Galaxy Nexus

Apple ... blah blah blah ... Google ... blah blah blah ... Patent ... blah blah blah ... Search ... blah blah blah ... Banned ... Blah blah blah.

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a shit. Lawyers are doing what lawyers are wont to do. This is only growing more ridiculous with each passing day.

In fact, here's how much I don't care. We're going to give away another Galaxy Nexus right here, right now. Because despite this ruling, they're still shipping. It's just lawyers being lawyers.

Here's how to win: Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is. We'll pick a winner by noon EST Saturday, June 30. Everyone's invited. Not just in the U.S.

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Apple wins a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus; we're giving one away right this second!


Something needs to be done, patents were never ment to be used in the manner that they are being used now. They were never supposed to cover general or broad topics. Something needs to be done, and soon. I don't see how this isn't costing us an arm and a leg, these lawsuits are not cheap!


Apple will never be able to stop this machine called Google. Nexus will never be stopped by a rotten Apple.

Simple solution is that patents should be reserved for hardware while the software realm should stick to being governed by copyright. It would take away this silliness with constant court battles and temporary injunctions while at the same time providing for software developers (and the big companies who employ them) to be able to collect their due royalties

Being a superior competitor to Apple these days is like being molested by a clown. You know it's going to affect you, but you just don't really know how yet.

The problem with this patent cases is ever time they are trying to ban a product even if the plaintiff wins the product is never really stopped being sold, its just company's wasting their money on petty thing when they could use that money to help their customers.

I think that all these patent law suits are hindering innovation. How much stuff did Apple steal or use in its history? Come on!

Patent was have become ridiculous these days, it just isn't laughable anymore, I hope people start to wise up soon though or we could see some really amazing innovation fall to the wayside because of some petty bickering.

Apples are nice but I much prefer nice big ripe juicy melons :P

I'd rather jump barefoot off a 6-foot step ladder into a
5 gallon bucket full of porcupines than deal with patent squabbles.

Apple is stifling the industry with it's bully-antics. Apple needs to stop believing their products are akin to the second coming, because they are wrong.

Really getting tired of this. If Apple were to somehow pull this off and get all devices banned but theirs, I'll go back to a dumb phone before I buy anything they make.

Commenting about the patent situation - having to *think* about it - makes me equally frustrated and sad. I don't like being either of those.

Thinking about the Galaxy Nexus on the other hand makes me happy, and I like being happy.

So please, don't make me be sad, just allow me to be happy. Thank you.

it's clear that the patent system is broken. here's a crazy idea: lets invalidate ALL patents, liquidate the patent office(s) and create a new type of patent system.

The patent war is destroying innovation despite the original intention of the laws: to fuel it. Apple is pretty high up on scale of patent abuse. I think we all would love to see a rebirth of this whole system. It's time for a change.

I'm a voluntaryist and don't believe in IP or government. Unless you are hurting some else's person or property there shouldn't be "laws."

This makes about as much sense as riding a unicycle on the brim of a volcano. Swear to god, watching these judges the last few days is like watching a retard eat hotwings. Painful. I guess everyone in this world is stupid cept me.

lol exactly thats all it is, sue sue sue, trying to beat down all androids and keep them for taking over, i can't see the plan working...

I always regarded the US as having some of the best minds in the world. Yet we have designed a completely ridiculous patent system. Unbelievable.

The patent system is absolutely ridiculous as it stands right now. The ability to patent broad and general ideas does nothing but limit the creativity and innovation of others. I'm not an Apple-hater. I see all players in the tech world equally and judge each based on their actions and merit. All these attacks by apple, I think, are just painful to watch. It's destroying their image and reputation (to me at least). They're trying to ruin the success of their competitors by accusing design elements as being directly copied? Apple, you pretty much invented how modern touch screen interfaces were going to work. Take that win and watch as this marvelous universe of technology grows out of that. You're never going to have 100% of the world's business, and you don't need it either. Competition is good for everyone.

This was simply too broad a patent(s) and Apple should be ashamed of itself for using it. It's blocking good old competition in the market especially when these devices are not very much like each other, even if that is not the subject of the patents. The 'Siri' patent is simply required for a modern smartphone. I certainly hope it's turned back at appeal.

Apple is suing because of patents instead of working to make the iPhone innovative. They're scared and trying everything they can to stop Android phones from beating them in sales. It's sad and pathetic.

Years ago I liked and respected Apple Computer for being the underdog and not giving up. Today its all about "If you can't beat them, ban them." I have lost all respect for this company and their rubbish business practices. The patent wars only hurts us consumers. I have been a faithful Android user since 2010 when I bought my Motorola Droid. I love Google and their true innovation. Long live Google and the real Geek Community!

I can't believe Apple can't just move on and get their heads out of there ass. They need to try and make their own products more open instead of stopping better products that other companies make from being sold. Hell Samsung makes Apples parts what are they thinking? Samsung should just stop making parts for Apple if Apple really wants to fight Samsung over a stupid patent.

All of this is ridiculous nonsense. I'm so sick of Apple and their childish antics. Deal with it Apple, Android has surpassed you in almost every way.

I can't believe Apple can't just move on and get their heads out of there ass. They need to try and make their own products more open instead of stopping better products that other companies make from being sold. Hell Samsung makes Apples parts what are they thinking? Samsung should just stop making parts for Apple if Apple really wants to fight Samsung over a stupid patent.

All of this is ridiculous nonsense. I'm so sick of Apple and their childish antics. Deal with it Apple, Android has surpassed you in almost every way.

I use an iPhone. I use a MacBook Pro-- hell, I'm using it to type this comment. But Apple, come on. This is just ridiculous. It doesn't do any good for the users. It just makes you look bad.

Oh, and uh, can I have my Galaxy Nexus now? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Apple is desperate to maintain its cool/unique factor from Android that it will use any means necessary. Frankly, with all respect to Steve Jobs, after reading the biography, it falls in line with his desire to destroy Google. But the U.S. court systems are ineffective at times so it won't stop the Nexus. Thanks for the contest!

It is absolutely insane what they're doing, just abusing the system. But Sigh don't see this coming to an end anytime soon.. Just highly annoying now.

Would love the Nexus, Absolutely awesome phone and psh forget Apple! This phone is the best.

It wasn't all that long ago I was still recommending iPhones to folks like my Mom and my less tech(root) savvy friends for the sheer usability of the device. I'm on my 4th iPod. But after the playground antics of Apple, I'm done with them. No matter how well built and well designed their products are, I just can't support a company that conducts business the way they do.

I was really looking forward to trying out a macbook too...

I don't get it really... other than it's the most simplest looking phone in the world. Is that it? "our phones simple to use, so yours must not look simple"

this is is there supposed to be technological advancement in consumer electronics if we are crippled by costly, time-consuming, and frivolous lawsuits

Apple Does Shit Like This To Stop Android Phones That They Know Will Highly Rival The IPhone Just So It Sells More While They Sue. And I'm Mad My Old Phone Broke So I Need A New One And The Galaxy Nexus Will Be A Good Experience.

I hope Google finds some Motorola patent that Apple is maybe infringing on and blocks the next iPhone for a few weeks or more.

How about come out with a kick ass phone and win back people who left for Android?

Patents, patents, patents I hope that a small company gets apple infringing on their patents and apples to pay them boat loads of money.

Gtfo Apple ur just wanna be Google and so ur just trying to blame them...u have no real backup with ur stupid patents!

Join the club! As google complained sometime back, these patent wars are killing innovation. I blame the patent office for granting stupid patents about trivial things, just so that they can make money. This is ridiculous! Not only are we wasting valuable time of our judicial system, we are stifling innovation in the process. Please guys, stop it.

Why can't Apple just make products people want instead of trying to maintain their dominance by preventing competition?

Oh, and can I have a Nexus please?

Doesn't apple understand there just making themselves look bad? Oh wait they don't care they just want more money. I think apple is mad because they have no more innovation left in them. I mean iOS 6 looks so boring and has no major changes. Google with 4.1 however its like they can't stop innovating. Google for the win on this one.

BS this is messed up, the whole system is messed up and now there banning the Nexus line, hopefully this goes for a presidential review like the itc bans do, if so Eric Schmidt needs to call in a favor

I think it's pretty ridiculous that Apple is calling for this injunction on the core functionality of Siri and it's ability to aggregate data and throw it to a server and receive a response. I mean, seriously? I think Apple is waiving their big money flag and are going to pay 96 million dollars for this injunction. I mean come on, this is something that is killing innovation. How can companies really change the way it functions, that's it, it's search. I search for something to a server, and it responds. Apple is really doing an overal injustice by calling all these injunctions. I don't think software, that is based on math, should really be patentable.

Apple has ceased to innovate. They now litigate. They don't want any competition to push them to do better. They would rather spoon feed their brainwashed masses already introduced technologies and tell them that it's "NEW".

There are some apple fans that get it but most isheep buy it.

I usually don't get into the whole OS bashing thing but this is getting ridiculous.

All this patent nonsense is garbage. The problem is that Apple has the government in their pocket. What other company can loan the government money if need be. And I thought monopolies were outlawed?
Oh well... I could really use a Nexus though. (hint, hint)

And this is why I do not own any Apple products. They can take their products and patents crap n shove em up their a**. Knowtambout!

Now that Apple has let their best seller go to all the non contract companies - they just want to corner the market so everyone has to buy their phone. let it alone already Apple. Don't be jealous that other companies are making a better product, why not improve on your own than waste our govt's time on frivolous lawsuits!

Why doesnt Apple sue Google......o thats right they would get there asses reemed, google need to get involved in this asap.

While the patent system is a good idea, it is being abused. Everyone has the right to protect there ip, it shouldn't be at the cost of innovation. Apple (Anyone really) shouldn't be able to patent every single thing inside their products. For example, the rectangle, just because it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and acts like a duck doesn't mean it's a duck.

I'd like to win this nexus so I can go up to people and ask them why they think Apple banned this device and nobody will be able to answer me.

If it wasn't for Google/Android, Apple products would have not been nearly as "innovative" as they are today. Seriously, the only good thing Apple has going for them (besides the brainwashed sheep) is the iPod. Even I stopped using my old iPod and have since stopped using iTunes.

Google should stop updating/providing ios apps. Hell, pull all the official Google apps off their app store period.

Apple needs to get it's head out of it's ass. They used to fight against the man but now ARE the man. These patent fights have taken the need to protect intellectual property way too far. Stop the silly bickering and let's continue the innovation!

What is black and brown and looks great on an Apple or Oracle patent attorney?... An angry Rottweiler!

Intellectual property and patents are destroying everything. if you've ever taken an upper level econ class you'll know that. they resist progress and innovation. they suppress the masses. poor countries cant gain access to many basic technologies we have because of royalties they have to pay to the "owners" of these technologies. think of the progress that could be made if everyone was open source like google/android. everyone able to improve upon anything that was created. we could be years ahead of where we are now.

Apple talks big about "innovation" but whenever the envelope is pushed by anyone but themselves they get all butt hurt and start up this patent crap! I understand protecting your inventions but all this does is make them look like the little tattle tale rich kid on the playground! >:/ grow up Apple cause all your doing is hurting users. /rant

Screw Apple. They've turned into Microsoft--no vision any more. Steve Jobs is dead. Let him stay that way, Mr. Cook, and let his petty butthurt stay with him--it's better for all of us.

Does anyone remember when Apple was the cool underdog that was known for innovation and quality? I's sad to see what they've become.

I'm surprised there hasn't been a lawsuit by Apple stating that they created the particular shade of green that Google use for Android. I'm sure that Apple has used it before somewhere and as a result is now entitled to ongoing royalties.

Count me in for the Galaxy Nexus!

Phil, the estate of Clark Gable has just filed an injunction against you for the use of "Frankly Scarlett..." line. Oh shit I'm next. Patent squabbles suck.

Has innovation through R&D become so expensive that it is cheaper to pay the lawyers in order to stay on top?

The patent system is pretty lame, no question. Apple certainly isn't winning any credit by milking the hell out of it for all they can get. Stifling innovations just because you can benefits no one.

Its almost amusing anymore to see these lawsuits. It just shows that people aren't creative enough to one up the competition, instead they make something that works and play king of the hill. Why not take it to the next level? If no one ever competed and just said you can't make this because we did, technology would never advance. What if Ford was the only automobile manufacturer? I suppose apple invented cell phones, touchscreens, etc. Its just plain silly.

Leave a comment in this post about how messed up all this patent nonsense is.


You've already covered it: messed up... patent nonsense. 'Nuff said.

I hate all of these patent wars. Healthy competition is good for us consumers. Imagine the ridiculous prices if there was only one smartphone manufacturer!

Be careful Android Central about talking about patents. Word on the street is that Apple has branched out beyond computers and software and has developed something called iPatent. They are going to sure anyone who holds a "patent" for iPatent infringement.

This patent nonsense from apple is really messed up can't we all just get along? If u can't keep up with android sorry for you well not really lol

They need to quit this, Apple that is, this is just getting ridiculous seriously. Lawyers for corps are lame.










Look. I agree with all the Intellectual Property and patent stuff because, you know, that thing is the right thing to do to protect those things... BUT... I highly disagree with the cowardly way the "Cupertino Crew" use it just to screw the company that long ago has bit hitting them hard and taking the market share, the leadership and some other things they're "proud" of and desperately wanna keep. If you wanna stop your competition, do it the right way: with innovation, top-notch technology, apps and sexy hardware (something like the Galaxy Nexus); but, making these bans and dirty tricks not only stops the rhythm of the markent and the industry but also hit us, the consumers, with serious consequences which is worst considering that we kinda don't care about legal stuff and just wanna spend our money in something with really good value

Really hoping Google will go head to head with Apple soon about Android and finally put an end to the lawsuit nonsense.

I think Apple spends more money on lawyers and court fees and paperwork than they actually save when the person they are suing (which seems to be everyone nowadays)is forced to take their product off the shelves. Such foolishness if you ask me. Well my Ford Truck's Wheels turn counter clockwise when I go forward so you cannot have the same on a GM or a Dodge.

Thank goodness I've been able to convince three of my friends to switch from iPhone to Android and I've successfully convinced my non-smartphone friends to upgrade to Android instead of iPhone!

Every time I HAVE to use apple products at my friends' houses it makes me shudder. apple's unofficial slogan "it just works" is bordering on false advertisement, and I think a class-action is in order.

I also noticed that the Google reps used that phrase when describing Chrome on iOS during I/O. At first I thought it was hilarious. Now I'm just anticipating the lawsuit from apple corporate.


This is getting ridiculous. I guess if you can't be bothered to just be innovative in the face of competition then sue.

I think that google needs to start helping out the manufacturers and start fighting back.
If apple can ban THE "google" phone, then wtf is stopping google from suing apple for everything they stole from android?

the fact that Google was a dumbass and didn't patent any of it, that is why. Its also the reason why they are on a patent buying frenzy. For as much as I respect Google, the company is run by people who only think as an engineer. Note: This isn't a bad thing....however. When it comes to business sense and ethics Google is an out and out retard of a company.

Aquring patents soley for the purpose of keeping other companies from having them. Apple = Aquiring Patents to Possess Loads of Electronics.

The hand of Jobs reaching out from the grave trying to stomp out one last competitor and keep the Evil Empire strong. Total BS rulings that will be overturned soon.

Mother Apple is quite the bitch. I can't wait until an iProduct release gets held up one day due to a HTC/Sammy patent infringement.

They just need to clone the judges from the Google/Oracle case and the Apple/Motorola case and have them sit in every court so this kind of stuff dies its death. I like Apple products but cannot see myself buying any due to this silliness. It needs to end.

I'm so tired of Apple's trillion dollar company just trying to nickle and dime everyone else to death I gave my I phone 4S to my 3yr son so he can play games. Now I'm using a old My touch 4g. My screen is messed up, menu button doesn't work, and I'm on 2g since I'm with ATT. Im going pure Google from now on. Hook me up with a Nexus.

I think a patent is just for give your name to an invention, not for make fall all the competition. For Apple, all is a copy, but, they can't be a monopoly, and I think, no one want to copy Apple, they are only making what they can, to make the things good for users. Obviously, if something is going to be comfortable for the users, more and more users would like to take an adaptation for their favorites devices.

I would really appreciate a Nexus. Playing with jelly bean would be a treat. :D Also, I really wish that they would stop fighting each other with these ridiculous patents on shit and just make better phones. Stop choking innovation and competition! Apple just needs to stop being such a bitch.

It's unfortunate that Apple resorts to this type of bullying. It's okay, Android is taking over the world!!!!!!! Muhahahaha!

The patent system is outdated and not applicable for software patents anymore. Patenting clicking on phone number and it dialing in an email or the swipe gesture to unlock a screen is far to general to have patents on. The underlying code I could understand but not the general nature of it. In my opinion it's irresponsible by the patent office to cause injunctions like this and needs to be reviewed. Just my 2 cents

It really is getting out of hand now. Most of these patents are far to broad to be reasonable, and most of these companies just hold on to them to shoot law suits at one another. All of this lawsuit insanity is going to drive up prices of all devices eventually. They will have to earn the money to pay for these lawsuits somewhere.

Honestly this is nonsense and not because it is Apple suing and Android maker. It needs to stop on both sides.

Can't we all just get along? This is getting ridiculous!! Both companies have great products and that is what brings on innovation...I guess apple doesnt want to innovate anymore :(

Apple is just afraid of the competition. How many ideas have they stolen?? Steve Jobs (in an interview before he died) said he stole ideas himself! Stop acting like a kid apple.

This patent nonsense from apple is really messed up can't we all just get along? If u can't keep up with android sorry for you well not really lol

It's so messed up I'm done with apple. That's why I need this Nexus so I can ditch my iPhone and get back on track with Android. This makes me miss my Nexus S. Plus I never win anything :(

The patent system extremely frustrating for everyone. It's trying to nickel and dime the most abstract creations. There seriously needs to be a new system put in place and/or if the patent is too easily reproduced, it should be made free for all and refund the patent owners money. If not pay a certain amount to free it.

I wish I was a huge Mega company who refuses to innovate my products so I can sue another company over the fact their product looks like a geometric shape. #drunkenrambling #heyiwantagalaxynexus

this is bullshit! they cant get better so they have to make google look worse. its a pathetic move on apples part.... but what else is new? also, please pick me ;)

This is just another attempt on Apple's part to try and get rid of the competition. I expect them to try and find something on the Droid RAZR MAXX just because it is Verizon's current best selling phone. They have lost their edge, have stopped innovating, have are trying to get rid of better products.

With those patents lawsuits, Apple are just showing how weak and helpless they are. Go Apple!

It is sad that a company the size of Apple has to resort to law tricks to stifle its competition. Using their collective intelligence to create a superior product would be the correct way to influence the market. That's why android is always going to be the industry standard with Apple lagging behind.

Makes me want to order one before they're gone especially at $350.
...of course I would rather win one!

Oh please, I need this. My wife's sensation just ended its own life a week out of warranty,just got off the phone with tmo and HTC who said sorry about your bad luck. Please AC make my wife happy so I can be happy.

And of course this patent BS is just that, BS
Apple can't innovate so they buy patents and then corrupt judges and sue sue sue. I hate apple, bill gates should've never bailed them out all those years ago

I'm enjoy your agreement with not really caring what just happened. I feel the same way. I do on the other hand care about winning a nexus.

You know you are losing the innovation fight when you have to sue to keep a better product off the market. How did they get these patents anyway? They are all invalid due to prior art.

If Apple and other companies keep up with this, the patent system will need a pretty big reform. In fact, a reform's probably already overdue.

This is the number one reason why i hate Apple! They can't handle the fact that there are better android phones than their iPhone, so they use the broken patent system to do they bidding instead of actually innovating. Android for life.

So lame APPLE! Improve your Crap-S instead of trying to keep competition out of market! Who is this judge anyways, how do we know he doesn't have apple stock!

Patents need to get under control. Patents about basic ideas and swiping fingers are ridiculous. Patents are for ground breaking technology not to hold technology back.

This crap with patents is Apple clutching at straws doing whatever they can to slow or stall new tech coming out on Android devices that is better then the crap they stick in their iPhones. Its just corporate games to try and keep themselves above the Android market which is far far superior as it isn't limited to just one phone a year like the Apple iPhone and they hate it and are pulling all this legal nonsense to try and slow the progress of our beloved Android's.
At the end of the day Android is a far better OS and runs on multiple phones and tablets from multiple manufactures. All apple have is their one iPhone and iPad a year.
Apple Suck

I've always hated apple and iphone fan boys, how many times can you try to make the same phone better ..... you can't move on apple!

Makes me happy jobs died. Yeah I said it. I don't give a shit how his family feels. He may have been a smart Guy but that does not give him or his crap company the right to continue this BS. It has to end. Both sides should knock it off and think about the people buying the products. I could use the nexus by the way. I am refusing to sign a new contract and my phone is pretty jacked.

The man has seriously damaged the tech industry all in the name of his company and profits. I feel nothing for the son of a bitch and and glad he's gone. Anything good he was doing died after his first bout of cancer. After that it was all about building his empire.

This stuff is way out of hand. Even the apple fan boys I know say WTF? Only innovative hinges apple has done in the last year or so is convince a judge that they invented the rectangle. Amazing.

I need a GNex in my life!!

Phil, I am a lawyer, and patents should be specific, very specific. The thing with these technology patents is that they made them very broad, or ridiculously unrealistic. Like the pattern your finger makes.

Stupid, anyhow, send me a nexus :)

The entire patent situation is screwed up. While there's stupidity on all sides, Apple is definitely the most annoying. They claim others copy (which, yes, has happened), but act as if they haven't stolen plenty themselves. Many of the things they have patents on have been used long before they even implemented them into their own products.

Apple has somehow convinced the Judge that the Galaxy Nexus's supposed violation of these patents causes irreparable harm. Seeing as how Apple's posting record profits every year, I find that hard to believe. The Galaxy Nexus, and most other Android devices barely even sell a fraction of what Apples iDevices sell. All I see is a company afraid of competition.

Patent reform (specifically of the software variety) is definitely needed, but sadly, it probably won't happen anytime soon, if at all.

Apple deserves to be pimped slapped right in the logo by Google and take another chunk out of their logo. But in all seriousness this patent war has gone on for far to long. Apple is acting like a spoiled brat. Google keeps innovating and improving their mobile OS, so good for them! Apple keeps winging on a dill pickle, try to use an outdated OS (in my opinion), and complete stopped innovating to the point where they rely on nothing but marketing, ads and sale pitches in order to make profit. Seriously, grow up APPLE and innovate and create things that are original! Your tech company for cry out loud. You throw your money way wasting time at this when you could be doing something a tech company should be doing! creating new ideas. That's my two cents...

These patent wars are beyond ridiculous. Manufactures need to focus on producing great products not suing each other. Money spent on a companies patent "war chest" would be much better spent on development.

I understand the patent lawsuits and how each company is just trying to slow down the success of the other or gain some money off of each other, but each smartphone/tablet is great in it's own right and no matter what it is not going to stop consumers from purchasing the item. It actually adds some additional interest in a product when its main competitor tries to stop it from being sold.

This codswallop just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. It's like seeing Bigfoot in your bathroom, using your toothbrush.

I'm surprised that Apple hasn't screamed patent infringement over the fact that we talk into to our devices and type with our fingers. Talk about your sore losers....

Isn't it amazing how the side that is clearly winning the war does not care what anyone else uses but the failing side (rotting fruit) stop innovating only to blunt that growth.

sad, very sad

This is terrible but only a slight victory in Apple's game. They are trying to stop the tide that they can't stop by abusing the courts. In the end, innovation will win out.

Apple may build nice devices, but Apple has a rotten core. Disgusting...the only people getting hurt are consumers lime you and I.
REMEMBER APPLE, what goes around, comes around.

All I have to say is that apple sucks, it is becoming the evil empire, if this was msft, they would have been accused of monopoly. Apple get away with this because it is apple, but again Samsung should do a better job on making their devices completely different than $pple. This was written on a iPad which it sucks damn I need a good android table.

I can't stand Apple any longer, it's like a baby who so another with a better toy and demand it!!

WTF!! grow a pair, and start compete, and called Market Share for a reason !

a side note:

please give me the Galaxy Nexus :P


It annoys me that companies like Apple choose the patent route to protect their monopolistic eco systems. They claim they own the Rights to this technology, when they blatantly use ideas from the people they accuse.

Google has to take a stance and help defend against Apple.

BTW, How is Apple not a monopoly?

Can we say BOLLOCKS?! I had my heart set on a new shiny GNex, and then this happens.
Not only does Apple do this, but did you know that Apple has more cash on-hand than the USA?! Like, what the f**k, seriously?! I know we all have a bee in our bonnet about this injunction mess, but that aforementioned fact alone should also be enough to begin the consumer onslaught against Apple. Don't be an iSheep, be an S Rulebreaker.

Ironically enough, I'm typing on a MacBook. Who wants it?!

Isn't it amazing how the side that is clearly winning the war does not care what anyone else uses but the failing side (rotting fruit) stop innovating only to blunt that growth.

sad, very sad

I believe Apple spends more money on their lawyers than development for their own devices. I applaud them for their determination but Google will always win in the end.

It shouldn't be about who copied who and who patented what, it's about who makes the better product. All of these patent wars are doing nothing but slowing down innovation rather than protecting it. If Apple and Google make something similar, then it is up to the consumer to choose which one is superior: not who patented it.

It annoys me that companies like Apple choose the patent route to protect their monopolistic eco systems. They claim they own the Rights to this technology, when they blatantly use ideas from the people they accuse.

Google has to take a stance and help defend against Apple.

BTW, How is Apple not a monopoly?

Oh shit, my Thunderbolt has a power button....the iPhone has a power button...I'm running scared now that apple will file an injunction against me for using it :-0

This has gone too far. At this point, this is basically a virtual war between Android and iOS. The patent system needs some major reform if Apple is managing to win their down-right silly claims.

Makes me want to go to the nearest Apple store and run around and shoot silly string everywhere. BTW that stuff gets EVERYWHERE.

What I find odd about these patents that are issued is that all seem obvious. Things that are obvious cannot be patented...I should just make a list of everything I think would be awesome to have added to a phone and then sue Apple when they add my obvious patent to their phone.

I'm ready to give t-mobile a whirl and this phone obviously would be helpful in that operation. This patent stuff is beyond stupid though. Needs to go away stat

This is all gonna blow up in Apple's face yet. Patent system needs an extreme overhaul and the judges involved need to be investigated just to make sure. Apple may have just sealed their own future....

Apple is playing dirty. They feel VERY threatened by Android. It just shows they are big puss*** that cant compete the good old fashion way. They are such little bit**** It's pathetic...

Are you fucking kidding me? An injunction for what? It looks nothing like their POS phone, and the OS is nothing like their POS OS.

These companies need to stop fighting over patents that are not innovative at all. Heres a generic design, its mine. Create unique stuff and patent that. leave the general stuff out.

Someone who has an iPhone should ask Siri what the definition of competition is. She'll probably say "Competition = filing Patent lawsuits"

I can see John Malkovich asking Siri now...

The government really needs to put a stop to this nonsense. If only the majority of the public new how petty Apple is becoming.

Patent Troll: Who's that trip-trapping over MY bridge. (you really have to say that in your best trolly voice. Your Shrek voice _might_ do it)
Giant Green Android: It's all your users following me to my happy place.


I banned all Apple products from being shipped to my house and I didn't even need to file a lawsuit.

Possibly the best phone on Verizon
Android 4.1 ready
Thousands will enter this drawing
Everyone imagines themselves winning
No one really knows how far Apple will take this
There doesn't seem to be an end in sight
Where do we draw the line between invention and advancement
Already millions of dollars have been wasted in this endless fight
Right when everyone thinks its over, another court rules, another injunction won
Samsung Galaxy Nexus is banned and this round is over, for now...
So what do I do?
Using nothing but Acronyms
Comment in this post about all this nonsense
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This is getting really silly. Why is this lawsuit not against Google themselves? The galaxy nexus is stock android and not changed by Samsung. It would be nice if Google stepped in and helped out Samsung.

Well, this is actually something quite interesting. We all know the strategies that Apple has been using over the past few years regarding patents. It's easy to remember how they stopped the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be sold on Germany for a few months. And well... someone has to say it: it benefits no one.

We all (Android fans) have to thank Apple for making the smartphones something fashionable and that everyone wants to have. The competition between companies has always been great for the consumer, since we have been able to take advantage of the innovation and the ideas of the different companies. But what Apple is doing right now is stopping those advances and updates. This patent-war is really useless and, from my point of view, it's just a way that Apple has to get more costumers and stop Google.

They should focus on what really matters: developing. I think it's better to win costumers with a great system and a great phone rather than with law/court-battles.

Perhaps Apple should get back to refining the innovations of other companies instead of suing companies that have nothing to do with Apple.

I'm so fed up with Apple's BS lawsuits that I decided to switch off the iPhone back to my old TBolt. Still trying to find a more current Android device to fit my needs, so count me in!

Our patent system is retarded. The ability to patent something like initiating a phone call when clicking on a phone number is like patenting a process for sitting on a chair in the physical world.

Damn and to think I was saving up to get one soon!!

Im really mind blown at the patent and how the Lawyer granted this injunction. Its ridiculous timing too, just after jelly bean was announced and I bet this was going to get an upswing in sales. I think Apple should get its patent portfolio looked at because these patents are ridiculously vague. What the hell are they thinking? That they are going to monopolise the smartphone market?

This is truly horse-shit! Soon if nobody steps up to them they are going to patent the tv. OOOOOORRRR better yet patent their commercials.I swear to god every time I hear that harp playing I dont have to look at the tv I know its a macbook pro with retina display :(

JEEEEEEEEEZ this is depressing!!

Apple be tripping. Try some innovation of your own - instead of repackaging tech and suing others for it.

I think a lot of the patent that are being used in all these legal cases are overly vague and should be tossed out.The ones that are about design and style should also be tossed. The design and style should take a note from the fashion industry.Here is a video about what I am talking about.

But this is just my 2 cents

If you can't beat them, sue them. Guess this is a good sign that Apple is realizing their product is inferior. Now if we could get rid of this idiotic patent system already so it can't be used as a weapon... that would be grand.

Apple can go to hell! Pick me for that giveaway Galaxy Nexus.
Thank you Android Central for bringing the best in Android News.

apple just wants a monopoly plan and simple, sad. instead of competing, lets sue them and take over the mobile industry.

Am deciding over One X and Galaxy Nexus for 10 days now, and you say this to me!!
Now i definitely don`t know which to buy, and am burning to have one Droid device!;)
Apple, Down Boy!!

The patent system is supposed to promote competition, not be a means for one company to bully others in order to decrease their market share. Please give me a galaxy nexus so I can show all my friends how much better it is than their silly iPhones.

Now come on, I am an Apple fanboy and even I think this is getting insane. What's Apple afraid of that they are suing everybody all the time???

It's ridiculous that Apple is so afraid of competition that they have to file lawsuits against them. They have lost any sort of respect from Apple after hearing this.

Just looked over on the I-More website, sister site to Android Central and they are so freaken happy you think that Apple just became President. I laughed because the only thing that is on that website is law suites and Apple cases for sale. There is nothing gong on as far as Apple software updates, nothing new on Apple's front for anything. Their entire website is like a child waiving their hands because of a preliminary court ruling. This will guaranteed get thrown out. Android had voice commands long before Apple, this Judge obviously is a complete ass or is in Apple's pocket, doesn't matter this will get thrown out. Apple will never slow down this thig called Android by Google.

Apple is scared to death that their going to keep losing market share and there trying to fight back the only way they know. They should just wake up an smell the coffee, they are now the small fish in a very big pond. I always root for the little guy and apple isn't the little guy just yet. When apple stops filing law suites that's when you know their hurting for money. I'm beginning to think our patent system is run by school kids and judges that fall for apples reasoning a bunch of morons.

I want a nexus!

Lawyers trolling the patent system. It's not their fault the system is broken, even if they are taking advantage of it. The whole patent system in the US needs to change before these trolls can be stopped!

This is so stupid and going against what patents were invented for ... this is actually stifling innovation. Google's new Android operating system 4.1 "Jelly Bean" that was just sent to the Nexus devices is amazing. The best I have seen in mobile devices. It is actually quite superior to iOS 6 even (which isn't even out). So I understand Apple's worry. I'm all for the next best thing (whether it's Apple, or Android, or Electric Cars), but to stifle that right when it's pulled out of the bag is beyond ridiculous ... TVs look the same, laptops look the same, shoes look the same. Many programs do the same thing ... it's about who does it better and who provides the best support. Macbook Air "wedge" patent ... really?! What if I like both Windows and the "wedge" shape.

Apple and their bagillion patents are going to stifle innovation for the next 10 years if they keep this up. "Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system" is patent against the nexus ... shouldn't every be getting angry and worried about this? How is this even a patent? Yes, I know other companies sue for patents (which I stated that I support the purpose of patents) ... but just take a look at the actual ones Apple is going after!

So now technology in these areas has to advance at Apples pace with all of their insane patents. Great ... thanks Apple. To think I once supported you as much as I did makes me feel sick.

Disappointed in how all of these companies have reacted to multiple patent disputes. I hope more judges continue to close cases such as the Motorola Vs. Apple case.

Nice to see Apple realize this is their only hope of gaining market share back. Would love a nexus

the whole patent process needs to be restructured. Not just because of apple but because the whole system is flawed and the only people that patty in the end are consumers. This makes me sick. I will never ever, EVER, purchase an apple product for their shady business conduct

The whole business is ridiculous. Apple of all people should feel shame at using the power of the state to disrupt their competition. Who did big Steve steal the ideas for the Mac from? Xerox PARC, mostly. Did he even give them credit? NO. Neither did the other master IP borrower, big Bill. In fact, afaik, the only company that did is Sun (and AT&T, but Sun made them by putting the notices on the code). I'm speaking about OPEN LOOK, if anyone wants to check the history, and the copyright notices. Anyway, they're mostly all borrowing from each other at the same time as suing each other for stealing "their" ideas. We really need to disenfranchise all the copyright lawyers!

I hereby patent this post. Anyone who infringes on it shall pay me in internetz! That said, surprising my wife with a shiny new nexus would score me some serious brownie points.

Both sides are focusing more on how they can sue their competitors for patent infringement and its taking away from innovation. Its non-sense!

This is truly getting ridiculous. The funny thing is that the Galaxy Nexus is the Android device that is the furthest thing from an Apple product. No touchwiz (or other overlay) that looks iOSish. No big home button or any physical buttons what so ever. It's almost an inch bigger than an iPhone. The greatest thing it has going for it: it is soon to be running 4.1 Jelly Bean on all of its variants which includes all types of updates that further evolves this smartphone ahead of Apple's iPhone.. which is probably the biggest win for Apple if this injunction actually bans or slows down sales of this phone.

The entire patent system needs to be overhauled. It is terrible that companies can flex their legal muscle on generic device interactions rather than competing on true innovation.

Apple has more money than they know what to do with, they need to spend that money on R&D and not on frivolous lawsuits.

With all these ridiculous lawsuit Apple will lose lot of fan. I for one WAS an apple fan, but not anymore! Android is much better os than ios.

You know...Shakespeare said something profound about lawyers once. Android all the way! Down with the Rotten Fruit!

I see a lot of Apple bashing, and I'm always fine with that. But I feel this should go both ways about patents on silly little functions. It's getting old no matter who it's coming from.


Apple has to be the most immature company in business. They make lame childish jabs during their events, and want to take credit for everything like they invented circle. Someone needs to walk into the patent office and start shredding paperwork on some of those patents. If you think Apple's stuff is expensive now, wait till they start enforcing these injunctions.

Burn Apple Burn! Judges worldwide who hear these cases either have NO CLUE how smartphone/tablet technology works, or are on Apple's payroll.

i work for a cellphone company and this is almost as crazy as the crap we have to go through in a given day. ps dont yell at be because you dropped your phone in the toilet and its my fault.. thanks. i would rather sit in a court room and listen to this nonsense about these injunctions. sounds like fun

Tell them about the dry rice trick! My phone got soaked in the rain but I rescued it by powering down, of course, and letting is sit in a bowl of dry rice for several hours. Even pulled the water out from behind the screen.

Apple has defaulted to being litigators instead of innovators so the only way they can fight the growing Android awesomeness and innovation is in litigation. I am a full supporter of open source mostly because it allows for smart people to contribute and make better products with better code. Never been a fan of Apple, never owned any Apple products and won't give them a cent.

i work for a cellphone company and this is almost as crazy as the crap we have to go through in a given day. ps dont yell at be because you dropped your phone in the toilet and its my fault.. thanks. i would rather sit in a court room and listen to this nonsense about these injunctions. sounds like fun PSS. i have an iphone and hate me

Without a doubt a disappointing decision. One would hope that this will spur google and all of the android OEM's to continue to make better software and hardware that is both unassailable by Apple and which puts the iPhone to shame.

Because of Apple I dont have an Android phone becuase of them blocking phones due to stupid patent. I have had enough of it I just want to get an android phone before I go to college so I can use the internet. Apple has not helped anything

This whole patent war crap sucks for the end users (us). Competition is good for the technology industry. Apparently, Apple doesn't like competition. Hurting Samsung does not help Apple. Eliminating the G Nex from the market won't make people want to buy an iPhone. You want to help your company, continue to innovate! My 2 cents...

You shouldn't be able to patent nonsense like the electronic manifestation of undoing the lock on a bathroom stall.

Without organized religion and the dark ages we'd all be living in the sky with jet packs strapped on our backs fueled with water in floating utopias, but instead we're here stuck with this garbage.

These patent wars and the abuse of a terrible system are the phone O/S equivalent to the crusades, and I'm pretty sure when we look back on it the stain on our history will be just as embarrassing.

Patent lawsuits - for companies who are afraid of losing market value to a ground-breaking product and/or an additional way of screwing over the taxpayers, some of whom happen to support said scared company.