Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


Too bad that we are clamoring for innovation and new ideas but some companies (Apple) insist on holding other companies back just because they have a similar way of doing something so simple. I am sure half the patents for technology are bogus and don't protect the viable content like hardware and software as a whole not super basic and vague functions.

This is just one more reason I don't like Apple and tell everyone I know to stay away from them.

Android Forever!


I love the fact that the FCC said these bans needed to stop when Moto was about to kick Microsoft's Xbox 360s out. But when it's Apple vs anyone else, it's fair* game.

*Fair = always in Apple's favor.

apparently common sense and Apple dont equate, How far do they take this endless litigation, "Google releases new smartphone Apple files suit says it infringes on the patent they have where viewer actually looks at device while attempting to manipulate" Apple promises more lawsuits with ATM manufacture, Television gaming console manufacture, touch tone phone manufacture, all educational toy manufacture and as a side comment looks into the steering wheel car interface to see if their numerous patents have been violated there.

Another example of why rates are high for everything. Stupid wast of the court system and we pay in the long run! Cheers.

Apple (and others) have been using lawyers to misuse the spirit of patent law for years. It is important to protect what you have developed and produced but Apple is not protecting, they are bullying. Pure. Plain. Simple. And I'm just sick of it.

I'm tired of hearing about all of this patent rigamarole from Apples especially. So please give me the Galaxy Nexus. Thanks!

Apple is like one of those jerks we all knew in school; as soon as they start losing, they start cheating!

This is ridiculous. Rather than being afraid of competition, and filing lawsuits to no end, man up and innovate with something awesome.

Apple just loves letting people know how much money they have. These suits are just bullying company's that don't need the hassle.

Apple is not above copying others look at how much they have taken from the jailbreak community. They are clearly after Android and Samsung. The crazy thing is that it hurts the consumer the most because lets face it if you are buying a Nexus device you are most likely not going to buy an iPhone.

I guess competition really does bring out the worst in some people. Word of advice for Apple...the more money spent in court, the less money spent on attracting new customers and keeping current ones.

It is obvious that, after Apple's WWDC and Google I/O, Google is innovating like crazy at the moment. Look at all of the great new products Google showed off this week! The Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Jelly Bean, Google Now, and on and on... At WWDC, iOS6 had many people commenting they are getting "bored" and the iOS interface is "stale". In fact, the most excitement seemed to be generated from the announcement that Apple is no longer using Google Maps. Big whoop! Compare this to the excitement from the I/O conference! No fear that Android 4.1 is stale. If Jelly Bean is a "minor" upgrade to ICS, I cannot imagine what Android 5.0 will be like!

How sad that, rather than stepping up to the plate and competing with Google through innovation, they have chosen the patent troll route instead. The bigger question is why? Have the folks at Apple run out of good ideas?

that's what happens when they allow lawyers to control the corporation,
instead of the real engineers who innovate. :)

Apple is a big corporate bully... People are fighting back against both corporations and bullies these days, so they should watch it...

Crapple has obviously declared war on Google. The lawsuit is clearly not on the GNex, but on Android. The slide-to-unlock is created by Google in the stock Android run on the GNex, Samsung did not make any changes to that. I'm just hoping Google step in and stop all this bully for once.

I'm just glad I chose Android as my first smartphone and not the crapple iDevice. Crapple has gone more and more stupid everyday. This stupidity on patent trolling, lawsuits is making Crapple look real bad in the public. Spend all that money on innovation instead of the hungry, scared-of-losing-jobs lawyers, Crapple!

I admit I was weak for a moment and considered the iPhone 5 when it is released but.then saw Google I/O and realized how stupid a decision that would be. And now with this ridiculous patent lawsuit I can never.go to apple #android4life

I have several patents pending on the fart. I demand that y'all stop farting to protect my intellectual property. You'll hear from my team of lawyers shortly.

When it comes to the patent battle between Apple and Android, the battle is just plain terrible and causes tension within companies. When it comes to things likes music and novels, the patent system makes sense and does more good than bad because it encourages creativity and originality. Basically, its purpose is merely to make sure that no work contains content directly originating from another existing piece of work.

However, the patent system Apple and Android have been using over the years is different and does more bad than good. The way Apple and Android have been fighting this patent battle is different from usual. Apple didn't use the patent system for the concept of protecting a piece of work from copying. Instead, Apple strategically abused it to stamp out the competition by filing a patent whenever possible. This is what Apple's been doing this whole time. From day one when Android took much of the market share, Apple wanted to kill Android. They had two choices. Improve their own phones, or use the patent system. Of course they used the patent system.

From 2010, Apple filed a patent every time it looked like Android was copying them. It didn't matter to them whether it was entirely Android's fault or not. They just did it, and they occasionally twisted some facts to win patent battles, which was not the right thing to do. Though they did win many patents, filing many patents caused more trouble than good.

During the patent war, everybody lost. During the patent war, in addition to the banned Android devices due to the patents, Apple and Android lost several millions of dollars. In addition to that, it caused tension between Android and Apple. To destroy Android, Apple had to seek out every opportunity for a patent it could which caused stress for them, and Android had to make sure Apple didn't start and win too many patents or else their devices would be banned from the market and they would lose business. Sure, Apple did get more of the market share, but was it really worth the money and the tension? Interestingly enough, Apple and Android weren't the only ones affected. This patent nonsense slowed the development of new devices, which aggravated the consumers; most notably the recent patent for the Galaxy Nexus, which may cause Android to completely redesign Android from scratch. Who knows? If Apple decides to target the Galaxy SIII or some other high-end phone, then no one knows what uprisings that could cause.

In addition to this, what is interesting about this patent battle is that Android Rarely fought back. Really, Apple had many patents such as the infringement of the slide-to-unlock method and many others. Even Steve Jobs himself implied that he didn't want anyone to copy iOS. Ironically, What is very intriguing is that Apple ripped off Android's alert system. Seriously! That's like telling someone to stop a bad habit and then perform that bad habit in front of the person. For shame! When Android obviously saw this, they didn't fight back even though they should have considering the damage Apple did to them. Seeing that Android is not fighting back just gives another reason Apple should stop this patent nonsense.

From day one, Apple shouldn't have gone this way. Really, instead of denying that you're not the best by fighting Android by all means of patent, Apple should just admit they can't win in everything and just improve their own devices instead of fighting Android. What they need to do instead is develop their own advanced software that doesn't directly rip off Android. By abusing the patent system, Apple is hurting themselves and Android in addition to aggravating the public by slowing development down like the Dark Ages. Just because Steve Jobs implied, "Kill Android" didn't mean they had to do it the patent way and cause trouble to everyone including the public. They could and should just start taking another path to beat Android like improve their phones and their software.

By doing this, Apple will not only move forward with this nonsense. It will also cause the conflicts this war started to disappear. It's not too late to stop this nonsense, though it will soon be too late. If Apple keeps doing this, they will one day cross the line and it will collapse back on them and possibly Android, which could be the end of the world for both of them and the smartphone era. This is why the patent battle between Apple and Android is just plain nonsense.

As if having rotator cuff surgery wasn't enough? Now Applidiots want to make my being down one appendage. do they know how long it has taken me to one had type this? please let me win so Siri can shove it...

Patent... Schmatent... Blah blah blah....yada yada yada... Too much whining... Apple needs to bend over and take it, ALL OF IT!!!

Whatever happened to the days of being competitive through building better products? Trying to block the sales of competing products by these ridiculous claims of patent infringement just hurts the advancement of technology. Not to mention the fact that Apple is guilty of the exact same thing. If Google stole swipe to unlock, Apple is just as guilty of stealing the drop down notification bar.

I am getting used to these patent wars. The more I hear about Apple, the more I like Android and Apple is always being sour and they are getting more negative attitudes everyday.

Apple says that they are "revolutionary", but a company isn't revolutionary if it blocks all other people to improve and extend on ideas they might have a patent on. I'm really happy that there is no such thing like a software-patent in europe.

I think in a way this is a good thing for Samsung as a whole. Apple is threatened and is pulling out all the stops to keep Samaung's top phone off the market. It also shows that Samaung is on the right track in competing with Apple. Patent infringements will always be an issue, i mean there a whole companies that do nothing but patent and copyright shit in hopes that a company will violate it and they can sue. Think its funny that Apple patented the slide unlock and then stole Android's pull down feature on the home screen. When the tables are turned Apple kicks and screams like a little child. I will always be an Android user out of principal. When i first heard Google Android would be based in Linux i was releaved to see that finally a large company sees the value of an open source operating system.

I think in a way this is a good thing for Samsung as a whole. Apple is threatened and is pulling out all the stops to keep Samaung's top phone off the market. It also shows that Samaung is on the right track in competing with Apple. Patent infringements will always be an issue, i mean there a whole companies that do nothing but patent and copyright shit in hopes that a company will violate it and they can sue. Think its funny that Apple patented the slide unlock and then stole Android's pull down feature on the home screen. When the tables are turned Apple kicks and screams like a little child. I will always be an Android user out of principal. When i first heard Google Android would be based in Linux i was releaved to see that finally a large company sees the value of an open source operating system.

Apple's lawyers doing what they do best, whoring themselves out for cash. If Apple could just produce a product that appealed to everyone, not hipsters, maybe they wouldn't feel so desperate.

Down with apple!! I will never get an apple i can make my android just the way i like it. apple is a waste. rock on Google.

Stop all the bs let the public decide who wins, regardless to this day Webos was the best and most intuitive os I ever used....

If you don't have an iPhone -- you have an Android, the world's leader in mobile phones. Where if something better comes out, they won't sue but instead make a phone even better than that.

So if you don't have an iPhone -- welp, you're pretty damn lucky.

...hey, imagine how much money they could better spent for products, customers and share-holders!
Instead they give it to lawyers to achive and defend patents, some of them realy redicolous!

I think software patents shouldn't have been permitted in the first place. It's a ridiculous concept. Who cares if I can unlock my GNex and my iPhone the same way?! It's just plain stupid.

Now it's too late to make them illegal since there are a lot of companies that are making big bucks out of patent trolling. They almost got as bad as lawyers.

The entire patent system is broken. Small developers and inventors with great ideas can get muscled out of the system, while large companies can waste time and money suing one another and the DMCA leaves no room for end user P.A.T.R.I.O.T. ACT! Obamacare, SUPREME COURT, and now we have to leave room for illegial aliens and extra terrestrials in CONGRESS. I'm moving to Canada and turning it into the 51st state!!!!!!

Also, I would love to get my hands on one those Galaxy Nexuses...Nexii?

It's getting to the stage where companies (particular smaller ones) are going to be terrified of innovating.

These big tech companies (Apple seem to be the worst but they are the only ones at it) are holding the industry back with these ridiculous patent claims.

How can you claim ownership of a gesture or the position of a button?

They need to concentrate on improving their own products rather than holding back others.

Who gives a s*!t how the phone starts off, we are just going to mod the shit out of it anyway. Winning!

I am so tired of Apple crying & complaining and suing the crap over every little thing that's on an Android device. This prevents innovation and competition. IMPROVE YOUR DAMN DEVICE APPLE and stop suing over patents and stop blocking the sales of great phones.

What a Joke. Come on Now. They all steal and use each others Ideas to help advance the products of today. Apple got bothered that someone wants to play the game the same way they play. Freedom to the Android!


In America we are a capitalists society. If you want the best you take the best ideas and make them better. So Apple had one of the best products then came Google and made it better. Apple stop crying and start making a decent product again.

I hate Apple. I don't even eat real apples anymore! You know what my diet consists of? Jelly Beans and Ice Cream Sandwiches, Suckas!!! Send me that GNex!!! Android 4 Life!

Patent's like a crutch helping people walk longer. But when a healthy person replys on it, or uses it as a tool to attach others, he will become sicker over time. That's the way Apple and some other companies going. I feel sad, really.

I was just about to post a fantastic, competition winning comment here...

Unfortunately, I've just had a call from my lawyers to let me know that I have received a notice to desist from Apple. They have lodged a claim in various international courts stating that my fantastic comment infringes on their intellectual property in various ways, including, but not limited to;

1) Use of the word "phone", to denote any form of device, object, concept, animal, vegetable or mineral, used (or not used) for the purpose of communication, transit, creativity, sustenance, or anything else ever.
2) Use of the word "and".
3) Use of the process of having "thoughts" (ideas, musings, inklings, etc), and through the use of "words" (symbols, drawings, songs, cave paintings, sky writing, doodles on a napkin, or anything similar) recording said "thoughts" for the consumption (or not) of other people (animals, sentient plants, extra terrestrials, multiple personalities etc, etc)
4) Use of black (or any other colour) symbol combinations ("words"/"text"), in the form of "sentences" and/or "paragraphs" on any form of lighter (or darker) background, at any time, anywhere, ever.

I'm not sure how they managed to get copyright for these things... Oh well, I guess that's why I'm not a lawyer. Unfortunately I've had to withdraw publication of my fantastic comment. Not just that; the phone call from my lawyers was so expensive that I've had to sell my house, my car, my wife, both my kidneys, my left leg and advertising rights to my forehead.

Unfortunately the advertising rights to my forehead were bought by Google, who immediately rebranded it as "Nexus Head". Five minutes later Apple filed an injunction stating my head now violated various head-related patents they recently acquired in their cash buyout of human biology, and as such my head is now illegal in 47 countries, and as such I'm forced to walk around (in circles, due to the missing leg) with a court sealed bag over my head.

This patent stuff sucks.

I knew I hated I-anything about 13 years ago when my first and ONLY IPod switched ALL of my music to their damn format and I was unable to change it back without reburning the disc. I knew the company was one big prick. Then hearing about how the late Jobs wanted to use every bit of Apples money to destroy android solidified that thought. Now with this I have to wonder if the lawyers and the judge have gone crazy. I also wonder why no one is suing Apple's asses.

P.S. I really wish iPad users would quit pulling out those things to film graduations. Either get a camera or an android phone. They look awkward as hell, and I accomplish the same thing they are trying to do on my GNex just like I did on my Fascinate.

The whole patent system right now is crap,it use to make sence back when it protected the small lowly inventor
From big the whole system is reversed,the cooperations it was ment to protect the inventors from
Now set up dummy firms buy the ideas from the young bright tech savvy inventors patent them then marshall their army of lawyers and dollars to sue any one that is a threat to their bottom line.the respect i had for apple is long gone

The Patent Program is broken. Rather than actually protect rights of creators it stifles innovation. Companies these days seem to view competition as problematic, they forget that back in the day if someone imitated you, it was a great thing. Apple tolerates it from some companies until the companies pose an actual threat. The problem is they are trying to enforce it based off a visual look, no one is dumb enough to think a device branded as "Samsung" is an Apple Product. It's baseless and discouraging for many people to even try to innovate because they can get swarmed with a lawsuit they have no way of paying for.

When you run out of ideas you still have to compete in the market. Pretty soon The estate of H.G. Wells will be able to sue the BBC for making a show with a time machine in it.

Apple is just jealous that Google and Android has better hardware and software. this is the only way they can get higher sales by banning android products. i'm going Google products from now on.

My white nexus is the best thing I ever had, pure android magic. And I just can't stand the iOS phone format. And now my iPhone friends want one too because it is so DIFFERENT and COOL. Apple, just you wait a little longer, I have a "feeling" that your entire app store will be shut down in Brazil over pretty neat law issue.

Apple and this patent nonsense is making the Android fan base mad
Using this kind of tactic to control things over Android is really sad
Face it Apple you are losing and this is bad
Oops I let the secret out that's my bad

These patent wars are patently ridiculous (see what I did there ;) ), patents should only be granted for something that's provably original and distinct from other products not for things that are vague at best or subjective in terms of their look and feel for example.

Also actively seeking a sales ban for products is anti-competitive and morally dubious at best, its not just Apple using foolishly given patents of course but they do seem like the worst offenders at the moment.

We need new judges that are not pro Apple! They shouldn't be able to ban sales of a product because of software complaints. That could be settled in court and if needed, fixed with a software update.
I think Apple is starting to get scared a Judge will wake up and realize that they have been copying other systems since day 1.

How many of these lawsuits does Apple win? It seems like more times than not, they put in a lawsuit just to do it. I just don't get it. And hence why I won't buy Apple. I once thought I would switch to Apple from PC, but it's not happening anytime soon.

I decided to buy a Galaxy Nexus for my wife because of this. I own a Nexus S and already pre-ordered a Nexus 7. Vote with your money!

First I wanna see, how Apple pays $100 millions! Otherwise nothing will happen. It's just bad press for google/samsung. That's what they want!

Keep on developing Apple, not sueing! We want a nice competition, not this farce!

Suppose some pig farmer had a big idea one day about how to steer a cart, he did not have a wheel but had the rest down and patented it. Then a lawyer comes along and buys the patent, he will never do anything with it but he has the patent. So along comes Henry Ford and his car and then who else but the lawyer says oh you can not build that with that steering cause I have the patent on how to steer it. So now Henry can pay the lawyer for every single car or invent another steering system himself, being Henry and a smart guy he works on for years and finally gets one working only to discover that that patent covers part of what he has done. He decides to pay for it on each auto he makes as well as GM and all the little guys who have good ideas can not afford it so good ideas are forgotten because of a lawyer! Technology is stifled because of greed and a patent that the owner has no idea how or what it does!

This is Apple in a nutshell. I'd like to win this just to give them a slap in the face. Patents once protected the inventor. Now, they just kill innovation.

Up Apple's ass with Mobil gas. This flatulence is getting really, really mold. Lawyers, guns and money...won't get them out of this. Free at last. Free at last. Thank Google Almighty, we are free at last.... from every mountainside, let Android ring!

I'm soooo glad the UK doesn't suffer from this patent system - apple are a joke, taking Google to court for multi-source searching? Google? The worlds biggest search engine? - LMAO

I feel sooo sorry for apple, they know they have lost the battle and this is the only way to try to fight back, they can't fight back by innovation, technology or general specs of their iPhones, they are soon to lose the biggest appstore, already lost their largest market share, - here in the UK, they ain't even the 2nd largest phone manufacturer.

The fact that apple can create patents for obvious bullshit features which in fact where not original from themselves is ridiculous.

Look at all the features apple have copied, there are several and they ain't just from Android, they are from blackberry and windows mobile too,

Hopefully Google will take down apple as they did oracle, apple have not dared to force Google's legal team directly, but now they have - and to do so with the most ridiculous patent ever - apple don't stand a chance.

After the oracle, Motorola cases of the past month, I generally thought judges were taking patent cases with common sense, as they all seem to be utter rubbish,

Apple reeks of desperation & defeat, and with every stupid case against another company ' I laugh, and I see lots more potential apple customers thinking twice -

... as I said, I do feel sorry for them, as this is their last line of defence - they simply cannot compete globally with androids sales and the amount of active users it has, it cannot keep up with the technology specs either as Android has many manufacturers - even if the next iPhone beat the HTC ONE X and SGS3, it would be outdated within 3 months no doubt, by one of the many dedicated android manufacturers.

Google play store is now offering many more products, books, magazines (& even devices), and the apps are growing at a massive rate - it will zoom past the apple apple store by the end of the year - fact.

Apple really don't know how to compete, they haven't innovated ANYTHING since introducing swipe to unlock and pinch to zoom in the original iPhone, their new features are catching up to Froyo, their sirI service was bought and has now been clearly beaten by Jelly Beans voice assistant, their new mapping service is also bought from TomTom and even chrome is now the most popular browser on iOS! - #1 iPhone app on LAUNCH DAY!

.... its a sorry sorry time to be working for apple, or a loyal customer - seeing constant better phones on android, and seeing constant new features and apps appear on android must be hurting - but they deserve it!

Using patents to slow innovation, to slow competition is dirty-tactics - they ain't even valid patents, I could understand if it was a clear violations n, but they ain't.

They have used patents for even rounded edges on a device, and even the latest - multi-source-aearching, THEY ARE CRAZY!

Unfortunately it's not about the patents, or the ideas. It's about the money, pure and simple. Anyone who can make a dollar off this churn has an interest in keeping the stupidity going. We're just the customers, and we'll buy something no matter what the outcome, so the money wins, every time.

Patent law is wonderful.
Patents are wonderful.
Apple is wonderful.
Google is wonderful.
All of the above are giving Android Central a reason to give away a free phone and that is wonderful.

Good luck to all!!!

That a just dumb why don't they stop waisting all that money and use it to pass out apples to hungry kids... and if that don't fill them up pass out frozen yogurt, gingerbread, ice cream sandwiches, and jelly beans!!!!!!!!

The design patent that struck down the galaxy tab sales is just ridiculous. The fact that they were awarded a patent on a rectangle with rounded corners is even more ridiculous.

The design patent that struck down the galaxy tab sales is just ridiculous. The fact that they were awarded a patent on a rectangle with rounded corners is even more ridiculous.

Patents are too damn broad in content that just about anything can violate a patent even though it's clear that something is different from the product they're questioning. I mean, come on, the Nexus is almost twice as big as the iphone and does things differently, but it's still getting pinged by Apple's lawyers for patent violation...only reason being because the patents in question are too broad and Apple hates Google. Please end this patent madness! No lawyer wants to, but the world in general does. Just do it! Thanks.

All hail Apple!!! Soon all crosses at churches will be replaced with a giant Apple symbol. All this patent litigation nonsense is getting out of hand. Here's an idea, redesign the entire IPhone and IOS concept to boost sales, instead of recycling the same idea over and over. It's gotten old and stale in this technological frenzy we are in.

All this patent talk is a bunch of bull. Apple should spend more time innovating their own products then stifling the progress of others.

The problem is the patent system and Apple knows how to play them. The search patent is bs. They look for patent that are granted but don't include mobile and touchscreen in them. Then they file for it and the system grants it to em. You could click a email or web address on computers for decades. Its nothing new. Apple can't keep up with the competition anymore. The reason, their closed source and use proprietary tech instead of industry standards. That's why they only have so much to show every year. With android and Microsoft handling the software and letting manufactures handle hardware those two can move their OS's along a lot faster. Apple is now just slowing down the inevitable. In a few years they won't be front page news and they now that, that's why they abuse the patent system and just try to kill all competition.

At least this will give the nexus some PR. Maybe the forbidden fruit will draw in new customers. Plus Google should patent a turd and sue Apple when the iPhone 5 is announced 8)

Apple just needs to stop this now. If anything HP/Palm need to sue because they hold the patent on the smartphone itself, and you don't see them dragging everyone to court every other month! Now send that Nexus to me :)

This is getting crazy. Doesn't Samsung make components for Apple products too? Imagine a world where Apple sued Samsung out of business and then Apple couldn't release their products because no one else but Samsung was able to make the components they needed.

I am going to laugh so hard a(nd party) when all of the Cell Phone Mfg's and anyone else that apple has PO'd comes at them all at once and slaps them with a wet fish :)

This whole patent war is getting ridiculous. Can't we just use the device's own merits and flaws to make the sale to consumers. Given enough time I hope this all gets resolved but until then let me vote with my wallet dammit!

I guess that the Galaxy Nexus is too much of a black rectangle with a slide to unlock function. I can't believe judges accept this kind of stuff.

Seems like Apple is following "If you can't beat them, sue them!" I don't know anyone who would confuse a Nexus for an iPhone. Even with the original bad blood/redesign thing, all that happened was Google had an extra few months to redesign.

blah blah blah....screw Apple. If their products were as good as they think they are, they wouldnt worry about the Droid!!! Bring on that Nexus Tab baby!!!

Surely the next years apple stop being a business tecnology to be converted simply in a study of lawyers.

I can understand protecting your patents, Apple, but blocking the sale of Samsung's devices is just wrong. You should be entitled to monetary damages if anything. Don't take away the consumer's choices!

Unbelievable, how long will this crap go for, instead of trying to advance in making the best products possible these lawyers do their best to push us back.

This is disgusting. As an apple user myself I'm embarrassed by how apple gets away with this farce. They speak of innovation but what have they innovated lately? An unchanging platform since 2007 in which most of there "breakthrough" enhancements have come from the jailbreak community. Apple is so afraid of competition that it will through it's gobs of money at anyone who can be seen as a threat to there growing monopoly. This is nothing more than text book bullying. Like I said before I'm an embarrassed apple user and so frustrated in fact by what they do there users, much less other platform users, that I'm selling off all my apple products and going back to PC and android.
If all companies followed apples bully model then I guess Ford should sue all the other car manufactures for copying a vehicle and then corner the market until all your left with is Ford. That's what this is about. If apple keeps this up then you'll be basically told what you can buy only is apple.
Innovation? HA!!! Innovation means improving the wheel, not hoarding onto a dead design and being threatened by those who do improve it and did what you could not. Of apple really wants to set an example then they should do it by actually innovating they're products to push the envelope and create fair competition instead of buying there dictatorship.
Screw you apple, you can have your stupid phone and all your other crap back. I'd rather go play in the sandbox that hasn't been pissed in.

I've been wanting a Gnex unlocked for awhile; Pick me and I'll even include a video of me DESTROYING my Iphone 4 on AT&T, after I switch to an unlocked HSPA+ Gnex, of course. Apple has crossed the line with all this patent nonsense, and I have had enough...I wanna come home. "I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE"!!

I love Android and have nothing against Apple... except when they do stupid crap like this. This just pisses everybody off and makes them look bad. Oh well, hope I can win one before they become illegal!

Patent law will never get changed until it starts to lock big companies into more and more expensive R&D. For now they can make enough on retail sales and suing each other they don't care.

Apple needs to concentrate their efforts on making their products here in the USA, instead of abusing the people at Foxcon. Let's improve the economy here before we help out another country.

How ridiculous is this was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. Apple sinking to whatever ways they can to try and continue being the "bigger" name in smartphones, but truthfully, this shows that Samsung and the rest of the Android phones are the better way to go. Unbelievable.

The issue isn't Apple, it's the entire patent system. It needs to be blown up, nuked from orbit, and completely re-written from scratch. Unfortunately, I will not live to see this happen, and I don't know if my two-year-old son will live to see this happen, but maybe my grandchildren... or great-grandchildren... or great-great... or great-great-great... I hope.


P.S. 4000 comments, some are dupes, so that's a better-than-1-in-4000 chance of winning a Nexus. w00t!!

I had the same problem when I was a kid. Corporations are like little damn kids!! " I was here first...hey that was my stole that from me....Tommy cheated."
Why don't all of you just grow up and stop worrying about what the other kid on the playground is doing and focus on getting our god damn flying now! I'm pretty sure all of your lawyer fees could of helped developed them. idiots.

I really hope a revision to the patent system is being worked on. I dislike this constant suing coming from apple. The Galaxy Nexus is a great phone, the iphone is a great phone. Why can't apple just let it be and continue with great innovation. It's a competition, let's continue to compete to find the best in ourselves.

In opinion Apple's policy will turn against them in a few years. Instead of spending money trying to develop new technology they are spending it in this b***sh*t, trying to convince consumers that Android is just a copy of IOS which is false.
The worst of it is that they are slowing down any kind of huge progress in smartphones as they have done with their first iphones.
Oh! And count me in for the Nexus!

The irony of all this is that Apple is stifling innovation by not allowing competition in their over-saturated market. I used to be one of the sheep, but since opening my eyes when my iPhone got stolen I'll never go back. I can't believe how much I've missed out on and how much I need to catch up because I've been letting Apple do everything for me.

I think it was said best by saying "B L A H"!! !! apple is losing a fair fight when it comes to customers prefrence thats the bottom line. You dont see Mercedes suing BMW.... both make cars however, Agin people have prefrences.. Me I like Chevys....... there is bad apple in every bunch!!!!!

Just one more reason to avoid Apple like the plague. My brother will be in town his weekend. He uses an iPhone. We'll see what he thinks of a Galaxy Nexus on Jelly Bean!

i think apple started this patent war on android developing mobile companies to protect their interests, the so called millions of dollars in research n this companies copyin them.. but Apple has taken this too far.. n now i feel is non-sense.. jus to keep up their american market.. they r delibrately causin other companies shipment in US. i wish there is a healthy compitition.. n we end users benifit frm it, androidism... all the way.

I have hired Apple's lawyers to represent me. I saw a guy yesterday that looked just like me! He had 2 arms and 2 legs and even 2 eyes. I'm going to sue him. I found out that he even solves math problems the same way I do. And you know what the worst part is? Chicks like him better than me! It's blatantly obvious that he is copying me (and improving on the things that are great about me) and I want it to stop.

I am going to patent Homo sapiens. Everyone that is currently alive should pay me an one-off royalty of 50 quid. Children under the age of 12 half price. Fetus 12.5 dollars, then another 12.5 dollars when born.

Gonna patent my patent before Apple steals it!

I'm an attorney, and this nonsense just hurts my head. All they're doing is making everyone involved look silly.

The lawsuits are getting way out of hand. Some of these patents are so vague they can be easily applied to a number of different scenarios. The broken patent laws need to change drastically to prevent more lawsuits in the future.

Now Google and Moto are both at threat because of Apple and your KNOW they are going after them for the SIII. I hate Cupertino and all this micro-level patent litigation B.S.

I think this just makes Apple look pathetic! It's too bad they have to sue every other company to try and get ahead.... just let the sales do the talking!!!

Apple should start banning themselves when started embedding a front camera copying Nokia 90's devices.

And i am in for the Nexus!!

I support companies protecting their ideas, but I do not support them explicitly trying to block shipment of a product. The galaxy nexus has been out and shipping for I think 7 months. What is the point? All of this patent nonsense just stifles innovation and in the end creates a worse product for the user, while costing these companies millions of dollars. It's a lose, lose situation. Hopefully someday we can live in a world where iOS and Android can peacefully coexist, but until then I just want a galaxy nexus!

patent war is nothing more than big corporation with too much money at their disposal try to flex their financial muscle while trying to deceive consumers. At the same time they forget their past and the many heads they stepped on to get where they are today. if we were in the Bible days Jesus would say let him without patent infringement cast the first stone. No one person in the case of a judge should make the call that affect the masses. Let us the consumers decide what is fair game. one phone, one unique identifier and one vote. The company with the brightest minds should not be fearful. If you are that good and someone steal your idea your motivation should be to make it better to prove who is the real originator and who is the imitator.

Its unbelievable how stupid this whole thing is. Why not use all that money "given" to lawyers to invest in more R&D and make more awesome products for us consumers. Technology FTW!

The whole patent process is broken. IP is poorly understood and grossly misrepresented, especially when it comes to new technology.

The patent wars are ridiculous. Of course phones will look / behave in a similar manner. I would love the galaxy nexus! Android Central is awesome!

public class PatentSystem extends LegalSystem implements Runnable {

    public void run() {
        while ( isFunctional() ) {
            for (Case aCase : getPendingCases()) {
                // todo: fixme: each iteration leaking time and money
                try {
                    aCase.getPlaintiff().payLaywers( Float.MAX_VALUE );
                    aCase.getDefendant().payLaywers( Float.MAX_VALUE );
                    Thread.sleep( (long)(2635200000 * Math.random()) );
                    annoy( aCase.getDefendant().getSupporters() );
                    Thread.sleep( (long)(2635200000 * Math.random()) );
                    int result = resolve();
                    if (result == DISMISSED || result == NOT_GUILTY) {
                        Thread.sleep( 1 );
                        addPendingCase( appeal( aCase) );
                } catch (Exception ignore) {

    protected boolean isFunctional() {
        // todo: wtf?! somehow this method is causing an endless loop
        return true;


Why can't everyone just get along? Pretty petty of everyone if you ask me. Oh well though. Count me in for this. Would love to get this as it's time for an upgrade and this would let me keep unlimited data!!!! And my 30th bday is in less than a month, hint hint. Lol.

These patent claims are totally nonsense.

Where did I dig my patent for a device you can hold in your hand, left or right, and you can stick to your ear, left or right, to listen and talk to anybody on the earth ?
I thought that idea was right for a commercial product, but not worth impeaching others making use of it.
Maybe I was wrong and could really earn more money with it than by selling my stuff ?

Geez, innovation is doomed, dare I say !


This is the first time I see a big company wasting their time and everybody's trying to shut down a revolutionary technology like Samsung's. This is totally unacceptable, like someone once told me... "Don't be an iwhore"

Apple is like the awkward kid next door---MINE MINE MINE! the minute you make an awesome fort/get a birthday toy/ play with marbles--they claim they came up with the rules and design and then change them to ensure everyone believes they invented it. they need to be kicked to the curb and taken out with all the other trash that doesn't deserve to be in my household (ie Verizon).

hopefully it's a GSM nexus so i can ditch my contract & go to T-Mo with the $30/mo plan!

Apple should just man up. If you're not willing to put the work in to make your product obviously better than you don't deserve it.

I am not aware of any patent-laws or how the market works, but from someone outside the ring, it just seems to be that Apple is insecure about losing market shares and is willing to play dirty games just to seem formidable.
A big dent in their shiny armor, in my opinion.

Apple is not about class anymore, it is about crass.

i think they should do something about this patents every time i log in into pulse or any other news source guess what i find? another patent war!!!....... i think apple just doesn't like loosing since its no longer the best and only smartphone manufacture thanks to android they hating and cant fight with products but with patents..

Its funny how Apple has now become the Microsoft of the 1980's and 1990's. Apple's fan base was built on the fact that they weren't a huge industrial tyrant like Microsoft. Fast forward to today and that's exactly what Apple has become. With their continued practice of lawsuits, increasing fees, overpriced devices, and in many's opinion sub-par mobile software compared to Android, they will likely continue to lose supporters and fan base as they have become what they were against many years ago. Ironic isn't it?

Wow! Apple needs to learn that they aren't helping progress in tech by doing this crap. Just makes people hate them more.

This reminds me of the Pacquiao( Google) vs Bradley( Apple) fight a few weeks back...even though the whole world knows pacquiao should of won that fight, the higher power...aka judges..gave bradley the victory!..and now after reviewing the case the WBO(the court of law) realizes that they made an BIG mistake ...#teampacman+googleandroid4eva!!!

This reminds me of the Pacquiao( Google) vs Bradley( Apple) fight a few weeks back...even though the whole world knows pacquiao should of won that fight, the higher power...aka judges..gave bradley the victory!..and now after reviewing the case the WBO(the court of law) realizes that they made an BIG mistake ...#teampacman+googleandroid4eva!!!

Fighting over patents is like two little boys fighting over a football. "I had it first" "No, I had it first". By the time they're finished some else comes up with a basketball and they continue playing.I guess lawyers have to pay for that education some way.

Why is this even going to court after the last few times crapple tried something it was shot down. I think at this point they need to tell them its over your phone is old and tired take your flock of sheep and leave the court room

This feud between Samsung and Apple needs to come to an end and and soon! There are many losers in this fight, namely the consumers wo are being denied a competitive environment.

And while most of us our left looking in from the thing is certain. The only winners in the whole suit....the attorneys (on both sides) earning their fees!

So many people have said it right: this kind of squabbling inhibits innovation. Gelernter seems clearly that he was robbed. The judge that overturned his decision was probably paid off.

I'm an Android damn all the way but I'm trying to be fair. If Apple has a claim, they're allowed to sue. Do I think it's 100% for intellectual property rights and for doing the right thing? No. I think they're trying to suffocate and throttle every competitor thru litigation. They would like to have a monopoly here, were it.not for the pesky American democracy. They're as anti-American as I can think for now.

They use every other players hardware to assemble gadgets that play with they're software (probably stolen/copied) nicely, then sue their competitors when they try to innovate. They outsource they're jobs to thousands of foreigners and stifle competition for control. Toyota, Nissan, vw, kia, Hyundai, etc all have plants here that hire Americans do their labor. And those card are considered imports.

Apple farms those jobs. They hire Americans to do who knows what (doesn't seem like software or hardware), make Apple products pretty?

I say it all the time: Apple has to catch up with Android in their phone specs. The iClone is so obsolete it's funny. I can't believe people are so bamboozled by that. 3G, 3.5" screen, 960x640, 326 ppi, arm A9 dual-core (finally, after Android) processor? Weak. My rezound blows that away! One app store, one browser, no personalization or individuality, one keyboard. So they're Apple devices can wirelessly, effortlessly share photos between them. Big deal. One.hour photo used to be cool too.

On the other side, I was impressed by wwdc, but not like I was with jelly bean. And I hate how they make people believe that they make their screens or they make they're processors or they made Thunderbolt (another Android copy). Catch up crapple. Ur phone sucks. Sony's camera is great, ur phone sucks.

Didn't write this to get a gnex, but I'll take one if ur gonna give it away.


This patent thing is really screwed up! They should just compete and stop the silliness. Imagine, a swipe left to unlock is patentable? Come on!

The worst part of all if this is that if any of the complaints are upheld, it's really the consumer who loses. There's plenty of business to go around!

The system is clearly broken. Companies are allowed to patent things that are common sense and obvious. The fact that a company can patent the idea of an in app purchase is ridiculous.

In addition the company does not even have to have a product or a working prototype.

Why can a pharmaceutical company spend billions on a new drug to lost the their exclusivity years later but a technology company can come up with the most obvious design and own it forever?

Patents may have worked before the internet, but now they seriously need to be reworked. It's ridiculous that Apple got this and has been fighting for this preliminary injunction on a phone that's 6 months old! Gah

Lawyer's are always doing what they do. It usually only benefits a business and hurts consumers. It's always about the money.

Absolutely ridiculous. Good thing they are always a step behind as far as models go getting them banned. If Apple had their way the GS3 could have been banned as well.

All this patent war has the godfather (Palm) turning in his grave. If he was alive he would say you are my children, I made all of you. Cut out the BS and get back to making good devices.

this "war" is good in some ways, i have some friends that didn't know about the greatest android phones like the galaxy nexus or galaxy s2. but now there has been so much about this in the news they got to know about the phones, and now they all want an android phone basically because they think apple is stupid with these injuctions.

Apple is just mad cause they're starting to lose market share on smartphones. Back when Android was just emerging, Apple wasnt trying to sue. They should focus on stepping up to be more competitive.

I wish many things concerning Apple but unfortunately none of them will actually happen. Why? Because what they are doing is working. They are making money hand over fist and will stop at nothing to keep anything Android related from being successful. I would honestly get more excited about Apple products if they would just show some class as a company.

With the Apple/Moto ruling last week I thought things were turning around. I own some apple products (not an iphone) but really they need to worry about making innovative products and less about stifling competition in the market.

What can one say that hasn't already been said... It really SUCKS that this happens right after I/O this year. This is my first I/O event (I "attended" from the comfort of my home) and Apple's at it again. Kinda flabbergasted and don't really know what to say or make of that...

Apple. Nobody gives a shit about your piece of shit phone or OS. As a dev I will discourage development for that crap at all opportunities. And Apple fans quit with the copying bullshit. Apple straight rips off Android and your excuse is that there's no patent. Bullshit. Its copying. It shows you have no values. You're just shilling for Apple. I hope you enjoyed your iOS 7 demo at I/O on Wednesday.

And finally Google. Quit the bullshit. Pull your services from the iPhone and watch it go down like the flaming pile of shit that it is. Android share will increase and make up the difference as people bail for the services.

What is freaking wrong with this Patent War! Apple is filing a patent case everyday someone should stop this, they are trying to monopolize the smartphone industry.

It's sad that innovating technology companies are no longer relying on innovating technology to gain customers, and are rather turning towards these ridiculous patent lawsuits to take their competition out of the equation. The competition between Apple and Google and Google's partners in both hardware and software have led for consumers to have a choice between truly amazing machines, and it's a shame that that competition is, in ways, being stifled by litigation

What i love about all this is that Apple complains that Android steals their ideas. NO Apple,, Android takes your idea and makes it better. Its what the tech industry thrives off. Okay okay, so its okay for Apple to implement Android ideas like status bar and voice search, (yes Android had em first), but if you do it to Apple, its a bunch of whinebags with money crying fowl.

APPLE?, Android has pushed your software beyond what you would have ever gotten to. Apple fanbois? Without Android, you wouldnt have mms and many other great features.

I cant wait for all this bs to be over. Now gimme my GN!

If Apple wants to stop people having Android devices, why don't they create better devices so people will be attracted to them more than Androud devices like this awesome GNex.

News at eleven. All cell phones are banned from sale as judge rules someone might be losing money on another competitor profiting. Stay classy.

If Apple innovated more they wouldn't have to attempt to destroy the competition via legal means. They're scared.

don't understand why the big n respected companies fight like kids these days! they need to grow up and be mature :)

There's a finite set of ways that these devices can work. Apple needs to get over it, accept that they don't have the best product anymore and let the market decide who wins.

I think Android will win.

And before I get called a fanboy, let me say that I've owned both Apple and Android devices. I've come back to Android for a reason...

Instead of trying to innovate companies now just sue. If you just make a better product people will want it instead of the competition.

I am fed up with this patent crap, Google needs to step in and beat the sh*t out of apple! Bring it apple you cannot beat open source and true freedom!

I have my balls full filled of Patentes, apple and this fucking war of who inventado what every they want. Let it be people!!!!

if someone is better than you, so find a solution to be better than him. in lieu of expending energy to find if he created or not, use this energy to get even better.

I am also very tired of all this patent crap. It's never ending. Everyone just wants to destroy the other. I don't think that will ever happen.

Please pick me for the Nexus. Really need an upgrade.

Apple just wanted more and more market share. That's all. However, I wanted the GNexus, I wonder if you can send it to Thailand. lol :O

If I win, I'll let my VZW, contract lapse, buy a straight talk SIM, and start my contract-free journey to stick it to the carriers!

I think we are about to have something much bigger here than usual. Apple has had bans on the HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE, then the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but this time is different. It isn't just another Samsung phone. This is THE PHONE that Google itself markets. This is the phone with the unhindered Android experience. So you could say that this is Google's phone. So now, Google has to step in to the fray in some way or another, or Google is going to look kind of stupid backing a phone that has just been banned from being sold in the US. But for now, let's just see how this pans out, and hopefully, Google will step in and do what is needed to put an end to these lawsuits.

I am so sick of this patent war. Apple should stop this nonsense and try to learn from Google's OS and improve theirs instead.

If someone is better than you, so find a solution to be better than him. In lieu of expending energy to find if he cheated or not, take this energy to get even better annoys me to no end when they believe that they can just sue everybody...the Gnexus looks nothing like an did they mess that shit up?

One thing is defend your own technology patent, another is being affraid of the competition (now with Android 4.1 and Win8 things are going to be pretty ugly to Apple xD) and start to suing everybody, and this is what Apple is doing, at first you think they are just defending, now they are delaying the technology progress and hurting the consumers.

It's not apple. It's the incentives presented by our court system. Anyone would do it. I like what another commenter said about reforming patent law by restricting it to two iterations or a smaller amount of time.

It's sad to think of the kind of money that these companies dish out for these court battles. Money that could be used to improve their products, make their products cheaper or I don' the poor. Apple is seriously going to put that kinda money into the bond so Sammy can't sell its Galaxy Nexus. That's just sad. Seems to be the way of the world now for these big companies, if you can't beat them on the shelves then beat the in courthouse, especially on patents that are as ridiculous as can be. Slide to unlock, seriously? My LG Dare had that feature before he iPhone even came out.....what a wonderful world we live in.

All of this patent stuff drives me nuts.

Here's what I would suggest (I'm no lawyer, but this makes sense to me). Let's reform patent law in regards to consumer electronics. Heck, we could even limit it to the mobile market, if that is possible. What if we limited the patent protection of any new process or design to two product cycles. If you come out with something special, you get protection for the device that introduces it and one further iteration. After that, everything goes into the public domain. It would give real protection to innovators (given that the window for making money on new mobile features is so small anyway) and it would encourage further innovation. And a substantial side benefit is that it would cut down on the proliferation of minor updates to devices and encourage companies to pack all their best ideas into one device rather than spread them out over many devices. Thoughts?

It's ridiculous because the patents are always for something completely inconsequential. It's not like any of these so-called patent wars are over something revolutionary. Neither are losing money that they're entitled to- they just don't like competition.

I think Apple should run for congress as their own party. They would fit right in...bunch of cry babies who throw fits when they don't get their way.

Apple can no longer beat Google with innovative products, so they result to law suits and injunctions. Apple's actions prove that they are a company that is against technological growth and a competitive industry. I have yet to see where Google or any or the phone manufacturers have stolen any ideas or copied anything from apple. Of course, there are similar features on both platforms, aren't there similar features in Windows, OSX, and Linux? Our patent system wasn't developed with technology in mind and needs a major revision. This b.s. really needs to stop.

All we want as consumers are quality products at a reasonable price. Enough with the patent wars and focus on future products.

I love the fact that Google is creating an ecosystem around the Nexus line, it's really nice to see that. I own a galaxy s2 and I'm runnin' cyanogenmod 9 because I just love vanilla ICS and not the bullshity, bloadware loaded, TouchWiz ICS. I'm really sad that the s2 won't be seeing Jelly Bean love from Samsung which means I have to wait a hole lot more until I'll see Jelly Bean on my phone. I wish I owned a Nexus because they get all the updates and run vanilla. As for the patent war, I'm not that sad, Apple is obligated to pay $95 mil if they lose. I'm waiting for it:)

It is funny they have a problem with the android and yet they go after HTC. How scared are you to go after the phone and not the os in which you have the problem whats next we will see Chevy go after ford for automatic windows it is just crazy

apple : android :: the recording industry : internet piracy

failing to innovate they must resort to legal maneuvers instead of true competition in the market

Apple can suck it! They cannot have the mobile electronic monopoly. I am so proud to be an Android owner. APPLE BLOWS!!

Listen... Apple is afraid of the inevitable... Android is the better platform, always will be, and is growing better each passing day. How about Google counter-sue them for ripping off androids notifications,repacking it and call it iOS notification center.lmao. People are starting to realize that they can live in a world of choice , and have all of the greatness that they expect without succumbing to apples will.. so apple is sending their attack dogs against a t-rex's guess who's gonna win? Lol.

Listen... Apple is afraid of the inevitable... Android is the better platform, always will be, and is growing better each passing day. How about Google counter-sue them for ripping off androids notifications,repacking it and call it iOS notification center.lmao. People are starting to realize that they can live in a world of choice , and have all of the greatness that they expect without succumbing to apples will.. so apple is sending their attack dogs against a t-rex's guess who's gonna win? Lol.

Patent wars are the new close minded, anti-productive way to slow technological innovation even further then the hobbled world economic situation already has.

The patent system is a joke. Apple's only exploiting this because it was so easy to do so. They win an injunction here and there, but they're only hurting consumers (not to mention their image - nobody likes a bully). Fix the system and let innovation and the market dictate the winners.

I completely agree that this is rediculus.. Let's face it.. Apple is scared shirtless of the rising demand for android.. They just want to play the game as dirty as they can and eventually its going to bite them in the ass.. Let's wait until they changed the name of the phone to the iPatent.. This way if you make anything.. It will infringe on the iPatent.. We won't even be able to call our devices a phone soon... Might get sued..

A free market economy has no place for intellectual property laws, all they do is turn would be innovators into rent collectors.

This patent stuff is stupid. Its all just people being stupid and greedy. Laws need to change to stop them from doing this. Stop them from wasting our time!

Apple is scared that Android will put them to rest. Apple is arguing about dumb stuff. Google even gave Apple users the ability to use G-Mail and other Google made apps. Google should take those apps back. Apple needs to quit targeting android. Their phones suck. With every new OS, they aren't changing their boot animation. Android is. The new Google search is far better than Siri, and its also in beta and it just came out. Apple has more time with Siri out and it still sucks.

So effing pi$$ed at Crapple that I just want to buy another Galaxy Nexus - especially also since it is such an awesome phone made even better by JB and it only costs $349 unlocked.

Not spending another dime on anything Apple makes.

I understand that Apple wants to protect its IP but this is killing off competition. It seems like Apple always tries its best to prevent competition. Maybe because they will always lose their position as the market leader

This is getting out of hand, and unfortunately we have the government involved with it. Apple is not being hurt at all with any of the new devices. They have their fan base and are doing very well financially.

simple things like search should be standard on any operating software.

It's all about money and market share but I suppose that everyone should try to achieve this target by creating better products!

Apple need to stop these lawsuits. All it ends up hurting is the consumer. Just one of the many reasons why I will never buy an Apple product. Suing the competition out of business is not a good business model. How about innovating for a change?

I love the fear from Apple. They know now that the android platform is so superior that they have to resort to law suits.

Just another reason why these silly patent wars need to just disappear so we can concentrate on real innovation. If only there were a way to quantify just how far held back we are due to all this craziness....

Apple will go down in history as a laughable patent troll. This is the legacy they are creating for themselves. You could say that they are the CORE of all the legal problems in the digital world. Ba dum dum!

Thanks Apple! I can't even eat apples any more. Do you really think you are going to stop Android from taking over the world?

I dont think it is fair to push the blame at the lawyers, its the companies that are the problem. If someone elses device scares you, MAKE A BETTER ONE or put up with it.

Way to go Android Central! Best way to stick it to stick to Apple without violence or profanity!

Whoever wins this thing should go to an apple store and show off your new phone, I would!!!

I don't understand how you can patent something as simple as turning a phone number into a link and responding to a user that clicks on it. That's just common sense functionality for a phone...

Apple needs to stop with this non sense and innovate like Android. Steve jobs said iOS was 5 years ahead of anything 5 years ago. He was right but guess what time is up......