It's no secret that Apple has its reservations towards Android, and that's a feeling shared mutually. During Apple's Q1 2011 conference call today, Apple COO Tim Cook regarded current Android tablets as "bizarre" and that future models are "vapor" to Apple. 

Cook used the Samsung Galaxy Tab as one of his prime examples. He said that the Galaxy Tab is running a version of Android that Google has said was never designed to be run on tablets, and have a more phone-like experience. He said that to himself and Apple, that's a "bizarre product" and that making the comparison, consumers will ultimately choose the iPad. Pretty odd considering the iPad is generally referred to as an over-sized iPod, yes?

We'd like to kindly remind Apple and Cook that the 10-inch Viewsonic gTablet kindly falls into that "current" category. However, with it being lighter, sporting a much more powerful (and capable) CPU, a full USB port, and all of that Android openness (or "fragmentation" if your name is Steve Jobs) that we know and love, we'd hardly call that bizarre.

He went on to say that he can't speak for future Android tablets because we don't know much about them, but said that they are "just vapor" to Apple. We'd like to think that's short for "concerned," but we all know that the word concerned doesn't exist in Apple's very limited dictionary. Who knows, maybe we will be seeing some of that "vapor" make it's way into the iPad 2, but it certainly seems that Apple is giving a lot of attention to something they claim they're not concerned much about, yes?

Now excuse us, we have some more bizarre vapor -- which also has sold millions of units -- to cover. 


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Apple's Tim Cook calls Android tablets 'bizarre' and 'vapor'


You know, I honestly agree with them.

All tablets to date have been, factually, a large form-factor device running a smartphone OS (whether that's Samsung's skinned Froyo or some other version of Android, it doesn't matter).

The Xoom and Gtablet (while both will, probably, be great) aren't shipping. There is nothing physical there, just promises.

I'm not totally sure why people are taking offense. I love my Android smartphone, but my iPad blows any other tablet out of the water when it comes to something that has defined the smartphone space, and will probably do the same for tablets: apps. Call me up when the OmniFocus-level of apps come out for the Galaxy Tab. I doubt that will happen anytime soon, at least not until 3.0 hits.

I'm sure this won't be a popular opinion on an Android site, but Apple has (again) beat the competition to the punch by a year, and probably a little more by the time true competitors running true tablet OS' start shipping. Just like with the iPhone.

Ummm...gtablet is here and shipping. I just sent this reply using my gtablet. even running froyo my gtablet is way more powerful and useful than any ipad (even though the screen isn't as good). apple is just way better at advertising than anyone else and you are drinking their kool-aid.

The only thing even remotely agreeable with Cook's statement is that the Galaxy Tab is running a pure smartphone OS, and frankly thats true.

This doesn't make it a terrible device, and it doesn't fall far from the tree of the iPad, which is just a larger device running a mildly modified version of the same OS used on Apple's phones and iPods. That difference is simply that the higher resolution which in the iOS environment, is being taken advantage of by devs making iPad specific apps/app versions. When the constraints of Android allow for that to occur, something current Froyo doesn't but Honeycomb does, which is why the Galaxy Tab is the way it is. So its really not that bizarre, at least not any moreso than the iPad.

I've played with a rooted/ROM'd version of the Viewsonic Tegra2 tablet and holy cow, I can't wait til that thing gets Honeycomb. I'm also swayed by the NotionInk Adam tablet which has recently officially been pushed through the FCC for clearance, and is awaiting a few other certifications to be shipped out. I have a 16GB 3G iPad right now, its a nice device, wouldn't care for it nearly as much if I hadn't jailbroken it. Web surfing can be archaic at times, flash excluded, it does wierd things sometimes on forums, and a few other sites that I visit on a regular basis that remind me of older, more limited mobilespace browsers, like my Blackberry devices pre-6.0 OS. The battery life thats advertised is kind of comical, you can get 10 hours of hard use/video playback IF you have the screen brightness turned all the way down with OS 4.2.1 and have all the other apps you might have had running in the background.

A lot of people are blowing around ideas of how groundbreaking the iPad 2 will be, I hope you're not one of those people with your heart all a flutter with ideas of anything more than a new OS, a couple cameras and a physical redesign with a new screen. Thats gonna be about it. Meanwhile, the only issue deferring current Android tablets is software, and current tablets like the Galaxy, and GTablet will be upgraded to Honeycomb by some means whether an actually software update or through custom ROMs after 3.0's release, they already have the hardware/auxiliary functions to compete with iPad 2.

Apple, for the record, didn't beat anyone to the punch with the iPhone by a year. The HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 came out not even 4 months after the iPhone did, with a full QWERTY, capacitive touchscreen, & 3G enabled GSM radio for speeds well and above the iPhone's EDGE GPRS capabilities at the time in mid-late 2008.

"A lot of people are blowing around ideas of how groundbreaking the iPad 2 will be, I hope you're not one of those people with your heart all a flutter with ideas of anything more than a new OS, a couple cameras and a physical redesign with a new screen. Thats gonna be about it. Meanwhile, the only issue deferring current Android tablets is software, and current tablets like the Galaxy, and GTablet will be upgraded to Honeycomb by some means whether an actually software update or through custom ROMs after 3.0's release, they already have the hardware/auxiliary functions to compete with iPad 2."

I doubt there will be a new screen, so you can count me among those skeptical. I've written about that: So now, I'm not one of those people.

"Apple, for the record, didn't beat anyone to the punch with the iPhone by a year. The HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 came out not even 4 months after the iPhone did, with a full QWERTY, capacitive touchscreen, & 3G enabled GSM radio for speeds well and above the iPhone's EDGE GPRS capabilities at the time in mid-late 2008."

The original iPhone was released in 2007. The iPhone 3G (which shipped with iPhone OS 2.0) was released in 2008, which was when the first Android handsets were released.

I agree about the web browsing; it can be a little hard to take. However, it generally works for every site I visit, and the ones that don't are usually older sites which haven't been updated to work with mobile devices, period.

As for battery life, I find it to be stellar for web browsing.

Like I mentioned, though, I find that the apps are the actual tipping points. Have you looked at OmniFocus, and apps like that? THere are programs on the iPad that are bordering (and in some rare cases, exceeding) their desktop counterparts. Check out some of the apps from the OmniGroup; their stuff is fantastic.

Anyways, I fully expect Android to catch up. Matias Duarte is a major player, and can rival all of Apple when it comes to design. I'm intrigued by what's been shown of Honeycomb. But, I think Android tablets are in a position similar to where Android phones were prior to the Motorola DROID. They're out there, but there isn't one clear model that rises above the rest. WIll the Xoom do that? Maybe.

Hmmmmm. I remember another talking head at Apple using the same dismissive tone about the Android threat to iOS on phones. Last time I checked, Android was b*tch slapping iOS in that arena.

"but my iPad blows any other tablet out of the water"

Oh really? and how many Android tablets have you played around with? I own the Viewsonic G-Tablet and all I can say is WOW this thing is a beast!! Flash plays like butter, I get 3 (yes, I said THREE) full days' use out of a full battery, access to the Android market, 1080p HDMI out, 16 GB internal storage, micro SD card slot, USB port for keyboard/mouse HID support, front-facing camera, etc.

I really don't see how you can say the iPad blows any Android tablet out of the water when you are limited to a crippled web browsing experience, locking down 80% of video content. Run and tell DAT home boy....

rise and fall. all these iProducts will eventually go from 90% to less than 10%. just like the mac.c

Yea probably makes you proud that Microsoft stole the design to make Windows and now Google with iOS. Something to be proud of!! YAY.

Sigh, not that tired argument again. It was Xerox. The both "stole" the idea from xerox.

And if you want to get really picky, you could say that Apple stole the idea of a tablet PC from Microsoft/Toshiba/HP/Et.All who have been making them for years, just in a different form factor.

I guess you are referring to the Ipod market? Yes, they are almost back to only about 10% of the market after sheer domination. They don't sell any music on itunes either. I mean if you are gonna make arguments, at least sound educated and back up with some facts. Just being a strongly opinionated android lover, mac hater does little to differentiate you from biased ios lovers.

No, you're quite wrong, he explicitly stated Mac, its the very last word in his reply, not counting the ".c" typo behind the word.

"All theses iProducts... just like the mac" verbatim wasn't bizzare when the iPad was running an iphone OS? Huh? Oh others have said...if they truly weren't worried, they wouldn't even be acknowledging them.

By the way, I wonder if he had to run those comments past steve first, or if he's just trying to "establish" himself as the post-steve (you know, bad mouthing the competition, etc.)

I have to say, I tried out an iPad. Aside from being gigantic, it felt very much like an iPhone in operation. So WTF?

Fragmentation.....whats that?

Well when iOS 4.3 comes out I can update my iPhone, iPad, etc all when its released.

When Android 2.3 comes out I will be able to wait 6 months and get the update on my Droid Incredible and wait another 6 months to get it on my new iPad copy tablet.

You nailed it. My 3G friend keeps saying "Wow, this is slow after the upgrade." Different opsys, same issues.

That's like saying the PC world is fragmented because Windows 7 won't run on my Pentium II box.

Go take a nap... When we compare Android to iOS, iOS isn't fragmented at all. Between all the force closes, versions of the software that makes things incompatible, then more versions with manufacturer's skin... God, don't even get me started. It's a nightmare that makes developing just that much harder.

If you can't just suck it up and agree that the iOS platform is as friendly as it gets (at the moment) then you need to get your head out of your ass.

And this is coming from someone who bought and still uses (happily) the Nexus One.

It is still fragmentation. Apple says there is none. But there is no reason that it should run that bad on the 3G.... It is very similar to the 3GS hardware wise. Your comment is like saying that we shouldn't be upset if Win 7 was GLITCHY because when used the first gen Core 2 versus the current Core 2. They didn't even include the iPhone 1 in the iOS 4 update that actually does use a previous gen processor package. To give it features that the jailbreak community already had for it.

It's nothing like running Windows 7 on two different Core 2 processors.. The 3G is running with HALF the specs of the 3GS. We're talking like 400Mhz and 128MB ram.

You guys are all kind of missing the point. Fragmentation is not a bad thing in this case. You only argue it as such because Apple brought it up in the first place for easy FUD. Apple iOS is a mobile operating system designed specifically to run Apple products (and it does a very fine job of it). Android is a platform on which developers and manufacturers can deliver a tailored operating system experience to whatever devices they can think of. There is a huge difference between the two.

The fact that the user experience is different between devices is not bad - it's by design. Maybe you like it and maybe you don't. That difference of opinion is what drives competition. Windows and Linux have the same interoperability issues from time to time with applications that are "OS compatible" but glitch or react differently when run on different hardware. Most manufacturers and developers work pretty hard to avoid and fix those issues. That extra effort means the consumer ultimately wins. What Apple calls fragmentation I call choice.

Sooner or later hardware can't run every OS released. Hear the rumors about 3.0 requiring Dual core chips only. Hopefully thats just a rumor!

Cashxx... that would be a problem between you and Verizon. I have the HTC EVO with Sprint and my phone was updated to 2.2
Within a week after it was released. It just didn't occur to people to manually search for the update through their phones. They waited for it. Mine was as simple as pressing software updates and running a search.

If it's vapors now when the Xoom hits the street it will be the "runs"
ha ha
Never even considered an Ipad and even told my friends the day it came out that I saw version 2 coming already. for example NO front facing camera........

Future of Android tablets.....wasn't there a big fuss made last year at CES and we never seen any tablets what happened??? The Galaxy just came out and now we are at CES again with tablet talk with no mention of release dates and pricing....hmmmmm

The whole point of CES is to showcase what is coming out that year. That's exactly what happened last year (with the GTab for example) and that's exactly what will happen this year (with the Zoom for example).

Can't make everyone happy I guess. I would rather have to answer a simple captcha then write out a nice thoughtful response and have it spammed and lost for no reason at all.

Ever since they started the captcha thing I have been double and triple posting. THAT is why it blows... I really wouldn't care about captcha if I wasn't having that problem.

That's weird, I haven't had that problem. Maybe you should just click the save button once or make sure you get the CAPTCHA correct the first time ;)

I'm running the newest Chrome DEV channel version with all the "labs/flags"... whatever you want to call them... enabled... it can act a little weird some times. For instance, every time the page reloaded and asked me to complete the captcha for my post to be submitted, the page would crash but post my comment without me completing the captcha.

Now that captcha is disabled everything is working fine again.

I love how they always come back to the "everyone copys apple" stuff.... you dont see cave men running around yelling at cars saying "hey we invented that wheel" get over it, we made it better

I also notice how everyone seems to forget the iPhone didn't pop in from the vacuum. What about the windows phone and palm os based phones that predate the iPhone, and used an iconized touch interface. So really iPhone "stole" from windows who "stole" from Palm who I'm sure "stole" from someone.... Blah blah blah...
It is really more like evolution.....
Palm said lets make an electronic organizer.....time passes.... Wouldn't it be nice if you could use this pda to make calls so you don't have to lug around two separate devices..... resistive touchscreens are the mature tech now so we'll use those....time says we could make our own flavor of that....time passes RIM something or other somewhere...... Apple says we are making these mp3 player (that we didn't invent or even bring to the market first but own the market because we spend an obsene amount of ad money so that no one even remembers the other players) so what other functions can we think of hmmm....what if we added a phone.... and lets get rid of that stylus thing that everyone hates and loses so we'll use those capacitive touchscreens that are now fully know using a very blunt finger rather than a sharp stylus we are going to need to make the interface super simple and use larger icons....we could even arrange then in a single grid..... (Apple strong-arms the wireless carriers that have managed to suppress any real phone innovation).... Everyone else says hey we can make cool touch screen super-phone too now that the carriers will let us so they can stay competative with AT&T.....(google says).... well this Chrome OS thing is not really going anywhere but we still want to increase our market presence ....what about making a phone OS... Lets try to make it work for should be easy to use.... let's use an iconized interface that is customizable so people could allow user to have short cuts to the icons they use most and we can put the bulk in a separate space.....etc.

To call them odd or vapor is rather odd in itself...almost a denial in reality.

However, as I look to get a tablet, the iPad2 looks very tempting. I want to use this at work, and as I've said in every comment I've made in every possible forum, the lack of a place to associate a proxy url with a particular SSID makes getting and Android tablet a non-starter.

No, I will not root it. I should have to jump through hoops and destroy my warranty on a tablet or my phone just to get online at work.

I'm not an Apple fanboy by any means. The only Apple item I've ever bought is an iPod Nano. My first impressions of the iPad1 were not very good.

As it now multitasks, and that I've been able to use iPads that friends have, I am finding it quite hard to resist...especially realizing that Google is in no hurry to allow a proxy entry in the wifi set up. (And even if they did tonight, it probably would be weeks or months before the update made it through the manufacturer to send it.) If Apple updates iOS, it happens immediately.

Apple can be obnoxious, arrogant, piss you off, but there is no denying that they know exactly what they're doing.

The iPad 2...a true vaporware product with no specs or design that looks very tempting?? Sounds to me like you don't know what you want if something that doesn't yet exist even in the most basic form is tempting you.

Apple using poor examples to their credit again, I see.

"they suck, ours is better"

It's really awesome to see Apple's palpable fear.

so Google/Android... Do you accept this challenge? HTC should make a table and name it vapor so the Apple camp can get High off it :)

There was a time when Apple once ran a commercial showing them 'freeing' the masses from the conformity of the giant corporation. Now they are that giant corporation they so vigorously rallied against. They want everyone to be on iOS or it just isn't 'a real machine to them.' Well, to that I say - VAPOR ME UP!

Apple makes fantastic products and that's true for Android iOS devices. Instead of butting heads like young children, or angry politicians on election night, the companies should acknowledge their strengths. But oh hum. I'll keep my MT4G Android phone and my iPad ;)

Better headline:

Fans of Android tablets (like the Viewsomic G) call Apple's Tim Cook "bizarre" and "out of touch".

Well he does have a point. Some dumba$$ at Google did say that Froyo was never designed to run on a tablet. Insert foot in mouth.

Unfortunately the dumba$$ at Google never tried the Tab. If he had he would have probably never said that because Froyo rocks on the Tab and the experience blows away IOS 4.2 on the ipad any day, all day.

The Tab is such a disgrace. There are no apps that take advantage of the extra space. Browsing so, so choppy. If I want to type something, it takes up the whole screen... OH! And it's super expensive.

Have both Tab and iPad. Take Tab with me every day when I go out, iPad at home collecting dust because it was just too bulky / cumbersome to carry around all day. The built-in PIM apps on the Tab do utilize the additional space vs. equivalent smartphone app. Only one 3rd party app I use on the Tab (a known Apple fan site they will not admit to being) is the only app that does not scale well on the Tab. All other apps I use scale fine, look great, and I don't miss the lack of extra info you mention as a deficiency. The 3rd party apps look sharp on the Tab with an easy to read font size. On the iPad, many of my 3rd party apps I use are still 1X using half screen, and look terrible when scaled to 2X. In some cases, I purchased the iPad specific app, and it was just the smartphone app with higher res graphics, no additional features, or info.

I have the Verizon Tab. The browser is super smooth, and plays Flash when I need vs. the too common Flash needed message on the iPad. The only time the Tab browser has not been super smooth is when I am in a fringe 3G connection area which is due to lack of data, not a browser shortcoming. Pinch zoom works as smooth as the iPad. Sometimes zooming the page word wraps the page again as you zoom which may be mistaken as choppy. This lack of word wrap when zooming on the "smooth" iOS browser is a serious problem on iOS devices for many single column pages.

If you used the Tab, I disagree with your opinion, but respect it. If you only used it briefly particularly in a weak WiFi, or cell area, you are selling the device way too short.

As far as price, my Tab cost the same as the lowest memory iPad with 3G. On Verizon, no contract. You only have to buy one month of service, and then cancel without penalty. In addition, Verizon includes a mobile hotspot app free with no extra premium other than the data used.

For me, the Tab is the best mobile device, and a much better fit than the iPad for my mobile needs. I have this opinion after owning both devices, and taking both with me for a month when I went out for the day. I do respect other opinions.

Despite Google's statement that current versions of Android were not meant for tablets, top tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak have their own special UI for tablet use, which results in a very good user experience. Of course stock Android is made for phones, but that doesn't matter, as it can be made to work and apps can be scale up easily.

This Apple stand-in COO(KOO) is quite ill-informed. More Android phones are sold than iPhones and the same will be true for Android tablets vs iPads.

*FYI the spam filter still sux*

I like how android central spent the last couple months saying nothing but bad things about the gtablet and then all the sudden they try to use it as the shining example of what an android tablet can be. Make up your darn mind. P.s. I am still loving my gtablet.

You know even CNN stated that iPhones and ipads are created for and are more useful to 'less experienced' smart phone users. They are the simplest smart phones out there. I take my HTC EVO 4g over any simple little iPhone anyday. At least I can personalize my homescreen. Oh wait iPhone only has its homescreen. The Android platform and endless phone possibilities is heaven on earth for any tech enthusiasts.

But the big difference is people equating simplicity and ease of use to simplicity of the user. Why wouldn't you want something that is easy to use? It doesn't mean that it isn't capable or powerful. By that token, I'd expect all of the sophisticated Android users to insist on using something complicated like command line UNIX or Linux on their home computers because they would frown upon simple things like icons. But if you only sold phones with the Linux base (no nice Android shells or modifications like Sense), you wouldn't sell many phones.

"But don't get too excited just yet -- lots of great hardware is killed by poor software."

That was straight from your guy's review on the GTablet.

Listen.. You can brag all you want about USB ports and super fast processors, but that doesn't mean a damn thing when the software sucks.

Here here! Look at my new i7 10thz computer with 4 terabyes of ram and a 750 TERABYTE HARD DRIVE..............
Running Windows 98.

Look, I'm super stoked for Honeycomb and I'm definitely purchasing the Xoom (if nothing else succeeds it before then). It's going to suite my needs in a tablet that in a lot of areas the iPad just didn't do as well in (hopefully). But my god I'm sick of people defending the early Android tablets. They suck. There isn't any tablet dedicated apps. The Android Market is JUST NOW maturing as it is. I can't view what I'm typing because when the input box takes up the WHOLE screen. Browsing is super choppy... It's just not that polished and as the Google rep said, wasn't built for tablets.

Now you can say all you want that the iOS platform wasn't either and that may be partially true.. But they did optimize it. They weren't going to make software just for the iPad - that would break the consistency that Apple so dearly loves and that has worked great for them so far. And where it may fail to some people, it makes up for itself when you use iPad specific apps that utilize the extra space and the iPad form factor.

Look, I'm not trying to rant. I'm just sick of both sides of the debate being wrong. No, the iPad isn't always going to be the best tablet, but right now it is. Honeycomb is only a video at the moment with no release dates and no pricing. Honeycomb will however present some serious competition for the iPad as it is not only optimized for the tablet, but made for the tablet... And my gosh it looks wonderful. Froyo sucks on the tablet but was a decent way to get people's feet wet with Android tablets.


Just because they have had good sales without major competition doesn't mean they aren't starting to sweat a little with real competitors like the XOOM and PlayBook right around the corner (not also counting all the upcoming Android phones). In retail - billions can turn to millions REAL QUICK.

I personally have a great laptop, desktop, and HTC evo, so I really don't see any use I would have for the iPad or tab, but I have seen the iPad and big woop. It does everything the phone does. Except it actually has the ability to make decent video calls. Unlike the iPhone 4. (Another Apple failure) I just don't see a use for it.

Has apple really ever said anything good about a competitors product. Why should anyone be surprised.

The sales will see if it really is all that they say it is.

Oh, by the way, for anyone who bought an overpriced Tab from Samsung (really, only $100 less than the iPad for half the size? yeesh) with a data plan: unless you're willing to break your warranty and root it, you're never getting Gingerbread and beyond on your Tab. Samsung is at war with the US carriers because Samsung is trying to charge them for Android OS updates... updates provided by Google, not Samsung, btw. Thought you might wanna know.

Tim Cook is full of crap. The Xoom Tablet has Dual Core, more memory, USB and SD Card storage and Flash. Hell, I can do things with my EVO that the Apple Fanboys can't do with their iPad's. But since his boss is taking another leave of absence to cover the fact that he's dying, he better get ready to be far less inspiring and far less of a leader than his boss. LOL!!!!

What amazes me the most in this Android vs Apple fight is that despite the fanboys for both sides, you don't see absolute no one from either Google, or Motorola, or Samsung, or HTC, or LG, or any other of those making any attack or even comment what-so-ever to Apple.

So then, why does Apple CEO and COO bothers to care to every meeting they have attack the Android?
I called it 'fear'. Pure fear!

What's really scaring Cook is that his fearless leader is dying and leaving him in charge. Cook lacks the charisma of Jobs and will not be able to rally the fanboys to buy whatever Apple produces, like Jobs did. Remember Apple before Jobs return? Get ready for that again. Unless of course, they beg Wozniak to come and run the company. Other than him, there is no one who can rally the fanboys like jobs and he's living on borrowed time...

Hey tim you must visit CES and you must read the news on android central including reviews of users then you will know galaxy tab is a better option than your ipad which sucks

For Apple, a platform that allows you to choose devices from different vendors, allows you to buy software from someone other than Apple, allows you to choose service from someone other than Apple blessed vendors, doesn't require you to install Apple iTunes, allows anyone to develop software without buying a license from Apple, and is expandable and upgradable is Bizarre.

I don't agree about vapor or bizarre but I do agree that no android tablet will ever truly be able to compete with the iPad. I have played with the galaxy tab and wanted to love it because i was in the market for a tablet but I did not feel it and I bought the iPad. As for the phone market as well the only reason android is doing better than ios is because it's on multiple cellphones. Imagine if it was just one android device like the iPhone. There would be no chance it would survive. Don't Get me wrong, I love android and have been using it since the G1, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Apple is very good at making quality products and having the mass appeal.

"no android tablet will ever truly be able to compete with the iPad"

Don't you think that's a bit short sighted? I agree that it's tough to compare tablets right now but you really think with nearly every major computer manufacturer in the world (and some start ups) tooling up to compete with Apple in the tablet space that no one will ever be able to build a competitive product? Ever?

"Apple is very good at making quality products and having the mass appeal"

In this you are correct. Apple will likely always deliver premiere products in the minds of consumers. What you have to remember is that the market is bigger than Apple. While it may be true in some cases that no single product will sell as many units as the Apple version, it does not negate the value or quality of competing products. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

I respect Apple's accomplishments but I do not find their solution "beautiful".

After reading the full story over at Engadget I started going through replys. One user summed it up. When the Ipad launched it was also sitting on a OS that was really for the Iphone, but then was optimized for tablets. So to is the android OS. Personally I think once you see Honeycomb tablets you will see an explosion in the android sells. Beauty of Anroid is you're not stuck to one manufactures price and crap quality.

Yo Tim Cook - perhaps you can explain to me why I was desperate to sell my iPad after using a friend's Galaxy Tab for a few days? I sold my iPad for 2grand less (South African Rands - Total Cost R7600) because the 16GB version is unpopular in my country and most people interested later decided they want a 64GB version. I found a buyer and even threw in the original Apple iPad case that I paid R600 for.

Perhaps you should use a Galaxy Tab and see for yourself - or maybe you shouldn't - you might turn up mysteriously dead as a result thereof.