If you're interested in the ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet, we've caught word that Amazon.com has started taking pre-orders for the much anticipated (or was it much expected?) Android tablet device. Though ARCHOS had originally promised that the unit would begin shipping on the 16th, Amazon currently doesn't list a ship date.

Prices for the ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet varies depending on hard drive size. From what we've seen, it's going to be $379.99 for 32GB flash memory, $329.99 for 160GB HDD, and $429.99 for 500GB HDD.


thanks tablet boy for the tip!


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Amazon Taking Pre-Orders for ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet


This is sweet. My only disappointment is that it's not a phone. Yes, you can bluetooth to your existing phone. But that still means I have to carry around two devices.

But it does raise an interesting question: Why can Archos give me all this Android goodness then slather all their multimedia hotness all over it then sell the device for 380 bucks when HTC, Samsung, etc has less real estate, less memory and have the nerve to charge $600+ and all they're adding is a GSM radio?