Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

Here are a few links about today's news, if you still wanna read more: ReutersFOSS Patents

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highbulp says:

My PhD advisor published a paper about how the patent systems stifles innovation. It's absolutely ridiculous. I wonder if we can get a politician to make patent reform a major part of their platform (this being an election year and all).

mmmtacos says:

Apple Blow Pops

read between the lines?

deadpool tcf says:

I can't wait until Google starts using all those Motorola patents and stops playing games with apple. I do appreciate it them not demolishing apple and monopolizing the cellphone game. Such good sports that Google is

meltbox360 says:

The more I think about it the more I realize patents are tricky because you want to protect the innovators but at the same time keep someone from stopping progress with a patent. I know the system needs to be reformed but the hard question is what system can we come up with that would work well?

EDIT: Would be nice if all of those phones and not just one found a home :P

Toymouse says:

This is what happens, when you have to much.. So call.. Freedom of speech. People abuse the system for there own gains. This is what apple is doing to the full. Apple knows by now, Sumsung are the smartest, bigger T's manufacturer in mobile phones. And thay have sarpase them in every direction possible.

meltbox360 says:

This isn't so much a problem with free speech as much as it is a problem with the legal system put in place to protect innovators. Too many loopholes.

tenlay says:

I am so sick of Apple. All they do is suing any company that stand in their way. I guess they don't like competition. Iphone=Boring / Android=Creativity

cae2685 says:

I've had it up to my eyes with all the bullshit legal posturing over cell phones. Fuck Apple and their high-and-mighty device. Obnoxious steps like this hurt consumers just as much. With such broadly worded parents, what's next? Suing because the headphone jack still takes an eighth-inch stereo plug? Come ON already!

For KWTF news, I'm CAE2685. Good night and good luck.

ATW72 says:

Just sell your products. Consumers will choose which ever product fits their needs. All of these patent battles are just plain ridiculous.

Grump says:

The only people getting anything out of this is the lawyers. They always make money, win or loose.

driver5614 says:

Lawyers being lawyers is true but still costs all of us in the long run so yes it is nothing but nonsense

keithjx says:

Preach on! The patent system is so screwed up....

youngzayiles says:

I'm over it already. Now where are my jelly beans.

shmucci says:

apple, quit stifling innovation!

If apple spent as much time on focusing on their own products and how to innovate them as they do on all this patent crap, they might actually release something even their own customers are asking for. This is freakin obsurd.

hyperdude says:

Definitely becoming more and more apparent that Apple gets off on stifling the competition and not on actual innovation (not anymore).

cssplat says:

Man, I bet you even in Heaven Apple will find a way to sue Android device manufacturers.........oh, wait, Apple will probably be in the other place.

ggap10 says:

All this makes apple look like a fool. They are just wasting money and trying to scare away that is getting bigger and better. they know people like google products and android phones are getting better with every release.

zehkaiser says:

When this patent war began with Apple I thought Google should copyright any and every thing! Get any patent possible on features of their devices, and others. Then, once they feel they have what they want they should create a Terms of Use for their patents that simply say, "I am not in any way affiliated with Apple, Inc." That simple. Anyone can use this patented content EXCEPT Apple, Inc.

IchibanMe says:

Awesome way to stick it to apple. Spread the nexus love. I'll take mine with jellybean ^_^

RoQ says:

Google should sue apple over notifications

keokia says:

Seriously. Consumers just don't care about these stupid little wars.

shravan23 says:

I work as a software developer since i graduated from school a couple years back. I own an android phone because I loved Google's promise of being open source and I thought that was cool. This is an age of information where things will get shared like it or not. Apple needs to learn to compete in other ways than just throw patent weight around. And the concept of software patents need to go. And Samsung must just pay a boat load of money as apology to Apple for blatantly copying stuff from them. And did I say software patents need to go.

Please guys, be a role model for us young developers and don't malign our creativity with such rubbish every single day, day in and day out.

A GS2 toting young dev salivating over the new retina macbook.

minhaferzz says:

It's ridiculous that you can patent crap that is so obvious.. something that "search" should do on any device!

User0781 says:

This patent lawsuits are stifling competition

oversight says:

The Android camp is stepping up its game, producing products that capture mindshare and compete toe to toe with the best Apple can put forward. These lawsuits are nothing more than Apple trying to throw up roadblocks and remove competition from store shelves.

This decision and the one that blocks the Galaxy Tab just reinforce how broken the patent and copyright system truly are.

bassdelux15 says:

Freaking hate the patent system, almost as much I hate Apple for being complete !@#$% with it.

wan2run says:

Apple is worried about the competition, pure and simple.

danzini says:

Makes apple look petty. Glad I jumped from iOS to Android with the galaxy nexus.

synister619 says:

I was an iPhone user for years, from the 3G to the 3GS to the 4. I jumped ship to the Galaxy Nexus and I haven't had any regrets. Android is superior.

cloakinghalk says:

Apple sucks. They're just scared they're going to lose customers.

yoandroid says:

I want one

hehe Cant wait for it!

kilarican says:

Who gives a shit, Android 4lif3.....

imthekingbk says:

Android Central >>>>> Annoying bickering lawyers! Hope I can get my hands on a Jelly Bean Nexus!

gdmacdo says:

When will the companies realize that a scorched earth policy serves no interest other than the lawyers. This money could be spent making a consortium of pooled patents that help all involved. "We'll donate zzzz patent if you donate yyyy." Do what you do best, come out with new products, new features and poke fun at competition for announcing "me-too" products 1 year later. Forces everyone to innovate!

swebb says:

Apple fears open competition. They did bring multiple cutting edge products to market and must believe this gives them a monopoly on the concept of touch screens and voice input. They fear that competition will drive pricing down and their obscene margins and control over their resellers will go away.

This is one of those issues where I see little white dots in my vision and I realize the utter stupidity of Apple is causing me to have mini strokes. Rather than the squeaky wheel getting the grease, I prefer, the squeaky wheel gets replaced. (Pay attention to that Apple).

guns4america says:

It's all just a bunch of crap. Makes me wanna take a few devices and introduce them to my .50 BMG rifle and a few pounds of thermite.

Calma10 says:

It won't be last apple suit, I am sure apple is very scare. Why not let the customer decide the best product, rather than banning the phone.

MotoMan78 says:

New world order is a evil bitch ...

Sgsheff says:

They should just focus on consumers choosing with their wallets. Apple has certainly been successful in that aspect but they should focus on making their product better. It's hard to compete with the speed at which Android innovates.

htatc says:

Yup, sad so sad. Looks, like the old Hatfield and Mccoys.

ynomrah says:

I have never fucking bought anything apple and i never fucking will. DIE.

blastman31 says:

I wish Google would fight back. Or at least do something. Google has smart people, I am sure they can come up with something.

moosc says:

Also galaxy tab 10.1 is banned in USA also.

chapy008 says:

I get called an iOS hater all the time. But really who's hating. Maybe Apple wouldn't have had to resort to this bs if they had just released their phone to all the carriers when it first came out. Now they're playing catch up and are trying to piss on everyone else.

I don't know what Apple is trying to accomplish. Its insane!!

Software patents are, in my opinion, mostly ridiculous...
I partially fault the larger companies (such as Apple) for trolling like this, but I place the majority of the blame on the US Patent Office.

I believe that the companies affected should band together and sue the US Patent Office, for allowing such ridiculous things to even make it through their office. A patent on being able to search from multiple sources (on any "computer", not just a phone)?? One for unlocking your phone by swiping across the screen? Yeah... somebody needs to be fired.

I don't know what Apple is trying to accomplish. Its insane!!

neo4uo says:

You know I love how Apple thinks they are the pioneer of the smart phone and they come up with a lawsuit everyday. Does anyone remember the PC6700 HTC Windows smart phones or PDA? I don't like what Apple is turning into. They have good products, even though I prefer Android. They are pouting like a child and have turned into a whining mainstream suing machine. This is about as ridiculous as Coke suing Pepsi. Grow up its called an open competitive market. With technology growing as fast as it is things will overlap. I think Apple is showing us an example of how a communist government works where you only have one choice and not the freedom of choice.

Thanks and please stop all of this crapola!!!

drewfus0929 says:

Only way for apple to innovate is to try and stop others from innovating. Sad.

Lito187 says:

It just goes to show you that crapple is just scared of competition. Look how many iphone killers there are in the market. All the Galaxy line ups are iphone killers. How pathetic of apple to cry about this. Im happy I have an Android device and not a crapple one.

Realist says:

hope i win! eff apple!

fyrfyter says:

Apple doesn't innovate, they litigate. God forbid they do something other than minor OS updates that other OSes have had for awhile. I just want to know who is going to sue Apple and put them in their place. I think Google should just to prove that there is always someone bigger than you!

ultrav23 says:


Ufofu says:

That's it, I think Google needs to change the boot animation for 4.1 to a sour apple jelly bean immediately. This was gonna be the phone to take me from Droid X to this century. Damn it to hell Apple!

wrxdrunkie says:

Ridiculous! AC makes me proud.

dswatson83 says:

Make war not peace - Apple

jsb7773 says:

When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace☮

ianh2787 says:

This is beyond ridiculous. Screw apple, screw their vague patents, and long live King Android. Apple is shaking in their boots, and this is the only way they know how to fight, too bad it affects us, the consumers.

rtmartinez24 says:

Apple has run out of ways to be creative so all they can do is bring frivoulous lawsuits against android manufactures. They need to suck it up and quit crying. Oh yeah, by the way, that nexus would look good in my hands right now!

davpel says:

Stop the madness!

3mp3ror says:

The patent system is broken and the judge couldn't tell the difference between apples and oranges. It doesn't surprise me that the patent office would come to this injunction however, for it also grants patents for worthless "As Seen On TV" products. The fact that the patent office even takes Apple's complaints seriously at this point is just baffling. Makes me wonder if anyone's getting paid out for this lunacy.

For a company that does so many things so well, the patent trolling bullshit is leaves a bitter taste in my mouth for buying their products. I want to like Apple but their ethics just disgust me. I wish I had the spare cash to buy a Galaxy Nexus just out of spite. I need an upgrade anyway.

antar8543 says:

All this patent stuff is straight bullshit. Apple just doesnt like the fact that android is growing and improving while they change nothing

SmoothB says:

Apple is rotten to the core...FREE THE GALAXY NEXUS!!!

november1986 says:

Software patents don't work when they're granted for general things like slide to unlock. This is such bull that won't be fixed anytime soon. Only the lawyers benefit while the consumers suffer!

wildo69 says:

here here.. screw this patent battling crap.. so irritating

gpowers01 says:

I'm simply going to be voting with my money.
Does anyone want to buy my mac book air? I'm done with Apple and the lawsuit nonsense.

gregba says:

This is so messed up! But not as Mest up as this......

krnmakuhl2 says:

absolutely ridiculous...waste of time and $$$...angry apple at it again!

JerryGPena says:

Obvious patent troll is obvious.

solid_s_1117 says:

Simply a product of the industry. When innovation wanes, one must look to alternative (though uncouth) means to secure your ideas/concepts are not circumvention and used against you. You think Google purchased Motorola out of charity, ha.

kuoirad says:

Hardware patents are bad, software patents tend to be worse, I think.

bkell says:

If they were smarter handing out patents, then they'd be easier to protect and you wouldn't have nearly as many squabbles.

The patent system needs to be fixed, and things, such as "slide to unlock" should not be granted because it is ridiculous how it is "intuitive". The Nexus It does not look like an iPhone, and is competition in the smartphone industry. This ban is the beginning of Apple monopolizing the it and hopefully all android manufacturers work together and prevent this from happening.

MrTyC says:

Hey Apple, can't we all just get along??

ultrav23 says:

If an original idea is improved upon significantly it is not patent infringement! Apple you suck. I didn't think judges drank Kool Aid!

smhism says:

I love my MacBook but could never really see myself with an iPhone. Also prefer my iconia a500 over an ipad.what's sad is apple didn't really innovate any of this stuff. Just building on what was already available like other manufacturers are trying to do now. I believe we're at a point when nothing is going to be completely new and innovative but it can be infinitely improved as to what is available now if the right people are allowed a little freedom to do what they do

jaketraveler says:

Eventually Android will beat Apple in their own games..

Xopher says:

They really need to make a law where lawyers don't get paid if they lose a cases that they file - especially IP attorneys. If a judge finds that the suit is frivolous, then the lawyers don't get paid. That might help to cut down on some of these stupid suits. Right now, win or lose, the attorney profits, and costs get passed on to the consumers.

crazywhitie says:

The Law needs to be .. If you Sue someone for say 10 million and Lose .. you should Owe that company/person 10 million... if would stop alot of these chump cases

crazywhitie says:

WTF.. Apple is getting beat in the Cell phone game and they can only Sue to try and recover loss... They are becoming more and more a Joke of a Company to me.. Apples new notification pull down Bar.. Android First... Come on Google lets get that money back...

noxlord says:

I hope all this nonsense will end up in a global patent reform.

Bryansarnold says:

Honestly, who are the judges that all leading this charade go on over and over and over again. It's ridiculous! There is nobody like Apple... we get give it a rest!

eharty says:

Apple just plain sucks but the patent system needs a complete overhaul. Apple should have never been granted some of these patents in the first place.

kalex says:

Idiotic claim. Apple being apple. I guess anything goes just to keep iphone selling. Real competition shows up and apple unleashes lawyers

gramamoose says:

I can't believe this bs!!!
The Nexus looks NOTHING like anything they make!

Are you guys sure Steve Jobs is really dead? Because it looks like all this nonsense he started is still lingering!!! Come to think of it maybe all these "patent wars" will bring the end to all of us in 2013! Oh no the Mayans were right!!! Okay now I really need a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) and a Asus Nexus7 Tablet so I can teleport the heck out of here!!! HA Apple looks like you don't have a flux capacitor in your devices, okay maybe you do but I'm sure it takes a million steps to ignite it when it takes Android two steps!So ha! here is a jellybean right in your apple core hole!!!


LNWJ says:

Can't we all just get along? Pick me.

ShahinTr says:

I'm not going to be biased on this but there needs to be a line drawn immediately, Apple is abusing the patent system. Fine, Companies do sometimes copy and you have every right to action against it, but to destroy your competitors with petty patent infringements is just absurd. I think the step has gone beyond the limits and the patent laws have to be looked at properly, because if this carries on or even worse Apple continue to be allowed with this farce, it's just going to be at a stage where nobody can work together.

Has Google attacked Apple for their patented notification system? No. Yet, Apple a company which was supposedly dying, into bankruptcy at one time should know better, that their greed is going to be their demise. Apple has good products, but a very poor business logic. I believe a stop will be enforced, but when is the question, because in all honesty at one time, this stuff was kept between the companies and the law, now it's effecting the consumers and it's part of the everyday news. You come across it an all Technology websites and it's FACKING annoying (pardon my french)but I think Apple should be the first company to be waved and fined for petty patents and time wasting, then all companies will follow them. I didn't want to read this article, but it's a perfectly written article with a great giveaway.

Chriseckeard says:

Litigation it's no substitute for innovation. Apple's behavior has caused me to swear off purchasing any of their products.

draken says:

Apple and Google going after each other is very similar to the Republicans and Democrats going after each other. In both cases, it is us common folk who suffer.

AC could ease my suffering with a Galaxy Nexus. :-)

BigpappaJ says:

I don't believe Apple to be a bad company, for a certain group of people, they make great products, but things like this just make them look petty. But then again, the whole patent system is kind of a joke nowadays.

kinster02 says:

As I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no Apple!

Kave_in says:

As unfortunate as this is, reality is, there will be adjustments made, money will be lost and within a few weeks, if the court enforces the ruling, which it currently isn't doing, that will coming in the next few days, Samsung/Google will make the necessary adjustments to continue importing and selling the phone.

There are two points I'd like to make: these continued attacks are a result of Apple patenting everything under the sun, a company doesn't do that unless it wants to take away advantages of competitors (i.e. Google, Samsung, HTC, so on so forth). Apple is scared because with each announcement from them, regardless of hardware, software, features, content; its competitors are replying and stepping up their game in every aspect, showing iOS as increasingly stringent and closed to change.

This brings me to the second point, although not the most ideal avenue of innovation, when the most obvious options for software/hardware designs and interactions are removed, companies have to get creative to provide that functionality, pushing companies to think of new, 'out of the box' interactions, designs, so on. Which in the end will move Android forward as an OS.

While for the moment this sucks, I'm sure we'll all be happy enjoying our newly imported Nexus' in a few weeks from now: ALERT! The world will keep spinning after this injunction!

Thanks AC, keep being the awesome site you are!

Zman1001 says:

This patent stuff is getting out of hand. I thought maybe it would all end when they dropped the Motorola v Apple stuff, but it looks like Apple is still going after Samsung. First the Tab 10.1, and now Nexus. This is crazy

tinshield says:

I can't wait to get my shiny new prize!

anicholas7 says:

Lets take this to the Supreme Court. OH SH!T cant do that anymore. They will tax the hell out of us.

astang says:

This is ridiculous. As if Apple doesn't already own a huge chunk of the pie, they have to play defense by delaying all the phones we want from entering the US by invoking patent infringement lawsuits. This was infuriating when I was trying to get my HTC Evo 4G LTE. But when I heard that orders couldn't be taken because they were being held by customs, I had a meltdown. Just because you hold back a company from getting their products on US soil on time doesn't mean I'll spend my money on an iPhone instead. It just means I hate you as a company even more than I did before and will willingly wait for a product I actually want to own.

Lhikan says:

Way to go Apple. Instead of looking at competitors' products as a challenge to make better and better products yourself, you call everyone a copycat, try and patent everything imaginable, and stifle innovation in order to get a stranglehold on the market. Were the billions of dollars you already had not enough? Geez... Unless someone is blatantly trying to rip off your products, mind your own frigging business!

kemal180678 says:

It is sad that if you live in countries that aren't paying much attention to this patent war, that is where you can enjoy every gadget without someone trying to block it. Apple had took it way to far saying everything are trying to copy their product. Instead of trying and making new innovation (what apple had prove they are capable of) now they are blocking others who try to grow.

bigd6116 says:

does it really matter,apple? really?

This patent nonsense is more messed up than Obamacare.

s10shane says:

patents are a joke. apple needs to stop suing company's and focus on making devices and compete against other manufacturers instead of trying to sue them for anything they can think of. all of these patents crap needs to stop. im sick of hearing all this crap.

deltascrew says:

Is Apple a law firm or electronics company?

juustin56 says:

This just shows how much apple is afraid of android.

cyko68 says:

Nonsense! "Almighty" Apple continuously tries to sue everyone for ideas... typically ideas they "stole" from someone else. I'm so tired of Apple thinking they are better than everyone else.

rflagg says:

It's the law of nearly every company in our capitalist system: When one stops innovating, sue.

layout98 says:

Gee I want a Nexus even more now!

gmc7000 says:

I kinda hope the injunction stands. It would up the "cool"
factor, having ILLEGAL PHONE. I can already see the ladies lining up.

Btw, can I have one?

Dutrak says:

So they are blocking Google's galaxy nexus because of a search feature?! Oh the irony

ef3309ct says:

That was one gangster post!I want one :)

Juni_Syn says:

Jobs couldn't destroy on android while alive!!!, why continue with this!!!, if I were a judge I will tell apple that they wont be allowed to sue anybody before 2999 AD...

TheNexusMan says:

Apple = iDiots.

dan in la says:

Booo. Apple is just jelly.

vtmtnbiker01 says:

I think that its ridiculous all these patent wars going on. It does nothing for competition but harms it. And as someone who still does not own a Nexus device (financial reasons) I would LOVE to be able to get one while I still can.

snager says:

I once had no ill feelings towards Apple but with all this patent trolling, I now despise Apple as a company and will boycott anything from them.

xdalaw says:

I loathe Apple!

this patent nonsense is absolute nonsense! some rules and guidelines need to be set to end some of this b.s ... Ya know what i mean jelly bean??

rap1 says:

This is getting beyond ridiculous. Can they fine Apple for bringing frivolous lawsuits?

rsa says:

What was it that Shakespeare said about killing all the lawyers in ' Henry the Sixth'

lowdwn169 says:

so, you fear competition. file injunctions to prevent sales....and doesnt/didnt samsung provide the screens for the crApple iPhoney.... dont bite the hand that feeds you if thats the case

dkopet says:

I can see why apple is doing this. You can thank Bill Gates for that. I personally hate all this patent crap. It's hindering creation. Apple used to be in this position and now they are the big guys, the one's that everyone wants to be like. It's funny how things change.

njiki11 says:

Apple is only suing because they fear the Galaxy Nexus and Android in general. My mom is a lawyer and our theory on this that if you are suing a company or platform recklessly over BS you are either power hunger or you are scared. In my opinion they are scared. They are scared of all the innovation Google has put into the Galaxy Nexus and in the bigger scheme Android. This is the first time they are actually going to have to compete for marketplace.

gewbert says:

This madness must end.


pprichar says:

Makes me sad that I use a MBP as my main computer. Apple is getting far too greedy.

j.wolfe77 says:

Im so tired of apples b.s. those sue happy SOB's. If they spent half the time working on their phone to make it better than suing people than maybe everyone WOULD STOP HATING YOU!!!
Android FTW!!! Jelly bean FTW!!!!

iowhat says:

I'm getting tired of all these patent lawsuits. I own an iPhone, but I would gladly smash it and use this Galaxy Nexus instead.

dacp283 says:

Apple who?

Goofy317 says:


slackerjack says:

Fuck every apple fascist I cultist and their dead rotting hypocritical god.that about does it...


This patent nonsense is so far out of hand I don't know what to say anymore. The things that apple has a patent on are so absurd I can't believe it. So painfully absurd.

I wish I could find ways to limit my support of apple but there's nothing left for me not to buy from them. Already been boycotting them for too long.

perhac18 says:

UGH! Really? Is it really necessary to try to block every single phone that has the slightest resemblance to something not even close to ground breaking

auburngirl says:

G Apple needs to focus on making better products instead of suing their way to success.

chatchback says:

Apple needs to back off and maybe learn a thing or two from what makes Android so popular. I say, let the consumers decide on their own what products they want to buy, fun and ever-evolving Android devices or boring slabs of sterile I-products!

daver317 says:

All your Galaxy Nexus are belong to us....send us up the bomb.

ultrav23 says:

I love watching iPhone users squint to see their phones. Hey Apple if you want to patent something patent a snap on magnifying glass case!

stam3334 says:

what a waste of time

cpne says:

The competition between Google & Apple is good for all of us. I love my Android phones and my Apple computers... the companies are good for each other.

That stack of Nexi in the photo for this post is nice!

joanrivas says:

Patent system needs to be reformed. What is happening is nonsense!

taarkan says:

This will never stop unfortunately. It came straight from the recently deceased horses mouth - "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong... I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."

rich.x87 says:

It is al about the money!
Strip the board members' greed and you'll have everything fixed.

emilde says:

Think Different. Sue the pants off your competitors!

newoikkin says:

That shit's messed up, dog.

reno55 says:

OF course Apple playing the cry baby role once again

SHASTA91 says:

C'mon Apple, innovate, don't litigate! Instead of improving the iOS experience, Apple is taking the low road and fighting competition by attempting to drag down Android. It just goes to show how frightened they are by the ever-increasing popularity of Android...

dkb409 says:

When is Google going to make a parody of the 1984 Macintosh commercial, replacing the drones at their PC’s with the Apple Sheep listening intently to the Apple leadership telling them what they want/need in a phone or computer. Then Lloyd can run and smash the screen with a Jelly Bean.

easy1jay says:


Hey apple, ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

Xaanos says:

Support Electric Frontier Foundation in their attempts to fix patent laws at this website.

My Nexus broke I would love a replacement one but even if I don't get it at least I helped show support for fixing the patent laws.

Donmeister85 says:

Gosh Apple. You guys are just low. I mean how lame can you get? Give it up already. HATERS GONNA HATE!


Zooks64 says:

I guess Steve Jobs' idea of going thermonuclear on Google really means hiding behind lawyers and BS patents. GG Apple.

acculver says:

I would love to win something please pick me.

I wish there was a limit on how many patent lawsuits Apple could file in one year.

pittom says:

How can anyone compete or improve if the courts allow one company to claim exclusive rights to even the most general ideas?

kevin_wsy says:

I think nothing cannot be solved by letting go away our ego, selfish, desire and just sit down and really talk instead banning. Face and deal and fix the problem but not throw away. Hopefully this won't turn into war. Be satisfy and grateful. =)

Heath276 says:

Well I guess we should just all get iPhones and be sheep. Wait hell no f the man.

KUS says:

Pretty soon, Apple will sue the world because "THEY" invented the cellphone. Which court granted this temporary injunction? Let me guess - 9th District Court in San Fransisco?

frankos72 says:

It would be nice to see them all drop all of this. Let be real here. When a manufacturer comes up with a good idea and consumers like it then they get an edge just by being the first company to come up with it. But with patents, they get to have a monopoly on a design feature or software trick? This is lame. I understand that they should be allowed some advantage because it was their idea, but really others should be allowed to compete too. It's bad enough that there are a ton of iphones out there. But how fun would it be if we all had iPhones? Competition is fun and healthy, let it happen. Maybe they should lower the life of a technology patent to 1 or 2 years. That's enough to give the filer a clear advantage for a while, but eventually everyone gets to add the new feature.

ectoren says:

Stop the madness!!!

betito84 says:

free stuff? count me in!!!!

jate322 says:

Another waste of taxpayers money. How long will they continue to bog down the judiciary system with these petty lawsuits? Thi

brucedbr says:

I would LOVE to have one of these! Please....pick me! :)

Android Central ROCKS!!!

Bruce Derouen

yates23 says:

It seems as though Apple is trying to monopolize the mobile industry, and whoever them deem as a threat the file patent infringements on.

And from another angl, they seem like they are afraid of becoming the next Rim.

Let the people choose what phone/brand they want, stop trying to ruin other peoples innovation.

At what point did patents become a way to simple eliminate competitors? Wasn't the point to allow the people who invented something to exclusive rights to something for a brief period in exchange for sharing it with other companies. It seems like Apple just doesn't want to deal with competition and uses it as a way to stop consumers from being able to get anything other than their produces. These patent wars have become more than ridiculous. The things that some countries(cough, cough, the US) allows companies to patent just leads to a market where one company can control everyone else with the threat of having their products banned. Hyperlink, ways to register touch, a slate shaped device? And then judges rule in the favor of these things and basically say consumers are too stupid to realize that these are different products because they are the same shape. What ever happened to the idea of just offering a better product? If these patent laws aren't changed then we are going to end up with one company having almost total control over innovation and we will see the technological progression we have made start to grind to a halt.

qfnol31 says:

I thought the point of patents is to allow a company to use a feature to get a jump on the rest by offering something unique.

Obviously Apple isn't suffering from Android's ubiquity; if anything, I would argue that Android is helping to draw more people to what was once a single-product market, which in the end will lead more people to consider the iPhone than would have before.

Plus, the only reason Apple has a leg up now is because they're better at patenting stuff. They steal just as many ideas from other people, but are smart enough to protect themselves ahead of time.

rosser says:

Apple needs to just leave things alone. How is the Galaxy Nexus directly impacting their sales?

Freegoo says:

For a company that hates patent lawsuits, Apple sure is good at it.

jayty97 says:

I was taught at a young age to share, be respectful to others along with teamwork and other parts of being a decent human being. I've taught my son the same thing. What did these money grubbing idiots learn (And I say that with the utmost of respect!)? Obviously they have long lost their way and are not being decent people. Google may just have something better than Apple at this point. I definitely think they do. Apple, instead of competing, has to cry foul and that will hurt them in the end. The fact that we as people like to be different is being overlooked. It is almost impossible to control a whole market for that reason alone. People have different tastes and needs. Each company, each group of designers and developers will do things a bit differently. Apple is so scared of loosing their share, it seems as though they have lost sight of what their user base is looking for. Apple devices are very intuitive, always just work and are well designed. The only reason they are loosing market share to android is they are spending more time backed into a corner defending themselves than developing great products. Android just keeps moving ahead and getting better. The smartphone and tablet market is huge.. the majority of the worlds population huge.. there is room for multiple players because again, we like being different and we all have different tastes. This crap needs to stop as it is simply ridiculous. IOS is not for everyone nor is android.. they can each do amazingly well if they just stay on task and develop what their user-bases desire. If Apple wants no competition, they are fooling themselves and really need to rethinking their strategy. Competition is why technology grows and improves... Competition is healthy. Being greedy narrow minded idiots is not.

nickg14 says:

I would love one for my dad!

gaguy says:

Apple.. derp.

Android 4.1 eats iOS 6's lunch and they're scared. Seems easier for them to pay lawyers than to innovate these days. Sad really.

With 1,000,000 Android devices activated each day, there's no stopping the train.

sly says:

It would be poetic justice to see Apple pay out that $95M to Samsung when the court determines there are no infringement. After paying the lawyers (ugh), Samsung should take that cash and offer a free trade-in: Send in your iPhone and get a new Galaxy Nexus. Then, they should take all those iPhones and make a giant bonfire in Cupertino. Hand out jellybeans to the crowd. I would surely fly out to see that!

dalekg says:

just... AARGHHH. I am *this* close to getting my wife to understand why I need to upgrade from my T-Mobile G2, and now I can't get a Galaxy Nexus because of crApple patenting slide to unlock? first world problem, yes, but... AARGHHH

utahg8r says:

Lawyers are what's ruining this country,its ridiculous with some of the lawsuits that are out there

gollyzila says:

These patent lawsuits are like low blows under table.

Yancey1 says:

This is bogus! How many patents has Apple infringed upon. How about notifications to start off with!

hero992000 says:

apple is losing the smartphone battle and by the time their next icrap comes out android is 5 steps ahead so they sue which really blows. They are the bully of the tech world

Scout_313 says:

Apple's antics have caused me to sell my iPhone and deal with using a 4 year old flip phone while waiting for the Galaxy S III that I pre-ordered. I even paid full retail just so I could cut ties with Apple. My MacBook Pro is next on the chopping block as I no longer wish to support a company that uses such bogus tactics against its competition. That'll leave me with just my iPod Shuffle but I can guarantee you I'll never buy any music from iTunes.

Savbers says:

I'm getting so tired of this and I'm sure the judge is too. US gov was talking about protecting copyright law, now what about fixing the more important patent law!

What ever at least all these injunctions don't affect Canada!

Except we don't have any Galaxy Nexus' for under $599.99.

crow11ad says:

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But, we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But, what we found out is that each one of us is: a brain . . . Andrew Clark: And an athlete . . . Allison Reynolds: And a basket case . . . Claire Standish: A princess . . . John Bender: And a criminal. Brian Johnson: Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

This is how I feel about them. Lol.

FlashGal says:

comment removed; unintentionally duplicated

codejinchu says:

I rather eat jellybeans till my teeth fall out than eat an apple. Yuck!!!

Can't we all just get along. .;-)

videofreak2 says:

Everytime I look at my brother playing with his iPhone, I just give him a death stare. Apple are stupid.

dpnabais says:

In one hand, patent non-sense is like two kids fighting over a lollipop. On the other hand, I'm glad modern society provided this fighting method or they would be bombing factories and sh**!

Declan.Gao says:

SHAME on you, Apple

Deaconclgi says:

At the end of the day, consumers are hurt the most by decisions to ban the sale of items. We didn't infringe on the patents and shouldn't be punished. In my opinion, the only time a sale of any device should be blocked if if the device is harmful to the safety of its owners.

Beyond that, let the companies fight it out in court, and FINE the infringer based on their profits from said device and other damages. Don't penalize consumers.

Consumer opinion sways purchases, Apple doesn't look good at this point and neither does Samsung (the infringer in this case, two sides to every story). Either way, let the sales roll on, solve it in court and pay the fine.

I don't like being put on "Purchase Punishment" and having my choices restricted. The judge should look at how the blocking of sales affect the people, Apple and Samsung aren't going to go bankrupt by the device NOT being sold and they definately are not going to get VASTLY RICHER by the Galaxy Nexus continuing to be sold.

With that being said, banning the sale of the devices is a slap in the face to consumers, no matter who the defendant is.

bswann says:

Let me win this and I'll send Apple a pic of my ass with the words " screw Apple " written on it every week for a year.

Xerrus says:

So ridiculous. You don't see Hershey suing Godiva or Dove just because they make competing brands of chocolate that differ just slightly in taste. Wake up Apple, the world needs variety whether you like it or not.

katnapper says:

Sounds like another day in the saga of Apple. Reminds me of Al Gore and his claim that he invented the Internet except it's Apple claiming they invented the smartphone/tablet.

Loui-oo says:

I cant see this lasting for very long, Google with dig their way out and kick Apple right where it hurts. There should be rules with the patenting system, rules that people listen to and obey, not just listen to when APPLE say something or cause a fuss!

technomom says:

Every time Apple files a patent trolling suit, Satan tells Steve Jobs, "Keep it up, friend!"

herculesksp says:

What these companies and hence govt/courts don't realize is that all this patent nonsense in the end affects the consumers. We are stifled for choice since one guy came out with an idea first, so I should buy only his products.

There should be a ruling that patents should not stop competition, but the competition should pay royalty to the owner and move on. And can't companies do this quietly and more decently rather than kicking up a storm every single time.

It gives so much bad publicity more than anything else.

Oh, and where is all the talk about monopoly now? Aren't patents causing a monopoly? What are the economic courts doing about this?

daveandcori says:

These patent disputes are BS. Half of Apple's patent should have never been granted because they are too generic and nothing special. Apple is causing too many problems.

wyseguy77 says:

It's just ridiculous how far this patent crap has gone.I understand the name of the game is to make money but I believe you you should be able to hold your head high while doing it, knowing you've earned it. This is just shameful! This is what happens when the patent process is screwed in a time when everyone is sue happy. Unbelievable, the only ones that get hurt in the end are us.. the consumer.

PreceptorJR says:

Settle it this way...may the best device and technology win!

koxler says:

The Patent system is broken. Innovation will only be limited with all the lawyers involved.

slimjon says:

Patents are necessary so companies can get paid for their intellectual property, so these companies should act like adults and settle.

a62335 says:

What, apple sues?

I want a Gnex

SigEpFlipper says:

The hell with apple.... google is clearly taking the lead now and apple is scared!

Instead of trying to block every phone under the sun, they should just innovate and let it stand on its own.

I would <3 a GNex.

Just ordered one, but still torn whether or not to get this or GSIII; S3 has the hardware BUT vanilla Android sounds like the perfect introduction to the Android world, and the hardware seems smooth enough with JB, and I love that curved screen and clean front!

-current 4S (4-sad) user :'(

deterrent says:

The patent system needs a full reboot

realdeal12 says:

this is just a joke all this for money just a fight about who can dominate the world

Oh Apple oh crap Apple, when will you grow up.I blame the judge also she is not the smartest. This is not rocket science don't the justice system realize how precious resources are been wasted on this type of thing. You know when I watch or listen to podcast whenever they get to Apple law suits everyone all sound tired even die-hard Apple advocates.I wish the DOJ will step in the stop Apple from stopping competition.In fact from today on no istuff comes to my house. That old g4 in my basement is going to trash anytime soon.

redball says:

yes :-)

Apple is a cock-block. The only phone to have Jellybean for at least the next six months and Apple turn's on that Aaliyah song "TRY AGAIN" .... "dust yourself off and try again". Fierce. lol. i want one... a Galaxy Nexus!!

elyd23 says:

sweet give me one :D just hating all these patent war..

wkj says:

I had been an avid apple hater for a long time. Recently I traded an Asus Prime for the new iPad ( loved the Prime, but iPad fits my usage better). I love this iPad, but after reading how pissy Apple is being I'm tempted to go back to Android based on principal.

I have a S 2 for my phone, but would love a Nexus.


E_man says:

The only thing worse than this stupid patent situation is the crop of internet lawyers who know best. Glad to see that group doesn't include the AC Staff.

rsmattos says:

Although I believe Apple is to blame by their attitude in this, I find the whole patent system is the real culprit. If ridiculous patents, such as slide to unlock, weren't granted this wouldn't be happening.

Even though Apple does have a great quality standard, they don't seem to believe it's enough, or they wouldn't need so many lawyers.

It's about time consumers stop buying every iteration of every Apple device out of fanatism. Good, intelligent consumers lead to better companies. We need to send a message to Apple, to make them see we only want good products. So, they need to keep working on giving us good reasons to buy their stuff, instead of keeping us from having a choice.

pe1 says:

Seriously, in my entire career, I don't recall EVER meeting a software developer who thought software patents were a good idea.

robmcclellan says:

This whole Apple vs the world thing is as stupid as me not winning a Galaxy Nexus from I mean, can you really fathom that? If I don't win a Galaxy Nexus it would be just another win by Apple, and no one wants that!

This whole patent war is retarded and a half. It's a waste of millions of dollars and court time to reverse one decision after another.

bps119 says:

I am soo tired of reading about Apple trying to stop progress for every other company with these stupid lawsuits! They are scared because they are just a one trick pony and Android is killing them in activations. With jelly bean on its way to the gnex, I would LOOOVE to have one to complement my skyrocket. P-p-p-please give it to me Android Central :-)

LOStheNERD says:

stupid lawyers

Egypt1337 says:

Hey Apple, sorry that the Nexus is cheaper and far more superior than your precious iPhones. It's embarrassing that you have to resort to this because you know that Samsung is putting in legit work into this phone business. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites, suing the same company that's supplying the LCD's that no other supplier can provide you since your standards are way up there.

How messed up is this? OMG SO MESSED UP. Or something.

Naaji says:

Lol apple just suing everyone because its their mad that their phones suck and android is alot better.... their just a rich company falling down...... Google is awesome and we all know it too plus aren't jeallybeans and other sugary items better than and apple lol hehehe

Dreded says:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I need a new Nexus,
Way more than you..
(and patent attorney's suck)

Dreded says:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I need a new Nexus,
Way more than you..
(and patent attorney's suck)

El Niche says:

Stick it to apple, give me a nexus!

Come on guys! It is Apple's god given right to defend their intellectual property, which they may or may not have stolen themselves. To quote the late Steve Jobs "Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal." If this continues, America and Germany will be stuck in the dark ages... or worse... we might all be forced to use Windows Mobile!

lavaroach says:

hope google somehow gets revenge on apple, and sues the **** out of them and somehow destroys the entire iphone market.

one can dream :)

Come on guys! It is Apple's god given right to defend their intellectual property, which they may or may not have stolen themselves. To quote the late Steve Jobs "Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal." If this continues, America and Germany will be stuck in the dark ages... or worse... we might all be forced to use Windows Mobile!

Tofur says:

Who needs to be innovative when you can sue and block others?

Nice job Apple.

Mission33 says:


you copied your name from a fruit.

rxkiller#AC says:

Apple is running scared. If they really believed their product was superior, why sue? This is their only play in this crazy, messed up patent system. Just my two cents...

klou says:

Gnex ftw!

Chromer says:

Apple is just mad because googles search is better than Siri and Siri wouldn't be anything without google search. This crap is getting out of control and needs to end. Apple needs to worry more about creating a better OS than worring about who infringe on what patent. I have an iPhone now and am getting so sick of the crap they pull that I don't even want to own it anymore, might b looking at a GNex or GSIII.

Ahhh, I can't think of anything witty to say!!! Umm, I still have an iPhone 3G and hate myself for it so please help me out Phil. Help me!!!

ilhe1s says:

There should always be competition but they need to share some of these patents and quit being so Greedy.Oh and don't license everything. Hint hint Microsoft.

ultravisitor says:

How ridiculous is this?

Basically, the proponents of one side are saying, "Look at that copy cat!" and the other side is saying, "Nuh-uh! We did it first!" And it's back and forth and back and forth until the government has to get involved and put people into time out. Quite simply, it makes everyone look childish.

It's so ridiculous that it makes me embarrassed to love gadgets and technology as much as I do. Is this ever going to end?

Shadow53007 says:

Apple just needs to mind their own business. Oh wait they are, since they obviously invented everything...

helloandrewc says:

Patents be crazy, yo!

Linebarrel86 says:

Apple can eat a dick!

david279 says:

Apple is clearly killing the patent system and it needs to be fix. As a form of protest I've installed ubuntu on my macbook. Now I will take one of those galaxy nexus please!?!?!?!

Tonio21 says:

SMH. Apple needs to have it's legal division banned from any court house in the US. They are suing for every little thing and its getting to the point that I may actually give up on them changing their methods. Every month it's them suing for something new. Apple can suck a pickle.

whizabz says:

An Apple a day...never mind!

Hey! Android Central! Hey!! Hey!! Hey! Android Central!....puhleeeeeeezzzzzz gimmie one! :-)

fillossofer says:

Patent system is screwed, but still, Eff Apple!

lsmunoz says:

Here is how messed up the patent system is. I am planning to file a patent on sueing people for stuff that shouldn't be patentable and then I'll nail Apple.

Apple's new motto - "Better to litigate than to innovate."

jra8927 says:

well this is deft bs. but apple is a corporation. their sole purpose to win money for the shareholders. apple is very well aware that the patent system is messed up. as a corporation they want to make us much money as possible, so why would they not take advantage of the system. of course you could take the high road like GOOGLE, but not all companies are the same. just refer to the keynotes of both companies, one was taking shots at the other, while the other just showed their stuff. i will say phil i do enjoy late night angry semi drunk rants =) makes for awesome reading

xvolk418 says:

"customers don't know what they want until we've shown them."
-Steve Jobs in his biography, pg143

I'm inclined to disagree. Apple Inc. is just following the pattern of their leader, who did not really know much about the consumer. Google has as much right to produce its products as Apple. I wish they'd face Google, Samsung, HTC, LG, Microsoft,etc... in an honorable contest and be "good sports" when they're beat instead of whining about it to someone (the courts) who ought to not have a say in the first place.

I'd be happy to spite Apple's patent tantrums by sporting a Galaxy Nexus :)

thepervster says:

apple is just jealous because android is a better phone and is just getting better. its like they say....Isn't it a shame how 99% of the lawyers give the whole profession a bad name.

janesa13 says:

Twerbo says:

So sick of this BS, I'm buying a Nexus for each and every family member before the potential ban.

CaliberSRT4 says:


I don't care about lawyers, I just want a Galaxy Nexus so much!!!


All this patent stuff is bs

BrettQ says:

Hey, the Galaxy Nexus is in the press again and may even get more press outlets to mention the 4.1 update it is getting. It has to be just about the best device for $350 off contract.

Anonne says:

What a load of crap. Patent trolls suck

cnrhernandez says:

Apple has to realize that thy aren't the only one's that can make great phones Samsung and Google team are already winning in so many ways
Still would like to win something from all these posts

jlmxsj says:

Our patent system is more broken then greeces economy


Can't we all just get along

thedoo79 says:

How is apple able to get the patents they have? The system is broken, it needs to be fixed. What will Apple really accomplish with this move? Seems like a good way to burn cash...

emock81 says:

All Apple is doing is showing fear. They can't feel confident about there own products if they have competition that puts out something comparable or better.

alche says:

So easy and fun to stop true competition by claiming your competitor is trying to get out of truly competing. Everyone can join the fun!

bobtheasian says:

This is becoming ridiculous. And everyday there's a new injunction somewhere around the world and everyone is getting tired of this and it's stunting the growth and innovation. In the car business a company makes a car that is outta this world, and when another car company sees this they say, oh yeah? we'll make one better. They hire a legion of engineers to create an even better car. But in the mobile world, a company makes a device that's just awesome, and another company sees this and says. WHAT?!? PEOPLE LIKE YOUR PRODUCT MORE THAN MINE?!?! And then they hire a legion of lawyers and sue the crap outta the other company. This is just very disappointing to see companies act like babies about another company 'stealing' their product.

Ikeman90 says:

APPLE SUCKS! innovation is about taking something that exist and making it better. for fear that someone will improve on something you decide to make it illegal for em to do it. apple word of advice instead of suing for someone making something similar to yours, try and make yours better

bcjanes says:

The current patent system is completely ridiculous. When a company can be successful strictly by litigating a patent there is something fundamentally wrong with the system.

jaysil80 says:

Is apple really gonna keep going with this. Just drop all of this court nonsense and come up with better phones and tablets.

jharo says:

They're wasting more money on law suits than they will ever keep from the competitors.

Dissident says:

I look forward to the day that when we hear the word Apple we think of a Tasty Fruit, Juice, Keeping the Doctor Away, or a Gift for the Teacher. Apple as a company has worn out its usefulness.

thedoo79 says:

How is apple able to get the patents they have? The system is broken, it needs to be fixed. What will Apple really accomplish with this move? Seems like a good way to burn cash...

wisel#AC says:

An Apple a day keeps the phones away! Read about a different Apple suit almost daily it seems.

Big_Boy3 says:

Like apple needs more money?!?

sfbates says:

Google should patent the use of a cell phone with your ear.
This us bogus. And its a HUGE waste of tax payers dollars to even hear these petty cases.

BacchusKC says:

It's all nonsense that hurts the consumer more than anybody.

I need a new phone!

"When you can't innovate, suffocate!" - Apple

Dantiel says:

And this is why i have never bought anything that has the apple logo on top. They are a bunch of asswipes and i am sick and tired of their ((we create everything attitude))

fmxbrando says:

I are for please giving of Nexus of the Galaxy.. to me.. now.. :)

So much for getting my mom an iphone. Apple is the new microsoft of yesteryear. Android been good to me since switching from windows mobile. These patents awarded to Apple are ridiculous. Didn't know you can own most of the features that was being done before iphone. A sad day for the mobile industry. The silver lining is that, eventually, the evil galactic empire (apple) will fall to the rebellion (android ), and peace will return to the galaxy far, far away.

Yusuf says:

I am starting to hate apple, and lawyers, or apple's lawyers. Lol, and in closing i would include patents, blah, blah, blah. I may just go buy a Nexus7 before that gets yanked.

mrbootcrm says:

At this point I just want someone to find a room full of Korean girls and boys at Apple headquarters so there's no public support.

dharma89 says:

well we need new patent reforms. seems the system is too old for this edge-cutting technology.

agregao says:

This is so messed up!!!

shaxar says:

you know... I never understood how a company that has products made on the first floor of a factory can sue another company just because they have a product made in the second floor of the same factory! AMERICAN COMPONENTS, RUSSIAN COMPONENTS... MAKES NO DIFFERENCE! ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!

Would definitely dig a Galaxy Nexus.

Would definitely dig Apple's Legal Division a six foot hole in the ground.

mlewis106 says:

Apple really needed a way to beat Google's Nexus experience. They may have found it. Censorship. Well played Apple, largest company in the world and now monopolistic nightmare, well played.

nicotinic says:

They have become that which they so vehemently opposed. I guess you do change when you get to the top...

ebender1965 says:

The only way Apple can beat competition is to prevent it. There is no need for these patent lawsuits if they felt their product was so much better than the rest. This is why I choose not to own fruit products. I love my TBolt and would love a Galaxy Nexus.

acromack says:

Apple is now despicable. Once the leader, now the follower, and not willing to admit it.

Good job Apple...
If you can't beat them...just slow them down.

iceman_hrg says:

I will gladly use this Galaxy Nexus (if I win) just to spite Apple. It'd be one thing if Apple was looking for licensing, but it's so clear that they're just trying to block competition. I don't see how these judges stand for it.

i1der says:

Don't people of law see apple abusing of the system... They are afraid of loosing, instead of getting better, they play the patents game.

When do we reach the point where this stuff is considered industry standard & necessary for standard functionality? I think I'll patent fingernails and toenails, then sue everybody who has them. I can smell the money now!



nicotinic says:

Apple has taken on the mantle of the oppressive Big Brother tyranny they were so opposed to initially. It's funny how things change.
You can't crush Android only hinder it briefly. The more they sue and injunct the more loyal some users become.

ktown081 says:

Apple is a bunch of winy bitches. Always holding companies back cause the iphone is losing.

tikanjiah2 says:

Then we wonder why technology is do much cheaper in eastern countries, they're not suing each other every 5 minutes. Contest! :-)

StephenAaron says:


n0obpr0 says:

Apple can go eat a d!ck.

muffstic says:

Apple is like the baby kid that never wins, so they take their ball home. I'm so sick of this BS. I wish Google would just step in and end this.

fury2g says:

Apple is the spoiled baby here. Long live Nexus

Zepius says:

unfortunately the patent system is a pile of crap. maybe i should go patent the color silver and sue everyone.

that's pretty much what it boils down to.

Tigger76 says:

"'Common sense' is seldom either." It's obviously lacking from both the current patent rules and from some judges ability to understand IP. It should be easy to show that Siri doesn't qualify for a patent as it is an obvious combination of pre-existing technologies. For a judge to claim that such a patent is likely valid, and worthy of an injunction is indication that the judge has no clue about the technology, but simply listens to what the attorneys feed her. It would be funny if it wasn't so maddening.

Go Android! says:

I think Apple was a bit Jelly (Bean)ous of Google Now.

justubious says:

I'm so disappointed that companies have used patents as a business tool. This is just another indication that these companies can't compete on their own merits.

rodnar77 says:

Patents are ridiculous. Especially when both technologies are thriving both economically and technically. But i guess everyone needs to measure "it" against someone else.

trayes77 says:

This whole patent crap is just that, CRAP! Apple is the annoying wife on the Real House Wives of whatever........ nag nag nag! I say silencio! Steve Jobs has
passed, rest in peace, time to adapt!