Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


The patent system in the U.S., and in a few other countries, (here's looking at you, Germany!) These injunctions do NOTHING but hurt us, the consumers. In the end, they are overturned anyway. Apple really needs to stop with these patent lawsuits. If you take into consideration the money they've spent on these lawsuits, those funds could have EASILY went into making better, more innovative products. Better to innovate than to litigate. I've just grown tired of Apple trying to bully everyone in court because they think they invented the smartphone. Does anyone remember the old winmo phones? This is all just a sad, unfortunate joke that this practice has been allowed to go on for this long!


So many anti-Apple sarcastic comments here.
I like to view things fairly. Patent is, of course, originally a crucial part of innovation. It is designed to protect designs so that companies can prevent losses. However, technology is for the betterment of lives. With the advent of patent trolling, this is undermined. This is first due to Apple's greed, undeniably: they have the right to patent stuff to protect their rights, but eventually they are patenting everything they have, everything they can do, everything they come up with. Capacitive screens were innovative, but such a technology should be for everyone's use. Imagine good medicine being patented so poor people cannot receive it. It's the same idea. Some patents are, as everyone knows, irrational, such as their designs. It is not a good idea to copy designs, but does that affect them so much that they have to patent the rectangle (so they say) and sue everybody in the world? That leads us to another crucial problem - the (US) patent system. They simply approve of virtually any patent applications. Is that reasonable? Do they really consider the applications thoroughly? Patents should be for means of implementing something, not just an idea, i.e. the engineering stuff instead of the innovation stuff. It is ridiculous to patent mere ideas that Apple don't plan to implement and just plan to prevent others from implementing, hence undermining their competitiveness, not to mention designs. Yet these patents are accepted so Apple can patent-troll everybody.
We utterly need to rethink the idea of patents. Innovation is to be protected, and technology is to be shared. That is my point of view in a nutshell.
*end of rant*

P.S. I'm not waiting to be accused, so here's a disclaimer: this is a duplicate account of 15israellai. I'm not doing this to win any contests, it's merely because that account got erroneously caught in the spam filter and cannot comment. I have contacted Chris Parsons to deal with that.

The whole thing is as effed up as a football bat, to use an old school term. I been hatin on crApple since 1984, it runs deep, this current thing is nothing new, sadly. Those of us that were around back then remember, Apple has always been sue-happy. Now Google has their own creepy shit, too, and I am none to happy with them sometimes, but open Vs Closed ecosystems, well, I'll take the open every time, take a little time, and learn how to block the stuff that I feel I dont like. At least I have the option with Android. Thanks for the chance to win the Nexus!

I am now thinking about patenting boxes so that I can sue all these companies which are producing phones and tablets which look like a box, infringing my "patent rights".
I will become the richest man in the world just by suing these companies.

Its quite ridiculous that the so-called "tech giants" are falling to such low standards.

Apple is scared of android :). Otherwise they wouldn't be spending this much money in lawyers. Go android!! Viva la google!!!

I don't like these thing why can't everyone sue everyone with everything and a juge to decide who gets paid how much for what and no more .

Such blatant patent trolling. I read through the patents and think they are being completely ridiculous. Love live the nexus!

I think Apple is on their way out, and this is their only way to hold on to something. I think it will be reversed. The judge obviously is an iPhone user :)

It is absolutely ludicrous the injunctions and "cell" blocking going on. I accept that people need to be able to protect what is rightfully theirs but the patents that are being lord! All these lawsuits make it look like apple is just afraid of competition, they have an excellent device, it sells incredibly well, let the market decide. Even if I was safely within the walled garden, these lawsuits would make me wonder, hmm what is this google thing all about that apple doesn't want me have? However, I would love a stock nexus device, thank you so much for the chance and the awesome website!


I wonder if this was planned to happen a few days after the Galaxy Nexus was named as the first phone to receive Jelly Bean? Seems rather coincidental to me...

This stuff is getting really old, just reminds me part of my phone cost when I buy one is going to all this legal BS these companies pull.

My wife and I were walking down the street yesterday, and I pointed at two different houses and said, "That guy should sue his neighbor. That house looks too much like his. It's got a driveway, garage, and even the same number of windows. No, it doesn't matter that the garage is facing the same direction--obviously his neighbor ripped him off."

Seriously guys, make us good tech and quit spending money n freaking lawsuits. As for the lawyers...grow a conscience and quit screwing with our consumer goods.

I think Apple started this patent foolishness and yet they stole their software from Linux and who knows what else lol. Also,the only reason why Google is sueing is because Apple started it, Plain and Simple. Looks to me as Apple is trying to get rid of there only competition in the market but Google seems to be more inovative and faster with technology than Apple. So Google I am giving you a +

If apple wants to beat Android, they should try to do it by improving their hardware and software to have better features that people will want to buy. As an android fan, I would have no complaint with that because they would be doing better fair and square. Bringing up patent issues that barely even exist is their last resort to beat Android and just goes to show they're just trying to make up whatever they can to damage Android. Apple is a successful and resourceful company, no doubt about it, so put some of that to use and actually compete with Android and try to one-up them. Ultimately, everyone will benefit from that. iPhone users will receive a better phone with better software, Amdroid will be forced to one-up apple back and android users will benefit in the same ways as well

If apple put all their efforts to stop android revolution with these legal nonsense, that means they really feel threaded by it. So that means that all of the android lovers that are into the android revolution are in the right path. And these open-source thinking its going beyond enterprises and empowering the men, the ridiculous system. Sorry for my English! Go android lovers(developers,users, future users)

Blah blah blah, you said it bro ;-) Sometimes I think some nutty lawyers should search for the descendants of the inventor of the wheel itself. That would make one lucky person really happy :-D

I work as a courts reporter and can say from firsthand experience that people and companies alike will do whatever they can to make an extra buck or prevent the competition from doing so. Patent lawsuits such as this are flawed and something should be done to stop this nonsense.

"A patent is a form of intellectual property. It consists of a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for the public disclosure of an invention. Typically, however, a patent application must include one or more claims defining the invention which must meet the relevant patentability requirements such as NOVELTY and NON-OBVIOUSNESS." They protect the features and processes that make things work. This lets inventors profit from their inventions. In this case, things are different because Apple isn't trying to protect ther intellectual property, they're trying to block their competitors sales in order to obtain more revenues, and the worst part is that they're are reaching their goal. Also is really important to say that most of the newest patents are ridiculous, I mean, "Slide to Unlock" (an example) that feature is even present on WP7. The patent system in the US it's too old to be used now... Also, i really want the nexus, i live in Mexico and here it's really really expensive. It would be my first high end smartphone (:

This is the way I see it... Apple's threatened by Android. They just don't want to admit it. If they were truly confident that their product was the absolute best option (which they act like) they wouldn't be trying to land these bans on Android phones left and right. I really wish Google had patented some of their ideas like the notification pull-down, but I guess that's what we get for having an open-source OS.

On the other hand though, you have the aforementioned notification bar (which is far, far inferior to Android's), the camera shortcut on the lock screen, and various other things Apple has "intelligently incorporated into its OS" which are completely stolen from Google and the Android team. Apple is guilty of the same thing they're fighting Google with, they just have the patents to back it up. Sad.

Grow up Apple. Let consumers decide what they want. Your product is clearly superior, right? Let the dogfights begin. Pit your iPhone against the latest Android flagships, like the One X and GSIII. Let consumers decide. Some people will choose your iPhone, others will choose Android, WP7/WP8, and Blackberry OS. It's how the marketplace works.

In a few years, when WP8 grabs a lot of market share, it will be better off than Android is now because Microsoft has a boatload of patents to defend it. Apple will find a way to attack it, however, after they steal their rival OS's key features (and execute them more poorly, the Apple way).

I really don't have a problem with Apple's products. I like iPhones and the iPad. They're great devices. I prefer Android but there's no denying they're legitimate marketplace rivals. That said, I despise Apple as a company. They're using their legal advantages to try and create a monopoly in the mobile OS market. If someday down the road Android as an entirety gets crippled by this patent nonsense, that's when I'll lose it.

Okay end of the rant. Lol. As for the free Galaxy Nexus, my HTC Aria is crying for a replacement. :)

I agreed with Apple on the "look and feel" cases against Samsung. But a phone search patent? Really?

It's a good thing that patent expire in 2014. If companies like Apple are going to start wielding patents like weapons instead of merely trying to protect their intellectual property, it's time to reconsider the 20 year exclusivity.

I agreed with Apple on the "look and feel" cases against Samsung. But a phone search patent? Really?

It's a good thing that patent expire in 2014. If companies like Apple are going to start wielding patents like weapons instead of merely trying to protect their intellectual property, it's time to reconsider the 20 year exclusivity.

Its annoying that Tech moves so fast and courts move so slow..... Im sure there will be appeal processes and victories for both sides before its all over. But will it even matter by the time its all over.

The whole patent situation is disappointing ---> annoying ---> frustrating !

Hope I get the nexus which will make me

Overjoyed ---> Happy ---> Satisfied !

I love how apple has become a giant patent bully, basically the exact opposite of what they sold themselves as 20 years ago. My how times have changed.

PS I could really use a new phone. My OG Evo has just started dying on me.

its what apple does best. they are trying to remove the competition. its a normal business practice. the only part is they are doing it wrong. the way apple is trying to do it is that by sueing the pants off of every competitor for things like context menus and search functionality they are making themselves noticed in a bad light. like i said normal business practice lol.

Banned ! who care. I would ship to you guys with market price and 0% interest for me, just to go against this crap.

I don't get apple in general. They are pretty much on the top yet they are so consumed by lawyers and patent wars that they forget to innovate like they did with iPhone 1. i mean, iOS6... 90% of those 'new and revolutionized' features were from android! Ridiculous... On that note, I would love a Galaxy Nexus to replace my mom's dying flip phone!

Theyre just trying to stifle competition with the ridiculously general patents they have but at the same time they are stifling innovation as well. Terrible for the consumers.

Wow terrible news. I'm tried of apple they suck.. Hopefully I can still buy one when I come back from vacation.

It's one thing to use exclusive power of control over material property to protect it in the broadest sense. Another thing is to insist on a would-be intellectual property, so the progress the firm wishes for itself and begrudges for his opposite strikes gaping wounds.

It would be nice to see Google get one of these decisions tossed their way once in a while. We as consumers should speak with our wallets (or through the largesse of kind hearted websites like this one) against blatant patent trolling.

I just love how all of these companies get caught up in there patents instead of focusing all of that time and money into making a better product. I understand that you want to protect your product, but they've gone too far with this mess. I stopped paying attention to it a couple years ago due to the insane amount of disputes going on. Just make your device better and quit whining.

These whole patent lawsuits are garbage. It ruins all innovation. It ruins developer relationships and company partnerships. Soon we will be back to brick cell phones with zero features for fear of one OEM suing them. If Apple/Google/Microsoft/All Other Major tech companies sat down and agreed to use their patents in a pool for a fee things would be easier and innovation would come back...I hate lawyers and I hate garbage law suits.

Maybe if Apple focused more on their own stuff they could provide their users with an interface more than rows and columns of static, unimaginative and boring icons! Oh no he diiiint! Oh yes he did!

The Apple is growing rotten... As a tech enthusiast and a Portuguese law student I can't really understand all of this nonsense.

In my country and in the majority of the countries, from what I've read, Iphone wins the long to be finished battle against android phones. And I must say I don't find it strange, they have what the masses want. However, what the masses want isn't always what's better and that's the reason I stand on the other side, on the Android side.

One day one teacher explained how this process works, not the process of choosing a phone but the one of electing a president or a government. Although they stand in different worlds the reason behind it's the same. When a president or a government wins the elections they are elected by the majority, they're not elected by all of the people who voted but just by those of voted on them. The problem in most of the cases resides in the fact of the majority being naive, not educated (and i'm not calling one dumb), without means and will to learn more, etc. The result is the majority will not vote wisely, will not analyse before vote, will not seek to see the things how they really are... The majority will vote based on superficial things, the ones that pop out the minute you see them!

In the smartphone's world the problem is just that. Android is a world by far much more complex than Apple's iOS. So, in order to know android people would have to spend time searching, getting knowledge of what is is and how it works. On the other hand, iOS is operative system much more intuitive that you understand right away. If that wasn't enough iOS is also covered by a beautiful phone frame: aluminium, glass, etc. Basically iOS and Iphone have the looks, the thing that pops ut the minute you see it, the thing that drives masses nuts, that drives the majority take apple over Google as they will not give up their "precious" time to know what's better since it's more easy to have what everyone has. In Portugal we use to say "the neighbor's chicken is always better than mine". Well, if my neighbor as an Iphone I must get one!

To sum up, what I intend to explain all along my comment was that this patent war is a completely non sense as Apple detains most of the market quote and it probably will remain that way. Maybe not in the States but in Portugal and in other countries I can't doubt that. As long as masses, the majority, remains naive and only judge the book by it's cover there's nothing to worry Apple about. In the mean time we, android users, will enjoy our great operative system in our (yours cause mine is just a LGP500, that never failed however!)great phones which my not have the looks (I believe they have)but have the heart and that's all that matters ;)

No offense but im tired of people saying ios is so intuitive. You try to set an mp3 as a ringtone and it is a 12 step convoluted mess! They want to try to force you to buy everything. Fuck apple! In the end, the isheep have no chance against the android virus.

i think that apple is really scared and thats all... They should be wasting their money in making a phone people buy not because someone "cool" told them its cool but because it has the options they use and like...
Hope I win this! i've just sold my blackberry and its like a dream to me to get this phone! Greetings

I'm going to law school right now, and the parent system is totally screwed up. They're attempting to push patent reform, but it's a show process... Someday...

It is time for the federal government to step in and revamp the entire process. The lawsuits are taking too much time. Every company is entitled to patent use but this is excessive.

Patents should be like here down in Brazil. Here you are able to make a patent over software only when it is strongly tied to a specific hardware. Consequently, the patents are about innovative products only.

The patent situation has always been this way as this how companies like IBM and Kodak could file tens of thousands of patents so there is no sense of crying about it now. The real issue is when you get a douchebag company like Apple who decides to use those patents for offensive purposes instead of defensive purposes (like every other sane company does). I'm not sure the patent system will ever be fixed (when was the last time the US government fixed anything?), but they sure as hell can penalize companies who go on the offensive with frivolous patents just to harass the competition.

Now give me my Nexus phone please.

Simply put, software patents don't promote innovation. It's just about money rather than pushing products forward and winning that way.

I will never buy an Apple product! How can a company literally go after other companies in which they made internal components for their own products. If I were Samsung or any other company that makes parts for any Apple product I would stop selling or giving them access to any semiconductors or parts. Apple has gotten way over their heads and thinks they can bully others around in the tech world. This has got to stop! It prevents ingenuity and research into further development by any individual or company. Apple can claim it was their idea or it somehow effects their products or sales, thats total B.S!

A new phone would be great. And Apple should consider it will be Google's or Samsung's turn with the next patent ... they should just cross-license each others patents and be done with it.

It all seems pretty ridiculous to me. I feel like there is a story similar to this at least once a week--and if I'm wrong in regards to the frequency, then I'll pretend it was intentional and cite hyperbole. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's once a week.

Patent laws should not be laws, but guidelines.
PS: Patent laws suck.
Would love to win this phone, since my o3d is being fixed for the third time now.

If the Galaxy Nexus is so similar to the iPhone that Apple has to sue, why did I make a new account on this website for a chance to win one for free? Obviously I think the Galaxy Nexus is cooler than the iPhone otherwise I'd be trying to win both an iPhone and a Galaxy Nexus. These are two totally different products. They run different software and different hardware. They look different and are made by different companies. Apple is just trying to eliminate competition.

The only reason apple has done this is not because of steve jobs legacy etc etc, it's because they're threatened by google and android.

They've seen android blown away success and because google has a product that either rivals or replaces an apple product they don't want them do well in that particular space!

Google is a real threat to apple, just the other day I was sorting something out on my aunts iPhone (WHY? WHY? People should listen to me) and safari asked me if I wanted to change my search engine from G to Yahho! I was like hell no!

Wouldn't surprise me of they replaced youtube with vimeo! -.-

All these 'patent wars' are preventing innovation it needs to stop!

You know things are getting to the point of stupid when they try to patent the basic shape of a phone or tablet just to get other devices that are competing with theirs banned.

I respect wanting to protect your intellectual property but this is just getting stupid. Perhaps it is Apple's secret economic stimulus plan with all of the dollars getting spent with law firms and settlements.

Apple Rep 1 : Oh snap HTC and Samsung just came out with some pretty sweet looking phones. Now people are going to really see that we're yesterday news.

Apple Rep 2: Hmmm no need to worry. Let's use patent 2344.52342 on them muuwaahahhaa.

Apple Rep 1: What patent is that?

Apple Rep 2: Who knows - will just say that it's for non-removable battery or something.

Apple Rep 1: Brilliant!!

I swear I think that's how the conversations goes lol


Apple has made it clear that they don't care about IP anymore. They're just patent trolling because they have a personal vendetta against anyone who makes a superior product.

First of all a BIG THANKS to Android Central for opening this contest to everyone :).

I feel that all this stupid lawsuits are just killing creativity as well as valuable amount of time money and .If Apple had spend the time and money on more development and reach we would have already seen the iPhone 5 by now and also a better SIRI.

Rather than filling lawsuits left and right the companies should compete for the customer by coming up with innovative and creative improvements to the OS like the "offline voice typing"in JB. And in the end it's us the customers who end up paying for all the courtroom drama cause after all its our money (no wonder Apple products cost so much ;) ).

I am from India and I could really use a galaxy nexus, which is not available here, as a replacement to my ancient LG optimus one.

Thank you AC :)

Google needs to step up and start defending the OEMs,

Microsoft did it, why google doesnt do it?

this is killing innovation, as soon someone puts a new teaser of something new apple counterattack with a lawsuit claiming they did it first, wtf!?!? why apple dont sue star trek or space oddisey too?
the system sucks

I just hate how it seems like, every other day basically, Apple is suing the usual companies over patents that don't make sense, and some patents are just so broad it makes me mad. It makes me mad too, when Google doesn't pull out the red card and fight back and say "hey, what about the notification bar? a-ha"

I'm really getting tired of Apple's sue 'em into submission mindset. It's this attitude that keeps me from being an Apple customer. Apple has taken over the crown of "Evil Empire" from Microsoft, congratulations Apple...

Patents only slow down digital progress. Suing just because the Nexus has a higher level of awesome than a fruit phone is like suing a race car company for making a car with the same horsepower as a truck. Just because they both have for wheels and 556 hp doesn't justify suing the sexy one with faster lap times.

Apple is just trying to throw its weight around, wont last long i hope, they are just trying to crush the competition, but we shall see

OH MY GOD!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS NEWS HAS DEVASTATED ME! I litterally was planning to order this in a week when ill have saved enough. This has just even made me drift away from apple more, im feeling so betrayed by them that Im using my macbook "painfully", lol! NO JOKE!! ahh, lets pray the judge will come to her senses and encourage competiton. Ive wasted my two months of researching, going through reviews and fantazising with the unboxings.. lmao. Like literraly fantazising how ill be using it! Guess we'll have to wait! The patent is nothing but an obstacle in technological growth.

Its ridiculous.

Why cant we all just get along ?

Even though I just got a One S last month I am still thinking about getting a Nexus just because of Jelly Bean ( jelly belly ? ).

Plus plain vanilla Android is and has always been the best Android experience.

Lawsuits schmawsuits bleh !

I haven't ever heard of Ford suing Toyota for copyright over a "4 wheeled vehicle" or anything similar. Because that would be ridiculous.

I haven't ever heard of Ford suing Toyota for copyright over a "4 wheeled vehicle" or anything similar. Because that would be ridiculous.

Apple is just bitter that Google outdid them in every way during the I/O.
Guarantee they'll have real products and skydiving demos during their next conference and then sue google for stealing their ideas.

there is nothing i find more ridiculous than apple's (read steve jobs') claim to cut/copy/steal/anything that suits them and then peeing in their pants when someone else comes up with a good product..

Between Apple and Android, I think there is a competition on two levels. The first is Apple Apps platform, and Playstore platform. It's not like I can take stuff I purchased on Apple and get them in Android. By doing this patent dance with select device makers, Apple is really screwing up competition and selection outside of their market. People that have already decided on Android and put money into the platform are not going to care to start over with Apple.

What Apple should do is offer to match what you've paid in Android apps in App-store credit when you switch. Now that would be a hell of an incentive for people to switch.

In online, I say that instead of concentrating & investing to bring up a cool, simple yet advanced & fully functional product at the same time, Apple is using their money(sorry customers money) to destroy its competition in short-cut way. And this all because of this unclear patent policy which allowing companies like Apple to take advantage off. It's right time to bring changes to this patent system, which restricts Tech companies to take advantage of them and also forces them(tech companies) to come to them(patent issue agency) with the technological inventions that they really invented on their own.

Apply simply prevent their competitor possibly pass its product, but at the end of the day, Google Android will found a way to bypass this patent, Android wins eventually.

I am a Galaxy Nexus user, funny thing is I don't see any similar with Iphone...

So messed up how apple sues every manufacturer for everything.They still have a very profitable business why sue everyone and make more enemies.The even sue samsung who is the manufacturer who make these phones for them to begin with....

All I know is I want that Nexus, if I don’t win im going to forced to file a law suit on you Androidcentral for Unfair Competition Act (15 USC § 45 - UNFAIR METHODS OF COMPETITION).
SO PLEASE! That nexus if you will, don’t make me bust an APPLE on that ass. Thank you!

Apple isn't going to stop until everyone is forced to use iPhone or a old school flip phone. I'll go with the flip phone.

Oh my god, oh my god. He's wearing a T-shirt same as me. A-ha I know, I'll tell everyone he copied me. It's got 2 small arm holes, 1 neck sized hole and 1 large hole at the bottom.

I wear finger puppets when I work at my meth lab but on a side note I would like apple to stop being the jealous kid from elementary school that would slash my bike tires b/c my bike was cooler probably b/c I had some super gnarly pegs on it. If I had this nexus walkie talkie machine I would use it to summon elegant conversations with my friends who also possess the sorcery skills to walkie talkie too. Thanks!

Its a disgrace and mear kid screming on top of his voice for his lost lollipop that apple is and to just band the things that sell so that thet can sell their product and boost about it. Face the reality if the iphone dont sell thats it, dont cling so much to it that you lose face to compete. Grow up boys

The world will soon see how fed up all this patent business is. It's only a matter of time before someone turns the whole mess onto its head.

man oh man i think the only ones that is truly winning in all this bs is the lawyers! new jaguars anyone! burnnnnnnn!

I was going to buy an iPhone but I found this other phobe beside it in the store which had a "Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system", and I thought "well, that clinches it, I should buy that phone instead!!!!" How can one or two patents like that get an entire (better) product banned, this whole thing is annoying me enough to register and post this!!!

Apple is the most litigious company in the face of the Earth. I think it's time for them to start competing with innovation, not litigation.

Ever since the sad loss of Steve Jobs, Apple has lost their way.
For this past year we haven't seen Apple come up with anything that is new and I dare to say that their last real innovations were the first iPhone and the first iPad which really were game changers. After this is just a revamp of old ideas and almost refurbishing their own products without taking much time to think about things. And with this lack of direction is showing even more with constant lawsuits and the way they are handling every single competitor from Samsung,HTC, and even Google
In the midst of all of this we the consumers are losing choices because companies keep fighting these pointless battles that lead to nowhere.
It's about time Apple stops looking outside of their company in search of problems and fights, and starts looking inside their own company and products and think "what can we do"
in the end it's the consumer that chooses what to use, and no company is going to make us choose because let's face it: We hate being told what to do!

Quit idolizing steve jobs. Apple sucked when he was alive and they suck after he is gone. I am not happy when anyone dies, but apple sucked before and after..

I think that many of Apple patents shouldn´t even been given, they´re so generic, that, if granted, they should be obligated to become FRAND!!!

Ask anyone, and they'll say that Apple iPhone changed the way we look at our phones, and it definitely did. But the world needs innovation, Apple can't just decide that it is the world's only innovator, but that's what it is doing. Apple is not only threatened by android, but android's features beat almost every feature in iOS. And it's the patent system that allows companies like apple to ban products that are better then what they have. The system destroys innovation, and if it's not fixed soon, the world will have to stop making new products

Its just sad to see that these companies are putting more money into their lawyers then into innovation. Instead of trying to make a better product to beat the other guy they try and lawyer them to death.

All of these lawsuits are ridiculous. Apple should focus on bringing more innovation to the market place

There are people who imagine things, people who develop those things, and people who make those things better, and that's the way I see things evolve. If we create a bottleneck in this evolution process, we will get stuck in obsolescence. Patents should not exist in the tech world. This tech war is one of te worst business practices ever and says a lot of people behind management, and how fit a company is if have to use that kind of resources. Worry about making you faster and better continuously instead in try to hurt your competitors. Play fairly.

Next Apple will try to patent the square and rectangle shapes. This will show everyone how awesome Apple is!


This all patent thing is kinda bullsh.t. They don't care about their property, they only care about squeezing money from other companies. *It's all about the mone, money...*

You can only be so innovative with the technology at hand, that by patenting tech that certain devices have to use to be able to work right means someone wins monopoly rights over the technology. Just seems like a waste of time, but I guess it keeps the lawyers paid...

I told my friend who's in law school to avoid patent law. Apparently, I wasn't the first one to tell him that.

Forums like this sometimes give us opportunities to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. The matter of patents is no different.

Before reading this article I had an incomplete frame of reference on patents and the patent system. For instance, I had no idea that the first historical reference to a patent occurred in Southern Italy when it was still part of Greece. In terms of the U.S. Patent System, it would seem that while the Massachusetts General Court was issuing patents as early as 1641, officially the first Patent Act of the U.S. Congress was not passed until April 10, 1970. Either way you look at it that was a long time ago during a day and age where our current technology would have been taken as magic or witchcraft.

After years of a near-religious allegiance to Microsoft Windows, I used my first Apple product. I fell in love with the simplicity of the OS and the stability of the hardware. There is much to be said in support of a company that builds both the hardware and the software, and the reality is that few companies follow this model. Apple clearly has a strategy that works and is helping to advance its goals and protect its place in the global marketplace. That doesn't necessarily make Apple good or bad.

In the mobile arena, I am a fan of Android, having used Windows Mobile (HTC device) and later BlackBerry. While I've looked at iPhones many times, I have thus far refused to drink the purple Kool-Aid and join most of my iPhone-owning friends.

So when people say, "Suck it, Apple" or "Why is that judge so stupid?” I think those sorts of comments only serve to water down the collective integrity of our community as Android fans.

The judge isn't as stupid as you might think. If he or she were, serving as a judge would probably not be an option. There are many different types of judges; some are influenced by their political ideology while others merely interpret the laws as they were written. If not mistaken most judges are also lawyers. To serve in this capacity requires a functional understanding of our laws and an ability to apply our laws to the claims presented before them. For our sake, our laws are fairly specific.

In most cases, the plaintiff needs to satisfy a minimum threshold in order for their claim to have “standing” or validity in a court of law.

Apple claims ownership of a patent to a specific technological process for searching across multiple resources. It has asserted that Samsung violated this in the Galaxy Nexus. Now it will be Apple’s duty to prove these allegations and if they cannot they will lose the case. If Apple can prove the allegations and satisfy the court’s need for burden of proof, Samsung will likely face monetary damages and be required to modify its software in the Galaxy Nexus before the injunction would be lifted.

In short, it’s business as usual.

All of this is true. The judge can only interpret what he/she is given. The real problem is that the damage is already done. Apple has been granted patents for things they did not invent. The question in the courts now tho, isn't whether or not Apple deserved the patent...but whether or not the patent is being infringed upon. There should be a way for other companies to contest a patent before they are granted.

4644 comments? good luck guys! you're the ones who deserv a nexus for looking for a winner in 4644 commments and counting!!!

Wow, I wish they would spend more of their time creating the next iDevice and less of their money buying off the patent office for things they didn't invent.

Glad to try and win the nexus tho!

If Apple concentrated ONLY on Innovation(and not on this Patent shit), they would have been far ahead of any other hardware company, not that they're not right now. But they're loosing fast, and even faster in the eyes of users who understand that Apple does more on patents than on innovation these days.

I don't understand how this could possibly benefit apple. All it is doing is alienating the customers that it should be trying to win back. Sure it could potentially take away the competition for a short amount of time, but if you look like a dick doing it then it kind of defeats the purpose.

Business driven people and business itself and jealousy sucks. Apple and Google are worst than Goku and Vegeta, haha! keep fighting but in the end they need each other <3

What a bunch of ninnies, how childish must a company be. There are a lot of reasons to hate Apple and they keep piling more on top of the ones I already have. Jackasses...

The patent system in it's current form has completely gone crazy and doesn't make sense at all anymore. First of all there are way too many patents and between them there are patents for just so regular things. Estimated is that even 30% of the patents are for things that already exist... crazy. The original idea of something being patented is supposed to be non-obvious to a person of ordinary skill in the art, more than a common sense good idea. Many of today's patents are made in an attempt to just make money on fundamental systems and behaviors in technology and online. You got patents for 'backing up data online', for 'providing a user interface' for 'one-click purchasing' and even an 'application that allows users to purchase from a mobile phone. It's like EVERYTHING the internet does is already patented.

Problem number two is that there are company's owning lot's of patents, like Intellectual Ventures. They have come up with around 1000 patents in the lab but NOT even ONE patent has made it to commercial use. They own at least 35,000 patents which means that 98% of the patents they own, aren't their own ideas. They purchased those patents as business tools and are starting lawsuits with them to infringing company's. In short: they make money (LOTS OF) with other people's ideas! The even worse part is that they do this via so called Shell Companies... little company's set up, without any employees, even without a real place (all of them are in the same empty office) and use them as masks.

Are there ways to fix this system? Yes! At least there has to be an independent invention defense. Most new idea's are already infringing current patents but if you were completely unaware of someone's patent or you really haven't copied it it's ridiculous to claim you were infringing on that patent. Also, the whole base of the patent system on the software side has to change. Different rules and also a other timeframe of the patent vadility should greatly help. If things get mainstream and it's a logical next step it shouldn't even be patentable. It's insane that a 'slide to unlock' feature can be patented. How would you else unlock something with a touchscreen? Yes, there are some other buttons on the phone, and it could be even that the patent was accepted back then. But it should be re-looked at right now, and discontinued. Another weird patent is clicking on a phone number inside an SMS or webpage. Isn't that just normal behavior? This exsisted long before mobile phones: on the internet, with e-mail adresses! It's just a really, really little change and right on, being patented again.

Manufacturers are only getting themselves right now with all the attackings. It costs loads of money and in the end I think, and HOPE that the patent system is going to change. The current patent system is just destroying innovation, instead of stimulating innovation and thus the whole idea of patents has been reversed to 'making money with other idea's'. Apple is a big player that actually started this war in the mobile industry, at least a part. It's good to see most Android manufacturers let each other go and 'work together'. Shows there still are some company's (including Google) that agree with the current faulty system. But yeah.. they need to defend themselves. I'm curious to see how this system will be in a few years, let's see!

PATENTS SUCK! why cant we all just enjoy technology? Why is that companies feel like they should rule the world and copyright everything and sue when they see something similar?why cant they just let us enjoy technology on our favorite handheld? pff anyways can i get that nexus? thanks

It is like some of you said. Apple has been in this game for the longest time and that gives them a head start to many of the things, but that fact that they have stolen many ideas from other companies and wow their users with them is ridiculous. How naive and apple centered could they be not to know that many of these 'NEW' add-on features that apple adds were already available in other mobile OS's. The pull down notifications after android came up with that awesomeness. Safari tab sync (Google Chrome DUH!) iMessage a total rip off from BBM. Even their slide to unlock gesture from every single one of their products was first thought of by Neonode (Swedish Company). This whole patents war thing is just really getting out of hand and Apple is using every single thing that they can come up with to get rid of the competition just to be the top manufacturer and phone provider. They should really stop fighting over patents and keep up with what consumers want to make their 'magnificent' iPhone better. They are just bitter that they weren't able to produce an awesome phone so they start attacking the company to get rid of it. Childish behavior on their behalf I would say.

Apple seriously needs to stop patent trolling. This shows that Apple is clearly jealous of android holding the market share. Its not a problem for the android operating system but with the amount of patents Google is caching, Apple is putting itself in a serious trouble.

The current patent system stifles innovation. We need to scrap the whole thing (like much of the rest of our government) and start from scratch.

The current patent system stifles innovation. We need to scrap the whole thing (like much of the rest of our government) and start from scratch.

I wish they would quit being childish and learn how to compete like adults! I also think the U.S patent system is flawed and needs a major overhaul.

The Patent system is soo broken and yet people refuse to understand , Blatently "ripping off" Job's phrase of "ripping off" withoput understanding what and when and how it was said !
Innovation depends on convolution of great ideas and improving apon them , it's been the cornerstone of humkan evolution and i hope it remains that way. Apple borrows in plenty (Go look up youtube where he define's great stealing ), Google borrows, Microsoft, Facebook all do it . Its natural evolution.
Imagine if the dude who discovered fire back then hoarded the idea or that of the wheel . Where would you .

I rest my case !

Omg this is even more messed up then when I putted a fork through my twinbrothers lip! And I told him not to sue me and he lissened. I think these companies should listen to me Too, before I stick a fork through their lawyers lips!

These patent wars suck mostly for the consumers. We should have the right to choose, not to be forced into ONE product.

All of the litigation issues just make me feel disappointed with people in general. When I envision myself as a higher-up of say Apple, I would pride myself in being part of such an innovative company that is bringing high-end devices to many people. I The salaries that these people receive are definitely enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. Is making m ore money really the only reason you work for a tech company? It's disgusting, because at a certain point money becomes meaningless and you need some other purpose to keep working don't you? Is allowing technological innovation unacceptable?

These patentwars is nothing less than insane. I would fully understand if they sued someone for copying the entire device. But it's not like that. Apple is suing companies just because their device look a little like one of the iPhones or iPads. They are even suing companies because of ONE line of programming thats the same.
What they are doing is wrong and it is stopping innovation. Apple doesn't want any competition so they use their lawyers to battle all wars for them.
I don't want Apple to ruin everything for everyone just because they cant handle some honest competition. They are slowing down the evolution of mobile devices and without these patentwars mobile tech would be further ahead and companies wouldnt have to be scared of creating something that could maybe in some way look a little bit like an Apple product. It's madness I tell ya!
I just hope that people starts to see how greedy and evil they really are and that it can't be allowed, for the good of everyone.

Apple is overpriced garbage, and the only way they can overprice their stuff is to claim that its special, or original, when its not.

Apple... giant law firm, or tech company?

Staying ahead of the game by moving faster, or by placing road blocks?

This is how Job's reality distortion field works...even from his grave he's influencing thermo nuclear LAW...err war. Just rest in peace Mr. Jobs. Thanks for your contributions, but this patent stuff is nonsense.

apple is afraid ahahaha !!! ;)
android all the way !!!

sent all.the way from suriname !! :)

Apple is scared since jelly bean is so fluid and fast how ios is and their goin to lose all the people who didn't want to switch to android since is wasn't as fluid in the pass and now it is now they have anything holding them back to android.

patent protection is necessary but banning an entire phone for a small feature that the typical consumer will not realize is stupid.

Bunch of co workers switching to iPhone but always want me to jailbreak it. But I play dumb and root all the androids in the office.



i made a bet last week with my soon to b wife dat for every new lawsuit apple made against android i would give her 20 bucks and by the looks of this she should have a new phone by the end of next week..she loves the nexus too..guess i ma get taken in this bet..i still love this website for keepin her posted..#A-TEAMFORLIFE#F****APPLE

I was worried that this might not let me get one, but now I'm just confused as to what the hell this means. Apple is definitely the patent whore of the electronics world. Google's got plenty of patents themselves, but all their lawsuits (and samsungs) have just ben reactions to Apple. In fact, Apple BLATANTLY ripped off the Android notification system and Google didn't wine or cry. They just kicked iOS 6's ASS with Jelly Bean.


It's 0:01 am on 1st of july in germany right now. Am i still in time?

Patents... i am starting to doubt that their are really usefull.

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Loyal AndroidCentral reader for a long time. Thanks you for all your cool contests, and thanks to Phil specifically for his spot-on writing about this.
By the way...anyone making comments from this point on should *try* to resist using phrases such as "patent system nonsense","ridiculous", "absurd", etc..
Those words have been gang-banged and beaten to death on this article, and probably deserve a break. Be creative when describing your feelings. And never fear... I can promise you that you'll see these phrases again very soon--on the inevitable reporting of Apple's next lawsuit against all things Android!

I agree with what a few others have said that it does make Apple look bad in the public eye. This patent war is getting a bit out of control. There has to be incredible amounts of billable hours spent by the lawyers for each company.

Patent my A#$, like there isn't enough money out there... I hope some redneck farmer sues "APPLE" over the use of the damn word !!!!!

Google could easily take Apple to court for infringing upon their notification center. Instead of them doing that though I just want all of the patent trolling to stop from both sides.

Apple thinks selling the Galaxy Nexus is hurting them financially? For me it's the reverse. Not selling the Galaxy Nexus only cements my decision to never buy an iPhone again. I've been lusting after a Galaxy Nexus ever since they were announced.

I agree with what others have posted- consumers are the ones who lose in the end. I hope this mess gets cleared up soon!

i used to love apple for the computers but never really cared for the iphone. boring, and now with all the lawsuits trying to kill samsung/android because its a real multi tasking system that includes what people want. Apple, quit being the spoiled brat that has to have everything it wants. waaaaaaa,

How can you have a patent on searching multiple sources? Did the patent office never hear about Dogpile, for example. Why can't Google block Siri, since Android had speak to search years ago. Just shows this patent stuff is just B.S.
Send me my Nexus!

Whenever anyone asks me why I hate on Apple I link them to the latest in this ridiculous string of patent lawsuits.

The U.S. patent system is broken and it needs to be fixed.

That said, I cannot fault Apple for taking legal actions that enhances their profits. Then again, I look forward to the day that Apple is on the receiving end of these lawsuits and Karma comes back to rest.

actually its a good thing:) galaxy nexus is awesome device and after banning it, gnex would become a rare and unique phone, would increase its second hand value and you're not gonna see it everywhere like you see iPhone

The Galaxy Nexus is still better than Apple's latest iPhone, things like the S3 aren't even in the same league... Obviously someone here is a bit afraid :)

Without a wholesale revamp of the patent granting system, this sort of thing will continue. Legitimate patents on intellectual property help a company gain an edge and profits, and that's the original intent. However, it's very clear that is not how the system is being used today. It's a shame really. Something that was meant to spark innovation and help companies, is being used by many of these same innovators to stifle others.

I hope I could win the GN.
I've bid one from a british scammer on eBay (I wasn't aware of that at that time, of course), I wasn't covered by eBay protection.

Resuming, the phone has never arrived, I've lost my money and confidence on eBay and mankind.

If I understand the premise for patents, it's to prevent someone from stealing from another and profiting from it so the inventor has an opportunity to profit on their idea. The really worrying part in my mind is that I can run afoul of software patents when developing a new product simply by thinking up some nifty idea (new to me, at least) or even following best practices and bump into a patent from another product that I didn't even know existed. History has shown us that nearly identical innovation can occur in multiple places entirely independent of one another. Fast forward to a point where the inventor that registered it first makes millions and the others are sued into oblivion despite innovating in good faith. Whatever happened to clean room implementations? Seems like that approach has been shot all to pieces recently.

And nevermind patents on things that are obvious in the natural evolution of an idea... Aren't these things supposed to expire in a timeframe that rewards the inventor but also encourages them to continue to innovate? Let's not even get started on patent trolls. Ugh...

I would describe how I feel about all these patent issues but It would be too long and no one would ever read that. Currently, patents don't do much good, as they should be...

It seems stupid that apple is trying to stop the sale of certain android devices in the US just because Apple are not innovative anymore, this doesn't mean they should stop the sale of more superior devices.......Solution: Be more innovative!!!
Side note: I would like Google to sell there Nexus devices in New Zealand.

This is why i don't like apple. They are the main villains in this copyright war. But Samsung is not blameless either. There blatant knockoffs of apples ideas (like S-voice) makes them look bad too...

The patent system is so broken. It's preventing innovation from happening organically. That's why we really only have a duopoly for now. Everyone else is afraid of bringing new tech to market without getting their pants sued off.(unless you have the backing of Microsoft, etc)

I always wonder, hasn't anyone sued apple for making a phone. Good that Apple didn't invent Phone ;)

Its the way of the world today, bankers star ts crises and lawyers fight like kids over candy...

Apple is showing its true face more and more. They have come a long way from the alternative, cool, creative company to one of the most shrewd and ruthless mega corporations on the planet, having groomed the perfect cult consumer base that worships everything they have been conditioned to buy.

I'm pretty sure iOS 5 and 6 have more things copied from Android than Android has on Apple combined. As much as I'm a Mac fan, this leaves me disgraced with Apple. How about they start innovating instead of suing companies to gain a foothold. iOS 6 was good, but not good enough. Android already has just about all of the new features that it introduced.

A wise man once said, "An eye for an eye and eventually we all go blind". Apple files suit against Samsung, Samsung sues Apple, Microsoft sues Google, Apple sues HTC, they all sue each other and the consumer pays in the end. I don't think that it will stop until there is a consumer backlash towards all parties involved. So let me say this, STOP THE FOOLISHNESS AND GET BACK TO INNOVATION. A ground breaking product will always win in the end and you won't need courts to fight your battle.

These patent wars reminds me of kids in kindergarden who couldn't stand that other kids had better toys than them!

Personal Opinion: Apple is a giant corporate douche.
Not to say that this crap wouldn't happen without Apple, I just don't believe it would on the same scale/severity.

Hallo everyone! Fellow venezuelan Android user here, I know I'm very late for this party (time difference, jet lag, or whatever you wanna call it) and that I just signed up, but still I wanna share my comments on this given that I'm a lawyer myself:

This whole Apple vs the world ordeal needs to end for good, no one else but us users and consumers alike are the affected ones, this patent wars must end. Apple & their constant patent lawsuits BS over anything are doing no good to consumers who just aren't into their catalogue... It's like instead of innovating to lure us into buying their products, they try to force everyone to do so by trying to legally ban the competition.

These lawsuits look more of a desperate cry for attention than patent defense, actually it seems they can't take the heat, so instead of creating more innovative products, they rather hurt their competitors just like a spoiled child. Apple's bullying need to end and seems they need to fall hard to remember that to be the best, you gotta bring something new to the table; in my very honest opinion, they need to grow a pair of balls and another pair of brains or just F-OFF for good.

At the end of the day, this makes not only Apple look bad in the public eye but saldy, us lawyers will take fire for this too.

Thanks for picking me.

I have never won anything worth over $20, so this will be a nice surprise.

Where should I email my shipping address?

thanks! :)

This is ridiculous.....this is why I hate apple....Google's taking over and apples doin everything they can to stop em....but they can't simple as that Google has the best os and the best devices hands down...teamANDROID!!!

I hope ALL Apple iPhones and Apple iPads get be banned in the U.S forever via an ITC patent review that will be finalized in August. Apple is acting like a spoiled brat because people are spending their money else where. Apple needs to get bitch slapped like the greedy F**kers that they are!!!!

I agree that it's nonsense. I thought copyrights were to protect customers, not try and eliminate competition... That's what it seems that Apple's trying to do.

I was gonna order the gsm nexus for my GF as an anniversary gift since it went on sale but looks like I'm a little too late... I put the order in anyway just to see if it will go through. Apple is garbage.

I'm certainly no legal expert, but with what seems like a new case everyday, things seem to be getting more and more ridiculous.
I understand that companies need to protect their rightful property, but where do you draw the line? Also, is the patent system abused/broken? Are the people who control this sort of thing asking these questions, or do they see all this action as proof that it's working properly?
This is one citizen who doesn't think this is how things are supposed to be working, for what it's worth...

Phil, they're still being sold because they still have them stocked in the domestic warehouses. It's only when those run out and they have to import more does this ban come into effect.

Further, this injunction might finally trigger the mobile world war. No longer is this about proxy wars, this decision is a core feature in stock Android and gives Apple a lot of ammo against all the Android manufacturers.

It's time Google gets involved directly to help win this. And let's hope they fight back with patents that aren't FRAND protected.

yes this is bull crap to the 3rd power. I don't even understand why a major company like apple that shouldn't have to worry about their customers leaving them because they have a "so called great product". Please apple just go with the rest of them and play it by ear. Not everything you guys thought of first and trust me there are going to be people buying icrap...just not me. ban apple and support Samsung and android

Oh, Apple. The Orwellian super company who seeks to force consumers to purchase only the devices they wish to push on them. Any other device manufacturers will be sued for no good reason. I think it's quite hilarious to be frank. It just shows how scared they are that some other company will take away a precious slice of their current market. Screw Apple and screw their business ethics. I appreciate the slight amount of innovation they've added to the market, but otherwise they're just capitalizing on something lesser known and adding it to their products as some "new amazing feature." Classic Apple. And this lawsuit is no different.

Oh, and I'd LOVE to win a Galaxy Nexus!

I just don't understand this, I'm fed up with both sides. This entire situation is more ridiculous than the fact that it's illegal for us Brits to eat mince pies on Christmas Day.

This patent nonsense is ridiculuos......unless of course it causes spontaneous Nexus giveaways in which case im all for the patent nonsense.

If you were an Apple and you could fling injunctions at people I wonder who would be your next victim??!! HMMM

Listen, i had an iphone and honestly i i prefer android over apples toy. too many innovations in apps alone the access to the web and the fact that photos film and music industry people can achieve great thing being able to go from phone to pc is SO worth staying dedicated to the brand. Apple seems very selfish in the way they put the phone together. i hated the fact i couldn't use my sd cards and when my phone got crused (tee hee) it was over for recovery unless i purchased another (boring) iphone. I'm a music fanatic so android defintely satisfies my addiction.

Tech companies should be competing via technological one-upmanship. These legal jokes are just lining up the wallets of lawyers with absolutely no benefit to consumers nor the companies. In the end, these companies will still be making phones one way or another whether they get sued or not. The real losers here are us consumers, from the slowing down of technological competition and advancement.

Also I'd love to have a Galaxy Nexus!

I hate these patent wars, it hurts the consumers :(. Give me the GNEX and I will make a GNex ICS with the filling being an iPhone 4 of course.

Its apple nuff said. If they had there way. We would be loading punch cards on our phone why a military drone fallows us recording every move we make.

Just a terrible situation all the way around, and it's really mind-boggling how far Apple has fallen. I used to just not use Apple products but still respected the company and what they have done for the tech industry, now it's gotten to the point where I am actively rooting for them to fail.

Whenever a company begins using legal roadblocks to prevent the competition from moving forward it is a clear sign they have lost their creative MOJO. All they have left is to desperately cling to their remaining market share through legal slight-of-hand, in order to keep from sliding down the slippery slope to irrelevance. Accompanied by the few hardcore, fanatic fanboys who will cling to their tiny iPhone and curse the fading light.

Apple have forgotten how to innovate, now they just litigate. I have either given away or sold all of my Apple equipment because of all the lawsuits. I'm sick of Apple. I no longer want to help fund their patent trolling.

It is so dumb what apple is doing, i don't know much about patents but they are both phones made by humans... of course they are going to have similarities. i just want google to keep on googleing it up and making some awesome products!

This sucks because I was looking forward to buying a Galaxy Nexus because my Samsung Galaxy S2 is broken :(

Apple just sucks. They didn't invent touchscreens, the smartphone, mp3's or the cloud. Its time to grow up already.

ME: Siri, who should I sue today?
Siri: Two lawyers walk into a bar, I forget the rest
ME: Siri, that wasn't a joke
Siri: I know but it wasn't a serious question either
Me: Siri, What do you mean?
Siri: #@%&!#@%$$%$@%@% SUE THEM ALL!!!!**Steve Job's Voice**

The fact that this nonsense is still going on, is proof that apple for all of it's supposed technological innovations and discoveries are still lagging far behind Google and android as a result. Apple knowing that its rapidly losing market share to an operating system that continues to become more and more intuitive to the end users needs and wants. Meanwhile apple loses touch with its target demographic by making itself seem petty with these patent litigation proceedings. If they're inability to notice the overall result, results in my getting a galaxy nexus then so be it! :D

Patent wars are patently ridiculous. But it's same old same old... Would love to win an infringing Galaxy Nexus