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Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!



Found this little video back in March this year called Everything is a Remix by Kirby Fergusonback ( ) I think it sums it all up in just 10minuets I think everyone should take a look at it definitely made me look at a few things differently and to Everyone at Android Central keep up the great work on all things android.

I Feel Like Apple...Which In My Opinion Is A Relative New Comer In The Mobile Market Is Threatened By Any Phone That Threatens Their Share In The Mobile Market. I Think Samsung Is Their Prime Target Because Of Their Innovations And Raising The Bar In Mobile Technology! Lets Be Honest Here...They Have Been Trying To Sale A Phone Basically With The Same Chassis For Years Now...They Add A Feature Or Two And Call It The Latest Greatest Technology On A Phone!!!! We The Consumer...Which I Admit May Have Been Fooled In The Beginning By The Marketing Juggernaut That Is Apple, To Believe That What They Were Saling Was Something More Than What We Actually Were Getting! Now Consumers Are No Longer Going With What Sounds Good But What Actually Has Proven To Work As Advertised And Risen The Bar In Mobile Technology! This New Wave Is Coming From No Other Than Android...And What Are The Top Android Brands??? HTC, Motorola, LG, And Samsung. Now Outta That Group Who Are The Top Dogs??? Non Other Than Samsung And HTC! The Two Companies That Have Been And Will Continue To Create The Quote On Quote "iPhone Killers!" Classic Case Of Take Out Our Biggest Threats BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Bottom Line: Its About The Bottom Dollar For Apple...Or The Bottom Dollars They Are No Longer Seeing! #Sheeesh

I`m from Europe/Poland so exuse my not so perfect English.

I think, Apple thinks it is "The One&Only" to produce mobile phones. Now, when they are out from the race with outdated device, meaning tiny screen, pathetic system with nothing but icons and closed like heaven for sinners ;)they are trying EVERYTHING to stay on market. Simply as that. But to use law in such way is simply, again, pathetic.
It`s getting funny in my country, Poland. You can get iphone from operators, like everywhere else and from resellers, we don`t even have official Apple stores. Yet, iphone from reseller will suck you dry for 720$ !! Crazy!! Now, Galaxy Nexus, from widely available multimedia stores will cost you around 520$, still a lot or from Google play for 349$ and it`s getting cheaper day by day. Never saw a price drop for iphone. Apple is full of .... Guess, which one I choose? Even HTC One X is cheaper than iphone. Geee!! we in EU/Poland have crazy prizes.
The way Apple choosed to go is simply bad and it tells you straight in what market situation it actually is.

Apple is like that kid who looses at a game and then cries to their parents that others cheated. But really, can't we just use phones and be happy with eachother, respect the competition?

PS. Seems like Google got their revenge in some way. Seems like Macs with Chrome are crashing, and that, my good friends, is hillarious :)

This needs to become more public. Apple could stand to see some negative publicity about this.

I think the apple mentality is "why bother competing when we can just sue the competition" They're going to have problems when/if Samsung start to refuse to ship components to them for their devices.

"Wow, Jelly Bean looks pretty sweet. Wow, the Galaxy Nexus is even cheaper now. Wow, maybe its time to check out the unlocked G Nexus on a cheap no contract plan, save some money, and enjoy the latest Google OS. Wow, I feel like I'm living the American dream."
"Hey, why is this other company that I go out of my way to avoid, ruining my American dream.?"
Flip off, Apple.

Current patent law is bad because it allows companies like apple to patent not on innovations but on necessities to evolve technology. Whats worse they patent a lot of stuff they know they wont use just so their competitors can't use them too. Who ever allowed such patents to be patented is bad and it should feel bad.

But lets be real, what else did you expect from company who's biggest feature of newest iteration of its mobile OS was facebook integration.

It is just ridiculous, apple spents way to much money on this, thats just another reason why they suck. They could use that money to improve their existing products and to create new innovative products but it seems like they prefer a patent war.

And btw I would love one of those Galaxy Nexuseses :D :)

This Apple vs Google and Samsung and and any one else who dare innovate is becoming a bit ridiculous! If it can't accept healthy competition then one can only conclude that Apple is insecure.

It's sad how it has become less about actually improving technology and more about legal warfare. Hurts the consumer side first =/ We need our phones!!!

I am so sick of Apple and their stupid patents!!! They are running scared because they know they can't compete with Google/Android. All they have are flashy products, and money for commercials!! I can't go one night without seeing a stupid Apple commercial!!! ANDROID ROCKS!!! And I'm spreading the love!!!

Apple are running scared of Android now. Cant beat them in OS quality, so are trying to beat them in the court rooms. How low can apple sink

Force Apple to pay for their low wage production line in China or force them to produce stuff in USA. This will reduce their margins and make them concentrate on better products. I think their R&D has stagnated so they are afraid of the competition catching up easily.

The technology industry is fast becoming the profit vehicle of the patent litigation industry.

In my country nobody cares patents, no one wanted to walk to the courts, because of the Polish judicial judgments that were taken as the product would have long since withdrawn from the production;)
In the U.S. the law is on a completely different level, but by the fact that you can sue someone for anything, odd things happen.
As if the only companies that were losing, it would not make sense to worry about, but unfortunately it is an ordinary consumer loses the most ...

Apple should just let go and realise that other phones can do things better than they can. Its getting really stupid now, apple should just let people choose the product they want.

I would argue that the whole concept of intellectual property rights needs to be reworked from the ground up to prevent all this nonsense!

Appel is trying to finish all the innovation and creativity! Trying to end a system so smart and revolutionary like Android, is no solution! Apple need to work harder and better! Go Android!

Cannot believe how ridiculous this is all getting. So many of these patents are just a logical progression of any of these systems, it's ridiculous to allow one company to claim ownership! Let it go apple.

I think Google are more than prepared for this kind of attack, so let's support them any way we can. I'd love a Galaxy Nexus, I'm stuck on an HTC hero with my student budget!

To be honest who cares. Move on apple... keep it up androids of the world.

Oh wait did apple patent sleeping too cause then we all owe royalties now.

I blame Apple for all this Horse$#!^ They are picking a fight that eventually they wont be able to win. lawsuits are too slow. by the time apple wins injunctions, the phone they sued against is too old. even if it isnt all samsung has to do is issue a patch changing the lock slide to an approved design, or use the code lock screen. anyway I hope I win, I could use a new phone.

Coming from a company who "borrowed" the idea for their GUI lock stock and two smoking barrels from Xerox PARC, this whole patent thing is breathtaking hipocrisy.

Like many already said, the patent controversy is nonsense because companies are now using it to gain money, and using it like it's a game of chess, instead of striving for innovation and just developing products consumers enjoy.

There is also the quote that pisses me off extremely about how Tim Cook still quotes Steve Jobs for saying they just want companies to stop copying them... They DIRECTLY copied the notification system from Android into their interface, and now want to turn around and call them out?! They copy eye candy and features from Linux Distro's all the time. Did you know they bought cover flow off this guy who made it? They didn't even develop that themselves.

iPods copied the intelectual properties of Creative Media Players, but Apple is GREAT at marketing and advertising, and thats all that matters in this world... which it shouldn't. The consumer should be priority.

Patents were designed to be a formal recognition of where a concept or product came from without someone stealing your invention or idea... but see Apple is now trying to patent things strategical to GAIN money, not to preserve innovation. If Apple wants to sue for patent infringement because another device is a screen with a black border, then why can't monitor companies sue the iPad for looking like their product, why can't phone pioneers sue Apple for their UI being an icon view order of app, like almost all color phones were already. Apple didn't invent the square, they didn't invent the color black, and they sure as heck didn't invent the touch screen. Sure they have a great user interface but that doesn't mean they can just own a generic design that has existed way before the iPhone.

Apple is in the whole patent nonsense to make money. Heck even the iPhone 4 was DESIGNED to make them more money than any other phone on the market based off of the planned obsolescence (I.E. Glass front AND back, drop equals broken phone).

Did you guys know they even are patenting the tear drop shape of their Mac Book Airs?! How crazy is that, almost all the netbooks I have seen and many other laptops used this generic shape. It's to make them money because IMHO they have ran out of ideas.

I mean lets take a look at the iPhone 4S, its only notable upgrade from the 4 was Siri... a Voice Activated AI (which has existed for a long time, Apple is just now making it "cool" and popular so people will use it now...). The iPhone hasn't really seen a crazy UI upgrade since the addition of the notification center (which was a direct copy-cat of the Android UI).

Everything they are claiming for infringement, any other company could do the same to them, but no one has the money, or layer base that Apple does, when people try they fail. Google is the only real competitor in this whole mess, and I honestly just wish it would stop. I like both products (my boyfriend has an iTouch and I have my Android). I like how simple and error free iOS is, but I LOVE the freedom of Android, and I love the integration of my Google services and pretty much any service that googles account import supports. I want innovation again, I want that giddy feeling I got when I heard about the iPhone even coming to exist, or when I wait so long to get the T-Mobile G1 when they came out. I want that excitement again, of following these blogs to guess and leak and talk about these AMAZING and futuristic innovations. Nowadays, there is hardly any innovation except for the physical design of phones... the UI is generally the same, the only real innovation has been from Windows surprisingly and I don't even like Microsoft products... I want that excitement back of anticipation for new UI's and amazing new features.

They need to patent NEW IDEAS AND INVENTIONS, not generic ideas that haven't been patented yet so they can make money... patent things like Dashboard for iOS, create and make innovation. Be more specific in your designs, not generic like "tear drop shape" and "black beveled squares"

Thats my 2 cents... wow got a lot longer than I wanted it too... sorry about that haha.

Apple is scared of Google's Android OS. Android is evolving so fast that iOS 6 for Apple is child's play compared to Jelly Bean. Apple is trying to hold Google down because they know Google will take the thrown and be at the top, looking down at Apple. Google will Rule the world one day!

Apple doesn't know how to play fair at all. Rumor has it that the upcoming Iphone is going to look similar to the current Galaxy III. Samsung needs to get a group of lawyers and play the Apple game. The funny thing is majority of Apple's patent are not created nor purchased by Apple, they just beat the creator to the paper work.

Competition: gooood ; but patents: baaaad! Honestly I don't have anything useful to say, I just hate how companies tear each other apart for a minuscule advantage, it harms the consumers and themselves at the same time. I guess money is a hell of a drug :(

We all know how much Apple stinks, and the further they let this go, the more people around the world will.

Just look at the developer conferences, Apple needs to try and mock Android but
Google didn't even mention them during theirs. Yes Apple we know you're scared and that you realized that you lost the mobile market war and try to hang on with everything you got but will only push people away..

I have no idea what is going on in the world these days! Why are the courts not throwing this stuff out? If apple want to sue anyone, it should be Samsung for their S Voice feature but apart from that it just seems that they are suing everyone for everything in a pathetic attempt to slow the competition down. Its like me shouting horrible things at Usain Bolt in the Olympics to try to slow him down so I can have a chance: not going to work, and pathetic.

I think Apple products are good but it's things like this that stop me from even considering purchasing one.

It just sad, but you can only blame Samsung. You don't see some of the other companies getting sued as much as they are. But it goes to show that apple really don't have clue.

Time for all Android manufacturers to become allies to fight the axis of evil Apple has become with these patents.

Apple needs to innovate to win not patent troll. The galaxy nexus is a threat with jelly bean and they will just have to make a better product or deal with loss of sales.

This is so pathetic, both about Apple and about the judicial system that it's barely describable on how wrong this all really is. If this were criminal proceedings you would be forced to prosecute without a possibility of reasonable four or they would throw the case out. But here, apple can press issues just because and hinder

Apple can kiss my Google Glass. Why not let their innovation do their fighting for them, rather than trying to beat competitors in the courtroom? Yes their hardware is beautiful, yes their software is intuitive for the masses, and yes their marketing campaigns are highly effective. But for those that don't want to play in their closed garden, by their rules and pay a premium for it, there are alternatives. Alternatives that are pushing technological boundaries, and embracing developer passions and ambitions - not throttling them.

The iPad, for example, is the best tablet on the market. I hate to admit it, but it is. But for the reasons above, I can't wait for my Nexus 7 to be delivered.

You know the way patents work now, all you have to do is be really vague on an idea and you own it. Unified search is something apple owns? Wow, next thing you know they will own the color white.

Why? Why! I can't get a Gnex here in India, and i can't get one in the US either. Can you please tell me when nexus no.4 will arrive? Please!

This is where Apple just gets ridiculous. Make your phones better than competition, stop trying these low shots.

Apple ban the Galaxy Nexus right after the Jelly Bean announcement, which left every other company miles behind? Come on Apple, have at least SOME class...

Actually, we've been seing lots and lots reports of apple winning these trials, but has anything lasting come from it? Atleast the lawyers are winners, also, swallows.

oh the irony of how apple can sue other companies on account of "anti-competitiveness" and "copying patents". nobody's a saint here. that is why the patent war rubbish is just puerile and disgusting.

I can ONLY imagine how much LESS these fking devices could cost if Apple would stuff all this belly-aching & whining away & stop wasting EVERYONE's money on stupid-ass-complaints!!!

If they even concentrated HALF as much on R&D and original ideas as they do on law/patent research, court fees, & bullshit trials, they might be able to pull their heads out of the anal orifices long enough to ACTUALLY LISTEN TO CUSTOMERS instead of telling them what is best!!!!

...just sayin'...

Remember the first ever apple commercial? They were against monotony. Now they want everyone to have only iPhones and not anything else. That's irony. WE NEED MORE CHOICE.

Having read thousands of comments on other sites...

It is hard to say who I am annoyed at more, Apple, Google, Samsung, the patent system or the commenters.

The obvious target is Apple and that’s the immediate reaction we all felt, that this is Apple simply litigating instead of innovating. And while that is true, how come no one is calling for patent system reform?

Where is Google, that has such a large stake in Android’s well-being that they haven’t lobbied for patent reform yet? It’s like every day I wake up and read my usual tech blogs I see Apple suing one Android OEM or another. And that is fine whatever, business as usual, be a douche to the consumer because you want to proliferate your ecosystem.

But why is Google not fighting back? I keep asking this very question every time I see Apple attacking core Android functionality, or basic computer evolution (slide to unlock or multi-touch). I have read, in this very thread, at least 50 posts of you guys saying stuff that amounts to “oh just wait till Google wakes up” or “Apple needs to stop poking Google”. And you know what; it won’t because I hardly doubt Google has anything to keep Android out of the fire. You cannot keep bringing up the notifications patent as it has yet to be granted, and it has been revised so many times as to imply that it won’t be granted anytime soon. Everyone keeps saying that Google will step in any day now and put Apple in its place.

It won’t.

Google has far too much at stake in iOS users profit-wise to touch Apple. Apple knows this and it pretty much has it by the balls. It attacks what is pretty much the vanguard of Android, Samsung, and what do most of you guys call for? “HURR SAMSUNG SHOULD STOP SUPPLYING APPLE”. Let’s be honest, that is dumb. Apple is its biggest customer so why would it just cut the production lines because of this litigation against a division? It is still a business and anyone who calls for nonsense like this needs to wake up and realize it will never happen no matter how bad we would like it to.

And this is where we will see some huge problems in the near future. I say so because what I see is Apple fishing to set legal precedent by successfully suing an Android OEM somewhere in the world for using infringing tech that would be considered core functionality to Android. And I sincerely believe it just did with the 604 patent. Apple does not want to license its tech (that it did not invent) to anyone. It isn’t like Microsoft that is simply making deals with the OEMs. Apple wants zero competition so that its ecosystem is the only one out there. It has no more good ideas to improve its product lines with. What was the biggest newest thing they put out? Retina Display. What is it? High resolution screens. Really? That’s it? That’s the best they could come up with? They’re running out of ideas that modern technology can allow, they need to kill competition to stay on top. They will not license anything to OEMs as its utopia is a reality where phones are no more advanced than a Blackberry. Once the legal precedent is set, it will start picking off other core functionalities to reduce Android to nothing, going from one OEM to another.
I have a Galaxy Nexus, had it since the day it was released. I am heavily invested in the Android ecosystem so screw everyone and their stupid nonsense about Apple hurting innovation or reducing choice for the consumer. While true, I don’t give a damn about that, I am not looking at the big picture. Let’s be honest, this is going to affect the horse we all bet on. The apps ecosystem we all invested in over the years. This is what we’re mostly concerned about, that and the fact that Apple just got what it wanted…an injuction against a Nexus device which is pretty much like going after Google itself.

All I can say is, your move Google. What do you really have, if anything, that will help at all? Cuz you know Apple is going to go after the S3 and Google Now next.

As much as I hate Apple for this (I have a Nexus and soon a SIII, so this affects me) they're doing it because they can -- because Congress is gridlocked, and doesn't seem interested in addressing this problem even if they were -not- gridlocked.

Still...they're more in the wrong than the companies they're suing. Seems to be part of their corporate culture.

The institutional structure of the United States is under stress. We might be in dangerous economic straits if the dollar were not the principal international reserve currency and the eurozone in deep fiscal trouble. We have a huge public debt, dangerously neglected infrastructure, a greatly overextended system of criminal punishment, a seeming inability to come to grips with grave environmental problems such as global warming, a very costly but inadequate educational system, unsound immigration policies, an embarrassing obesity epidemic, an excessively costly health care system, a possible rise in structural unemployment, fiscal crises in state and local governments, a screwed-up tax system, a dysfunctional patent system, and growing economic inequality that may soon create serious social tensions. Our capitalist system needs a lot of work to achieve proper capitalist goals.

It's not that the patent system is broken. The reality is that patents never worked. All information is serial - meaning that every new discovery is based on prior ideas and knowledge. Therefore claiming ownership of an idea is simply absurd.

For example: Steve Jobs didn't get the idea of the iPhone out of thin air. He likely merged the Palm Pilot with Mac OS X and replaced the stylus with a capacitive touch screen. Now when you think about it, the inspiration for the Palm Pilot came from a simple paper notebook and the stylus came from a pencil. The pencil and paper, in turn, were based on prior knowledge going back to cave drawings.

The bottom line is that no-one truly invents anything. "Inventors" simply take known elements and use them in novel ways. Just like one shouldn't take the full credit for mixing two existing drinks into a new cocktail, "innovators" should not be given ownership of ideas the elements of which are not their own.

Written by an iOS user.

Amen, brother!

To make something like the Galaxy Nexus, one idea isn't enough -- you need to combine thousnads of small inventions and innovations. The idea that you should only include inventions permitted by some abstract law is preposterous.

Apple reminds me of my girlfriend, when things are not going the way they want they resort to tactics that make you think twice about that person. Either way I would never be able to go back to a 3nice inch screen and no 4g ( I have Sprint )

The patent situation is out of control. imagine how much better Apple products could be if they actually focused on innovation, as they claim, verses giving it lip service. I give Apple credit for packaging and for dumbing technology down.

Why is Apple stooping so low to get competition banned? Just because they can't produce better products... they resort to sue competition over little issues. Apple sucks!

Why is Apple so afraid of a little competition. The market is big enough for both android and iOS.

The amount of patent/IP lawsuits filed has become farcical. It's not just Apple either, as there has been a plethora of crazy lawsuits filed over the last several years. The system is beyond broken and needs to be fixed. Where's Judge Posner when you need him? 20-30 years ago many functions and software/IP was shared in the interest of furthering technology and improving the whole ecosystem. Now it's a bunch a 5th grade finger pointers who don't want anyone else to use anything that they "created" (or bought from someone who actually invented it).

It's not about protecting your IP/patents, it's about not wanting to admit that someone else took a part of (or most/all) of your idea and improved upon it. Many of these patents are so broad that they could encompass nearly anything, and the fact that the patent offices continue to approve, then enforce them, makes a mockery of the current judicial/patent system.

It's bullcrap. Apple is just a bunch of whiners. Everything in this world has something that it's taken cues from. Phones are no exception. It's part of life.......

Plain and simple, all this patent business bites the big one, to show how much I don't care as well, I will gladly accept a chance to win a Galaxy Nexus.

By the time you know it.. They'd sue each other for wearing the same underwear, driving the same car, same color socks, blinking at the same time, for being chinese, brazilian, or, using words with the same syllables... Shit.. They'd all end up fucking themselves over.. GG

APPLE.... CRY CRY CRY.... Damn Android Phones is better and sell more than ours. Let Take a Couple of Items From Android and Then Sue Them for Make Something Better Than Us... CRY CRY CRY.... APPLE Will Continue to SUE Any Android Phone Maker. Thats What They Do When There are no longer in First Place...

Buck up APPLE and Start Innovating Something... For The Last 3 Years you have Purchased or stole something and Fake That You Innovate. ALL YOUR Hardware LOOKS THE SAME... SO SO SO LAME...

Don't Blame Someone Else. That's Just Showing Your True Colors...


Ah, whom to despise more: Apple, people who still defend Apple, or the entire category of patent lawyers?

This patent war is a load of crap. Everybody steals from everybody anyways. Apple shouldnt pretend like they havent done that on enough occasions. I really couldnt give a damn about their petty little battle except that it's us (the consumers) who are paying for all of it.

Let me be clear on this: I DON'T WANT YOUR HANDOUT GALAXY PHONE!

Having said that, I look forward to the judge reversing this preposterous ban, Google winning the trial, and software patents dying a horrible death.

This is an outrage. Apple is not competitive they just like to suesue sue.
I hate apple and all the stupid ass people who buy their products. I'd like a nexus thank you.

It really is amazing what can get patented now. Techniques actually out in the real life after decades.

Im tired of this patent bull. You shouldn't be able to patent trivial software elements such as they are doing here. I swear if apple could patent "A method by which a person can continue living by inhaling oxygen into and out of there lungs", we would all be handed cease and desist orders. The entire patent system is broken and corrupt.

It is very tiresome and frustrating to read that just because apple is unhappy with the fact that they are losing the cell phone war, they attack any rel IPhone competitor. Why don't they focus their efforts on innovation? I hate seeing that a phone cant be sold or is held up because Apple is lazy.

There should be no software against patents. Plus, the so-called Siri patent is prior art as it has been a part of Android since version 1.0. Let's just end these patent wars and pour that money into making better products.

Patenta are rediculous nowadays. I understand companies and individuals getting compensated for their ideas, but it's getting to the point where companies that took ideas from each other sue each other rather than focusing on innovation. Hopefully we can get some patent law reform soon, as it's so needed!

So, I'm from Germany so this is not going to influence me directly, but I can't stand this paten trolling any longer. In Germany there were also a lot of injunctions obtained by Apple. And honestly in the case of the older Galaxy phones I really have to admit, that Samsung got a little bit to "inspired" by Apples handsets. But the Galaxy Nexus? Come on, I can't see any phone so far away from the iPhone (in externals and how it looks) than the Galaxy Nexus.
When I correctly remember the injunction here is in one part about slide to unlock. How is the Galaxy Nexus lock screen and unlocking even close to the iPhone ones. What will be next? Using your finger to swipe over the screen is generally owned by Apple?

The last to WWDC were some kind of strange to me. I did not see an inventing Apple. Google showed us at I/O '12 what inventing and holding a good keynote has to look like in 2012. I'm more than impressed an will grab an Nexus 7 as soon as I can here in Germany.

But so far, let the patent trolls troll. Everything will be fine in the end...

Guess Apple got jealous of the success of Android that they needed to try and find a way to stop it from over taking iOS, People are still going to buy Gnex's too late apple!!

To me the reason patent suits sucks is that if they invested as much money into new features/hardware/programming as they do the suits, said name manufactures devices would be better than the competitions and would by default sell better, thus negating the need for the suits in the first place.

This whole business makes me sad. The industry could be doing so much to further the development of smartphone technology, and instead Apple is going around trying to ban the competition with patents. The Galaxy Nexus infringes on slide-to-unlock no more than the Palm Pre did, but Apple never sued Palm. They're just frightened that if they don't litigate, people will see other phones like the Nexus and realise that they're superior products. If everyone stuck to innovation rather than litigation, the consumers and the manufacturers would benefit, rather than dragging down competitors over some petty squabble.

This whole patent wars are shit, we users don't get from it nothing only troubles. This is only about money and making trouble to another companies. I think that companies which are involved in this patent war look more like argueing kids in the garden, strangling to rip their toys... It is really pathetic.

It's too bad Apple is now able to only release transition products and prosecutes people trying to actually *do* something. I´m curious as to when´s Apple going to release a true re-evolution of their product line. So far, we´ve only seen revolutions, literally. The Earth makes revolutions around the Sun : it goes from point A and comes back to point A every once in a while (every 365,something days). Apple only revolves around its own fat !ss, period.

Apple does the very same for a few years now. It seems to me they´re just resting on their laurels and it begins to be quite boring, honestly. I´ll take myself as an example : I live in Europe. No full 4G nor LTE here, and not gonna happen for a while. There are talks to start covering big cities likes Paris by 2013 but it´s still all theory. The iPad 2 was released here one year ago. And now Apple´s selling me basically the same product ("the new iPad"), save for the 4G and the upgraded display so I should pay $500 (400€) for a few pixels more ? And let´s not forget that by the time 4G and LTE fully hits Europe, there will be maybe 2 new iPads released, then what´s the point ?

It looks like they're trying to bring this part of industry to a grinding halt, to a statu quo from which they'll be the only ones to profit. No one blames them for trying to make money, but when the "money making" part implies behaving like a whiny spoiled brat that wants all the attention to himself and then proceeds to only fart with his armpits, that's when it starts to be very annoying.

We should abolish patents which are the real nonsense. You can't blame the companies from using them to stop competitors as they are allowed to do so. They idea of patents itself is wrong especially in an open source platform as android should be.

Once you can't complete on the same level, you try to bring down your competition in other ways.

Who do Apple think they are, I know patents are the bedrock of technology but for heavens sake Apple see the light. Just because Google are hot on your heels and you have no ace up your sleeve you think you can try and bully people in to submission. Grow up this isn't a school yard you can't always have it your own way.

Patents are great, but when a company is allowed to patent something on a very broad scope, like Apple, with the intention of leveraging them against competitors. It's deplorable and should be dismissed. The fact that some features in the patents existed in the broad scope of the ones granted to Apple before the iPhone, should be proof that there should be a comprehensive reform to the patent system that includes OEMs.

Patents are great, but when a company is allowed to patent something on a very broad scope, like Apple, with the intention of leveraging them against competitors, it's deplorable and should be dismissed. The fact that some features in the patents existed in the broad scope of the ones granted to Apple before the iPhone, should be proof that there should be a comprehensive reform to the patent system that includes OEMs.

These lawsuits are nonsense. It's all about apple can't manage to design a better product so they turn to shady tactics to try and take money from the copetition insted of desgining a better product to take back the market share they lost. With that said I hope to win. Thanks for the contest.

Blah omg fucking blah . Apple please stop you look like a little baby ...... Your stuff is better then mine so you can't sell it WA WA WA that's Apple. Sell them give them away do it all gnex for life baby

Apple can't win with better (or even equal) technology, so the turn the battle over to their bottom-feeder attorneys!

Protecting intellectual properties i understand .. tech giants with access to unlimited funds and a battery of lawyers acting like a bunch of 5 yr olds, i absolutely condemn. With more and more companies getting involved in this nonsense, its high time somebody comes out with a long term solution for this else next time we wanna chk out the hottest gadget on the market, we'll have to head to our respective customs dept.

Those patent wars are horrible. Every company is registering patents on bs like slide to unlock and other stupid stuff, and just because that the us federal court allowed it to happen. Go ahead "free market", show us what you can do!
Software patents suck, hardware patents should be monitored. Otherwise monopoly will be created and we won't have good innovations with reasonable price.

Why doesn't Apple stop quarrelling over patents and just let us enjoy the Androids.
Apple has always been an attention-seeking fruit anyway :P

They don't have anything better to do because since they realized iOS is no where close to what jellybean offers so they have to attack the smartphone that's going to receive it first.

Poor Nexus phones.. Apple are using their power to over rule here. They need to except technology improves and phones are gong to end up with similar features. Would love to own a nexus!

let me just tell you something apple is way behind google right now that's why its banning the galaxy nexus from the us and probably she's preparing to ban the nexus 7 this is stupid i mean google should've banned iphone 4s sales because siri imitates google search back in november 2011 when 4s was released apple is just scared and trying to protect itself and probably the iphone 5 will be the same as the 4s but with a bigger screen so apple is really in trouble in my opinion the galaxy nexus with android 4.1 could destroy apple's iphone 5 and i really want this device i would do anything to own a galaxy nexus and get android 4.1 it's amazing and this new google search it's simply fantastic i want one so bad, i think that android 4.1 isn't imitating siri in anything they're just making google search better i think that apple should focuss on their new iphone but in my opinion in both cases the new iphone will take a beating so APPLE leave google and its amazing galaxy nexus alone IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS !!

If you want to talk about patents let's bring up the fact that Apple's ios 5 notification bar and icloud directly infringes Android Os.It's disgusting this is how Apple handles it's competition. Apple knows they have an inferior product so instead of competing with integrity to put out the best product they can, they use tactics as such to slow down there competitors while they themselves infringes others os key features polish them to make it their own then cycle the pattern by taking everyone else to court. The biggest crooks of the century has to be Ste
ve Jobs and Apple.

I hate these patient war I mean they find the stupidest thing to ban a whole phone over... guess what apple didn't invent slide to unlock and the fact that have a patent saying they own it and anything that's similar to it... anyways thanks for all your post! You give me something to read every day!

actually this news always makes me happy.... why, because it reminds of the days Microsoft used to spend all their money on ads which we all know how it turned to be (win vista) so goodbye apple hope it will be a nice journey

Maybe they should sue every damn phone-manufacturer because of the use of some technology allowing devices to send and receive audio-information, thus allowing users to interact in the most human way: speech. I'm sure they patented it.

Patents are not supposed to be granted for existing technology made by someone else. I forget the manufacturer, (maybe Nokia?) but a slide to unlock gesture existed on a phone long before Apple made the iPhone. I think Jerry did an article about it. Apple never should have been granted that patent and it needs to be thrown out. This is just one example. Apple porbably isn't the only software maker who has patents they should not have been given, but they seem to be the biggest offenders.

Also, sorry if this has already been discussed but I can't read all of the comments...and I want in on this contest.

Apple has become the Big Brother in their 1984 commercial with all of this nonsense. I think in my opinion from what I have seen online that Android is the better operating system. Apple with its roundabout way of going after Google through the OEMs over Android is cowardly to say the least and downright anticompetitive at the most. The only Apple products I own are my MacBook and iPod. Since I have seen how Android is in my opinion, easier to use and has more options than the iPhone. I will go with Android every time. Besides, seeing how the iPhone works in my local Sprint store makes me feel juvenile like Apple wants everything to be just so with no room for self improvement.

Long Live The Galaxy Nexus and Jellybean can't come soon enough.

No one wants to win fair and square anymore. Competition should be used as motivation to do better not trying to shorten the race as much as possible.

this patent war is crazy, i feel someone is scared in its kingdom...apples should fight with newer technology not defend under its patent...kwell android is mighty, no wonder apple is terrified...

ENOUGH ALREADY! This is really getting on my damn nerves. Can we have some patent reform now? Every week it's another suit/dismissal/injunction/continuance. I swear it's like watching children fight over a damn toy. I want to protect people's inventions, but are these patents valid?

What's next? Someone is going to get a patent for wiping your butt from front to back, then sue us all. That's is how it feels to me, carry on tho.

Rather than sinking millions into essentially lining the pockets of IP lawyers, if a tech company wants to sue another they should send a representative to participate in a 19th century style duel. Two loaded pistols, ten paces, winner takes all.

Preferably, the nominated employee would be an executive of some variety, so as to ensure that the company was 100% sure it wanted to proceed before demanding satisfaction.

In many ways, this is a much more sane approach than the current crop of litigation efforts.

I Think it's sad. I feel if you make great products that alone will speak for itself. With that being said, I am typing this on a jailbroken iPhone, which if they don't blow me out the water I am going back to Android to Android, Im going back to Android.

I agree with Phil, "Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah." No need to make this post any longer than that. Short and sweet.

So tired of Apple and these ridiculous patent lawsuits.

Good thing I recently bought two Galaxy Nexuses from the Play Store. Too bad it was before Google dropped the price though.

Best possible outcome - Apple gets injunction stopping all Android devices, then Google counters and gets injunction stopping all iDevices. Finally when nobody can sell ANYTHING! Then, Maybe, someone will realise that this poker-style raise and re-raise leagal battle solves nothing; helps no-one; and makes them all look pathetic in the eyes of most average users.

Apple really bores me with all this sick patent war. I think, it'd be waay better if Apple allow folks from Samsung, HTC and so on use their workings, though, I understand, why they're doing it in that way. Sad but true, their position with these patents in fact slows down the whole progress, imho.

Apple is in panic!
iOS is basically the same it was 3-4 years ago. They are not innovating anymore.
They also see their market share goes down in the smart phone and tablet markets. They have been selling the same phone for the last 2 years. Their Siri is not really working.

Their only way to win is by this way. The only problem is that they are fighting so many companies at once that are selling so many different phone models. If these companies fight together, I bet they will be able to ban the iPhone as well...

The sad thing is that this is allowed. Hey Samsung your TV is rectangular like mine, but I MADE THE RECTANGLE WHAT IT IS TODAY!!! ...I'm gonna sue... Yea that's right! I'm not gonna make a better product. I'M GONNA TAKE YOUR MONIES!!! BWAHAHAHAHA GOOD BYE SESAME STREET!

(Haven't tasted vanilla ICS or JB, it'd be nice to have a Nexus in my pocket)

Wish they would spend all that court money on development instead... We would have had some awesome stuff right about now if they would.

Apple doesn't understand the backlash effect. Back when I was a kid in the 80‘s All Gore's wife Tipper started a group called the PMRC (Parent Music Resource Center). The goal being to censor music the PMRC found "inappropriate". This started the whole music warning label process. What Gore failed to understand is her rating system only made me want Heavy Metal more.

I feel like I'm 16 again and an uninformed and biased judge is threatening to take away something we love. It didn't happen then and won't happen now. This only makes my despise of Apple deeper and makes me want Android more.

Someone get in touch with Dee Snider and tell him to dust off the old brief case...

Let's stick it to Apple by everyone getting a Nexus. So when exactly did Apple start employing more lawyers than engineers?...

I can't believe how far Apple wants to push this sort of thing. It seems like every day I hear "new patent lawsuit from apple against google" It's getting old, and makes me that much less likely to ever want an iAnything.

Apple already lost the battle , people who have seen the 4.1 Jelly Bean and compared to ios6 can say who's the innovative.
Apple is worried about it, cuz they know that the innovation is on the Google's side. They can't compete so they litigate.
disqualify U.S. patent office broken system and Unqualified Judges

I understand this is business, but this patent war is ridiculous. Next they'll be suing microsoft for including trackpads & monitors on their laptops. lol. Madness this is.

lawyers the best way to get your hands on a new phone. Hah, and I guess they are good for something after all.

How messed up all this patent nonsense is? It's like the drug wars. Drug cartels fighting for control. There's a lot of money at stake and heads will roll whoever gets in the way.

In other somewhat related news, Ron Paul has offered to legalize these illicit drugs
that the drug cartels are killing for. So maybe we should ask the Hon. Dr. Ron Paul his opinion on the current patent wars? Ok, I said maybe.

Wow- I'm 3747h! Either that means there is a lot of demand for the Galaxy Nexus or a lot of people unhappy with the Patent system. I say bring Albert Einstein back to the patent office; maybe he can make the system work!

Apple decided to do this originally as a way to taunt the Android ecosystem, I believe. They weren't as strongly vicious as they are now. Now I think it's so that they can feel like they're the best through their patent fighting. Like their HTC lawsuits; HTC is the company closest (and surpasses) Apple in phone quality and experience, so they feel threatened. It's the classic "fight or flight", except it's either fight or let others do as they please.

In my opinion, this kind of methods only shows that Apple is admitting that they are loosing the market and that their stuff just cannot compete with Android.

These stupid patent wars could kill innovation. Doesn't Samsung make the screens for apple? They're just passing each other's money around from these lawsuits and licensing fees. Winner over here!

This is going too far, isn't it? When Apple was sued about the Coverflow patent, they were not asked to stop selling iTunes otherwise that would have been, at least, funny.

The only winners in these legal showdowns are the corporate lawyers. is apple just playing a delaying tactic until the new smaller ipads are released?

Sounds like everyone needs to just grow up and get laid. That'd solve a lot of problems with the patent wars.

Apple hasn't been innovative in years their last two phones have been obsolete before they even came's pathetic really, Apple has some sense of entitlement and of being elite that is based on fiction. Android is clearly a better OS I hope we win!

A terrorist recently took 100 lawyer's hostage. He demanded $100,000,000 or would start releasing one lawyer back into the world every hour until his demand was met. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

This is what Jobs wanted. But I don't think anyone gave much thought to how this type of nonsense will backfire completely on Apple. In public opinion, this may well knock them off the throne of popularity to that of public disdain.

It seems to me that there is a reason some people choose iphones and some choose Android phones. They are not the same.

all this patent nonsense is just getting out of hand, eventually Apple will be claiming they patented the way you walk, and will get an injunction to stop you walking. When will the madness end, won't somebody think of the children?!

I think "blah blah" is the most accurate assessment of Apples argument. They are just slinging stuff out there in the hopes that something sticks. It makes me sick.

it's just insane. they're like a bunch of screaming children playing and messing up with innovation.
how much does it takes before one of all these big communication technology companies will come up with a proposal for a patent related to the "information" concept?
come on...

Hey they don't suck. If all patent wars give us these awesome giveaways, I want more patent wars :D

But jokes aside, it sucks. Stop it apple.

They can't do this to the Nexus... Whoopi Goldberg, Malcolm McDowell and Bill Shatner are still inside... let them free! Stupid Apple...

I believe that the law suits between apple and the world are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Misuse of patents is blocking advance of technology. Companies should stop encouraging this behavior of lawyers.

This just shows that Apple is worried and afraid of being trampled with all these patent nonsense. Can't they live in harmony and let us consumers choose which device we would prefer more? Don't get me wrong, I've been using Apple products for almost 10 years, but i can't comprehend this ridiculous game they're playing.

The iPhones are overpriced for what they are (so what if they're iPhones?), even after more than a year since they launched iPhone4, the price is still ridiculously high! Anyway we're still able to buy the 'banned' phones and tablets online if we really wanted to ;)

It all comes across as Apple being one big cry baby - get over the fact that you didn't "invent" (and I use that term ever so loosely) everything and STOP this ridiculous waste of time ... Android has been spanking you for some time, so either step up or get out ...

Apple realizes that they're biggest innovation is now something old, and will never be up to par on the hardware/software level as an Android device. All these patents are just Apple's ridiculous way to try to get rid of competition. Too bad it'll never work.

Just think what Apple could do if they took the time, energy, and money they spend on patent wars and put it into development. Oh well, just more time for Google to improve their current product and create new ones that blow other platforms out of the water!

It would be a shame if the phones that everyone wants become unattainable due to patent lawsuits. I thought the purpose of making great products is so that we as consumers could use and enjoy them? I don't know a whole lot about patent litigation, but I do know that the Galaxy Nexus was going to be mine in another month and now that might not happen. If I get the Galacy Nexus, I would gladly give someone this iPad. This doesn't seem American to me.

I can't believe that the patent system allows such a "war" , it has to stop because consumers are going to suffer from this in the form of devices which lack originality. I don't like this , period.

It is just a bunch of Apple scrambling to hold onto whatever market share they still seem to have. But Google will remain on top as always.

When the patent system was introduced it had good intentions but you will always find someone screwing up a good intention....So life goes on and at the end of the day the people decide...we make the difference and we will make android grow

lawyers will be lawyers but enough is enough! all of the litigation turns me off of apple even more than before!

I know that no one likes competition, but this is getting tired.
Just let us choose whichever we like.
I'm pretty sure apple don't have trouble attracting an audience of their own.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Everyone copies everyone. This nonsense makes Tim Cook & co. seem like a bunch of hypocrites. Can't wait to get rid of my iPhone 4 and finally experience Android.

The only people making money with the current patent system are the lawyers involved in suing people and keeping innovation from growing.

Patent reform especially in software patents is so needed. And patent trolls need to be ignored.

so sad how apple start crying when they are no longer the leaders, "i'm not playing anymore" comes to mind lol

I for one love these patent lawsuits. Lawsuits allow Apple to declare which Android devices are superior to their own devices without Apple customers finding out (Apple customers would never read a legal injunction because they are neither round nor shiny)

Some patents are awarded without much merit. There are so many given away that should not have been in the first place. Even ideas which are not original gets patented by companies who did not create / innovate them in the first place.

This is a big mess and needs some serious digging in to get things sorted. Somebody really need to sit down and find out what is actually worth patenting, and what is not worth at all. Software patents especially are the worst offenders, because many of them are described in such a broad way, that even at the time of their filing, other existing products already infringe upon them.

'604 is one of them. I hope that the judge shows more wisdom in the course of this trial.

These companies need to realize that stopping sales of the competetor doesn't really help them. Microsoft has done it the right way, we own this patent, we aren't gonna stop you from using it, but we will take some cash for each use. This way your product stays on the market and we make the cash.

As a whole, the patent system is broken, but unfortunately as long as lawyers are involved, there are going to be a lot more of these annoying cases.

This is well passed ridiculous. Everyone is suing everyone else. It never works anyways. Just keep apealing

Stupid law suits! This is the legacy of greed and privileged thinking where it's okay for me to cheat and steal, but not for you. Worst of all, now Google is forced to jon the patent fray to protect itself, perpetuating the problem. I'm a designer, I like to be able to protect my unique creations, but please!! this is ridiculous! Oh, and, I'll take that Galaxy Nexus, please. Thank you!

Very ridiculous situation. I would walk in to an Apple Store and demand "A Genious" demonstrate the Nexus since its just another iphone!

Stupid law suits! This is the legacy of greed and privileged thinking where it's okay for me to cheat and steal, but not for you. Worst of all, now Google is forced to jon the patent fray to protect itself, perpetuating the problem. I'm a designer, I like to be able to protect my unique creations, but please!! this is ridiculous! Oh, and, I'll take that Galaxy Nexus, please. Thank you!

Apple has no more revolutionary "revoutions" so they have to fight against their competitors by the court. For me the battle between Apple and Google is like a bad divorce, everyone fights against the other. Apple has been always the company who has invented the coolest things (just for people who are Apple addicted) an now other companies are better,sell cheaper products(they have been already bevore Apple :D ) and now they have more, bigger and better inovations than Apple. Steve is dead so the force behind Apple is gone.
For me it shows just the superficiality of apple and how conceited they are.

(Sorry for my bad english ;-) )

This has been a long time coming. They don't need new products if they can keep newer products from being released. The let's see some the imore lovers fault apple. I dare them to say apple went to far!

Competition is healthy for the market and good for consumers.
Apple apparently don't want a healthy market and don't want us consumers to have freedom of choice.

Ironically - it reminds me of Orwell's 1984. The very same novel that Apple used in an early commercial.

The American patent system is so out of order, a place where you can patent an idea, never put it to any viable use, and when someone else has that idea and decides to better the world with it, sue the bejezus outa them for 'stealing' it from you, its so anti-competitive and anti-inventive that I bet a lot of companies are scared to put forward ideas just in case they anger one of the higher patent-owning gods.

I'm yet to see any of this spill over to the UK yet, we see what apple and companies alike are manipulating the systems over the pond, and are just so thankful that we over here have some common sense in the way copyrighting ideas and software is handled.

I <3 how this turned into a comment patch full of politics..

I can haz Galaxy Nexus? It'll help me support my anti-Apple campaign, to rid this country of the marketing monopoly Apple has over uneducated people's brains.

Whats next, will someone patent breathing then sue everything on the planet. Except anaerobic organisms of course.

This patent war is so stupid that I'm sure we're just a step away till one of these companies files for a patent on the right to own patents

We all know that Apple will NEVER quit. They want to be the only one on the block. Its selfish, but that's business.

There really needs to be an overhaul of the entire software patent system. In its current state it serves no purpose other than to allow huge companies to try and put each other out of business rather than protect their intellectual property. A system in which basic, intuitive functionality can't be patented would be an instant improvement.

I dream sometimes of a world, where apple and google work together to give us better terminals and better stuff on our smartphone.
It's should not be lawer wars but wars about who brings us better products.

The patent law sucks it costs millions of dollars so no doubt increases prices to consumers, stops innovation and is pointless anyway as the good are usually out of date by the time the hearing goes ahead.

The only people who win are the lawyers

The patent laws definitely need change. When you can patent a form factor or gestures you know something is wrong. Pretty soon you won't be able to point at something without Apple being paid they have probably patented the point gesture.

Apple is being like a child. If you want to sell more products, make the product better. Stop being a patent troll. The whole patent system needs to be fixed or scrapped. Oh yeah, a free Nexus would make me feel better.

The good thing to come out of all this would be when everyone (ie non tech-blog-readers) realises how silly the current patenting system is and pushes for reform!

Well, its nice to see that apple has nothing better to do in their spare time. And obviously they take Android as a threat because their suing all of these manufacturers.

Yes, patents need to be there. I am a musician and copyright and protection are very important to me. However, the system is gone way too far. When I write a song, it's a very personal thing and I don't want anyone stealing the song from me. However, I can't help it if someone if influenced by the song and writes a song because of that. I did the same thing! My ideas weren't 100% original, it would be almost impossible to be! I can't say that patents are the same way, however, there has got to be a better solution than this.

And while I don't know the specifics of the case, it has a mudslinging feel to it.

I don't even think apple is going to invent anyomore. They'll piggyback on Android features since it's open sourced and iLovers all around the world will rejoice this feat. No wonder why I always believed from the beginning that Steve Jobs was apple biggest marketing executive in the world. I hope I win this one and the next thing I'll be doing is heading to an apple retail store holding this phone...

I think this injunction, really shows that Apple cannot compete with Samsung. Mind you, the galaxy s2 was a much better phone than the iPhone 4. The galaxy nexus, despite it's megapixel count, was better than the iPhowgne 4s. Apple clearly cannot make better products than Samsung , so therefore they have to keep taking the superior phone manufacturer to court. Samsung will always have better specs in their phones. This is absurd. I think this injunction, really shows that Apple cannot compete with Samsung. Mind you, the galaxy s2 was a much better phone than the iPhone 4. The galaxy nexus, despite it's megapixel count, was better than the iPhowgne 4s. Apple clearly cannot make better products than Samsung , so therefore they have to keep taking the superior phone manufacturer to court. Samsung will always have better specs in their phones. This is absurd.

I think this is the stupid thing. Apple just need to let their balls hang and start innovation on there product and stop worry about the leaders innovation. I know you saw this presentation in heavens Steve Job.

Apple just needs to stop taking companies to court and just do what they do better, invent something new. Enough is enough. Its like Ford having a legal battle with chevy because they have 4 wheels as well. STOP.

These patent lawsuits are just getting out of hand. Apple better be careful or they might bite off more than they can chew with these lawsuits. Try improving your product in order to gain market, instead of trying to sue your competition out of business. Such a ridiculous company.

Absolute insanity, that the courts allow this to continue. It only hurts the consumer in the long run, while these billion dollar companies laugh. I just want to buy the smartphone I want to buy, when I want to buy it, with my hard earned money!!!!!!

Apple is just being Apple. We all know they can't anything if Google sued them for all the things they copied off of android.

It's just really weak to go after a SEARCH company for unified search. Haven't Android devices been doing this type of thing at least since 2.1?

The whole patent system sucks!
This is freaking insane...!
They are blocking the basic functionality of the phone!

I seem to know more about the patent wars then about any of the tech innovations out today. Overshadowing some awesome stuff.

I really don't get what Apple is trying to accomplish with this kind of crap.
do they REALLY think they will be able to stop Android? or take away from the user experience by trying to block certain features? as if Google won't find a way around any of these blocks by just issuing an EVEN BETTER implementation of any blocked features.
after seeing what Google plans to do with jellybean, I've come to the conclusion that Google is DONE with #FAIL and have moved into the #NothingButWin column.
i can't see how any judge can sit there and say "oh this looks to much like an iphone feature, let's block sales cuz it is hurting apples sales" or anything even close to that.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to voice search/actions. i mean come on judges, Android comes out with their implementation years ago, then Apple "makes" siri, so that warrants a ban on Android being able to be sold because they use something similar?? wake up apple and the judges in your pockets.

and fear not Android users!
we should ALL know by now, that no matter what Apple is able to block for now, Google/Android will just turn around and say "okay, well we will just make an EVEN BETTER implementation of this and shove it right in apples you know what..."
so go ahead Apple, keep on forcing your OWN demise, keep forcing Google to innovate EVEN FARTHER then you can imagine, keep GIVING then reasons to push even harder and farther with amazing new features, while you sit in the court room trying to keep yourselves alive, when in the end, all you are REALLY doing is wasting time and falling behind.

keep your head up Andy, you have a huge support of users willing to throw down for you, and a developer base that you can ALWAYS turn to in a time of need if you ever run into an issue you can't pass, these amazing FREELANCE developers will pull together and do everything they can to keep pushing you forward.

Seriously Apple? This is lameass. Why not innovate instead of litigate? It all just goes to the show that Apple has no clue what they're even talking about...

I'm with all of you, I'm pretty sure the iPhone 5 is going to only be incrementally better; Apple knows it won't be as groundbreaking as anything out there already and that the new Nexus phone (hopefully coming in late fall 2012?) will completely blow it away.

Thank you Android Central for keeping it real and letting us little guys know where they (Apple) currently and continually keep their heads (up their asses...)

The only people that these patent actions are hurting are the consumer. There are only so many ways to do something, as long as both companies actually solved the problem using a methodical analysis and haven't blatantly ripped off the other company then what is the problem.

The wheel was invented on different sides of the planet to solve the same problem, as were thousands of other inventions. But now the race seems to be to patent your idea and not to actually get it in to use.

Honestly, with the invention of the smartphone and it's infinite possibilities of ota updates...I find it appalling of Apple to file a bogus lawsuit over UI issues. I truly believe Apple is feeling streaten over Android and Samsung's recent domination over the "smartphone" industry, which has cost them to lose some of their competitive edge. Sorry Apple, your reign over the smartphone has taken a backseat. You are no longer the far superior device with the latest and greatest software...please get over yourself and understand the times are changing. Gone are the mega days of Steve Jobs ka great legacy of course) when Apple ruled the world of smartphones, gadets and tablets. Android and Samsung are the new sherrifs in town, so get over yourself Apple already and prepare to reclaim your crown with the emergence of the iphone5. Goodluck Apple!!! You obviously need it because if you put forth all the diligent effort and work toward mindless lawsuits to terminate the competition instead of maybe focusing on innovative product enhancements to regain your rightful place as a true leader. I honestly believe Apple will never be the same after Steve Jobs and this surge of lawsuits against Samsung and others proves rightfully so. Get a life Apple because DROID RULS THE AIR NOW!!!

All of these lawsuits hurt CONSUMERS! We need innovation! The Galaxy Nexus isnt going to interfere with ANY of Apples sales anyway, so I dont even see their angle!

Patents and appeals, anybody with enough legal power can grind the system to a halt. Wouldn't be nice if the legal costs were converted into paying more development engineers!

I had to wait for my HTC EVO 4G LTE due to Apple's new obsession with Patent lawsuits. It makes me wonder if Apple has lost the edge to invent and develop new software and products, so it is holding on too tight to what it has.

On another note, my wife recently switched to the dark side when she traded in her well used Samsung Epic 4G for an iPhone 4S. She loves the battery life, but states she prefers the Android OS because iOS is too locked down. Please give me this phone so I can pass it along to my wife and end her complaining!!