With the release of the Motorola Droid X and Samsung Vibrant today, we know there will be a lot of new owners looking for some suggestions of what to download. With a market that contains nearly 100,000 applications, the hunt can be overwhelming, especially for a new owner. Well, we know, you want the applications, so let's take a look at some after the jump.

Alternate Launchers 

Alternate Browsers

Alternate Keyboards

Useful Widgets

Productivity Applications


While this is only a small selection of the wide variety of applications that are available, you now have a basis to start on, and continue to grow with. Be sure to check out our weekly application selections as well as share your favorite applications with us in the forums.


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Android Central Editors' app picks for your new Droid X and Galaxy S


According to my droid world using an alternate launcher may result in a needed factory reset if you try to switch out of that launcher because you will get a black screen with no Moto whatever you want to call it. Could someone check this out before we all have to crawl to big red and scream for help. I would like to use launcher pro but the moto widgets keep running in the background and will kill the launcher if you try to switch to something else. Could you helpout here????? I don't want to ruin my new X because of another Moto Boobytrap. Go to and read the post.Thanks guys.

i installed launcher pro... didn't really like it that much so i figured i'd try out ADW.

I uninstalled launcher pro, and it went back to normal without any problems.

Installed ADW, and everything seems fine. I've turned the phone off and on and whatnot, and it hasn't gone away.... although it does take a few extra seconds to get up and running when powering the phone back on.

Don't forget robodefense! Awesome tower defense game, and armored strike, a worms (or scorched earth for ya old schoolers) style game. And gameloft has some great 3D games their own website!

I have a request for an awesome browser for your list! xScope is the best I've used (and fastest). Removed stock browser in favor of it lol. Nice list otherwise though!

Please forgive my ignorance (I've been using Android on a DX for a day now) but what is the benefit of an alternative launcher? I understand that in earlier days it could provide more pages to scroll to and some extra flexibility with widgets...but on a more modern device like the DX what does it give you?


(And thanks for the article, many other apps mentioned have found their way to my phone already)

Well, I have a measely Eris, but I use LauncherPro and it gives it a sweet little shortcut toolbar and it seems pretty fast...that's it though, just some customization.

Doesn't support my HTC widgets though. :(

Ok, that makes sense to (I saw lots of threads where earlier phone owners got more screens and customization) but after reading all of the launcher product pages I don't see what a DX user would gain. Which is fine, it just speaks well for the shipped Moto launcher.

I'm all for modding my phone, but only if there's a good reason for it.

The only problem with launchers (for now) is that they don't support the adjustable widgets on the X. Once they do....LauncherPro here I come!