Amzer TPU case

TPU – thermoplastic polyurethane – might just be the most durable material for a phone case.


Your new Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced phones you can buy.  TPU is a sophisticated material known for resisting abrasion, great low temperature performance, good transparency and elasticity and resistant to fingerprints.

These qualities make it uniquely suited for things like medical devices, flotation devices, sporting goods and cell phone cases.

The Amzer TPU case is unique combination of TPU with rubberized grips on the sides and a pop-out stand in the back for added versatility.

Amzer TPU case

Amzer takes advantage of the transparency of TPU and produced a case that is clear in parts and a solid color in other parts for a case that really does look different from other cases on the market.


The Amzer TPU case is a one-piece design that covers the back and sides of the Galaxy S3. Unlike the Incipio feather case, the Amzer TPU covers the sides completely and extends enough onto the face of the phone to protect the screen if you lay it on its face.

The design is certainly distinctive on this case. My sample was clear on most of the back with solid black in sort of an “S” shape around the right side of back of the phone.


On both sides of the case, the material is rubberized for a soft and solid feel.  The textured rubber on the sides makes it pretty easy to grip and hold on to.

There are cutouts for the headphone jack, microphones and charging port. The case fully covers the Power button and Volume buttons with built in protrusions to activate those functions.  So, you push the buttons on the case which push those buttons on the phone which certainly protects them from breakage.

buttons and functionality

One strange thing about the design of the case is that the solid black part of my case actually cuts off the Galaxy S III logo on the back of the phone.

Lastly, Amzer includes a pop-out stand on the back of the case.  We have seen this before – notably on the Seidio Active cases.  This implementation is not done as well as on the Seidio cases. The stand is made of the same TPU material, but it is part of the case – not a part from the case like other kickstands.  So, the back of the phone is exposed when you use the kickstand and the edges of the cutout for the stand were a little sharp and could scratch the phone under the case.


The Amzer TPU case is sturdier than the Incipio Feather case in that it covers the sided and back completely. It also feels very durable and will protect not only from scratches, but also should protect against the occasional drop of the phone.

Attention to detail

The rubberized section along the sides of the case seems like it would protect very well against hard dings and bangs. The Amzer TPU case seems well made, with the exception of the kickstand design which feels sort of cheap and is hard to open and close. The cutouts are done very well for the camera, flash and speaker and the button coverings for the Volume and Power buttons line up perfectly.

ports and cutouts

The covering over of the logo on the back shows a little lack of attention to detail.

The wrap up

The Amzer TPU case for the Galaxy S3 is a well-made and sturdy case.  It should hold up well if you bang, ding or even drop your phone. I wouldn’t use the kickstand too much – that parts seems a bit ill-conceived on this case. The case does not add to much bulk and has a nice feel to it when you hold it.

The good 

  • Not too bulky
  • Seems strong and durable
  • Cutouts and button covers are done well

The bad

  • Kickstand is touch to open and close and seems cheap
  • Logo on back is cut in half by design of case

The verdict

The Amzer TPU case is a good alternative if you want a durable case that fully covers the back and sides of the Galaxy S3. There are a couple of design flaws, but they are more cosmetic than functional flaws.

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Reader comments

Amzer TPU Case for Galaxy S3 review


I got this same case (or a knock-off) from ebay [for $7.50] in clear! I have to say, I really like it. I'll agree the kickstand is not terribly well done. As you said, the clearance is not that great, so there is the chance it will rub on the back of the phone. I suspect some careful filing could fix this. Personally, I have a plastic film on the back of the phone, inside of the case, so this seems to prevent any issues. It also counteracts the kickstand part being exposed when it's open.

I love the TPU around the edges. The textured grip areas make it a lot easier to hold. I also wanted to note that the case is actually a mix of TPU and harder plastic (the transparent part on your example would be the harder plastic). I got the clear so it wouldn't hide the pebble blue, and it does a nice job of that.

On mine, at least, the side buttons are a little harder to push, but probably not much worse than any other TPU-style case (on the other hand, they are completely covered). Depending on the micro-usb cable I use, it can be a little finicky plugging it in just due to the cutout, but this is more of an issue with the cables. The standard Samsung one works with no problem.

I got this case from Amazon, and it's horrible. The only thing that feels good is the grip, but for that you can find better cases. The stand will break off sooner then you think, it's cheap, and even when flipping it out, you can sense it's going to break any moment. Do yourself a favor, if your looking for a TPU case, find something else, this simply isn't worth any $$$ you throw at it.

Kickstand portion exposed when kickstand is open...

Seriously, how paranoid do you have to be to worry that?

But I like the looks of this case. Lets the design show through and adds a bit of style itself.
How hard is it to put on and get off?

On mine, it's pretty easy. I found it fits better if I put the bottom in first then snap it over the top. Takes 1-3 seconds in all ;)

As far as the kickstand part being "exposed"... not really a big deal. My main concern was with the potential clearance issues of the "hinge" rubbing on the back of the phone. So far though, no problems.

Had a very similar case on my Rezound for a while, I stopped using it after I got the "big @$$" extended battery. It scratched the crap out of the bezel, so be careful.

I actually got this case a couple of days before the phone arrived and I'm very happy with it. It works very well and does what it's supposed to do. All the cutouts work great, and I haven't had a problem with the cable connector that came with the phone nor the OEM one that I purchased separately. I agree that the kickstand seems a bit flimsy, and only works in landscape position. But it works. By the way, if you get this case, be careful about filing the little nibs on the side of the kickstand. They're actually the little locking nibs that keep it in place when closed. They don't seem to do anything bad to the battery cover. It's very easy to install and uninstall, and doesn't add much weight. The sides give you a good grip and the power and volume button covers work just fine. Very nice case...and priced right, too. I paid $9.95 on eBay, w/free shipping.