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ZOMG A STORY ABOUT JELLY BEAN! But here's the thing. It's out of our favorite (not really) Taiwanese manufacturer rag, Digitimes. It's also as obvious as it is ridiculous. Here's the gist:

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean (neither the number nor the nickname is official, remember) is said to:

  • Launch in the second quarter. We dunno about "launch," but, yeah. Google IO is June 27-29. June is in the second quarter. And it's more than likely we'll get details on the next version of Android there. But "launch"? Nah.
  • Further optimized for tablets. We certainly hope otherwise, what's the point? Jelly Bean (or whatever it's called) probably will be further optimized for smartphones, too. Maybe even Google TV. Now will the UI undergo some major reconstruction for tablets? That's entirely possible, and it's not a bad idea at all. 
  • Integrating Chrome for "dual-operating system designs": Uh, OK. The idea, apparently, is to offer manufacturers the option of having an Android/Windows 8 system, without having to shut down. Hey, why not. BlackBerry's already doing that with its PlayBook tablet. But somehow we don't think adding a full second operating system and ecosystem is going to make choosing a tablet any simpler for consumers.
  • Google looking to get back into the netbook/notebook market with Jelly Bean: Sure. Why not. Android netbooks aren't new -- you'll recall our look at the HP Compaq Airlife 100 at Mobile World Congress in 2010. And you have the likes of ASUS' excellent Transformer line of tablet/notebook hybrids. Question is, should this have any legs to is, what happens with Chromebooks?

So, yeah. Really not a whole lot of meat there. A little patience, folks. We've got a good feeling that Google's got something up its sleeves for 2012.

Source: Digitimes


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Android 5.0 Jellybean in 2012? Better optimized for tablets? You don't say ...


Google has said that they will release a major upgrade to Android once a year. To stay ahead of iOS they have to.

Jelly Bean will be all about its "Majel" project for deeply integrated voice recognition and voice synthesis.

Chrome integration will also be key, not just bookmarks, but the tabs you left open on your PC will be waiting for you on your phone or tablet.

It's great that google wants to release a major update every year, but what is the point if it takes 6-9 months (or more) just to roll it out to even a small fraction of the install base?

If google wants to keep up with iOS, they need to take a serious look at the update process with the OEMs and the carriers... seems like these are the 2 biggest obstacles to timely rollouts and reducing fragmentation. I think google has the clout now to be more like apple and say to them "here is the update, here is how you roll it out, and here is when you roll it out"

I don't know how many times this can be explained before someone actually gets it.

The problem is not Google. The problem is the carrier-manufacturer relationship. Manufacturers who do all their custom crap on Android phones charge a PREMIUM to upgrade to the latest version. And you know who pays that fee? The carrier.

And do you think the carrier is gonna pay that fee when they can get customers to buy newer phones? Hell no. Every day our carriers increase their regulatory fees more and more, all because they're greedy as hell. The last thing they want to do, if possible, is pay money to upgrade their existing phones (that they've ALREADY SOLD) to the latest version. Especially when there's a ROM scene out there that does it for them.

End. Of. Story.

Quit blaming Google, folks.

Read my 2nd paragraph again...I know the carriers and OEMs screw up the update process. Point is that Google needs to reevaluate thier relationships and the update process. I hate apple, but one thing I admire is that carriers are under their control...Verizon would never tell apple they need to disable a feature or 2 on their flagship phone or they need to wait to update previous generation phones. Google/Android is big enough where Google should be able to start dictating better terms.

Problem is OEM and Carriers have there own agenda, and if Android won't fit them they will go back to making there own software (they can do that, just look whats happening with Google TV being beat up with manufactures own platforms) or jump to WM. So Google can't terrorize here much or they will start slowly lose market :p

milominderbinder your chrome sync comment has already happened. Does all that with Chrome for android and it is really pretty awesome.

this is great but we still only have 1% of users and developers that have access to ice cream sammmmmmmich and Google Wallet.

if you want to grow and ADVANCE the platform and have NFC Google Wallet reach critical mass and become the de facto mobile commerce standard - get the G-Nex out on all U.S. carriers at once asap and get it into the hands of the people and stop playing games. and no more dumb carrier exclusives with Nexus DEVELOPER phones which LIMITS YOUR REACH AND HOLDS BACK THE PLATFORM. still no official U.S. carrier GSM G-Nex WTF??? bigger and more successful companies have fallen to zero after a series of dumb moves like this. you've been warned.

I read yesterday that Jelly Bean will also materialize unicorns on demand, and thus save the planet from global warming.

I think we can pretty confidently say that Jellybean will not be launched in Q2 2012, and it won't be version 5.0. Based on Android's history, Jellybean will be previewed at Google I/O and released in Q4 2012 with the new Nexus device. Also, the version number will more likely be 4.1 since it builds off the new UI paradigms in ICS, just like Froyo (2.2) and GB (2.3)were built off of Eclair (2.0/2.1).

All I know is, when my GNEX gets JB, most other devices will be getting ICS. Eeeexcellent..everything is going according to plan. *rubs hands together*

i know Google wants to release a major update every year. I would love to get Android 5.0 next year that way ICS gets to more then 1% of Android products. They can still use this year to show off some of the new add-ons for Android.

Putting out WHAT at an alarming rate?

This is an article in some Asian magazine. This is not an official press release.

You think Google sits around and does nothing? Once they release a new version, they're gonna start working on a newer version, while leaving a separate team to fix/improve the existing codebase.

This isn't hard to understand. You think Apple's not working on iOS 6? You'd be a fool if you dont think they are.

@Phil - Of course it's ridiculous... how else could they make a sensationalist article to suck in some more ad revenue??? If they merely stated the obvious, etc there'd be nothing to "report" on.

Where's the scoop that there is a issue with 32gb nexus and no more are being built. Its going to be all 16gb.

This always happens. When froyo was annouced, people were talking about GB. Its the nature of the beast.

I'm excited as the next guy/gal for a new version of Android OS to come out and all but seriously? Now that the estimated time has been given (and will probably be pushed back), a lot of people are going to be saying "Well JB is right around the corner" and "Why bother with ICS? It's outdated and JB is gonna come out soon."

I love Android Central and appreciate how quick you get news out to us but when something like this comes out it opens up a can of worms.

What google needs to do is focus on making it easier for Dev's to port Android over to their phones. I'm not sure how it works, but I think if they wrote drivers for multiple parts of hardware to be optimized for ICS, then it would probably make it easier for OEM devs to write a kernel for ICS on their phones.

Either way, it needs to be universally easy to install on multiple devices like Windows is with Intel and AMD processors and motherboards of all kinds.

I think what phone makers are gonna have to do to keep up is release the os native and then do updates to tweak to their style later. Becase otherwise like the razr will not see ics till whatmay or june 6 month after its out and same for the rezound it will not come out till mid year and then six moths after that the next nexus comes out and you are sol. For most its no biggie but thats to much fragmentation.

This is getting silly. Come on Google. Get everybody on board with ICS first and then update that OS to reduce fragmentation. I wish Windows Phone had a better app catalog because it's looking more and more attractive as Google fragments the universe.

Quit blaming Google and blame your carrier who refuses to pay for the update, and if they DO pay, they'll test for months and months.

How the hell is that Google's fault?

I think you should change the line "We certainly hope otherwise, what's the point?" I'm guessing you meant to say "We certainly hope, otherwise what's the point?" The first means that you hope they don't optimize for tablets as there would be no point in doing so. The second means that you hope they do optimize for tablets, otherwise there's no point releasing a new version. Ahh, the difference a comma makes!

it definitely sucks when new os come out. I bought the charge and will never see anything past gingerbread.

Jelly Belly (Jelly Beans)sounds nice but, I'm still holding out for, Android 28.5.6 Twinkie. The rumors are already bubbling!

After a year on this forum, with 2 devices, I am very keen on Android. But I don't even have Ice-Cream on my Galaxy S2 yet.

Sometime later this year I will be looking at the better Android tablets, so it would be nice if they were approaching the maturity of iOS-5. I just cant see ASUS and Samsung getting things that well sorted out by then.

The OS, software and hardware have all developed well - but I don't feel they have baked all this together as smoothly as Apple have with the iPad2. Am I wrong about all that?