Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!



I'm just trying to figure out how all this patent crap keeps going?! How can there be a patent on a way to input user data?! Just stop it already!

I think Phil has a pretty good quote - "Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah." That's probably as intelligent as the actual Apple filing...

I think this entire thing should be embarrassing to apple. Everything that I've read about the infringements has been incredibly stupid and such small tiny things that I wonder if their is a single person working for Apple that has a soul.

Harsh words to be sure, but this has gone on way to long and it needs to stop.

Patents were a great idea, but they are being so misused. Like really why do you need to patent something like slide to unlock, this is a joke.

Complete BS!!!! This bickering crap really needs to stop, it only hurts the consumer!, plus I'd love to get one of them!

Apple won't be happy until we are all required to buy their shit due to a lack of options. Each time I read Apple and patent in the same sentence I actually vomit a little.

I want to win this almost as much as I want Apple to stop being granted ridiculous, ambiguous, and abusive software patents.

Sooner or later we're going to have to fix the patent system and institute some kind of penalty for these frivolous cases.

I was once told that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If you believe that you were the first ... Take it as a compliment & go back to doing what you did in the first place: innovate. Delight your customer in ways that they don't know they will appreciate, and it won't matter what your competition does. Features that were cutting edge last month are now a commodity. Accept it & move on. Sometimes being number one isn't the best place to be. I'm sure that there is blame on both sides, but Apple just continues to look like the whiney, bratty bully.

There could be a class action lawsuit against Apple consisting solely of businesses they've ripped off and now they're constantly going after other companies! Such hypocrites!

I hate these types of rulings be ause they know they can not win in simple products sold. Apple tries to cut anyone down who gains market share. Actually it only seems to be Google and android. In this day and age, its very hard for a smart phone manufacturer or a phone os to make anything that really has not been done before. You can only beat a dead horse with a stick for so long. Apple, go fight some real issues. If they spent half as much time trying to battle cancer than battle Google, maybe it would be cured by now.

I just think its dumb how this happened because of the a "Slide to Unlock" patent. I mean really. EVERY smartphone basically does that.

Apple is being a big ass baby. They steal from everyone else yet they have no issue with that. They need to get over themselves and allow people to develop and have healthy competition.

being an apple fan boy is nonsence but you dont see me sueing them low life closed sorce parasites. get a effin live apple. even steve left you, so what's the point, huh?

Just like everything else the patent war will pass. As much as it sucks and is a pussy way of trying to stop one company from being better than another. It also forces companies to look for different ways of getting things to work. I feel that will benefit all of us in the future.

This is sad. Apple has a fairly solid product in the iPhone, and a loyal following, but they're still insecure enough that they're afraid of the competition.

Sell by merit, not by default.

To the more I read the more ridiculous that Apple's claims sound I understand you want to protect your intellectual property but this like the suit against Motorola should have just been dismissed

Not that an eye for an eye is always a good thing, but I really hope that one day Google or some Android hardware manufacturer can show Apple a taste of their own medicine. Yes, there are some great ideas that need to be protected and then there are things that donr make any sense as to how someone could even patent it. Thanks to some stupid process Apple "invented", I cannot have a simple link in one app open a particular app based on the type of link it is. Something like that is really worth banning a phone over???

Damn you Apple and your sneaky ways of killing competition by suing others who innovate! Here is to hoping to a reform of the patent system....Obamatent?

Litigation over innovation, that's become the industry MO, Microsoft is guilty of it too.

I get it Apple and I have been an Apple fan for years. But Android is doing really cool UI things that Apple won't. And because of that I ordered the Nexus 7 yesterday. And if they keep up this BS I will be buying an Android phone to go with it very soon! Keep it up, Apple and you will push me to Android for ALL my mobile devices.

I'm ready for the day that a phone becomes like any other peice of hardware. Nobody gives apple grief when they put things in a window or use a mouse. there are millions of speaker manufacturers and they all make speakers and no one sues them or bans them. it's time for this to stop.

I can't wait until Google flips the script on apple and starts hitting them with patent lawsuits. An injunction against one or two Android devices doesn't hurt the OS as much..COULD YOU IMAGINE IPHONES GETTING PULLED OFF THE SHELF?!?!

I can't wait until Google flips the script on apple and starts hitting them with patent lawsuits. An injunction against one or two Android devices doesn't hurt the OS as much..COULD YOU IMAGINE IPHONES GETTING PULLED OFF THE SHELF?!?!

These law suits are getting ridiculous, these are companies that are responsible for some of the best Tech in the world and they are behaving like this? Really? Not to mention it's gotten to the point that instead of suing each other for infringing on patents, they're suing each other just as petty squabbles to stop the others devices from getting to consumers hands.

Let us decide what to buy, don't keep what we want out of the country, because if thats kept out because of you, we sure as hell aren't going to be like "Apple stopped me from deciding what Phone I want, let me go buy an iPhone"

Maybe if Apple could create something original to compete they wouldn't have to try and use patent law as a crutch. I remember back when the iPhone first came out and they made it sound like email and internet on your phone was a new thing. I had been using it for a year on my HTC Blue Angel...

This patent stuff is bullshit and annoying.
Apple are just sore losers -.-
Plus I like the Galaxy Nexus :D

This is complete utter nonsense! Quite the slap in the face coming on the heels of I/O and extremely upsetting I was looking forward to picking one of these up at some point now I just want Apples buildings to all burn down and then for their company to be banned from the United States! Of course I would like no humans to be harmed in such an event .

Patents are so far beyond ridiculous, it' almost painful. I do believe inventors and copyright holders do need to be protected but the similarities between a product and the way it does things, i.e., lock screens on digital devices should not be something that one can patent. There are only so many ways to skin a fish!

These patent fights just end up costing the consumer more money.

We're Apple. We innovate by using our piles of cash to sue the competition out of the market in order to make our crap look more impressive.

I really dont have to say how crap patent wars are. I just want a free Galaxy Nexus because i cant even buy one through Google Play from my country

It's time to force loser pays. I'm sick of these companies using lawyers to get the competitive edge. Just make the best product instead of wasting time in the courts. Apple has nothing like the Nexus!

Androidcentral gurus, hook a brother up with one of the finest devices on the market.

Love the podcast and website.

Next time I see a lawyer, I am going to give them a firm finger wag and a boop on the noggin. Then I am going to rub their nose in it to teach them not to do it again.

This has just gotten out of control. I don't get why Apple feels its okay to sue everyone that has something similar to what they have. Why not just play nice, share information and technology. Apple is so scared to lose the market share they have so instead of spending money on research and development to create a new product they reinvent what they have bump up the number or add an S and they've got a new product. Come on Apple use the money you are paying the lawyers to create a new product. Leave Google and its Android partners alone.

Blah Blah Blah is 100% It's very crazy to me on how Apple can kang ideas from Android but God forbid we use something like slide to unlock.... This all has gotten way out of hand and needs to stop..

breaking news: the oklahoma city thunder have been named the new nba champions after successfully suing the miami heat on the grounds that the thunder had acquired the patent on the game of basketball from the descendants of james naismith. the the suit alleges that the heat infringed on the thunders intellectual property by playing basketball and therefore should be retroactively stripped of the nba championship.

Apple fanboys will think this is the best thing that could have happened since they think that Apple invented the electron therefore Samsung must pay royalties for everything they've ever created. Stifling competition only shows how much Apple sees Google as competition.

Can I have a free phone please?

That sucks.

*edit* wait a sec, I just realized... title says Galaxy Nexus, not Galaxy Tab.


EFF YOU APPLE! You'll get your comeuppances. Really hate Apple now.

Apple needs to stop the lawsuits and get back to making good products. Breaks my heart too apples used to be one of my favorite fruits

Gawd What the heck is going on with Apple's minds, OK swipe to unlock is a feature that also Nokia uses on their S40 Touch n' Type products, why don' t Apple demand Nokia? Well cause Apple 'tiene pica a' Samsung, what I think is, I've read the case and all that sort on Engadget heck and even on Imore) Search musn't be a patent cause even Symbian uses a similar feature, this one is used on 'every smartphone OS'. Sowhy Apple don't just let Samsung/Google compete, are they trying to have a Smartphone 'Monopoly'. (AC I am from Ecuador, I love Samsung/Google products so let me have a taste on that 'first ICS powered device' aka Galaxy Nexus please) :-)

Yes apple, you invented rectangle phones with touchscreens and you are the only one else is allowed to make them.

I hate Apple and their lame patent wars.

You know what I hate? Apple. I don't usually hate a lot of things but someone should put a ban on Apple on making bans. Since when does a Galaxy Nexus act like an iPhone or look like one? It does more and it looks nexy sexy.

I live with lawyers. all they do is talk about laws and crap. I wanna work with android central one day so I can make them feel like stupid bozos. I gotta say. I want a nexus. Real bad. And not gonna lie here. Ever since Steve jobs died. Google has stepped up there game, apple has slowed down, and apple has become a new company called douchebag corporation. Located in Cupertino California. So plz excuse my rant and my grammar that sucks almost as much as tech laws. One more thing. Proving Apple's douchiness I fan say that the us gov has made it a law to use microusb for all charging purposes.. or mhl... But Apple, the weasling douche pickle company has figured a way around that. Plz excuse my profanity and repetitive use of "douche"

Apple the worlds biggest patent troll, this is so ridiculous they are out of control and are a drain on our court system.

Apple cannot really compete on features so they resort to patent trolling to try to drive competitors from the weak.

This is just complete nonsense. Sadly, it's Apple's bullying tactics that are going to help them lose in the "court of public opinion". How that translates into sales numbers for them, who knows.
it's just kind of crazy how childish they re being.

I'd love to have a new Galaxy Nexus, please!

Apple is such a patent troll. Google & Samsung need to team up and bind Apple in some crippling lawsuits too.

Reminds me of SCO, and now Oracle... two companies that are afraid of the popularity of the competition so in a last ditch effort lawsuits are resorted to. It's very sad and I hope Samsung can do something to slap Apples wrists for this.

My retired father wants to get an iPhone. Though I don't care for Apple and their products, I don't generally recommend against them if someone really wants their products. After this continued patent war, I have now started recommending against them. They must have decided that it's too much work to make the good products, so why not just try to eliminate the competition through frail patents.

This is BS! When will it stop? Not for a while I'm guessing with all these stupid lawyers and judges making these decisions and apple trying to beat the competition however they can.

I'm so over all this patent crap. Everyone needs to just cross-license and make amazing devices that we can all enjoy. There's no spirit of competition when the competition is being stifled.

BTW, always loved the look of the Galaxy Nexus, hope I can get my hands on one :)

It'll be nice when all companies can just try to make a better product rather than continue this constant blackballing.

This was ridiculous long ago, and it's really making me angry. The fact that Tim Cook can go before the world and claim that Apple doesn't want to sue, that they want others to innovate instead of copying, all while patenting such "innovations" as the rectangle, and the wedge, is frankly asinine. Let's all just hope that they don't notice that door makers, and their accomplices the doorstop makers, are also infringing on Apple's design patents. In fact, we should probably warn sandwich makers not to cut diagonally, as well. And I have an old Toshiba television with a 4:3 ratio, it's kinda sorta a rectangle if you look head on.
I certainly don't wish anything violent on anyone, even Apple employees, but I wish that they, their lawyers, and the patent offices would all pull their damn heads out of their asses. Or even better, one of these cases would go all the way up to the supreme court and the worthless "design patents" would be tossed into the scrapheap.
Also, in it for a free phone.

Apple says they want other companies to compete by innovating and then they try to stop the sales of companies that do.

Really Apple? Are you that scared of competition that you're resorting to petty lawsuits rather then making a better product?

Apple i s nothing but a iwhore plus they are jealous that the galaxy nexus is the best phone out there i have the motorola photon and i will never own a motorola again only google from now on because they like that we hack our devices thank you

APPLE is like a jealous kid who's afraid that someone maybe better then them....Let's go whine to the judge some more. If your confident enough in your ability let's play and see who really wins.Android is so much better.Let the consumer pick the product they like better and that's who wins...Nobody wants to play with a sore loser.

I think its really stupid that Apple is doing this crap. If your phones were half as good as your competitions then maybe you would have a chance. I have used Iphones, and they are not all they are cracked up to be. Stop being a little whinny girl and develop something better.

Why wont apple just focus on there own products. How many times are they going to waste time and money with these patent battles, the patent system is broken and the way apple abuses it is proof.

This patent craziness is symptom of a broken patent system. Our Congress needs to address this and soon! Otherwise innovation and consumer choice will be damaged irreparably.

As I said in the forums, Apple is the ORIGINAL rippers of others ideas. They championed it in the early days (late seventies & early eighties). I find it laughable to see them now belly B***hing about Google and almost everyone else for doing what Apple did 30 years ago.

It's innovating, and we all benefit when everyone competes for our attention!

Apple should probably find the door to these legal situation before they find themselves on the other side of the PR fence, the bad side of the PR fence that is.

I really wish that Apple would get a bit of it's own medicine. I'm waiting for the day when Apple's marketing department tells their legal department to cut it out because of all the bad publicity these lawsuits are causing and the tarnishing of Apples "good" name!!

Its so much BS. I dont get why all other google phones that use the same search feature that got patent by apple didnt get stopped? I dont care who isin the wrong this shit just needs to stop. This is why I hate apple. You dont see google going crazy with lawsuits even though apple has directly ripped from google.

Once upon a time I had some respect for Apple.
Since they began attacking any/all competing products via patents, well, all I can say is, they lost any potential sales here. Maybe we will get lucky and this patent nonsense will make sure the American patent system finally gets the overhaul it needs.

Apple and Google should spend less time fighting each other and focus their resources into producing a better product. It's just a waste of everyone's time and money.

I think it is obvious that Apple is just worried about Samsung's growing momentum. This is just a stall tactic to hurt Samsung's name. Give it up Apple.

I just cannot believe how stupid Apple is for suing all these other companies. Instead of trying to improve their own products, they just try to remove competition from the shelves.

Well, eventually patents are going to overlap. Essentially you have a phone that needs radios, front screen, camera, memory, and a case. You can only re-invent the wheel just so much people. SMH...

Quick read of android central before Work at 3am and I'm treated to more crap from apple. I seriously hope this gets overturned and someone sues the arse out of apple for being such a bunch of cockbags!

If you fancy pinging me a gnex to the UK, i'll trot into the nearest apple store and pop one of the geniuses the finger while smashing my iCrap classic on the floor and blast some carcass at them from said gnex!

i think the band all this google phone is mass up i like the way you can go to google with a phone you will like and i think google should open store in the US and every where.. i don't think any one should band anyone for puting out there own geting a lil Scared about google phone are coming real big in the marke. just let the phone come out.

Ridiculous. The patent system needs an overhaul. Crap like this stifles innovation and it's pretty absurd.

Apple is just too crazy with their patents.. always suing back and forth, nothing new. Probably know that their iPhones are too outdated to compete with the newer Jelly Bean Gnex device lol.

This is completely jacked up. Apple doesn't know how to play a fair game, see the competition and take the chicken way out. Come on now Apple if y'all wanna see just how popular y'all device really is let's play a fair game!

If you look at the current political climate, this injunction and ruling is not a big surprise. We are in an era in this country where free enterprise is deeply in jeopardy.

Apple, while the maker of great products, feels that their innovation and their success should be shared by a select few who will buy the product and consume the product "their way." It is an elitist view point and one that seems dead set on controlling our access to media.

On the other side, Google continues to push the envelope for the masses thru Android and products that appeal to a wider audience. They don't attempt to force the consumer into a "locked" system. Through this effort effort they seem to represent a growing bastion of people who want media "their own way."

So, in the current climate, I feel we're left to choose which side we're on. While free enterprise still exists in our great country, I choose Android while many choose Apple. Who's right or wrong should be left to "we the people" who deserve the freedom to choose.

It is stupid that Samsung seem to go out of their way to make their handsets a little like apples, but Apple just want to sue everyone for everything. They will say they invented phone calls next.

When will they just give it up and do something useful with their money?

Apple is simply a petulant child with too much time and money on thier hands.

If i win i am going to post as many pictures on as many apple forums i can to simply rub it in!

Oh and my b-day is this coming friday which would be a nice add to my celebration!

pinche manzana! I wish I knew a third or fourth language to express my disgust even more. give it a rest cupertino!

What respect I had for Apple is deteriorating by the day. I'm glad I got my wife to switch, and I'd tell anyone that listens to switch as well!

Here comes Apple
Sounds like Snapple
Let's sue, but sue sounds like Sue
This all makes me blue, get a clue

How to patent search?
Can we patent church?
Let's make a deal
With government zeal
With progress that moves at a lurch

Now we have almighty Google
The giant of search which is frugal
A Siri suprise
A pie in their eyes
Litigation is feeling like Oogal.

Its beyond asinine. I used to own apple products. Had the original iPhone,3gs, and iPhone 4. It got stale for me so I tried android and loved it. Apple has been lazy and hasn't come up with anything for me to want to go back. So instead they decide to sue on the stupidist things. Granted they are allowed to because of.the dumb ass patent system in place that allows these genericcap to pass.

pple needs to quit being little bitches and create something to make me want to go back.

Here is some food for thought. If Apple is right and there were copied, and subsequently get banned from using said technology, maybe this would give Google and its OEM partners the boost they need to create and use different and possibly more superior technology. Guess who wins? So let them fight it out, because at the end of day, Android, and the OEMs who use it, aren´t going anywhere.

Apple is getting annoying. Their new slogan should be "litigation over innovation". Also would love a Gnex, thx.

I can't stand Apple. They are greedy and arrogant. I hope the whole company comes crashing down. It would make my new NEXUS seem even better.

In a sense, have respect for the competition. Dont go nipping at the heels of your competitors through patents. Instead spend the money on innovation, rather than hindering it.

That's the tricky thing about patent suits. One one hand, you as a patent holder have to go out there and fight people, otherwise you'll lose your patent. On the other hand, you'll be seen as a bully if you do it the wrong way.

Let me get this straight: Google has had voice-to-text long before Apple. Google has had search long before Apple. Google has had the ability to search multiple data sources with a single query long before Apple. Yet somehow Apple has scored a patent on using voice to search across multiple data streams, and then manage to convince a judge that the Galaxy Nexus needs to be blocked as a result?!? I'm not sure what's worse... the luddites in the patent office, or the luddite behind the bench!

I believe the problem here stems on how patents can be so broad because people approving them do not understand how the invention works, or how it would impact the rest of the industry as a whole. People approving patents should have at least some technical background and can be proved to understand these patents. I have the impression that people that approve patents do so mindlessly, just to get through an x amount of patent applications per day...

Apple makes me physically sick!! I will not allow any Apple products in my house. My family do not use them and if someone comes over with an iphone they leave it outside or do not come in. I am not kidding either, they are the worst company. Just follow their business practice, they have screwed more small companies then All others combined. They have slave labor building their products and hide it as much as possible. Truely one disgusting company. THEY MAKE ME SICK AND I WILL NEVER OWN AN APPLE PRODUCT!!!

I would love a Galaxy nexus to go with the nexus 7 patents are rubbish in the world of open source we should all work together to improve things! :D

it's annoying that most players are hoping for law suit to force competition to halt. while it's important to protect your ideas, it's rather absurd nowadays since there can be only few critical ideas to implement.

we should set some boundary to how many times one can sue another for the same idea without re trial

Steve Jobs even said "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." It is how innovation comes to fruition. They are simply slowing down tech advances in hopes of a small addition to their wallets. It is sad it has come to this, it really is time for the powers that be to step in and fix this broken system.

So sick and tired of crapple (and micro$haft) doing what they can to stifle android.. we need a shirt with Lloyd stomping apples into applesauce!

This is patently absurd. I say we patent shenanigans, call them, and sue until we have enough money to give everyone a galaxy nexus on principle. Until we collect, I'd like to get started playing with a nice shiny phone please and thank you.

Oh, I dropped my phone and it accidentally somehow dialed one of my contacts. Time for Apple to get on that patent infringement. Jeeze.

Samsung should 1up RIM on their 'Wake Up' campaign by having a bus full of Gnex users jump out in front of an Apple line while singing 'Cry Me A River'.

I want to get on the android train and I do believe this galaxy nexus would be a great start! :) Show me some android lovin!

Adding to the list of reasons why I hate Apple and love Android and give away dope phones adding to the reasons I love AndroidCentral!

What a crock. Apple is trying to hang on to their legacy as long as possible, but they can see the writing on the wall.

The grown-ups running these companies need to grow up!

If I win the Galaxy Nexus, I promise to convert at least one iPhone user to Android by giving them my Galaxy S2...or at least rub their face in it!

What's so truly sad (and ironic) is that it's essentially a search-related patent behind the injunction against our beloved GNex. It's rulings like this that really make me think that Apple has judges on their payroll...

I'm sick of the patent nonsense from Apple. I have numerous apple products including a 4S, but recently picked up a TF prime and love it. Tired of the itunes update. Next phone will be Android....Apple needs to work harder at innovation and stop this injunction bullshit. Its a waste of money and only contributes to higher prices for products.

Why can't these companies compete with products!? Stop suing over BS patents (Apple) and make the best products possible. Let the consumer decide what's best.

Apples business model these days is more patent things and sue than actually innovate. All their big announcements lately have been via other companies which they've bought.

Apple knows that Android is catching and going to pass Apple. I would rather have options than just an iPhone.

Your ball is the same color as my ball so you have to pay me to use your ball or I'm calling the police and they will take it from you cause that's how its going to be. Five year old translation of the litigation.

One Bad APPLE Spoils all the Apples. What????? Lawsuits flying left and right as one company throws a fit as a result of falling behind in the innovation category?? Well, that's about as American as "Apple" pie.

Isn't about time Samsung went THERMO-NUCLEAR on the douche bags at 1 Infinite Loop, or is it just me?

IMHO this one time Sammy should set aside worrying about their bottom line - they have the means to stop production and/or shipments for every major component (Retina Display, SSD, HDD, and RAM etc.) and stop them in their tracks.

I think it's safe to say if you want maintain loyal consumer base it's about time to show the world Samsung is THE global leader in consumer electronics.

ALL COCK NO BALLS doesn't cut it these days.

And anyone who thinks NOBAMA's administration isn't part of this somehow is a complete fool. Does anyone recollect (Steve) Blow Jobs claim in his last interview - "Steve Jobs warned President Barack Obama last year that he risked losing re-election over his policies toward business".

Is it just a coincidence this is going down during Nobama's re-election campaign? Inquiring minds want to know.

Methinks this isn't just a strange coincidence!

Hopefully Samsung pulls something out of their hat, and apple loses some of that 96 million dollar bond. Meanwhile I would like a piece of your contraband!

if companies would actually use it the way it was intended and quit abusing it it would suck a lot less. but in its current state it sucks a great big brown one!!!

Apple cannot stop the freight train that's running. Android keeps on chugging along. Innovation... Google is quickly changing the world. I want the Nexus Q....

This is getting ridiculous, Apple won't be happy until their phone is the only phone left on the market. Android is about choice and Apple is trying to take that choice away, also if they think their products are so good why go through all the trouble of stopping other phones from being sold?

I am so sick of Apple and their point of view that they own the mobile market and make no mistake that that is exactly what they are really saying here! I suppose Apple would only be happy if the Nexus 7 was the same weight and dimensions as a standard laptop, oh wait, no they wouldn't because they would them claim they own they market on notebooks as well.

Let me see if I understand this, concerning the Nexus:
1. Cost is $349.00
2. Unlocked
3. Contract free
4. I can root the phone and Google does not care if I do so

Now the iPhone:
1. Cost is $649.00, $749.00, or $849.00
2. Unlocked
3. Contract free
4. Apple states Jailbreaking is unlawful (

The bottom line is that Apple simply needs to get over themselves and stop this nonsense! I'm sorry Apple but because a phone makes a call does not mean you own the market. Why doesn't Apple just man up and admit that Android phones are a threat to their business because consumers are neither blind nor stupid.

Someone should file a lawsuit against Apple asserting that the company is just simply put a loser. Long live Android and the Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus Q.

I would be ecstatic to win one of these devices and shove it the face of all those die hard Apple fanboys!

If I came across a baby cat named "Apple," I'd kick it! Better yet, I'm gonna play home run derby with the apples in my fridge! This is corporate B.S. This cell phone patent suing stuff is getting old, especially from Apple.

Yea this patent stuff is nonsense. If apple could patent the word innovative they would. Hell of Apple could patent the word patent they would :/. #Evo4GLTE

wazzat? Apple blah blah? one word: monopoly. Apple does not want competition, so they take their war on the court for patent infringement and others, look at them, their devices are so pricey only hipsters and socialites can only afford it. they will not embrace open source initiative because they need profit for their pockets. the patent wars should be stopped, apple must play fair competition. apple said that they had huge money in their bank account and they dont know what to do, why not start a first-ever apple open source project? apple will be embraced by the programmers, and please apple, stop using too much propriety software like iTunes. it is bulky. I should say the same to Microsoft for taking parts per sale of android phones from HTC and Samsung.

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

That's how I feel about this whole patent BS. I guess great minds think alike!

Now send me that GNex!

uh, please....

The abuse of the patent system is hampering progress and improvement. So many of the products we enjoy today started as something basic, and then added to, and improved, by others. If each and every step in the evolution of a product is patented, guarded, and licensed, the payment system will resemble the VAT tax system in place in some countries. The cost of the product will increase exponentially because the part that licensed for 10 bucks a unit today will still be 10 bucks in 3 years when it only takes 50 cents to make. Scale of economy will be a thing of the past. Imagine what a product would cost if licensing had to be paid for each part, material, idea, or system that was not an invention of the producer.

Fact of the matter is that Apple sucks, Android rules. Apple is losing customers to Android because the devices are much, much better on Android and this is their only way to combat their losses, stop the better devices from getting to the public.

Android FTW!!! F Apple right to it's core!!

if apple believes android slide-to-unlock mechanism is an infringement, then they should know they stole the notification idea from android! I never hated apple, but now I do.

Of all of the patent wars I have read about there have been an extremely small number of legitimate causes for concern between companies. Most of the patents seem like they should have never been granted in the first place. Patents are supposed to be for original ideas. Things like, "Your lock screen can't slide too!!!" or, "Your device can't be black and rectangular just like ours is!!!" are ridiculous and serve no purpose being fought over other than to tarnish the names of companies and to possibly gain some extra cash (most of which goes to the lawyers and to pay of future losses in court)
So come on beloved, (and hated), tech companies. Stop jumping at each other's throats and just bring us better devices instead. You should be able to win us over with the best product, not because you were able to get your competitor banned temporarily. Really we don't care if some things become similar we just want the next, newest, best thing.

Frankly if I carried an iPhone (which I don't), I'd be embarrassed so much by Apple I'd switch just on principle.

Hey, maybe Apple will buy out RIM's patent warchest and end up the only company able to build smartphones (and possibly tablets) for the US (and possibly Canadian) market(s) due to patent trolling. I'd love to have a Galaxy Nexus to replace my BlackBerry (the other story of the day!).

So does this give Apple the ammo it needs to go after Android directly? Sure seems that way. Bye Nexus. Bye Nexus 7. Bye S3!

Dear Apple. I'm sorry your phones don't actually work as phones and are just proposed centers of your social existence so you never have to write a note on the back of an envelope ever again. However, don't ruin the fun for the rest of us and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the billions of liquid assets you've acquired by getting people to pay inflated prices for inferior products.

Oh and I would really love a GSM Gnex to replace my VZ android device. Since they will undoubtedly be forcing their new "Data Share" plans on me at some point, I'm ready to drop these money-loving fools. It's no wonder that it took so long for the iPhone to make it to Verizon- they're both too greedy to get along.

I think the patent laws and procedures need to be redefined and tighten up a little more. It is completely out of control now. Technology is technology. With so many great innovated companies out there great ideas are always being thought up. But there is only one way to reinvent a phone, a TV, etc. What is next? Ray Ban suing google for making project glass glasses frames just like their frames?

See, this is what Google gets for making their phones black. Apple invented the black phone.

Every company their lawyers are just greedy and are always looking for an excuse to make more money which they probably do not need. Anyways, I'm pro andrpid, apple is/has been getting nervous about android taking over.

You guys said it well: Apples lawsuits are getting more ridiculous every day. Their arguments would be humorous if they didn't interfere with free trade and the sale of quality products. Do you think they might be afraid of competing on a level playing field?

I'm getting so sick of the patent wars. Apple & Samsung are both building on the shoulders of giants here. This is really starting to stifle innovation. Our patent system wasn't invented for this kind of misuse. I really feel like a group of non-Apple patent holders need to come together to act as both a shield & spear against these bullying tactics.

Apple, I'm going to say it one more time. Innovate! Don't litigate. It just makes your company look like a bunch of douche bags. It makes me less inclined to buy your products. As a matter of fact, instead of saving for a new iPad? I just bought the Nexus 7.

This is the best news article about the patent news I've ever read. I have no interest in wasting my time reading about the details of Apple's quest to stifle the ability of any other company to make smartphones.

Apple is just getting more and more ridiculous with each passing week with this patent-war nonsense. They're like little kids at this point.

horrible for google that the only jelly bean phone has an injunction against it. almost negligible in the grand scheme for apple tho, considering the gnex is third at best on most people's recommended buy list (still first on mine). just means AOSP ports for the One X and gs3 will come a little sooner.

I work in a manufacturing environment, and it is frustrating to constantly be concerned about stepping on someone's intellectual property while innovating a new product.

Innovation sometimes involves taking great ideas and making them greater.

I understand protecting your company's interests, but what about making a quality product? That used to be the way to differentiate yourself and make a product sell- ensure you were the best at what you did. Now it seems to be easier to just hire a team of lawyers and hope they are the best at what they do. Innovation is what suffers in the end.

Its so crazy that apple just believes that i thought of this first even if i don't use it in my product you can't use it either. And not that this piece of paper says so i can just sue anyone that i feel because competition is scary and things should just be the same always.

I would say something to Apple like "Do you think Steve would want you to go about doing this?"

As it turns out, yes, yes he would.

When done right Patents are an obviously good idea, prevents people from just ripping off things you may have put lots of effort into and cover a large group of ideas from physical objects to something coded into a device. But how far its gone lately is just straight up idiotic, companies are taking ideas that may be commonplace already and patenting them, such as what we saw with the One X having to remove such a simple idea as turning a phone number into an interactive link, or taking an idea from someone else and claiming it as their own. It's disgusting and hopefully we'll see someone in the US Government willing to put some much needed effort into patent reform but it doesn't look like that days coming any time soon.

Just like the monarchies of old, apple is trying to perserve its own reign in the face of choice and change. Abusing the patent system in a capitalistic society is doomed to fail when choice and the better product is destined to win. In the end, it is nothing more than apple fighting the inevitable. Google has produced the better product, and it will prevail, both in the eyes of the law and the consumer.

I'm interested in the GeeNex, and I'm truly sick of the patent nonsense.

Sadly, the greater populous doesn't understand or care about patent issues. It will take a giant like Apple or Google losing a flagship product, read: the consumers losing a loved product, for anything to begin to change. All when just a little common sense and respect would point everyone in the right direction.


The patent system has become a joke, "certain" companies are abusing the system to hell and back. It's not about protecting your ideas from theft anymore, but more about amassing a war chest of vaguely worded, bullshit patents to block the competition. Slide to unlock, universal search? How did those get awarded? Sadly it's come to the point where lawyers are just as important as designers and engineers in designing a mobile product (GSIII). In short, screw off Apple.

This patent system worldwide was based on getting companies rich and has NOTHING to do with consumer confusion. In fact, in enfringes on basic freedom of companies to make great products and to continue innovation. If the governments of the world want to make this economy better, they will collectively get together and fix this patent system before it brings innovation to a screeching halt.

This reminds of banking regulations pre-2008.. and we all know what happened there.

Apple cries too much they can't handle seems they only want their product to be sold world wide and every other company just go bankrupt

It is just amazing that they even allowed this. Google should do the same to them. They stole those notification from Android and now they get chrome? Wtf!

I wonder how much of this "litigation" is done for reasons and necessity of publicity, and how much of this is being handled in secret deals behind closed doors.

Just like folklore is generally based in truth, no matter how far fetched it seems, I'm sure there's validity in a some of these lawsuits. But when ego and arrogance get involved, sprinkled with a dash of spite and revenge, then the issues get blurry and it simply becomes a theatrical production.

Is there really a clear cut winner and loser? Or is this just another face of humanity that we unfortunately have to acknowledge and accept?


I'm sitting on the crappier while reading this injunction crap. Apple can't innovate outside of the court room anymore so all google bredren must suffer. Apple this flush is for you! Your company is like a bad piece of toilet paper that sells 1 ply for the price of 3 ply. Eventually a finger os going to poke through and guess what Apple. Your shit does stink!

Really? Is this cause Apple is claiming that the GNex looks like an iphone? If so, then that's just pathetic since it doesn't. Is crApple really that scared? More and more people I know are starting to boycott crApple because of Crap like this.

Without competition to keep companies striving for the "best", technology will grow stale. Apple, get over yourselves.

If everyone spends more time and money building new stuff than spending time of patent wars, we may have seen even better phones by now.

Apple is afraid..... And it should be.... The Android community is full of innovators and free thinkers.... We are army... Thee ARMY..... be afraid.... BE VERY AFRAID!

I have to say that reading all of this patent war stuff always just makes me angry, why can't company's compete by making better products and not by trying to ban everyone from using any feature that might slightly resemble theirs... oh well, such is life I suppose.

Seriously Apple, its pathetic. Patents were originally meant to protect individual patent holders from getting their hard work stolen and used in unlicensed products. Now large corporations use it to stifle rival companies' product sales. Not to say that Google is not completely blameless for doing this as well, but it has to come to an end as its not the companies that lose out, rather the end users. Like a saying we have in Malaysia, when elephants fight, the mousedeer dies in the middle.

Anyway Good luck everybody :P

Ford or Chevy....NBC or ABC ... Apple or Android my point is people should have stop crying and invent mr.Innovator. This has got to be about as bad as the worse reality TV show .." Flavor of OS" ...See Apple didn't invent the smartphone they just did it better than everyone else for a while. So why don't you act with the same integrity when another company comes along and does it a little bit different or better... so I will say in honor of the late Rodney King....."Can't We all just get along"

I think lawyers will always be lawyers. They get it in their heads that its all about the money. Well screw them, its all about the CONSUMER!!!!

i don't know but apple is just going down and down... they know that android is a major threat and i think their desperation will drive then to their failure and i will say this in Spanish "yo quiero un nexus" :D hate apple... i think i'm going to eat one... XD lol

This Apple patent is just insane... I know why apple is fighting - Its because android is a better product in every way over the iPhone and Tim Cook can't handle the competition taking away market share.

I think if they focused more on the devices and less on suing everyone, the manufacturers would do a much better job overall and be more successful.

When you're scared, you sue. Apple's empire is falling down around them and they're trying to claw at anything to keep afloat.

This really is getting ridiculous. It's like the evil witch and sleeping beauty - I can't figure out how to be the most beautiful again so I'll just bully & intimidate my oppositions into submission. Who does this hurt, Apple? The industry, that's who.

Yet another patent squabble from Apple... What happened to good ol' competition in the marketplace... If they wern't so content with the boring interface of their devices, they'd find a way to innovate in the space, and not just sue everyone who makes other devices that compete with them...

I think the patent crap is sad. It amazes me how apple is all over the place with patents and trying to block everyone else and then copy stuff from others devices continuously. I mean really just become a better developer and design stuff you think is better and win customers that way. Stop trying to block other companies sales and beef up your game to win customers over with something that is just out of the water that they would be willing to pay cash for the phone or end a contract to jump carriers to get your stuff.

apple is just scared of how awesome android has become and will become in the future. They're falling behind and they know it..

I appreciate that Apple actually produces a product (vis-á-vis patent trolls). But yeah, this is getting silly. Try prying a shiny new GNex from my cold, dead hands!! ;)

Why can't Apple just create something innovate in the space instead of suing everyone else so they can keep their boring interface???? Once they finally decide to let their users have widgets, they'll probably sue Google and claim that they had the idea first!!!!!

I am tired of this. All I ever read now is about how Apple has some patent on something and are suing for it. I think we get the point. How about instead of focusing on trying to keep the competition selling their products just focus on yours and try and put out a product that is good. Not that hard

This patent nonsense is bogus and could prove to only harm apple, I've seen it happen to the company smart parts in the paintball world. Same situation suing over things they neither really owned nor improved upon

Also I'd like a new phone haha

Apple needs to give in and take it like the slut they are. This is why i never had an icrap. Started my android journey with the G1

this is bull!!! Apple already makes a sh**-ton of money, yet they still want to try to slow the competition, and with stupid patent suits? really?! selling my MacBook Pro this weekend because of this bullcrap

I can only quote what was said many many years ago but still true to this day!

Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2, 71–78 uttered by Dick:

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

Now please let me win. If I don't win I promise I won't sue.

Yeah. Here's a book worth a read: "Innovation and Its Discontents: How Our Broken Patent System is Endangering Innovation and Progress, and What to Do About It." It's from 2004 but still right on the money...

Mighty good mood you guys are in. Guess what. Ill gladly take one of the GNex's off yer hands. Infact, ill take two.

So they want to destroy the very competition that keeps their own engineers working harder to stay ahead of the

This is a bunch of BS going on between all these companies. So sick and tired of hearing all the patent this crap and suing them crap. Makes me want to forego technology and move to the woods. Please let me win a Nexus so I can be saved from mountain isolation!!!

There seems to be no review process before patents are awarded. This has gotten completely out of hand. I'm seriously concerned that the GS 3 could have an injunction placed on it for some bogus patents, not to mention the Nexus 7 and every Jellybean device that would "violate" some ridiculous siri patent.

Hmmm, it seems that after this patent issue and injunction,it has become more clear to me that this is just a problem that will only get worse without involvement to reform. Why can't companies just compete for the right to have the popular smartphone instead of legal wranglings.