Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!



Not knowing anything about patents or laws or any of that jibber jabber, I think it's ridiculous any company would want to ban a product from a country. Unless you're blatantly ripping off someone, don't bother with this stuff. It ruins competition and makes us as consumers have fewer choices.

I think, they should just concetrate on building better phones for les instead of wasting millions on lawyers and lawsuits... that's just a friggin waste of dollars and aids nobody. It won't give an advantage to anybody on the marketplace. i'd actually rather avoid aple products because of their strategy to eliminate competition through lawsuits instead of better products.

This is the reason why I don't like Apple, they just sue everything, they have no real case, they should just quit, I was just Gunna buy one

I remember ordering my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and heard about the ban online I was about to flipshit and smack the next Apple fanboy they are lucky it didnt get banned in the USA. I think Apple does not like competition, their patent disputes are covering a board range of a function and not specific enough. i should just buy a nexus and walk into a Apple store holding it in people's faces.

Don't blame the lawyers, they're just doing their job.

Blame the execs and board at Apple where the business plan is to fight competitors that have a better product in the courtroom, not with innovation or actual product competition.

This is ridiculous. Oh, I'd love to win a free Nexus!

I really wish thaborn. e US justice system would come to realize that software patents, granted by un-informed lawyers who get paid by the number of patents they approve, are no longer becoming viable. Heck, if I recall correctly, the means of searching files and folders (or, you know..... Different sources for information) was even available back in the days of Win98, quite possibly before! Yet when the all mighty Apple says they're the ones that came up with it and place it in a patent request, the lawyer goes "seems good to me!" And a lawsuit is born

Seriously, I just want to win new Galaxy Nexus! Just pick me. This Samsung VS Apple, consumer doesn't win here, only lawyers...

Apple is just throwing away money right now. Anyway, Android is moving forward, Samsung too. It doesn't matter if someone sues them...

I have no problem with Apples product, but the reason I despise them is for actions like this. They have this snarky attitude about themselves, like they cured cancer. Get over yourself Apple, the sweetness of Android is taking over.

Ya know I never felt any real animosity towards apple I've just always preferred android. But ever since these ridiculous lawsuits I've developed a true hatred for them. I'm sure many people feel the same. I just wish the average consumer was as informed as I am so they would know what kind of company they're supporting when they brag about how great their icrap is.

Crapple makes me sick. I get what they are indicating they want to appear as but its not working. When you talk to people who own a Crapple product, even they are indicating nausea when reading about Crapple this and Crapple that.. A good thing they weren't around when Ford was building cars, they would patent cars or anything with 4 wheels etc!

Haters, they gonna' hate,
Barristers, they gonna' 'bate.
Lawyers, they gonna' law,
When Apples money comes to call.

All i can say glad I live in the great white north. Just picked up a nexus today and loving every sec I use it glad i made switch from a Blackberry. As for crapple those dushbags should worry about their product rather then suing every one. Karma is a bitch all I can say.

The sad thing is that we are in a world which condones such action. Why should an injunction be allowed to happen over a simple patent.

The fact of the matter is that Samsung are violating one patent and due to this suddenly they can't sell their product?

It's absolutely rubbish and I don't get why it cant just end with a cash settlement or better yet just completely throw out the lawsuit like we have seen previously with other companies.

Hopefully all the litigation can stop soon so we the consumer can benefit with more features in our products.

Anyone that hasn't read judge Posner's ruling and opinion on the Moto/Apple case really should, I think judges are getting really fed up with all this useless litigation and it'll be them who eventually put a stop to it.

This really feels like Apple just trying to stamp out further technological improvement, unless it's coming from them.

WIth all this tomfollery, I finaly decided to purchase a G'Nex from the play store. Out of spite, you see.

And for all the talk about patents being abused, there isn't all that much being linked or said on the subject of what to do about it.

But the EFF has a few ideas of note.


How does Apple think this will help them win over their competition? Beat your opponents up with expensive patent wars, ban products and stifle competition.. Lame lame lame! I for one would love the mainstream people to stop buying iPhones for once and start looking for alternatives (such as android!)

Everybody knows apple's new patent is "We've got a patent for that." Pretty soon they will be claiming they have a patent for how people open doors or use a phone like a phone. I bet the judge that is giving apple this injunction is an apple junkie! Why don't you say Siri resembles the Voice search that google has had for the longest time! Apple should be penalized for improper use of patenting gestures as its not exactly a invention but only a human interaction characteristic its like fridge companies patenting a way to open the fridge....

This patent trolling reflects how bleak the minds of guys at apple are , not only do they drive the innovation down but also they kill fair competition , they spend huge amounts of money on patent cases and force other parties to do the same which could affect the price of gadgets.also it's just ridiculous how they aim at android , they sue android oems for using ideas that apple originally stole from other oems for example, you can see here that apple didn't "invent" swipe to unlock

This nonsense has to stop because it only comes at our expense.

I dont even use or own an android phone (even though id really like too!) And i think this is ridiculas! Go away Apple, your useless!

Patents are an aged system that prevents innovation. For a great historical example look at the story of edison and tesla.

1. Any firm defending innovations and patents has their merit since it is quite difficult to create notable innovations in R&D. If people don't get paid enough to innovate, then most people will never try - high risk and high reward.
2. BUT!!!! I blame the judge for slamming a BAN on this device. A fine or some licensing fee sounds much more reasonable than a ****ing ban...
3. QQ find me in corner

Apple may sue itself now for copying iphone designs. Seriously!! This is getting ridiculous every moment, Why cant they accept the challenge? Oh right wait, cuz they are Losers.

I agree the current patent complaints are dumb. It's one thing if it was technology that was created and incredibly different and then copied but stuff like 3G patents are just odd.

I've been reading your articles for a long time, and just now have decided to get an account (for obvious reasons). Hope I win!

on one hand these companies have the right to sue each other, but on the other they realy shouldn't do it over small things/this is so subjective/. I believe that their companoes would gain so much more if they invested hese same effort and money in developing better products. Peace.

The patent system should be changed as soon as possible which is unlikely. So lets just hope that Apple will finally lose some big case and the judge verdict will make a important precedence and stop most of this nonsense.

I used to be an apple fan boy until I found out how shady they are. I had a lot of respect for coming up with things like the iPad and Siri. Then I was Interneting about and found out that other companies had made a similar tablet device with the same specs as the iPad in like 1995. Then one day we had a guest speaker at our college and he was from the military and explained to us that Siri was a military project that Apple bought from them. my point being Apple copies a lot of things from other companies and its about time someone brought attention to it. The fact that they are perusing legal action against Samsung just proves they are too childish to try and win by the rules.
PS please pick me for nexus. Thanks for your consideration.

Stupid "legal" mumbojumbo. How many ways are there to effectively unlock a touchscreen device or call a phone number that appears in text on a touchscreen device? Anything that anyone comes up with, even without bias, will be fundamentally the same idea. Restricting companies from releasing new products just because of these somewhat similar aspects is halting innovation. Soon there will be only be one way to do everything because there won't be any benefit in attempting to make something new for fear of incurring the wrath of Apple's banhammer! Then they're a monopoly like microsoft was and they have nothing again. Apple clearly isn't thinking this through...

The thing that makes Android superior in every way is that it is open source and anyone with the right knowledge can make a contribution. That's what has allowed my original Incredible to run ICS right now! My carrier said it wasn't going to happen, as did HTC, but the developers out there did it. Where else can that happen? Not within Apple's universe, and they know it. So they have to go after anything that they think can help them to slow down the migration from their products to someone else's, but we all know this won't slow it at all. I hope all of this stuff goes away, I am tired of hearing about it.

Patent Shmatent ... I say we just slap a big sticker on Kate Upton that says Samsung and a big sticker on Jessica Alba that says Apple and have them wrestle it out in a kiddie pool of jello. Winner take all. Problem solved. Next issue...

I don't see the sense of all this war. I use to like apple, now I just don't feel getting a product from them.

What is funny to me is that apple is doing the same old crap all over again despite the fact that last time it ended up broke and almost disappears.

Ask anyone who was a Mac developer in the 90s, it was HELL! as bad and probably even worst than developing for iphone is right now. I can tell you 90% of all mac minis sold are just because you need a Mac to work on iphones and ipads, else you can't sell the app on the appstore.

Back to the story, so what happened? macs became more expensive than PCs and less powerful, so less users. Then developers realized they didn't have to take apple's crap anymore and moved to Windows and other platforms. So if you bought a mac you were paying more for less, and soon there were no apps at all, so why get one at all?

That's how apple went from having 30% of the PC market to less than 5%, all that in 4-5 years.

Apple sued Microsoft and other companies with GUI-based products. The whole thing lasted for years, and the result? apple lost, and because it wasted so much time with lawyers and crap instead of creating new products MacOS was obsolete, didn't even have actual multitasking, while Microsoft launched WinNT, and the rest is history.

Now it's the same thing: Android 4 is much better than iOS6, and even Wozniak (APPLE'S COFOUNDER BTW) thinks Windows Phone is better than iOS, same story all over again.

The retina displays are a gimmick, soon Android phones will get 1080p screens with a DPI that obliterate's the iphone's. Apple has been losing on the hardware front for years, all they can offer is a pretty case and nothing else.

TBH I would rather not see this company disappear, but given how they keep repeating the same crap that got them in the hole the first time is like apple is trying to destroy itself.

Patent law needs to be revamped, the rules and function of the patent office are no longer good for inventors nor the public!

All of this patent war stuff is simply BS. I was just talking my father into to ditching his old Moto FLIP RAZR and moving into the smartphone world with a Galaxy Nexus, and now this???? Seriously, does anyone really think Apple should have been granted such arbitrary/general patents in the first place? Who the hell are these people making such decisions? So can AC help my and my father out and give us a GN?

I feel for the American public who have to live with such a poor patent system. Hopefully someone will have the balls to put an end to silly software patents.

Honestly this is gonna go on for as long as apple and samsung exist, so just let me have that galaxy so i can rub it in the face of my whole family who has iPhones!! thanks guys!

In an unsurprising move, Apple sues every culture using the letter 'i' in their vocabulary, claiming someone may confuse this with their popular iEverything brand.

Only got one statement for Apple, quit stifling competition and JUST MAKE SOMETHING BETTER and quit trying to force everyone else on YOUR development cycle!!!

The worst thing is that greed and closed mindedness are stifling innovation. Let the consumers decide with their wallets.

Google, skip a year of R&D and bitch slap apple down a notch or two. If anyone has the resources to take on that bully, you do. Next thing you know, apple will be suing ihop for trademark infringement. Now that I think about it, I can't believe it hasn't already happened.


Blah blah witty comment, blah blah Google for the win, blah blah gimme gimme. But in all.seriousness I would ADORE a S3 :)

Yep, because Apple never rips other companies patents off. *rollseyes*

The patent system really needs good reform.

A patent on something big and important may be ok, but this bull that apple is getting away with too much for things that are too little, and it is really getting to the point of damaging progress.

God, where would we be if this kind of patent nonsense had been ongoing for the last 20 years?

I can't help but think that if patents weren't so impossibly busted at a fundamental level, Apple might come up with a really innovative way to manage them and their limits.

Can you imagina if this patent war was done in all the other industries? Cars, clothes, bicycles, buildings or anything else?

This is what gets my goat especially with the nexus patent suit. To block the sale of the device the patent in question must majorly be responsible for the sales of the device. We are back to slide to unlock? the nexus runs stock android, they aren't even suing the right people. I hope one day the courts start laying down the ban hammer.

It seems like Apple's legal team would undergo gender reassignment sans anaesthetics rather than have a reasonable thought

Let's innovate instead of pouring money into lawsuits that only stifle competition. If you can't create a better product for an edge, get the F* out!!

Apple is continuing its journey as the new old. Time to call patent busters.

In other news, patents are so hip these days, the patent office is opening 4 more locations: Dallas, Silicon Valley, Detroit. Denver. True story.

Apple is threatened by Google for software and Samsung for hardware. IOS 6 does not have much to offer compared to Jelly Bean. They are behind in screen size and 4g capable phones on the hardware side. These lawsuits indicate their in-securities.

I think Apple never want to learn his mistake about this patent fight,
but at least Apple and Samsung layers having a great after court party for every court they went (using money from Apple and Samsung :) ).

The patents need to have a shorter lifespan and you should not be able to sit on them and not use them. They should also not be able to block products but if its fair they should get some money from each sale.

This patent nonsense makes it difficult for people to earn a living. I work in wireless (AT&T - full disclosure), and I had several customers mad at me when I told them the HTC One X got held up due to Apple's injunction. This makes everyone look bad: Apple looks like a bully, HTC looks like a criminal, the salespeople look like idiots because of launch dates that change on the fly.

Apple reuses designs and gets called geniuses. Someone else does it, like Samsung, then they are criminals.

Apple : I know this is just your way to slow Google/Android/Samsung's growth..But dam...Alot...And I mean Alot of people love,like want,use there products and this lawsuit stuff will in some shape or form backlash back at Apple. Steve Jobs wanted to murder android and it looks like Apple will do its best to keep that train rolling. But watch what you guys do..alot of us are your customers too!

Well here's the gist of the effed uppyness.

The patent office is a lazy butt.
Boom Apple comes in and boom a patent.
The patent was super general.
Now that one patent can rule all other ideas.
But wait, do the judges actually analyze what's happening?
Is there possibly another way to accomplish what the patent accomplishes?

They've made their crap SOO GENREAL and SOO GENERIC that it's virtually impossible to get around legal punishment! They are patenting the fundamental ways we interact with devices. They are patenting generic shapes. They are being complete d!(^s!!!!!! Just because they don't want to change what they already have and spend a hair more time creating an original idea.

Mother effer!!! My twitter feed is filled with effing hate posts because of their filthy rotten tactics.

I hope Apple gets hit back with an iPhone ban. What would be even better though is if these messed up laws were fixed. It's too easy for companies like Apple to destroy small businesses with these tactics.

And I want me a Galaxy Nexus :D

Apple is a walled garden full of rotten apples. (typing this on a Macbook). iShall never buy Crapple again. Give me sweet jellybeans!

Uugghh now its officially not for sale. What a waste of time. We know it won't hold for longer than a few days

One of the best examples of crony capitalism I've seen of late. It's the problem that naturally comes when the government gets to be a big enough stick: people start swinging it around.

So Steve Jobs, ever the fox, persuades Xerox to let him have a glimpse of Xerox’s innovative graphic’s user interface, and then returns to Apple and orders his company to copy and improve upon it. By the time the first Apple Macintosh is introduced, Apple has not only improved the interface but also lowered the cost of its little computer. And we are reminded that this is not theft—it is innovation.

America and the American dream, Apple tells us, is nothing if it is not about innovation.

Now years later Steve Job introduces yet another Apple product—a remarkable little pocket computer he calls the iPhone. And companies around the world see its potential and rush to copy and improve upon it. And improve they do. New phones come out that are not only slimmer and faster and more functional but also are much more affordable.

And what does Apple, the lover of the American Dream, do? It tries to squash the competition. It finds a judge who can be persuaded that its competitor’s phone is mostly just a reproduction of its own little device. And on these grounds the judge issues a judicial order restraining the manufacturer from selling its phone within the borders of the United States.

America and the American dream, Apple now shows us, is nothing if it is not about protecting its market and keeping its pot of money all to itself

So America in the end is about politics. And here Ambrose Bierce’s definition of politics will do quite well: “a strife of interests masquerading as a conflict of principles.”

As my grandmother used to tell me, “Every fox smells his own hole.”

My wife loves her iPhone, I love my Androids. I was telling her about the lawsuits and she says: "They are suing because whoever makes those droids you like is making improvements? Improvements that could potentially even boost their sales...and suing the same company that makes the hardware for the iPhone? Ok, that is just dumb. Can you buy me one of those droid phones when I am due for an upgrade" I am going to pay full retail for a new Android for her this weekend--just to get the iPhone4s out of the house.

I love my wife!

My HTC Thunderbolt just crapped out on me, I need this GNex!! I will never buy an iPhone, especially because of this type of shit.

AC seems to like talking about how insignificant these suits are, but what they seem to be forgetting is that this is anticompetitive behavior which is unacceptable business practice. Moreover, it's expensive to wage these legal wars, and that cost is getting passed directly to us, the consumers. Thanks, but I don't need my device to cost more just so lawyers can wage their stupid wars. Plus, Google's patch to circumvent this patent is unacceptable as well, as it cripples the GNex's device search functionality. Apple is afraid they can't compete, so they force Google to dumb Android down to their level, and Samsung to charge more for the devices to cover their legal fees. Am I exaggerating? Yes, somewhat; however, the fact remains that these legal wars are having a detrimental effect on the industry. I see the value of not catastrophizing, but let's not go Ostrich Algorithm on it either.

#InnovateNotLitigate #DefendInnovation

Apple really needs to stop they already have so much money as it is I'm pretty sure they can afford to loose a couple hundred besides they don't have any reason to complain they're mobile is has the same design since day 1 all android istrying to do is make the user experience better instead of just adding useless features like most of apples iOS releases you can't blame anyone for trying to be fun. Apple simply needs to back of every once in a while I'm sure they violate patents every now and then to I mean no one is perfect.

ACTUALLY apple is jealous as hell after s3 and they dont want competition.(by the way so many comments that thers almost one in a hundred chance any1 wud get gnex. :)

psssss ( i want me a galaxy nexus for the past 6 months.... ;) )

Is it still possible I could get a galaxy Nexus and your give away? I was given the samsung fascinate smartphone after my stroke in May of 2012, but it is not connected to any network. The part of my brain that died in te stroke was my memory, & vocabulary. And I am already disabled with rheumatoid arthritis, so having the option to speak into the phone makes it easier for me, though I can type, do to a spinal birth defect I cannot sit up long enough to use a PC or laptop. The reasons I joined this form tonight, is because I don't think this phone has much time left, and it keeps freezing up, after it gets so physically hot to the touch, I have to pull the battery. That is why I joined this formum to see if there is a way to reboot this phone without pulling the battery. Because I do not know if I am doing more harm than good. I have been wanting the Google Nexus tablet, saw a commercial recently, and actually first heard about this tablet in Aug 2012. It would be light enough for my hands to hold. I am only 43 try old, and a single parent of 2, and I am on SSI, so I can't afford to just go buy a tablet, or a phone. That's why this 1 was given to me after the stroke to help me store things I cannot remember, doctor appointments, phone numbers, school events, medication reminders, etc. I was so afraid tonight when it got really hot, and friends stopped again, I am not connected to a network so I have no way to have all of this backed up if it fries, so I did a google search on how to reboot a Samsung phone and found this formum. I am very glad I did because I've read a lot of posts, and you guys know your stuff. So I joined, and added you to my pocket app. I love that app, especially since I cannot find how to open my bookmarks! LOLOL! So hopefully you're still giving away that tablet!!!!! But before I go, I would just like to say I don't really know how to answer about that apple versus Google Nexus Injunction, I don't really know anything about Apple, Except I have never used 1, Only thing I really can say Is that a must be anal asses To pick on something so small And insignificant, And they must have a lot of money to throw away, They would have been better off to just give it to charity For example So organizations That take care of sick and injured animals That are homeless, And have been neglected, Can get the proper treatment, medications, food and housing because they deserve love more than a lot of humans do. People can be very cruel.
well thank you for listening, I apologize for going on and on, please forgive me this is jus t 1 side effect the stroke has had on my life. It's only been 4 months, and I'm doing the best I can, because my main priority is to be the best Mom I can be.
Sincerely, Joanierose. I will include my email address that doesn't consist of my full name because this is a little embarrassicom