iPad and Nexus 7

So Apple's going to invent a smaller iPad next week. It'll probably be really, really good. Frankly, it'll probably be better-built than the Nexus 7 we've been enjoying for a few months now. 

And you know what? That's probably a good thing. Google got itself a bit of a gem in the Nexus 7. It's not perfect -- what device is? -- but for $200, it's easily our favorite Android tablet. 

Apple getting into the "mini" game will make Android manufacturers better. They'll have to be. Because Apple's going to sell a shitload of its smaller tablets. (That's a technical term analysts like to use, by the way.) Will the Nexus 7 wither and die? Hardly. Neither will the Amazon Kindle Fire. Or even the Barnes & Noble Nook line. They're going to have to step up their game, for sure. But you can bet your bippy each company has been hard at work on future products anyway.

Think about how much innovation (and iteration) we've seen in the Android tablet space in the span of two years. From the original Galaxy Tab and the defunct HTC Flyer, to the likes of the ASUS Transformer Infinity and Nexus 7.

No. A smaller iPad won't kill off Android tablets any more than the iPhone has ended sales of Android smartphones. The balance may shift, as balances are prone to do. That's a good thing. Because the best is always yet to come.


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Apple to invent smaller tablets Oct. 23


It won't be better. Why? Because it's running a sub-par Operating System. Sure, the hardware will likely be beautiful. But that's only half of the equation. And when you add in iTunes, well, you've now dropped that thing into the mire and filth that just won't wash off.

When you plug in a tablet, it has to synch everything that hasn't synched since the last time you plugged it in. If all you want to do is move something over to it, that's a huge pain. When you want to do something as simple as putting a movie on the device, you have to go through this process. And, you have to, and I mean HAVE to put the media into the app space of a specific app. For example, I'm one of the lucky ones who got his wife VLC before it was banned. To play a movie on it, I have to go to Itunes, select the tablet, go to apps, then go to VLC and add the movie. Yeah... that's working just fine. And God forbid iTunes has an update. That means I have to wait until the stupid thing is finished updating. And even more so if there's an iPad update. Of course, iTunes is also famous for wiping out my wife's Olive Tree data, which is something she uses daily as clergy.

Oh, and God forbid I want to import a PDF or an ePub. Those are just as difficult, and if I want to import all 3? Bleh.

Not to mention that I spent years building up my music library. I put each MP3 into folders based on decade, then by category, then by artist. I have about 30GB of songs stored that way, and it works beautifully for me. Well, someone gave me an iPod, and I installed iTunes. The stupid thing totally trashed my system in favor of theirs. It's not intuitive, it's not easy, and it plain sucks.

On the other hand, I simply plug in my Nexus 7, open the drive letter, and drop the media on to the folder I want to put it in.

Nexus 7: It just works.

If iTunes works for you, cool. For a lot of people, it's the bane of their existence.

Yeah, exactly. Before you bash something, learn to use it first. It is VERY simple to add and subtract only what you want to through itunes. Just uncheck the sync all box. As much as I like android soooo much better for my phone, I still have yet to find a tablet that can compete with an ipad. I resisted the urge for a while because I like the smaller form factor, but recently got a used one at a great price. While it is very large, I may sell it for the mini if I like the mini better. Regardless of specs, like/dislike of itunes, content is the main thing with a tablet for me. There is NO content for an android tablet yet. Apps are not designed for android tablets yet, and until they are I won't get one. It's like having a beta in a VHS world. I always have my android to tether with.

Really? I have installed nearly a hundred apps designed specifically for tablets on Android. And the ones that aren't render almost perfect to both my Nexus 7 and Tenderloin. ;-)

Explain to me a built in solution to this problem. I spent 2 weeks putting together a solid 8gb playlist for my wife when she was studying in China. I had to mail her the ipod with the songs installed already. She had to install itunes to use the file management but on the first plug in, it wiped the ipod's HD.

The same thing happened when we were back together, she always used her laptop to manage files, but I wanted one of her songs so she plugged it into my computer and again the HD was wiped clean.

Now I later found a workaround that required I go into and alter code around to make it work, but what layman is going to figure that out? Its VERY inconvenient.

You're right, I haven't.

Why should I have to "discover" something that should just work? And will it stop screwing up my music organization? Can I then go to just any old computer, plug in, and drop a file on it and use it? (Not counting photos, I believe you can still do that)

iTunes is a counter intuitive piece of crap from a company that sells intuitive answers.

I can't stand iTunes either, or Windows Media Player\Center for that mater. You can however tell iTunes to NOT reorganize your music and keep it as you want. I have over 200 Gb (27,000+ files) of music organized similar to you (A-B\Artist\Album), and iTunes has never messed with that unless I specifically check the "Keep iTunes media folder organized" box, which is always unchecked by default anyway.

Again, I don't like iTunes either, I agree that it's not that intuitive, but the problems you've mentioned are fixable ones.

It's a check box in main page of device information in iTunes :p it's very hard to miss (or else they changed it, i don't use iPod touch so much as i got my Galaxy S2 now). I didn't even need to google it it was there and i knew it about since few first uses.

But htere one down side of it, once you use it you can't go back or else you will need to load everything over again.... but you know it's the same as automatic partition management when you install OS, it will treat old content like pointless trash.

You're right, you know how to use everything right out of the box. You knew all menu settings the first time you used an android device? No you had to learn how to use it. iTunes has its flaws, but at the same time ALL your problems are you not getting the settings correct. I have my issues with both platforms, but you spout off as a fanboy. Competition is only good for the consumer, so instead of bashing, embrace that your next android device will improve just to compete.

iTunes/iOS file structure drives me absolutely crazy -- so iTunes / iOS treats photos that you uploaded to the device (from say iTunes) differently than photos that you've just dropped into the device via DCIM folder. It stashes the uploaded photos into the photo roll, so later if you want to get those photos from the device onto a computer that ISN'T the iTunes main-base computer then you can't feasibly do this with any amount of ease.

Since I'm sure that someone is going to chime in that I just didn't know how to use it, I want to iterate that I actually did browse through the Apple forums on Apple's site as well as fansites and couldn't come up with an easy way to do this (short of going into the photo roll, and then selecting the photos one-by-one (which by the way is just terrific selecting photos one-by-one with over 2000 photos, what the hell happened to group-select or select-all or literally anything other than one-by-one?)). So while I agree there probably is some arcane route of accomplishing this task, the fact that I couldn't find it in the span of an hour doesn't really speak much to the "It just works" mantra..

I agree with you 100% I was stupid and bought an iPhone 5. 99% of the stuff you want to do is a pain in the a** There is a lot and I mean a LOT of stuff iOS 6 just can not do. Its VERY annoying coming from Android 4.1.

Thank you. I don't understand why more people don't accept this simple point. The simplest answer is the best answer.

Says someone posting at an Android fan site.

Yes, you can point to app flexibility and theoretical platform freedoms, and so on and so forth. But it's not better just because us geeks rail on about our own needs. Apple's success with the iPad, and even the iPhone, has mostly come because it has been better at pinpointing what normal people want to do -- and making sure that the developers are there to make it happen. While we're off ranting about how a "real" tablet needs widgets, Apple sold 1,000 tablets to people who just wanted to read magazines or show their family photos to friends.

Android needs... well, it needs someone other than Andy Rubin dictating its tablet strategy. He shows contempt for tablets by deliberately refusing to promote either tablet-specific app development or the tablet apps that somehow make it into Google Play. That's why there are 300,000 iPad-aware apps but less than a tenth of that optimized for Android slates (and most of those are ports of iPad apps). I can't help but think the Nexus 7 was designed to minimize Rubin's damage by offering a small screen where the blown-up smartphone apps wouldn't look *too* bad.


In all seriousness though, the title is just in a bit of fun. Android may not be the best at pinpointing what "normal" people want, but who the fuck wants to be classified as a "normal" person... not me, that's who...

Like I said, Google refuses to promote app development or its tablet apps!

Those sections have existed almost since Android 3.0 tablets were available. But they're basically token offerings -- they only show a fraction of what's out there, and there's no way to properly find tablet-native apps. You're just supposed to know or hope that the app you need will work properly. Visit the App Store on an iPad or in iTunes and it's perfectly clear which apps are for iPads, which ones for iPhones, and which ones for both. You can even filter it to only show iPad or iPhone apps.

That's the thing. Rubin can claim "every app should just scale" all he wants, but that's not how reality works or what developers are doing. Sometimes we need tablet-only apps. Coders aren't building the scaling into many of their apps without a clear sign they'll get support. So however much you might like Android on a phone, the tablet experience sucks as you're forced to scrounge for titles that often don't exist.

My thoughts exactly! Apple is going to "invent" something? They will be catching up with all the other 7" tablet manufacturers and say they did it better than everyone else.

Personally, I found "invent" rather sophomoric. Then again, the tech companies involved in the "Keep calm and sue somebody" war are acting rather sophomoric. Especially Apple.

Really, they'll get better? I see how larger screened tablets have gotten better the past few years due to the original iPad.
I'm an Android man myself, but let's face reality, Android tablet manufacturers have been playing catch up the past few years and all I've seen is a few of them drop out of the tablet market all together.

That's economics 101. But the survivors HAVE gotten markedly better. That's the point. And competition in the 7" space will drive innovation.

ridiculous comparison. the audi A8 costs $50,000 more than the toyota corolla. I believe the samsung tablet is priced similarly to the ipad, no?

to be honest ipad mini will take over ipad 9.7 shares and in turn lose revenue from the huge margin the ipad has..

This is good news. Android needs to COMPETE in the tablet market, not just go left while Apple goes right. Sure the Kindle Fire opened the market up and everyone jumped on board due to large sales. Now Apple is here. I'm a staunch Android fan by all means. Android phones today are better than the iPhone and I can say that with confidence. Android tablets are not better than the iPad yet. I don't think they are even equal yet. They aren't NEARLY as smooth to use. My Nexus web browsing experience is WEAK WEAK compared to an iPad. If I load an image heavy website, the thing is jittery as I try to scroll (Chrome-worst, Dolphin and Boat). Also, the tablet apps are really really nice on Apple. The tablet designed Webpages are REALLY really nice on an iPad. ESPN is awesome on iPad and my nexus Chrome browser can't even F(&* play a video. Not to mention scrolling the homepage pics left to right is jerky.

I hate to say all that BUT this is really why I'm happy to see this article. Android is driving innovation while Apple is driving quality/consistency. Android needs what Apple has. I can't wait for it.

My daughter uses my Acer Iconia Tab A200 (the budget Acer mind you) and that thing runs extremely smooth even when she switches from game to game to game and when I use it (with 20ish apps in the recent apps sidebar) I have a PC comparable experience with web browsing, mobile or full site. So I'm just wondering what horrific things you have done to your tablet that have left it so broken and battered.
Ipads are for simple minded people, as are iphones.

Go to this site: www . amazingribs . com

Its poorly designed and image heavy. It takes a bit to load on both platforms. As its loading, try browsing around once it shows up. Its jerky and zooming is terrible. This is on stock Nexus 7 with Stock Chrome. Same thing with Stock EVO 4G LTE that I have. My Samsung S3 however actually does have IPAD smoothness though but Chrome is aweful still...only Stock Browser gets it right. If you think the Nexus Web Browsing experience with Chrome is the same as on an iPad, you are lying through your teeth. I'm as hardcore Android as anyone (bricked phones and all) and I'll tell you like Phil will. Money aside, the iPad is still better. The apps are better, web browsing is better.

Seriously, stock Nexus with Stock ASOP using Stock Chrome will NOT even play an ESPN Movie from the ESPN tablet site. You hear sound in the background and that is it. Even the video player in Chrome on ICS does a crappy job of playing these videos (the interface is weak on my HTC EVO 4G with stock Chrome). It opens a new window with a TINY ass video window and no autoplay. I have to full screen and hit play. This is on ALL three devices so just stop.

My Nexus will play ESPN videos on Boat browser though...but now I don't get a cool Tablet style web page. Even if videos played, its the scrolling and smoothness of the Nexus tablet browser that sucks. I'm sure they will get it right and eventually a better Tablet Web Browser will replace it. Right now though, iPad web browsing is kick ass with great tablet layouts and perfect performance. I won't ever own one but at least I'm honest

I'm fine with all this and love my Top Tier devices but don't think I'm stupid enough to say "My Nexus web browsing is just as good as iPads".

The invitation does not say "invent" so why does the author (and this site) feel the need to pre-troll the announcement? People claim they are opposed to trolling and then you bait people on either side of the fence. Really classy non-reporting....

I don't hear most people complaining and do you know why? because it's a play on how funny it is that Apple seems to "think" it invents technology that has been on the market for years. OBviously there's a half truth to Phil's statement and a whole lot of humor! not that you have gotten that or anything(way over your head). - )

The funny thing is that Android tablets make up like 48% of the total market share now so I wouldn't say they are dead... Nexus 7 is a hit and if Google releases a 10" Nexus it will also be a hit. iPad will continue as the best selling tablet just as the iPhone is the best selling smartphone but don't kid yourself in thinking that Android marketshare will exceed iOS in tablets within the next year or two and will look a lot like iOS phone marketshare in 2-3 years...

Maybe, maybe not.

I'm in the hunt for a 7" tablet by Thanksgiving. If the little ipad is great, I might get that.

But it will really have to be great to make me install itunes back on my computer... -shutter-


There is such a thing as a smaller tablet? Thank goodness for Apple otherwise i'd have to keep carrying around my 10 inch Xoom! LoL

The iPad, and iPad mini, are only really better because of developer support. Android got its foot in the door on phone because Apple was greedy and used exclusive carrier relationships. With tablets, Android did not have the same opportunity to gain a foothold. THAT is why they have languished, by comparison.

really, who prevented android tablets from getting to market? oh that's right, no one. They've languished because they have sucked.

An exclusive carrier relationships had nothing to do with greed. ATT made a gamble on the original iphone, and for that, they got exclusivity. simple as that.

Apple is just playing catch-up.. Competition between Android makers help innovation/invention. Samsung got it right.

The reason the apple tablet will be better is cause there is amazing apps developed by apple to showcase its power. GARAGE_BAND for instance. Name the amazing killer google tablet apps.

Sure Gmail is nice. But its not Amazing. They had a chance to do something amazing with Google Docs, but they fail to do so. No one uses the Movie editor app that was introduced with ICS cause there is no real world use for it. Google earth and sky maps are fun, but they are time wasters not amazing productivity or consumption apps.

regardless of what we think of the iPad Mini,
Apple should have no trouble selling eleven to
eighteen million of those within the next six
months. (sad but true)

by the way, Apple invented the tablet computer
and the smartphone... and also the 4-slice toaster.

Well what Apple did is place ready phone OS to tablet which many at time consider it to fail (go see impression videos from first iPad accouterments) people expected OS X tablet and saying then want full blown desktop apps.... but at the end they all been wrong :p it worked and made Google and Microsoft to follow (thru MS gone a little bit different way). Without iPad most likely there would not be Android tablets... ofcorse we can speculate if Google would have same idea to put there mobile OS to bigger form factor :p

The iPad Mini can't help but cannibalize regular iPad sales. And that will cost Apple profit margin. The question is...how much? In terms of competing with the likes of the Nexus 7...it won't be as easy as the iPad has had it. The Mini does not have an advantage specs wise. And when it comes to apps....tablet specific apps will not be quite as important. Android phone apps scale pretty well on the Nexus. And as this market is growing in the consumer device direction...the Mini doesn't wield as much power as it's big brother.

Apple must be doing SOMETHING right if people are still / willing to buy these, even if it's a mini state.

Im all for team android, but ALL of the android tablets have absolutely sucked ass. The quality of the hardware is horrible, the software is ok... depending on which tablet you get. Nexus 7 feels really cheap in hand, and the fact ALOT of apps are not built for it, and are too small or stretched makes it a hard reason to buy it.

At least in Apples case, A LOT of developers have built apps for the iPad, so you dont feel like your getting a one size fits all app but in reality its not one size fits all, Google.

Lot of dick waving going on here. I for one can't wait to see what Apple does with this new mini iPad, and I'm just as excited to see what Android OEM's do to try and compete. Fun times if you ask me.

I have to say that, while Apple doesn't make BAD hardware, it's not the best around. Look, the Nexus 7 feels better in my hands than an iPad 3 (sorry, 'the new iPad'), has a longer battery life, has better glass, and only costs $199.

Sure, the back of the iPad is metal, but is that actually better? In my book, no. Also, the retina display is just plain silly. I will give them props, the color reproduction and clarity is great, but it's a silly resolution that eats battery and performance for an increase not discernible to the human eye. They should've gone 1080p or even 720p and left it at that.

I don't know about the new iPad but I've owned the iPad 2 since about April or May. I use it for personal use and college. I bought a nexus 7 shortly after it came out. In my experience the iPad 2 has way longer battery life than the nexus 7 both in usage time and standby time. Using the iPad a couple hours a day and I charge It once a week. The nexus 7 can't match that. And it loses way too much battery life when it's in standby.

Secondly my nexus 7 squeaks across various parts of its body after a couple months of ownership. The iPad 2 has no such squeaks and you can't press it in anywhere besides the intended home button. The iPad 2 has much better build quality than the nexus 7.

I know I'll be flowing the presentation to see what products are announced and specs/visuals. Maybe some new Macs.

I hope you realize that the reason the iPad 2 has a better battery life is that it doesn't have the Retina Display… did you even read the comment you replied to?

Yes I did. And because the new iPad is quoted with the same battery life as the iPad 2 I find his statement about battery life hardly believable. The new iPad would have to have like 50-60 % less battery than the iPad 2 in usage time to be accurate. And the standby time would have to have lost a even higher percentage than that. And to the second point the build quality of the Nexus 7 does not match the iPad 2 or the new iPad. Not even close.

My nexus 7 runs just as smooth as my daughters iPad 2. Its jellybean that makes the smoothness a reality. So Apple can suck it as far as I'm concerned.

Just advised my co-worker to get the Nexus 7: she was concerned about getting any Apple product to take on a long flight and on vacation in Europe because she did not want to buy the whole ecosystem just to be able to use an iPad or iPad mini fully: connectors, peripherals, a new iComputer, iTunes accounts. So, she bought the Nexus.

Plus, she thinks Apple is evil.

I have iPod touch and i didn't need to buy anything extra. Only thing that Apple force to use is iTunes which is free and running on Windows. iTunes account? You don't need it until you want to downlaod apps... same as you need accounts in many other devices. USB cable you got in pack, all Apple chargers are have USB port and will work with any other USB charger, iOS support standard Bluetooth keyboard (which Android don't without extra app :p) and Bluetooth audio.

So i don't see much problems with normal use, or else you want to do something specific

What Android device needs an app to use Bluetooth? Have you used an Android device? And I highly doubt iPads come with accessories. My dad's didn't.

They wouldn't. Apple makes a large chuck of its money on its overpriced accessories. I'm sure sales were dipping, hence the new adapter, which will force ip5 purchasers to spend more than they wanted.

I think that Amazon and B&N have already stepped up their game. Just look at their recent releases. I think those are very good tablets and will give the smaller ipad a run for its money in terms of usability.

Everyone seems to have missed a crucial point here. Apple makes money selling hardware - at large margins. The two popular 7" tablets - the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire - are both *loss leaders* to get people to buy media for them.

If the iPad mini isn't a loss leader, it's only going to sell to people already hooked into the Apple ecosystem, because it'll cost a lot more than the alternatives.

If it is a loss leader - meaning it costs at most just a bit more than the Android competition - it will, as others here have predicted, cannibalize the larger iPad market.

Is there some way this can be a win for Apple?

This kind of frgmentation does not hurt Android... bah Android deals with it better from fact that it had starchy UI and it will work on any size of the screen (ofcorse when it's code right).

What hurt Android is software fragmentation, Manufacture and most impotently carrier swapping laucher and other things... thanks to that even if i have ICS on S2 i can't resize standard resizeable widgets because role of laucher to tell widget to resize ... this is no joke and to make it even more funnier Samsung custom widgets resize normally. Other is fragmentation in API levels in userbase and long transition time, it feels like you coding webside where you need to deal with diffrently downgraded browsers. iOS don't have that problems, thats why they have more tablets ready apps.

It doesnt matter. You people fail to understand the simplicity of this market. People who buy apple dont comparison shop. They buy the label only, not the quality of the product. If theyndid, apple would si,ply be out of business. Android is its own competition between manuafacturers. Thats the whole of the market. Its why Apples lawsuits are rediculous. Samsung or anyone else cant take apple customers unless they can figure a way to use the apple logo.

you make it sound like brand trust is a sin. It's not. My own opinion is that Apple makes the best notebooks on the market. I personally know plenty of android enthusiasts who would echo this sentiment. I wouldn't be surprised to ear that people who believe Samsung makes the best phones on the market are also more inclined to buy Samsung notebooks. That's just the way it works. Just because you do not see the benefit of a product does not invalidate its usefulness. Competition improves products, and the "isheep" and the iproducts they adore set a great benchmark for android to target, and leapfrog. Both camps have their caricatures.

Long time ios user, admirer of great technology. I think the rumored ipad mini will do very well. It will almost certainly cannibalize future ipad sales, but I also think it will do well to compete in the smaller tablet space. Yes, as mentioned margins may be very tight on an ipad priced at 250.00. Let's not even talk about the conflict posed by offering a tablet at entry costs rumored to be less than that of the iPod touch...

The reason I believe it will still be a success is the percentage Apple takes on app sales. The ecosystem is a product, like it or not. I'm not suggesting it's the only ecosystem, simply that Apple will make it back up there.

The article suggests that the mini will not kill android tablets. I agree. I actually think that the biggest threat to the android tablet market is the Nexus 7. Google has made an exceptionally good tablet at a great price. They can get away with little to no margins because (just like Apple) they too, can lean on their app ecosystem to make up the difference. They can afford to take a loss, or sell through just like Amazon. In releasing such a capable device at such a great price point, they've made it incredibly difficult for anyone else to offer the same package at that same price point. I personally believe the features that other Android tablets offer over the N7 aren't compelling enough to offset the price difference. In order to compete at the price point, manufacturers with no app ecosystem may be forced to cut corners. Time will tell, but I believe the *only* android tablet worth owning now is the N7. That's great for n7 owners and prospective n7 owners alike. I think it's a huge challenge for Android tablet makers. My hope is that this drives even more fierce competition. I'm curious to see if it does.

I agree a lot with what you are saying but until Google releases a 10 incher, they are not competing on all fronts in tablet sales. There will still be many who opt to purchase the 10 inchers and must have a micro SD slot. Those people will not go with the Nexus 7. They may not even go with the Nexus 10 if there is no micro sd slot. Galaxy also came out with their 10 incher like a note with a stylus. Asus has their awesome keyboard dock. So, there are still ways manufacturers can push the individuality of their tablets without suffering from a price point because people will pay for what they want. Yes, Nexus 7 seems to be the best tablet for the money, but many people still think it sorely lacks some necessary features.

Thanks for the input, sir! I'd say you're mostly right. I agree with what you're saying, except I think those features still aren't compelling for the majority of consumers. I don't believe they are features that drive large market adoption on their own, otherwise we'd see larger adoption prior to tablets like the Kindle Fire, and the N7. Cost, ecosystem, and cost again drive many of those considerations. The promise of upgrade eligibility is certainly nothing to discount either. I don't disagree that it may sorely be lacking some features for some consumers, but I think it still checks off many of the features people are looking for. From a manufacturer's perspective, I still think the challenges are very steep. Very few entities can afford to lock down the supplies needed to sell hardware at large margins. Even fewer have the ecosystem to bolster the eliminations of those margins. HTC, has given up the tablet space, I think they make *great* hardware, personally. I wouldn't be surprised if we see even more adopt a "wait and see" tactic moving forward.

Galaxy Note 10.1 answers that question; Quad Core with a Micro SD and a stylus (OPTION). What more would anyone want?

I want to make clear that I'm not saying that there is no demand at all for such tablets, but I believe there's really not a *strong* demand. I wouldn't at all be surprised to find that the N7 has already outsold all other android tablets not named kindle fire, combined. I realize there will always be some that want a bigger screen, or an expansion slot. Very few will pay an extra $300.00 for that.

As much as Apple fanboi's piss and moan about how bad Android tablets are, how it's a copy of iPad etc, they owe us a huge debt of gratitude. If it wasn't for Android, there wouldn't be an iPad mini, and there wouldn't be downward price pressure on Apple. Apple would be charging much more than they are now, to appeal to the elitist Apple junkies who seem to think how cool you are is determined by how much you spend on consumer electronics.

Competition has made both products better.

With regards to Apple users like myself owing you a debt of gratitude: how you have derived a sense of entitlement for buying the product that best suits you is beyond me, but thanks.

Your statement about the price of Apple products is incorrect also: The iphone has actually gotten MORE expensive since its launch. The ipad has been the exact same price since introduction. Introducing new products at competitive prices is a bit different than dropping prices to compete. You appear to be mixing those things up. They haven't dropped prices on the ipad because people keep buying them. It's entirely possible to devalue a product by modifying it's price unnecessarily. It's called product and brand equity - very interesting stuff, IMO.

Sorry you don't agree, but I didn't purchase my iphone because I thought spending more money would make me cool. I won my first iphone at a work party. I never had a smart phone before and I bought a lot of apps. I've become invested in the ecosystem and I haven't been compelled to switch, although I do think that android is doing some really neat things. For some, its just as simple as that. I will say that everyone enjoys owning what they perceive to be nice things. No need to knock it.

Apple invented the computer, the mp3 player, the smartphone and the 10" tablet... and on October 23, Apple will invent the first ever 7" tablet!

So are you saying the PALM Treo wasn't a smartphone? It pretty much set the stage for Smartphone Improvements.