Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!



Long time reader... first time commenter...

But this ruling is dumb. I feel like the next thing we know Apple is going to say they made the SmartPhone? They act like they invented everything. Samsung/Google need to patent something and just crush Apple... They need to go Apple picking...

Sorry for that...

But seriously Apple needs to be stopeed!

Hopefully the fact that these are "Google's" will enable to get fully involved in the suit. It's time for this silliness to end.

I want high quality choices, wether that is Apple/iOS or Google/Android isn't that important. I just want the lawsuits to stop and have Apple, Google and everyone else just get back to developing more exciting software and phones.

I don't like patents being substituted for innovation. Nope, not one bit. The whole" if we can't do any better, lets make sure they can't either" will get us absolutely nowhere. These big companies should try a new strategy: make the best product. If its not the best one out there, don't sue the best one out there; go back, and create something that will be the best. If more companies had this mentality, be a lot father than we are now. To make the best, you have to get there through hard work, intelligence, and creativity; NOT through lawsuits, or patents, our whatever exist a company can find. These are the ones who are suppose to bring us technologically forward, and in order top do that, some decency and honor needed. Apple, and any other company who would sue to be the best, get some decency and respect, and take us forward like you could be doing.

Strong arming and stone walling consumers, innovation and the future. F*** Apple. I had to sound like an Apple hater, but I do happen to hate Apple for things like this.

The Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone. I gave mine to my wife and fell back on an older device because she needed the amazing features from this beautiful phone. I love my wife, yes... but only you guys will know this, I really, really, REALLY miss my Galaxy Nexus! At least this phone makes her smile every day. She's not a technophile like me, but she's become a huge Android fan and pushes it on friends and co-workers and now they're sold too. Nothing made me more proud than picking her up from work and hearing her upsell the benefits of the Android OS to a co-worker. I wanted to ask her to marry me again LOL

This is stupid. I hope Google finally steps up when they announce the iPhone5 or iPad "mini" and gets them blocked for blatantly copying features off Google's work.

It's just plain and simple, Apple wants to be the top dog in mobile phones and tablets. Android is spoiling their fun and Apple can't stand it. With Android, a person can personalize their phone however they want it, you can't do that with Apple. My daughter has a IPhone, and I hate it. Apple should make their products cheaper and then maybe, just maybe, more people would buy their products.

I will admit I was an iTool (although not a fanboy), I did have all the Apple products, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and an iMac, but this has been enough for me, my wife and I have switched over close to everything, I currently have a HTC One-X, she ordered her Galaxy S3, we have both a HTC Flyer and Asus Transformer, we did keep the iMac though, more than just the back and forth with lawyer garbage and the embarrassment that this causes me by being an apple supporter, this effects me as a consumer by limiting my choice for product, I made the switch because I really love Android and feel that it's the better OS, I don't understand how Apple can clearly borrow things from OS' and then turn around and say they are stealing from them, if Apple is scared to compete against the new flagship phones other companies are putting out then they need to step their game up, it's sad but most people just buy an iphone because it's Apple and it's the trendy thing to buy...

Apple refuses to keep up with the features that people are looking for and because of that android's user base keeps growing. The only way for apple to continue their painful incremental upgrades is to attempt to stunt any growth from competitors. Android has come a long way and will continue to be a problem with the introduction of jelly bean.

I think somebody needs a time-out and a nap.

Apple, lawyers, opposite corners now. Samsung, Google, quit smirking and get back to making me a new phone, dammit.

Ugh I hate Apple! And I just found out that I'm going to be developing an iOS application soon. Grr! I couldn't talk them into going the Android route.

I think it's the judges that look particular dumb in these cases. Lawyers can play their games, but it's up to the judges to throw this crap out of court. It's not just Apple and Google's money that's wasted. Our tax dollars at work.

maybe apple should stop wasting their money on lawyering and all this posturing trying to prove non-sense and spend some money on actually improving their phone. instead they call it "the next iphone" by adding some more crap like Siri. thats not a new phone, thats a software update, you know, the same thing android is doing constantly, without the need for trying to pass it off as a new generation to sell some phones.

im so sick of Apple being the big bad bully. Keep releasing your incremental updates that your fanboys eat up like homemade chocolate chip cookies--and stop being so concerned about what everyone else is doing.

If you can't keep up with the competition, sue! We all know Apple has enough money to do it. What a shameful, tactless way to do business.

I can't believe a judge can still agree that anything can do "irreparable harm" to any apple product. The make more money pet device than anyone and no one phone can cause irreparable harm to them. Until Apple stops being such a hypocrite I can stop thinking they are the biggest patent troll on the planet.

This patent war is just ridiculous!!! Freaking fruit factory wants to rule but we android army stand up and we'll win!!! Apple, go suck a fat one!! Btw, I want a nexus!! :)

Jobs needs to put his cold dead hand back in the grave. His hate for all things Google is absofreakinlutely ridiculous. They are getting killed in the market and are trying their best to put a dent in Android. Not going to happen!!

Apple used to be about innovation and creating quality computers, now their computers are behind the times (after securing a niche in the graphics realm, which they are now hanging out to dry) and they've become this blood sucking parasite with the patent wars and these elegant but dumbed down user experience that they're fostering off on their computers. Of course Microsoft is following suit.

I would gladly take a Gnex please.

On the patent issue. One way Google may be able to help is to say that with use of Android, Google will convey it's patents to the OEM's. Now that would put a big old fly in Apple ointment.:D

Apple feels the need for this is in order to take the spot light off Android and their revolutionary introduction of Jelly Bean! Apple sees a threat and they're retaliating. My 2 cents!

The hell with this you win. Banned a phone damn there a year old. How about you innovate or get a phone banned that's moving units right now. The HOX and SGS3 are killing it. Sell your products and innovate. This is like for females fighting at prom cause someone else has a better dress than you this is some bitch shit.

I was going to buy a macbook pro today and even know my 1 sale won't hurt there year I refuse to give these clowns any money from me

Change your logo to a lemon with your a our bitter ass

Apple needs to get a grip and put some of the lawyer fees into innovative software research. I wouldn't consider any of their recently added features of iOS to be revolutionary and certainly not original. Google voice search still outclasses siri and their drop-down notifications are the most blatant rip-off of android notifications that i've ever seen. The good thing about apple's attempt at notifications is that they are still utterly useless.

Apple is just afraid that big bad Android is taking over the mobile market and they're pulling out all the stops. Next thing you know, they'll be trying to stop Windows 8

I love this country... But I hate business law. It's so much easier to sue than compete on the merits of your products.

Make crime pay... Become a Lawyer!

Yep Apple needs to take a chill and accept good competition! Shit they could finish that damn spaceship if they stop wasting money on lawyers and patent suits!

At the end of the day someone wins a Galaxy Nexus. Who cares about Apples lawyers or lawsuits? Gimme some Nexus love!

Patent was supposed to be used to help innovation, but, the more I see them used, the more I found that their used to restrain innovation.

The worst patents so far are for software...

I really think that we should stop patented software right now and right here.

It just do not make any more sense now

If corporations spent their energy on innovation instead of these pointless turf wars, we'd all have flying cars by now

I like how Apple has to go after Samsung over a SOFTWARE patent on a phone that they only designed the hardware for. Kinda goes to show the ignorance of the judge on this. I also like how the judge is quoted saying that this infringement is causing harm to Apple. Really? Because Google's voice search is SUCH a much better selling point to the lay consumer than Apple's Siri.

I can't believe that "slide to unlock" was granted a patent. I'm even more surprised that Apple thinks that would be a reason I would buy a competitors product.

Its one thing to protect whats yours its another thing to just be a jerk and go after anyone that shows any sign of fighting back against you....

I'm seriously getting real tired of Apple doing the same crap. It's pissing my off. They're just afraid of competition. Well, if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em and get their products banned.

Companies will always be scarred that someone will out innovate them. Without Jobs, maybe Apple has something to worry about.

Sorry-- but I gotta do it.

F*** Apple right now. Whatever happened to innovating and flanking your competition? Instead, your just gonna sue everyone into oblivion? OK. I get it, but even ol' Steve Jobs himself said it was ok to swipe an idea from your competitors, as long as you INNOVATED upon it.

I hope Samsung stops supplying parts to Apple based on this ruling. I hope Google turns around and sues Apple for using patents in their portfolio too-- the Nexus is their developer's device after all (and I was planning to get one this summer!)
Keep it up Apple. I was totally thinking about getting a Mac Mini this fall. Not anymore. Also my laptop will be up for replacing next year. I see an ASUS Windows 8 machine in my future now... Not because it's any better-- I love OSX... But I can't morally support your products any longer.

You aren't content enough with having the largest e-content store on the planet (iTunes) or having the most popular laptops in the world (macbook pro) or having the most popular music players (iPod touch and nano) or even with just having the most popular brand name and richest company in the world (Apple Computer Inc)

Everybody wants to rule the world, I know-- but we used to be cheering your stock prices, and your philanthropic endeavors. Now instead of seeing you use the cash stockpile to lower the price of iPads for poor schoolkids, you use it to sue the hell out of your competitors and stifle innovation.

And shame on these judges too-- Since when did these guys get degrees in engineering anyway? How are they to tell the difference in things like UI chrome and tooling, and so on? I suspect they can't and just go with what a layman would see as far as similarities and differences.

The bottom line however is how shafted the average consumer is now. Myself for example-- I need an unlocked smartphone that will work in whatever country I find myself. Google makes it really easy to buy a Nexus on their website UNLOCKED and just use it... Plus the Nexus is a good phone at a cheap price--and its always getting the latest goodies from Google. Does Apple do this? Nope. In fact, because of kowtowing to their carrier partners here in Japan, I cannot buy an unlocked Apple anything in this country. I have an iPhone 3Gs that has been paid for and out of contract for a year. +SoftBank won't unlock it at all.

Guess who just became the Microsoft for this generation?

as much as this sucks this is the world we live in now.
you have a product. i create a better product.
i shut down your better product in the market
so for the little time i have i can sell more devices than you even if your better product doesnt stay off shelves for too long.

its just a way for apple to increase sales
i dont have anything to sell in my AT&T store because of the shipping of some phones
now all i have is an iphone so if i want to make some commission i HAVE to sell the iphone. its all a corporate game of candyland haha

Samsung provides hardware for the iPhone, Apple sues Samsung and Google for infringement. Does that mean the Apple is partially suing itself? This whole business is absurd.

That saying what goes around comes around... I sure hope it hits home for Apple and they get theirs after all this. If you can't innovate, SUE!!

While Apple is not the only fool in this game, they are the subject of my comment. Apple trying to find a legal opportunity to keep Samsung out of the market says quite a few (bad!) things about Apple.

1) We are sitting on our laurels and our latest gen phone really isn't that much different from the first version. We can't handle competing with true innovation.

2) Our company is a 'closed system'. All Apple, only Apple, eat, live, breath Apple. Why can't the world just follow our lead?

3) By taking this fight to a courtroom, Apple has announced to the world that the Samsung is a better phone. It's very much like a child saying "We are at my house so we play by my rules (so I can win all the time)". Guess what, Apple, it's not your house.

When blatant, obvious thievery of ideas, design or even specific (trademark?) features occurs. Please, take your game to the courtroom. We all want to play fair and stealing something is (and always will be) stealing. Stealing is wrong.

When a competitor comes out with a product that puts your face in the dirt. Get up. Wash your face. AND GO BACK TO WORK.

Apple, quit being a child.

There comes a point in time where stupidly is so apparent that it is just a joke to read or watch. I can understand the concept of protecting your patent, but how long has the Nexus been out? Did Apple need all that time to look at the Nexus and try to find something that they could go to court on?

I think Apple should just get fined for being a bitch about it. Just saying!

This is incredibly messed up. The courts protecting a falling company that chooses to litigate instead of innovate. Still, Google and Android will roll on and roll by.

I totally understand why patents exist but it is time for reform. The business model is not the same now as it was back when the patent system was conceived. I really doubt that more money is generated for a company by suing over a patent than is lost in the process.

I know for me I get a little miffed at the company that causes a delay in the product getting to market.

Patent wars are not good for consumers because variety of products in the marketplace start to diminish.

These baseless lawsuits by tech companies (Apple, Samsung, Oracle, blah, blah, blah) are really getting old. Not mention tying up the world legal system. Any company that files one of these types of lawsuits should be fined if the suit is found to be baseless and without merit! Apple seems to be leading the way here with these ridiculous lawsuits...and should be fined for wasting everyone's time!

Apple is just scared cause Android got it right. So really there is no patent infringement, cause its on an android platform and properly made.

Its only going to hurt apple in the long run. People who want this phone are going to get it by any means since its been out for so long and with many vendors still having stock. It only means that apple will be blamed for stock issues.

I'm not interested in the new phone, so even if you really like my comment, give it to someone more deserving.

Remember the Apple vs Microsoft "look and feel" patent case? That's one that apple lost, and deservedly so. Never mind all the other software that came before MacIntosh that did the same things, Apple was just being a snot-nosed brat then, and that's what they are doing now.

They really don't care about moving technology forward, and they hate the fact that consumers have choice, or even want choice. Apple wants to be Big Brother, and they have paid billions to lawyers to learn all the legal tricks to make it happen. Everntually we will rebel, and people will stop going to Apple because they will be tired of giving up their freedom just because apple's stuff "just works."

Software patents, in my opinion, should work like copyright law. And hardware patents should mean something more than it looks similar.

Keep in mind that this is coming from somebody who actually has and loves apple computers... I jumped ship just under 2 years ago to Android and have no plans of going back to iOS. These lawsuits have quite honestly put a really bad taste in my mouth.

I understand Apple should protect it's patents but some of these so called patents are complete BS. It's just a bunch of fat lawyers making money of these lawsuits and in the end "us" the customers are getting the very very short end of the stick.

You want to hold up imports of one of the greatest new phones at customs? Really, can't even believe that happened. It's just disgusting if you take the time to look at the amount of completely bogus claims/active lawsuits out there right now.

Patent law here is a mess. The US is granting patents for freaking anything - making innovation increasingly difficult. Only the players with billions can afford to risk making a product, on their own, from their own ideas, only to find out that someone else patented the 'press-able power button' and now Joe Small Company has to shut it down.

Something must change here and it will require a major overhaul, but getting it done will be hard with companies such as Apple (but certainly not just them) spending endless amounts of money to protect their building monopoly.

Angry! Smash!

A patent pool is what is needed.

That way research pays but products can still be issued.

Enforced in Europe by being unable to sell a phone in the EU if you don't belong to the pool.

Sorted !

In before the deadline... This just demonstrates how Apple truly fears competition, instead of embracing and innovating better products, they resort to this. Jelly Bean and the Galaxy Nexus are true examples of how competition and ingenuity are pushed to the next level. Remove the barriers, let's get creative, and may the best one win (Android :p).

Apple reminds me of a scorned woman in the child support system. Google used their good idea to make a better idea and it hurt them. Instead of being a man about the situation and making a better product which is called competing, they want Google to hurt and feel their pain. They sue Google overall these patents to try to take their money away so they can be hurt too cause Apple "lost so much money." And just like the court system they have it to Apple. The court system need to realize that some technologies can't be avoided and Apple needs to be reminded of the word competition.

well i want one!

i think this is pretty low of apple to do, its not about damages at all.. its about trying to force market share.. this just smacks of intense greed.

stupid patent lawyers,grown men acting like immature kids :D
crying around who copy who..we are the ones who came short in there stupid shit game..

Glad to see how other people are getting fed up with this patent nonsense too.
Oh and pick me! :D

So Apple, Just because I'm not going to buy an iPhone because I don't like it doesn't mean that you have to go sucking sour grapes and throwing fits so I don't buy a phone I actually like. And better yet, might get for free from AC!!!

This is ultimately hurting both companies reputation. If they just made the best devices that consumers want instead of trying to sue other companies to stop making devices we'd all be better off. At the rate this is going I'm surprised someone hasn't patented the ability to breathe and started suing people...

This is embarrassing for Apple because it shows it's their only way to fight back. My hope is that because it's a Nexus device, Google will flex some muscle and fight back one way or another.

When my son is old enough I'll punish him for bad grades & speeding tickets by making him read all these articles about this patent bullshit. I'll also ground him for life if I ever catch him using an Apple product.

And if I need a good, scary story to tell around the campfire when I take the lil' guy camping I'll tell him about the miserable experience of Android updates and why the Nexus devices are so kickass. God, after dealing with the Rezound's MIA ICS update I would LOVE to trade my Rezound and all its bullshit for a Galaxy Nexus.

maybe apples end game is to sue android into firing its employees so they can then hire them and actually be ahead of the curve for once.... just a thought.

Now give me nexus lol

I remember people talking about how Apple planned to spend all that money that they were sitting on, I guess that has now been answered. They have planned to spend it all on lawyers instead of making their product better.

I remember people talking about how Apple planned to spend all that money that they were sitting on, I guess that has now been answered. They have planned to spend it all on lawyers instead of making their product better.

suing over patents is something every single business is doing, this case just gets more attention on blogs. Nevertheless, I doubt there will be any winner in the end

The patent system is in terrible need of reform, but you know what is in greater peril. Elephants, and because we aren't talking about elephants, this post is irrelephant.

(Get it? :D )

But seriously, it is a pain. Just because something operates in a similar way or because something looks the same, it undermines everyones ability to innovate. Especially with case design (cough iPad vs Galaxy Tab).

Apple has never invented anything. They take open source content, name it apple, patent it then file law suits against anything that is considered a competitor. They then cross there fingers and hope they win the case. Apple should be forced to pay for damages done by wrongful accusations. That would stop them from filing so many cases. They have only won a handful out of hundreds upon hundreds. And they shouldn't be granted patents for software components that have been open source for years.

Apple is downright scared , there is no true innovation in this company, especially after steve jobs. They want to secure themselves by launching lawsuits to.make people believe their products are propreitory when they are not..this is just stupid, samsung should do something and boycott apple.

Hope to get a nexus :-)

The most interesting thing about all this is that since ics, Android has become its own thing and very different from an iphone. No one I know would ever mistaken one other the other.

Apple is just grabbing straws by grabbing at little details

Screw apple. And it's a freaking patent based on siri. Google voice came out way before siri. This is crap.

All these lawsuits are getting absurd. Apple makes good products. They don't have to resort to this. Apple says they invented everything? Its funny.

I think the real losers here are the consumers. The average smartphone buyer doesn't give a shit who has a patent on what. Apple, in my humble opinion, is just being greedy and people who desire to be future owners of Samsung phones are the ones who are going to miss out. I think a funny thing too is, if somebody wants a Samsung Android smartphone, but can't get one due to this injunction, are the likely to buy an iPhone, or a different Android phone?

It's all completely ridiculous! The sad part is that Apple is dumping more money into these stupid lawsuits than we all make combined! Apple fan boys keep buying Apple products. Apple takes this money and files suit against every phone and tablet manufacturer. Everyone loses...

Pick me and I'll proudly sport the Galaxy Nexus everywhere! Might even make it a point to drop by the local Mac store weekly, get out my Galaxy Nexus, and proceed to bust a move to some old school "U Can't Touch This" (MC Hammer)! Imagine the possibilities!!

This should be either sorted through soon enough, or Samsung will get it re-approved by the courts.

But I do agree that this is pretty sad on Apple's part.

Apple should attack by innovation, instead of by lawsuits. I know for a fact that there are smart people in Apple who hate that this is happening (the lawsuits against other companies).

agree it makes apple look bad. how can they sue a business.partner? weird. don't they need Samsung?

These lawsuits do nothing but piss off the consumer and galvanize the masses against Apple even more. I believe that this will ultimately be Apple's slide in the mobile phone world. I know that I will never buy an iphone now due to this childish crap. I had considered it in the past but now it is a absolute that I will never own one.

This only shows how much better android is the ios, I bet if Google and or any android device manufacturer owned these patents this would never happen to apple. Android devices have to be taken off the market for apple to get some sales again. AND I REALLY WANT A NEXUS :) THIS OLD DINC WITH A SMASHED SCREEN IS KILLING ME!

It's absolutely insane that they would rather spend time arguing back and forth rather than working to come up with something to make us want to spend our money with them. Apple you want our money give us something we are willing to spend it on. Obviously those who go to Android for the most part are not potential Apple customers that are being stolen away.

I love how apple is mad just because the andrgoid phones are way better, they have to try to mess it up. But they won't. IPhones suck and apple knows It but they just can't lose.

Honestly, at the end Apple will be mostly remembered by his patent nonsense than their products. Apple may have good products but his practices make me avoid them at all cost. To me this looks like a defensive move out of fear. ANDROID FOREVER! :D

This just in: Apple Awarded Patent for Patent Litigation Process, Vows to Pursue Entities who Attempt to Sue Using Same.

This is just ridiculous. I hope this is the tipping point where Google comes in and helps the OEMs because this is a case where it is pure Google rather than Touchwiz. These patent wars do nothing but hurt the consumer and the reason why this system needs to be fixed. Innovate with products rather than in the courtroom.

This is just getting quite sad. Rather hearing more about Apple adding new features that sway in new customers their way, they do this. I rather hear them announce some changes to the boring pages with 16 icons. We never hear anything new over Imore other than the random rumors. And iOS6 is pretty much like iOS5+. I love both platform, I own an android phone and the iPad. But this constantly lawsuit is just unacceptable. Just because one company have money, one shouldnt waste it like this.

It all SUCKS, just let the consumer pick the phone they want and let it be done. Greed is the root of all evil.

My Galaxy Nexus loves the buttery smooth goodness of Jelly Bean. Even Apple knows how good it is when they're desperately trying to put the rectangle patent kabosh on it. Hope Apple enjoys losing that 100M bond when the final ruling comes in. BTW, I have both the Galaxy Nexus and an iPhone 4S - never once I have confused the two.

It all SUCKS, just let the consumer pick the phone they want and let it be done. Greed is the root of all evil.

I am so sick of all of the patent non-sense. Cant we all just get along! Plus I really want a Nexus 7!

The whole idea behind patents was to create fair competition, and have an available database where people could find stuff already made, and improve upon it. What the injunction is doing is basically saying that Siri and this Voice Search are exactly the same, and it doesn't have any form of improvement. This type of ruling leads smaller developers to become worried they may infringe on patents in their apps. There is no way a small company has time or can be able to afford their own patent lawyer either.

A CTO I used to work under told me the idea of patenting software bothered him. "We are patenting a certain combination of 1's and 0's. If that's "fair" then most mathematics, physics, and naturally discovered properties should be patentable as well."

These patent rulings is mainly to give manufacturing party hard time. In other words is bull! Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean would be nice. Now isit Jelly Bean or Jellybean?

These patent rulings is mainly to give manufacturing party hard time. In other words is bull! Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean would be nice. Now isit Jelly Bean or Jellybean?

Neither of them have anything original to actually complain about. It's not like their designs are truly original. It's like they added a link and said, "we invented links." A bunch of greedy kids is all they are! And we just end up in the middle of their stupid little games.

It's so messed up Apple forced the courts to do a cavity search for any contraband on Lloyd!! Poor fella.... (Humor...even poor humour will get us thorough this.)

I would love it for apple to get sued and in the settlement, the judge declares apple is no longer allowed to bring lawsuits/patent claims ever again because all of these lawsuits are getting out of hand. Also, the pattent system needs a serious overhaul done like yesterday.

All this patent infringement is nothing new. There's a movie about the man that invented the intermittent windshield wiper which is the way the wipers are on all cars nowadays. He went back and fourth to court with every major car manufacturer for years until it was finally settled. There's a movie about it (FLASH OF GENIUS). Hopefully Apple doesn't end up doing this to every flagship phone that comes out within the net few years.


Apple is just upset because they are not the big dawg anymore! so they do what already rich people do.... sue other people! Stop being babies and get back to what you used to be good at Apple,making new technology! stop building on one product... make something extraordinary! go android!!!

I hate the way apple does business. They already have more money than Fort Knox, what do they want to accomplish? If I can´t get an Android phone I´d rather cook my balls in lava than by an Iphone. I´d rather use my Nokia 6120...
Also, if I can´t get an Android , I´ll ship it from somewhere else!!

International patent disputes are getting just plain silly. I realize that intellectual property and ingenuity need to be protected... but cmon... there are only so many ways to build a phone and/or interface. I guess this is what happens when there are billions of dollars in sales at stake.

The timing on this judgement is especially douche-y.

apple is so stupid!! they do all this sues because they know they are lagging behind android.. i'm never going back to apple and i'm glad i have an android now and couldn't be happier

EDIT: they also keep sending me emails after unsubscribing from them, which is really annoying

Apple needs to get over them selves and make a quality product instead of trying to shut everyone else down through lawsuits.

Apple is absolutely ridiculous. Apple is just asshurt because android is pummeling them in marketshare. I guess because they absolutely failed in the computer industry when it came to marketshare now they are just pissed off that when they actually produced a popular product its getting pounded yet again. Apple will always play second fiddle to the likes of Microsoft and Google as well as any other tech companies in the future they decide to compete against.

When losers lose they will try anything to take the other guy down. Right now they are in the biting, scratching, and leg holding part of this fight until someone in the judicial branch grows some balls and starts throwing out all these ridiculous suits.

Congress needs to get off its lazy ass and pass some legislation to straighten this stuff out so tech companies can spend more money on research and developement and less on lawyers.

This whole this is because Apple knows that they can't compete on a level playing field with Google. They had the upper hand but lost it and now they have to salvage things by stopping the competition from being able to even sell their products. Ridiculous!

All this patent business has bothered me for a long time. I don't know who Apple bought or who they paid off, but they've managed to make a mockery of the patent system. At this point I'd say the system is completely FUBAR. The fact that Apple claims to be innovative, but is nothing more than a talented team of decorators, in my opinion, is just appalling. They claim other people ideas and inventions as their own by fancying them up and convincing the courts that it was original thought. The courts are even worse than Apple for turning a blind eye to ideas and concepts that have been in existence far before Apple's use, yet still awards them the patent. Its a disgrace to engineers everywhere and stifles actual innovation. Apple needs to try creating something on their own before asking for a patent, yet again if they did that we'd never see them in court again. Oh, and winning a Nexus would be fantastic.

lawyers are such B.s. now-a-days you can sue anybody for anything even if it wasnt your idea or patent. you know this world is going to the s***s when this happens

It would be so perfect, in a perfect world, that if Apple wasn't picking on poor defenseless Google, they'd be going after iron-wall Microsoft. If only...

The only innovation I've seen Apple create in recent times is in the "creative" ways they've hindered further innovation. Every possible excuse is thrown into the court cases, anything remotely similar to one of their so called "innovations".

Well done Apple, you've pushed the envelope for design. Now every manufacturer is choosing to go with safer less, litigation prone design. But then again the patents they have at hand can pretty much point at anything as "copied" or "infringing" design.

Well done Apple, you've made law firms a tonne of cash..

The only innovation I've seen Apple create in recent times is in the "creative" ways they've hindered further innovation. Every possible excuse is thrown into the court cases, anything remotely similar to one of their so called "innovations".

Well done Apple, you've pushed the envelope for design. Now every manufacturer is choosing to go with safer less, litigation prone design. But then again the patents they have at hand can pretty much point at anything as "copied" or "infringing" design.

Well done Apple, you've made law firms a tonne of cash..

When two tribes go to war.... A point is all that you can score.... Let''s not make war... Let's make love!
Come on lawyers throw away your suitcases and get a life!

when Apple get scared that they're gonna lose sales they bring in their lawyers
Apple, samsung make your screens, you sue them, they lose money, they charge you more for the parts. who wins here = nobody

Samsung and Apple need to squash their beef and just continue to make state of the art smartphones. #simple

this patent trolling sucks. Apple claims patents for most of the new devices. the most of them are by far better than the i-products

Apple is on some bullshit. Fuck Apple sorry for the cuss words but this just stupid, they need to make better crappy Ishit phones. oh and pick me the wife needs a galaxy nexus

To apple:

1,2 google's coming for you.
3,4 you can hide no more.
5,6 better stop your tricks.
6,7 or Steve jobs will die again. * :-)
8,9 If you give up it will all be fine
10,11 a I choose now, but remember you won't end up in heaven.

This is ridiculous. Makes me ashamed to see this low greedy attitude coming from an american company...this system of patents needs to be reworked.

Its really just sad. At first I was angry but then I realized that this is all they can do. They're already way behind in terms of hardware and Jelly Bean just blew them out of the water. This is their death throw. Poor apple.

Nothing infuriated me more than what CrApple did to stop the shipments of the One X and EVO LTE. Eventually, I got my EVO LTE but not without that bump in the road. If ya got a spare Sprint Galaxy Nexus layin' around, I'd love nothing more than to flip CrApple the bird as I rock Jelly Bean 4.1 and stick it to the man!

It's really just a waste of money and time. If your product is supposed to be superior to the rest, just leave the rest be and simply just focus on your product. No need to be filing all these lawsuits, just let customers enjoy whatever cellphone they wish to purchase.

Companies like Apple want a monopoly and that is no surprise. If the possible loss as a result of the infringement is less than 0.2% of your net profits, you shouldn't be allowed to file a patent suite because the infringement isn't causing sufficient harm. This would stop the large players from having to build these "patent arsenals" while still protecting smaller companies from someone rolling over their business.

I wanna win. Apple and there lawsuits just show you how afarid they are about everything. When it comes down to it the reason why we have these cool phones is cause everyone is one uping everone else. If all these lawsuits were to win and the baned happen we would all have an old nokia green screen phone. hahaha snake was awesome. pick me.

What's this nonsense about anyway? Because a device looks similar to the iPhone? Now Apple is trying to patent the aesthetics of a device, like anyone could mistake an Android device for an Apple device?

It's just getting out of hand.

"posted from my iPad" :-)

This completely ruins innovation and only hurts the end user. I can't believe this still goes on these days and how the system hasn't realized how much it is hurting consumers.

So many pages too much to read ... I'm sure that I will not win cause I'm from Poland and postage will be too expensive but anyway I'll share my thoughts but .. in Polish cause my english is not that advanced so .. its twisted isn't it? and I still have hope to win ~~ :
Jak dla mnie ta sprawa jest totalnie popieprzona , jeszcze trochę to dojdzie do tego że apple opatentuje to że logo producenta jest prezentowane podczas uruchomienia telefonu , totalny absurd który nie przysparza im klientów tylko psuje im wizerunek , kiedyś to była firma rewolucyjna z ogromną inwencją twórczą masą genialnych pomysłów a teraz powinni przeistoczyć się w kancelarię adwokacką.
Rozumiem patenty ale slide to unlock ? no trzeba być geniuszem żeby na to wpaść o really ?
Ogólnie sytuacja pokręcona nie dająca nikomu żadnych korzyści

i czekam z utęsknieniem na galaxy nexusa i może polski oddział androidcentral ?;>

The patent system needs a serious overhaul because this is ridiculous.

Apple is like "Android stole from iOS"
Everybody with a functional brain is like "Obvious troll is obvious -_-"

"Lawyer: See your honor,if i step away 10 feet and squint at both of them side by side, this fridge looks a whole lot like the ipad!!!
Gudge: Granted.This Fridge too is banned!!!"

Borrowed that from a friends page.....

ne wayz...this is what i guess is gonna happen in coming years.....

So, and sign me, and and I hope I win. Once upon a time I was sipping the apple cool-aid, and but with crap like this, it makes me want to throw my work's I phone issued to me out the Window. If apple can't compete then gtfo of the market....... Seems Google has them scared.

Patent office is severely understaffed and underfunded. They give out patents too freely which lead to companies taking advantage. Believe me, I'm an expert because I once read an article about this.

Apple = Crybaby. It's great that they came up with multi touch, it's sorta the same as the recipe for Coke. I love Coke, I love Apple,competition makes things better like Dr. Pepper and Android!

At some point some higher power needs to step in and just say "quit it kids. Apple stop picking on the little kids and building up fake confidence. Because the more you poke the beast of Google the more you're instigating a fierce retaliation. Do be upset when he does retaliate."

This is just pure nonsense, why is it apple's mission to do this? Are they truly this afraid of the competition. We should all be allowed to choose what we wanna use. And by the way I would really love a new phone.

I'm so sick of this patent crap from apple! If we wanted an iPhone we would have bought one. I didn't and I never will so they didn't lose anything! Let people chose with their wallet!

This is just freaking great. I've been saving up to buy a Galaxy Nexus for forever it seems. Now I won't be able to buy one because they're going to stop selling them as soon as Apple posts their $96 million bond. Why does this stuff always have to happen to me? Shame on Apple for this mess! Now I'll have to settle for some piece of junk phone.

AndroidCentral - if you really want to help someone out, throw that free Galaxy Nexus my way. It may be the only way I'll ever get one. Please, and thank you!

Reminds me of a guy I met in France who was suing Ricky Martin over the world cup song Go Go Go allez Allez Alles because the 3 notes in the go go go part were the same as the 3 notes in a song he had written.

This makes almost as much sense.

Competition is good for product development and advancement. And honestly, how can you mistake an iPhone accidentally for an Android device or vice versa?

We really need a "loser pays all fees incurred by winner" system in the US like the rest of the world.
And we need real tech people involved in the patent office so stupid obvious patents aren't allowed. I've been called in before as an expert witness in a case against RIMM and the patent trolls are using all kinds of stupid stunts to extort money. I'd count Apple as a troll :-P

just because Apple had an "IDEA" that benefits the world doesn't mean the whole concept of the meaning of a "Touchscreen Phone" is going to violate (copy and paste the iPhone UI) all their patents.
Me personally I'm an Android user Forever...

None of this is going to change any time soon, unfortunately. Apple has enough money to continue down this path of litigation for decades, and they have enough blind devotees to continually grow their war chest. The patent office has abdicated their responsibility and left the courts to determine if a patent should or should not have been granted in the first place.

Welcome to corporate America 2012.

Where's my phone?

This patent stuff is just all about BIG MONEY. Because of the technology is so advanced and basically really hard to build new HW. This happening because of the Samsung sold a lot of devices, Apple try to compensate his loss with patent money.
Anyway, the whole situation it's kinda ridiculous, it's like bakeries are suing each other because of the other bread has rounded corners and same size too, not to talk about the ingredients. WTF ?

The whole patent system needs to be reworked because of stuff like this. I think I'm going to patent the idea of folding toilet paper a certain way to while taking a crap. Complete BS!!

Samsung and Google will be in deep trouble since there isn't another device released with jelly Bean...... Apple is just hatin

First "Obamacare" stands in this country, now the Patent system in the United States is failing, this, my friends, is just another example why this First rate nation we live in, will soon be a Third world nation in Fourty years.

Broken patent system, broken government, broken judicial system. What is next? Someone claims patent infringement on mandatory healthcare tax and the government buys them out only to be sued and upheld by the courts system for a patent that never existed. Your honor, "If you squint with only 1 eye, it looks like an iPad, therefor, they copied my idea"

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah. This patent nonsense is really messed up!!!

Apple needs to stop being the bully on the playground. They need to get over themselves and realize they won't always be on top. You could ask any "average" iPhone owner about this stuff going on and they would have no idea. It's sad, really, that only us Android guys care.

In any company it's always about one thing and one thing only and that is ......................drumroll please.................... MONEY!!!!. When a company's bottom line is being threatened that is when they start taking action. As Android grows more and more the more we will see apple attack them in full force. It just makes me laugh how apple thought android wouldn't be much of a competition when they first started and now they can't sue android for every little thing fast enough.

As someone that develops Apple applications, I also think that this is a bunch of bulls*it. Apple is scared that someone else is going to make a product BETTER then them, and that people will finally see through the "vail" that the company has put over its customers and they (the consumer) may even think that the rival product is actually BETTER then theirs.

Looking at the device itself (via the picture) I do not see ANY reason why Apple would wanna ban the device anyway.

Apple's lawyers are making a KILLING from these lawsuits. Who wins in the end - NOBODY and the end user is the one getting screwed while the lawyers are getting rich.

What a shame. Apple, you aught to be ASHAMED of yourself.

I'm probably just saying that which has been said before, but these patents are being used as an anti-competitive measure. Apple has been (ab)using the patent system to stifle one specific area of competition: Google and their OEMs.

I don't know the ins and outs of patent law or these specific patents Apple's using for the injunction. What I do know is that Apple is selling an incredible amount of devices, making money hand over fist and show no signs of slowing down. Also obvious is that Google is doing what Google knows best, innovating an iterating at breakneck speeds.

Most obvious of all: me wanting a free Galaxy Nexus.

Software patents need to expire a 2 years. Or go away altogether.

At the 2 year mark most software is already old and a new version replaced it. A one or two generation advantage is more than enough in this field.

All these patent lawsuits scream to me is that Apple does not have faith in their own product. A company wins these things by pushing out the best possible product at a reasonable price to gather the most income. Apple is everything but that and to see they are suing just about anything that moves these days and actually won this injunction is just absolutely pathetic. I would say pathetically laughable but this entire case is just so sad.

It's about as messed up as one winged tooth fairy trying to collect Easter eggs on Christmas.

I really don't get how there isn't "prior art"for the design... like a window, or a computer screen. Apple didn't invent the window. Whatever, something seriously needs to bare some about patents.

Frigging ridiculous Apple! Why don't you waste that time and money on producing better products than tainting awesome products like the gnex! Grow up!

If your product was superior enough, would you need to worry about little things like search functions?

Make the best product and don't control the snack out of it - bet it wouldn't matter that there are some similarities between your product and others.

Just sayin.

You can patent anything. The crazy thing is you don't even need a working prototype. If by chance someone invents something that may have something resembling your so called patent, then you can sue them.

I'm a grad student and researcher myself. Whatever we "find out" can be either patented or publicly published. To patent something, we really get some very strict controls, we cannot just get patents for "everything".

Why isn't it the same with software? Why is this happening only in the USA? Whoever granted those patents must be really ashamed. I really hope that this comes to an end soon... and I can talk about this to my kids in the future "just" as an anecdote...

Patents have gotten out of hand but at the end its just business. Whoever sells the most phones and makes the most money wins and companies do whatever they feel like is effective. Although this does make me really start to hate Apple. I used iPhones for the past 2 years and when I wanted to switch to a One X, I couldn't because Apple banned it for a short while. DidIs it stop me from buying what I wanted? no. It just made me even happier when I switched from an iPhone. Apple, you're not banning these products because they are stealing from you, you're banning them because you have nothing better. It just reassures people that an iPhone isn't a good choice right now. -happily typing this on a One X..

I can't believe this is even allowed. It's really...just a testament to how people need to step up and say something to the patent office, because frankly, these things should not have even been available to be patented. I'm sorry, but swipe to unlock? Why is that still an issue? That's like patenting a button press to turn something on. Completely ridiculous. And after all this, I might even sell my Macbook Pro. I love the design to death, but the OS is nothing special, and with Apple continuing their attack on Android, I'm so close to ridding myself of their products.

Totally ridiculous. I was thinking about going to the nexus after I get tired of my Thunderbolt. Seems to be great with updates and pure google. Would love to get one before they are banned! Pleaseeeeee, and thank you!

My 2-year Sprint upgrade is TOMORROW and I was planning on upgrading my NS4G to a GNex then I wake up to see this news. Not a fan. I know it won't likely affect my ability to buy the phone, but it's disheartening nonetheless.

I'm shopping for an Android tablet today. Freaking Apple can't compete anymore so they sue. Just like the patent Troll TiVo.

I really wish manufacturers would be able to solve these patent issues w/out bring in lawyers. Everyone looks like a bunch of crybabies in the end. Thanks for the contest Phil! Good luck everyone

This issue not only shows that there is a serious problem with the current patent system, but also that Apple is so afraid of the competition that it goes to any length to sabotage them.

I think Apple is scared, With Samsung now the biggest seller of Smartphones, They feel threatened. What I don't get, is why are they being cowardly and Suing Samsung, when they know who they really want to go after is Google? If you want to eliminate competition through litigation, at least be up front about who you really want to fight.

Apple is slipping, their OS is growing stale, and people are tiring of tiny screened phones. And instead of innovating better solutions, they would prefer to just stifle the competition. It is like the thermostat lawsuits levied at Nest by Honeywell. Instead of innovating yourself to be more compelling to the consumer, you just sue the ones that are.

It is amazing that the battle are about patents, rather than which device is the best in the market. Imagine if all that money to patent lawyers went to engineers to design more cool stuff!

Enough is enough with all this patent war BS. Clear abuse of the current patent system. If Apple could patent the way of wiping your ass, they would probably have lawyers taking everyone to court for violating their patent. Lunacy I say, LUNACY!

I like both google and apple. I like google more actually.
About the apple claim, i think there are many reasons why apple may be doing this: to protect their IP, because they are afraid of the competition, etc. and we can argue that they are doing this because X or Y reason, but we probably wont never know the real reason. The only thing we can do is hope that the justice do the right thing.

Before their was an iphone a patent was filed to protect innovation.If a company would come with a good idea they would patent and make money off the patent or the idea by sharing it . Now that apple entered the game they made sure that patents are here to handicap innovation which bothers me. thanks to apple everyone is sue every one to ban phones tablets and etc. Which to me is stupid and also apple sues for the stupidest things. i hate patents for that main reason because they stopped innovation.

This really is getting out of hand...Almost to the point where the government needs to step in. Ugh, either way Apple deserves to pay for all the trouble their causing.

Wow. The phones are not alike at all. Its ridiculous in the extreme. I thought Apple would rather compete than litigate. Oh well, vive la difference!

This has gotten out of hand especially since the patents are so simple and I can't believe that they would stop sale of a phone because of supposed patent infringement of slide-to-unlock feature or of a word prediction for a touchscreen keyboard.....well there is nothing I can do about it. Well you can't say Apple only does this because every company sues others for pointless patents, but I doubt many actually lead to a total ban of a product in a country. I know Apple has won one against HTC for a patent that lets the device to identify text or numbers to pull up a relevant menu or action and this patent is also in question. Better just wait this out and let's see what happens.

I am going to patent the ability to touch a ridiculous is that? Give me the the Galaxy Nexus, please for Sprint!!!

This is how much I now hate apple I am going to sell my brand new ipad3 I just bought, I want nothing to do with apple anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple should patent the form of an Apple so they can tax people when they eat aples...

What I think has happened is that Apple had a huge plan for the iphone and that it was a 7 year plan. When android came into the picture they panicked and they had to change there plans and instead of increasing the rate at which they innovate so they decided to try to slow down the competition. It's really sad and it's taking away the good things about apple, competition and technology in general. Apple was known for innovation but that it's slowly going by the wayside. Competition breads innovation but that's going by the wayside. Technology has been growing at a crazy rate but patent trolling is changing that.

A cellphone company likes to patent every "new" feature of their phones even though their features happen to look exactly like features that have been on older phones. Thats garbage, patents are ruining the advancement of cell technology.

is it to late? apple cares about the bottom dollar not the tech and all these suits show this. Yo apple why not stop making the same product every year and come up with some new innovations instead of suing everyone.

The whole patent thing is absurd. Apple has decided to try to corner the market by just suing anyone who threatens them, rather that the path that every other company is taking, which is actually trying to innovate. Apple is welcome to just hang out further and further behind, but that's no excuse for them to hold everyone else back with them.

The worm in the Apple is just squirming because Google Now just beat the hell out of Siri! Patent war, schmatent war! I bet Google lawyers are having a field day going through all the Motorola folders. :)

When will Google tire of this and not let Apple include ANYTHING Google on their devices? That would be nice payback.

All these lawsuits stifle innovation. Apple needs to come up with some new ideas instead of filing lawsuits. It's not like they haven't stolen anything from Android!

The only reason why Apple keeps attacking every company it comes across that has even the smallest similarity to their products is because they know they're going downhill. With the iPhones and iPads being overrun with higher powered, bigger screened, more functional Android devices, it's only a matter of time before either Apple gives up or the other companies do. But let's take a second to think here; Apple is up against some major names here like GOOGLE AND SAMSUNG AND MOTOROLA! I remember when the Galaxy Nexus was announced. It was considered to be the completely lawyer proof from Apple because the engineers made it so Apple could NOT do anything with their patents. So apparently Samsung lied to us OR Apple is pulling something out of their ass to be on top again... OR someone from Apple dug so deep into the construction and design of the Galaxy Nexus that they found a function and patent that is so similar to that of something on the iPhone that they are only using that one thing as a defense. Whatever the case is, Apple knows they're in trouble. Their devices are not worth the ridiculous amount of money they're priced at and people are starting to realize that.

I'm going to be honest here for a second, there was a time were i had an iPod touch and a MacBook pro. This was before I saw the light. Once I bought my T-Mobile G1 after I got out of Air Force Basic training, I was instantly hooked and I saw the differences immediately. Since that day, I've sold all my Apple products, I started promoting anything Google and Android (on a personal level), and have rooted more phones I can think of. However, I've only owned 3 Android phones, the HTC G1, the HTC G2, and the HTC One S (Which is got about a week ago). A lot of my friends with Android devices see what I can do with mine and instantly want me to root theirs and put a killer ROM on it (most of the time, it's cyanogenmod).

So let me part with these last words: Apple sucks and is becoming a very hated company for a lot of people, not including Android and Google fans. The Galaxy Nexus is a fantastic phone and a great way to stay up to date with the latest Android version without having to really do anything to it. Sooner or later, someone is going to have to give, and I don't think it's the dessert bearing company that will. Over and out!

Fuck you Apple.

must admit, these days and age making money/profit for company is number one. this goes with (whatever the basis is) filing an injunction against apple's competitor (in this case patents infringement). from apple's point of view, it is their right and/or duty to protect their investment, make a huge profit plus killing those that come in their way. but from customer's point of view, it is just another great marketing ploy by samsung. true they can't sell the banned product the US soil, but does it really stop people of getting from neighboring countries, say Canada, Mexico, etc? is it so hard for people to get it? by doing this, it's like Apple is announcing to the world:"HEY, Samsung/Google has got a better phone/product than ours. Check them out, we are suing them for being better than us."


just my opinion though....

You know, it's annoying but not TOO bad when they just demand royalties for patent infringement. It's really awful when they actually prevent a product from being sold. I was considering getting a new iPhone on an extra line that I have if the next version sounded interesting, but I think I'll stick with Android.

Oh Apple, you used to be a company I respected, not a bunch of whiny baby losers who can't actually innovate anything other than design so you have to sue your competition into the ground. Just be happy with your millions of sheep followers and leave the rest of us who actually like functionality alone.

I admit, I'm not the biggest apple fan, but I do on occasion like to wander into an apple store and try out their new devices. I used to dislike apple only because their devices were sub-par for their price point. Now I have a whole new reason to dislike apple. I was at the mall yesterday and looked at the apple store and walked right by. People like me may not have bought an iphone or ipad before, but maybe an apple tv or some other product would've been possible. Now I'm going to go out of my way to find alternatives to apple products even if I was thinking about getting one before. Stupid move apple. You just look desperate.

Why are there all these small patents about how you search? Lock screen patents, The way you swipe, I mean come on!!!!!!! They're all the damn same kind of phone. It's like Nike suing Reebok because they have laces in their shoes. These lawyers are damn idiots blinded by money and small ass power trips, over cell phones. Grow up!!!!

Patents are going to be harder and harder to protect. The future is unfolding far too fast; for them to stay relevant. This is revolutionizing our world in ways that I believe travel parallel to Moore's Law, exponentially hurtling us quicker towards Singularity.

sometimes i wonder, apple and google have soo many patents yet no nobel, they could sure get one for peace if they stop their patent wars........

I read somewhere that Apple is suing God for claim He created the Apple and the Bible is actually referring to an iPad in Genesis, not an Apple. That's just a rumor though.

boo apple, they are stating to loose the cell phone game so this is their plan. so how about a phone sent this way to replace my dinc :)

Apple are afraid, and they should be. They prefer playing the dirty game and attacking companies for stupid patterns so they are the only ones who sell their overpriced pieces of shit, whereas they should be in the battlefield and fighting properly. Except for their app database, Apple are nothing. And with the ever growing play store, they will soon be annihilated. Robots are meant to rule, not fruits.

Apple is just scared of the Nexus 7 because it packs a serious punch and they're now trying to cripple Google's flagship.

I'm new here, by the way! Signed up just for this contest! Wish me luck!

Agree, this whole case is just getting ridiculous. Aside from Apple, I think we need to start questioning whoever controls patents, for granting Apple such ridiculous, general patents like Autocorrect.

Apple is no longer confident enough in their product to win over the general public fair and square. The fact that they need to play games behind the scenes(unknown to a large amount of smartphone users who generally don't find out anything online about their phones) in order to keep their phone's sales up and unharmed by competition is pathetic.

Well at first it was nice seeing them compete but I think they are getting sillier by the second especially Apple side with absurd accusations maybe the only way they can stop the fast growing Android market, banning such a "HIT for the iPhone" phone is a win for Apple

These are the things Apple came out with at WWDC: An address bar in Safari that also serves as a search bar!, being able to attach images to email in the native email app, and they finally got turn by turn navigation...

Um, Android has had all these things literally for years and years. In fact that means that most cell phone mfg companies, actually most of the whole world!
Who's copying who Apple!
And by the way, Siri is a retarded gimmick! Even its voice is lame as hell-