Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

Here are a few links about today's news, if you still wanna read more: ReutersFOSS Patents


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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


A few decades ago, it was, "Make love, not war!"

Today, it should be, "Make advancement, not fight like babies over who copied who regarding what because you've become so insecure about whether or not you can hold a market share with just the quality and potential of your own products thus resorting to pointing fingers which then hinders the amount of time, money, and man power that can be directed towards innovation ending up with frustrated customers who have to deal with seeing this game of manure slinging and rising costs which was almost all started by a somewhat hypocritical leader of a fruit company who became upset that others were copying him despite he himself once said something along the lines of, 'Good artists create, great artists steal' ya bunch of big, thick, daft, insufferable, oafs of rubbish excuses for civilized humans!"

Now, gimme my Galaxy Nexus!


"Apple has made a clear showing that, in the absence of a preliminary injunction, it is likely to lose substantial market share in the smartphone market and to lose substantial downstream sales of future smartphone purchases and tag-along products," Judge Koh said in Friday's ruling.

Legal translator: "Mom (judge) is taking the ball (competition) away because little Johnny Apple got beat and is crying now. Don't worry little Johnny, mommy took the ball away so they can't win anymore. You are mommy's special little boy."

apple is just pissy cause siri has been a failure. to compensate, they are suing others out of existence, even though google's came before their crap. and it just got much better with the new jelly bean release

apple is just pissy cause siri has been a failure. to compensate, they are suing others out of existence, even though google's came before their crap. and it just got much better with the new jelly bean release

I think this has been getting ridiculous. I'm ready for the companies to open their eyes and realize how much of a waste this is.

Just this afternoon, I was finally able to convince my uncle to move his three lines over to the Galaxy Nexii. And now this!

My boiling point has been reached with these patent wars. I'm done!

Fuck Apple, fuck Steve Jobs, fuck everyone who ever was involved with Apple in general. There rant done. :)

Patents are there to protect your creations but its now out of control. There needs to be a revision sense, correct me if im wrong, the patent laws havent changed sense they were created a billion years ago by Grok "the caveman" Patent.

Google I/O must have spooked ol Apple more than usual.

There is but one way to defeat Apple forever, give me the Galaxy Nexus!

Same shit, different patent. If Android does ever get taken down by these patents I guess I'll go back to a dumb phone. I really don't care for any of the other mobile OSs out there.

I hope this war that Apple is starting comes back to bite them in the ass, in the public's eye, so I can stop hearing everyone talking about them like they are the best thing since KY...

Its ok. As google and the hardware manufactures build up their patent portfolios they will get even. I think in this case Apple is upset that someone else has issues with wifi radios. Doesnt apple hold the patent for broken wifi?

They patent all, it's a stupid thing. It's more stupid the patent board who approves everything from them.I mean, They should patent the way they sue other companies to stop other's company sellings. I'm sure they'll get an approval.

Apple acts a certain way and it gives their userbase a false sense of entitlement. Now please go e me that Nexus!

It is ridiculous, Apple can't seem to innovate or create an original idea anymore so they steal from the competition and sue them until they cant fight back. Make lovely devices, not patent wars!

I wonder if there is a way to filter ALL APPLE/ANDROID lawsuits. I think it would make me a happier person. I still think the GNex is the best phone there is. Nexus and on-screen-keys for the win.

I think it would be great if Android Central adds a more detailed post about this case. Any case that involves a Nexus device will affect the rest of the Android world given that these are THE reference devices for Android.

I think a majority of readers do not have a clear understanding on what these patents are and how they really relate to Android. A plain layman's explanation on them would be great and well appreciated. :)

I think part of the blame also falls on Google for not filing for enough patents by themselves as well. For Apple to win an injunction based on a search patent against Google is absurd!

Patents used to be good things, they protected stuff from thieves. Now they are just fodder for trolls. WTF.

This is effing ridiculous. A great way to show your defiance in the face of the dumbness of IP law would be to give me a Galaxy Nexus. Please and thank you.

Screw Apple, screw the carriers, screw obama. There I said it.
Apple is worried about the sweet, sweet, project butter.

I sure hope that Google decides to get involved in this. An injunction against the Galaxy Nexus does impact Google itself, so they shouldn't stay quiet at this - particularly after such a great I/O! I hope they hit Apple hard, invalidate all these crappy patents, and make Apple wish they'd never messed with Android.

This is so ridiculous. Is their anyone in the world that cannot tell the two apart? I mean does the picture above look anything like an iPhone?And of course Samsung phones are going to look remotely like apples. What useful smart phone design differs from the black (or white) box? Speaker up top button or two on the bottom and you've got every smartphone in the last five years worth a second look. This was one of my serious contenders for my upgrade in a couple months but not anymore. (*sarcastically) thank you apple for renewing my hatred of you because I was starting to forget.

I don't mind legitimate lawsuits but the ones Apple have been getting away with are frugal-is. They should check the judges phones to make sure there isn't a conflict of interest!

Whether it's Apple, Google, Motorola, etc. it doesn't matter. They are all doing it and need to realize it's suppressing innovation across the board. But really crossing fingers for this to be overturned

Apple is getting squashed by Android and they know only chance they have is to tie them up in court.

Apple is just being a bully with their common-sense patents. I wish Google would stand up for all the device makers, sue Apple to invalidate their patents, and end this once and for all.

This is silly.
It seems the vague-er the patent, the Patent Office issues it without thought.
Pretty soon, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, etc., will be patented and parents of pre-schoolers will have to sign waivers stating that all paintings made by their children that include any of those shapes will become the property of the respective patent holder or face litigation.

And yes... I would LOVE a Galaxy Nexus so I could text my wife (who owns an iPhone) and tell her she sucks... (for owning that phone...)

(keep your thoughts clean LOL)

This Is why Apple and Iphones Suck... Just cant take the competition... Just sue to block every competitor. Just look at how many features of Android Apple has copied... Google = Open Source = Freedom with a Capital F!

Apple is a bunch of cry babies they can't make a good enough product they make it half way like the apple on their logo so they think they can stop Google because they don't want to play the catch up game.. Android ftw

Apple and other companies are trying to run the world but, they can't stop the million Android activations a day each day!

It seems only the lawyers are winning, and in the end it will just be higher prices for everyone....

Apple has stated that they have an abundance of money. What do they gain by suing competitors over petty things? Is Apple really insecure enough to think that their competitors having a similar arrangement of icons or a chrome bezel will cause them to lose customers? Even if they did patent a truly great idea, who are they to say that people who prefer other devices shouldn't enjoy it? What they going to patent next? The idea of a device with a touch screen that communicates to mobile phone towers to deliver web content? Give me a break, Apple.

We can all say the patent system is broken all day long. Quick fix for the system. Pay attention to detail. Do proper research on requested patent and stopping drinking at your desk and robo stamping approved.

I understand why Apple is doing this, but that does not make it all. Business or not....not right.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does filing injunction after injunction for patent violations? Keeps everyone away.

I hate Apple. They would not know innovation if it bit them on the ASS!!!! Apple's new slogan should be don't innovate, Litigate.

All of these lawsuits do is hurt the consumer. I am a former Apple Fan because I did not think Android was any good because I was uneducated. My brother bought a galaxy nexus and I discovered that Android and their apps and software actually do work and I have now flipped sides. The reason for flipping sides is because I am tired of Apples lawsuites and their closed minded design. If they had their way no other company would be able to sell a phone that is a touch screen.

Lawyers lining their pockets. Broken patent system. What a disaster. T
Nothing good comes out of this.

This patent stuff is nonsense...because patents are usually too broad. Besides, Apple has had no shame in adopting Android's notification window. In either case, there's no blatant, word-for-word copy going on. Say no to needless banning, and long live the customer prospering from healthy competition!

I guess this patent stuff makes just as much sense as the blah blah blah Phil Nickinson was talking about but backwards halb halb halb! Jeesh.

Looks to me like Apple is losing on the open market so they are looking to get some wins in court. I don't care who you are you gotta admit that Apple is not the end all be all of "smart" devices. They have an incredible marketing dept but R&D could use a kick in the pants. Google is kicking butt and not even bothering to take names.

I wish people would just do what they are gonna do and not worry about whats going on across the street. Thats whats wrong with the world now, everyone too busy trying to be in someone elses life instead of living their own...!!!!!!

Software patents are untenable and stifling innovation! First the bean counters take over a company and gut it, then the lawyers make it worse....

Apple is just upset with Google because they have made better products of theirs all the while making Apple look stupid and pompous!!!

Everything about the patent system in the US is broken. Heck you can patent life. That's absurd. Apple is losing me as a possible customer with this crap. Just compete with Android the old fashioned way. Make a better product and I will buy it.

Especially in the technology realm, the current patent laws make no sense. Fighting over who's technical features function like others or who's case looks like another's is holding back innovation and indeed the economy in the US.

Rather than fight amongst each other, Apple and others should work toward unifying formats and functions. It's worked for television, why cant it work for cell phones and tablets?

Totally broken, needs a complete overhaul. Eventually karma will catch up with Apple, and their products will be banned based on a vague, "never should have been awarded" patent. Can't wait.

i understand not wanting much in the way of competition, but all these patent cases are ridiculous. if they are that worried about their product being outsold, then they need to improve it... not make it so there arent any other choices out there...

All of this patent stuff isn't necessary. Yes innovation is necessary but how the heck is something that looks like Google's ICS lockscreen look like the iPhone lockscreen? It doesn't at all and Apple does not deserve that injunction. Tablet I could see because they're all that general black slab but seriously? From far away sure they're pretty much the same but if it's literally 2 feet from your eyes, I would hope you can tell the difference (no offense to the blind out there).

Its sad its come to all this. Apple reminds me of an immature little kid...sueing everybody they feel threatened by.

The system is broken. This has to stop.

Jeez. Samsung could just stop giving Apple their hardware, like their chips and whatnot. But I guess they make too much money that way, so there isn't really any other way to get back at them without suing back.
We all know it's trolling and BS and such. But what can we do? Apple fanbois that also disagree probably aren't willing to boycott their beloved gadgets in protest.
I dunno. Something needs to be done, such that Apple can see how stupid they're being. I long for the day a judge says something along the lines of "oh, Apple again? Case dismissed."

Apple is clearly feeling threatened. Doing anything they can to keep Android devices from releasing and continuing to be sold. Dont you find it sort of ironic that they pushed to ban sale of the phone with the newly released android os; Jellybean. Hmmm, Rotten Apple, just because iOS6 is basically just adding features Android has had on its phone from the get go, you feel the need to deprive us android users the Jellybean experience and a truly great phone; The Galaxy Nexus. Pitiful.

This doesn't surprise me at all. It's obvious the Apple feels threatened by the S3, I guess we'll just have to wait to see the sales numbers.

It's a bunch of horse$&?%! In fact dropped my incredible in some and now doesn't work so need a nexus! :)

Patents these days are just plain stupid. They are way too broad and/or very vague to call an actual patent. The patent office needs a fix and fast!!!!

I've already got my Nexus - so Apple, here's a big one finger salute to you. And the court to decided on this, I'll be raising two hands in just a moment with a bigger salute to you.

Way to go Apple. Please continue to cry like a baby anytime someone has anything somewhat similar to you. Thanks for making a bunch of lawyers even richer.

it makes no sense why don't we see ford filing suit against gm for using headlights in cars why don't we see coke filing suit against pepsi for using sugar in soda if it wasn't for lawyers we wouldn't need lawyers.

Seriously I'm all for protecting your patents but come on Apple what the hell!!! Seriously I think they are worried that Android is making some serious noise as of late seriously.

On other note i want to win lol

Apple is a bunch of cry babies they can't make a good enough product they make it half way like the apple on their logo so they think they can stop Google because they don't want to play the catch up game.. Android ftw

The patent system is being so abused but no one wants to put a stop to all this nonsense. Why because the patent attorneys out there are making so much money they don't know what to do with themselves. I wish that I had just a small fraction of the money apple and Samsung are pissing away fighting one another, I would use the money and buy myself a brand new Galaxy Nexus.

Patents like this should never have been granted in the first place. The windows XP os back in 2001 already had this feature.. you could search any thing stored on your 'device' (we called it a PC back then), and no matter the source it would find it. Even further back Google was searching the web, which as we all know is a 'search across multiple sources'.

This patent is just crazy and should never have been granted. Even if it was limited to a mobile device as I bet the patent claims, the delivery mechanism should never be considered as a primary basis for a patent.

I know, I'm going to patent searching a users brain for information gathered via multiple sources via a means of triggering specific synapses in the brain by exposing them to external stimuli. Ohh wait, we call that memory! But I bet that would get through the patent office as some futuristic tech.

Patents(past) /ˈpatnt/ noun: A form of intellectual property that is used to protect one's creative ideas.


Patents(present) /ˈpatnt/ noun: A form of intellectual property that is used to make the unofficial declaration of war by one company(The one who dominates) on another company who could possibly be gaining ground in an area previously dominated. Used by some modern companies.Referred to by the internet term "Patent trolling".

From the Latin word patere, which is defined as "to lay open"


The problem is there's too much ridiculous stuff that can be patented. The system has to be scrapped and we need to start over!

BAHHHH!!! To hell with the fruit. All smart phones are slabs of glass, innovate FRUIT! INNOVATE!

This makes Apple look bad, tbh. As if Apple has never stolen or used something. Really? I'm a fan of Apple, but when they do crap like this, it makes me not like then.

Glad to see at least Google took the high road and did away with Apple bashing at I/O 2012. But then again why bash your opponent when you're clearing winning? Funny how when I think of Google words like openness and innovation come to mind and when I think of Apple the word totalitarian suddenly pops in my head...

Help, judicial system, our market share is getting eroded! We have no idea why! We're pretty sure that the other side is cheating!

Jesus, they really are gonna spend all the cash they have to fight these battles. Seems like the closest parallel to 1984's endless wars.

Patent wars remind me of two 5 year olds in a sandbox throwing sand at each other and making the other kids have to stop playing with their toys. Patent wars stop all the fun on our technology playground. Can't we just all get along.

The patent war is compete non-sense. Apple is really showing the world that they're running out of innovative ideas, so much so that they starting to file suit against REALLY innovative companies. I was once a iPhone junky I bought into the hype then I bullied others to buy in as well. Then I tried my 1st android (Infuse 4G) then my awaking happen. Apple trapped me into their close minded system of BUY_BUY_BUY, but google was giving you everything for FREE that Apple sold you. To sum it all up Apple is mad that others are beating them at the game they created, so they are looking for any reason to shut those companies down so that they can possible have enough time to re-event the wheel and possibly dominate again....


If Apple spent their time and resources on good product development then they could have a great product. Litigation instead of innovation will be the companies undoing.

I can't believe Apple has sunk to this way this should even be happening! If you can't beat 'em.......sue 'em!!

I cannot find any words to describe how terrible and unfortunate are the lame patents fights that Apple is utilizing to slow down the Android Army momentum. I can only see a fear from Apple not wanting to be surpass by Samsung and Google itself. I think the biggest problem lies in the fact that the patent business had became too greedy , how can you tell two company with obviously two products competing against each other where the customer is the winner that to abolish one of them because of stupid wording that are sometime revealing themselves as misinterpreted or simply not written in the correct proportion for it`s . I have a great Idea ladies and gentlemen , let`s explain to the first human being who had control the use of fire that we are now using it in our everyday life and that he needs to bring everybody in court . Technology is meant to be change and challenge , what is apple purpose by constantly looking to fight a patent war against Samsung while the main concern here is Google Android , Apple`s greatest fear. Galaxy Nexus is manufactured by Samsung , however android 4.0 is the main concern. Now Google is launching the nexus 7 , be prepare to see some form of patent fights when the sales figures emerged and that Apple find out that It is not only crushing the Kindle Fire but eventually taking some Market share off the Ipad too. All that I can say is let` s send out message Out Loud to stop these stupid patent fights costing million and million of dollars in Court while a better use of that money could have serve a well deserve donation for children in the world who can`t even found food and water to servive.

These days apple are not able to do a good job on their own iOS, and try to ban others to force people using Apple? Damn, that is quite mean. F~~U

The patent system needs to be abolished for code. There are different to achieve the same thing but judges don't dive far enough to understand that. Stop granting vague patents.

Why on hearth in the 20th century we have patent wars? This is when business strategies, driven by potential market share and huge profits, dive into luxury court trials. Why is Apple after Samsung, HTC, Motorola, call it Google, and viceversa? It's the fight to see who gets the biggest slice of our dollars when we opt for one device or the other. A fight which Microsoft has only recently joined directly by bringing their own hardware to the table, although they already earn $5 a piece on Android out of patent litigation, poor things...

The last 3 years have shown to us customers how important our views are for all of them names above and also RIM+Nokia. Do you like Android or iOS? I use both and I like and dislike things about each. Functionality, usability and for some maybe the looks are what makes us reach deep into our wallets. But seriously, are we getting the best deal one way or another? I personally don't think so.

Every single one of the main players have brilliant, unique, magic and fun ideas and inventions, it's amazing what they can come up with! But there is only one way to swipe a finger on a screen left or right... One company has IP on the left swipe, the other on the right one and they hang on to them like vicious, greedy bulldogs! "They copied us we will go thermospastic on them!"... And they actually did!

How about sharing the knowledge and let everyone use everyone else inventions? If a screen unlock is well thought and spontaneous for many users why not have it on every device possible free to implement? Each manufacturer and their products would greatly benefit from sharing IP rather than spending millions in courts and licensing. This could pave the way for new devices with all the great features that impresses us the most independently on who discovered it first. Every gadget could have a different feel and touch but only the best ideas would be implemented to guarantee success on the market. It's a win for the end user.

I dream one day IP to be gone in an industry where research labs cooperate instead of hiding and protecting their discoveries. From the first Symbian OS to Jelly Bean and iOS 6 it has been a long, hard but fruitful ride, let those ideas and intuitions flow free and put them to good use! Can you imagine the possibilities then?

its so stupid apple should really stop this i mean they copied android on notification center and Google hasn't done a thing about this maybe they should and sew the crap out of apple

its so stupid apple should really stop this i mean they copied android on notification center and Google hasn't done a thing about this maybe they should and sew the crap out of apple

The patents and lawsuits are legal bs. These companies should strive to better the competition, not ban their products. Consumers are smarter than they are being given credit for.

It is absolutely ridiculous. As if I would ever buy an Apple product. But, after hearing nothing but Apple suing this and Apple suing that, I will not allow my wife to buy that iPhone she is wanting. Take that Apple! =)

I'm just tired of this. Apple is so unable to to stand a little fair competition that they would rather resort to crying to to the the ref. than just standing up and playing the game.

These patent wars are a joke and it seems obvious that manufactures, especially Apple are more concerned about losing sales than about the actual patents themselves. It's like they are throwing a public temper tantrum because they fear competition... PATHETIC. Apple... you have enough iSheep leave us Android lovers be... you're making me not want to by anything from Apple at all. Shame too because I like MacBooks.

Shit is all around. Patent is good for business, not for human living (us) Why don't they share to make the whole world higher.

I've ceased to give a f**k about the patent system and patent law. The system is beyond broken. Apple is being granted patents left and right for things that are not only prior art but also so obvious that they should not even pass muster when being considered as patentable. And these judges, don't even get me started. Most don't even seem to understand the technologies they're making rulings on.

Apple shouldn't be allowed to keep filling what seems like the same patent disputes over and over, and in many cases in multiple countries at once. They should be allowed to file only once per device with all the infringements included, and only with the ITC (International Trade Comission). They just attacking everyone (Android and partners) with their freakin lawyers over and over.

They need to stop with all the lawsuits and let their products speak for themselves! Its ridiculious!

The whole patent thing does not make any sense anymore. Someone needs to step up (perhaps a judge like we saw recently) and stop this..

I always thought that when the competition arose, that it was your job to rise to the challenge, not use shady immoral tactics to attempt to stay on top.

This patent crap is so pointless. Just put out a device, let people decide if they like it better than the other choices out there, and shut up.

I understand the need for patents, but I think the patent system needs to be looked at in a serious way. This stuff is getting way out of hand.

Why can't each company just build the best they have, leave nothing on the table and let consumers such as ourselves speak with our green backs!!!

It's understandable they need to defend their patents... but... when the lawyers fight, the consumers lose... On both sides, apple consumers and android consumers.

If you can't compete, sue. The silver lining here is that Google should be admitted to the case as an injured party at this point, and they should bring the full might of their "prior art" legal team with them. All four of the asserted patents are obvious based on prior art, and Google needs to do the grunt work to get them invalidated, since Samsung's lawyers apparently don't understand IP law well enough.

@Steve Cook - I was so impressed with the Retina Display Macbook Pro that I was considering getting one. Guess how over that shit is for me now?

While I agree with patents, the system is really being farcically abused. I wish it were more immune to "patent sharks" such as Apple, wasting money just to get in other companies' ways.

I think all the patent lawsuits from Apple actually work against them as a company even when the win in Court because they come off looking like lists. Every time I see something like this it annoys me and I want to buy the competing product just to spite them.

These patent wars are disgusting. If Apple would actually make a product worth buying they wouldn't have to eliminate the competition with patents and lawyers.

I would love to have one of these to develop on Jellybean with.
Best of luck to everyone here!

This is getting ridiculous. I've said it before and I will say it again. All of the major mobile patttent holders Google/Motorola HP/Palm. RIM.and Microsoft all need to get together, pool their resources and sue Apple off the planet. Apple needs to STFU, die, or get zapped with so many licensing fees the cost of the iPhone and iPad double.

All this patent crap is getting ridiculous. Companies need to stop crying to judges about their patents and get back to outdoing each other.

Can't stand the current patent system. With congress the way it is I doubt anything will be solved anytime soon. But with a brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus 'I' would feel better about the whole thing.

Apple always sue's other company that makes smartphones.. instead why dont they use that money to make their Iphones a bit more reliable.. Always sueing companies that they buy their parts from.. I think this nonsense has to stop now.

I dont get all the hate Apple gets. They are very innovative.
At finding new ways to sue companies that threaten them.
That has to count for something right?

People killing, people dying
Children hurtin', hear them crying
Can you practice what you preach
Or would you turn the other cheek
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'Cause people got me, got me questioning
Where is the love

where is the love by Black Eyed Peas..

Where is the love Apple, where is it...

I can't believe this actually got upheld! A phone is a phone. We all expect them to do certain things.

Patents were to lets inventors enjoy the fruits of their innovations. But now include ridiculous broad ideas. When a company can go to court over patents on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches proves the system is broken.

I'm so tired of reading this patent bs every day. It's like watching a playoff game where the refs keep making garbage calls. Let em play! Phil, can you make it stop?

P.S. Hey Apple... Nobody is confusing Android products for iOS products. Give it up!

There is nothing I can put into words that can quantify the idiocy of allowing companies with billions of dollars to patent and lay claim to owning the blatantly obvious.

The only solace I have is knowing at least those bastards at Apple have to pay more on Orbitz.

all the tech compainies need to stop acting like spolied brats and just concentrate on making a good product. everying in the mobile arena is going to be similar to eachother so they just need to accept it and move on. this is getting really rediculous

I am now ready for two things:
1. Ready for Google to boot up the WOPR and declare thermonuclear war on Apple.
2. Ready to win a Galaxy Nexus so I can give it to somebody in my family currently using an iPhone to make a new convert. :-)

Thanks, Android Central!

Focus on the future
Focus on trying to flat out BEAT your competitors
Stop wasting money manipulating the patent system (although it does need to be rethought)
Don't be evil

Apple and Samsung should have a good competition by focusing on imprpving their products, not by waging wars through patents! Patents just ruin the competition for example is the unified search. Nowadays it seems very common to all phones to have a unified search. Just let the people choose whoch functionality performs better! Another example is the so-called size and shape patent for the phone, do they expect other phone makers to build a triangular phone? This patent war really does not help in giving the consumers the right to choose.

The entire patent system is broken and apple is abusing it as much as they can. They no longer have the best technology, so they are desperately trying everything they can.

all this stupid patent crap is just nonsense because everything about smartphones is basically similar in function to another so that's infringing on someone's patent somewhere.

Does apple hold any patents on Apple Sauce?

Cold Apple sauce sounds good right now...mmmmm
....and a Nexus of course!

After an amazing I/O from the last 2 days apple got so jelous they decided to throw this bullshit on googles face way to go apple you won me over NOOOOOOOOOOT Jerkoff company they will never ever get my money ever ANDROID FOREVER !!!!!

I ..... blah, blah, blah..... win...... blah, blah, blah........ Apple...... blah, blah, blah........ sucks.......... a lot.

Can't innovate sue. So only the nexus has slide to unlock. Do they only sue to stop popular phones then? Seems to be the case. U suck apple. U suck

If Apple put a much money into innovation a they do into lawsuits we'd be bowing to the almighty SIRI (instead of IBM's HAL) by now.

Patents schmatents. Quit trying to win an iPhone-oploly in court. Just make a better phone. Oh and I'd love a Gnex.

Really dislike that judges are still making bad decisions about patents that should never have been issued.

From what I've seen of expo videos etc. Google's voice-search software look's a whole lot better than Siri. Much more responsive and the auto-correct for context looks so overlooked and awesome. So, with the little knowledge I have of this extensive case, I think that Apple is scared because Google's smartphones and tablets are reaching a wider market than Apples.

Apple is just too over-priced, though I love iMacs, I can't say I'm particularly impressed by iPhone's or iPads. Given to believe what I have read and heard, my biggest concern about Apple's tablet and phone devices is that when you buy them, you sign a contract effectively saying that you can't make any fundamental changes to your product. To me this is basically saying that Apple still owns the product. It's like buying a car but not being able to modify it's engine. Of course, people still do, but the option is still there for Apple maybe prosecute or reclaim your device. (Though I don't know how enforceable this is.

Android on the other hand, is yours. You can make whatever changes to it you want. Android is also potentially covering a much wider market because it can be used on so many devices. iOS is limited to apple devices.
I think it is for these reasons that Apple are trying to cut off Google and it's collaborators at every turn, slide to unlock, data tapping, autocorrect and, I expect, many more features in the future.

I have been skeptical about most smartphones, even Apple couldn't sway me so I was pretty set on not getting a tablet device of any kind...
That was until the Nexus was announced. I'm definitely going to buy one when I can afford it but since there's a chance (albeit a slim one) of winning one I'll most certainly put my name in the hat.

PS: Excuse me if I'm misinformed in anyway and feel free to correct me.

It's sad that Apple can't compete fairly so they resort to childish patent trolling. It's almost as if Hitler were the CEO.

The doushbaggary present within the "World Economy" seems to have no end... I truly miss the days when people actually worked together to accomplish greatness and it didn't require a Supreme Court Justice to delcair whom had the idea first! It's called "reverse engineering" and it's been used for decades / centuries by people to help create the "next big thing!" for whatever industry.

How they got a judge to believe that Samsung is copying them is a mockery. Nobody in thier right mind would think a Galaxy Nexus looks anything like an iDouche.Apple is still talking about how Sammy is copying them, when in fact Sammy in making a superior product.

Good. Im not saying I like iOS closed ecosystem but this is not about which os we like better it's about which one copied the other and android may be better but you cannot deny that android blatantly copied iOS. Some of samsungs phone chargers have changed and now look almost exactly like iPhone chargers. It's these small things that really seem like nothing but most android phones look like iPhones. That's a fact.

Apple has to file patent lawsuits just to slow down the Android ecosystem. They know they can't beat a system that actually releases new hardware from multiple manufacturers consistently throughout the year and an OS that has major updates nearly twice a year.

The irony is that they sue companies because their phones are too much like theirs and then launch their newest iPhone with last years' Android hardware and many of the features from Android's software!

The problem with the software patent system is that companies purposefully make their patent as broad as possible and then work with the patent office to make it specific enough to patent but broad enough to trap as many others as they can. It stifles innovation and isn't good for anybody.

It's pitiful how much effort Apple puts into trying to tear android down with all these patent suits. Hurts Apple's image and it isn't going to work. All I know is I will be walking into every Apple store I ever see, shouting at the top of my lungs about all the Jelly Bean awesomeness at my fingertips, just to rub it in their faces. And if I win this contest, I'll do it double fisting gnexes. Might hurt my image a little bit, but hey, they started it.

The patent system is so broken. Instead of inspiring innovation, it's stifling it. Apple just cant handle the fact that Samsung and others are doing things better.

Android > iOS.

I feel as though i would have a kick ass phone if it wast for all the millions lost in innovation because of patent trolls. Maybe phones would even be cheaper. some sort of truce needs to be made.

The fault lies half with Apple, and half with the government. Apple - because they are losing the smartphone battle and are trying to "win" by suing their competitors into bankruptcy. Government - for granting ridiculous patents in an effort to have the patent office make more money. 80% of the patents in the last 5 years shouldn't have been granted.

can't wait to git rid of my iphone and switch to android. This whole apple patent trolling makes me not want to support them.

"I am Bunique4life. And I see a whole army of my android-men,
here in defiance of Apple! You have come to fight as open-source men. And
open source man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?"


Interesting how none of this nonsense really started until AFTER Apple lost its majority market share. The company is just butthurt that Android was better able to suit the needs of the masses. I get it, Apple. You did put a LOT of effort into the iPhone and it definitely sucks that you're not getting what you think you deserve, but the name of the game is competition and you suing the pants off of everyone and trying to monopolize the ecosystem is counter-intuitive. For you AND the consumers. Grow up.

I guess some companies will do anything when they know they can't compete with the competition. Thank you for this great opportunity

The United States legal system is a joke... This country is falling apart at the seams and these petty litigations are just representative of a bigger problem. It is really disappointing to see a company like Apple, who has been instrumental in bringing great products to consumers, deciding to take the easy way out and sue rather than step up to the challenge presented by Android and rise to the occasion.

Someone needs to file a patent for patent suing, and then sue Apple when they do this.
Of course, that would probably create some sort of paradox and destroy the universe. Skynet becomes self-aware, the zombie apocalypse begins, yada-yada-yada, you know the drill.

Way to go Apple. I always knew you'd be the death of us all.

Patents are a mess. Judge seems heavily Apple biased. Other judges have not fallen for this BS.
Apple no longer innovates - arguably it never did. They now sue and strongarm competition.

I will NEVER give a single dollar to Apple. It's BS.

I think this is getting beyond stupid. People buy android because they don't like Apple. Doesn't make a damn who makes it. But they only seem to go after the android phones selling really well. Besides this one seems more like an assault against android and not Samsung because its pure Google on the nexus. I doubt this goes much of anywhere. If it does every single android phone could get banned.

The practice of trademarking and patenting and copyright is in of itself ridiculous and inherently stifles innovation and growth. But the level to which the United States has allowed patents to get out of hand baffles the mind. I would, however, like to defend someone, the lawyers. A lot of the comments and even the original post blame lawyers for the childish back and forth between tech companies. It is understandable considering the lawyers are the face of the events happening. However, lawyers are bound to serve two people, the law and the companies they represent. If the U.S. Patent laws were not so broad and incomprehensible then the lawyers would not be able nor need to insistently file lawsuits. Another important player who should receive a healthy portion of the blame, is the companies themselves. Assuming a capitalist mindset (which I personally believe is part of the problem but I do not wish to make this comment any longer so will refrain from delving into it), the way companies are now trying to make money is fundamentally flawed and only serves to harm society as a whole. Instead of trying to innovate in order to gain an upper hand in the market, tech companies are using patents to push existing companies out of the market and to prevent new ones from entering. This keeps the progress slow, and therefore cheaper, as well as keeps prices artificially inflated. In short, if you would like to blame someone for all of these frivolous lawsuits, blame Congress and the companies who file the suits.

messed up indeed! after all the great stuff coming out of this weeks IO this just feels like a sad attempt by the once dominant player in the industry to desperately hold onto a market which is slipping out of their hands ... sad

Someone should ask the judge if she really wants only one company's products to be used by consumers there by restricting choice and freedom which is my right.
I completely disagree with the ruling and wish there is some common sense left in these judges.
I will never buy anything from apple for their worst behaviour and arrogance.
Shame on you apple and I hope soon this patent non sense backbites you!!!

As much as I hate Apple and I'm thankful that I've never bought an Apple product, the real problem is the US Patent office. Clearly these people that award the patents have no business making these decisions. Let's come together and better humanity not our share holders pockets. There should not be patents for software or processes. It kills competition and innovation. Tell Apple to stop suing everything it can buy not giving them your money.

They are just nickel and diming each other. And the consumers are the ones to pay in the end. The companies aren't going to lose money.

It's all crap, espeically since over half of the patents that make the iphone "unique" are ones they stole, I mean procured, from Palm.

Apple is CRAZY !!!! Lawsuit = Slawsuit = Blah-Blah-Blah .... Ain't NOTHING out there that SOMEONE didn't offer first ( maybe some of the individual folks who actually came up some of these great ideas should sue Apple for stuff they invented and Apple uses ) .... this phone is COOL !

I get the fact that Apple wants to protect its assets from people copying it. However, the broad scope of those patents that Apple ends up patenting shouldn't even have ended up being approved. This is another example of Apple stifling innovation just to protect its company. Apple comes off as the bully here as innovation suffers. The Galaxy Nexus doesn't even have anything remotely similar to the iPhone or iPad. Competition is getting stamped out all right, not due to consumers' sales, but rather Apple using the law to its advantage.

The whole point of patents is to give someone an exclusive period of time to exploit their IP and make back the cost of producing it. They do NOT exist to try to knock someone else out of the market by filing overly broad and generalized patents.

This whole thing is just an idiotic abuse of the system. Apple can go to hell.

Apple really needs to stop all the nonsense with court and just go back to originality. They aren't offering what people want anymore so they use ridiculous patent claims to suppress companies from giving us what we want. We aren't all sheeples. Stop with the patents and be customer minded.

Just shows how scared they really are of Android. They need to drop all the lawyers and use that money to hire more developers with new ideas.

"Two Iphones walk into a bar...I forget the rest." Jellybean has propelled Android past any comprehensive mobile operating system and now Apple, is afraid. Apple may have popularized the touchscreen but Android elevates and continues to tweak, growth will plateau; but Android will be the first mobile os to make that leap into something different. Eclipsing the lines between user and computer and thus maybe a.i one day as the internet already is.

all this Patent crap is so much "Bull!", all I see is Apple being a patent-Troll. If Apple sews you, you know you're doing it right! ;)

I am ashamed to say I own an iPhone right now. Apple needs to stop trying to play the victim card. It's obvious they aren't innovating quick enough to keep up with Google and Android, so they are trying to slow them down by any means necessary. I would really appreciate the Nexus so I could get rid of this blasted iPhone that doesn't do half of what the Nexus can do!

Honestly, this is simply stupid. who get an upgrade in 22 days? this guy. what phone is going to be unavailable at that time? this one. who is losing unlimited data and getting screwed over by being bumped down to 2gb/month due to lovely new "share everything" plans by Verizon? this guy. woo-friggen-hooo. screw patents. this isn't fair. give me hope?

Apple can't win the long haul because its tech has painted itself in a corner. These legal topicality arguments are a fool's errand. If not Samsung, it will be four other phone makers tomorrow. Adapt and evolve, Apple! Or better yet, fall off the tree already.

This is seriously enough. We need to start a petition to the patent office to stop this shit. Apple is looking really pathetic right now and making our country look bad.

I wish there was a way to stop Apple. Every person (that I know of) who has an iPhone doesn't even care about this nonsense. I have always stood behind Android and I don't understand why Apple wants to sue everyone..well I do..but I don't see why they can't just innovate themselves. I wouldn't doubt if WP8 takes off, they'll be suing them too. Apple did not invent the smartphone or touchsreen phone, so why must they sue everyone who makes one that's successful. Not everyone wants a phone that has stayed the same since it's inception. That's one reason I will never get an iPhone and will stick with Android, I like improvements and redesigns. If you hold an original iPhone 3 and a 4S..the software essentially looks the same. It just pisses me off and I won't be buying an iPhone when my upgrade is available later this year with Verizon, that's for sure.

My girlfriend got herself an iPhone 4 last year. However, after seeing my GNote and reading about what Apple's lawyers have been doing to the competition, she wants to get out of the Apple ecosystem. We both agree that Apple is not the only culprit in this ongoing patent war, but they are definitely the worst.