a word but success is an achievement and no one nor apple or Samsung or microsoft, etc should be knocked to the ground for that. It becomes a vicious cycle and that inspires other electronic company to fight for what is theirs. This shouldn't be but the word competition does exist. They need to minimize the negative and take it as credibility. We, as customers, know who the pioneers are when it comes to something we've never seen done in the mobile world.

Just in: Ford files lawsuit against Chevrolet for including doors on their newest models. Judge issues injunction to stop sale of all new vehicles in US.

I'm so damn tired of this garbage. I don't need new reasons to dislike Apple, but they seem to give me one every day.

As my grandmother used to say you can't get butter from a duck today I can apply this to apple. No matter how much apple fights it they'll never be able to stop android

The only thing more messed up than Apple enforcing BS design patents is that Google is not not stepping up to defend OEMs

What a waste of money. It looks like Apple is either afraid of Google or they are just trying to bully Google. Shame on you Apple. Innovate or die. Sorry RIM.

Apple sucks period. After years on the top instead of innovation and moving forward to improve there phone they are trying to stifle the competition with ridiculous patent laws. I guess they go by if you can't beat em sue em. Have never nor will never buy an apple product.

Apple will soon patent anything that has a rectangular shape. Patents may have their place, but as any software engineer will tell you is that most software patents are crap. The patent office is notoriously inept in deciding which software is patentable and there are precious few judges that are truly qualified to rule on those cases.

The way Apple is playing the mobile game right now is infantile. When the iPhone was first released 5 years ago, it was and still is considered revolutionary. Then Google introduced Android, and has grown it to what is, in many opinions, a superior product.

But instead of putting their wonderful R&D department to work developing another revolutionary device, Apple has opted to throw their legal department at anything they don't like. I can't comprehend how an entire company manages to act like a 4 year old. "We don't like what you're doing because we don't feel special anymore. It's not fair so you have to stop."

What Apple is doing is unfair to business across the globe, as well as consumers. If they had it their way, Apple would force me to buy an iPhone and put Android in an early grave. What they fail to realize is that I prefer Android to any iOS device, and taking that choice away from me is unfair to me, the consumer, who ultimately will fund their paychecks.

I'm a photographer by profession and have always loved Macs for my business, but as Apple has continued this childish and low-brow way of conducting it's company, I am now boycotting them as a company.

Sorry for the rant, this kind of thing just gets me heated. And Apple has taken the cake for this absurdity.

Apple and its rivals need to declare a patent war truce, and focus on winning via true innovation and competition.

I just wish these companies would realize that there is no such thing as innovation through litigation.

When they 1st came out, I wanted an iPhone so bad I would have kissed your toothless granny for it but as I began to learn, Jobs/Apple was/is like the communists deciding what is good for us all the while stealing their ideas from other people... STFU Apple!

Gimme my Google tablet ;-)

i wasted a bit of time getting rid of HTCs 'fix' for the evo lte. its much better without the patent war. APPPLE please innovate! Last time you did it was a great success, this crap just seems petty.

I really wish Apple would drop this unfruitful bull and start being innovative if not for them selves and their consumers.

Google brings their technologies to the I-pad and I-phone in an effort to bring a more open solution trough out all devices and all they get in return is Apple trying to stick them.

They have zero integrity as a brand or company, their products are overpriced and full of shortcomings, satisfying only the people who truly and honestly don't appreciate or understand open source innovation. It is no surprise that in order to try to stay afloat in this market they would resource to trickery and dishonesty. And so begin the patent wars,a series of pathetic lawsuits to try to break the competition by arguing about moronic topics such as device shapes and slide to unlock technology, really? What a huge lack of respect, not only for the Android community but for yourselves your customers and technology as a whole.
How dare you as one of the leading giants in this industry cripple the growth of technology in such a greedy way? You don't deserve the growth your company's growth or your customers loyalty.

If Apple really cared about anything or anyone other then themselves or their pockets they would drop this all together and encourage the growth of technology and real innovation by opening their products to society just like Google has done with their NEXUS line.

I say away with the fruity company and

Personally, I think Apple should just stop messing with Samsung, Google and all the others, and just focus on improving their own stuff. I mean, that's what this is all about, right? They want to be the best and only in the market, right? What better way to do this than by selling the best product?

Don't get me wrong, though, I'd choose, let's say, a Galaxy Nexus over an iPhone in a blink of an eye. :)

Apple and these patent suits reminds of some drunk guy that keeps singing Henry the VIII. He is ignored until I become annoyed.

Apple is just a bunch of babies. They're scared of Samsung taking of over. Apple is a cult and I don't want any part of that!!

The constant Apple's patents injunctions only let us view the poor interest that they have in real innovation, thinking they are the only ones who can innovate nowadays. In the other hand, I can't remember when was the last time that Google did something like that... I think they never did! Sorry Apple, you suck!

I'm Gerardo from Uruguay and I want this GNex, thanx :)

Apple is neither innovative, nor creative in my opinion. They take idea's from others and simplify what was already done. They are great at marketing but I don't find their products innovative. They are anti competitive. They lost in the 90s to Microsoft. They simplified the computer which is interesting and convenient but not innovative. They have somehow convinced many they invented mp3 players, smart phones and tablets. I'm not bighting. I hold no allegiance to any company but I refuse to ever support Apple.

Pretty please give me a Nexus.

This patent war is really messed up!
At this point I just don't care about it, I just wish it just ended because it's slowing down innovation and hey... who doesn't want innovative devices? ;)

This has gotten way out of hand and really old really fast, all this is doing is making apple look like desperate fools.

Did you hear drug companies have started doing experiments on lawyers................ It turns out there are some things even rats won't do.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Apple... their computers, at least. I can truly say their hardware has made my career better. But, don't act like a freakin' 3 year old when you don't get your way. Throwing money at it hasn't really worked for you so far, Apple. What's next, trying to ban all smartphones everywhere?

Apple's obvious they're afraid....using their "I'm going to tell mommy" tactics. Google should take this as a compliment. Any time you are doing great things, the attacks will come.

Keep it going Google!!!

In a weird way Apple is probably spurring some innovation because these companies being sued just figure a work around for the "infringement" and come up with something new.Just proves Jobs was not kidding about Thermonuclear war against Android. I thought Tim Cook might be a little more reasonable about this stuff but I guess not.

At this rate I better buy all the devices I can. They will be a rare find once Crapple bans everything that even looks remotely close to something they think is theirs. Bad APPLE!

At the end of the day only the lawyers win. Companies pay huge money to play the game and consumers suffer because of delays worries over multiple patents that the other competitor have. Lawyer make bank.

I appreciate the patent laws but these corporations have gotten out of hand.

How would apple like if Samsung stop producing chips for the iPhone. How would they like them apples??

Ian B

If Apple spent as much time "innovating" as they do filing silly lawsuits they might actually be able to put out a phone that could compete with today's smart phones.

Apple being the company losing the race to android decided the only way to stop the bleeding is to try and slow Google and other companies creating phones that get in the way of their sales. This is rediculous and sad but this is how companies act. I'm not surprised that apple took this position. They just keep suing until they finally can stop sales. I hate pan tent law suits.

Another reason on the long list of why I don't buy their stuff.
Learn how to outdo the competition and you don't have to pull this crap to sell more.

This shows the lack of technical knowledge the courts have in general, a patent such as this should be invalidated. It is to broad. Google will get this resolved, wonder if putting Jelly Bean on this phone will resolve this?

Apple? I stopped using their products years ago.

The patent system these days appears to be more about keeping lawyers employed than any genuine "innovation".

Shakespeare was right, let's start with killing all the lawyers...

BTW, this whole patent thing is messed up.

Goes to show you apple is no longer spending their dollars to innovate, they've shifted their focus on litigation to gain market share. Leave the market to the real innovators. I'll take my 4.8" screen over your 3.5" limp piece of crapple. How'd that work out for you trying to block the launch of the gs III? Been rocking this beauty since June 22nd. Almost makes you wonder if judge Koh is taking kick backs from Apple to rule in their favor. Lloyd, take another bite out of that apple, chew it up and spit it out because no piece of crapple can compare to these new slices of android heaven!

Apply reminds me of a company that is dieing. We all know that they aren't, but it appears to be.

They seem to be flailing in their own pool of uppetiness, thinking that they are too good to make devices that are relevant in the hardware market. Their devices are always behind in some way as compared to other hardware that has been on the market for months and years, than try to convince the world that they created it instead of refreshed it.

They make their money the old fashioned way, they steal it, per se. I guess you could reasonably compare them to a corporation of patent trolls that sell hardware.

I gave up my iphone almost two years ago and never looked back. I will never buy another piece of their outdated icrap.

If only there was more public awareness on this topic, it would certainly help Google and all of these companies who apple is always trying to sabotage. Its ridiculous that apple does this almost every other couple of weeks, they must have a team working around the clock to find all these things to sue about. It wouldn't surprise anyone

The whole thing is absurd. I can understand wanting to protect your intellectual property, but every "infringement" I have seen comes from petty, childish behavior. I don't care if Apple comes out with the world's most perfect phone, I will never buy one as long as they're acting like this. There isn't a single Apple product in my entire house.

All this patent trolling is really starting to drive me nuts. Between reading about Apple blocking HTC and Samsung and having Motorola and Apple going at it, it's seriously not cool. Technology needs to advance but with Apple blocking all these manufacturers because their products are better than Apple's is preventing just that. Instead of Apple improving their product, they are doing the opposite by ruining their image. They are now becoming known as a patent troll instead of a decent company. Their products may be polished, yes, but they are still overpriced and closed. Android is surpassing iOS and Apple doesn't like the feeling of being in second in yet another market. First with their Mac OS and now iOS. They need to reinvent their image or build on their current one instead of trying to destroy other companies products and in turn hurt not only the economy, but also technology innovation.

Can't tell if the image of this post is an iPhone or a Galaxy Nexus...
Are you guys sure you're giving the right smartphone away? I wouldn't want my friends to mock me, because honestly I can't tell the difference./s

These patent wars are outrageous. How can anyone rule in such a manner on a phone that has been out for almost a year. There is nothing but fear at work. Apple sees something that can threaten their hold & they get sue happy. Ridonkulous.

Can I have a bracelet that says "I use banned phones" instead of the bracelets that say "I read banned books". I can wear it in the Apple Store, I mean the mother ship.

Steve Jobs once vowed to destroy Android, even if it took all his billions of dollars. This is pure war. It was nothing to do with protecting IP or innovation.

Ugg, I hate patent law. As a developer that works mostly in opensource space I feel we'd be far further in technology if it wasn't for patent law. Honestly I think patents should only be able to protect individuals against corporations...not corporations against other corporations. ugh

All evil things came out to the world since "Apple" had been "Bitten" by Eve; Apple has always been at the center of all the chaos and mess that we have been experiencing.

This is just my opinion, but instead of fighting why don;t they come out with a device all together, the best of iOS and android!!! All this fighting nonsense is just to ban a few devices but together they can create a master piece!!!

What I think is funny is the patent that has caused the Nexus to be banned is "Patent number 8,086,604 refers to a device searching multiple sources through a single interface (much like Siri)."( However if you look at how Siri gets its information, how can a judge decide that a company should win a patent? Stupidity on the judges part Siri pulls 100% info for maps (for now) and 61% of information results straight from Google. Yet Google can't use its own device which searches through Google for information. This patent and all the rest are idiotic, it is stuff like this that makes me wish that common patents should be rejected and not allowed to become patents in the first place. By the way Apple give us back the pull down notification bar (Inovate what) more like copy everyone and claim it as their own.

Unfortunately Apple will eventually seal it's own doom with this nonsense. In an attempt to sustain what it sees as it's own dominance, will eventually reveal to the sheep that it's only been led around by it's wallet this whole time!

Apple is just plain greedy. It seems they own a patent to the world. When something bugs them,they say that somebody is copying them (the lock screen patent). I mean how else can you make a lock screen!?

When they do something, they are always right. Google should have of sued for the notification shade. Let them get a taste of their own medicine.

This displeases me! And I will vote in favor of my displeasure with my wallet: by buying a Nexus 7. This is the best I can do to stick it to Apple. Ironically this was written on a MacBook Air...

This displeases me! And I will vote in favor of my displeasure with my wallet: by buying a Nexus 7. This is the best I can do to stick it to Apple. Ironically this was written on a MacBook Air...

I have gone way beyond losing my patience for all this crap. The patent system is so broken that it is a joke. Instead of encouraging innovation, it has stifled it horribly! I am screaming and nobody can hear me!!

Apple was fine til samsung and others came out to give them so competition. Now they gotta file suits... stupid.

How dare they!

*gets m16 , 5 grenades, dual swords, two desert eagles, and a war paint of Lloyd ready*

Let's do this -- in my head. LOL :(

The only person that should hold a patent on this technology is none of the players here mentioned, it should be Gene Roddenberry, he is the true creator of all of these, before there was a cell phone or the notion of a cell phone there was the communicator with the flip top, then the communicator badge, before there was a tablet there was a PADD (Personal Access Data Device. So there, everyone else it's just making copies of the originals... but you already knew that!

I would like a phone. Not so much just for me, but for our country. Not giving me one would be letting the terrorists win.

If apple had there own way the would destroy all the competition, and I don't mean by competing!! Oh no the only way they know how to compete is by dropping lawsuits! Getting sick of it to tell you the truth!

Suing a company that started out and still is a SEARCH ENGINE company for being able to SEARCH is the most absolutely ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If there was any thought about buying any of their products before all this, it's all gone now. Can't make myself give money to companies with such low core values.

Just another day of Apple trying to throttle the competition - and the consumer - because they can no longer innovate. Long live the Nexus!

Patent wars are childish and a desperate measure for companies like apple that are scrambling to try and stop their successful competitors from making the products that are better than Apple's.

When is Apple going to stop bullying the industry and grow up. This is not good business. Apple needs to be suspended.

Apple really needs to just focus on innovating and improving its features instead of worrying so much about what Android has going on. Also patenting certain UI elements that other phones had 1st Apple just somehow patented is pretty ridiculous (slide to unlock).

I'm a big user of Apple products (hence the username), but this ruling is complete nonsense. Now I just need to hack my iPhone to run Jelly Bean :)

Yea, I was a little upset with the news.

I had money coming to me from some side work I had been doing. Was going to spend it on a nice new GSM Galaxy Nexus (bought from the Play Store). Was really looking forward to replacing my Atrix 2 with a nice new Nexus device that's in line to get Jelly Bean in a few weeks.

I'm hoping that the judge doesn't make it final and holds off on the injunction until the appeals process is done (you know Samsung is going to appeal the injunction). I'd like enough time to get a Nexus before Apple decides that they invented cellphones and sues everyone.

Maybe I'll replace my iPad with a Nexus 7. Just get off Apple products entirely.

But hey, if you're giving away a Galaxy Nexus, I'm definitely in the market for one :-)

Can't we all get along?? This smells more like Apple being sore sports over Samsung releasing the Galaxy Nexus before the iPhone 5.

stop the hate and just innovate. I'm os agnostic and will lean more toward that which allows me to do more, freely, easily, and with lots of features! Apple has been too controlling, greedy, and runs their business with an iron fist...

If El Goog doesn't step in now I feel as though they never will. This is their baby and even before Samsung appeals Google needs to step up to the plate and get in on this. If they don't I feel as though a lot of people will start to lose faith in their laid back let it happen attitude. Also, I'd love to have this phone...

If all patent rulings were decided by Jerry Hildenbrand's beard, all this legal drama shit would be done with by now!

I'm just sick of judges who obviously cant tell the difference between a smartphone and a flip phone, making decisions in these situations. This judge is not qualified to decide technology based patent suits. I will never understand how local state and county based judges can make decisions for the entire country either. You would think a federal judge would be the only kind of judge who could stop sales of a product to the entire United States. It's just beyond ridiculous. Also Verizon better get off their asses and get those S3's out because you know those are next.

I have an iPhone and I'm disappointed in myself, im sick of this sue him sue you junk going on, just make good products, and if they have a smiliar design , hope yours is better! BTW ATT 3g band Nexus, if possible plz :)

It is sad to see how much moeny is spent on those stupid patent sutis, instead they should use that money on R&D.
In my eyes this only shows how much Apple is afraid and how much they are unable to innovate.
Actually they where never able to innovate, they just take innovations from others and copied into their products and registered stupid patents on those.

Software patents need to be overhauled and Apple needs to be put back in their place. Steve stole almost all of the technology used to create his empire and has the nerve to cry fowl when somebody does it to him.

patents for previously existing technology or ideas that are common place (click a button to cause a reaction) should not be enforceable

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that apple feels the need to try and stop the sale of android phones. Why don't they stop being so concerned about trying to stop the release or sale of android and go back to the drawing board and try to be innovative again.

I'm about sick of all this patent news. The problem is that Apple is that big, bad bully that goes around claiming everything is theirs and tries to take it. When someone won't give it to them they complain to the courts they had it first and continue to do so without being stopped. I understand they need to be able to protect their rights but come on. Really?

Your unlock slides clear across the screen. Nexus only half way. You have a touchscreen phone. Guess what Apple... Most of the phones out there anymore are touchscreen.

Apple get over yourself so we can all quit being sickened by your selfishness and foolishness when claiming all these patents are yours and gumming up the whole justice system.

I'm so sick of these damned Apple patent battles. The bottom line is that the US patent system needs a major overhaul. The current system completely and utterly ruins innovation. It rewards patent trolls that make a living by chasing ambulances; those ambulances being borderline patent infringements at best. This really just pisses me off... I'm going to hop off of my soapbox because I could sit here and type all night on this.

I hate apple. I respect apple owners. They like their iPhones and the world that includes. Me I chose Android and Nexus is pure Android and also the tge phone apple sees as competition. Its got the best Google has so let's sue them. Lawyer nonsense is daily but for me it seems like a stupid thing. Apple hasn't stopped pinch to zoom and so on for other devices like they wanted to...Android sells more devices and IOS gets apps six months sooner. The war is on. I guess if u want apple go ahead. If you want android go ahead. Stop freaking sueing and just make phones and tablets.

So sick of this. I guess there is really no surprises, while the system is broken it is us , the consumer, who will loose each and every time...

I'd love to find our how many lawyers working for Apple, actually use an Android! :) Then when they win one of these BS patent suits against anyone who could damage Apple's market superiority/dictatorship, they would all be forced to downgrade to BB or the hipster iPhone... Sad world we live in... whatever happened to economic competition? Now it's all like billionaire toddlers tattle-telling on eachother. It was my idea, but Billy took it and made it better and people like him more now! wahhhhhh!!!

The majority of Apple's claims are crap. They love to try and throw companies (Samsung&HTC)into court over trivial patents. I think they just want to try and throw around their weight against their competitors. The lock screen is such a small part of the phone. Apple's claims are so insignificant. I hope one of these judges' throws out all their cases and tells them to grow some balls.

Steve Jobs did not worry about patients when he and Gates stole the GUI idea from IBM. Apple was not so worried when they stole the tablet idea from Microsoft. We all remember the attempt many years ago with the Microsoft tablet OS. Apple needs to realize they are not as relevant as they believe accept for the mindless zombies they have produced.

Makes me want to cancel my Retina MBP order but it won't make a bit of difference. At least I feel better with my GS2.

Apple is hitting a plateau while Android keeps on passing it by and the Nexus line has been a big reason why.

Dear Apple,

This is a small letter in regards to the way that your company has decided to approach on how to deal with the competition. You are the pioneers of how a phone should look, feel, and work. Your outstanding ability to have engineered such a device is truly something that anyone who owns a "smart phone" should recognize. Because of your marvelous engineering you've paved the way of what a phone should do. My question to you as being such a great company is what are you afraid of? Most if not all of your competitors have been able to create amazing devices and somehow you feel like they shouldn't? You seem to be afraid that you may not be in the front of the line anymore innovatively that you feel that you should letigate your competition to hurt them financially? Please stop Apple. No one is taking you from your position and influence in the tech world. Why do you take your financial gain from your loyal customers and turn it into a whiny request to the courts to make the competition stop copying you? Grow up Apple. The Samsung boogieman isn't going to hurt you.

Yours Truly,
The average consumer.

I think it's time to turn the tables and let Google/Motorola (patents) sue Apple already. Let them taste their own medicine.

Let's put the patent lawyers on their own planet and see what kind of economy they can come up with. And if they complain that that's not enough diversity we can send them some bankers.

This really is stupid, all apple is doing is trying to slow down innovation. Innovation is great for all parties. Android is where it is today because of the iPhone came out strong now its apples turn to make their product better instead of trying to stop every other person that's makes a touch screen phone to enter a court room

These patent wars are part of the reason I hate Apple. Everything is about choice. If you like a simple clean operating system, get an iPhone. If you like an operating system with more features and customization, get Android. But Apple, don't try and take my devices away from me. In no way does it take any money from the iPhone. If someone doesn't get the iPhone, it's because they don't want it.

This legal nonsense only limits the creative spirit. The iPhone was an evolutionary step beyond the Blackberry, but it was not the only one with the type of technology that they launched with. It is too bad that they choose not to compete on a level playing field with Android, but instead they want to suppress the advancements that Android has brought to the smartphone market. If Zenith had sued other TV manufacturers back in the 1950s the way Apple is now, then we would not have seen as much advancement in TV technology as we have. Apple is a company filled with stupid, ignorant, lazy, uptight douche-bags who cannot accept that someone else or something else is superior, so they must drag everyone else down.

Now, I will step down from my soap-box :-)

This patent war is simply a tool of distraction used by all parties. On the other hand, best of luck to everyone entering this Galaxy Nexus contest!

On one hand, Apple seems to seems to rattled at the quality and number of Android phones hitting the market. On the other, Apple seems like a bunch of cry babies because Google is taking the fight to them.

Apple, live and let live!
the whole patent system in US is pure schizophrenia. it must be cured the old way.
I want my nexus!

It's pretty rediclious and make me embarrassed to own an apple product. Tim Cook said this was getting out of hand and here they are suing other companies. I would immediately replace my iPhone with this galaxy s iii

I personally think Apple is acting like a single child who never learned to share and is now getting jealous because all the other kids in the sandbox are sharing and playing nicely together.

I am SOOOOOOOOO tired of the patent fights! It is all so bloody absurd that this continues day after day and month after month... now we're a few YEARS into the battles and most of them are a waste of energy, time & sense.

Now what's this about everyone wanting my new phone?! Because the Galaxy Nexus is DESTINED to come my way...

these lawsuits are just stopping innovation. Apple can't win with their product so they have to get rid of the competition

Apple Sucks major oranges... This is getting out of hand in going to have to resort to violence.. Apple are a bunch of haters.

Wow, this whole situation is getting out of hand... Apple is blocking everyone left, right and center from selling there devices anywhere in the world. Worst part is its for patents that are older than both Apple and Samsung.

You would think Apple should have caught an incurable STD by now the way they try to stick it in anything that moves.

I would love a nexus. Id also love the fact that who ever gets it is getting a better phone and os. And one less apple product for someone to be told what they can do with that apple product....

I'm going to patent suing over patents. That way Apple and their lawyes will have to pay me every time they want to sue someone. That's been done before? Who cares! It's not like Apple doesn't claim patents on stuff others have done before.

All this Apple stuff is CRAP. They are just grasping at straws because they know that there are other companies making a better product than thiers. They are just plain scared so they need to try and cause trouble where and when they can. Just goes to show you what kind of company they really are. "Let's stop consumers from buying other products so they have to buy our crap".....Really? I can say I've never owned a overpriced Crapple product ever!! Their actions just reaffirm my stance that I will never own any Crapple product ever. I could probably go on and on about this but I guess I need to eventually post this so I have a chance at winning. Thanks Adroid Central.

I love it when a company finds themselves in a situation where they are afraid of the free market. Slide to unlock why would you need a patent for that oh yea to use against some one else

Apple patent logic : if i have 10 Apples and you have 7 ice cubes . How many pancakes will fit on the roof ? Answer : isheep, because Androids don't wear crocs. (O,o)

5 Years since the baa-phone was released and what have they achieved? Lots of patent fighting and even more the world according to Jobs. No Apple products for me I'm afraid

Innovation through litigation. Way to go apple.. rather then try to out develop the competition, you just get the product banned instead.

All Apple Knows how to do is Sue now! I'll take a Nexus please! Order your Nexus 7 before Apple tries to ban that too

It's ok for Apple to take from Xerox, but not for anyone else to do anything similar to their work? Right.

Apple is absolutely ridiculous in there law suits. Every time I hear about one of these patent suits I hate Apple a little bit more. They are a great marketing and tech company but they are ruining their reputation.

This patent BS is getting out of hand! Someone needs to re-evaluate these patents and revoke those that shouldn't have been issued in the first place.

This patent war is getting more and more ridiculous. I definitely agree with what Broadcom's executive previously stated, that this patent war is a shame for the industry. All of these silly things may just result to lawyers getting more work and paid more. Shame.

Man, this is so messed up, blah blah blah google blah blah apple blah blah the obvious arguments. Give me a phone, I really need one :-)

Jesus Christ. How insanely broken is this patent system. Somehow apple has a patent for rectangular devices. You know, because they invented the rectangle

Jesus Christ. How insanely broken is this patent system. Somehow apple has a patent for rectangular devices. You know, because they invented the rectangle

You'll never ever ever ever ever see me in an apple store or ever catch me with an apple product. All them lawyers can STFU!!!! and let the good Droids roll..

I hate patent nonsense, never cared before, but I love Samsung and wish I had a Galaxy Nexus to replace my busted Nexus S!

Damn you, Apple spending more money for stopping companies from selling than improving the mediocre software

i would love to win a galaxy nexus

Apple wants to be the only one on the market to charge whatever they want for their products. That totally sucks for us the consumer.

Apple should be made to pay damages if they get an injunction and their case subsequently gets thrown out. Lost sales, reputation hit and all.

It's my birthday today. webOS broke my heart. I'd like to fix it with Jelly Bean. Does that sound too much like begging? I'm ok with that.

I just have one thing to say.Apple has always been suing companies,whether be it Samsung, Google,htc, or anyone else.I don't know why it has to do like this.Imagine this scene- the best of Apple's iOS with the best of android join to form the "ultimate OS".Seriously,Something is really wrong with apple, filing patents and cases against almost every competitor.It should just chill out a bit and try to do something innovative and new,rather cry like a small baby over older things

P.S:I want that nexus.I love android.Dont like apple

I just have one thing to say.Apple has always been suing companies,whether be it Samsung, Google,htc, or anyone else.I don't know why it has to do like this.Imagine this scene- the best of Apple's iOS with the best of android join to form the "ultimate OS".Seriously,Something is really wrong with apple, filing patents and cases against almost every competitor.It should just chill out a bit and try to do something innovative and new,rather cry like a small baby over older things

P.S:I want that nexus.I love android.Dont like apple:(

I just have one thing to say.Apple has always been suing companies,whether be it Samsung, Google,htc, or anyone else.I don't know why it has to do like this.Imagine this scene- the best of Apple's iOS with the best of android join to form the "ultimate OS".Seriously,Something is really wrong with apple, filing patents and cases against almost every competitor.It should just chill out a bit and try to do something innovative and new,rather cry like a small baby over older things

P.S:I want that nexus.I love android.Dont like apple:(

imagine patent wars in older times; i wonder what that would be like. "we patented the boat, so you can't ever make one that is better or more conservative" ; "you can't farm for corn because we were the first ones to plant it" ; if the world was never allowed to use or expand on other peoples creations or inventions (i doubt i could call anything apple owns as that) . then we would still be in the steam age with no innovations. that is what makes the world so beautiful, the ability to take someone's creation, and continually make it better; somewhere in the universe, higher races are laughing at the stupidity of our court systems and inability to embrace each others creations and expand upon them

Apple is a joke. Henry Ford should've patented the freakin steering wheel. If Apple had invented the car, they probably would've attempted to. Joke.

If Apple would use some of their $70 billion for some good, rather than trying to squash the competition, some of the fans would be justified. Otherwise, they, as a company, just plain suck.

thats ok the life on galaxy nexus is out of prime, apple cant do much damage.
apple's lawyer should already start working on patent they will claim the next nexus will infringement. im proud of myself i never used apple's product.

apple is basically the schoolyard bully of the corporate world. get's jealous & beats up anyone who gets in their way.

I am not an Apple fan. Apples are only good for eating. The lawsuit is ridiculous and I hope it ends soon.
There are too many great products that outdo Apple. People are brain washed thinking they are the best.

it's sad that lawyers are constantly screwing bright people and preventing real innovation from occurring.

You got to love how they are so threatened they feel they have to sue the other manufacturers to keep their better phones out of consumer hands. The sad thing is they can actually achieve that because of our messed up patent laws.

Irrespective of who's right or wrong in this patent war, it's the lawyers who are ultimately winning. And sadly, it is us consumers who are losing.

It's really sad, Apple has lost the battle so they are trying to suee so they so to try and hurt Android business. The truth is no matter how much they sure Android will always be on to now because they are too concerned with this crap that they can't focus on what they should, which is the technology. They well always be behind Android as long as they keep doing this crap!

We should stop calling them "Patents" and start calling them "Pastents." The system is an old Dinosour. Imagine if back in the cave-man era someone patented fire? Just silly!!

making the jump from crackberry nation. Need another device and cannot stand apple. I absolutely love how apple considers themselves the originators and owners of all products out there even though all apple does is steal other products, slap an apple logo on it, and sell it the fan base. Microsoft should sue apple for stealing their tablet concept with the iPad, or SaeHan/Eiger should sue apple for stealing their mp3 concept. Hell, even E.A. Johnson should sue apple for infringing on his touchscreen patent. Siri was purchased not created by apple. All apple does is takes existing products and makes them their own. They are the last company that should be able to sue for copyright infringement.

Steve Jobs summed it all up himself. " We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas" -

Apple can't compete with Android, so the next best thing they can do is use ridiculous patents to try and stop Android devices being sold. They know it's only a matter of time until iPhones are seen as the inferrer products so they're trying to stall until then.

You know how ridiculous Apple's patent war is? So ridiculous that I will use the Nexus I win from Android Central to record the demolition of my wife's iPhone 4S that I bought for her as a gift. She'll hate me for doing it but then I'll just hand her the Nexus and say "you're welcome".

I don't understand this backwards mentality that holds up progression in technology. Why is Apple able t get away with this crap? Can someone just patent a "device" that can access the internet and use phone radio waves and ban everything else?

boooooo apple :-( I'm sick of the battles being fought in the courtroom when it should be fought in the marketplace.

This morning I woke up and thought to myself I am tired of Apple. We own 2 iPads, 1 iMac, 2 Macbook Pros, 2 iPhones, and about 5 or 6 iPods. It just sort of struck me that I hate this company all of a sudden. I was doing research literally all day between the different Android phones and narrowed it down between the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Nexus. Just as a friend was trying to convince me to get the Nexus, this crap happens.....

Ha. Great way to show that you guys are tired of this. *Apple blah blah blah.. Google blah blah blah* lol Apple is only trying to ban/sue Google, just because they are jealous and scared that their iPhone 5 might not be that appealing to the customers after seeing the nexus... Shame. I loved Apple. I'm slowly turning away from Apple to an Android.

They are all loosing sight of the consumers. I understand the need to protect intellectual property, but the degree they attempt to protect it only lines the pockets of the attorneys and does nothing positive for us who purchase the products....grrrrrrr!

It's just like apple to rain on someone's parade. They know they cant win so the have to use all the tricks in the book to get their way.... Shame on you apple!


Hey! It's okay! You can always sleep through work tomorrow okay? Hey Hey! Tomorrow's just your future yesterday!

To those whos wives love their Iphones, simple just get them a GNEX and they will forget about those small iphones, doesnt size matter?

Glad my wife is intrigued with the Nexus 7. She kept saying iPad and I finally threatened divorce if she said it again. I showed her the Nexus 7 and she wants one. Finally, peace(and sanity)has come to my house!

all i see is Apple trying to stop Samsung on making the Nexus phones and tablets. they see the potential on those devices, Samsung is making good devices,

Although it makes no difference in this world, and I have all Mac equipment aside from my Android phone, it really makes me want to stop buying anymore apple products. This is a company that just has too much cash and only worries about sheep and lawyers

the fall of Apple is certain... them trying to ban the Galaxy Nexus will not change their fate...

i wish apple would focus on more of the consumer than them selves. The day developers hack android OS onto an iphone will be the end of apples bullcrap.

My daughter is in Africa for the summer. When she gets back, I'd love to be able to give her this new phone...and keep her from buying the iPhone she was wanting when she left! Pleeeease?! :)

patents limit our choices.
i am not sure what way the galaxy nexus looks and feels like an iPhone but I dont care, i like it better and i would pick it over the iPhone, i don't need a judge telling me what i can or cant buy!
wait! I wrote (iPhone) am I going to get sued now?

What really bugs me is that doesn't nobody in the legal system really see that those two phones don't have a shared market...

Just how old "Sweet Brown" used to say.............AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO' THAT!!!!!!! needs to just chill and focus on making their devices better if they wanna keep being "the lead" instead of acting like dumb 5 year olds and doing this nonsense....I want this phone!!!...*In the meantime ill go get me a cold POP!!! ;)

What can I say that hasn't already been said! Patent's suck, they hurt innovation and growth. This proves that Steve Jobs is still running Apple....FROM HELL! Yeah, He built in an app for that!


I have been a loyal apple user for a long time. Recently tho I have been looking at all the great new Android phones that have been coming out and I have been considering switching. All these lawsuits are making the decision a bit easier for me.

The patent system needs a huge change. Patents are suppose used to protect the inventor from copying, not to let the inventor to abuse the system. Perhaps it can be fixed by fixing what is allowed to be patented.

Anyways, a Nexus would be really nice. Not having updates on a timely manner really sucks. The U.S. carriers are really the worst.

I think Apple feels threatened by competition and that is their method to slow them. It is a bad thing. They should focus on inovations not lawsuits.

All this patent nonsense is pretty messed up...but since the phone's still shipping, doesn't really bother me as long as I can still get my phone =-D. I just hope I still have the opportunity to whenever I'm able to.

My God I just hate Apple! Those bastards that work in Cupertino have a sense of entitlement that makes me sick! They can't keep up with the innovation that has passed them by, so if you cant beat Android and Samsung, sue them.

What a bunch of total wasp shit! Locked OS, ITunes, no external storage, no removable battery, same 4" screen, Apple just cant face it. Samsung and HTC has out innovated the innovators. Too bad. Get over it Apple, instead of lawyering up every damn 10 minutes, take your sorry asses back to the drawing board and actually try to come up with something new and exciting and quit recycling the same junk!

Android is here to stay. Samsung and HTC are here to stay. Apple, you are making your company look like the whiny kids on the block who instead of fighting the bully just tell the teacher. Apple sux monkey spunk!

I would love one of those Galaxy Nexus, so I can record myself smashing this iPhone to bits! I'm so intrigued by Samsungs new phones, that I'm ready to jump ship to Android like right now. This makes me sick and makes apple look like a bowl of fruit

Dear Apple: you'd have more time to "innovate" if you spent less of it in courtrooms throwing petty tantrums. Signed, Consumers.

The US' patent system is a complete mess. Too often have we seen the PTO grant patents that are wholly invalid or that are clearly covered by prior art. At this point, Apple is simply using this broken down mess to remain competitive. I really hope Google stomps them like they did Oracle...

And as an aside, I'll never buy another Apple product as long as I live. I'd rather use the worst Android device in existence than give my money to a company that competes through litigation.

I am all for protecting intelectual rights but this is all getting out of hand. There should be some sort of limitations on protection of generalities ....

Patents involving cell phones shouldn't exist. Unless the phone is copied every square mm, processor and OS then someone should take charge. Sometimes people are afraid of competition but that's okay. You don't need put a ban on every device of your competitor. I'm sure car companies don't have this issue. Every car is the same, 4 wheels (mostly), an engine and interior. Same thing with a phone.

The fact that the patent this all is concerning is so ridiculous only makes this all the more maddening.

It's unbelievable that a company can patent such generic broadbased ideas that are so widely implemented across every major smartphone manufacturer. The system is totally jacked! The real reason I am posting on this though, is that I just dropped my Epic 4G Touch into a river in the Rocky Mountains while on vacation...and now I'm hoping you will hook a brotha up with a free phone to replace my lost soldier

Apple annoys me just as much as most everyone here. I wanted to rant and rave and curse them up and down until I was blue in the face.But first, I decided to look up the patent that was allegedly infringed upon instead, in hopes of saying something more intelligent then "but it looks nothing like an iphone!" In reading the patent, it looked as though it could be damning for ALL Android products, and not just the big fish. However, although the patent was filed in 2004, there was prior art introduced in 2003, a little product called Microsoft Voice Command for Windows Mobile. The technology used originally has since progressed by leaps and bounds, but the actual concept of "unified search" predated their own "original idea". So, my first (and usually correct) response still holds true. Fuck you apple, fuck you!

They just cant stand how Android is getting big and just bigger and better every day. thay just dont want to improve and compete, just to get Google/android and the community and developers away. Fu88 them.

Apple can suck donkey dicks. I'm sick of this stupid patent crap. They need to quit messing around and be innovative. Stop trying to end competition and be the competition.

Patents are something really important, they are a way to secure that you ideas or inventions can not be stolen by anybody, but sometimes big brands, like apple, want to use that power to avoid that other products can lower their own products sales... And the only ones who get damaged is the consumer! Very sad!

I've always liked the iPhone and other Apple products, but every time I read something like this about the patents, it makes me want to support the product that Apple is trying to block the sales of. Samsung has had some great products and Apple is so scared about competition that they resort to this... I was trying to decide between an iPad and a Galaxy Tab... I went with the Galaxy Tab in part because of Apple's actions.

Apple should try to make truely new and innovative, instead of underhandedly screwing over the competition. Maybe then they would make some good products.

please don't let me started. it is suppose to be low to protect real and some valuable things to help real inventors. however, overtime we got total madness which is focusing on money extraction without any moral aspects. this situation is unacceptable and driving us down away of inventions.

why the hell is apple allowed to sue the company making the most money on it's patents, but not the first offender? Why are they allowed to sue on patents that are years old just when a company is at it's profit peak, but let them slide beforehand? Why is "you snooze, you lose" not a patent law?

I've grown tired of hearing about it, that's for sure! What the lawyers don't realize, (or possible they do but don't care) is that the patent system is this country is in dire need of an overhaul. In the process of making money they stifle innovation.

In other news, thank you for the chance to win a Galaxy Nexus!!!

To quote the epic Fresh Prince (you kids might know him as Will Smith, the actor), "Patents just don't understand."

I don't care about patents. I just care that my phone blew away in a freak storm with 120 mph winds today as I was running for cover. Please save me from having to pay $200 plus for a new one. please

Software implementation should be limited! And reform is needed. I hope someone got a good proposal soon.

The consumer is the only one who loses in every single one of these frivolous lawsuits. The whole system needs a revamp. (And thanks for the awesome giveaway AC!)