Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

Here are a few links about today's news, if you still wanna read more: ReutersFOSS Patents


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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


This is absolutely ridiculous!! Here is another prime example of Apple sticking their nose where they shouldn't. Apple is locked in a war with Android, specifically the patents held by Android manufacturers and developers. They are going to try and find anything that Android infringes on and take it to court. Steve Jobs vowed to use anything and everything necessary to destroy Android. Well Apple has continued on doing that with taking companies to court over patents. (Apple vs. Samsung) Listen Apple, stop pestering Android because of all these minuscule patents that they somehow infringe on and get on with it! Your wasting your time and your money over these patent cases that will ultimately lead to your failure and fall and then we'll start celebrating!!!


Stinking lawyers screw up everything
Alway cost us money from screwy patent law to. obamacare

Obviously Apple views Android as a threat. That's why they're trying to stop the growth. When you're hot, people want to bring you down. Fact. Of. Life.

I will still have a good weekend. It is only a phone, not my life. The only thing that will stop me from enjoying my life right now is dead, so let them do what they want , i'm going to enjoy my GalaxyNexus as usual and will stay apple free...
Enjoy your weekend guys...
Oh i even forget that i'm in to win a phone, never won a GIVE AWAY in my old life

This very much is getting tiresome. Here and now the idea of something being un reproducible because some one else had the idea first even if the ideas are executed in different ways is meaningless... If you want the truth I invented the cloud back in 1989.. I told my dad about it, and had all the ideas. I didn't program it or anything, but hey, I was 8!!

Apple is being ridiculous with this crap. They are just afraid cause Samsung is catching up in the U.S. Apple is evil, killed our ancestors! Adam and Eve xD

This very much is getting tiresome. Here and now the idea of something being un reproducible because some one else had the idea first even if the ideas are executed in different ways is meaningless... If you want the truth I invented the cloud back in 1989.. I told my dad about it, and had all the ideas. I didn't program it or anything, but hey, I was 8!!

Without all this legal heat from Apple on android phones these lazy phone makers such as Samsung can pull their fingers out and do something innovative...look at the galaxy s3 prime doesn't even look like a iPhone and has some clever features to with it too...minus the s voice old habits die hard...

Can we sue Apple for sueing just about everyone with a phone patent. I need my phone when it released not when the court states!

Patents are ideas, and ideas belong to all of us. Imagine if the discovery of the following were patented, how far advanced could anything have got?
Fire (rich barbarians lol)
Shapes (square, circle, triangle etc...)

Google this, Apple that, Microsoft what.
Inventions should come with intentions to better the world not for 1 and win for all.

This just shows how Apple is scared of Google's ability to innovate better and faster than them, which means sooner or later we will win the war, but not necessarily the current battle. Nuff said!

This is just like Windows desktop or Google desktop have been doing for a while, search the entire computer and/or internet search... innovation!

all that is really happening is lawyers are getting some$$$$$$$ and it's a load of crap! what happened to common sense? now please send me my new phone!

Seriously... Frankly the Apple patent lawyers are just ddoing their job--> screw everyone. What surprised me even more is the fact that some judges out there make these kinda messed up verdicts T_T

Thank you Apple for continuing to beat the hell out of your own brand image. Take a step back and see how reasonable Google sounded at IO when talking about your products. Compare it to your tired little tantrums and try to see how getting on with actual innovation might do you more good than acting like a tired, cranky, sleep deprived 2 year old.

Seems to me like a waste if time and money for all these patent complaints, but its awesome AC would give a Nexus away :-)

Apple is acting just like a politician, instead of just trying to be the best, they are always trying to take down the other guy. Such a waste of time and money...

Gnex on the other hand...

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Rastaman: Don't rub it in man I galaxy nexus is in the mail from android central. It has the latest version of Android. Impressive widgets, high resolution camera, a huge screen, super fast processor, freedom to customize, swype keyboard, can buy music anywhere at a fraction of the price, fast download and buffering free streaming and it runs flash so I can see she. [laugh]
Inspector: The rotten fruit has nothing on me. My nexus can do everything you would expect from a smartphone. No more paying to jailbreak I phone man with android freedom is priceless. [laugh] Babylon can't hold us in chains so them a try use them brain.
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They are just trying to call the attention. They're like kids, fighting for stupid things when the truth is that apple can't live without google and Samsung and google and samsung can't live without apple. They think they look like bosses doing all this show but they look ridiculous.

If I had a nickle everytime apple sued someone for something dumb and got away with it I would have enough to buy everyone a galaxy nexus

They are just trying to call the attention. They're like kids, fighting for stupid things when the truth is that apple can't live without google and Samsung and google and samsung can't live without apple. They think they look like bosses doing all this show but they look ridiculous.

Not much to say after over 1100 comments... we all loath the patent trolling going around and even more so if Apple feels threatened by innovation. I'd be thrilled if I can get a Nexus.

Apple seems scared and are just throwing money at it to try and fend off competition... too bad it's not going to work.

Things are getting ridiculous. I've always been a huge Apple fan and as an Engineer I understand you need to protect your IP, but you get the feeling that this is too much. It only piques my interest even more in what else is out there, other than the iPhone.

This is getting beyond ridiculous. In fact, it had already gotten to that point. I don't know what to call it, now. Apple is starting to look like that crying baby you see, out and about, whose mother doesn't discipline it, is much too big for its stroller, can barely balance its huge head a top its shoulders, and has a sucker covered in lint stuck to its unlaundered shirt.

I had the first Google Nexus phone and ever since I appreciated the innovations they brought to the table. The latest Nexus phone clearly shows how Google constantly outdoes itself time and time again. Barring it would just not benefit anyone from moving forward with technology. It is our right to experience an advancing technology as we see fit and not from the perspective of a few.

Why don't play a fair sale competition instead fighting on court?
Me as I Android and iOS user, I'm tired to hear this things


Apple won't stop until their phone is the only one available. It's getting utterly ridiculous.


Apple, quit being a douche. Not everyone wants to buy your products.

I only wish that DC will get on top of patent reform ... because this CRAP is making me upset ... and oh BTW Apple ... here look at my Galaxy Nexus (LTE) which is running Jelly Bean ... (oh yea, take that Verizon Wireless)

This is pure harassment. Stifling innovation in the name of patents and unwarranted legal arguments ain't benefiting no one.

the true in all this is that apple is trying to block of every competitor product that can affect it sales and won as the best product on any of the markets they sale ...

Judge Koh doesn't know
That Apple patents are hollow
The FCC passes them even though they are generalized or already in use now
The patent war is crazy, why are software patents allowed
Time for Google to bring out the big guns and bury Apple down below

The patent system in the US is completely miss-used and abused. When companies don't get what they want - they sue, rather than work something out. To make maters worse, the same companies try the same tricks in every other country in the world. Its just pathetic.

It's like a bunch of school children squabbling over toys. How are we supposed to progress as a society when the talking heads are constantly battling each-other over who did what first. It's disgusting.

I am going to assume that when this patent was issued, they thought it was just the terms and conditions and didn't read it.

When patents stop protecting real inventors and intellectual properties and are just used by giant corporations to sue each other into oblivion, then the patent system is obviously broken beyond repair.

The patent system is completely hilarious. My favorite part about all these suits is just how silly and childish it makes apple look.

I hope when Apple introduces their television the whole industry sues Apple for making a rectangular T.V.
The whole situation had gotten out of hand.

Honestly, this whole patent crap is quite annoying. I like both platforms as they feed off each other and ultimately make better products for the consumer. If this trend continues from Apple, then I'll just stop purchasing there products.

I've never heard of any of these lawsuits stopping the way that Android does their business or develops their phone's software. Even if this lawsuit is more of an attack on Samsung, I believe this is a waste of time that isn't going to solve or even change anything. All it will do is cost money in court costs which will absolutely be passed on to consumers of Apple products. That doesn't sound like a company taking care of their customers by any means.

If you can't innovate, litigate! This is getting sad and redundant. RIP to the idea of simply winning in the marketplace.

Apple won't stop this nonsense until it's customers realize they are loosing out on innovation due to these patent wars.

My boss is an Apple fan-boy. I sure would like to have a new Galaxy Nexus to stick in his face!

This seems like patent troll tbh. Right after the Galaxy Nexus gets dropped to $349 and JB is announced/released running buttery smooth, the Judge decides today Apple's injunction will be granted. smh

To be honest, I don't really give a crap about all this patent stuff. Granted, I don't understand how they even remotely have a case against the Galaxy Nexus; it lacks the metal band, the central button, the iOS-esque Touchwiz interface. The backs don't look the same. I guess Samsung has the nerve to ship it in a white box... but doesn't the iPhone ship in a black one now?

Back on topic, I don't care about these patent wars. Every single company is constantly suing, paying damages, and licensing from every other company all the time. That's the nature of the patent system; you come up with something and you fight to protect it. Sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong. The reason I hate Apple is for abusing this system. They're not fighting cause they think they're right or even that they have a case; they're doing it to keep us from having that choice. Apple is just trying to, one week at a time, keep product out of consumer hands and that's BS. I was officially done with Apple forever after they wasted millions of our TAX DOLLARS forcing our department of homeland security to keep HTC's phones from giving you the option to call OR text with a phone number hyperlink. And no, fixing the patent system wouldn't help because that's exactly how malignant Apple has become, they'd find a way to pull this crap anyway.

Oh, and come on Galaxy Nexus!

This patent war has to end, Apple is just suing some competition away, you can pick up a Galaxy Nexus on every carrier, so Apple is scared because you have a choice of which carrier you get this incredibly fast phone on. I am surprised Apple has not been sued for their use of Notification on the status bar.

I'm a high school journalism teacher. We have "casual Fridays" on which I always wear either a band t-shirt or an Android t-shirt. I have one specific student who likes to get into nerd wars with me about his 4s vs my (then) Thunderbolt.

Student: "Can yours do voice search?"
Me: "Yup...since you were about 9."
S: "Can you swipe from the top for your notifications?"
Me: "Yup."
S: "Can you, um,um..."
Me: "Yup."
S: "I hate you."

I think all Apple fanboys are this way. They are taught this by the company they worship, so for that, I guess we can't blame them that much, right? Apple hasn't done anything innovative since the first iPhone. Since then, it's simply been a game of catch up. ICS and Jellybean only leave them further behind. Look in your rear view's an apple trying to catch up to your OG Droid.

I totally agree, all Apple does is put features that have already been on other Operating Systems on iOS and act as if it is new and shiny because they presented their own. Look up any Steve Jobs documentary, they will see "although he did not invent the smart phone" "although he did not invent the iPad" "although he did not invent the MP3 player". It's sad because some kids truly believe Steve Jobs indeed made the first PC and the first smartphone and the first MP3 player, because youth today is taught to become iSheep in the future.

All this patent nonsense needs to be stopped by the carriers. If you sue we don't carry your products. It would shut all thiis down quick! It all just really needs to stop soon. I agreed that it's stifling growth in technology.

It is unbelievable. For some of these patents, I blame the patent office for granting the patents. Patents should be specific, allowing for advancement. Instead, companies are just constantly suing each other. Google buys Motorola just to own patents so that they can defend themselves. I think everyone knows the patent system is broken, but I don't think anyone has a way to fix it at this point.

Apple is just a money hungry company that doesn't want anyone to make money but themselves. Long live Google!

P. S. I just broke my razr maxx screen :( so i really need a new phone and can't afford a replacement so a nexus would rock as much as android Central does. Pick me please!

Why innovate when you can litigate? The Evil Empire strikes again. In other news, I'd love a GSM Nexus to take with me to Europe :D

-VZW Nexus

Funny how Apple fans have an air of superiority but their products have to hide behind corporate lawyers to take advantage of the flawed patent process to mitigate the fact that they are stagnated

The U.S. Patent Office is perpetually understaffed, overworked and unable to adapt to the modern era.

And my friends wonder why I am so anti Apple they try to stop the competition instead of winning the market share would love to wave an Nexus in the face of my Apple friend faces

This is all messed up because the people that suffer are the consumers. Patents squash competition and competition is what gets us great products at great prices. Seriously? You are going to stop shipment of a great phone because it uses a slide to unlock feature? I've seen stupid but this is just retarded.

Meanwhile in the real world, everyone begins to realize Apple stopped innovating a long time ago and can only sue people.

More proof that apple will destroy the competition before they can convince people that they are truly innovative. would love to be a nexus user. I've been an android user for 1.5 months and couldn't be more pleased.

Apple knows that eventually people will get sick of their cookie cutter phone and will look somewhere else and is trying to eliminate their choices.

Really tired of the back and forth between Samsung and Apple. Both just need to keep making great products and pushing each other. Would love a new Nexus!

apple has been suing much lately... Samsung, HTC, MOTO.. etc etc..
they're now going to patent the word and call it: "iPatent" ;-)

wait, why did I wink? Maybe they already did patent it and now I'm going to get sued?? :-( oh boy, another thing [me] related to Android gonna get sued!

... Patent BS, seriously if there were no patents on this planet we will probably be so much more advanced in techologie and transportation. I think patents KILL innovation. I hope I will be able to trade my Iphone soon enough to switch to a more open platform.

We need a complete reinvention of the patent system. There are too many patent trolls, and Apple has become the worst one. I had a smartphone with a touchscreen years before the iPhone came out, it ran Palm OS, which looks surprisingly just like ios, rows of icons for screens. Everything the iPhone has done, was built on the backs of Palm, Windows Mobile, HTC(touch devices), and even Samsung(who was making touchscreen smartphones long before Apple).

Apple needs to stop with this patent war lawsuit. They are suing companies after companies for something they claim is their ideas. When they do the same thing. They need to put their attention on making the iPhone to compete with the android devices coming out instead of pursuing every company with this patent BS.

Apple needs to stop with this patent war lawsuit. They are suing companies after companies for something they claim is their ideas. When they do the same thing. They need to put their attention on making the iPhone to compete with the android devices coming out instead of pursuing every company with this patent BS.

I just can't believe... Slide to unlock?!?!? Really?!?! Oh well... I just to win this Nexus and hope to see this patent war over!


Its so messed up that i will never go with apple!!! I will stay android.faithful like ive been for the past 5 years!!!!

All of the patents that any companies that sell phones complain of being infringed upon are ridiculous. All of this has been used previously in one form or fashion anyway. Can I patent fingernails? I have those, so they must be original, and I'll sue anyone that tries to have some! Take that, everyone in existence!

I didn't realize that Apple owns multi-source searching. They probably haven't heard of Google. Seriously, this is ridiculous. It might be integral to Siri's functions but Google, et al has been doing the same thing before Siri. Heck, our computers have been doing it before they introduced the iPhone so why bring that patent out now.

Apple being Apple
I know Android users weren't likely to buy iProducts but all of this patent bullspit not only alienates the Android faithful but also those less hardcore about Android.
So will Apple targeting the GNex FINALLY wake the sleeping giant and get Google to bring out the big guns?

Company's should stand on the merits of their products. All apple is doing is highlighting that a galaxy nexus is a worthy or threat to the iphone. Great marketing for Android LOL keep it up apple


Patents my ass. In the end all that happens is that goodies just slow down getting to the consumer. All this money could surely be put to better use somewhere else, like apple actually innovating and making a new device or os update, something not rehashed or resized, amirite?

The patent system is ridiculous. Plain and simple. Apple, while it may take protecting its products too seriously, is not entirely to blame on this issue. It is the patent system and the way it is set up. While the idea behind the patent system is good, its implementation is not. Major reform needs to take place so innovation can take its course and companies such as Google, Samsung, and any other technology company can compete on even grounds with all other companies.

I'm a android lover
an apple hater
a Google fan boy
never have and never will own a i phone..hope i'm not infringing on your patents
seems like apple owns them all...

From my understanding Samsung has quite a few LTE patents. Hopefully, Samsung will get to ban iPhone 5 sales. (Assuming the iPhone comes with LTE of course.)

Getting really tired of the lawsuits. If you don't like the competition, make a better phone than the other guy. If they are copying you, you must be doing something right. Quit complaining.

It's actually quite ridiculous that these multi-billion dollar corporations appear to be so frightened of competition that they want to subvert the free enterprise system. Why don't they just use all the energy/money they are wasting/spending on attorneys and court cases and use it for research and development of their products and let the marketplace decide whose product is better. Maybe they could co-exist?

This is that foolishness. What about the Galaxy Nexus in any way, shape, or form looks like the iPhone? Foolishness I tell you!!!

I am android and you know what I mean and I do my little dance on the Apple.
on the apple...on the apple.
as I do my little dance on the Apple.

I'm to sexy for apple's patent
to sexy for apple's patent
So sexy it hurts.

oh don't tell me you don't know how to sing it!!!

Everybody now!

Hopefully Apple doesn't try to patent breathing or we will be in some real poopie ca!! EEEK! Seriously, instead of filing suits, let your product be what beats the competition. I love how an article I read the other day pointed out that at Google I/O the talk was about Android and nothing was directed at Apple. However,at Apples last "conference", all they did was take jabs at Google. Kudos to Google for being adult and just moving on and focusing on advancing their products for their consumers. Oh, and, yes, I need a Nexus! Please award me one before Apple files a patent on giveaways and sues you for running one!! Have a great evening sirs and madams!

"Ideas are not lost when shared, but expanded.
Influence is not sacrificed in intellectual transactions, but rather increased.
Ideas are meant to be spread, ideas are meant to be implemented, and ideas are meant to be free."

A quote by Erin,a blogger with a vision, from her article:
"Ideas Are Meant to Be Free"

And whose money Apple is using it to sue? Owners of iPhone! Can't Apple used the money to innovate the iPhone instead of being looked like a spoilt kid crying over a spilt milk? I hope Apple owners have a good look at the logo itself. It showed Apple will always has the first bite before selling the remaining rotten Apple.

Fuck Patents, Fuck Lawyers, Fuck the whining, Fuck the back and fort bullshit, and most of all Fuck APPLE! These companies are already making fucking billions and they still cry like little bitches. Anyways i want the galaxy nexus so that i can push it in all the apple fanboys faces and tell them Fuck U too!

Obviously patents are a good thing, as long as they are used to protect your product or idea. To use patent litigation just to bully another or deliberately block your competitor (of course, depending on how bad the infraction is) is silly and needs to be stopped, like we have seen happen by many judges who are fed up with all the nonsense. I wish they'd learn to play nice with each other, but we all know that isn't going to happen. Either way, I'd love to win a GNexus, I've been looking at them for a couple weeks now.

A patent is going to be a patent no matter what, you came up with it and you get a patent before anyone else thinks of it ? Then great...but also if the patent doesn't exist and that same technology is used and or copied and you get smart and createa patent then more power to you...but law suits will be law suits...
CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME! Dolla dolla bill y'all!

Somewhere deep inside Apple HQ...

Tim "Pinky" Cook: What are we going to do tonight Brain?

Steve Jobs brain in a jar: The same thing we always do Pinky, try to sue for patent violations.

Tim "Pinky" Cook: Narf

Steve Jobs brain in a jar: Remember, it is always best to stomp out competition then to compete and improve a product.

Tim "Pinky" Cook: Egad Brain! I wish I was as smart as you.

Steve Jobs brain in a jar: I wish you were as smart as a tree stump, Pinky.

i cant believe apple is doing this again they are losing the phone fight, so scread they need whatever it takes to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am i the only one that is wondering if this judge is on apples payroll. I find it amazing that anyone could think that such a trivial patent Is worth an injunction.

This is ridiculous.. But that's ok.. Jellybean is one step ahead above iOS6.. By the way, please give me some Nexus with Jellybean!!! Lol! Godbless us all Android fans!

Maybe this judge should wake up and figure out that A. Google made the OS (with swipe), B. the swipe in ICS is way different than the apple swipe, C. Apple stole the swipe action first and then pantented it with our broken patent system.

While I agree with protecting one's intellectual property, this endless patent pissing match is getting old. I own many Apple products, but I am by no means a disciple. I consider myself a tech junkie and consider myself agnostic when it comes to this. I have been considering making the migration to the Android platform for my mobile needs for some time now. This would be an excellent device to start with.


I think apple is just tired of android being so popular so they're attacking them with lawsuits. Pre-Droid 1 days, there was never a patent dispute. Nowadays its just everywhere. I hope I win.

More Posner, less whoever the hell this crappy district court judge is. Apple: If we can't beat 'em, sue them with frivolous lawsuits!

The patent system is broken...basically whoever has the most money wins these stupid things... Oh well probably won't be fixed in my lifetime...

Maybe I could get lucky and win a nexus?

Apple is a bunch of good for nothing patent whores. They aren't the king of technology or innovation. They're the king of buying other peoples innovations, locking it down, making people pay through the nose for last years tech, and then patent trolling anyone they think they remotely have a chance to screw over with their patent trolling. I mean what idiot in their right mind (Apple) sues the company of one of their biggest parts supplier (Samsung) over this stupid kind of stuff? Apple, I'm talking to you right now, man up, grow a pair and beat Android with innovation. NOT WITH PATENT TROLLING!!!! You cowardly, spineless piece of crapple. P.S. IOS6 sucks compared to Jellybean. GET OVER IT!!!


Apple has just received a preliminary injunction against this article. You have used several words Steve Jobs has used in the past. These are sacred and have caused irreprable harm to the company. They will now go to global thermonuclear war with your site.

This rotten apple is an anti-competitive innovation killer. I want my freedom to buy whichever phone I want...please stop with all this nonsense

This is infuriating. Why is Apple able to get such generic patents? These are things computers *do* - if people did this back in the 70s and 80s, there would *be* no Apple. They're beyond hypocrisy.

blah blah blah. My penis is bigger than your penis!! I am afraid you have a better device then we do, so I'm going to say you stole our ideas and pay the judge off so they make you stop selling yours. blah blah blah. I think all lawyers need to be lined up and shot to death with pellet guns.

Hey does anyone know if I can still pick a Galaxy Nexus up? Cause I just bought one today, and I hope it ships :\

Apple is simply falling behind. They're not innovating like they used to so they're doing the only thing they can do: They're trying to bring everyone down to their level. Are they going to try suing everybody who uses an Android device next? I'm sure they'd like to if they could. Google is rocking new devices and new innovations right beside their OEMs and Apple just doesn't know what to do with themselves. Them suing everybody isn't going to stop Android from growing and it makes them look bad. Don't hate. Innovate.

I'm so done with this patent trolling by both sides (even though we all know Apple started it), but isn't it kinda weird timing? I mean didn't Google recently complete the purchase of a certain OEM that just so happens to own what I think is the biggest patent portfolio. I'm tired of it, but it looks like it's time for Google to step in......FINISH HIM!!!

Apple's new moto should be if we cant beat them lets just sue them till they cant afford to fight us anymore.

Ok. So the Steve Jobs zombie walks into a bar holding a Nexus One and the bartender serves him an injunction.

Just another case of Apple having more money than they know what to do with. These law suits will never stop, but it is all Apple has left as Android continues to dominate the phone market.

I want one of these for my wife so bad. She's wanting to finally go with a smartphone after years of flip phones and slides.

God! Another freaking lawsuit?! Apple is one big whiny bitch. Seriously, there's not a single day in which we wake up and there's no news about lawsuits in the technology industry.. lawsuits, lawsuits everywhere! You know what? You should give that Galaxy Nexus to me, so I can rub it on their faces!! hahaha :)

It has become increasingly clear that Apple's strategy going forward is "Legislate, don't Innovate".

Dear Apple...

From the bottom of my heart... Go F*CK YOURSELF! You Are The Communist Nazi's of Technology with nothing but Sad Rick Ignorant Followers and I hope you Perish and Rot in Hell!

Now... does anyone want to know how I really feel... ;)

So, even though apple blatantly takes and uses Android notifications they now are going to block the sales of a nexus phone. How is taking away competition good for competition?

Dear Apple...

From the bottom of my heart... Go F*CK YOURSELF! You Are The Communist Nazis of Technology with nothing but Sad Rich Ignorant Followers and I hope you Perish and Rot in Hell!

Now... does anyone want to know how I really feel... ;)

So messed up.. This anticompetitive behavior by Apple is beyond stupid considering apples stance in regards to Microsoft years ago.

Apple is soooo desperate!!!!!!!!!!! Why are they spending so much money in courts instead of using that money to research for studies to create and even more impressive products? Thats the way companies are supposed to do in order to win customers and break the competiion.. Im beginning to hate Apple.

Clearly it's impossible to compete in the mobile industry. Everyone uses everyone's patents. Just depends on the judge and lawyers you can pay for.

Well, if Google has the ability to block Siri from using their services, now would be the time to flip that switch...

Samsung should tell Apple were to shove it and stop making the CPU chips and everything else they make that goes into the iPhone. Don't bit the hand that feeds you!

This is totally getting out of hand and only hurts consumers. Apple really needs to pay attention as to why users are using Android. Android is highly customizable and easy to use. I can't even change the default browser on my ipad,which is totally garbage. I should have choice! Apple is running scared. Simple as that.

Apple is the one who's copying other old mobile phones style n ideas than buying stupid patents which is not a justice. You can't just steal old ideas n buy it in modern days becouse you are a rich company . I hate this all nonsence injections n patent stuff . Be a man n show it by doing it better. Don't be cry baby apple

It is long past time for the patent issue to be addressed directly and decisively by the United States government. The Executive has many options for dealing with this as does Congress. There is no legitimate reason to allow for the increasingly petty litigation taking place over patents that should have never been issued. Many of them are issued without regard to the fact that they are based on work copied from someone other than the party seeking the patent!

Apple must spend all of their profits on their legal offense. Why can't the judge just say that two companies had the same idea and call it a day in the name of fair competition.

This really sucks... can't they all just get along?... and I STILL can't get Chrome on my Thunderbolt but iPhone users can... now this... oh the irony... save me... I needs that Galaxy Nexus...

Insanity because if this is truly about universal search on the device, I'm pretty sure I had that in my Palm like fifteen years ago.

I read in a recent Boston University study that software patents are costing industry $3.9bn. Ludicrous!

I was actually concidering getting a macbook pro as a change from windows. But I'll vote with my money. I cannot morally support a company that does things like this. Companies like apple hold the world back. Yes the og iPhone was different but that's all they had. Now jobs is gone they don't know what to do anymore, that is why iOS hasn't changed Much in 5 years. They don't wanna spend money on advancement when what we have will do. Just look at googles I/o, yes some products and services are half baked or have a niche market but its different. Look at the nexus q, such potential they should have put Google TV on it sure but its different and is made in the US (quality and no FOXCONN). Nexus 7 amazing tablet at a stupidly low price. Google glass just wow that is the future right there along with Google drive (the car). What is apples new advancement ? A storecard booklet (Google wallet without NFC).

How messed up is all this patent nonsense? Let me count the ways.

In my humble opinion if Google is guilty of copying Apple in any way it's most evident in the Nexus Q not 7.
Who else but Apple would think to come up with such an overpriced and overly stylized device that restricts your media choices to their own ecosystem unless you hack it?

Can't believe this just happened. Patent office is needs serious reform, giving patents left and right for the most mundane things.

The only reason why Apple is doing this is because they are afraid of the fact that Android products may finally be made superior to their iOS counterparts. Android has been an ongoing evolution since the Nexus One until now (mainly with Galaxy Nexus and more recently with Galaxy SIII). They can't make their products superior, so they try to ban the competition. And by superior I mean the iPhone has progressively been losing that status he has held for a long time (and still holds part of it) of synonym of luxury, coolness, design, cutting edge technology and even synonym of the smartphone idea itself.

You got to give it to them for revolutionizing the industry with the iPhone, but that is simply the way it happens in all fields of manufactured products: someone is clever enough to research and do something different (most of the times not based in an original idea) in a way that changes the game in a mix of luck, good timing and finding of the right opportunity. For some time, the person who changed the game reaps the rewards, until someone equals and improves that game changing idea and finally changes the game again. Apple is reluctant in letting the game change again and will for sure do everything in their reach for avoiding that.

That is what the patent wars are all about, and it is sad that justice has been failing in let the natural evolution run its course. I hope for the time when the judicial system quit listening to all these unfunded complaints that only avoid technology advance and just let the devices sink or swim based on consumer opinion, which is the natural way of competition and stimulate research, development and each time more cutting edge technology.

The patent system is totally hosed and allows patents on the stupidist things. I wonder if I can patent a right hand swipe for wiping your rear and then sue all the righthanders.

Thanks for the chance to win AC.

Apple simply sees Android as a real threat now. The pace of hardware upgrades is simply at a pace they are not willing to match. Let alone the pace of software updates. Apple does things differently and they make nice stuff but the way they are playing now is just sad. They have the funds to ramp things up but would rather spend it in court.

Apple Lost the head apple now all they have is patent to save there ass over company's coming out with better stuff then them. It time for people to cut the apple trees down and say no more apples.

this is truly getting way out of hand. i may not know much about patent legality but as a man i know a great deal about competition. its clear Apple doesn't like competition, they act and remind me of a hell bent Latin ex-wife. Apple doesn't need to act like this, they are a successful company. im sure Google could do the same and choose not to(as of this writing). this is only hurting innovation. i'm especially upset about this even more because i was going to buy a nexus for sprint but i have to wait till my next paycheck in another week or so =/ by then i might not be able to get one till this has been settled.

Glad I made the switch over a little while ago. This is just getting ridiculous for Apple to go after competition as such.

Why not Apple take on Chinese manufacturers? Aren't they selling fake iPhones there? Oh, that's right. Apple doesn't want to piss off Chinese since the market there is so big and Apple can still make huge money even competing with fake iPhones out there. It's all about money, right?

I love my Bolt, but there's no way I'll pass on a chance to piss off petty little apple. I don't know how the isheep can stand this crap.

Apple is always trying to say other companys are stealing their ideas. They need to just let the crap go and move on, like they don't already make enough money!

Apple realizes that the market it once surpassed has surpassed it, and now relies on the crooked corners of the law to stay at the top. This is exactly why I didn't want to be a lawyer, you aren't fighting for justice for the little man, you just end up making rich corporations richer.

even though my chances are slim on winning a galaxy nexus i want to say this. I honestly know apple is scared of android growning platform. its just a shame to see apple stoop to these levels to stop android from dethroning there so called innovated iproduct. i also think apple pay off the judges to take these cases just so they can cry about so called stolen patents. i seen apple cry like a bitter baby and spend countly amounts of money to stop android instead of spending some of that money on innovating ideas to better iOS. iOS is no saint and they steal as well (iOS) stands for (I Obviously Steal) the android notification bar tray. come lets be real, the delayed blackberry 10 all touchscreen device apperence looks like the iphone. smh apple u dont amaze me with the patent law suits u contiunously file. grown up and move forward already. my last comment if the person who make the power on and off button filed a patent suit against all tech with that kinda design there will be 1 big lawsuits in history. just saying...

This is the main reason why I have never liked apple. I think that google should get an injunction on the iphone about the notification center or various other ideas that apple is using that android came up with. Apple just thinks that they are above every other tech company in the industry. When this happens with other companies they just talk and come to an agreement about paying royalties. But not with apple. What they come up with is theirs, but what you come up with they will use too. I would understand if they would just come to the table ready to be fair about the whole thing. They could be making money off of android instead of slowly losing market share.

this is ridiculous. the nexus has as much in commoon with the iphone as any other touchscreen phone made in the last 3years. wonder how samsung will react since they provide apple with ipad screens.

How come Apple is trying to keep Nexus grounded? Is Apple afraid of falling behind? Is coming up with 2 year old features that are just good to look at coming a little short? Of course, that is why Apple keeps doing this. I hate it, it going to give me cancer one day.....grrrrrrrrrrr.............

this is ridiculous. the nexus has as much in commoon with the iphone as any other touchscreen phone made in the last 3years. wonder how samsung will react since they provide apple with ipad screens.

Blah blah blah, it's all nonesense, I mean, why the hell are they arguing about, they're lawyers who probably don't even know what objective-c or java mean, and they're.....
Ok you know what, I don't really care, I just want one of those beautiful Galaxy Nexus so I can play with Jelly Bean a little b4 most people will xD
BTW #yoSoy132

Apple's motto: "Do no good".

Apple fans' motto: "Be blind to Apple's evil".

Grammar lesson: Note the clever use of ' before and after the s depending on single or multiple ownership. That's how it works in English folks ;)

Somebody needs to stick a king kong size injunction up apple's and judge koh's ass. Judge koh probably uses an iphone. Enough is enough. Put the big boy pants on and quit whinning like a bunch of pussies. They should focus on making something better than the restrictive crap they have now. Apple is for is for douche bags and baristas. Get a real phone. Android rules!!!

apple will continue to sue and find small things that they "innovated" until android dies. BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

I wish the patent office wouldn't just give a patent to the first person to apply for one. They should investigate each patent individually for the idea existing prior and perhaps have it an open discussion with the public to raise objections before approval. What we have now is absurd.

Here's how messed up this patent nonsense is: I can't be sure that the idea behind this contest isn't patented!

Apple not only won this injunction, but they were awarded 27 new patents as well. These patents include patents on (i) scrolling a list on a device when the user drags his finger on the screen (seriously, no one ever thought of that before Apple; it definitely isn't an obviously natural progression from scrolling with a mouse on a computer screen!) and (ii) resizing an object on a screen (while displaying aspect-ratio guidelines) in response to user interaction with the object.

WTF. I already wanted to own the Galaxy Nexus. Now I want to own it even more, as a middle finger to Apple.

Apple now is desperate to get money, since the innovator (Steve Jobs) passed away, they now getting money by eliminating competitor on and off field such using courtroom.

Their biggest competitor is Samsung, but I don't think apple can fight Samsung in future, since Samsung has all ammunition from design, manufacturing, raw material all in their house.

Apple again ?? This patent issues need to be settled quickly or the system needs to find a solution first the galaxy tab now this .. Apple fight android through another means either than this .. Galaxy nexus come to daddy ..

I hate how Apple loses a lawsuit in one country and then tries it again in another. This lawsuit is BS and is forcing the competition out... First Android, then Blackberry climaxing with Windows Phone 8?? That doesn't make much [HTC] Sense.


No more software patents. No more stopping phones/tablets from being sold just for a few tiny correctable infringements. No more granting ridiculous patents like phone/email links. Patents are supposed to stimulate innovation, not stifle it. Thanks for the new Nexus :)

This is Apple trying to steal Google's shine again with the announcements at IO of the price drop and it going to be the flagship JB phone

Love your site, this makes me not want to visit iMORE any more lol. Im tired of my fake Nexus, Epic 4g running ics 4.0.4, one of these would make my freakin day!!!!!!

Apple is evil. But they wouldn't be as successful in that evil if it weren't for their enablers that hand over their wallets.

I think Apple is just straight up worried that Google Android is going to pass by them with flying colors when it comes to their software. Taking legal action says to me that they are scared or feel threatened!! Good luck

Patent leather > Patent litigation. I guess an Apple a day keeps competition away. I'm due for some upgrades in Apple's wheelhouse but I refuse to fund their court battles so iPods & MacBook Pro will be replaced with competitors products.

This is such NONSENSE!!! All because the Nexus is leaps and bounds ahead of what Apple has out now. Keep shipping them until everyone has one!!!.... including me PLEASE!!!!....

You know, you're right. Lawyers do what lawyers trained to do. Sue defend or prosecute. But I know someone above those lawyers on the Apple chairman of the board are driving it. Just like every corporate lawyer. They all answer to someone higher with more money. Go Android Central. Give them Nexi away. Hope I win 1!

Apple is just jealous that the Nexus is an all around better phone than their iFail. I went to a 4 and even a 4s just to see and the Nexus still screamed my name and I was screaming it. Im even torn between the S3 or keeping my nexus. Patents can go dig a hole and jump in it.

Lawyers and judges determining what constitutes intellectual property. That's like letting me watch two surgeons perform a complex surgery and asking me to judge who did the best job. It's ridiculous. Apple has ensured that I will never buy one of their products again though...

I'm sick and tired of all this lawsuit nonsense! It's making the lawyers rich and the consumers poor and unhappy. If the manufacturers spent the money on improving their products instead, we'd all be winners!!!

This patent crap is getting old. Apple needs to stop being afraid of it's competition and trying to sue their way to victory and get back to creating good products/innovating, imo.

Apple is afraid it cannot win market share on innovation so it tries to win in the court room. The consumer is who is hurt by Apple.

Lawyers exist to create more work for lawyers. Having a JD I can tell you, that's the primary focus. That's why I took a low paying government job. I have no money, but I sleep like a baby at night.

It's so bad that law students are required to take patent trolling 101 in their first year. Apple so scared of the competition that they're stifling the industry...

Its complete BS! Apple is just mad that Android rules the world!!! Karma is a B**** Apple will see its day with suits! Good day everyone and hope to win that Nexus!!

Wow, this totally sucks. The patent system is totally effed up, makes me think apple is just a sore loser and can't think of anything else to do but sue.

All these patent wars suck the big one. Can't wait to take my new Galaxy Nexus and amaze my Apple loving friends with its supremacy.

Apple is kinda like the rabid dog in my neighbourhood....Goes around bitin' everyone and you know you've gotta put it down. Kudos AC for giving away the exact same phone Apple wants blocked. :)

I feel that Apple fears Android and the current momentum they have going. When your on the top the only way to go is down... This is coming from a current 4S user thats moving back to Android soon !

Apple can't accept that there are better phones than the Icrap. These patent wars are never going to endbecause of apples need to stay on top

apple just drives me crazy with this stuff. I'll take a galaxy nexus any day of the week over them there fruit phones! I'm feelin' lucky!!!

This crap is out of hand. It's like two children screaming he's touching me over and over and the other little bastard saying I'm not touching you with their finger a millimeter away from their skin. Get over it.

What's broken is the patent process itself. Its ridiculous that you can file a patent for the most basic process or minute difference between two products. If every other industry was like this everyone would go bankrupt. These companies just have a lot of money and theirs lawyers know it.

These days all smartphones look the same. Apple knows they will lose the smartphone wars. They are trying to slow down the inevitable.

This is just getting ridiculous. I hope for the sake of everyone Apple doesn't win this battle, all this does is hinder innovation and hurt consumer choice.

The only winners here are the lawyers. It makes Apple look bad and it stifles innovation. Absolutely ridiculous.

Apple sucks because they fear the tsunami that is called Jelly Bean. Seems like litigation is the only way the can try to slow that Android system. Anything that comes close even surpasses the iOS, they run like baby bitches to the mommy lawyers waaah waaah lol. Let us rock fam

This is just messed up. the patent system is just not working the way it suppose to, it supposed to reward patent holder. but now it is being used to halt sales from other companies... it's just messed up. now they get samsung's sales to be halted, what next? every other phone company's???

I'm gonna patent the way I walk, and ban everyone from walking...

Healthy business practice people... come on!!!!

Personally, I'm a fan of both companies, but I would really love it if these patent wars could end, and hey could both just go on making great products. How about giving all the money spend on patent wars to something a little more worthy ... like charity?

At first it becomes difficult to truly comprehend why Apple is doing this. It seems as if there is a pattern.
After the release of every major android device there seems to be a correlation with a to-be lawsuit. Starting with the Galaxy S, to the Galaxy S II, the Note, the Nexus.
But this is different. It's to do with the Galaxy Nexus AGAIN! Why?
The answer is simple. Jelly Bean.
Now I'm not fanboy, but what I've seen in Jelly Bean impressed me. A lot. But here's two things that impressed me the most: Project Butter and the new Google Search with voice which behaves like Siri.

Not only will Android now have that 'smoothness' and 'fluidity' that iOS devices have had since the original iPhone but it will also beat it at its own game by blowing Siri away. It seems that every time something that could potentially reduce iOS sales, the lawyers scramble to find something that could even remotely help to block the sales of the device(s) involved.

It's anti-competitive and Apple seems to forget that it's the competition that drives and makes these excellent devices, iOS, Android or Windows Phone (not blackberry) alike. It's also not 'healthy' economically to have a monopoly over the smartphone market. Right now it's a hybrid between an open market and an oligopoly.
It also shows that Apple are unable to respond competitively and it shows a huge weakness.

And then, of course, it becomes clear.

Apple (as a single entity) is just unable to accept an alternate reality where they aren't the closest to the peak of Mt. Smartphone-dominance and is at the same time trying to cut Android's rope with a blunt knife and the reason as to why this knife is blunt because these accusations have no substance, at least to me, that is..

That's my rant. I'm Mark, I'm out.

P.S. I REALLY want that Galaxy Nexus.

I think I have grown immune to these patent wars. If it isn't one thing its another, be it software or hardware, these guys just don't stop.

I hope I win one of these patent infringing Galaxy Nexus ;)

It's ridiculous that apple files injuctions at every turn against google. Makes an OS? sues google. Makes touchscreen? sues google. makes phone calls? sues google. Instead of suing and suing and suing how about have better releases on a yearly basis. I stay open minded to the big three: microsoft, apple, and google. But in all reality apple is the jealous kid who got one uped by the new kid on the block. If they try to do the same to the next nexus phone im going to write apple a letter lol. I have been without an android phone for a year and now that I am using my friends first gen mytouch 3g I hope (big hope) to get a newer phone down the line amd its going to be stopped at customs because apple has a pocket full of lawsuits. And the judge making the calls needs to have an advisor because her calls aren't very reasonable.

I was going to say that this whole patent war is stupid, but Apple patented that statement and I would be in direct violation if I used it...

All these patent wars are stupid. Maybe a free me is will make me feel better-prolly not, but it's worth a try ;-)

Doesn't Samsung make the processors for apple? I think unread that somewhere. If its true Samsung should stop selling those processors to apple. Maybe Motorola can find something within the iPhone that is infringing on one of their patents. I am sure there is something. Sue apple and come prepared. Get the iPhone out of the USA and then we will see what apple does. Apple is targeting everyone and its not fair. I've heard people wanting Google to go after apple for the notification system that they have since its basically like Google's. I don't think they will win since the system is free to anyone. Anyways, I want apple to come up with something that Android doesnt have and the iPhone doesn't count.

apple is so ridiculous! Sue rather than inovate!!! Google should sue apple for copying notifications, mms, voice guided gps, multi tasking, voice dictation, voice search, among many others! Why don't they just play nice like everyone else? Oh thats right cause its the only thing they make worth a damn so they have to protect it like a jealous 4 year old... Ugh even 4 year olds can be tought to play nice in the sandbox and not throw sand at others... come on apple, grow up.