Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

Here are a few links about today's news, if you still wanna read more: ReutersFOSS Patents


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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


I am so sick of all this PATENT POPPYCOCK!!!! Why can't Apple just leave us the hell alone!!!!????????


This just makes Apple look desperate. Come on, Apple! Everyone is making smartphones now. Time to get over it!

This has to be hurting everyone, it's a pain in the arse all round. People need to spend less time in the courts and more time innovating.

Plus this will really bite Apple when Google's notification system patent is granted.

I don't even care if I win I was touched by this post and how blunt it is, but this patent stuff just shows the narrow minds associated with Apple. Nothing will be original and every idea or product will cross each others path at one point. Apple's fear in losing competitive edge and them winning law suit makes them feel their dick just got a little bigger. I

So searching for something on your phone is okay. Searching for it on the web is okay. Performing both operations at the same time with your voice is an idea that belongs to Apple and Apple alone?


When did technology advancement become driven by the courts and lawyers? This should really stop, the patent system seems broken. So when will the phone stop being shipped because i'm going to order me a GSM one if I do not win one.

This has pissed me off so bad I will be refusing help to anyone who asks me for an apple product at work tomorrow and will be redirecting them to another employee. I only pray that they ask 'why?' so I have a chance to persuade them. That's how messed up this patent stuff is: Leading me to Retail Assosciate Vigilantism.

I was going to try to post something clever about innovation and such, but really, I just want that Galaxy Nexus. I can be clever as I post comments from a shiny new phone!

Patent right is a good law for protect the new inventions. Otherwise all of them start coping new inventions. So that the person who created that new product face loses and he/she apathy. So patent right will promote new inventions. If there is innovations, economic grow rapidly. However, in this point, Apple company always struggling with their competitors by using the patent right. There can be fair reason for that, but what public thing. As a result of these court issue, there is a big negative opinion to the apple. As well as Samsung and other manufactures should respect others patent rights. In recent past we can see most of the time apple struggle with Samsung for some patent right violations. As a result of that, Samsung mobile get more attentions. So that, they receive more than 9 million Galaxy S3 pre-orders. Looks like people don't care about the patent rights and they hate Apple. As a android lover, i don't like this injunction.


I wonder how much further technology would progress if companies took all the energy and money they waist on petty little things like this. All these suits are getting annoying. Can't we just progress ? Competition helps things move forward and its things like this that slow it down.

Fun fact 1:
Algorithms (and thus also Software) are nothing else than Maths.

There is a one-to-one relationship between programms and mathematical proofs (look up the "Curry–Howard correspondence" if you don't believe me)

Fun fact 2:
Maths are _NOT_ patentable

To create a software patent, you actually start with a paper describing the algorithm and maths and then take those away piece by piece and replace them with hand waving, flow charts and cute kitten pictures from the internet.

Underneath it stays the same, you just try to hide that from the guy at the patent office.

Another nice read on the matter:

I would love to see two things happen because of these suits...

First, Google should make all Google searches from any iOS device go to a webpage with no results, instead asking the user to call Apple and ask Google be reenabled it for their device. Have this happen any time there is an injunction on any Android device, for the length of the injunction.

Second, Samsung Mobile should talk with the division that makes the iPhone & iPod CPUs and tell them to withhold CPU shipments while any injunction is going on against a Samsung product. Apple can't make/sell iOS devices without CPUs.

Obviously these wouldn't happen but it would be awesome.

I would love a GSM Galaxy Nexus!

Its messed up because apple copies android with almost every update they put out now (notification system anyone, pull down notifications, etc) and google doesn't go around suing them every step of the way. But apple finds it necessary to sue over a slide to unlock system, i mean really? That's like a kid crying to his mom because his sandcastle got knocked over by a wave. Apple should really just man up and say "hey these guys know what there doing, we better step up our game" instead they lose control of what to do once steve jobs passed away and sit around with a thumb up there butt. Sorry apple but your losing control of the market and android is taking over. Besides there's a reason samsung is catching up to you guys in sales ;)

Apple needs to man up and quit crying about everything. They need to concentrate on having better sales based on quality instead of getting better sales because there is no one else to buy from due to their excessive frivolous lawsuits.

its ridiculous, it amazes me that this cases even see the light of day in court and arent thrown out immediately.. whatever happened to "letting the customer decide"

if Mercedes had patented the "horseless carriage" and then went to such extremes to enforce their rights. imagine how much different the world would be

its equally sad that Steve jobs dying memoirs are dedicated to such animosity towards its one true competitor

They are pretty much saying I can't be me because you are you... I don't see how they can make a ruling like this. It's a different product. May be similar, but not the same. I would like to win one though to judge it for myself..

The software patent system is completely broken right now. Samsung and Google might win this one but another one will be right around the corner. Companies in the industry are going to be dealing with this bullshit until we finally get some type of patent reform.

Hmmm... I am having a hard time competing in the market so lets sue someone that has something similar to what I have a patent for.... yeah... that's the ticket!

There's the good kind of competition (you know, involving actual innovation), and then there's this garbage.

Apple is taking advantage of a broken system. The patent system has its merits, but it has a lot of loopholes that need to be covered.

The idea of the whole thing is ridiculous
How Come Apple can steal Androids idea of notifications and nothing happens?
and to make things worse google came out with voice search first......Nexus Me

The lawyers shouldn't be upset - it's the corporate greed that created the patents & the flawed patent system that allows this to happen. Hope someday soon this will end, with a more sensible system that allows companies to innovate yet we can all enjoy the hardware we want.

I don't get it. Pushing other companies to open their patents up to the FRAND system but when it's about their own ones they ban as hell. >.< I hope Google tries to strike back when the iPhone 5 comes out. Maybe with a ban of their product they see how stupid banning is.

Apple probably has a patent on the wheel.
They also invented the Internet.
Give us a break, Apple. Quit trying to stop progress. Nobody wants your old tech phone.

I'll tell you just about how messed up things are. For software engineers, every single line of code you write is going to infringe someone's patent at some time.

Patents are granted to people who make something extraordinary like no one has ever done before. That is, for inventions. Today, they are being used to kill competition when someone is making better things in the same field. The biggest example of this is of course our very own Mr. Troll, Apple!

The thing I cannot still digest is that Apple, owing all its latest developments to the opensource community, has taken from it and haven't given anything back worth mentioning.
During the relatively shorter time Android has been on the market, kernel components have already been committed to the Linux project, and lots of improvements on prior technology were on par with what Apple did to leverage their "innovation". Apple can't stand having a competitor that would success without being an exclusive club with the kind of stringent rules they force upon their users and developers.
I'm from Argentina and even as it is highly improbable that we get even one nexus, I cannot stop thinking in what a wonderful world could this be without this futile patent wars.
This is not helping tech, it is destroying it.

Wasn't there a wise judge that basically told apple to suck it? All of these lawsuits are nonsense. A waste of time and money...they should turn around and use that money to make their products less expensive, pay their employees/Chinese laborers more, and/or use it for some charitable cause...

The more apple does this, the more I do not like them. These people do not want competiton, they want monopoly which is not good for customers. Android is the future and they do not like that. I am getting sick of these lawsuits which are limiting creativity and I just hope our laws here will not allow them to block any sales of Android phones here in South Africa. We have a choice here to buy what we want and no one has a write to impose any product on us. I think it's time Google sorts out this mess and defends these companies who are using its operating system.

Patent system needs total overhaul. Totally obvious patents awarded, no real research done it seems. Apple being a douche. Waiting for Apple to sue everyone who uses electricity.

The more apple does this, the more I do not like them. These people do not want competiton, they want monopoly which is not good for customers. Android is the future and they do not like that. I am getting sick of these lawsuits which are limiting creativity and I just hope our laws here will not allow them to block any sales of Android phones here in South Africa. We have a choice here to buy what we want and no one has a write to impose any product on us. I think it's time Google sorts out this mess and defends these companies who are using its operating system.

apple, apple, apple... i don't know what there is to say about you and all of your lawsuit nonsense, that hasn't already been said about yo mama!


Oh come on. Seriously? Apple needs to give up the patent crap they keep pulling. Your phone is generic and unoriginal with each release. It barely changes at all. Same phone each and every time. Don't hate on the android nation because your fan base is starting to want some android in their lives. Android is a tasty treat compared to the saltine cracker that is the Apple Iphone.

Hmmm....a judge with Korean roots rules against a Korean company...what a freaking sellout!!!

These patents are ridiculous. Apple is just getting scared that other phone platforms are starting to really steal consumers away so they are going at every opportunity.

Remember when Apple used to play the underdog card? It hasn't been an underdog for at least a decade and now that Android and the OEM's are in full steam Apple can't handle the competition. If you can't beat them, sue them. What a great way for Apple to ensure we are stuck buying only their products. Stagnate the mobile phone market by complaining that it was their idea first. Sad really.

Wish they would stop all this patent crap and invest that money into research. Think of all the awesome things that could be made!

Apple should stop suing on others "infringing their patents" and instead use those times on innovating amazing stuff! I'm biased with Android, but I can never deny Apple's innovation for the mass.

Fuck you Ass-shton make a better product .
Why apple cross the road.... to sue anything not apple..
Hey apple what's that on the ground ...ohh. sad your dignity.
Now give me a nexus so I can jiggle it in my wife's apple loving face.

PS I hate apple
P PS SIRI its not gonna work out you just don't understand me its like you don't listen
P P PS SIRI I'm leaving for your sister ....patent that

Why don't they just sue metacritic or other metasearch websites (that predated spotlight and the iPhone). This is all just a joke now.

Let's give every major manufacturer their own island where there are no patent restrictions and they just make the best devices each can.

I totally agree. This Patent trolling by both companies is just getting annoying and hindering innovation.

Lawyers should do their own lawyer shit as long as they don't affect us.

This injunction thing is just full of hot air for the lawyers to buy time for their arguments and don't mean shit to us.

We avg. folks dont' want to know what the lawyers fight about so keep it in the courtroom b/c we honestly don't' give a crap and only tell us when you actually have a ban that actually is implemented and not some empty threat. Seriously. Pretty we'll see lawyers bitching each other over twitter again anytime soon. Lawyers these days... =.=

I find it annoying that Apple has to find the simplest rubbish to squabble over. Just come to an agreement and get it over with. I'm tired of Apple playing witch hunt over the simpler things. At the end of the day I'm still not going to purchase an apple product and I dare to say Never.

always this ridiculous story... What's the matter this time ? "OMG, the Galaxy has a touch screen like the iphone !?!?" "OMG, the Nexus takes photos, just like the iphone !?!?"

This is just so pathetic...

Typical Apple, as they can't build a better product they try to stifle competition by filing spurious lawsuits.

I think today's Dilbert strip sums it up quite nicely. (I'd post a link but not sure if they're filtered. It's not like it's hard to find.)

Apple just knows that Google's OS is out performing theirs and Apple wants to do anything the can to fight it.

Being a fan of Android this pathetic behavior by Apple should make me LOL, but I do feel a tad bit empathetic for a company whose vision for dominance died with their leader (RIP S.J.). I have to believe he would have moved on to continued innovation vs continued patent scrapping, as he def had the ability to know when to move on. As a result they appear stuck with his final thoughts as a a techno groundhog day.

Lawyers are just doing what they are told, its the patent system thats broken. Which is why its being exploited. but still, booooo!!

Apple probably has too much time to spare, it's a shame that they are doing all this, what's next?They will patent air?

Screw Apple, they have completely lost any respect I had for them. Instead of throwing billions of dollars trying to destroy the competition through court rooms they should try maybe making an amazing NEW piece of hardware!! Like everyone one else!

phil just give me the phone,i would like to show what the people of new orleans what a real smartphone is (predominantly isheep users here). it grinds my gears that when ios release new features, they act like it's the best thing since slice bread when we had things such as cloud service for years!
on another note, blah blah blah, sums up the patent war quite well.

The patent system is completely broken, and for Apple to be able to acquire such vague patents should be illegal. Apple cannot keep up with the growth of Android , so they attempt to sue them to death. I'm sick of seeing a new story , every week it seems, about this. Someone needs to step in (Google) and just shut Apple down for good...

I think its pretty dumb to be fighting over patents. I understand Apple wants to make it so other companies dont outsell iPhones. Even if the judgement gets overturned they stopped a company from selling their device while Apple continues to rack up the sales on their phones.

Thank you Phil for bring everyone back to reality here. Cause it all doesn't matter. I fn hate apple with a passion like nothing else but everyone just needs to stop. If apple would start innovating again and stop litigating maybe they would need to be such scared pussies. I could go on but this is just getting pointless.
But he patent system is so Damn broken its ridiculous. It's also designed so the only one that wins is the lawyers.

Apple is going to far with this war. All this thing will come back one day like a boomerang.
Thx God here in Greece we don't have those problems with restrictions of products. ;)

You know, I'm gonna have to go against the grain here and say it's pretty awesome, due to the fact that I now have a chance to win a Galaxy Nexus... Also, there's no way Apple can win a search war with Google; I don't see this standing up to scrutiny.

In short the patent wars makes no sense because no matter what things are going to be similar. What apple is doing is like if Toyota sued Honda because both of their cars have wheels and an engine. Things are bound to be similar. But just because they are similar does not mean they are not the same. For example, I learned in biology class that the difference in DNA between a chimp and a person is that we only differ by 2 percent, yet that 2 percent difference makes us human. I think the only reason Apple is getting into these patent wars with HTC, Motorola, and Samsung is because they cannot innovate anymore. they are losing the innovation war so they are relying on a broken legal system to help them. WHat i think is that apple needs to go back to Silicon Valley and start putting some work in because they are pissing off a hell of a lot of people!.... oh and i would love to win this phone because I love android and I cannot wait to try out jelly bean and buy my Nexus 7 :D

I feel that this is apple throwing there money around trying to squash any and all competition, meanwhile it just makes them look bad (my 2cents).

Dear #Apple, Please stop suing all your competitors over #patents. It's getting old now. Sincerely, John Public (I tweeted that earlier and I think it still applies) @jhaunell

I dream every night that at some point someone in power will realize how insane Apple is being with all these lawsuits and dissolve their company :P

I'm surprised they haven't patented patents and tried to sue themselves, it's coming!

Apple is really making huge strides! Just in the wrong field :(.
Crying to the government about all this nonsense is just stupid. Just make a good product (they've already done this) and capitalize on it! Don't go dragging others down just cause business isn't in your favor.

I wonder if in some alternate dimension the roles are reversed where Apple is the good guy and Samsung/Google are the patent trolls.

Nah, impossible.

Nothing is new in the world. You see the same thing with 8 year old kids. They start doing something new and everyone has fun until someone decides its stupid. Now they've grown up and get to sue each other while the whole time their parents are laughing because they came up with it when they were kids.

Its funny how Apple wasn't talking patents when android was #2. The law is broken and the patent system is broken, but what isnt broken is our love for android. This will make us stronger. Its after the speed bumps when the road is the smoothest.

I am amazed by the american judicial system. More so by the judge who issued the injunction. Maybe she should have used the two devices to see how different both of them the sky and the earth! And why does the patent office allow such ambiguous patents to be filed in the first place? What should be considered is the algorithm used to achieve said slide to unlock!!! Furthermore, how was Apple irreparably affected by the sale of the GNex? We have a saying in our country....'Mbaazi ikikosa kumea hulaumu jua"(Translation: If a certain fruit tree does not yield fruit, it blames the sun) that's what Apple is doing.

I think its high time Google took off the gloves and got enjoined in the suit. Yes, do no evil, but if your neighbour is shitting on your front door, smack the bitch!

what pathetic of apple. they are jealous on our beatiful os. they are claiming all those patents because they are feeling threatened by the fast rise of android. i'd say screw those lawyers and keep shipping those beautiful smartphones with their beautiful android os. Go android!!!

It seems patently ridiculous (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist) that you can patent the act of sliding a finger horizontally across the screen to make the phone start working. This whole thing has gotten way out of hand. I thought a patent was for something new and unique. How is Apple losing money by other companies using "Slide to unlock"? Was that a breakthrough in technology of which I was unaware? I am tired of hearing about it.

Iphone:This is it. This is the end. Yes. You were laying right there, just like that. And I. . . I... I stand here, right here, and I'm supposed to say something. I say, "Everything that has a beginning has an end, Andro".

Iphone:This is it. This is the end. Yes. You were laying right there, just like that. And I. . . I... I stand here, right here, and I'm supposed to say something. I say, "Everything that has a beginning has an end, Andro".

This patent war crap is stupid. Rather than spending money and effort on this stupid war, Apple should their time and effort for new innovation instead. If they're truly smart, they won' fear people who infringe their patents, instead they should take is it as a challenge to come up with a better innovation in the future.

You own this, she owns that, he owns this, they own that.
In the end, it's sad to know that I, or someone else, have a good idea to better what everyone has, yet we can't do anything about it.
Patents will only hold back this rapidly advancing technology world.

apple is a big old p$#@%y. (It doesn't deserve to be capitalized, even though it is the beginning of the sentence.)
I'd rather use a dumb flip phone than their f%$#@ing prisoner phone. (I won't call their sh&%#y products as they would like the consumers call them.)

All this patent nonsense needs to stop on both sides I know Apple was the first one to start this, but they need to relax they are acting like all they can do is sue instead of creating something new to catch up or pass Google. What Apple and Google need to do is focus on delivering good and new products to the consumers and let us choose, gives us variety we will buy what we want and if we buy your product good :) it means your doing a great job keep going no need to sue and slow down your rival with dumb things like this, instead leave him thinking wow I need to top that!!

I've been bothered by all the patent wars that have been going on for the past few years! It's so juvenile that all of these companies are pointing fingers and name calling just to make an extra dollar or two. Shameful really.


Much like everyone else, I'm sick and tired of all this crap that Apple does to stem the flow of competition.

Perhaps winning a GNex would be a good start for me in giving them the old F U.

I'm all for intellectual property rights. People and corporations should profit from their creative work. But when it significantly restricts and encroaches on consumer choice, it's got to stop.

'Slide to unlock' is the functional equivalent of a doorknob. It's not extraordinary. It's not revolutionary. It's a very simple means of opening something.

The problem is that Apple only wants to allow doorknobs on the houses they designed and built in their strict, peculiar fashion. If you like someone else's house design better, go ahead and buy it - without doorknobs.

Blow a goat, Apple. I will never buy anything with iOS, regardless of whether it has 'slide to unlock' or not. It's just not for me. Therefore, you are not damaged if I buy another manufacturer's phone, even if it has that feature. You're not getting my money in any case, simply because I don't like your phone. 'Slide to unlock' has absolutely nothing to do with it. Quit putting restrictions on the phones I do like; when you do that, you're just being a dick.

Well, I gotta admit.. the first thing I thought when I saw this was... "Yeah... iOS 6 is pretty disappointing". Bput yeah, the truth is, I watched the iOS 6 presentation hoping for something big, after sitting with ICS for 7 months, and. I didn't see anything that was beyond.. catching up to ICS, and now with JB, google just trumped Apple again. So. Best choice was to, If you can't innovate, litigate.

Apple Board Member 1: So, Android is eclipsing us at a record rate. How do we stop it?

Apple Board Member 2: Well, we have a whole stack of various random, vague and suspect patents, right?

ABM1: You're right! I almost forgot about those....Hey, peon.

Apple Peon: Yes.

ABM2: We need you to gather together a team to rip apart Android and find anything and everything that might be a violation of these patents, no matter how tenuous they may be.

AP: Ok, but wouldn't it be better if we just added some truly innovative new features? I mean, I have a few ideas. For example, in the....

ABM1: Wait, let me stop you right there. Innovate? Really, innovate?! You're talking about innovating? Innovate?....See, we don't do that anymore.

ABM2: Yeah, we'd rather bury the competition with litigation than actually put some effort into creating something that actually progresses the technology.

ABM1: Also, after we litigate, we steal. So, while you're at it, compile a list of all the features Android has that we should add to iOS then market the hell out of like we invented it.

ABM2: Can we trust you to do that? Or are you morally above all of this?

AP: I...I guess...sure, yeah, I'll do it.

ABM2: Don't disappoint us. You can't even imagine the things we can do to you if you fail. Did you actually read the contract you signed when you started working here?


ABM1 & ABM2: (chuckle)

ABM1: No one ever does....Bring us results.

ABM2: What are you waiting for? GO!

Bunch of crap, man.

Next thing you know Apple will apply for a finger patent. We'll be swiping our revamped GNex's with our elbows... or, well I won't go there.

Luckily, Google and co. innovate quickly enough that by the time the patent cases wind up with results, the products that might have been struck down are outdated and something bigger and better has shown up on Android. If Apple spent half as much time improving their own phone, they would be able to compete and wouldn't need all of these frivolous lawsuits.

I think that Apple continuing the patent war just goes to show how afraid they are of samsung. They can't imagine another company out selling and taking their customers especially when the products prove to be far superior. Sooner are later they will have to bite the apple(see how I made a joke right there) lol, but serious soon they will have to start fighting with their products and not their money. Until then samsung FTW :)

I'm sure it's been said already, but this patent nonsense sucks ass because it is limiting competition and original innovation. Instead of the OEMS pushing to make a better product, they are nitpicking through the patent laws trying to find out a way to eliminate their competition in the most bush league way possible.

Dear Apple and everyone else suing over patents,

We don't care if you think someone copied your software idea. How about instead of wasting your time and resources on this, you come up a better idea? That would do a better job of making the other companies look worse, and would get you more sales in the long run. We just want good phones, and personally, I don't care who makes them.


With the stupid developments that are taking place in the patent wars line-up, what we readers and blogs can actually do is, leave the tech giants alone in the court.

Its been a long time now since this has been going on and very much frankly, now no one even cares about what happens in the next hearing of the any of the patent cases that are on around the world.

Instead of suing each other, companies should actually invest that much amount in developing new tech and patent it and also sign licensing agreements with other companies who hold any other patent.

This would be beneficial for both the companies and also the consumers as they would have a free choice to buy any device without the fear of it getting an injunction the next day.

Due to all of these patent wars, the people on the side of loss are the consumers and not the companies. And the tech giants should understand that the consumers are the ultimate bread and butter for them and they would also bear until a limit.

If the consumers get frustrated with the patent wars, then they may even go on to buy products from other OEMs thus affecting their own image and sales.

If Kenny Everett was still with us, he would have the answer to all these patent lawyers:
Round em up... Put em in a field... and bomb the bastards

Never one for political correctness, our Kenny;)

This patent stuff going on is all crap! This was something Jobs probably set out in his will to try and crush everything that is Android. I guess he "FAILED" to bring down Gates so he might as well try to pick on someone else. Jobs was a visionary but come on and truly Rest In Peace.....

Yeah this is messed up. I'm almost to the point of not caring anymore. I have always been non-biased between the two systems but I have to give this one to Android. Apple just needs to start sticking to what it does best and not trying to get in other peoples way. As far as Android goes, I'm pretty much only buying Nexus devices from now on. Messed up.

This whole patent thing doesn't make any sense at all. Patents are given away for the tiniest and most simple things. Therefore it's practically impossible to create a phone and pay for every patent you break, it's just to much.
In my opinion, the whole patent system should be changed. It's nice that one can patent a really original idea, but patents shouldn't be given away for every little thing.

So much for innovation. It's just a litigation fest in the industry now. Regardless... Galaxy Nexus! Woo!

In the fullness of time when all the litigation dust settles Apple is likely to find it has fallen FURTHER behind - this week was a great week to be a Android fan! Keep on innovating Google!

I really hope all of this drama is just part of some marketing move, cuz if not, i refuse to belive that the same people that worked together to make a reality this absolutely amazing s3 i just had the pleasure of buying recently,or that absolutely gorgeous and indespensable 4th gen ipod i own,are the main characters capable of these extremely ridiculos and pathetic action. If your shareholders, apple ,dont know tech, dont let them get involved in decisions that only manage to stiffle innovation. Tim Cook, if u cant handle it dude,step down and let somebody fresh,and open minded to do it,somebody still passionate about it, the innovation i mean. U can say about Jobs whatever, bu t his passion made Apple the s,!(hit. Whereas other people with a more open minded attitude made Android the s?/*it. Anytime i would rather be part of a team.... Anyway,i get passionate easily about select events,like a certain merger that got concluded a while ago, as decency demanded it, so, to make long story short, money aint got nothin to do with love, and viceversa. Innovate,dont just let people think u do,then cry like a baby
in kindergarden cuz daddy left u there , and u dont know how to go about stuff o your own.
So, again, i really hope all this is just some well thought marketing move, cuz if not, i refuse to accepts that i am surrounded by such imbecils. Analogies apply. We suppose to evolve, yet we regres. Sad, really... By the way, dont need the GNex. S3 is such a bad boy, to become a beast once a stable jelly bean rom comes its way.

Take care now! ;-)

All that patent nonsense will make companies grow in their patent and lawyer portfolio and would stop innovation and It can just end up making us, the clients, with the worst part of the deal. And Apple is just going crazy with all the lawsuits.

It's amazing how much Apple likes to bite the hand that feeds them. Samsung should just tell them to go find their parts somewhere else!

This is a sign of what is to come for apple. MORE FAILURE! This patent war needs to stop.....

This whole thing is a waste of everyone's time and money. It won't hurt the competitors in any way other than legal fees anyway.

This is just patent nonsense is seriously hurting the innovation. Instead of trying to develop something better, Apple and other computer is using patent that shouldn't have granted.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan..... Fukk Apple! Fukk the black iphone, Fukk the white iphone, Fukk seri, Fukk whoever thought of it, Fukk the plane they flew in on, Fukk them gay a$$ lawyers they got, Fukk they shirt, Fukk they momma for teachin them to cry like Bitc#es, Fukk a mac, Fukk a ipad, and if you mad Fukk u!

When will they ever see the truth? If you cant beat'em JOIN'EM! We'll gladly throw that sh!t in the trash.

My buddy tried to get one yesterday, but att sold out so he got the one x... Would love to show up at work with this and show him ehy he should have waited for more stock.

The recent influx of patent lawsuits is going to effectively limit the progress of smartphone development. There was already heavy rumors that the SG3 was designed so Apple couldn't touch the device. It's a horrible way for this booming and very exciting market to go. First off it could really start to limit what kind of smartphones will arrive on the US market. If this continues and Apple get's a foothold in the courts, whom in their right minds would dare introducing new phones to the US market? Claiming patent on "slide to unlock" is like having patent on how a car door opens. And seriously, the Galaxy Nexus is a beautiful and well crafted device that reserves admiration for it's unique design and feel. Give it up already, and that goes for all the major players in this patent farce!

Apple needs to stop this patent trolling nonsense stop stealing Android's pull-down notification tray and voice search. On the hardware side whose bright idea was to build iPhone 4 and 4S sandwiched between two panes of glass that breaks when you drop it, you have to buy a thick protective case to protect the breakable glass. Galaxy Tab 10.1 is lighter, thinner, and runs much cooler than the iPad 2 and the New iPad.

As if apple doesn't make enough money already... banning Nexus devices is just low and pitiful. Whatever happened to healthy competition?

I keep wanting to compare the phone market to the car market. If teo car companies bring out 4wheel drive cars, do they sue for copying? No. If cars are similarly styled, do they sue? No. They call it inspiration. And what do they do to differentiate the selves the whole time? They innovate, they market, they give good secondary car benefits.

Can't wait for the phone market to be similar.

Let's just skip this game.. we all know what's gonna happen.. Apple will succeed with his trials, and Google/Samsung/Motorola will make few changes to their hardware/software and keep on selling the devices anyway. Apple should just quit delaying the devices being in our hands and winning our anthipaty.

Im all about different tech i love it all and i get why they'd make this a big deal but come on. Its more of an HOMAGE of apple. Plus they say mimicking is the greatest form of flattery.

A revolution should be made about these patents.
Patents should only be awarded if the company has the working product on hand and can be marketed at once.
Instead of awarding patents to ideas that does not, cannot, and will not exist. And suing the hell out of anyone who made them possible.

Ok, this is getting horrible. I think Google needs to put some money behind the oems, Apple just seems content to use their overpriced hardware to sue the most popular manufacturer.

Nowadays, all, well for the most part, smartphones have the same features but are presented in different manners. So of all phones, why does Apple decide to put down the Galaxy Nexus? The Galaxy Nexus is a beauty and waay better than any Apple product. Yes, I've been exposed to both of them and experienced the difference. Apple has been on top for a while and just wants to stay there and doesn't want lose their place. The best will rise to the top and now the Galaxy Nexus is on top, not the iPhone. This is complete nonsense.

It's not only ridiculousl what they are doing it also takes away lots of money which could be used in other areas like feeding starving children or such - just an idea though

honestly, i can't even blame apple. this is the mentality of the entire tech industry. nothing amplifies the current state better than the existence of companies who don't actually add benefit to industry but who patent trolls for profit. and sadly, we, the consumer, suffer the most.

I think its funny how Apple is suing Google over patents, yet they're running so many Google apps and services. They even got Chrome before most of us. The whole thing is just ridiculous!

I think we need a reform now on the patent system in the US. I feel we should petition the government to step because it's getting a little out of hand now. Some of apples patents are so vague.

All they want is everyone in the world to use an Iphone or nothing at all. I'm glad I switched to android last year. This move will make me never want another product from them. Stop the litigating, embrace competition, and get better. Bottom line!!

Apple steals from Android, and Android steals from Apple... It's no different than what Jobs, Gates or even Zuckerberg did to get where they were/are. Everyone agrees that the patent system in this country needs a radical makeover to accommodate the ever changing world of technology. Maybe someday that will happen, but until then, every major manufacturer needs to get in a room and figure it out. They are making hand over fist regardless of their patent spats. Get it done and move on!

A rotten Apple a day keeps the Nexus away =(

The only bright side of this news:

As a condition of the injunction, Apple was ordered to post a bond of more than $95 million, to secure payment of damages sustained by Samsung should the injunction be deemed a wrongful decision later.

Not that it matters much to the richest company in America....

Apple is afraid of whats happening. This patent war is a attempt to slow it down but can't and want last forever! It's just a matter of time before Android moves ahead in innovation and product!!

The only ones who win these fights are the lawyers... It's a waste of resources when the money could have been used for innovation instead.

The funny thing here is that the whole patent battel was started by Apple who claimes to be the moste "inovating" company. They are scared that the technology they bring to the market actually is invented by others like Samsung LG and at the end they do have only ios with shiny icons that people love and piece of glass on top of it. To stay in the market thay had to block others not to be knocked out by technology going beyound their devices. Having tons of money they want to show power and hide behind the court playing the victim. At the end they do not want to see anything better then their products on the mobile market. Well I am not Apple hater but at the end I belive that technology should evoluate (instead of being stopped) and we should decide which device we prefer and not let Apple to choose for us.
Greeting from Poland ;)

The way it is going, the day is not far when somebody will get the word "Patent" Patented. :D

I don't give a shit about the patent wars. All I want is the Galaxy Nexus.

I am shocked that there is still so much interest in Apple as this type of corporate behavior completely alienates me from buying their goods. Most of these patents are arbitrarily granted just because someone filed without consideration that they are inherent to all touch devices. 

I LOVE APPLE. Except. I don't.
They're stupid.
Someone told me that all this petty nonsense they're doing is "just good business".
That person happened to be an Appelite.

I would just like to take this opportunity to point out how much I would like to win something for the first time in my life.

Phil Nickelson, I swear. Not so much Apple as the US patent system needs to figure out wtf they are doing. I mean come on. Patent '604 for multi source search? How was that even granted in the first place. As far as I remember, Android has had that FOREVER. Then we have the patent which covers the popup that allowed you to choose which app to perform the action in which you clicked. Does the iPhone even have this capability? No, it doesnt. Again, Android has had this since the beginning. This is just terrible news about the Galaxy Nexus. I hope so the all mighty smartphone gods that this is appealed and the ban is reserved. Immediately.

Thing is we as the end user, we don't care who came up with what. We want the best, smoothest, most usercentric smartphone we can get. Some people want a solid device that runs the newest cutting edge software. Some want a simple sleek design. The way I see it we should be the opinion that matters most. When a great idea or ui or line of code comes around it should be shared built on brain stormed and made better. Not locked in a glass box for all to look at and not use. More people should focus on the end result and less on who made what. Also Apple kinda sucks.

This whole patent war bothers me. I know multiple companies are to blame, but I am so frustrated that Apple came late to the smartphone market and patented ideas others were already using, called it their creation (revolution - Jobs) and sues the competition. I'm sorry, did Apple not make enough money last year, and having the most profitable handset is not enough?

This only makes Apple look really bad and desperate. They are ruining their already damaged image by trying to litigate, instead of innovate... They could be spending all of that money to try to out innovate Android, instead of just trying to ban them. The patent system seriously needs a major overhaul.

its about time the courts/politicians (Meh!) rise upto the occasion and kick the patent system out of the window. Its proven that patenting is bad for innovation.

Unified search? Slide to unlock? That's like making a patent on a square box of milk for its design. This patent battle needs to stop. What they're doing is not fine, and that Galaxy Nexus need sto become mine :D

My nexus s bit the dust and I was considering using my wife's old Iphone 3gs until I could save up enough for a gnex but now I'll resort to an old flip phone so that it doesn't look like I'm an apple supporter.

The GNex now? I'd heard of the tab, that looks nothing like the iTampon by the way, but not of the GNex. Guess the new evil empire is feeling threatened.

I will say this: Bla Bla Bla Apple, Bla Bla Bla lawyers.
Bla Bla Bla BS.
Bla Bla Samsung Bla Bla BS.
Then us : No upgrade for You say the Smartphone Nazi.

The patent system really has to change. Either don't patent software at all or really scrutinize new patents. All these trivial patents do nothing more than hinder innovation anymore.

well because apple is about to get screwed because of google trying to make everyone use their product ( as shown this week GOOGLE IO). some how apple claimed that they patented and wont allow the right for android operating phones to use them. now if you see samsung is kinda stuck in the middle because they provide the top features in hardware is providing both companies ( Google Nexus made by samsung ) ( Iphone 4s Some chip or something ) but yeah it started with samsung and apple then it reached to google ... Wtf is nokia doing during all this; and .... blackberry ? pfffttt that shit was way in the past!

not to forget ... compare packaging between samsung android phones and apple iPhones ... you see what I mean?

Apple needs to just shut up and deal with the fact that other companies make quality products. I'm so over that damned company. I love Samsung products and I would completely love getting my hands on one of these new phones!
I'll never buy another Apple product as long as I live.

People say that competition is good for consumers. Company's like apple are afraid to compete with others because they fear they will lose. I agree that creating ideas takes lots of time and money, and you should protect them. But to say that it will greatly affect your business to have another product on the market is ridiculous. This country was founded on taking ideas and improving them over time. I believe apple is basically trying to stop a evolutionary process in technology unless it comes from them.

If Apple put half as much money and effort into bettering their products as the put into filing lawsuits against their competition, they might actually have a shot at living in the shadow of Android success.

If the issue is with the search and unlocking funtiyons of the gnex, shouldn't they be doing this for all android phones. They're not though because apple is only going after the gnex because it knows that phone is on par with and a real threat to their precious iphone's crown as best smartphone.

Good ole American pissing contest! We all win when these companies have a who has a bigger unit competition. Thank you androidcentral for the free shit!

Hegel would argue that the reality is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics. Kant would argue via the categorical imperative that ontologically patent system exists only in the imagination. In my opinion "Winter is coming" ;)

Since the Galaxy SIII got the marketing push it did and sold in the numbers it did, the general public are gonna learn about this. Seems a stupid move from Apple. They lose either way - even if they win the case they come across as litigious swine to the millions of potential customers out there who they're trying to court. No one's impressed by litigation. It's toxic for pr

Wow this is a lot of comments, oops double post. this patent stuff is getting annoying beyond belief, i hope google gets a big win here.

So much money being made why can't both parties call a truce ......if not I'm pulling off my belt and spank some butt! !!!!!!

That blindfold Justice wears is full of tears. Oh there are many reasons Justice weeps, but a more than a few stem from all these frivolous lawsuits. Here's hoping this one also is dismissed with prejudice for failing to show damages. For Justice's sake.

This whole patent thing is like BMW suing FORD because they have a 4door car that open the same way as a BMW, hey Apple lead or get the hell out of the way, on second thought just get out of the way!

I despise apple and their products ever since the 90s, and with this behavior they are definitely not getting business from me ever... and if I can persuade as many people as I know not to buy their gear and support these antics, I'll be satisfied.

Truly a sad day in the technology world. These companies are simply ruining the enjoyment within the mobile world.

Well the whole patent war is quite justified. There's no other way companies can prove who came up with what without patents. Every company has a right to protect their intellectual property.
That being said, they should focus their cash on innovating rather than wasting money on pointless suits that do not benefit the consumer.

They should scrap the patent as all phones are similar and nothing is unique anymore. Apple should be ashamed of themselves, They just seem to be getting behind with bringing technology to the market. Long may the Android onslaught continue!!

Honestly this patent junk has just gotten absurd recently especially with Apple & consistantly sueing everyone it almost seems. I will agree that apple did make some innovations which would include the OG iPhone but since Android really took off after the OG Droid & Nexus 1 it's been downhill & a battle @ best for them to catch up. They sue on the grounds of a "Unified Search" issue(aka Siri) but if anyone has payed attention they'd realize that the "Google Now" feature & the way Android itself searches unilaterally through its features has always been around since day 1. Apple rushed Siri to get it out before google could come out with their offering which had been talked about bout they choose to ensure its success with-out hiccups which Siri has still a ton but is almost a yr later plus don't get me started on how they still aren't changing in other areas as well. Just check out AndroidCentral's Sister Site : & see how iOS 6 still left a lot on the table or how they were surprised there wan't more changes(Lmao). iPhones still aren't a true multi-tasking smartphone, still don't have a true or even a proper Notification system, aren't user customizable unless you jail-break, & there are plenty more I could detail all of which iOS 6 has still "Yet to address but this Judge ok's an Injuction for possible patent infringement!? I could ramble for quite sometime about this particular issue as it really angers me on how this really hinders or studders possible progression in the marketplace for the betterment of everyone including us consumers. Apple better watch thier P's & Q's cause they could really awake a sleeping giant in Google or who knows maybe even Microsoft too which would be all bad for them(2 big Companies with deep pockets)! Hopefully this ends well for all of Android enthusiasts

This is just getting stupid! I'm getting fed up with all this nonsense! And all over a tiny search thing! Thankfully in the UK its still available! And this has made me want a nexus even more, just to spite apple

This is stupid! a good competition leeds to great things. I say: let the product do the talking.. and let the people decide whats best for them..

Apple is losing ground and android is becoming the top dog. Since they cant beat them might as well try to destroy them.

Apple and the public should look at how "innovative" they really are when every OS update brings more and more "innovative" features over from android and other's and try to pass it off as their own, but I guess that's what needs to be done when you are years behind the competition and have nothing new to bring to the table.

I think the patent office should be responsible for part of these patent war. Of course Apple too who start all these time/money wasting actions. Patent office should protect people from iClones in China which really violate the patent.. Not stopping other companies that are developing real ideas.

Apple is becoming more and more of a patent troll than making themselves busy with innovation. They should try to focus on how to make their product better than busy suing other companies that makes better product. They should compete in a clean, healthy way, instead of this nonsense. I am glad Google did not take this path, as Apple could have been taken down to ground if Google mention all of the technologies in Apple product are most of them made by Google. Apple just don't know how to appreciate new technology innovation if it's not by their brand. This is a total nonsense. I wish they were never born.

Man this is as ridiculous as it gets. I remember how apple was complaining about Samsung stifling innovation by copying apples' design and now that the tables have turned and apple is playing catch up with every major android oem they fail to point out that they are now stifling innovation. I'm gonna laugh when the injunction is repealed and apple has to pay that 2.6mil fund money they had set aside to Samsung. Hopefully Google will start taking a more rigorous stance with their new patents from Motorola and deter apple from being such pussies.

Apple is becoming more and more of a patent troll than making themselves busy with innovation. They should try to focus on how to make their product better than busy suing other companies that makes better product. They should compete in a clean, healthy way, instead of this nonsense. I am glad Google did not take this path, as Apple could have been taken down to ground if Google mention all of the technologies in Apple product are most of them made by Google. Apple just don't know how to appreciate new technology innovation if it's not by their brand. This is a total nonsense. I wish they were never born.

The whole patent thing has gone too far. Something needs to change. Ultimately, it hurts us - the consumers.

Just getting ridiculous. What do apple think they are achieving? For that matter what do any of these patent trolls hope to gain out of their cases. Doesn't seem to be slowing anyone down.

While Apple had accused Samsung of "blatant copying" of its design and look, the South Korean firm has alleged that Apple infringed its patents relating to the way phones and tablet PCs connect to the internet.

Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest manufacturers of tablet PCs and smartphones in the world.

Sales of the iPad more than doubled to 15.43m for the three months to 31 December 2011.

And in the first quarter of 2012 it sold 13.6m, giving it about 63% of the global tablet market, according to research firm Display Search.

Samsung sold 1.6m tablets over the same period, giving it a 7.5% share.

The success of Apple's iPhone and iPad has seen the firm recently become the world's most valuable company.

Meanwhile, Samsung has enjoyed considerable success in the sectors with its Galaxy range of products.... i While Apple had accused Samsung of "blatant copying" of its desig... n and look, the South Korean firm has alleged that Apple infringed its patents relating to the way phones and tablet PCs connect to the internet.

Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest manufacturers of tablet PCs and smartphones in the world.

Sales of the iPad more than doubled to 15.43m for the three months to 31 December 2011.

And in the first quarter of 2012 it sold 13.6m, giving it about 63% of the global tablet market, according to research firm Display Search.

Samsung sold 1.6m tablets over the same period, giving it a 7.5% share.

The success of Apple's iPhone and iPad has seen the firm recently become the world's most valuable company.

Meanwhile, Samsung has enjoyed considerable success in the sectors with its Galaxy range of products. i

Apple knows that it cant compete with a straight Google phone that runs pure android. I finally decide to get a nexus to develope on and it goes and gets band. Ok Apple take you ball and go home already. I am soo tired of this crap.

I dont give a fck.
All that shit about the money.
Please give me a good phone with the best of apple and the best of BlackBerry and the best of Android and i am sure it will be great.
I dont mind that apple wants money from Google and backwards.
Comon the smartest people cant even deal about it.
I dont care that apple winns some money again but hello world live together..

Greets from a stupid guy from the netherlands..

For lack of better words, this is bullshit. Can you imagine the day Google or Samsung pull together a case to ban the sale of Iphones? I mean really... imagine it. I'm not in favor of these frivolous lawsuits but is something has to be banned, why not the Iphone. Someone with a lot of money needs to get on it.

I dont give a fck.
All that shit about the money.
Please give me a good phone with the best of apple and the best of BlackBerry and the best of Android and i am sure it will be great.
I dont mind that apple wants money from Google and backwards.
Comon the smartest people cant even deal about it.
I dont care that apple winns some money again but hello world live together..

Greets from a stupid guy from the netherlands..

Here again is APPLE! Trying to be the shining star! Like Steve Jobs once said "Good artist copy, great artist steal" Apple and its patients. The nonsense of apple is nonsense. YES. It doesnt make sense. APPLE! You can't have the world by yourself! Dont be scare. Google is triumphing! and YOU KNOW IT! America is FREE! This is ridiculous! The patient wars are just a waste of time and money! Its hurts only consumers. Copying is good, if its good. The Galaxy Nexus is GOOD! The iPhone is ok! Lawyers are lawyers, consumers are consumers, and Apple is just pure stupitity. Apple, please dont try to be king. You'll always be dethrone by ANDROID. Freedom, Customization, and Unlimitations will always win. Poor limited Apple.


well seeing how bad it is , i am going to patent the middle finger gesture and use it against apple. I want to see them use it back and then my laywers will jump in!

OMG shoot it to me! I NEEED a NexuS!
I think Apple is posessed by Satan.
SATAN SATAN SATAN THE dEVIL lmao- joking- am atheist but IF there was an invisible evil entity that consumes its prey and should have its head cut off and burned, it would be Apple. F Apple= I will never own an apple product, never made an Apple ID, and I kind of dislike my friends that have apple products lol

Our patent system is so unbelievably borked. This litigious war between Apple, Google, and occasionally Microsoft - and their proxies - is a prime example of why patent reform is necessary. As always, the only people who win are lawyers.

Posting for the win, and predicting that Apple may soon start to sue itself just for the practice.

iPhone: You look surprised to see me, again, Mr. Samsung. That's the difference between us. I've been *expecting* you.

Sammy: Yeah. Well, that sounds like a pretty good deal. But I think I may have a better one. How about, I give you the finger [he does]

Apple is all pissy because they're losing their grasp on the world with their iPhones. I would totally take the HTC T-Mobile G1 over their new iPhone. Hell, I still have my G1 in perfect working condition. :P

I will gladly take that Nexus, though. Kinda jumped on the Moto Bionic and now hating Motorola for it. Build up all this hype for a device, then pretty much EOL it a few months after it releases. I don't regret getting the Bionic. It's a great phone, but to be honest... I still prefer my old HTC EVO 4G to it.

(Yes, my butt is still hurting over this.)

So tired of this nonsense! Obviously a slide to unlock method or minor search function isn't the deciding factor between getting a galaxy nexus over an iPhone. Can't believe an actual judge would rule for an injunction based on the thought that apple is losing sales over this! Common sense and logic go a long way...

I really don't know what the fuss is about. Apple just needs to get over it and resolved its issues. The people should be able to choose what they want. It is a free world. As for me, I've switched from Apple to Android by choice. After watching Google IO 2012 Keynotes live via Android app, going Google is the way to go!

It's unfortunate that we have to stifle innovation in order to be competitive. Can you imagine if patents were used used in this manner during the industrial revolution. We would probably be 50 years behind in technology. Shame on any "technology" company that uses this method.

What Apple is doing wrong is they don't only demand financial satisfaction but use every opportunity to harm other companies by blocking their sales for every little stupid patent they posess.
Patent infringement is a general issue, but it's made to ensure that companies can protect their intellectual property and not to destroy other companies with it.
At the end of the day, Google doesn't sue Apple for a "pull-down notification menu".

Well, Patent War Sucks !!!
We, the customers choose what kind of things that we would like to have.
That means, the customers already knew who invented what, so they could think, " hmm, this thing just "copied" from this brand" why I have to buy the imitated item??"

Oh wow I am so late to this post. But I want a Galaxy Nexus. So here I am!

Here is my feeling on the whole patent thing. Patents are here to protect innovation and proven theft of ones IP. The issue is of course these patent laws were made years ago, decades even. We need these things examined by people that use the internet, use modern technology including, but not limited to, phones, tablets, computers, and every other form of gadgetry out there. Things need to change. The tech world is moving too quickly for patents on things like swipe to unlock (which Apple made popular in 2007) to still be protect-able. It's 2012. Every phone and tablet operating system under the sun has some form of swipe to unlock. How is this still even a debate? In my honest opinion, as Apple winds down innovation, (lets be honest iOS hasn't changed since 2007 in the look of the user interface and 2008 in breakthroughs, I am referring to the App Store) and ramps up patent trolling, they are showing their hand. What is their hand? Their hand is soon to be what is happening to Nokia, RIM, Palm, and Motorola. Once you can't innovate, you have to lawyer up and "protect" what is yours forever because you cannot come up with something new.

All in all, I say this, let Apple have their win today. Because in the end, Google will dominate on innovation. It is very clear where both companies are headed long term in the mobile space.

P.S. I hope I win!

The people in Apple seem so confident that nothing can destroy the corporate image in the public eye. But it is obvious that they are wrong and this patent nonsense is becoming a major nuisance. They may be experts on Law but they probably skipped Management 101 and PR 101.

Apple are just jealous that Google blitzed them with their keynote speech. Live demos, new announcements of OSs and devices, skydiving, hundreds of pounds worth of free stuff - amazing!

This is a childish argument. How I see it is, if you want to be a better company and more successful. Then you should just "Be Better" instead of trying to ruin your competition. Put your time into being more innovative and creative than the other guy and win because you simply are "Better." Apple lacks this capability.

This kind of reminds me of of the movie Gladiator, when Commodus stabs Maximus just before the fight to better his chances at success. Competition is often a good thing.

Apple just needs to man up and stop being such a little "female dog"

Anyways those are my thoughts.
Wish me luck on getting a shot at that Nexus phone before it disappears :)

This has become a war in a court room instead of a competition in real products. G Nexs has been a hit because its pure Google and apple's Iphone is getting old with 3.5 screen. Apple need to compete with their products and not court rooms. Soon Android will beat apple :)

that's a shame,

IT's a big luck for world that Apple just sell phones and computers not TV or cars or anything else....


This little war was ridiculus all the time and every court decision changes nothing. Samsung and Apple change the name of their Gagdets and the game starts all over again.

This patent business is RIDONCULOUS!!-yes that is a real word..maybe. Throwing constant lawsuits is pretty much a last ditch effort of a dying company just trying to hurt the competition. Never buying another apple product again. Selling off my ipod classic and ipod nano..,

These patent suits hurt the consumers and limit our choices. It's ironic to me that Apple sues one of the suppliers that has helped make its device successful. IMO, it gives Apple a bad image when they sue these companies just to fight off the competition. I understand maintaining a competitive advantage so the company's products perform well but continuing with the patent suits is a cheap way to go about it.

I'm fed up with patent fights. Android 4.1 shows Google has been innovating rather than using their patents to start nonsense fights. I've been following Apple and Google developers conferences, Apple's left me with a feeling that they are stuck on small evolution while Google is going 200 MPh on the innovation highway. Please stop this patent war and fight yourselves on software development, FFS!!!

Regards from Spain!

Patents are patents...nothing more. Just a word. Make money by saying you designed and you created something. Reality is, yes, one individual or a group created something but if people didn't use those ideas and products and implement them into their own, there is not way we would improve our ideas and way of life. What If the touchscreen was patented and the maker went after every single person or company that tried to use it like apple and so forth go after companies....we wouldn't have the wonderful products we have today. I understand that if something greatly impacts your income but do you really think that the nexus will impact apples or asus, or toshiba, or anyone else's income? I sure don't think it will!!!

All this patent crap is like saying that you're the only person who can sell bananas. And then you get sued because you're banana is yellow like a Dole banana. All this patent stuff is moving the world backwards, not forwards.

I hate this patent war what Apple is doing. They should focus on improving their products instead of banning competitors. They're losing their public image + market share + promoting Android. LOL! Galaxy Nexus is a lot better than iPhone 4S, they're having nightmares I guess.

Patents suck...this would only lead to monopoly.... meaning by ..the consumers would be at losing end atleast in terms of prices they pay....SAY NO TO PATENTS!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if anyone has done any research into the relationship between company's success / innovation and their adoption of aggressive patent legal action? Suggests desperation to me.

I liked it when apple paid r & d to lead the company forward rather than lawyers. Too bad...they'll never get a cent out of me again

Patents are to protect real innovation, not specific implementations of the same stuff everyone is doing!

I'm really getting sick and tired of hearing of Apple cases, let alone them actually winning them based on rediculous patent infringements. All this is doing is bringing bad publicity to Apple as they can't compete with the newer and better phones so they resort to these childish tactics.

I'm just waiting for when we are forced back into feature phones because all smartphones infringe on someone elses not specific patent.

I kind of think all of this is good and hope for more, so maybe, more of the public starts to notice what is going on.

DOwn with patents...they suck...this would only lead to monopoly..meaning by that the consumers would be at losing end atlease in terms of prices they pay.... Competition leads to advancement in techology, innovation... Patents suck a big time!!!

lol this has to be 1 of my favorite posts ever! an up side to this crap! oh yeah, back to the rules. this patent crap is crappy. doesnt matter if i win, this postvwas awesome!

I've decide today to have a pure google experience. I just purchased a Galaxy S III and will be returning it tomorrow. Not because it's not great phone or super fast or doesn't do everything that I need it to but because it is holding android back. It use to be that in my previous years versions of the Galaxy device I was able to relieve my experience by removing most of the touchwiz influence by removing the TWlaucher as default. I was surprised to learn this option was removed this option. Is Samsung using androids platform all the while trying to distance itself from the very teet it had been suckling, the same teet that breath life back in a dying phone market in loom of apples ios shadow? The answer is yes.

In the past year I've seen Google attack problems in Android with a vigorous maturity, bringing it toe-to-toe with the likes of Apples ios. Removing physical keys, keeping the os simple and beautiful all the while bringing fluidity to how it's navigated and increasing hardware excelleration. And don't get me started on Roboto. My point is this; even though Google has been successful at solving many problems only to be ignored by Samsung completely in a flagship device to boot. I am taking a stand for Google starting today! I am a consumer pulling my card and picking a side and I want a unaltered experience Samsung! Google is making great head way and Apple is scared, hence the law suits. I'm not against phone manufactures I'm against them grabbing the wheel of Google's vehicle.

So Android Central(home of my favorite pod cast) yes, I would love a Galaxy Nexus to start my purge of manufacture Ui's, but if you choose me not I will still be purchasing one. If you read this far I thank you and hoped I've influenced at least one person.

I can't express this idea any more eloquently, so I'll borrow words from the and instead: "Patents are supposed to foster innovation, but modern software patents have been turned against inventors." This nonsense simply has to stop.

bad bad karma to clean for those lawyers and companies... it will take generations.
Moore's law will not help them to make it faster.

Stop software patent!!!
we have enough of it.

I'll be glad to receive that Galaxy Nexus, just need a new device to flash all those yummy custom images.

IMHO this is all nonsense by both the companies to get ample 'facetime' (pun intended) across the news.

There should be a way for Consumers to sue companies for frivolous suits against each other, because at the end of the day, they are the decision makers!

This Happy-sue campaign from Apple needs to come to an end. It's just hurting the consumers more and more.

Like someone said (sorry not sure where exactly I read it): Do Apple actually think that I will buy their products if I know they are the reason I can't buy the product that I couldn't buy because of this legislation crap? Absolutely not.

It's no wonder Apple has to tout its great "inovations." Rather than actually making truly innovative products, they spend more money on lawsuits, to cripple competition, and advertisements to convince the people they "need" their product. It makes no sense. I have owned several Apple devices, in fact im on a macBook pro right now, and I can honestly say they are overpriced for what they are. I traded my iPhone for a Galaxy S over a year ago because I couldn't do what I wanted to do on it. I love how liberating non-Apple devices can be. Apple a paranoid and passive-agressive company with control issues. This whole thing is just sad.

I am looking to by a new phone soon and I had my eye on either the Galaxy S III or the Galaxy Nexus. My wife asked me if I just wanted to wait and get an iPhone 5 later this year. I laughed and told her we were getting a divorce.

I just think the whole thing is ridiculous, and to those that actually follow any news about patent war proceedings I find that Apple just seems foolish, with only the rare straggler crying, "It's good that they're protecting their work!" or something similarly inane. I think if more people knew how much of a pouting child Apple was being throughout all of this they would be mortified. I think it's even sillier that there's an injunction against the Galaxy Nexus. I'd love to have it as my daily driver....