Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

Here are a few links about today's news, if you still wanna read more: ReutersFOSS Patents


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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


Apple needs to stop the BS, it is only making more and more people port to Android.
Just give up, slide to unlock is not a big deal, please.



Wasn't the injunction against the Tab 10.1 in Germany for a thumbnail preview... REALLY! So lame.

Apple reminds of a wimp who would not let his girlfriend talk to other men because he’s afraid she’d dump him. It’s getting ridiculous.

It was neat to see the companies go at each other a few years ago, now it honestly has gotten old.

I blame Apple for starting it all, but now others have joined in. At this point, cross license and get back to one upping each other, is that too much to ask for?!?

Apple used to dominate the hardware, I got my Tilt 2 and while I loved WinMo.. I was jealous of the buttery screen UI on the 3G. Now they are not even trying to keep up, they are simply trying to stall the competition with lawsuits. For shame!

Almost like giving away contraband! Im thinking Apple needs to get out of the sandbox and stop throwing sand :).

This Apple patent issue really bothers me, a lot. Apple is a great company, don't get me wrong, but this situation is making them look bad in my opinion. This non sense is ridiculous, and Apple is wasting a lot money that they could invest into something else. The way i see it, Apple just wants to try and get its competitors out of its way. As simple as that. I mean, Apple is the only company ive seen that says stuff about other OS's. On the WWDC for example, Siri made fun of Android's names. And now this? Ive never seen Google make fun of Apple in some way. I say, Apple should compete fair and square, no making fun, and lawsuits for patent issues.
That's my argument, thank you.

It's unfortunate that something designed to help protect innovation is being used to stifle it. *sigh* Someone pass the Nexus!

I am new to posting on this forum, but am an avid reader. I currently have an iPhone and am looking forward to upgrading to the Galaxy S3 in the next couple of weeks or possibly the Galaxy Nexus. Not sure which way that I want to go, but either way I am looking forward to changing OS's. I am so sick and tired of Apple continually trying to block competition with patents. This has really swayed me from continuing with the iPhone and the "new" iPhone coming in the next few months. I am sure that it will take some getting used to, but from what I have read it will be well worth it.

With all the money they are spending for lawyers, court costs etc, they could use it towards developing more exciting and dynamic products like Android is. Apple is boring and they can only stop Android from overtaking them for long long. That ship is sinkin..... i would love the Gnexus 7

I'd like to win the galaxy nexus because even if I don't I'll be buying (granted I have the money) one and every device that has an injunction just in spite of apple.

Apple can continue to litigate while Google and the many manufacturers innovate. Apple fans are beginning to see the light. A co-worker switch from iPhone to a galaxy note and was sure to stop by my office to show off the huge screen compared to my HTC EVO 3D. Make me jealous but I'm happy for another win for android. It seems like the judge is still in the slow lane where technology is concern and is thinking about what she and rotten Apple have I'm common...quickly becoming dinosaurs.

You can really see how many readers you guys have daily when you post an interesting contest like this. But back on topic, these things are getting ridiculous. There are some things that shouldn't be able to be patented but oh well these things are bound to happen. Hope i win the nexus though.

This patent system is rubbish. Just let the best smartphone win. Unfortunately Apple doesn't have the ability to play fair because this is their 408th patent issue this year..

It is really sad to see this happen. What happened to competition and innovation? I understand that Apple doesn't want others copying their products, but some of these lawsuits are just ridiculous. why not use the money that they are using on their lawyers and invest it in their products? All the time they have spent suing other companies they could have put into their products. Although I don't agree with quote but I have to write it. "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal" Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, said it himself. Why not just stop all this nonsense and get back to innovating and creating another product that is 5 years ahead of the competition rather than having a product that is 1 year behind the competition. Apple, drop the lawsuits. Get back to what you do best, creating and selling products.

Apple is wasting a ton of money in court costs and attorney's fees when they could be saving that money and offering their products at a lower cost. Still wouldn't buy them though... Their motive is to try to reduce Android's market share in the operating system world... but nothing can stop the STILL rapidly increasing number of Android users.

Apple sucks. Just afraid of competition, I guess. If they really felt they had a superior product they wouldn't try to just eliminate the completion through lawsuits. They see what Google is doing, and it scares them to death.

As long as the courts keep letting companies get away with it, the companies will keep up this stupidity. Being able to patent slide to unlock is like making Doorknobs and patenting turn to open door. Or tv companies patenting push the power button to turn the tv on. (hopefully I didn't give apple any ideas their tv) someone at apple watched google io and smacked themselves on the head after seeing all of that innovation, and figured it is too late to rob all of those features and put them in the new iPhone coming (I'm sure they will be in the one after) but until then gotta sue to slow them down, after all, ripping ideas into your os takes time. Healthy competition is all about improving general ideas and creating genuine unique features, not suing for basic premises.

Suing for search on a system? Might as well sue the Dewey decimal system. Or encyclopedia britannica.


Autogiant A to sue Autogiant B and other manufacturers globally due to infringement of their patents. A statement from Autogiant A said- `Our patents for circular wheels have been infringed by other companies using our IP globally!'

Sound familiar and just as ridiculous...?

Apple is just plain greedy they think that they own every pat tent and that nobody is allowed to make a product better than theirs. Bunch of BS apple might win a couple battles but I be live in the end the war will be won by Android and all the support that it has from multiple manufactures and software companies apple has either screwed or alienated.

I can't stand Apple. They are exploiting our already broken patent system. On the other hand.. I love the Nexus..

Are you guys serious? A giveaway with such bad news? That is like giving a company t-shirt to someone you just fired! This is horrible news for the Android platform! (There is my entry ;P)

The US patent system is flawed beyond reason! Being able to stifle advancements in technology JUST BECAUSE your company *cough* crApple *cough* feels the need to hide the competition instead of competing with better products is just RIDICULOUS!! Even if I don't win the NEXUS from AC (I hope i do!) IM still gonna go out and buy one!!

Is there any way consumers can bring a case to court against Apple? I feel like they are infringing on my right to choose what products I want to use.

I find this stuff totally stupid. If apple would actually innovate in the mobile space instead of crowning itself the king of smartphones I wouldn't hate them so much and might actually give them a chance to win me over. Also, slide-to-unlock? WTF?!

I read that 2011 had about 12Billion wasted in patent wars. Apple's increasing its Android trolling because it see Android surpassing them

APPLE is the ROOT of all EVIL! >.< They should remember that innovation helps make the world go round!! LOL!

The entire patent system needs a complete overhaul. All this is doing is impeding innovation and creativity.

So it is cool to "revolutionize" smartphones by using Android features but it's not ok to be the phone those features were designed on. I don't want to live on this planet any more. If you can't beat em sue em i guess.

Apple sucks. This decision was crap. Android will always kick the crap out of ios. I forsee a apple vs google war

Oh and by the way Siri doesn't deserve a pantent. It's just some 3000 pound asian girl with a million computers and mics.

Patents serve their purpose; however, when lawyers get involved, all common sense gets thrown out the window. Count me in!

Makes me pretty mad. I don't know much about patents, but hasn't a unified search like this existed in personal computers for forever?

Your "just lawyers being lawyers" reminds me of a Simpsons episode in which a lawyer says "Imagine what the world would be without lawyers" and you see a perfect world with rainbows and everyone holding hands...
Anyway, I like the entertaining value of this never-ending legal soap opera, but I fear the day it will start to really affect customers or hamper innovation.

This is just wacky! Apple needs to get a grip. It's plain and simple they just don't have any innovation left and so they are going after those who are growing and threatening to become more successful. This just makes me not want to buy anything from apple quite honestly.

Patents serve their purpose; however, when lawyers get involved, all common sense gets thrown out the window. Count me in!

These lawsuits and so called patent infringement are just Apple's way of saying they're scared shitless by google's recent advancements in the Android Revolution. Viva la Droid!

I took a day off and walked in a shop
Looking for a smartphone the best and on top
The salesman refused me with a smile
Pointed at a Sign on the Wall for awhile
My dear the Lawyers a suing again this will never stop

I understand that Apples products can be innovative, but just think what they could do if they invested the money they are throwing at patent lawsuits into furthering the advancement of the mobile space more so then they are right now. Childish IMO!!

This BS with apple suing everything and everyone just because they can is f**king dumb!!! Apple needs to worry about there own business and stay out of everyone elses. There suing samsung because there scared! Galaxy s3 is best example of it. Point taken also apple goes so low to sue and try to get the rights to the domain which was made in jan. 2010. They won the domain already. It's called the "Newer Ipad" not ipad 3 so they have no right to take it away.

What ever happened to the spirit of competition? What happened to allowing the customer to decide which company is on top? The current use of injunctions is really sad. The system its really unfair. Its dumb that Apple can create bullsh!t patents like device color and shape and they can use those patents to get injunctions placed on devices. Its ridiculous that companies with useful patents, you know things that allow the devices to actually work like data transmission, can't do the same because they are covered by FRAND.

Its stupid of the justice system to allow Apple to use them as a hurdle for every other manufacturer because Apple is unable to compete. They know that toe to toe they don't currently stand a chance. Google really needs to step into this current battle because although it was a Samsung created device, its still a Nexus, its still Google's baby. The patent rules weren't made for this, they were made to protect ideas from being blatantly copied, sure the Galaxy S series was pushing the limits, but the Nexus? Really? Shame on Apple, Shame on Judge Koh, Shame on the patent clerks and system, Shame on America for allowing it all to happen...Talk with your wallets people, I for one will never own another Apple device. Hell, I would even be one to say we should have a "Bitchslap your local Apple Store Employee Day" but there are probably legal ramifications there and Apple will probably have injunctions placed on our...

If Apple wasn't so threatened by the android system, they wouldn't be filing a lawsuit every time they moved wrong and got their panties twisted. I certainly hope that the instant they announce an iphone with LTE capability, Samsung sues the snot out of them.

Can we get an iTunes boycott to take hold? That would be awesome. I already use Amazon for all content. Who's with me?

As you mentioned, Phil - more ridiculous by the day. This isn't even about protection of intellectual property - it's about doing whatever it takes, underhanded or no, to crush your competition without actually making a better product. I'm going to write to my congressman about this (not that I expect it to matter - I'm not a corporation, after all) and complain about the patent wars and damage to the consumer for no reason other than lining a company's coffers.

If I get that Nexus, I'll proclaim loud and proud (to Apple):

"To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee"

If everyone played clean I'd love the competition - whatever floats your boat, right? - but this is beyond despicable.

This feels the way when dems and Republicans argue. Apple need to take a chill, this will hurt apple in the end. I don't think they see the harm it does to their image.

This doesn't affect me as I live in Canada but that doesn't hide my rage against Apple. Sure, they do have the rights with their patents but they are so old. With the growing technology, it's impossible to create a new device that is completely void of any current patents.

Ugh.. too lazy to even type out all the rage..

Apple is just mad that no matter how hard they try, Google is always going to come up on top. If you think about it a lot of what the Iphone has, android had first, like the ability to voice search, multitasking, and text-to-speech. Android is still the only os to have widgets, a notification light, and numerous ways to unlock your phone. All i have to say is keep trying Apple!

In the end this will only hurt Apple. Apple may have a lot of money, but Google has a lot as well. Up until now they have gone after only hardware manufacturers, and the proprietary software that was installed on it (i.e. Touchwiz, Motoblur...etc). Now they are attacking Google itself, and the whole Android ecosystem. I don't think this was a very smart move on Apples part. I think if Google wants to win this one they can....and maybe even get an injuction of the iPhone in the process. In any case I hope it is all cleared up before I get back in the States in a few months so I can order my Galaxy Nexus...or whatever Nexus phone is being sold at that time. Unless I win this one of course....Come on snake-eyes!

all this patent garbage reminds me of some childhood parallels:

*post high school: apple is the "cool" kid that hasn't done anything cool since high school and keeps trying to talk smack/bully the "dorky" kid who's actually gotten ahead in life.
*karate kid: apple is going to keep playing dirty and "sweeping the leg" with these patent lawsuits until they finally up w/ a bloody nose from android's crane kick.

apple needs to spend less time/money on trying to hold back android and and more on innovating their stale-ing operating system. otherwise they are going to go the route of rim and get pushed out by those who spend their time innovating.

I hope google just keeps doing what they do best: innovating.
While I would love to see them crush apple in court, I think they should just keep pushing forward. Its becoming clear that google is bringing bigger updates per release than apple is.

It's open source operating system with an open source market! Droid beats Apple by sheer numbers, and all Apple can do is file lawsuits. Innovation has been traded for patent wars!

This is getting really ridiculous!!! Left and right Apple suing X company.....its just petty how such a company is very trigger happy about lawsuits! And to some cases, shit that they even copied from some other company!!! This has got to stop..... and kudos for google / any other company affected by this (samsung in this case) for showing some class and not doing the same thing or counter suing.....cause thats just wasted time, money, and effort..... obviously Apple has spent so much time in suing companies, that they neglect to do something real to update their shitty ass products or software.

I used to have an iPhone and a Macbook... sold all those and went to a Windows laptop and an android phone -- number 1 reason is because of Apple inc's practices. I could no longer support AAPL. Turns out, I like not being told how to do things a certain way. :)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Whoever came out with the fjrst camera on a phone has all the rights on the idea?

Judge Koh said, "Apple has articulated a plausible theory of irreparable harm." You want to learn about irreparable harm 'Your Honor'? Go talk to the people that tried committing suicide at Foxconn factories while making Apple might learn a thing or two about irreparable harm....

This patent litigation war is getting more and more rediculous.Cant they all divert some of the money to actually vastly improving their ecosystems, as opposed to just fighting with each other?

Apple knows that Google is going to eclipse them soon. They are just banning products left and right because they know they can't compete. Apple needs to stop.

Too bad Apple refuses to license it's patents like Microsoft does. While they don't necessarily need the money, it's making me like them less and less. This crap is annoying.

Unlike a Galaxy Nexus, which isn't annoying, and would be great to win. :D

You wanna know how much I don't care about lawyers and injunctions and such? Enough so that i already have jelly bean running on my Verizon galaxy nexus and it's awesome. But I'd gladly take another one if you're giving it away...

This is absolutely ridiculous. Google has let Apple get away with so much: taking their notification bar idea and using their apps. Apple's stuff is looking more like Android's stuff every day, and Google is the one that's suffering. Ridiculous.

I dont really care whether I get a free phone or not but I am really tired of reading more Apple nonsense each day. I never owned any Apple product from day 1, for they were asking too much for too little thing. Good design, thats all! I have always been a PC guy, and later Android. Apple should pay more for research and development instead of paying lawyers.

This really is stupid, I think its just lawyers doing whatever they can to justify their jobs. I want to hear about more cases where the Judge tells the attorneys they are stupid and to trample off.

Its outrageous how Apple is doing this! They're basically a football team that plays dirty, injuring the stars on the opponent's team! Get a grip Apple and stop being whims. If your iPhone 4Shit is as good as you say, how come you try to take out the competition instead of facing them?
Why are we even considering these pathetic lawsuits? Anyone can see it's just Apple being stupid

I got sick of this a long time ago. Even where I work people come in every day asking why I don't use an iPhone. I tell them I hate the company and even those who are diehard iPhone users will say things like "I can understand that," or "I hate them too, but I've been using an iPhone for too long to move over," or my favorite "But there isn't any competition." The second I tell them about how Android can generally do everything, if not more, than an iPhone can, many reconsider. It's hard to build a brand loyalty when even the people using your products, granted not EVERYBODY, don't like you as a company. Some stick around only cause they are unaware of other options.

Rant over.

Is there any way that we can BAN Apple from the US!!!! Kinda like Cory and Cyber ban people on the forums!!!!

Well, I guess that this is all part of business. Just like when Palm was sued for having a keyboard by RIM. It does suck :-(

I was an apple lover at one point, I now I hate their game. I owned an Iphone 4S for a 10 days and went right back to android. I am not going to support any Apple mobile products. Done with it. Go Samsung!!!

I ate some apple sauce for dinner. Are they going to sue me? They can have it back a couple minutes.

I really wish I could hope that this stuff would be ending soon, but that is just too far outside the realm of reality. It is right up there with dragons and Santa Clause.

This whole patent war thing is absurd. Why can't major corporations spend all this time and focus onto more important things like R&D and Marketing?

Sure, it makes sense that everyone has to protect their own assets and that's why they have their lawyers to deal with this, but to have to pick at every minor details like saying a multi-source search infringes on Apple's patents is just ridiculous.

Long ago in a far away land there was a GIANT TROLL. It's name was Apple. For a long time it had a heart and was relatively kind to the people of the kingdom. After awhile that heart got sickly and the Troll wasn't so nice. Eventually the Troll's heart died and the troll became a total tool. It kept the people of the kingdom from getting cool stuff because they were happier without the Troll around and it didn't like that.

The people said, "FU! ya tool!". Without a heart eventually the troll withered up and died and it's parasitic ways were inflicted on the kingdom no more.

The End

From the brothers in the hood point of view. Apple, you see, is carrying on a very prominent trait of the weak widely known here in the jungle. "Instead of Innovating, They Playa Hating!" They couldn't beat Google if they had Ike Turner's Old leather strap! Or better yet his pimp hand! Disrespecting the game, getting the "man" involved! Won't be long until Google knock all them little Apple floozies!

I'm just of tired of Apple and these patent claims. As soon as Google or their partners release something that gives the Apple iPhone some serious competition, there goes Apple trying to stop Google and their partners with claims that their infringing on their patents. It is such bullcrap and act of desperate messure I guess.

This is such crap!!!! Apple makes really good products, not that I own any, but instead of trying to be competitive with what they claim are superior products they hide behind lawyers and vague patent laws. I think they know that their precious iOS has been surpassed by Android and this is all they have left.

I agree that these lawsuits have gotten out of hand as many have pointed out and have repeated several times over the pass couple of years. I for one am open to other OSes and love the competition and the choices that I have. Mac user, Windows phone user and for Android user, whose been itching to go back to Android. I sincerely hope that Apple doesn't win this case. The galaxy nexus, while not the latest and greatest, is one of the killer phones out in the market and one of three that will receive the Jelly Bean update. It'll be a shame if it happens.

Also, another thing, at this moment, Apple has not released a single thing that impresses me. Android on the other hand, has, ICS is the best thing ever! So my suggestion to apple, innovation or gtfo.

One of these days Apple is going to learn that if you want to beat the competition don't sue them, just make a product that's better!! It's pretty simple. At least that's what I think.

This is getting out of hand. Apple is trying to monopolize the industry using any means necessary. I think it is about time that Feds step in and broke the string of crap that Apple is pushing.
Don't get me wrong, I use OSX, have a powerbook and imac, I use iPad (original due to upgrade to Android), and I have AppleTV (not used much). And I will never switch to Windows on my own volition. Apple does make great devices. I've been iPhone user for 4.5 years, since the original. Switched to Galaxy Note 4 months ago and haven't looked back.
One of the main reasons for switching was the ability to make my device completely mine. I got tired of sameness. In 5 years, with exception of adding few new features, iPhone stayed exactly the same. Unless you start jailbreaking that is. Same screens, same icons, same style, same, same, same, same. Even cheap restorants occasionally change their menu to keep their usual customers entertained and keep them coming back.
There were other reasons for switching as well, including choice of devices. Isn't this suppose to be for the good of the consumer. The competition improves quality, choice, etc. of devices and technology?

Lately Apple has been behaving like Microsoft in old days. Monopoly is only good for the person that profits from it. It is bad for the consumer. And eventually it will be bad for Apple too.
Case in point - I am not upgrading to the latest iPad, instead I am debating Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or Galaxy Nexus 7. I am not going back to iPhone and already thinking about Galaxy Note 2, or maybe Galaxy S III. I will not be getting new AppleTV. So that's 3 devices that they didn't sell. If they continue waging this war, eventually most people will catch up and take them for what they are.

patents are good. Samsung needs to evolve from this. Yes apple is annoying . Yes my HTC one v is the buggiest phone ever.

Charlton Heston said it better than I can, at an NRA convention. It also applies to all of this lawyer nonsense... "when you pry it from my cold, dead hands...!

Man, all the events of these past few days have changed me from wanting to jump into the dark side to staying firmly ANDROID! Winning a Galaxy Nexus wouldn't hurt!

I never thought I would somehow benefit off of this ridiculous injunction, but if I win, well... that would be pretty sweet.

This is seriously getting ridiculous. Apple is in fact making itself look very bad by constantly trying to sue it's competition rather than continuing to innovate. This is why one of iOS6 highlight features is "Reply to incoming calls with message." WTF???

You asked for a comment about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. I'll try to keep it brief, as this is meant to be a comment not a blog post, so here it goes:

Firstly: the patent system in the software system today is being used to reduce competition, as we have seen today with the Galaxy Nexus. The purpose of patents is not to reduce competition but, according to the US patent and trademark office, "to protect inventions and register trademarks". [1]

Furthermore, a little down the same page it reads: "By protecting intellectual endeavors and encouraging technological progress, the USPTO seeks to preserve the United States’ technological edge, which is key to our current and future competitiveness".

The suing going on with tech companies such as Apple right now is neither encouraging technological progress nor preserving the United States' technological edge. On the contrary: it is discouraging technological progress by essentially removing competition, and harming the United States' technological edge by banning competitive products from the country.

If the patent system can be used for the express purposes it was designed to prevent, *it is messed up*. It is no longer serving its stated purpose. It is doing the exact oposite. If you stil have questions, call me on my new Galaxy Nexus which I hope I'll win from here. :) Thank you!


Here is an analogy.

Apple is to lawsuit as Crackheads are to crack.

They both need each and apart they are nothing. Apple it's time for you to go to rehab. It's time for you to innovate and not discriminate.

Just came back to Android after using an iPhone for a little over a year. Apple is afraid of the competition so they feel the need to bring in lawyers. If Apple is really as innovative as they think they are, they should welcome the competition.

This is the most idiotic thing I've ever read on the internet. And the internet is massive. Last i checked anyway. Patent system needs a change and so does Apple.

Competition is good for the consumer. Lawsuits are not. Obviously Apple doesn't care about anything but its stock price.

Boys will be boys. Patent trolls will be patent trolls. Rotten apples will be rotten apples.

Lets be honost...both Google and Apple copy each other. I agree with this post because I really don't care that they copy each other. in fact, I'm happy they do it. The winners in all of this are us, the consumers. We get the best of both companies because they are always trying to outdo the other.

Apple is bunch of vussys that scared of Samsung and they see how they progress on yearly profit and trying put them out to cover their butt and not left behind. APPLE is just trying proof how tough they can be if someone is on their way. Get real cuz Samsung is TAKING OVER.

Patent wars suck, and pretty soon companies will only have patent rights, and actually stop producing goods. Sucks energy needed for further innovation and stops other companies from 'taking a chance'

Apple: "Siri, should we sue every competing company over everything?"
Siri: "Yes, of course. Isn't that how legitimate business is conducted?"

apple suing a google phone maker for search. I loled.

if I win, I'm turning this phone into an apple hate edition. I'm not sure how to do that yet, but I'll think of something.

Apple will try to go after Linux and BSD after this, even do their OS is base on them, and they are coping a lot of the stuff, they just want to be the one and only, and that's not the best way to improve or show their edge in technology

Apple is going to do what they have to do for business. Its just too damn bad that there business is ripping off people with overpriced and over hyped pieces of shit!

This whole patent bullshit is just annoying. Also, kind of funny that apple is suing google in proxy over a search patent.

Well I'm throwing my hat in the ring for my 1-2000 chance. :)

Seriously these rulings are getting ridiculous and the single biggest problem is tech illiterate judges who are not even considering that Apple got patents improperly because in a LOT of these cases "prior art" is easily provable. Like this one.

Unified search has been around since the around the year 2000. Apple did not invent it to put it lightly. I used it both in Windows XP and my old Pocket PC. I think that Palm even had it on their early Palm pilot phones.

I absolutely hate this nonstop patent fighting. all it did is illustrate how money hungry these corporations are and the customers suffer in the long run

If you can't beat 'em, sue' em. This is why I dislike Apple. How about negotiating an agreement instead of filing another stupid lawsuit. They want to have the whole market to themselves. That would lead to the end of innovation. Competition is good for all of us. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't understand that.

Sure, patent law sucks. It's broken, and Apple has taken ideas from other companies (and even patented some of them too). There's even a high probability that most of these patents are invalid. The problem we have here, however, is the Apple-fan-girl of a judge we have making these rulings. She either wants to give Apple an unfair advantage or they have a backroom deal going. Now, this is purely speculation on my part, so don't be surprised if what I'm saying is totally untrue. It just looks suspicious from where I'm sitting (in front of my computer reading Android blogs).

SMDH. Listen, I boycotted Apple YEARS ago bc of this BS! (iSuggest you all do the same) I think it was their insistence on installing a software plugin on my PC via a Sony camera or something. Since then, I haven't touched their iTunes, iOS, or simplified UI BS that insults my intelligence. Long live Android!

apple's gonna start ruining their rep by making these very bold movements. i dont think anyone likes these types things except the apple higher ups. apples' starting to really publically ruin their reputation.

I think patents are going to be the end of competitive phones. All phones are going to stay the same because no-one will be able to improve their own for fear of being similar to another. I don't think that common sense items or gestures should be patent worthy. Slide to unlock isn't the same on either device, although it is a similar gesture so is the way you dial a number or choose a contact from the first 3 letters. Play nice and come to the agreement that somethings make sense and work a certain way no matter who came up with it first.

Instead of going to court over patents everyone should innovate for the better of the consumer and not spend ridiculous amounts of time and money in courts over frivolous things.

I think its just stupid to patent stuff so vague.
Companies should be focused in innovating and inventing better products, not just suing each other. Competition is good for everyone.

All this crap makes me sick...What ever happened to healthy competition and innovation? What ever happened to beating out your competitors by making superior products, and winning over the hearts and minds of the customer? Instead, it seems it is easier to make a cookie cutter device, and then beat the other guy in the court system rather than the court of public opinion.

All the patent trolls have made just made things worse. Every time I hear another story of someone getting sued for "stolen" technology it reminds me of Jurassic Park and Jeff Goldblum's comment on tech...

I'll tell you the problem with the scientific power that you're using here: it didn't require any discipline to attain it. You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn't earn the knowledge for yourselves,so you don't take any responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox,and now you're selling it,you want to sell it!

All the Android phone makers should just stop selling Apple their chips & shit..take the lose for a year & let Apple find some cheap ass company to make their shitty ass phones.

Apparently this is over voice search into multiple areas... which you know.. is pretty much the heart of android. Not exactly something you can just bandaid away with a quick patch.

How apple gets this when google had voice search first?!!? I mean even the swipe to unlock.. wasn't there a phone that had that first?!?!? I remember seeing that

Dang it I knew I should have bought the nexus last month screw Apple I will go to wp8 before I deal with Apple and to think I was on the verge of buying an iPhone 5

apple is a serious jealous competitor. but we need to work to gether i guess in androids sake since now chrome is out for them, but damn there gonna keep trying to be scared losers , no doubt .

Monsanto patents seeds to put out its competition. Apple patents mobile technology to put out its competition. Without competition we're all forced into either paying out the backside for access to the competitors product (Non GMO foods for example)---Will we eventually have to pay extra for our handsets not due to better hardware but because we want to use a non apple product that would become twice the price once it has to license all the absurd apple patents just to function as the mass wants?

I remember not too long ago I went to therapy to resolve these issues as a child but these patent wars keep bringing back my past... I feel like mommy and daddy fighting on who gets to keep the little lamp with that little pink lace that they bought at that one antique store they don't even remember. It's not the parents suffering guys, it's us... the consumers.... Apple and Google... please top fighting...

Dear Apple, Google, Samsung, et al.:

Wireless carriers are already doing a wonderful job of screwing over end-users with asinine restrictions, overpriced rate plans, terrible customer service, and increasing amounts of pre-installed bloatware.

Please don't actively work towards worsening the smartphone situation. Shut up and ship. Let the consumers decide the rest.

Hugs and kisses,

– Michael

All this patent battles has become so shameful that, I always wonder, why keep spending so much money in trying to the the compitition all in the name having made so much money and out spending to kill everyone you percieve to be a threat in anyway possible

I'm really getting sick of this already. I've always been an android fan and tried to steer people to buy there products. Every time I see a new patent issue that Apple brings up it, makes me push to get people away from Apple.

I imagine in my head, apple saying stuff like,
"don't take it personally, it's just business, a good business"
And then do some kind of evil laugh......

It's their way to maintain their position in the market, it's not pretty, but it seems like it's working somehow....
But I will respect them much more if they could stop this patent war nonsense and focus on building a much more better device.

The way I see it, this patent war is just some tools for apple so they can claim this and that, and make it like they're the one who invented it....

This is what's wrong with our country. Apple is doing this because they are threatened by Android and the market share it is gaining. Apple sucks with their locked down OS. Every time they come out with an update, they seem to add more Android features. Grow up Apple. Android is a superior OS!

my next phone: quad core patent running at 1.5ghz, 2gb of rap(random access patent), 32gb sd patent, a 4.8" super patentled hd screen running at 1280x720, giving it 196 patents per inch. oh and a 2250mah patent with a removable door in case I want to swap pantents.

once I root it(patent pending) I can install a custom aosp(android open source patent, of course) rom.

it will be made of wood and run dos. apple will undoubtedly sue me if I sell over 18 of these.

I will need a new Galaxy Nexus to save future monies on cell phones and focus them on court costs.

Thank you in advance.

ps has apple patented the method in which I have thanked you previous to or during the timeframe whithin which thanking is possible or prohibited?

This patent wars thing is really getting old, and really stumps innovation...I think the courts have better things to worry about like healthcare, than how we click on likes on a phone.....Just my two cents....and hopefully a Nexus

iOS 6 the world's most advanced mobile OS..*laughs* sorry I couldn't keep a straight face while I typed that. Maybe their OS would have widgets and third party tie ins like Andriod if they concentrated more on engineering instead of being a patent troll.

I think all of this is for advertisement, is more effective cause people read it more thats why i think they do it

I actually think that while the system is clearly broken, Apple is doing exactly what it should be doing as a publicly traded company. They have the responsibility to do whatever they can do within the system they are provided to make as much money as possible for their shareholders. If they though that their owned their intellectual property was being infringed upon and did nothing, that would be irresponsible.

Why is Apple, a company that claims to never make mistakes or concessions in design, pandering to such a flawed patent system? Oh right.. $$$

The patent trolls are at it again. Like a man with a small penis, Apple over compensates for its lack of faith in itself and its own ideas, and patents anything they possibly can.
Google's slide to unlock looks almost NOTHING like Apple's. They work on the same principle, but visually couldn't be more different.
I mean Apple tried to patent MULTITOUCH for crying out loud. Technology that was around long before Apple even began working on the iPhone.
They are a pitiful company and their efforts to ban other people's hard work and innovation will not stop anyone in the long run.
Viva la Android/Google

Great way to protest. I think the best part of all this is that Apple is receiving patents on other people's inventions and then trying to prevent all others from using the idea. I wonder if I can get a patent on ground coffee.. or push buttons.

the worst part is it doesn't even matter who wins in court, we(customers) all lose.

if you can't win market share by the products you make and have to resort to legal actions, you dont need to be in the damn game!

Seriously, it is so retarded. How can anyone support a company (fruit) who copies the best search companies ideas and operating system features and just tries to stifle the innovation that they copy!? That is why I will never support apple.

Apple is greedy and they just want to monopolize this sector of the market. they can patent whatever they want, they still wont win.

Given a little luck, with everyone in the mobile industry suing everyone else, eventually ALL phones will be under injunction. And then the government, in the name of fixing things, will find a way to make everything worse.

And in the midst of all the suck, I'll still manage to feel vaguely amused at the whole situation.

Patent trolling to destroying the world of electronics. With less devices on the mark, we will all own iphones one day.. This is sad

I deal with patent issues all the time. It's frustrating and stifles innovation. Suck it up, Apple - you patented a process that the entire world would have figured out in short order, anyhow. Get past it and create something shiny again.

I think Apple is scared about Samsumg and Android. They know that the Galaxy Nexus, equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich(soon Jelly Bean) is better than the iPhone and it's useless iOS.

i'd love to say this makes apple look bad in the public eye, but unfortunately, i still have the typical every day idiots come into my store looking to buy the iphone, and the iphone only. after 20 minutes or so, i talk them into android because they understand how much better it is, but none of them understand anything but the word 'iphone.' i even make it a point to slip in there "ya know, when you buy an apple product, you're just giving your money to apple so they can go and sue every other competitor to eliminate competition, thereby curbing innovation.." and after i say this, they ask about it, and i explain these lawsuits. 99% are thoroughly disgusted and they want nothing to do with the iphone after that..the 1% will say "idc, it's a phone and i want it," to which i sigh a hefty sigh and then continue on with their sale. either way, i'd kill for a nexus right now as i refuse to upgrade my verizon account anymore (because i'll lose unlimited and be pushed into the shared plans) so from now on, all of my families upgrades will be bought off contract...

dislike to the melody that chimes in my mind (that artificially-happy, crappy Marimba music) whenever I hear that Apple is taking the offense. Apples rot and They'll eventually hang themselves.

I said this was sad about a year ago and now i am beyond annoyed with apple, they are a arrogant terrible company and i probably never buy any of their products because of how big a head they got, like i own a zune, windows 7 PC and an android phone and tablet, NEVER GETTING APPLE. I hope samsung will fight back when the iphone comes out with LTE bc i read somewhere that samsung owns like 12% of LTE patents.... SAMSUNG FTW

All this patent mess is just silly. How about we just see who makes a better product and let the consumers decide! :)

its annoying how apple has become why dont they just shut up and innovate the eff up rather blaming android for its lost.i hate them so much when my sister wanted to borrow my ipod 2nd gen i gave it to her telling her you can have that revolutionary piece of shit!

Only lawyers would continue to fight to block a device that is practically at the end of its market lifespan.


All of this patent nonsense is getting ridiculous. All it's doing is slowing everything down in a world where if you stagnated for a couple of months you were behind. Clearly Apple doesn't know what new stupid crap to add to their phone so they can't let Google and Android manufacturers keep innovating. The world will be a better place when iOS becomes a footnote in a history book.

this nonsense should stop.. patents were created to stimulate the innovations by protecting them.. now they are killing the innovations and creativity.. companies spend millions on suing each-other rather to compete with each-other..

I would not be surprised if Apple Execs are posting a comment here trying to win themselves a GNEX. After they saw how bad Jelly Bean spanks iOS, they probably cursed out SIRI so bad their iPhone won't even work for them anymore.

I'm off, android central can mail my nexus to
Ambassador of Android
C/O Freedom Is Sweet
123 No Rotten Apple Lane
Crush Fruit , GO 99999

Apple pulling $#!+ like this makes me glad I've stuck to my trusty old Ubuntu computer over one of their products. What we need now is for people to start lobbying the government to scrap this software patent nonsense. Wanna patent something mechanical or electronic? Fine by me. But patenting the way some computer code works? Ridiculous.

Apple lawsuits against Google indicates interest in monopolizing the market. Apple has its way, United States v. Apple.

Again w/ Apple suing cause they can't compete. They steal ideas, slap a patent on it, & then sue others for somewhat "stealing" their "ideas".

It is too bad that consumers suffer for apples greed. Since I am greedy myself but not as much as Apple, give me a nexus...please

I know lawyers gotta lawyer-ate and feed their kids (if the soul-less bastards can even procreate) but next time I see my brother (lawyer) I might slap him out of principal

Yeah this really makes me want to boycott apple all together with how they are trying to stop competition! Winning one of these Nexi would make me feel better!

Patent lawsuit is nonsense, what next Apple? Patent air so everyone has to pay to breathe? I'd like a Galaxy Nexus myself, wife has one I bought for her birthday for $399.

Yeah Apple is getting a bit retarded these days with all this crap. Next apple will be saying they have the patent on the whole mobile phone.

These patent wars are ridiculous. In exchange for winning the phone, I'll take a piss on some photos of patent lawyers.

This is awesome. Hopefully I have my choice of carriers for the nexus. Sprint.... Unfortunately. Now what does it say about the platform when the phone that is outside of any influence and is pure android is still being sued as being a copy? Dammit Apple

kind of stupid that a search giant would be sued over a search patent. I kind of think that every dotcom company takes advantage of Google's search capabilities.

Wow seriously? Apple is just throwing around their weight like a school yard bully this is beyond ridiculous. If they had their way there would be no competition out there, and then they could REALLY force people to use things their way. Ugh makes me so annoyed and frustrated.

I posted this in the thread over on iMore, but it's worth repeating here: I can't wait for the day to come when Apple goes back to true innovation and stops suing everyone just to maintain their spot.

Apple, I knew you were off to a bad start when you hit Newton on the head. Gravity cannot be defied.


When it sees its children lust badly enough over Google technology to push Google Chrome to #1 Free App in Apple App Store within the first day of launch, the wounded parent with a seriously bruised ego i.e. Apple can only claw at the stranger who has wooed its children.

Even though there is no major short-term business flaw with Apple's approach, such disregard for the greater good i.e. improvement of mobile technology through healthy competition, will probably cost Apple dearly in the long run, as it positions itself as one of the most self-centered firms in the world.

I have an iphone(at least until Verizon can un-ass themselves from the couch and ship me a GS3) and think its great. But it's stale and ICS/JB is fresh air. That being said it's tiring to read Apple continuing to file lawsuits and injunctions.

What's even more frustrating is the outdated patent system and court rulings.

Right wing, left wing? Who cares, it doesn't really matter. It's the lawyers and court system that's ruining things

All we ever hear about is Apple and some patent issue against a company producing Android based devices. Why are they so worried? They must be seeing the statistics. LOL! Just as I was thinking about getting a Nexus some judge decides to block them. Come on Apple, chill out. You cannot stop the future!

All of this patent crap is getting out of hand. Why not just try to beat a company based on the quality of your product instead of suing them into submission.?

One of these days, the court system will be so tired of Apple filing patent infringements, the court will dismiss all of Apple's ridiculous patents, everything from Slide to Unlock to Searching. That's just dumb that Apple thinks they are all badass.

This patent business is getting old ... Most of these lawsuits seem frivolous and absurd.

it's getting ridiculous and it's over things that neither side invented but just put a patent on first. apple makes it seem like they were the first one to invent a touchscreen phone. I'll give it to them that they were the first one to refine and popularize it.

This is getting ridiculous. Pretty soon they're going to attempt to patent things like having a touch screen or having buttons to control volume. (I know it's stupid and not gonna happen, but it wouldn't surprise me if Apple tried for it.)

There is no way consumers win with moves like this. I understand competition, but this is out of hand.

Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome phone!

I think this whole mess is because there is a severe lack of common sense. Maybe it's time we get a special court for patent related matters. It sure seems all these patent wars are clogging up the judicial system

I'm suing everyone on this thread for using language not approved by apple. Don't like it, sue me right back and out lawyers can hash it out. Ha Ha, see you in court!

No better way to say it: When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Time to put your big boy pants on Apple.

Good grief Apple, get a life and make something better instead of being so petty. Next thing you know they'll be suing Alexander Graham Bell for claiming he invented the telephone.

*sigh* SO tired of this kind of thing! How about you get/stay ahead with great ideas, innovation, and products rather than with lawyers?

I wish that all this patent nonsense would just stop. Absolutely no good can come from it. Wait, I take that back...someone's getting a free Galaxy Nexus!

In the beginingg apple had it all, the first great eco system of music and movies, and they were first off the ground with the iphone... I can see why they thought android copied them, as andtoid tried to compete in the market... But that was 5 years ago, now apple seems to copy everything off android... Waiting for the apple patent against drop down interactive notifications, re jelly bean... The company needs to learn to innovate their own products... Itss sitting on one of the largest piles of money any company has at itss disposal, and instead of innovating new products itss bringing out slow updates to the iPhone / iPad, forcing itss followers to but the latest Jesus phone while fighting the opposition on the court room instead of the shop floor...

Long live Android, Google and of course Andy Rubin and his teams innovation... sorry, my blood boils when I read these stupid patent blocks on phones.

Everyone copies everyone...its just the way it is....look at automobiles. This will blow over.

WTF this is the last thing I expected to see in my Reader account. This is business plain and simple, but damn it stings to see them playing the game so dirty. I hope Google and Samsung prevail in their appeal against this bull. I'm assuming Google will jump full steam ahead since they're finally done with the lames at Oracle and they have no cellphone to carry Jelly Bean in the U.S. without the GN.

The most screwed up part about all this litigation is that this is Steve Job's twisted legacy. I hope Apple loses a substantial amount of that cash reserve bit by bit with every attack on Android. Game on

I'm sick of these patent lawsuits from Apple. It'd be pretty funny if Google sought an injunction on the iPhone to halt their sales. Also, Pick me, please!

I just understand! Why are judges letting this continue!? Apple is afraid, afraid of how fast cool Google android is growing and maturing as an OS. ICS showed everyone where android is going and the arrival of JB shows how polished and innovative it has gotten. Apple knows this and can't not keep up on how fast this monster of is growing. 400million this year alone!! Those numbers are just amazing!! Now the only thing apple can do is slow android down with all this B.S. patent war. competition is great and what drives new products and innovation something apple was known for and now they're just embarrassing

I like pie!

Also i would love a contract free Nexus!

Apple is just being butt hurt because they don't know what to do now that their god Steve Jobs died. Seriously nothing new and "innovative" has been introduced in 2 years just some improvements on the old.

Want a free blog post to go with the Galaxy Nexus?

Send it here and I'll use the Galaxy Nexus to record me destroying an Apple TV 2 :-)