Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!



They have to make up for that loss they just took in Europe. It is pretty funny though how the company gets passed technologically and the only thing they can do is sue the competition. They have their isheep following so they don't really need to worry about innovation. Just look at the 4s just slap a random consonant after the same number version and "bam" everyone goes out to buy the next big thing....idiots

Patents are just like a double-edge sword; it's good for protecting the rights of the inventor/discoverer, but it'll become a horrible weapon that just simply drag people's living standards down. Look at those new medicines, the pharmaceutical tycoons may have really put a lot of resources in developing a new drug, but will you do that again after you've looked the poor African fellas? At least I can't.

When I knew that Apple had won this meaningless and sightly "unethical" "war"(after I've woke up, morning here in Asia LOL), the first reaction came to my mind was just a simply WHAT THE F***...I always think that Apple is trying to make the whole IT world into 1984-like, starting from the 1984 parody commercial in the 1980s.

This patent nonsense is kinda funny....because Apple took features from the older Windows Phone and used them in its product.

It's time to be posting awaaaaaayyyyy...
Set an open course to JeeeeeeeelllllllllllyyyyyyBeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaannnnn..

I guess when you have that many lawyers all on retainer, they need something to do. Why not file patent law suits, even if you don't have a chance of winning?

Its funny how the patent system was designed to help innovation... but instead apple has been using it to slow down its competition.... haters are gonna hate.... Rocking the bean on my nexus anyways... #swap

Thanks for getting them to ban the Galaxy Nexus, Apple! Now I want to run out and buy an iPhone! Hurray

I hate apple and their bs patents. I love getting my friends to switch from ios to android due to this and android's superior os.

So Apple, you know how in the 80's you stole a bunch of stuff from people who innovated new technologies and then marketed it really well while making sure to keep everything proprietary in your "walled garden" only to be passed up by another company who did the same thing, but actually let people do what they wanted with their machines? Remember how you then faded into oblivion because you chose to try and sue your way back to glory rather than innovate? Remember how you did the same thing in the early 2000's and are now showing you didn't learn your lesson the first time? Bye Bye Apple!

yes, i am against this madness. however, i would suggest bring some improvement for mobile devices and especially for cellphones. it is quite difficult use current form for comments posting.

RIP innovation. Whenever the first sandwich was made-2012
Innovation had a long run. But all good things must come to an end. I'm saddened by the loss. Innovation was murdered by Apple. These "geniuses" have found a way around actually putting out new creative ideas. Just sue anyone that does! Genius!

I am going to patent the behavior of doors. Not just the mechanics, but the behavior. If "anything" opens, when previously closed, to allow for the ingress or egress of any person or thing then that act of that "anything" is the intellectual property of *holds tongue* Apple Inc.

This includes the rolling away of stones. No one shall be afforded relief from *holds tongue* Apple Inc.

It would be nice if instead of playing tattle tail they just tried to make a decent phone...


It would be great to get a nexus!

Every company has "stolen" something from somebody else. Nobody is completely innocent. Grow up and compete through innovation, not pointless lawsuits. Stop throwing stones.

Apple Sucks and it just shows how scared they are. They have to try to stop the sale of a better product!!!!

Figures. I just found a buyer for my Lumia 900. I'd like to use that money to get a Galaxy Nexus because Jellybean looks so awesome. Would love to win this device.

Google should just pull a "PirateBay", the ban is for "sale in the U.S" if I'm not mistaken right? Well now that Google sells it's hardware over the Play Store they should just move all sales to a server in an other country. If Apple blocks them in that country to, move it to another country and server.

Only way for Apple to "win" then is to get a world wide ban or a ban on storing, packaging, handling etc of the Nexus in the U.S. And in the later case Google would just have to ship the phones from of shores.

So my tip for Google is to learn from the pirates and let Apple run them self tiered! =D

I understand Apple is being overprotective, but are they helping or hurting themselves?
I love technology. I loved my Palm Pilot Professional with 512kb, and bought for another $100+ a chip to increase to 1MB. I went through almost every model of Palm Pilot including the spinoff Handspring Visors. I went through a total of 6 different models each an upgrade to the other. I used a regular dumb phone for years until I sprung for a BlackBerry Curve, Tour, Bold. I have now gone through Droid X, X2, Droid Charge and Droid Incredible 2. Never once did I go to Apple iPhone. Sure I was tempted but I never thought it was the right choice for me.
I now see Apple trying to stifle competition and I am glad I don't own an iPhone or Mac. (Yes, I did stumble once buying a iPod Classic and iPod Nano in their 2nd generation and they still work.
I am a fan of the future and not the past.
*If I rambled a bit too much, I apologize,but I hope you got some of what I meant to say.*
By the way, I have had my eye on the Galaxy Nexus for a bit, but just haven't pulled the trigger and obviously I need AC to be trigger happy to send one to me.

Unfortunately the patent wars just go to show how intolerat and petty the world has become... or how some like to describe human psychology of how as you get older you start acting immature again... clearly Steve Jobs wasnt acting like he was any older than a 5th grader when he started this mess... but then again he was still an emotional mess after what Bill Gates had already done to him when he was younger...
But having said all that its important one steps aside and thinks about things from a larger perspective... from a mature thought process and try to settle your differences rather than go at each others throats... which is unfortunately the direction the world has been going in for past few years now with the wars, the crumbling nations and the toppling governments... quite sad really...

At the end of the day its the consumer who gets screwed and needs to go for something else... and the fact of the matter is... if your a apple fan boy, you will get some other apple product instead... and if your a androidian, you will just go for some other model as well... so they just not letting you get the phone you want, but not winning the customer over to their side...

But anyway... enough of my rant... gimme some dem Jelly Beans :-)

Apple needs to grow some balls and except the fact that the competition has surpassed my message to apple is pop out that tit, dry your eyes from the crying and get to work and try to keep up...and Google keep up the good work

Patents are so out of control. They have a place for hardware devices, but software and process patents are meant to be weapons, not innovation.

These Apple lawsuits are bad and all, but Having to use the thing I'm using as a phone right now is much worse! Help me out!

i am not against apple, i am against not wise low. it is modern stupidity to use it. i am glad to see people united

ugh, the patent system is so messed up. innovation and competition is being stifled while lawyers and shell corporations reap the benefits.

I really like apple products, but have no desire to have an iPhone. If they keep this crap up, They won't be getting any more money from me in the future.

I've pulled out of the apple product market a few years ago (at least everything I can control as in products and software) and trying to get the wife out will be next to impossible. So the only way to have my wife try something other than her iphone is to get something little to no cost to us.

I am absolutely fed up with ALL of this patent nonsense across the entire technical market. I wish we could force them all throw in the towel and redo the entire patent system, especially in relation to software.

I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school, I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

Apple is ridiculous. There is a growing subset of people who aren't going to buy Apple products anymore due to their business practices. I have a lot of respect for what Apple has done in the past, but currently I'm not thinking very highly of them.

Has Apple ever gone after Google themselves about this stuff? Whatever, I hope I get to use one before they're temporarily banned for awhile

The patent trolling has gone past silly, jumped over obnoxious and broken through whatever is worse than absolute absurdity. This is killing competition and innovation. Companies at this point have to be somewhat worried any time they come up with or release something new for fear of facing some patent lawsuit from some "company" who never even actually made the product, merely had the patent for it.

The patent office should require the applicant to provide a working prototype along with their patent submission in order to avoid this nonsense that just gets worse every day. I feel like if the person submitting the patent application can show a functional prototype then they actually deserve the patent. Merely patenting some vague idea for *insert whatever example here* is ridiculous in that it allows the person to later cash in when a company makes an actual product "using" said vague idea. Also, there should be some restriction on how long you can wait to sue for infringement. Some of these people wait for years until the brand/product becomes considerably valuable before filing a lawsuit.

This kind of stuff is why I scoff at most people I know who are iSheeple. I'm so tired of hearing about Apple going after companies through endless litigation rather than improving their own products or knowingly ripping off features from other platforms and calling it innovation (notification pull down in iOS 5??). They have an inferior product and can't keep up with Android's pace and they know it and have no recourse.

It's a damn shame. I will never own an Apple product because of this blatant abuse of the US patent system and their "billion dollars in the bank".

If only I were so terribly insecure about my self worth that I tried to stop every one else from having a moment to shine! That, and and this judge is the a technically inept moron.

All I can say is that at least, for now, it is still available in Canada, as long as the clusterf$#k that is US Patent law doesn't come to town as well.

I feel bad for everyone in the states that has to lose out on amazing devices and innovation because somebody gets butthurt at the notion that their vague patent might overlap someone else's idea.

dont want to tell you bad news but if apple wanted to they can/would do the same in Canada just as they did in the UK with the galaxy tab.

I'd love to win a nexus!!!!!!!!. This patent issue is getting out of hand. There is a serious issue with patents and how they are granted. A bit unrelated but its a similar case with the patent issues of genetically modified foods in the farming industry. A big "GMO" producer like Monsanto produces modified seed that gives bigger yields and pesticide resistance and sells it to farmers world wide,

but the catch is that you have to buy permits and leases, essentially a binding agreement that you'll use the seeds and wont save them for the next harvest. They even go to lengths to test the DNA of your produce for years down the line to see if you have used their seeds without permission.

The craziest part of this issue is that if you have a farmer that lives NEXT to you and the seeds happen to blow over to your area of the land. If those seeds end up making produce and you happen to sell the produce without knowing that seeds blew into your land by wind or by animals, you would get SUED.

The courts uphold these patent infringements, and the little farmer gets his land taken away or worse, goes out of business. The big organizations basically use their lawyers to drag out the case to a point where the farmer cannot financially support his case, and ends up at the mercy of the large industry.

This is what is wrong with the current patent industry. You can take this example to the growing mobile market, where things that should NOT be patents are granted to individual holders. I'm glad Google is more than large enough to go head to head in these cases, but its money wasted that could have gone to R&D for both companies!

Its a Shame!

Anyway, I am an iPhone 4s user, and have been dying to give android a try! Too bad my contract doesn't expire for another 1.5 years so ill be stuck with this thing. This would help me make the switch from iOS to android. Looking forward to Jelly Bean none the less!

I'd guess the winner is picked by random, and there's a small chance of winning, but I just thought I'd give my opinion on this issue!

apple is the perfect example of a company that is scared of competition, so instead of just trying to do better then their last product, they ban anyone who trys. with the patents backing them they act like they can do what ever they want, whats worse is people who ride apple nuts so hard and back them are the people helping them screw everyone else over like they owe apple a favor, but at the end of the day those isheep are nothing but a paycheck to apple but they just have'nt realized that yet...
can i win the phone now??

What's messed up is this spoils everything coming out of WWDC and Google I/O. It'd be a shame if Steve Jobs' legacy turns out to be thermonuclear war.

The current patent laws impede innovation. I feel badly for the genuine patent holders getting ripped off while nonsense like this happens.

Quick question: Does Apple's renowned Reality Distortion Field (pat. pend) temporarily suspend the laws of causality? If we've decided that Siri's primary function is to serve as a so-called unified search maven and that Google's very operating system violates this original conception -- make no mistake about it, including the Nexus line within this war ensures that this is an unadulterated attack on the OS and not a particular manufacturer's alterations -- then we have to ignore the fact that Google and its far-reaching search services predate Siri's shenanigans by quite some time. This goes far beyond a chicken v. egg debate, more like chicken vs. primordial chicken broth.

I'm not nearly savvy enough to opine on the other cited infringements, but they don't seem particularly offensive to someone who has already become rather desensitized by these silly patent wars. I get the feeling that the Nexus may be an an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire as Apple reloads and sets their sights on S Voice.

Searching multiple areas on the phone for information infringement? What a joke. Slide to unlock...these patents are just getting absolutely out of hand. At least with the Samsung cases about the original Galaxy S, that was actually blatant copying with the square's added to all icons and the middle home button design, but these general UI interactions are just...ugh.

Apple is just angry because, not only is Android a superior platform, but it continues to dominate in market share. They're extra sore about the Galaxy Nexus because of how much Samsung alone has taken from them, not to mention how much more they'll take with the SGSIII. Grow up, Apple. Don't be be angry at consumers for buying something you didn't make. Maybe if you would actually change the hardware of the iPhone instead of releasing an updated version of the same phone year after year, you wouldn't have such issues.

It's really sad that Apple started off as the underdog. Go with Apple and tell 'the man' he can suck it. And now they're stunting innovation and competition by claiming over-generalized patents. Ugh. Patents can't work like this.

It's getting ridiculous with the uspto granting these patents that shouldn't even be patented. Seriously has Apple even had an original idea in the past 30 years.

All this patent law stuff and suing everyone for everything that everyone thinks was their idea and only their idea is a little...err....A LOT ridiculous!! I can't believe this stuff is even still going on in court.

Email me and I'll give you my address where I'll gladly accept that Nexus.

What ever happened to good old competition?? When apple came out with the iphone in 07 google, and windows adapted and worked on new products to compete in the market. Now that Google is revolutionizing the smartphone apples only answer is to sue them and ban their product.

Note to apple, why dont you put some of that money into R&D rather than waisting it on limiting our choices!

If these companies spent half as much time working on their products instead of suing everyone we would have some amazing devices.

They all use each others patents in some way or another. Samsung should stop supplying parts for Apple.

This patent stuff is beginning to get really old. Apple needs to stop carrying if products look the same, while in actuality they are completely different. For example, a lemon and a lime look somewhat similar but they are completely different fruits! Apple needs to stop getting there panties in a naught and should focus on creating better products for the consumer! I'm know I'm not the only one who feels this way, I just hope an agreement can be made sooner then later!

I hope Apple rots on the vine for this. Their Lawyers I am sure are very happy. It is time to stop suing innovative companies.

They all use each others patents in some way or another. Samsung should stop supplying parts for Apple.

There should literally be a limit on how many times you can do patent lawsuits for large companies. Also I'm entering to replace my old Cappy

Let me vvin this! Apple is just mad that Samsung is their biggest competitor in the Android space and are looking for every excuse in the book to try to limit Samsung and other company's ability to compete with them. They are taking ideas that were not theirs originally and trying to fight others. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, THEY'RE TRYING TO SAY THEY INVENTED THE TABLET FORM FACTOR.

This patent nonsense is as messed up as the fact that one of my friends is still using a cell phone from the 90's!
Please, please help me get her into the same year as the rest of us before someone turns her into an anything-but-android user.

*This comment is temporarily unavailable due to an FTC investigation on whether or not it violates Apple patent #7734209*

I really and truly do not understand how these patent laws stay in place. I understand that they were useful in the past, but now a few month head start in a new industry is enough to get ahead.

I also hate how such simple things can be patented. Slide to unlock seems pretty logical for a touch screen device.....

Technology travels at the speed of light. Laws and the governments that write them still travel by horse & buggy.

Apple can't handle the fact that front the start, from the very first OS created on a iPhone or anything, they knew they were gonna have competitions that would exceed what they are doing and do it better.


Just because you can't think of a good idea and then be all, "holy Cr*p!?! We gotta sue for something that isn't even that important!!!"

How bout u quit stealing ideas. Lets name one. Ur "amazing" notification pull down.

It's sad that u just can't admit that Google is actually doing something BETTER then YOU.

Chrome kills you.
Jellybean is gonna kill you.
Your Ping Social Network is a fail and G+ is a success.
I could go all day at your fails.

So how bout you quit waisting precious time and precious money and put that money to innovation and instead of just doing something revolutionary, how bout you do something Evolutionary.

I can't wait to hear the day u get put down and become the company that ends up like the American Motor company.

American Motor company thats low lol, cut them some slack an put them in the same boat as RIM.. even tho i cant hate on RIM for trying.

If Columbus truly wanted to declare ownership of something clearly founded and developed by someone else, he should've filed a tech patent.

We just got blasted with Obamacare from the U S Supreme Court so why not get blasted by some backdoor lawyers. Big brother trying to do it again. Never had one of these kind of phones but would sure love one. Thanks for the article.

Lawyers can be lawyers, but having devices like the nexus create good competition among the tech companies. The competition creates innovation, so I don't see the harm in it. In any event, apple and other tech companies infringe on each others patents all the time, but it just makes people come up with new cooler ideas... So, please pick me as I could totally use a new phone.

Patent litigation is just another card that stifles innovation. It's the same as copyright laws for the recording industry. At the same time, it's something that's got to be acknowledged and respected as long as it exists. Apple played this particular card, and it worked. I'm sure though, that soon enough, they'll get a taste of their own medicine.

Patent gobbling up is just wrong it kills people from making existing ways or techniques better or different then first intended.

I'll let Apple know what my opinion is by not buying any of their products. No iPhones, iPads, iBooks....I encourage you to do the same if you feel that their actions are uncalled for.

Patents, patents and patents, if we go back some years when apple was smartphone leader.there was nothing like patent infringement cases. But today where android is the leader, apple has started to file lawsuits against the the things that were never cared before. This is because apple doesn't have enough sh*t in its a** to make a device that would drag users to apple and kill android. So finally that b*tchy apple has found a way to stop the sales of most successful android devices out there, the patent infringement is not applied against a low - end device or less successful. Apple don't understand that we android users don't give a damn to the patents. I m an hardcore android /nexus fan and will do whatever to get the android device even if it infringes all of the apple patents. Go giveaway the galaxy nexus and show apple ur mid - finger!!!

It's pathetic that Apple does this when they see good competition... Instead of competing with the hardware/software like they should, they try to compete in the court room instead and delay innovation. You never see Google suing anybody. Even after the obviously ripped off notification bar in iOS 5...

Its actually incredible how screwed up this system is. Patents no longer do what they originally intended to do so why are they not reformed? When everyone is sueing everyone the consumer looses, and I thought our society was all about consumers.

i see only one reason why people are trying hate Apple-just to get free and quite good, if not better, galaxy nexus device. Apple is playing the same game as Oracle does. low allows that

Real classy Apple. You act like a baby who doesn't want to share his toys.unfortunately, Jobs would be proud.

Most of apple's patents are stupid and should be thrown out. Way to generic and can be used to target anything.

Ever since the start of the patent wars I have only had one thought. This is ridiculous and sane at the same time. I get that Apple has a right to protect it's patents, but at the same time they are just being vindictive.
This all just hurts the consumers at the end of the day. The only people who benefit are those who work for the courts. This all makes Apple look petty, and Samsung look lazy.
I used iOS and it was limited, and I love android but it's too spread out. The nexus is pure google.
And slide to unlock is not even technically in the phone. you swipe in any direction and it unlocks, you don't swipe a bar.
Enough of this mudslinging.

Apple is stupid...This makes me want to get rid of my Macbook Pro as well. I'll take the Nexus since my Droid Charge is very tired.

I own a 2006 MacBook, used to have the first iPod Touch, and my old iPod Mini is accumulating dust. Used to be a total Apple fanboy, glad I stopped drinking the Kool-aid. Their business practices are horrible. It's basically a marketing company with a technology arm. They make derivative products (albeit at times good) slap a hefty price tag on it and then sue others for trying to compete. I do like that in some ways, they push the technology further by challenging Microsoft and Google, but these days it's more like Google is pushing them on the mobile front...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the release of the Asus Transformer Infinity, I think it'll make a good laptop replacement since I have a desktop PC at home. I doubt I'll ever by another Apple product in my life.

Can I haz Galaxy Nexus and Jelly Bean now??? =)

This patent suing craze needs to stop. All these companies are just purchasing/creating thousands of patents with not even the slightest intent to build anything. It's like planting mines anywhere you can and just hoping some poor little guy steps on it...and if its a big corporation with money I bet these guys have a field day in their offices when they get the news. " Yo Steve! Bring out the champagne we got another sucker!"

It's a loose for all. Special for the customers. But in my feelings it's bad for the companies too. Special Apple is only thinking on patents and not making any new innovations. But there some others who are doing to same :(

I am still waiting for the day when Phones will be sold with no OS installed and we the consumers will have a choice to load what we want.

Imagine a Nexus device that can load Android, Mobile Linux, WP, iOS and others to come up.

If we can do that on Desktops and Laptops why not Phones :)

As tired as I am of hearing about Apple vs. Samsung, you can't blame them for trying to slow down sales of their top competitor. They realize Samsung sells millions of devices otherwise they wouldn't bother suing them. What's the saying... There's no such thing as bad publicity? I'm confident Samsung will benefit from all the free publicity and make people wonder why Apple wants to stop Samsung from selling their devices anyway.

Glad I came back from iOS to Android. How is it there isn't more outcry from Apple fanboys about this ridiculous nonsense, and why is it only affecting a small number of people's decisions in buying their next phone? Seems like people don't give a crap about justice these days, they just want moar shiny products regurgitated and pumped out by Apple, so they keep quiet like that kid who plays his gameboy pretending he doesn't hear mommy and daddy fighting in the other room. iOS 6 is a joke and their legal BS against Google is just compensation for their severely inferior joke of an operating system.

This whole patent war is a complete waste of time and money. Sorry Apple, you make nice hardware, but you didn't come up with most of this on your own. It's all continual evolution of technology and design and trying to win through the courts is not a good long-term strategy.

In all honesty, I'm not against defending patents. It's a good thing to be able to keep your ideas safe.

The problem is how petty and hypocritical this is of Apple to do. Look at iOS6. Look at how many "new" features have been ripped right from Android, and somehow that's ok?

Apple is losing the smartphone war. Some would say they've already lost. They sure as hell can't innovate better than Google and beat them the proper way, so they play dirty.

The end all say all is, well, the end user. We'll decide, and by the looks of it, this is doing nothing but making Apple look bad. All the press covering this story has been negative. Apple's digging their own grave. Vote with your wallet, people!

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Why is apple so afraid to compete in the open market? Just put your best stuff out there, keep innovating, open up your ecosystem, allow folks to vote with their dollars, and let's see who wins. What are they so afraid of? Zero stars...

I don't believe the problem is that the U.S. Patent system itself is broken but rather the people in charge of managing it are broken. I don't believe that we have nearly enough people responsible for managing this whole system to cover the amount of applications they receive per year. Not to mention the fact that many of them probably don't know the difference between hardware and software and as a result consider them the same resulting in these badly proposed patents being allowed in. Then we have the issue of a company like Apple that is quite profitable and well liked by the consumers, because of this they most likely are not given a second look when an application from them comes in and are allowed straight in. This still wouldn't be a problem though, however where I think we get the real problem is that Apple isn't looking to get paid back for lost income. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get back money you lost for patents you own even if you shouldn't own them but it should be just that. Get your money, give license, etc. and be done with it. What we have now from my perspective is a company that wants to be the only one on Best Buys shelfs when the stores open, this is not healthy competition and that is what needs stopped.

Comment commented. Watching these big companies snipe at each other reminds me of little kids tattling on each other over nothing. Mommy! Samsung stole my device idea even though it has a different shape based on recognized standards!

This Apple is falling far from the tree. Hell the entire Apple tree is falling. Just my two cents! Hail GOOGLE! Nexus FTW!

I wonder if South Park can explain how messed up the Patent cases are

Judge: You may begin the case
Apple Lawyer : Your Marclar, this Marclar has violated Marclar no. Marclar Thousand Marclar Hundred and Marcly Mar
Judge: Which is?
Apple Lawyer : The Marclar states that when a Marclar is clicked on the Marclar by the Marclar, the resulting Marclar should come up with a Marclar which also in turn Marclars to other Marclar. This Marclar can only be read by the Marclar in the phone's Marclar and this is a unique Marclar whose Marclar is so Marclar that only the iPhone can Marclar. So the Nexus has violated this Marclar by following the same Marclar but only by changing the Marclar on a Marclar level.
Judge: @#£%&€¥$√π×

Yes my Marclars, this is how Apple manages to win almost each and every Marclar.

It would seem apple is more concerned with litigation than innovation. It shows in their stale OS, and rehashed iPhone 4s (with innovative pull down notification bar LMAO!). android for life!!!!!!!!!

Intellectual property and Patents that go with electronic software as well as hardware scares me now a days. I mean as we desire bigger, better and faster toys. These companies seem to keep finding ways to stop new releases of products or in the future make certain lines of brands disappear. I understand that to some copying and improving on things is stealing but there needs to be a line in the sand that is fair and just.

It's funny how people blame the lawyers for this. The lawyers are doing the bidding of their clients. The problem, quite frankly is the patent system itself. It is broken and because the corporations basically own congress, no one is willing to fix it.

patent law sucks. it needs to be totally reworked. lawsuits suck, especially between major players. we all wind up footing the bill.

Oh and I don't NEED a Gnex, I already have one. But 2 is better then 1 right?

Is Apple such a sore loser to carry on with this messed up shit?
Now even more that Google stuck in into their butts with Chrome on iOS?

Apple just saw the I/O keynotes and decided they had to do something, cause it's Google going thermonuclear. Galaxy Nexus for $350. What???

And it must have really ticked them off that Chrome and Drive are taking on iOS.

I was never an Android Fanboy or iOS fanatic. I didn't even have any smartphone this time last year. So, when I was buying my first smartphone, what pushed me towards Android was Apple's habit of throwing its weight around. I didn't knew much about patent wars back then; but knew about apple suing everything that wasn't coming out of it's factory. Didn't wanna give my money to that bully.

All these patent laws, I'm still wondering how does this help drive innovation? Drive innovation to extinction, perhaps.

There's a trend here, Apple keeps going after devices that threatens their market shares. If the device is predicted to sell millions, they'll find any reason to halt the sale of that product. Even the judges are getting tired of all this bs being played out in their courtroom. Apple seriously need to grow a pair, and stop picking at everything. Soon there'll be a patent on everything and then software will be at a stand still, there won't be any innovation, because no wants to get sued. Let's hope we never get there.

Enough of these patent wars and constant lawsuits between technology companies. Tech companies copy each other and take queues from each other in order to keep their companies going. Apple copied android's notification system and android copied siri with Google Now. Apple also started putting front camera's on phones after htc did. Each company is at fault, apple seems the only one who goes as far as to try and stop others from selling their products. I'm surprised they haven't really gone after HP for their Envy line. Just focus on your own products and leave other companies alone.

That being said would love to get my hands on a Gnex and Jellybean..I'm still running gingerbread

Ultimately speaking Apple is losing the battle through traditional means, which is by innovating products which consumers want, so out of desperation they're trying to cripple the competition, while appealing to public emotion by painting everybody else as the fakes who are stealing their ideas and costing them business. This also boosts earns them PR, because schmucks like us start talking about them.

Unfortunately our legal system allows itself to be used like a circus in this way, and until they make efforts to stop it these battles will continue to flare up and be fought.

In the meantime, can't SOMEbody win an injunction AGAINST APPLE?

blah blah blah patent wars suck. It's even more funnier since Samsung is providing so many components to Apple. It's sad that instead of trying to continue to innovate, Apple is relying on such low ball tactics.

In the end, Samsung and the Android OS is winning. Consumers are losing though because the legal expenses and such all boils down to the product costs one way or another.

We all know that Apple is starting to feel a bit anxious with the fast growth of the Android OS and biting into their market share. Hah!

It's really retarded how far these companies have taken this. It's really just wasting money at this point. They're suing each other for patents that are so trivial that it only serves to prove that the entire patent system is a waste of time. Why bother if having a patent system at all if there is no common sense being applied? Why have a government for that matter without common sense?

As you must have heard that apple says android is copied from ios ..they still keep telling android -stop coping us and we will stop sueing you. So my dear apple why do you copy things from apple, u r not a copy cat then why do you do all this. Apple copied notification bar, voice commands, and almost everything in ios 6 .and in near future it going to copy - customization, transition effects, Widgets and nfc for sure .even tablet idea was of Microsoft, and one of my iPod user friend told me android copied the tablet concept...and still people say android copied ios.after having these great copycat shit on my mind, now even patents infringement war has started. I think patent infringement cases should not be even considered by judges ....

I am so tired about hearing apple flex its muscles. I don't own any apple products and don't recommend them to my friends. I love my android razr. Come on apple, play nice.

When I say "Apple", you say "Sucks"!! Me:Apple! You:SUCKS! Me:Apple! You:SUCKS!
But seriously, the government needs to realize that what Apple is trying to do is monopolize their business by killing off all businesses that compete with it.

This patent stuff is really ridiculous. I don't see why Apple is continuing with it >_>

I can has Galaxy Nexus?

Apple knows Android is going to out innovate and out hustle them. Apple's only chance is to sue and stop the innovation.

They keep embarrassing themselves with this crap. The part that sucks, the majority of the market either doesn't know.. or assumes Apple has to be the "good guy" in all this.

patent wars are bull shit for companies like apple because suddenly they are not getting the attention they used to ! cheap tactics

The patent system is so messed up that I feel the need to go file patents on everything that I think would be awesome on cell phones in the next ten years. Then I will get to sue the pants off Apple for the billions and billions they have in the bank.

I think this bickering back and forth is complete nonsense. Neither one is making any more money by stopping the sale of the other's phone. It's just become an annoyance. What would be cool is if Android got apple, Samsung and HTC to collaborate on the next nexus device. That would be ridiculous. Even though I'm team Android all the way I think the device of that magnitude could become a gl obal phenomenon that the mobile industry has never seen. Pay lawyers.... Or get together and take over the market in a combined effort which should damn near knock off any other device coming out for the next 2 years. I know it would probably never happen but speculating about something like that would sure be better than hearing about sales being blocked every five minutes. I mean damn I still have an EVO 4G and every time I want a phone its either no good enough or sold out like galaxy s3. I mean that's it, the next person that tells me about another phones sales being barred is getting slapped.

This is just ridiculous... I hate all the patent stuff... The only thing that this is for, is to hurt the costumers. I don't live in the US and I really don't get it how such patents can be given. Some of them are just for common things. For example every smartphone has the same style factor, how can such a patent be given. I think I will get a patent for my brown eyes that non one is allowed to have brown eyes... This shit just destroys economy.. I think in the last years that patent shit just went in a completely wrong direction and apple is one of of the big companies that led it there.. I can only hope that this doesn't affect me too much and that it stops soon.

Alex Trebek *reading answer*: "To compensate for the tremendous amount they have to pay their lawyers to sue other companies incessantly."

Cjhindy *rings in*

Alex Trebek: "Yes, Cjhindy?"

Cjhindy: "What is the reason that Apple products are so overpriced?"

Alex Trebek: "To be sure! You have control of the board Cjhindy!"

Cjhindy: "Let's stick with 'Companies that wish they were Google' for $800"

the thing that I don't understand is why the hell doesn't Google push some of their money into these brands who are supporting Android 100%. I wish Microsoft and Android companies can team up and give Apple a taste of what they are dishing. It's getting very ridiculous. Apple is spending so much money on the legal system because they have so much to spend. How about they donate that money to deserving charities before making corporate lawyer's wives's noses more sore. Okay, I'm done. Just frustrating is all. Would love to have a Nexus by the way.

Personally I think Apple is scared that Google produces a better product and thus is going after every cell phone company that manufactures items with its product. They need to kick rocks and focus on making their one size fits all cell phone better. Try making something worth competing against instead of killing a better competitor.

I've always been into Apple stuff, but this seems to be getting out of hand - suing someone in courts because their product might be better than yours seems a little childish.

This is ridiculous! Yeah apple came out with the iphone and its shape and all the other neat little crap that came with it. Android, in my opinion, got that idea and branched out. Copied? No. You don't see Ford suing Dodge and Chevy for having cars that run on gasoline or because the Ram trucks have the same basic shape as the F150. Its pointless. Apple is basically trying to say that if anything Android does even resembles what they have done they have instantly committed a huge crime. ITS A PHONE. If someone copies you, you should be making something better. Come on. You have ONE phone that competes against a f*ckton of Android phones and your still very damn popular. Don't sue based on what you consider coping. Especially on a search function. really. I mean REALLY?!? What has Google always been famously used for? What has Google gained fame for. Being a SEARCH ENGINE. Google = Search. Slide to unlock.... my sisters P.O.S. feature phone does that. Why aren't you holding those back? Apple, stop crying foul. Android is getting an edge on you, admit it. Get over it.

This is exploitation of a clearly broken patent system. Patents should be issued for innovation, not intuition.
A healthy market promotes competition with great products for consumers to choose from. Apple is attempting to bury their competition with litegation. This is not how the market is intended to function.
Regulators need to recognize this and step in. Consumers need to push for action. Google et al needs to marshall their forces and go to war. Enough is enough.

All the patent mess and lawyers and whining and crying from Apple really makes them look kinda weak if u really feel u got the best product you would put it up against the best competition and let the phones and consumers make the choice not the paperwork and injunctions.

This whole thing is getting lame now. keep making your product and let the consumer decide which do they want. Most if not all android phones use slide lock/unlock. Are they planning on suing all manufacturers over this? Oh, and btw, I want a nexus phone please :D

apple is just scared that they can't come up with anything new anymore and are attacking their competition so that they could look like they're still competing

This patent system is so insanely stupid that I can't believe it. And that judge...? His reasoning is the the galaxy nexus, having a unified search system, can hurt iphone sales? Really? Ever saw anybody looking at a galaxy nexus and an iphone saying: "Hmmm... Which should I take? Siri or Google search? I can't choose between the two!".
This is just ridiculous.

this it the reason ill never buy an apple product hell i don't even want to use my itunes card i got i mean its a good thing google doesn't know much about searching the internet

In the army there is a doctrine that sates: if you are attacked and you cant stop the enemy you should retreat, and while retreating your forces should be hitting the enemy everywhere on the line of contact to prevent the enemy's swift advancing. Of course at the rear you meanwhile preparing the counter offensive.
Its obvious that every Apple, Nokia and Motorola out there, trying to stall their opponents in attempt to win the initiative to themselves - win a bigger share of the market, and make more money.
In my opinion it is to simple for those companies to yell its my patent and i want money or want you stop selling, or else... They should be banned from patent every little thing. Patents should be things that someone invented by hard work and did actual inventing, not "you cant put button in that shape because i invented it".
The down side in this situation are the consumers who are the real losers: instead getting good products early, we see that almost every time something good is out, it is delayed by legal this or patent that or even banned for good.
And if someone decided to patent the "esc" button on the keyboard or the round shape of the wheel or the tooth brush, what then?

So it happens again. Apple puts on the Super Suit (aka patent lawsuit (pun)) Judge says "hmmm i don't know anything about technology and its aspects and uses so i would be perfect for the job"
Apple chucks a few technical terms down. Judge thinks "Hmmm this sounds like Sasmsung stole something!!!"
Samsung say "We can't do anything its a google phone with pure android all we do is chuck some screws, plastic and glue together and put GOOGLE & SAMSUNG on it"
Judge says "What so you don't deny it, so Apple it seems like what ever you just said sounds correct lets ban this ummm what were we talking about again...."
Apple lawyer whispers "You remember the Galaxy Nexus the Smartphone thats better than the Iphone"
Judge: "ohh yes i hereby declare that the Galaxy Nexus is banned"

Hyperlinks (apple created that) Search (apple created that) Unlocking Your Phone (Apple created that)

Moral of this story "I'm about to send a patent application for the invention of the wheel. Haha when i win You all won't be able to use cars, bikes and pretty much everything you use now"
How am I going to win you ask??? I will put an Apple Logo on the top of my patent application and surely I will be victorious in my attempt for WORLD PATENT DOMINATION!!!!!

I love how Apple think that they could big by suing everyone. They don't have the creative Steve Jobs anymore to spoon feed everyone at Apple HQ about great designs. RIP Steve Jobs. Android all the way from now on!!!

Steve Jobs is not dead, he's secretly planning all of this just like he said he would. These judges are idiots, it's called the FREE MARKET laissez faire, make it fair damn it. All android has to do is block one of apple's phones and they're screwed. Apple's blocked pretty much every android manufacture and now even their flagship device. Apple's not playing fair

The patent bickering is messed up.

Though they're still shipping at least because Apple hasn't yet posed the $96 million bond that the injunction is contingent on.

I would say that it makes the two companies look bad, but its business, and they are all at it! Atleast someone wins a phone from this article, someone's on a winner other than the lawyers being kept busy!

At least we know what 'new and exciting features' will be in ios7. F apple. Never bought their crap and never will. Long live Android

This is bad. The patent system is broken. How can they gain those patents? Apple is just becoming more and more paranoid about Android...they are like a scared cat with nowhere to run, and trying to hurt you with it claws, sure it hurts, but i wont kill you.

Apple can throw all the lawsuits they want on whatever, there not going to stop Android from maturing as an OS. Especially after all the great things that came out of Google I/O this year, Apple was probably watching it from the sideline taking notes.

Apple is suing about patents that doesn't even really matter and if they win, gain money that will sit in a vault and not even help with charity. All this tells me is Apple is greedy

I have to say the system makes these giant organizations spend money on making other OS's look bad rather than do anything for the consumer. Down with it, down with it

Not Long Enough Ago, In a Galaxy Far Too Near......


It is a period of endless civil suits.....The Evil Galactic App-pire has struck a blow against the brave forces of the GooBellion and has banned sales of their most powerful Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus.....only tens of billions of dollars in future legal suits from all involved parties, an extremely convoluted legal system, and maybe another decade or two, stands between the App-Pire and total phone domination......

Terrible jokes like these are all I have left after the mind-numbing stupidity that is the Patent Wars......can I pl3as3 haz a free Nexus now, before they disappear forever? Hey it could happen (maybe?)! That's why Android Central should give me one now, just to be safe ;)

Someone said it very well, Apple will be in the hole Jobs pulled them out. Even though I think it's true, I couldn't care less. Yeah, I'm Android. Everything I do is android. In fact, if I could run Android on my PS3 I would. But really, Apple doesn't make bad products. And everyone that tells you they do..well...what can I say about them :) No Really, I work at a phone shop and people come in every day for an iPhone, but also for a Android. Apple in the first place, but also all the other manufacturers need to realize: PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE A CHOICE.

Just goes to show how scared Apple is of a little competition. Stop preventing growth...jerks. Isn't that what patents were originally for?!

Yay... Apple is at it again... And this is why I will never purchase an Apple product. Maybe I can win a Galaxy Nexus!

Patents are things and such. I'm just here for the contest. If I win one of these, I'll personally throw it at tim cook.

I own a LG optimus one, I don't live in US so I don't get any chance to win a phone, this is the first ever, I can't buy a nexus device as it is too costly for me. Please consider my comment and give me my dream phone!! Will be very thankfully.

I am so tired of Crapple bitching about patents which don't even have anything to do with the device they are trying to destroy they are just going "OMG a new Awesome Android device sue them quick before they can release it!" and it is just too much they need to just invalidate all these patents unless it has to do with a direct total deliberate clone not just something similar.

Come on now apple. Not everyone wants to have an iPhone. Stop trying to force people to use your products

new iphone 4s $500
new nexus $349
filing lawsuits because a better company is destroying your market share..... priceless
for everything else, theres google...

Apple wants to take down the threatening competition. Of course it's business but they have to realize who they are up against. Google is only getting stronger by the day! Look at those activations from last year to this year's! Wow. But I would love a nexus device :).

Apple's whiny mantra of, "We hate litigation. We just want people to invent their own stuff," is hysterical considering St. Jobs' "great artists steal" comment.

Patent law used in this fashion just makes money for the attorneys that are involved and no one else wins. I hope that Apple loses this fight in the future.

All this patent nonsense is messed up! May I please get a Galaxy Nexus so that I may show my friends and family how amazing it is to own and harness the power of a Nexus device????? Unlimited Powaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

The patent system is broken, especially when a shape can be patented, but a notification system cannot. Hopefully Google comes through with it's recent Motorola acquisition and lays down the law.

Hey Phil, are you guys giving away seven of Galaxy Nexus??? that's cool! :)

EDIT: Sorry, You clearly mentioned One device.

I suppose after a while, these patent battles aren't about winning or losing but putting the prosecuted party in such a bad state financially that they may not be able to further defend themselves. Apple is going after other companies of similar magnitude and closing out their sales after the sales have been made, unfortunately, this is a dumb ban on Samsung. But it'll pass.

Hopefully I can win a GNex. :D

Competition fuels innovation. Its too bad apple is trying to eliminate competition so they don't have to innovate.

Google/android have had this features long long before isue had siri (purchased), this is an unacceptable behavior for such innovative" company as Apple.

Honestly its pathetic... Apple and Microsoft bring the worst offenders especially. Everyone needs to stop the litigation and let competition decide profits, not lawyers and people in suits.....

It seems these companies are doing this, not for the monetary gain but more for the mind share and a good ol fashion moral victory.

Magnavox should sue Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony for coming out with gaming consoles despite coming out with the first system back in 1977 (Magnavox Odyssey). Stupid patent tolls.

If I had a nickel for every time Apple impeded healthy competition in the interest of their own selfishness and not the betterment of the consumer experience, I would have enough money to buy my own GNex, and wouldn't have to leave this comment in the hopes of winning the fantastic device in the first place.

apple should stop whining about others abusing their patent. It's like they are already standard of smartphones nowadays. Their job is find more inovations, not just defending already 5 years old technology.

Patent system should take away all interface design and all types of product design patents.. how can someone own slide to unlock..? so should windows manufacturers be sued by apple..? ridiculous ...

These sort of patent disputes are hurting innovation. If Apple and Google put money into R&D, imagine what kind of awesome stuff we would have. Patents make sense in markets that move slowly and don't turn over every 6-12 months like mobile devices. I understand their desire to protect things long term, but it is SO easy to change small parts of a patent to get around it (especially when it comes to software), I just don't understand why these big companies keep going after each other instead of just pumping more $$$ into R&D. Guess the lawyers need something to do too...

Just shows how much Apple is fearing Android.. And rightly so.
Apple needs to innovate and stop all this nonsense.

The ridiculous part of it all is this at without competition, technology grow at the rate it is growing at currently. Yes Apple revolutionized the cell phone, but without Android, won't they still wouldn't be copying and pasting our getting bigger screens. They are being petty and need to get over it.

What will happen when G'Nexus is officially banned in US? Will Google/Samsung re-release it with some modification? Not that it matters to me, because I am not in US and from where I am patent battles don't happen :). :peace of mind:

It's ridiculous that the Apple/Google war is being fought over patents. Especially patents that aren't even technological discoveries. Proprietary technology is fine, but patenting things like combining search results (or even rectangular phones) is just absurd. This is just another example that the patent system is broken and needs to be revamped so that patents for these trivial "innovations" aren't being granted.

I hope that this injunction gets lifted and Apple loses its patent claim. And on a bigger level, I hope that people start seeing Apple for what it is now (a litigator).

Instead of suing the competition to be number 1 they should come up with something better than the comptetiton to win the customer. Android is now king and suing is their only defense.

The cult of apple. They build a phone and tell you "this is what's best for you my child" "There is no need to customize your phone. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical. We can diluge you with a thousand images or bring one single thought to crystal clarity" And like most cults, when outsiders threaten their hold on their followers with talk of individualism, they lash out in an effort to silence them. Google/Android has always been about a personally customized experience. Long live Android!

Wtf Apple is like Facebook slowly turning dying out more and more people are getting androids aka Google+

The problem with Apple, and software patents in general, is the fact that patents are granted for ideas that are not anything intuitive or specific, but rather, obvious and general. Where patent trolls merely hoard these "ideas" for use in court, companies such as Apple are patent warriors that seek to eliminate the competition in court rather than at market. Imagine if Apple had been granted that multitouch patent and where the smartphone market would be right now. This nonsense about software patents needs to end, but I doubt it will. 2012 will usher in the idea of "litigation over inovation" and we'll see the likes of the OHA fall in rank with Apple. And that is a very sad thing.

There has to be a balance between protecting the innovator and progress for the good of all. It seems the balance has been lost and we are stuck in perpetual court room drama. Not good for the consumers, but great for the lawyers.

I was once a "Apple Google Neutral Guy" who admired the both companies contributions to mobile communications industry until Apple released the iPad aka the over-sized iPod Touch and iPhone aka the iPod Touch + Comms Radios! These device proved Apple has used up just about all of it's innovation in mobile OS architecture and hardware design (there hasn't been a significant design change, and some customers where screwed the "S" factor)! If you dig deeper, they are playing catch up, but adding a "Apple touch" to it! Passport to Google Wallet, Notifications, Google had that, and lastly multitasking, which they were last to implement! Google is posed to take over and Apple is aware, and what bothers me is the Judge who issued the preliminary injunction might be using a iPhone, and owns a iPad! The Judge who issued the injunction on the Galaxy 10.1 needs to be slapped! I've owned both (to be exact iPad 1 and iPad 2) and I'm NOT sorry to say this: "you can't be confused by the two, they are completely different! So Apple needs to open up a can of "shut the oooof up and stop crying", have a engineering huddle and figure out how to win at this game of innovation without being a bitch about it! Leave Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG alone because what makes those companies unique is that they compete with each other and at the same time help each other! Why not go after Microsoft? Oh Wait because they have a lot of money and their lawyers will own yours in a court room! Lastly, how are they going to say "we have a patent for search implementation that Google is violating" when every techie and even non techie knows Google is synonymous for "search", and has the better engineers!!

No matter whether Apple will win these lawsuits or not, they are damaging their public relations and this is simply slowing down the technology progress. Bad move Apple!

Patent smatent. Apple is wasting time and money by doing this. Nexus isn't even that big of a competition to them. They are just mad because the iPhone hasn't changed since it was first introduced, lol. Every Android phone looks and feels different. Android will always have the advantage.

adding comment about how annoying all of these patent issues and b.s. court rulings, what a waste of time, money, and energy

Google should just patent the making of overpriced cookie cutter products, and put apple out of business. Besides everyone rips off everyone else, apple needs to make more than one product and get over it.

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus.

The big loser is the consumers. If there's not competition, then how do we get the best product? This is absolutely ridiculous. Obviously, some features from Apple products were used as inspiration for Samsung products, and some features from Samsung products have no doubt been used as inspiration for Apple products. Stop being a bunch of babies... especially Apple. The company most well-known for innovation should be doing just that, not bickering over a company using their products for inspiration.

This has just become sickening. Honestly one of the reasons I decided to buy a nexus 7 is just to see Google succeed even more. I'm officially apple free in my products.

Dumped my Click Wheel iPod long time ago and haven't looked back, miss some of my music I bought from them though.

Apple got tired of locking up just their own customers in their ecosystem, now they are trying to lock everyone else out of the ecosystem of their choice. When the patent system is used as an alternative to real improvement in your products it's a sign your loosing.

Apple must really be afraid of Jelly Bean. We should plop a big statue in their front driveway.

It's beginning to feel like Apple has certain parts of our patent and justice systems in its back pocket with some of these ridiculously vague patents that basically emulate real life interactions, functions stolen and polished from other companies, or straight ripped from sci-fi. I can't wait to see them sue Duracell over "wireless" charging if they get their most recent patent request approved.

Overall the patent system needs a major revamp in how it handles software patents and look and feel issues. I don't know the best way to regulate software patents (maybe copyright should be the only thing protecting software where you can't use exact code without licensing it), but the patent system is not equipped to handle it. Especially since I suspect that 99% of those who review the patent apps have little to no knowledge of the subject matter.

Hopefully Google will step into this one as it impacts their device, even if it is made by Samsung, and either get these patents thrown out or invalidated or whatever they do to BS patents that should never have been granted. I also hope after this Google starts taking a bit more aggressive roll in stopping the abuse Apple is reigning on the mobile industry. Apple has become just as bad if not worse than Microsoft of the 90's.

Once thing I can guarantee though is that I will never buy a Apple product of any kind nor recommend it to friends until they stop this cowardly litigation and start polishing other people's products, er, I mean "innovating" again.

What?apple is out of their mind.we should stop buying there product and give the a going to get an android soon :)

You know all of this weeeeehhhing over Apple V everyone. You all forget...none of us ever really grow out of being in high school. Bickering and crying when you don't get you way like spoiled howler monkeys' is status quo. Everyone is self interested and want to get theirs usually before anyone else. Even leaving a are leaving a comment because you want to be heard and or you want the galaxy nexus phone for free. (Self Interested) happens in politics, business, from executive all the way down to 4 year old's on the playground. and even then some of those 4 year old's are more mature.

To sum up everything happening in with Apple..It's all about me and what will make me happy. me me me.(and in this case my shareholders)

It's just life.

I think its BS what Apple is doing. Someone needs to ban that "major update" they call iOS 6.

It's funny, all smartphone platforms can have a share of the proverbial mobile pie and survive...only one seems to think the entire mobile market is an Apple pie -_- Maybe we should have Jason Biggs sort them out.

This patent bull shit really needs to stop. Stopping a product because a "slide to unlock" screen is too similar just crazy. Everything else about the phone is different! When companies are afraid to innovate, it's bad for all consumers.

I wish I had a patent for sex. I haven't yet decided if it would be for the money or for the women, but who cares. Win-win

ALRIGHT....You know all of this WEEEEEEEEEEEEHHINNNGGGG..over Apple V everyone. You all forget...none of us ever really grow out of being in high school. Bickering and crying when you don't get you way like spoiled howler monkeys' is status quo. Everyone is self interested and want to get theirs usually before anyone else. Even leaving a are leaving a comment because you want to be heard and or you want the galaxy nexus phone for free. (Self Interested) happens in politics, business, from executive all the way down to 4 year old's on the playground. and even then some of those 4 year old's are more mature.

To sum up everything happening in with Apple..It's all about me and what will make me happy. me me me.(and in this case my shareholders)

It's just life.

Preerelease! Anyways, thanks for giving away android goodness for free even if it isn't me. Still fun even if I don't win one:)

Is it just me, or is Apple the instigator of the vast majority of these patent wars, and it's always about something super petty like, slide to unlock, or what's this one, searching? Because Apple never steals ideas from other operating systems, ya know, like pull down notifications, voice control, application store... they all came from other operating systems, but you don't see them getting sued over it.

I heard God was hiring a patent attorney to sue Apple for stealing the word "apple" and all likenesses of apples. There was a whistleblower serpent involved. "And on the eighth day he invoked patent protection....."

It's getting really pointless when companies just patent any kind of imaginations. In order to win the race of who gets to make the technology and preventing others to use it, it has become a very selfish act. Imagine the mouse's patented to reserve to only one kind of computer, how would our technological world would become? Selfishness isn't going to help human race advance as fast as we could have!

Apple is a POS company that should prepare for the worst when all these companies go after them for patents HARD. I want to see Google get patent for Glasses ASAP and anything else they come out with from now on. I'd also like to see Crapple die under its own terrible hardware offers and pricey products that simply look "pretty." Consumers need to learn about what they are buying "under the exterior" of the technology they are purchasing. If this happened then I highly doubt Apple stays where they are in the industry!

This is completely ridiculous. I've watched Apple's anti-competitive tactics for awhile now, but to manage to get a ban on a SAMSUNG phone that just became GOOGLE's Jelly Bean flagship? That needs to be punished, and punished hard.

All this patent bs reminds me of the issues Marvel is facing with them trying to consolidate all their superhero characters and have their universes weave in with one another. Spiderman is owned/licensed and produced by one major company whereas Iron Man etc. are done by others. Basically this is what is stopping them from mixing up Spiderman into the Avengers or have a crossover of Wolverine with Hulk or the X-Men with some other people. Its so dumb because as fans we get screwed out of a solid entertainment experience simply because from a "legal" perspective one company is unwilling to work with their rival counterparts in the industry.

Apple has some crazy ingenuity behind their products and Google is just insane with the amount of functionality their phones provide and Microsoft and RIM also have their own set of things that no matter how much you dislike or even hate them, you have to admit that they are very proficient at it. Of course people will imitate and companies will try to outmatch each other and beat rivals with technology that mirrors or seems better than what is on the market already, but to get into cat fights over technological aspects that can in a sense be "thought up" by a capable person in any corner of the world is just dumb. Look at the micro-sim standard that EVERYONE is finally relatively ready to adopt. Companies should learn to work together - differentiate your products, sure, but don't bicker about who is smarter and who cheated; this isn't a high school drama.