Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

Here are a few links about today's news, if you still wanna read more: ReutersFOSS Patents


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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


It's time to update from my HTC Nexus one. I don't care what anyone says. The track ball was and is the grates helper ever! As to Apple. I can't wait for Google patents for the notification bar come in. It's no fun with the rabbit has the gun.


I was never really a hater of apple, just preferred android especially because iTunes ruined my apple experiences, but they are making it a bit easier to dislike them everyday

I suppose it's too much to hope that these absurd patent laws will get dialed back anytime soon. The least we can do is inform people that might not be in the loop on news like this and urge them not to support Apple and their disgusting business practices. They also get the bonus of saving a few hundred bucks plus get superior hardware in other products to boot.

Must be nice to be an Apple lawyer though, if you don't mind hell fire and all that.

How about a focus on developing innovative hardware and software, rather than developing innovative patent claims! The whole thing comes off as entirely frivolous and jealous, and really turns a lot of people off to Apple.

Just came back to android from apple and every single time I here about this the Charlie brown teacher pops into my head. Wha wha wha wha wha wha wha wha wha wha.

This honestly makes me feel shitty about supporting them by owning a macbook. This is seriously ridiculous.

I really wonder what kind of innovation we would see out of these companies if all the money spent on these lawsuits was instead spent on R&D.

Apple is (in my opinion cynically) taking advantage of a patent system that hasn't kept up with changing technology. It seems utterly bizarre to me that they seem to keep getting patents for things that clearly have prior art, things that are mere ideas (i.e., the mere idea of a scrolling list, not the software/hardware needed to implement one), things that are terribly vague and overly broad (i.e., their patent for receiving data into a system and then outputting it on a screen), etc., and that they're winning injunctions against entire product lines for tiny little things that constitute a very small part of an overall piece of technology.

In this latest cast, it seems to be about doing a search against multiple sources and then returning results in a single interface. I'm pretty damn sure, though, that Palm was doing this in very early versions of PalmOS--do a search, it pulled in contacts, calendar items, notes, etc., and displayed them in a single interface. That seems like prior art to me, although I don't know the specifics of the Apple patent in question.

Anyways, it's a mess. Maybe Judge Posner's decisions in the Apple v. Motorola case can serve as a precedent and help clean this stuff up. He seems to be the only one making any sense.

I own an iPhone and it looks like Apple is starting to get more worried every day. Google is innovating at a rapid pace. So fast that every new phone on ICS that came out is already outdated haha

Google IO > WWDC

I would love a Nexus :D

Oh my god!!! Sweet!!

Apple will not prevail with this, we are talking about search and no one beat Ggl right (for good or not)

I feel Android is geting the rigth way.

I love my Galaxy S 9000B (the SGS 3 grandfather) with one custom AOSP (not AOKP/CM) and kernel!!

Go the Android Central go!!

Ty for this :D

I'm tired of all the patent war nonsense. No one really wins in the end. Actually the customers suffer the most because they're limited on the products they're able to purchase. And the products they do buy are limited to what feature they can have because someone laid claim to some idea that's described so vaguely that it covers about 100 different variations.

Just let it be over already. Oh and please pick me for the free Galaxy Nexus!

Ha, great post and contest.

Not that this is about just slide to unlock, but merely that slide to unlock was/is considered and changing a horizontal bar to a circle amounts to a hill of beans at all.. what is this, legal games with pre-school geometry?

Apple hates on the competition because androids market share is steadily increasing. If they can't beat them in sales y not bane their phones. Its annoying but smart. #teamandroid

I'll admit that I have an Air and I like it. Whether some other ultra book would be just as good is quite possible, but it's a machine I need for work and it's a Mac environment. My nod to Google and Android is to load it up with everything not Apple that I can. So Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, etc all run great on that machine. Can't we just all be given choices and the company with the best products, not the best lawyers, wins. Honestly, there's room for more than one fish in the pond.

Just how out of whack the legal system is. Anybody can sue anybody over anything any more. Just a way for the lawyers to stay in business! Thanks for the giveaway!

All the patent squabbling all over the place is effin' redonculous. In fact, it's just fredonculous. Yeah, new word for it, right there. lol

I'm a little bit sick of Apple using their broad software patents to stifle the competition the whole thing is just ridiculous.

I'm not the first to say it and I won't be the last: If you can't innovate, litigate.
Frankly, going after the Gnex like this shows a significant lack on Apple's part in confidence in their own offering. Google COULD go after Apple for the notification. But they don't because it doesn't financially pan out for them. Apple probably consulted the bean-counters as well as the legal team before they went for this injunction. According to their models, it works out, which means that Apple is VERY afraid of Android. They have good reason to be. They are rapidly becoming stale and dusty and nobody like stale and dusty. (Except for Apple fans)

This seems to be a continuation of the Jobs declaration to destroy anything and everything Android! Cook is turning out to be just has vindictive!

If I knew how to make an app, I'd make one called Angry Lawyers. You would fling them at a brick wall. Trick is, the wall doesn't ever come down. Just enjoy the delightful "splat" and groaning sounds they make. Yes, the current patent system needs an overhaul.

The patent system definitely needs overhauling and it needs it now. I believe the EFF has a proposal out there to limit software patents to 5 years which I think is a good time frame. Also we need to to improve the quality of the patent examiner skill to prevent approval of frivolous patents on basic ideas.

Gotta love apple.. when I think they cant be anymore fucked up. They hold a meeting and say fuck that ride on these fools And whoever the CEO is. hes throwing up westside , shirtless with thug life tatted on his chest screaming at Google "MY FO FO MAKE SURE ALL UR KIDS DONT GROW" Dammit I miss PAC !!

Apple just needs to get off their high horse and focus on making a better product. Tired of hearing about this. Google is taking over and they know it. I'll take the free nexus now please.

I'm so fed up with this stuff. I really think Google should just but RIM so they can have all their patents and then Apple can't touch them.

It doesnt take a genius to see that Apple are acting like babies. I hope people realize this and speak out, apple is being too aggressive with the patents and all is does it waste time and money and limits innovation. I love how they use a bunch of google services and applications and google never said anything, way to be the bigger man, Apple.

Apple needs to stop being threatened by manufacturers who can make much better phones than theirs. Apple had their time in the limelight, but now it's time for them to step down and let Google have their shining moment for a while. They just need to accept the fact that the iPhone isn't cutting-edge anymore. It's still a neat little gadget, but it's not groundbreaking like it once was. Apple needs to quit throwing temper tantrums and be mature.

The patent system is broken worldwide... SO broken... good thing we don't have them here in Argentina... (probably because nothing gets built here...)

Bad thing most things affected by patents get here REALLY late in official ways, or never...

Back to patents... how the hell can they claim that these last phones slide to unlock are the freaking same... i just remembered that claim that a "tap to unlock" was a "cero distance slide" and also infringed patents...

Soon they'll patent breathing...

Right on, Phil.

When you can't compete with features, compete with lawyers. I wish the patent system was a building, so I could burn that mother down.

apple hasn't been innovative for so long and what they claim as their own innovation is really just stolen ideas from someplace else. they just plain suck.

Man...first the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and now this, and right after the conference too. There is no way Google will take this lying down. Long live Google!

apple and all their patent BS can go suck it. They need to stop this crap its only hurting them more than anyone else

Apple wins = we ALL LOSE! Stop being a bully and embrace the market? Can't do that you say? Why? Because you Suck!

Understand how patents help businesses (mostly) but all this patent war bullshat only hinders innovation and hurts us, the users. You can't swipe, you can't checkout with one button, you can't google "Scarlett Johansson nude" because we patented that motion and general concept. Anyway... I'm going to patent "fap fap fap" and then all these patent lawyers will have to find something else to do while on the clock.

This comment isn't created to make any sense... only to win a phone. Come on baby... big money, no whammies!

All this patent stuff is just crazy. At this rate the only sensible choice of a phone I can make is a dumb phone!

The patent system is important to protect small inventors from large, well funded people or corporations that want to profit from someone else's hard work and innovation. In a way, it is almost humorous to watch two or three giants with big pockets go at each other - except when it hurts the consumer and unnecessarily jacks up the end cost to us.

Just sick of this. Worst part is that the justice system is handing Apple these victories. I sure as hell hope that one day Apple will get theirs.


New rule, tech patents have a 12mo lifespan. After that it's all changed enough anyway. I'm all for getting some reward for your work, but this is just crazy.

When's iOS6 coming out? Because you know they'll be after that nexus 7 next once the ipad's all get Siri as well and can make similar arguments against it.

Patents should feed innovation not stifle it. Personally I feel the code behind how it works should be more important than the behavior when it comes to software patents. You can patent a toaster that has a new method of heating but the same user interaction and it's not a problem.

The patent system is a joke. At least the EFF is trying to do something about it, but that's not going to make a difference until Congress gets involved, and we can see how screwed up they are everyday. Unfortunately true change takes some time, but hopefully as the public becomes more aware so will the lawmakers.

I'll show my protest by taking your free phone. Viva La Nexus!

I had hoped that with the new CEO, Apple would change its ways from being an arrogant bully to something with more Competitiveness spirit.
I'm sad to see I'm wrong. Innovation is no more, just gradual upgrades for superficial and/or ignorant people who buy gadgets just because everyone else is buying the same thing.
I'm glad I'm on Android, I get to think.

For some reason I thought all this frivolous garbage would slow down when jobs died....his legacy lives on with Tim Cook.

Thanks for the update Rick Perry and the other hand.

(just kept pressing word suggestions on swift key because its a better use of time than thinking about apple.)

I feel like most of these patent suits are really reaching a high level of absurdity. It is almost like they are just throwing darts at a board to decide what next to sue on. Probably more of a game of who can win the most patent suits!

What gets me is that if Apple makes such great products, why can't they simple let the products speak for themselves? Apple does innovate, but they borrow or license things as well.

All this legal rangling to keep a competing product from market? So much for free market and enterprise!!

If these companies would take what they spend on suing each other and put it into hardware and software development, the world would be a better place! Long live the Google Nexus!

This patent stuff that apple is pulling is a giant pain for all of us. The only people who are happy about it are the lawyers. A very sad situation. I will not purchase any apple products.

Every Software, hardware company should be in this field for the greater good......Technology.
Apple with all this patent stuff is just slowing every companies progress,including their own. Maybe apple should work on revamping their interface and stop acting like they invented the freaking wheel.

These patent wars at just apples way of trying to make up for the lack of innovation going on in their camp. Google is pulling away in terms of software! Team android!

I'm a lawyer, and I don't give a shit. I guess that's why I'm not a patent lawyer. Those guys make bank though.

I like the idea of winning a free phone.

What really gets me about this is that you can patent a finger movement. Really? Slide to unlock seems like a natural movement to me. Hell it works on the sliding glass door in my house. Is Apple going to start going after companies that make sliding glass doors?

This is just Apple trying to kill innovation for the sake of market share.

These Patent wars only cost the consumer money. Outside the U.S.A it seems even worse because let everything go to court. I do see both side doing this but it also seems like Apple is the major contributor to this waste of time and money. My biggest complaint is that Apple draws a circle on a piece of paper and gets a patent for it. Then sues the first person walking round with eyes or a belly button.

PS. I LOVE JELLYBEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it rocks, My GNex ROCKS, Android Central ROCKS!

I don't get how the nexus looks or acts anything like an iPhone. When I pull my phone out of my pocket I get nothing but "what phone is the"

And this phone will be for my wife since her phone is starting to bug

So tired of this patent crap clogging up the news. Call me crazy but I'd rather have app reviews or something cool in the news than I would some "so-and-so are suing so-and-so"

All these lawsuits are ridiculous you didnt see the car companies in the 1930's suing each other because the vehicles they made did the same thing

What the hell are companies supposed to do nowadays that everything's patented? I had a friend joke about Windows 8 auto-correction as "keeping up with the Jobses" but so what? Are companies just supposed to sit back and let Apple monopolize everything?

Apple is suing because its the only power they still have. People are beginning to realize how much better Android based phones are, so Apple is getting scared and trying to stop the Android takeover however possible. Also, Apple sucks.

Ah man, I was reading about lawyers while walking through the park, stepped in poop... Damn you lawyers.... Damn you!

Apple has been pulling this stuff for as long as I remember. That is the only way they can compete, by getting rid of the competition. If it looks better than what they are working on and they have a patent which vaguely resembles it, then they will go after it instead of working on make their own stuff better.

What a lot of silly fuss over nothing. I've always believed competition to be a good thing – it's certainly made both iOS and Android better!

What a waste of time. The only ones really hurt are consumers who want choice. Next up for an injunction is the SGS3. This is just a sign that Apple is worried about the competition. My recommendation is design around the patents and get it over with. Who cares about Apple's Siri technology. Slide-to-unlock, auto correct, data tapping? Come on!

When it first popped up I was interested in reading about the patent lawsuits. Nowadays I'd much rather spend my time doing something worthwhile because the patent lawsuits are a never ending loop of complete bullshit.

They sue their own parts suppliers. That has to have been my favorite. I expect them to start to sue people for saying or using "i" in a sentence, or for breathing "air" without paying licensing fees. I get the necessity of a business being in business to make money and the need to protect something you create, but when you reach a point where you're desperately making shit up and engaging in as many of these battles as you can, suffering or successful, something is simply wrong. I'm sure they're Starbucks drinking high fashion pseueo-intellectual high class wannabe anti-technology users couldn't care less about of any of this.

While I understand the "right" to protect your brand and ideas and all that crap, it's without a doubt gotten out of hand. The lawsuits are 99% bs. The problem, IMO, lies within the patent office and the ridiculous patents they hand out. They're just too broad often, allowing these claims to stretch over things that aren't even that similar to begin with. I don't know (or care) what this lawsuit is over specifically, but cmon...the Nexus and iPhone are two very different handsets. I currently own an iPhone 4, but I'm jumping ship as soon as my contract is up and I can upgrade to an Android with the discount...but if you guys send me a Nexus, I can become a happy Android user that much sooner!

I really think that the author of any invention should be recognise every time someone uses his/her idea, but no one shuold be prevented of using someone's idea in order to add something better to it, no one has the wright of stopping the natural evolution of things.
If Android have used some of Apple ideas (and i'am not saying it did), or vice versa, in order to give the consumer something better than what already exists or even just to give us the oportunity of being able to choose where we want to spend our money, than the only thing that's left for Apple to do is to pick Android new idea and come up with something better, easy as that, and everybody wins.

i know u want to protect what u own but dont go shooting at others.
Remember, "I have a dream" by King. do we need to repeat the history again for these to settle. Peace out.

The whole system is overly protective to corporations. They really are abusing what is to have time limited protection. Apple has some very nice products but I couldn't pay for one in good conscience.
Waste less = lowers prices to us

I think patent and copyright law in the world of software is completely bogus and badly broken in the hardware arena as well. Patents are meant to encourage innovations, not stifle them.

Apple's patents are completely bogus when it comes to the tablet and "candy bar" form factors. There's plenty of prior art, it's just too bad that all the lawyers and judges involved in these cases are still stuck in the old days where looks where more mutable and therefore an important patent factor.

Whiney. When a product is better then yours you get lawyers involved? It's whiney bullshit.

I could use a nexus so I can keep my unlimited data plan that vzw is taking away from me.

I would greatly like to stick it to the lawyers by winning this glorious and pure Google Phone. Also, I'll be in ma' bunk.

Thank God I'm not in the minority on this topic. I have an Apple fanboy co-worker who does nothing but gloat about how Android infringes on iPhone for this and that. As if I'm the fool to believe that innovation only comes from the Apple inner-verse.

I say every dog will get their day... and Apple and it's holier-than-thow iProducts will succumb to a similar fate. For now, those with Galaxy Nexus phones, stand strong and be proud, you ARE the RESISTANCE. (Fade off with the Terminator theme song playing) :)

This is really getting old. Someone needs to start putting HEAVY fines for these kinds of nonsense lawsuits. This is costing us tax money, and is wasting everyone's time

I was having a great day, I quit my job, bought my wife a gift. But then I saw this headline and it pissed me off a bit. But I don't give a damn. FCUK Apple, it's lawyers and the USPTO, NEXUS ALL THE WAY. Time to get drunk.

Apple, always suing for things they didn't invent, and for stupid silly things that shouldn't be pattented.

I can't believe this stuff never stops. Make what the consumer wants, stop spending all your money in lawsuits, and start innovating again. Maybe if Apple did not spend so much time doing this crap they could get back to what brought the world the iphone in the first place.....maybe now that android ROCKS this foolishness is all they have left...

Apple is just bullying the other OEMs.This is fulfilling what Steve Jobs said about spending all of Apple's money going after Android.

I believe that are legal system is truly broken if you can get a ban on someones product before even proving that the selling of the item is actually causing you injury. And anyone saying Apple is just trying to defend their patents needs to open their eyes. 1. The lawsuit itself is meant to defend the patent so their is no need the ban an item before is is found to have actually infringed, that is just a power move to prevent Samsung from gaining anymore market share before the iPhone comes out. 2.If Apple were really just trying to protect their IP they would only request Samsung or any other manufacturer pay loyalties not outright ban them, banning everyone's product stems from a need to have absolute control and pure corporate greed. Apple wants a world without competition so they can take their time with innovation and milk all the people for all the money they can get without having to worry about losing customers by becoming obsolete. The only other reasons I can think of that Apple would do this is so the can be in control of all of peoples personal information and so that they can remove Google ads in anyway possible to build up their own ad empire and gain more market share in that area. This benefits nobody but Apple and Apple's shareholders. It is a shame that Apple has gotten so big the think their bottom line is more important than advancing technology while earning market share fairly by releasing a better product so people will choose to but their products rather than just get an iPhone because all the other good options are banned. I am ashamed of the U.S. Court system for allowing such monopolistic behavior to go on rather than admitting their patent system is broken and trying to fix it.

All these companies just need to grow up and realize that the only thing all these nit picky lawsuits do is line the pocket of lawyers and essentially make our beloved devices cost more. The patent system just needs to be thrown out and rewritten from scratch.

The patent system is really flawed, I don't blame Apple for taking advantage of it but I do blame them and any other company who abuse it. Very few "Tech Giants" innovate just for the pure enjoyment of having their latest and greatest in the hands/homes of millions, now it's all about the bottom line. What really upsets me is the fact that Apple can steal ideas from Android/Windows/Blackberry and call it their own. Then turn around and try to sue OEMs of other OS from general patents, which they may or may not invented themselves. It use to be competition was good for the people, but times have change. Now competition is starting to hurt people more than ever and it needs to stop.

Patents are dragging down tech more and more every year. When is anyone in power going to recognize this and scale them back so they're not just a tax on innovation? Well, since the current system favors lawyers getting paid lots of money, and almost every U.S. legislator is a lawyer, I'd say NEVER, or at best only after obvious, irreparable damage is done to the economy (that is, when we're a third-world country and most innovation and invention is done elsewhere).

Apple feels threatened and all they know how to do in response is file a lawsuit. Here's hoping this gets overturned.

Well, I don't give a s##t too! The whole thing is like a soap opera.

Talking about serious things... my Desire HD is dead just ten minutes ago and I'm so sad :(
A new Nexus could make me happy again >:D

Apple feels threatened and all they know how to do in response is file a lawsuit. Here's hoping this gets overturned.

Apple is scared. End of story

That aside, the whole patent system in the US is just messed up. The only good thing i can remember from these patent things is the Oracle vs. Google, which im happy Google mostly won. And the Judge that threw out the Apple vs. Moto, he did it the right way to, making sure that issue(s) can not be brought before court again. Other than those two things its been pretty much a waste of money, instead of paying for the lawyers maybe Apple should be innovating new things. [See first line of post]

I typically try to ignore the fanboy wars but I'm actually a little pissed off about this decision. After the amazing week that Google has had at IO, this has to happen. I have always been a little hesitant to support Apple in the past but would do so when I could not see a better option for my needs. No more. Apple, you have officially lost a potential customer and anybody else that I can persuade from buying your products. So long!

Instead of wasting their time on patents maybe they should try to actually compete and come up with something original, oh wait I'm sorry thats not the Apple way.

This is more than ridiculous, the patent office allows these ridiculous patents on things that should never be awarded. Just like with the Evo incident how do you get a patent on hyperlinks in text messaging that's outrageous apple didn't create hyperlinks text messaging or even the way to handle them so why should a product not be allowed because of this. Patents should not be awarded on something created before or on a standard that's not acceptable. That's why the patent system is broken.

Patents are hurting human creativity....and this is very sad.
Apple should win customers by creating the best Hardware and sofware it can , and not by hurting other companies's innovations via patent suit.

This is simply disgusting. Steve Jobs himself admitted to stealing ideas yet when he feels an idea of his, even if it wasn't his to begin with, is stolen he sends his company on a genocide mission.
Apple needs to be stopped, patent warfare needs to be stopped. The courts are allowing free market to be destroyed.
If Apple really is as great as they think they are, they should have no worries about competition... but Apple really isn't as great as they like to pretend, now are they?

Talk about a rotten Apple...I guess if you can't beat it, try to ban it! As for the Nexus, like many Android fans I love that device. I've been literally kicking myself every time I see someone with a Galaxy Nexus as I stand there holding a Skyrocket in my hand...d’oh!

Invariably, every bit of software written today is probably going to infringe on someone else's patent. It's just the state of technology...

Apple is just trying to be the dictator we all know them to be! These lawyers need to deal with more serious cases in the world and leave the phones alone

I used to work in the PTO in Crystal City Va. There are so many patents, it's a joke. Apple are a bunch of patent whores. Are they filing in Las Vegas? They have the fastest turnaround time. Ask Jerome Lemelson, who has made so much money off the lawsuits, I don't think he built anything. The worst story is the guy who invented the intermittent windshield wipers. He got ripped off by GM so bad. I think he got like 13 million or something, after losing his whole family and life in the process...

Oh, please give me a Galaxy Nexus, my Epic OG is haveing usb charging problems, and I have to wait a couple of months before I can get a deal.

UNBELIEVABLE! I know Samsung sometimes DOES copy Apple, but the Galaxy Nexus (and the S3) were phones made to be 100% different from the iPhone. Seriously! Samsung is trying to change now, but Apple won't even give them a chance.
This is so messed up! I'm tired of these patent wars, why don't EVERYONE stop suing each other and come back to innovating?
How about that?
I'm pretty sure lots of people agree with me!

This is exactly why I left the i ecosystem for Android...Apple is just too high and mighty on their throne that they don't allow innovation and progress...just sick of hear about all the lawsuits Apple has filed! I hope judges will have another look at this injunction and throw this out along with the rest of them!

it'll get overturned - just bums me out that the courts won't let there be some competition in the phone biz

I'm on sprint btw ;)

So sick of Apple trying to flex their legal muscle to eliminate competition. Its greedy and backhanded and a waste of everyones time and money. The're becoming that spoiled brat who acts out in order to get attention.

I sent Phil a tweet earlier asking him to swap me a G Nexus for my iPhone 4S. That should tell you my feelings towards this injunction. Being an iPhone user for the last 4 years, I have to say this is completely embarrassing. Apple should spend its resources innovating and not trying to stifle competition by perusing vague, general patents. With the recent announcements at Google I|O this year, and Apple's recent form of 'competition' I'm ready to ditch the iOS platform. If I don't win this Galaxy Nexus, I'm going to try to peruse other ways to get one, and get rid of my 4S. Hope this doesn't even register to Google and it's partners, and the Android train keeps plowing along at full force.

It's logical. This is why apple products are so expensive: to pay these crappy lawyers.
They see it coming straight at them so it's better to avoid it.

Doesn't Levi Strauss hold the slide to unlock patent for a zipper anyway? Absolutely ridiculous, patent laws started to protect the individual owner of an idea not...whatever the hell this is.

(Sparta kicks apple genius into endless pit of doom)

Injunctions like these are meant to protect companies like Apple from copycat products, but for the Galaxy Nexus to be included as one of these is ludacris. An injunction like this does nothing but stifle competition which is what patent law is supposed to prevent. It goes to show how much patent law has to go and how much we need judges and lawyers that can tell the difference between these two OS's. Sign me up for the free Nexus though!

I don't see what irreparable damage has or could be done to Apple or other companies. All of it is ridiculous and pulls away resources from making great devices.

Injunctions like these are meant to protect companies like Apple from copycat products, but for the Galaxy Nexus to be included as one of these is ludacris. An injunction like this does nothing but stifle competition which is what patent law is supposed to prevent. It goes to show how much patent law has to go and how much we need judges and lawyers that can tell the difference between these two OS's. Sign me up for the free Nexus though!

Quote from Apple's statement after the ruling... "from the shape of the hardware to the user interface".

Not only am I baffled from this statement but it angers me in a way.

While I think this patent non sense is absurd perhaps enough of these clearly anti competitive cases will bring to everyone's attention to the stupidity and some change will happen

I know that Companies have to protect their investment...but..really? If you wanna show that your better, stop fighting over patents and do better products.

Patents are not all bad, but the system is broken. This needs to be fixed. Another reason I won't buy any Apple products.

Apple should not be allowed to even hold these patents over common things. Someone also needs to stand up and sue apple for any patents they have infringed on.

As a Tech lover who owns multiple android and apple devices, this makes me sad. Apple looks bad in the public eye IMO. I really hope Apple loses and this only helps me lean more to staying with android as my main phone OS.

Apple makes good products, but they lose SO much credibility by whining about their so-called intellectual property rather than simply staying ahead of the pack. Android has its problems, but I'm loyal to them for this very reason. Apple can suck it.

These patent battles are ridiculous. The patents are in some cases so vague that they could encompass anything. I hope patent law gets rewritten soon to end all this foolishness and let the companies get back to innovating and creating rather than creating "workarounds" of the problematic legalese.

Apple you lost your innovation back when Palm came out with webOS, still to this day you have the same OS with more little sprinkles and sprinkles added on to the point your just melted into your own bowl and now that Android is on top you decide to sue everyone. Well if you can't beat em, sue em.

This has gotten out of hand a long time ago. We need someone to step in and settle this mess. If not this will just keep going on and on.

Apple is nothing but a big bully and acting like a little child.

They kick, they scream until they get their way. Their way, or the high way. Oh, itunes slow down your computer? BOO HOO, then don't use our products.

Samsung kickin ur butts in all areas? Sales, reputation, functionality, and down right sex appeal, lets just sue them and hope we can stop sales so people pay more attention to us. Bah, worse than a temper tantrum from a kid who missed their turn at show and tell.

If you're having that hard of a time keeping up in the market Apple? Grow a pair, and start developing some stuff that's worth talking about. Not just throw an "S" on something and think it's friggin special. At least some developers and manufactures take time and make sure each release has something worth wide for the clients, not just another way to get into their pocket and steal all their money.

I don't mind not getting my hands on a Nexus, as much as I want one, I just really get so heated over this stupid Apple crap. Apple sues left right and centre every manufacturer, ESPECIALLY Samsung, because they're the biggest threat of kickin their butt in everything. Samsung needs to hire the best damn lawyers and give Apple a piece of their own medicine. Ban them in their own Country.

Congrats to who wins this Nexus, but even bigger Congrats to Samsung and Google for not laying down and letting Apple crush their dreams.

To end, I'm going to make Apple Sauce... by hand. ^_^ Now where's my mallet...

Would love to win one!

I think patent law is one of the most tricky and complex areas of law, especially with the pace at which technology is advancing.

This is just getting rediculous. The day I sold my Macbook and bought my chromebook was a great day. I freed myself of apple tyranny.

All of this patent stupidity reminds me of the prisoner's dilemma. If everyone would agree to stop frivolously suing each other and instead put the money toward developing better products, everyone would be better off. But instead they each take the short-sighted approach, thinking they'll get ahead by suing the competition. The end result is that all of the companies involved hand over billions of dollars to lawyers while slowing down innovation. It's just sickening.

Apple is nothing more than a spoiled little brat. They've enjoyed success for a few years and made a lot of money. But now that everything isn't going their way they just whine and complain and sue everyone else. Its honestly abhorrent.

It's truly a shame how some of these large tech companies are spending so much time and effort working on protecting their intellectual property rights, when they could be focusing on more R&D and more innovation. They'd rather buy small innovative companies or license technologies from others (and save themselves from having to compete with newcomers) than come up with their own innovations to stay relevant in the marketplace. Then they spend obscene amounts of money and time in the court room to stay a step ahead of their competition.
Presumably these lawsuits are mostly going to have the effect of making mobile technology more expensive, as the companies will have to either spend money to avoid using others' ideas or spend money for directly licensing ideas from others, but mobile technology won't be any better despite these additional costs... What a pity.

This is pure nonsense with all the copyright laws... They're are going to stagger innovation because we live in a world that only thinks about profits!!!

This whole patent crap apple is pulling is totally retarded. really does need to end, they should try innovate rather than litigate.

Apple should come up with something new and amazing that Samsung can copy and give to the masses without restrictions and for a fair price.

Its absolutely ridiculous how much time money and resources these companies put into stuff like this especially considering how often they lose.

Well, what else can you do when Google is wiping the floor with apple? - Sue. apple realized they can't win in the innovation side of things anymore. These patents are ridiculous. As other's said, it limits innovation. However, despite all of this, android still remains my top choice for technology. So glad I left Apple for android years ago. Never looking back. ;)

This is why I switched to android. Nothing apple Does or has done is innovative. The more lawsuits apple files the more reason to stick with android.

Patent nonsense is just that. I wish I could run into the courtroom mid hearing in an android costume with a cape and slap every lawyer and the judge twice. Might be well worth the jail time/assault charges. :)

This could be bad for Android in general if a universal search patent is what the sexy nexy is infringing on because these are key functions of Android not just the Galaxy. In my opinion Google and Apple need to have a round table discussion to resolve this before everything with a "I" gets banned for violating a Motorola patent!

When will this patent crap stop! It's getting stoopid. Whatever happened to cross-licensing. Oh and the USPO needs to stop handing out software patents... My 2 cents. So can I have one of those might be banned gnex's?

ohhhh Apple...they have run out of innovation and are just trying to ban all google phones. They now get their innovation through patent wars..great job Crapple!

I'm tired of reading about all of this patent nonsense. Patents are too generic and anyone with a lot of money can get one for just about anything. Something definitely needs to change.

Apple cannot and will not come up with anything new so they copy Android and then sure them over ridiculous patents very over it, I'll take a nexus though my Droid X is slowly dying

Apple is just afraid of what Google can do...I just wish I had the NEXUS to show it off to my friends and what it can do on T-Mobile.

this patent(s) war is so stupid... im stuck with my old milestone because mobile companies in venezuela sell old phones and i cant buy a galaxy nexus from here in the play store, i was hoping to buy one when i travel to the us and now this... :( the apple is so rotten

Watch Apple will try to patent certain viewing angles of a mobile device. Apple is just mad that Samsung is kicking their arse in the mobile market.

hey apple you guys should really stop this childish bullshit. Even the apple fans at work are sick of your games

How many gazillions of these have already been sold? At this point the injunction does nothing for anyone

Google just needs to hire O.J. Simpson's dream team lawyers. That way in case they did copy something they won't be found guilty.

Ok the free phone is nice, but seriously, the Patent Office should be taken to task for granting broad software patents in the first place.

Why doesn't Apple quit their bitching. If I can build a product that kind of looks similar to yours, and people like it better, step your shit up. Crying to mommy and daddy just shows how scared they are that their product is not made of gold.

Really??!! Another injunction? Apple is like that freaking older brother that just keeps bothering you... That you wish you could just slap him silly with a sock full rocks... But You can't, because he's your brother!! Come to me my NExus friend, my Cappy needs a replacement!!!

All Of This Patent " BS " Is Really Starting To Get Out Of Hand. Something Needs To Happen Because At This Rate, Any And All Technological Advancements Will Be Slowed To A Grinding Halt With No One To Gain. Apple Has Abused Patent Lawsuits To The Extent That They Have Litteraly Made A Business Out Of It.

Are they going to sue Swype and Swiftkey too? What about Skype? What about every other app that replicates apple product functionality?

Makes me want to throw the Macbook Air I'm typing this on across the room.

The patent system needs help, so does the judge who backed this...

apple is just feeling threatened by other phone manufacturers making products that are just as good, if not better and wants some sort of control of the market. they really shouldnt make it such a big deal.

Why does this even happen? There are so many differences between a Nexus and an iPhone. For example... The Nexus is AWESOME the iPhone is.. well the iPhone. BLAH. I want a new nexus!

This is just sad. While I have no doubt that Google will prevail, this can lead to a serious confrontation and a flurry of lawsuits. Instead of pushing the industry, companies will spend resources on this mindless fight over pixels...

There is just no such level of douchebaggery that can't be reached by Apple.

SHAMELESS company called Apple .they are just keep abusing the patent system , hopefully someone will put an end to this company.

Steve Jobs was and always will be an android hating man, and that is carrying on through so fuck apple and lets move on with our lives and fight those bastards!

Ok America - Apple wants a world where there is no innovation or choice except Apple. The best way to show them how wrong they are is to stop buying their products... I have. I mean give me a break - enforcement of a patent for clicking or swiping on something at this point. The system is totally broken.

This is just the worst way for apple to win the war. Not saying i'm for apple winning the war, but even if i were, this is just not the way they're gonna do it. First, they just can't win every patent suing, so they're gonna lose some of those, and it's just a very dangerous weapon.
Second, they *ARE* using FOSS (free and open source software) in their products. I'm sure if we look into it enough, we could find at least 10 violations of the GPL , so they better not use this against other hardware manufacturers.
Third, and more importantly, Apple always bragged about how they were the manufacturer that brought innovation into the tech field and market. And THIS is what's actually wrong about this patent war: it's that not only will it remove what apple considers to be copycats, but also all and every concurence to Apple's "innovation" (and we saw that apple does not know how to innovate since the Apple II, as the iPod is a better MP3 player, the iMac an easier-to-use computer, the iPhone an easier-to-use Nokia smartphone, the iPad an easier-to-use windows tablet PC, etc. Of course, they did innovate in every of these, but only on details)
Now fourth is that they are killing one of the best devices ever, and that's just not possible. 'Nuff said.
Now sorry about the orthographic and lexical errors that may occur in my text,as i'm french and i only have a limited ability to write in english
I'm reading your articles in my RSS feed since 2 years ago now, and i'd like to thank you all (american blogs about tech, and android, and moreover android central, are really *a lot* better than french ones... )
Then again, i actually am starting developping on android, that is, creating apps. I have a Motorola Droid 3 right now (i bought in on ebay...) ,but it only runs Gingerbread, and it has a locked bootloader... so i can't install ICS on it, and can't really use it to develop. Of course, there is the emulator, but we all know it's just a joke...
So i'd really love to get that Gnexus, and if i do, i promise to give the second thousand dollars i get by selling apps on the play store to Android Central!
Word Given!

I find this mind boggling. Hot on the heels of Apple releasing iOS6 and ripping off androids canned message system they pull this? Oh, and this is a year after they release iOS5 ripping off androids notification system (right down to the three little bars at the bottom from gingerbread). Apple, you are a disgrace of a company. Admit you are being beat in mobile and start biting back with compelling products instead of trying to litigate your competitions flagships away. I hope that more people read this and see where you have gone from the innovative company you were at the advent of the iPod.

By the way Apple, that notification system you ripped off? and those canned messages? Google has patents pending on both of them. I hope google takes an even bigger bite out of that apple than the one already on your logo when these are approved.

The slide to unlock patent that they're suing on is especially bs. The ICS lock screen doesn't even behave anything like it.